Duchess Meghan wears off-white Givenchy for her day of activities with the Queen

The Queen and The Duchess of Sussex visit Cheshire

We’ve been gearing up for this all week! The Queen is personally taking the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex under her wing. Less than one month after Prince Harry and Meghan’s Windsor wedding, Meghan is performing her first outings with the Queen! And Harry’s not around, so if Meghan has any questions about protocol, she literally has to ask the Queen. Meghan and the Queen traveled overnight by Royal Train. Here are some photos from their first stop in Runcorn.

Meghan wore a shoulder-covering, demure and somewhat boring Givenchy dress. She wore Givenchy on her wedding day too, but again, it’s worth noting that the famous French fashion house is currently being helmed by British designer Clare Waight-Keller. Personally, I don’t care for this dress at all, but I appreciate the fact that Meghan was not trying to be some style-maven today. Her goal was to look conservative and covered up. The Queen wore Stewart Parvin – a suit that can only be described as neon lime.

Meanwhile, E! News claims they know the mystery locale of Meghan and Harry’s honeymoon. Well, they actually don’t have it nailed down, E! News just says that Meg and Harry “traveled into East Africa and visited more than two countries. Their activities ranged from safaris and outdoor adventures to lying in the sun.” We could tell that Meghan got some sun, which made me think that they had gone to some beach somewhere, but I guess not.

Please enjoy these photos of Meghan and the Queen looking like they get along quite well.

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Photos courtesy of WENN, Getty.

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  1. ellieohara says:

    that dress is honestly quite weirdly shaped. looks odd.

  2. Enough Already says:

    Absolutely regal! The queen looks great too ;)

    • MostlyMegan says:

      I agree! Great to see them having some one-on-one interaction. The Queens seems to really like Meghan.

      • Chaine says:

        Yes, doesn’t she? The DM has like 8000 pictures of this event and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Q laughing so much and looking so happy! She has had so many of her friends and her generation relatives die in recent years, I think she needs a buddy and Meghan is it! Good for her.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Chaine:

        I know right? After seeing all the pictures of their great chemistry, I suddenly understood why former Queen favourite, Sophie wore the Emilia Wickstead dress at Trooping the colour. 😂😬

      • Betty says:

        I wonder what you think of how the Queen feels about the grilling video and nude pics splashed all over page one of tabloids or prominently mentioned? Proud? Happy?
        I think the Queen is laughing and smiling at others but Meghan smiles at her to make it look like it is their interaction. This is the same thing others have said when Kate is with the Queen.
        Time will tell. I think this is more a crash course for Meghan.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The video of her doing her legitimate job and the faked nudes? Just keep grinding the axe, soon enough you’ll run out of metal.

        HM? She takes people and how she experiences them into account. She continues to love Sarah Ferguson, no matter what she does. She took Sophie’s side in the set-up and embraced her as her favourite. Proof the new granddaughter-in-law was working a legitimate job? Great. We need a hard-worker in this family.

      • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

        They both look like they genuinely like being in each other’s company, w/out any awkwardness, and they both look like they’re really enjoying themselves. For some insane reason, that makes me happy lol (and that’s soooooo dumb! lol).

        ETA: Nota, I saw those pics (a British acquaintance, (now an ex-acquaintance as I’ve blocked her) “so concerned about “what Harry was getting himself into” emailed the link to everyone she knew), and those are SO obviously photoshopped, I don’t know how ANYONE with have a functioning brain cell can think it is her. Didn’t anyone see that skin color changed from pic to pic, as did nip size? I got so disgusted, I just told her off and blocked her. Honestly, some people will do ANYTHING to try and bring her down. It’s scary!

        And btw, I LOVE that saying about the axe… I am definitely borrowing that sometime! 😊

      • Olenna says:

        Grilling videos, again? Is that you, veronica, with a little v? No? How about Veronica T, Melinda, Trixie, or maybe “C” or “E”? Hard to keep up with all these nicknames when some people keep talking about the same thing, over and over and over again. I thought we already discussed this topic and determined it was a nothing burger.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Hahaha I have to laugh at the reaching. Sure HM is a hothouse flower who doesn’t know the ways the world. She’s a mere babe in the tender year of our Lord 1845.

        They know more MM than she probably knows about herself. If she can still adore fat head Andy then she can get past most transgressions. Koo Stark was several decades ago and she still loves dear old pervy Andy.
        A nude body? Really? Not that it is authentic or anything and even if it was so what? She’s seen the photos of W and K with her doing things so I am sure she can handle this. She’s probably seen her loved ones doing all sorts of things we have never seen and I know brace yourselves…she survived. GASP!

      • PrincessK says:

        @nota….I love the axe saying, I am going to borrow it as well…😁.

    • Peeking in says:

      Betty, what are you going on about nude pics and grilling video? Do you for some reason think that there are embarrassing photos out there that the Royal investigators have not uncovered whilst getting Meghan?

    • BooRadley says:

      I love how big and happy her smile is, I think she really does like Meghan.

    • PrincessK says:

      Meghan looks great, it is a style she can wear, not everybody can. Nice that she is not being boring with outfits. Now we can see that the clothing allowance is kicking in and she does no longer have to rely on the items of clothing she had before marriage.

  3. hindulovegod says:

    The lampshade dress is a little odd. But she and the Queen appear to have a nice rapport.

  4. Léna says:

    They look like they really appreciate each other. Really sweet

  5. Seraphina says:

    Ahhhh, the last pic is what I love: a dress that covers her knees and she and the Queen seem like the get along famously. The hair could be pulled back but she looks good and the Queen looks happy. I’m looking forward to more pics

  6. I rarely comment but... says:

    I have never seen the queen as giddy as she looks in that last photo. Lol

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    I like the dress. It’s understated and elegant. She’s not trying to upstage the Queen. They look like they have good chemistry together. That’s nice to see.

  8. whatever says:

    It’s a nice dress but custom Givenchy isn’t cheap. With this dress and the custom Carolina Herrera wore last week, she has probably spent close to £10,000 on two dress for her first three public engagements!. That amount makes my head spin. Her clothing costs are going to be absolutely astronomical.

    Also, something less expensive for a visit to Runcorn would have been more suitable. Givenchy wasn’t needed here.

    • Loopy says:

      Do you think she is possibly being given for free through a loop hole or maybe paying herself?

    • Busyann says:

      I’m okay with the costs though. It’s early days and I don’t think Meghan has a good wardrobe that she can wear already on hand. Yeah it maybe a pretty regular day of events, but she’s still out with the Queen for the first time. I’m sure she thinks that’s as significant as Trooping in her opinion.

    • Natalie S says:

      If only she’d go more frugal with some Alexander McQueen.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m okay with her wardrobe costs if we start seeing repeats (which I imagine we will, this is only her third engagement as a duchess) and as she builds her working wardrobe. I imagine in the engagement months we were seeing a lot of stuff she had bought herself as an actress (the separates, etc) so I think now we will start seeing more high-end fashion from her, more custom pieces, etc.

      For such a high-profile outing I can understand why she wanted to go all out. If every outing involves a custom piece, I’ll join in the criticism, but I’m not sure its warranted at this point.

      • Loopy says:

        But honestly WHY does Charles pay…they got inheritance from their mother right??? Why the hell is Charles paying their clothing expenses,I don’t get it!!!

      • Becks1 says:

        @loopy someone like LAK will have a better answer than mine, but I think its that Charles pays for their working wardrobe, so he pays for them when they are doing events on behalf of the royal family. So I think the philosophy is that the clothing for “public” events should not come out of “private” funds. They pay for their clothes for private events/everyday wear/etc. I think.

        I think Charles has private money as well besides the Duchy of Cornwall but that’s not what he uses to pay for their wardrobes.

        I find the finances kind of intriguing though, I have to admit.

        Like I said someone prob has a better answer than me, ha.

      • DIRTNAP says:

        I think we’ll see repeats. It looks like she’s buying clothes that will serve as neutral bases for other outfits.

        Meghan’s security should worry that someone will run out of a crowd toward her with scissors and cut her hair. Someone is finally going to lose it after seeing her play with it one too many times and plot a chop.

      • Rainbow says:

        The better question would be: why should the public, via the Duchy, pay for Kate and Meghan’s clothes when these events are decided by the royals without the public’s consent? The entire country didn’t vote for Meghan and the Queen to do these activities yet they’re paying for what is essentially a PR campaign for Meghan and the royals. So to see her and Kate in custom couture when the NHS is in shambles is just jarring. The discrepancy between the excess from the royals vs the reality of struggles for many citizens leaves a bitter taste.

        People have been asking Charles for more transparency regarding the Duchy’s finances but good luck with that. Watch the Queen ask for more money this year in order to do some “maintenance” in Buckingham Palace.

        These pics really do the PR job for royals. They show up for a short time, get pics taken, and mission accomplished. People eat up the “cute grandma with the pretty granddaughter in-law having a great time” and all is forgotten about royals being the biggest welfare recipients on the planet.

      • Loopy says:

        When you said Duchy of Cornwall I thought you meant Camilla lol. Kindly enlightment me is that a royal fund?

      • Deedee says:

        The line between “public” clothes and “private” clothes get blurred though, when Kate wears something she’s worn in an official capacity to a friend’s wedding.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Many of the taxpayer-funded royals are privately wealthy AND have their work expenses paid by the taxpayers. This is true for all of the taxpayer-funded royals, not just the BRF.

        The royals are invited to visit somewhere by the people running that somewhere, so yes, they are invited. By the people. Don’t want them around? Don’t invite them. And don’t give any clicks or advertising revenue to news outlets and websites that carry news about them.

        As long as being a working royal is a government job, the taxpayers pay the expenses. That’s part of how all of this works. Ex. The taxpayers pay for the State Banquets, but they also pay for the fancy clothes the royals wear at those events.

        What needs to happen is the freedom *from* information requests need to be removed, so we can see exactly where every penny goes.

      • RoyalSparkle says:


        To Princess Henry Wales M-Windsor, DOS – officially beginning her Royal Duties weeks after – compare to 10 months with waity middleton.

        A coat dress like HM with head wear was the ORDER of the day here. Princess Henry need to get rid of her stylist friend and HM POW step in and have her with a royal stylist. Enough of the celeb N/American attire for HRH Princess Henry Wales M-Windsor – she need to begin dressing Royal.

      • Addie says:

        Rainbow, you make a great point. These engagements are costly for the region hosting them (security out of local council budgets) and what is the point of them except as PR for the royals to make them look relevant? Of the 110 pics in the Daily Mail of this event, 110 were devoted to pictures of the Queen and/or Meghan or vice versa, with other people as minor elements. The performers were never seen, the bridge opening was barely covered. What a complete waste of time and money.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Either get rid of them and be free of the expense or keep them around as a symbol of international Britishness but complaining about the expenses seem silly when no one wants to really want to go full republican. Only for some but not others…The BRF IS pomp and luxury with shine and glamor. Reduce them to every person and there is no point to them.

      • Rainbow says:

        LOL so now it’s silly to complain about expenses when it’s Meghan who’s wearing couture and is dropping serious money for one dress? Now royals should spend as much as they want since it’s their role to look expensive and decorative?

        The next time Kate wears something worth thousands of $$, I hope y’all stick to your “new” stance instead of having one standard for Kate and another for Meghan. It’s stupid to have been criticizing Kate all those times she spent taxpayers’ money and calling it tone deaf and insensitive, but accepting and justifying it as ‘part of the job’ now that Meghan is spending lots of money, too. Talk about hypocrisy.

      • Aurelia says:

        Nobody approves of either clothing budget really, kates or meghan’s.

      • magnoliarose says:

        My complaint about Kate’s spending is that she barely shows up to anything and all of her clothes look the same and lack style. Most complaints have been about her laziness not justifying her wardrobe expenses.
        Her terrible work ethic underscores everything. 7 years along and she is no better than she was from Day 1.

      • PrincessK says:

        Meghan went on so many engagements with Harry wearing her own clothes, so this is pay back time for Meghan.

    • Cee says:

      I believe she’s building up a wardrobe for her royal activities, much like Kate did in the beginning. When she starts purchasing bespoke pieces that look the same, in multiple colours, then I will start shading her about the astronomical costs.
      I swear Kate owns the same coat and lace dress in multiple colours, with minimal differences, and they’re all bespoke and couture. Let’s not kid ourselves.

      • Scram says:

        The garden party and Trooping hats looked the same though 😩. I want to see her wardrobe for more regular engagements without the senior royals around. I’ll hold my opinions until then.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They’re also classic, in the style of Lady Sarah Chatto. Things she can wear or rework for years, like Sophie does with some of her basic-shape hats.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Considering everything happening with the economy and cuts being made left right and centre, these ladies (Meghan + Kate) should really be making an effort to be a lot more frugal. As someone above said, you really don’t need custom Givenchy to go to Runcorn for goodness sake. LK Bennet would have worked just fine.

        This is one of the few areas of genuine criticism I have of the Duchess of Sussex.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’m hoping she follow’s Letizia’s pattern (while crown princess) of inexpensive separates and trouser suits for everyday engagements. Save the big items for events with the Queen, Trooping, Ascot.

      • Aurelia says:

        I know Bella du Pont. Wear cheaper lines like Joseph, Reiss, jaeggar etc and dress it up with good accessories and great jewellery. You don’t have to rack up custom Givency or buy your 13th blue coat at 3000,00 pounds a throw. Nobody is saying these chicks need to dress at Primark or Zara. Just be clever and get the balance right. The new Spanish Queen seems to mix it up and be economic in spains economic downturn.

      • PrincessK says:

        What is all this about Runcorn? Quite disrespectful I say. So the good people of Runcorn can’t appreciate or don’t deserve to see a royal Duchess wearing Givenchy?

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @Nota & Aurelia:


        @ Princess K:

        Apologies, no offense meant to Runcorn, but apparently it’s an industrial city and a major centre for chemicals, logistics and advanced manufacturing……I just assumed you’d impress them better with a PhD in advance chemistry or Astro physics! 😉

    • Meggles says:

      Not to be all “hey kids let’s learn about capitalism” but very few things have an objective price or value. The cost of anything is dependent on the worth a society places on it, which can be artificially manipulated. Look at the diamond nonsense, for example. Or auctions. The same item can go from cheap to expensive for arbitrary reasons (like if a celeb wears a high street outfit, and it starts changing hands for crazy money on ebay).

      The thing about ultra-expensive dresses is that the “sticker price” is generally not the price anyone actually pays, it’s just another piece of marketing. Clothing designers make their money mainly from accessories and ready to wear/diffusion lines. They slap a $10k price tag on their couture gowns to make people think their brand is expensive and high end, which makes people more likely to shell out $100 for that brand’s sunglasses.

      Those couture dresses you see on the catwalk and on celebs on red carpets and in magazines? That only exists as a piece of PR. And often when you see the same couture dress everywhere, it’s literally the exact same dress – often designers will create one single copy of a dress and that’s the dress they send down the runway and lend out to celebs and for photoshoots. (Hence the expression ‘sample size’.) Of course there is a market for very expensive couture (mainly from China and certain Arab gulf countries) but generally speaking the ultra-wealthy and celebs do not pay retail, if they pay at all. I’m not at all famous or wealthy but I have loads of designer clothes from working in the industry and I’ve never paid retail prices, ever.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Perfect crash-course! 👌

        Further question though…..I thought royals were prohibited from benefitting from these sorts of arrangements?

      • bonobochick says:

        This is along what I think. There’s the sticker price and then there’s the price actually paid by the royals and ultra wealthy. I am sure they get some good deals and perks without paying even close to the sticker price. A lot of time the free marketing from someone famous photographed in their items – like HM and Duchess Meghan – is enough to knock down the price.

        Ultimately, there’s something to be said for money being wasted but I also think there are some nitpicking just to concern troll anything Duchess Meghan.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Bella DuPont there are many many ways wealthy people pay nothing for nearly everything.
        Red carpet dresses are not samples since a sample size fits only a few body types and celebs aren’t built like models usually. Those are free advertisement and press. What you don’t see in editorials are the clamps and clips to make a dress appear to fit the model when it doesn’t. Editorial clothing is meant to go back to the designer though thieving celebs try to steal stuff constantly. So red carpet dresses are tailored and fit but editorial dresses are not. If you notice the dresses will have minor changes on the red carpet but it in editorials it is straight off the runway.
        Some celebrities show up for photo shoots and steal. It is a crap thing to do since the stylist has to explain what happened and so will the editors at the magazine. Celebrities can be awful and entitled.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Also to add I am talking about established designers, statement red carpets and A-B+ list celebrities. Lower level designer sample sizes from the red carpet are returned or sold.

  9. Becks1 says:

    No one can say her shoulders aren’t covered! lol.

    I don’t like that weird shoulder-cape-bodice-whatever thing, but her EW dress had a similar shape (the black two piece ensemble?) so maybe its a combination of she likes it and that silhouette is coming into style? I’m trying to be open minded since I complain when Kate dresses in boring outfits for engagement after engagement and doesn’t take fashion risks, so I need to be supportive of Meghan when she does takes risks, lol.

    The pencil skirt looks good on her though, her hair looks nice, and she looks nervous but relatively comfortable with the queen.

    • Mariposa says:

      That was my first thought too….no shoulders anywhere! I quite like the dress, it’s a bit different. That pencil skirt style was what she wore a lot in suits, and it really suits her.

    • manda says:

      I feel like the shoulder cape thing is making it look like she’s slouching–or is she slouching? Her posture looks bad here.

      Agreed on the pencil skirt! It is my favorite silhouette and just looks so good with a pair of heels. She wears them a lot and they look great on her; Kate should wear them more because they look great on her too. Yet she insists on those flouncy skirts. I really don’t like Kate’s style. I thought I liked Meghan’s, but the last few things she’s worn have not really impressed me, and a lot of her stuff pre-wedding needed to be hemmed. I’m picky about stuff like that

    • M4lificent says:

      It amuses me to imagine that Meghan was thinking, “If shoulders are such a big deal, I’ll REALLY cover the damn shoulders this time!”

      And bonus, if they have lobster at lunch, she’s already got her bib on.

  10. MCV says:

    Love the look, very chic! Can’t wait to see how the Daily Fail and others newspapers are going to try to make this whole day like a failure for here or something like that.

  11. Akua says:

    The pantyhose, seen pictures of her touching her hair,other than that she looks nice and put together

  12. All About Eve says:

    The Queen was wearing green to mark the one year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire where 72 people died. It was the most deadly domestic blaze since the Second World War. Green has become the symbolism for the tragedy & many buildings in the UK were illuminated in green today. Also a minute silence was held all around the UK in memory of the victims.

    • notasugarhere says:

      News is 85-year-old Duchess of Kent has come out of retirement and has been teaching music to the kids of the Grenfell neighborhood for months. She worked secretly as a music teacher for years in York.

      Seriously, teared up when I read that.

      • Nic919 says:

        That is the true meaning of service. She is very impressive.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That is sweet. I like to hear that. Thank you for sharing it.

      • PiMo says:

        That is wonderful, regardless of her title, what a wonderful way to give back to the society.

        Regarding the title thing, the royals live rent free in Kensington, the location of Grenfell, where the reason for the rapid spread of fire and deaths of so many people was a saving done in cladding, a saving of just £5,000. That is probably less than the cost of the dress Meghan is wearing. That is £69 per human life.

        Let’s put things in perspective. Such a tiny amount of money cost so many lives and traumatized thousands of others; former tenants of the tower, friends of those who lived there… And yet, the royals, so many of them, are basically sucking ridiculous amount of money, spending lavishly, without actually working. Yes that is one rich family, but without the inheritance tax exemption of the sovereign and the general tax exemption until the a few decades ago, they wouldn’t have been this rich. Besides the Brits are supporting a huge family.

        Gawking at these people is the opium of the people I guess.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Then join RepublicUK and work to have them thrown out. Demand a decrease in their annual costs. Do something other than try to state that Grenfell was somehow caused by the monarchy, or that Grenfell is the monarchy’s fault.

        No form of government is perfect, but this is the form of government the people of the UK continue to choose. Until if/when a different choice is made, this is how it is.

      • Tina says:

        This is like people voting for Brexit because of austerity. We had (and still have, to our shame) worse fire safety standards on large buildings than those that are in place in the US or elsewhere in Europe. This is a matter for the government to regulate. Public money does not pay for the construction of these buildings. The poor safety standards that led to this tragedy have nothing to do with the royals.

  13. Becks1 says:

    Also I’ll say that I AM getting tired of seeing Meghan in boring colors – third outing in a row in some shade of pale peach/cream/off white! – but for this one I completely understand it. That dress needs to be in a neutral to work for the events I think and if she had worn something with more color to it she either would have clashed with the queen or people would have accused her of trying to steal attention away from the queen.

  14. Danielle says:

    I kinda like the dress when she is standing up and walking around, but it looks very weird and box-y when she’s sitting down. But I appreciate what she was going for.

  15. minx says:

    She looks beautiful as always but not sure about that dress. She’s kind of small for it.
    Sweet pics of her and TQ.

  16. girl_ninja says:

    Meghan’s dress is lovely. They seem to get on well.

  17. Busyann says:

    Oooh I love this. I actually really like this dress. It’s kind of Olivia Pope like and it’s a silhouette I wear often myself. There’s nothing more powerful than wearing a hug me in all the right places sheath and pumps, but sometimes if the dress is too tight, it can go wrong very quickly. I think she pulled it off well! Did anyone notice that she found the right shade of hosiery? Yay Meghan! Yay!
    I also think it’s pretty clear Meghan is going to try to wear a lot of blushes and creams, maybe even white since she’s newly married. How cute is it that HM wore the same color today, that she wore to the wedding?!

  18. MattyLove says:

    Totally weird question, but do you think the Queen has someone who puts on her hose for her? What an odd job that would be!

  19. Belluga says:

    I like the dress. I don’t completely love it, but it’s chic and I like it.

    What I DO love is all the smiling and giggling between The Queen and Meghan! They look like they have a great rapport.

  20. sus says:

    Maybe the cape thingy is stretchy, but it looks like it might be constricting. I’d get annoyed at not being able to fully move my arms. But the rest of it is nice.

  21. Betsy says:

    I’ve never liked dresses that look like straight jackets.

    I love the greige and black though. That’s pure Jackie Kennedy. Who would actually be a great style touchstone for Meghan’s official clothes; Jackie was taller but Meghan has the svelte figure.

  22. Rainbow says:

    The shoulders look too boxy and stiff, like a coat was cut in half and put on top of a dress. Would probably have been better as a cape dress.

  23. Mego says:

    The Duchess of Sussex looks very charming and engaged – happy to meet with the public and not nervous like she was at Trooping the Colour. I think the dress is appropriate, modest and a really good length. She appears to have alopecia in a couple of pictures but I understand that blowouts are hard on the hair. Hopefully it isn’t stress related.

    I am kind of hoping to see a return to her more business casual attire at some of her solo engagements. I really liked some of those pre wedding engagement looks that were more accessible. But yeah I guess one should be dressed well in the company of the Queen and you can’t say her shoulders aren’t covered in this engagement 😂 “lampshade dress” lol!

    • gemcat says:

      I think it’s actually that the wind (or she herself) messed up her center-part, so the new partings of the hair is what you are seeing in some of the pics. Her hair looks thick and healthy I thought. Love how giddy the queen looks, they look sweet together..

    • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

      I noticed that with her hair, too, and wondered if it was stress-related, or possibly from the Brazilian blow-out (the Keratin procedure that straightens hair).

      It must’ve just been the wind messing her hair up, because there are other pics when it looks just fine. Hope it is just the wind. My hair is thinning due to medication I have to be on for another year, and it is just killing me! My hair used to be as thick as my wrist when I put it in a pony tail. Now it’s about as thick as one of those little pony tails on top of a Yorkie 😢 I’m praying that it comes back when I go off this med. 🤞🏻🙏🏻

      • Mego says:

        Ugh that is hard. My hair is really thin, fine and dead straight naturally and looks better since I stopped perming it. It takes a lot of product and manipulation to get it looking ok though. I read that the multivitamin Centrum Silver helps with thinning hair so I am giving that a try.

      • CairinaCat says:

        10,000 biotin and also Silica with horsehair extract. And majorly up your protein!
        You can get both on Amazon
        Due to medication and surgery I lost a good 50% of my hair.
        I took the above and upped my protein to 100mg a day (I’m 5’10) and in two months my hair was visibly thicker and it was looking good at 4 months

      • magnoliarose says:

        This is what I did when my hair was damaged and broken.
        My hair was tortured for years and after I mostly retired I decided to nurse my abused tresses back to health.
        I took MSM, bamboo extract, GLA oils, full spectrum B vitamins, biotin and the herb horsetail (also good for the urinary tract). I wore my hair in a protective style most of the time. A loose braid/ bun with no heat or heavy products.
        Hair blogs run by black women have the hair growth routines down to a science. All my years around professionals can’t touch what I learned from black women and black hair blogs. Most of the information is universal too.
        I slept on a satin pillowcase every night no matter where I was and it worked. My hair is in better shape now than it ever was.
        Now I still take my hair vitamins/herbs but at a lower dosage.

  24. CurrentUI says:

    At least she walks around with arms on the sides, much more natural and confident unlike KM

  25. Zapp Brannigan says:

    I think it could be a good investment dress, take off the cape bit for other events, style it up, let Angela Kelly at it and it could look like a completely different dress in every outing. I expect her first year building a functional wardrobe for events will be very pricey but with the right investment pieces it will last years.

    Would love to know what TQ and MM were giggling about!

    • Josie says:

      They were greeted with a dance performance by a large group of school children. Reporters in Twitter are saying they giggled during the dance, which a video snippet shows was adorable.

      These photos remind me of TQ and Charles on the viewing platform at Braemar. It’s quite good to see that rapport.

  26. paddingtonjr says:

    The dress isn’t my favorite, but it does look professional and conservative. I’m just here for the pics of Meghan and TQ; they look like they’re having a good time together and get along very well. TQ has a beautiful smile that just lights up her face and makes her look younger. Meghan has a great smile as well so the two of them together is just a little lift to start my day!

  27. loislane says:

    Duchess Meghan is very pretty and has some classy manners about her.
    Harry was never going to Not put a ring on it.

    The Queen is her usual amazing self.
    They seem to get on well. Nice!

  28. Giddy says:

    I adore these pictures! They look like they were truly enjoying being with each other. The queen is very animated in these pictures, and I especially like the last one. Meghan is very poised, and I am impressed that she didn’t look like a bundle of nerves. The thought of being on her own with TQ must have been excitingly terrifying.

  29. Faith says:

    It may be because I am dead tired, but I just opened the article and spent a couple of seconds staring at the first picture, seriously wondering what MM was doing wearing a carton box.
    I think I need some sleep.

  30. Nancy says:

    That dress looks so uncomfortable. If she’s choosing besties, she definitely picked the right one! Someone forgot to cross their legs. Ah, she’s the Queen, let her relax, Ha!

  31. Skylark says:

    Love Meghan’s outfit, all of it, so pared back and elegant. Hair would have been better secured in some way though, whether back or up, as it’s a really windy day and you can see how all over the place her hair is in the videos. But otherwise, lovely, and it’s nice to see her so relaxed with the queen, which I’m sure the queen appreciates.

  32. aquarius64 says:

    I’m glad Meghan didn’t copy Kate.

  33. LondonTown says:

    Our Queen looks so happy in Meghan’s company. I think this is really heartwarming.

  34. Chef Grace says:

    I just enjoy seeing the Queen smile.

  35. Amy says:

    Regarding the comment in the article about Meghan having to ask the Queen if she’s not sure about something, the DM says she had to at one point.

    “[...] as they prepared to get into the Queen’s Bentley awaiting them in the station car park.

    There was a moment of confusion as the Duchess appeared unsure who should get into the car first. ‘What is your preference?’ she asked the Queen.

    ‘You go first,’ said the Queen. ‘Oh OK,’ said the duchess.”

    I don’t know why, but I absolutely love this. Not because it shows that Meghan didn’t know (because who care about that), but I would have been dying of nerves before managing to actually ask that question to the Queen!

  36. Alona says:

    The dress was inspired by Gyvenchy’s creation for Audrey Hepburn for How to Steal a Million. It’s a very similar dress. She looks fantastic and elegant. I am a huge fan. Her dress isn’t boring. Its remarkably well made.

  37. Ms. Turtle says:

    Love this dress. Gorgeous, elegant and shoulders covered so the haters can shut up. I feel like it’s also sent a subtle message that she is happy with the designer and design of her wedding gown, in the wake of the Emilia Wickstead controversy.

    She and the queen look like they get on lovely. I didn’t expect to feel feelings of pride, watching the video of them stepping off the train. Well done, American Duchess!

    My only niggle is I wish her hair had been pulled back. It’s gorgeous but it was windy and it blew in her face a lot. Enough that she had to keep messing with it. Still, great for her first performance with the queen.

  38. Guest says:

    Meghan looks amazing. The dress fits her very well.

  39. Talie says:

    I’m fine with royals wearing couture like movie stars…why should they always be in Zara? There has to be some fantasy element to it all.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      It is kind of the point of them, they are supposed to be better than the rest of us plebs, so put on the jewels and tiara and let us ogle the bling!

    • Becks1 says:

      and, we know they have the money. so while sometimes the expensive outfits are really inappropriate (I think of Kate’s McQueen outfit when meeting with flood victims), most of the time I find the Zara or whatever to official engagements a little….I dunno. not off-putting but maybe condescending? I know you can afford designer clothes. Just wear them already.

      But if Kate wore nothing but designers we would criticize that too lol.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Becks:

      The optics…

      You can’t really have custom made Givenchy in peoples faces day in day out, when the cost of those dresses came ultimately from the same funds that gave us the inferior fire proofing at Grenfell just last year. It’s jarring.

      They can mix things up a bit and still look fabulous. It doesn’t have to be Zara, there are many other smaller and mid-range designers that can work just as well.

      • Tina says:

        The Duchy of Cornwall has nothing to do with Kensington & Chelsea council. The Duchy belongs to the British people, yes, and it’s public money that is used to pay for Meghan and Kate’s working outfits. But it’s not like cutting their clothing budget will put more money into the coffers of Kensington & Chelsea council. They’re not the same funds.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Tina

        The public won’t see it that way. Most people (like me) don’t know or give a hoot about the inner workings of the finances of the BRF. As far as they’re concerned, both are publicly funded, whether they’re reciprocal or not won’t matter one tiny bit in the court of public opinion.

        The majority of the UK are just starting to get to know Meghan, so the narrative is crucial at this point. Notice the DM has been placing carefully pitched pieces, eg one talking about how much her diamond collection is now worth (a million) in the fortnight since she got married. And then days later, there’s a piece with Kate at Polo, running around, looking radiant in a £30 Zara dress.

        This is after reporting on the $75k engagement dress, the £300k wedding dress, £250k diamond bracelet ,£40million wedding cost….etc (all massively and deliberately exaggerated, obviously).

        If you think it’s a coincidence, I have a bridge to sell you. They’re trying to turn her into a Marie Antoinette because they know that *nothing* will make the public start to genuinely hate her faster than financial impropriety especially in these times. It’s a trap.

        She just can’t continue the wall-to-wall designer approach. She needs to mix things up! Suggestion:

        20% bespoke pieces
        30% off the rack designer pieces
        30% upper high street (LK Bennet, Reiss, Joseph etc like someone suggested above)
        20% whatever else

        Besides, if you have a very good tailor, you can make Zara look like Gucci…..(well, almost). 😬

        PS: I’m not trying to cheapen her, just worried/looking out for her reputation, that’s all.

  40. Lizabeth says:

    I love the dress! I think it suits Meghan. I wouldn’t wear it but I’m not going on a solo outing with the Queen either! I like the length and that she doesn’t have to tug on it when sitting down. Or use her clutch to cover her bare thighs the way Kate did on her first outing with the Queen.

    It is windy but I think if her hair had been in an updo 1. the wind would have wrecked the style without the use of an industrial strength hairnet and 2. her head would have looked too small above the boxy cape without hair framing her face.

  41. Leyton says:

    Meghan looks chic. I love it! It reminded me of something I’ve seen on Suits before. She’s very sophisticated in her style. It’s elegant and conservative but can be modern at the same time. It doesn’t make her look like a woman in her 60′s but she also doesn’t look like a 10 year old.

    Very much a Hit for the Duchess! The Queen looks wonderful as always and they seem to get on well. Lots of smiles going around!!

  42. VeronicaLodge says:

    I think TQ has a good sense of humor and probably appreciates MM. would love to know what they were giggling about….

  43. Lucy2 says:

    She looks very elegant, but I think I would find that dress uncomfortable. They do seem to get along quite well, which is very nice.

  44. CCB says:

    She needs to cut her hair, stats.

    • loislane says:

      I think she won’t cut them…at least not for a few more years.
      I bet Harry loves her hair this long.

    • Olenna says:

      I don’t think cutting her hair is going to change anything about it’s manageability in windy weather conditions. Either she pulls her hair back in a bun or pony-tail that’s well-pinned or wears a well-anchored hat. And, it’s obvious by now that she does not like to wear it pinned up tightly.

    • Peeking in says:

      Some of you don’t understand the relationship women of African descent have with their hair. I keep seeing criticism of Meghan’s hair, “she should cut it” “she should pin it up” “she need to stop touching it” etc. Meghan is not about to adapt a “hair in a bun” or any other up do anytime soon, nor is she cutting her hair, like ever. She’ll trim, but that’s it.

      • Serpentinefire says:

        Yeah I agree. These hair comments really pi** me off.

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        The hair policing bothers me. Her hair is lovely, looks healthy and shiny. She takes very good care of her hair, there’s no reason to cut it.

      • bonobochick says:

        I agree. I’ve been noticing the hair policing and some of the comments… folks need to educate themselves on hair in the Black community.

      • magnoliarose says:

        There is a whole social aspect to women’s hair length and feminism but I am too tired to get into it. Just to say there has always been a correlation between a woman’s hair and her sexual desirability and fertility. An older woman is expected to wear shorter hair since she is no longer a “maiden” and long hair is seen as very feminine and appealing to men. There is more to it of course but that is a simple explanation.
        I wear my hair long because I like it and society doesn’t get to decide about my looks or what I decide to do at any age. I am never going to do the midi shoulder chop. Not happening. So I support long hair on women if they want it that way. Short if they want that way. Midi if they want it that way.
        I like Kate’s hair longer because her hair is one of her best features. MM looks good with longer hair too. I don’t think it is entirely professional to have it shorter because again it implies more “feminine” is less professional.

      • Anesthesthetizes says:

        Thank you! I have been thinking this for a long time.

      • Andrea says:

        Funny, I wear my hair short because my moither always wore her hair long and I think it is a dated style. I wish MM wore it natural.

  45. erwin says:

    I love the dress! The color of the dress won’t outshine the Queen, but the cutting is very uniqe.

  46. Other Renee says:

    I’ve seen other pics that show a lot of wrinkles in this dress. Another less wrinkle-prone fabric may have been a better choice. Sorry I just don’t like this lampshade nun’s habit look. How can she move in that thing? I like the look of the bottom half of the dress. That kind of cut suits her. The Queen looks great as usual.

  47. Gigi LaMoore says:

    I think she needs to do a better job at dressing for her body type. Her clothes do not highlight her best parts. As a fellow woman with skinny arms/legs with an undefined waist, I have learned that I have to pick dresses very carefully.

  48. Busyann says:

    Oooh the Queen gave Meghan the earrings she’s wearing.

  49. Honey says:

    Just bopped over to the DM (will shower later) but in one of the pictures you can see one of the Queen’s Ladies-in- Waiting. Its one where they are seated on the platform. Anyway, she is tucked in the back shrouded in navy blue and looks to be saying “ole girl we’ve had a good time of it; a few laughs and a few tears but I think this going to be my last roll with cha. I need to step down.” Poor thing. And I mean that with grace and charm.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes, the Queen’s elderly lady in waiting bless her. She must be a good friend to the Queen but she is looking old, although sometimes going out and about is good for the elderly. This lady must be in her 80s bless her, was still doing her duty by collecting bouquets from the Queen, I doubt she can do much else though, probably just a good companion for the Queen.

      She followed the Queen to the Chelsea Flower show and could hardly keep up with the Queen.

  50. HK9 says:

    I love the dress. It’s unexpected but not loud, it covers the knees and she can still move and interact with people. Her hair and makeup are well done too.

  51. Mego says:

    Aready People magazine (and others) is trotting out the “let’s compare Meghan’s first outing with the Queen with Kate’s first outing with the Queen” because we can’t forget about Kate and must compare these two women to death.

  52. OriginalLala says:

    I like the dress alot – it’s a professional look with a bit of zing (the shoulder thingie). Meg’s face has been looking a bit different since Trooping, her teeth look really crazy white? new veneers? I’m trying to figure out what it is…

  53. Cher says:

    I like the dress not the wrinkles. The Queen’s dress did not wrinkle and I am sure Meghan’s dress costs an arm and a leg.
    Additionally, Meghan needs to put her hair up to avoid spending a ridiculous amount of time messing with it.
    The interaction between the Queen and Meghan is lovely to see.

    • Natalie S says:

      Keeping a dress from wrinkling is one of those details that could be really helpful for a newcomer to learn. Tips on fabrics and styles for different travel plans and events. I wonder if there’s a compilation of all this information from all of Liz’s events over the years?

    • Agenbiter says:

      Anyone know if HM favors polyester doubleknits?

    • notasugarhere says:

      HM also plans looser dresses underneath, with a long coat that covers any wrinkles. The coats sometimes have a long slit up the back, if she’s going to be sitting for a long time. That way, she can move the coat out of the way so it doesn’t wrinkle while seated, and when she stands the unwrinkled coat covers up the wrinkled dress underneath. Or don’t put your coat on until right before you get out of the train.

      Angela Kelly (Queen’s dress maker) wrote about this, and about how much HM has taught her about fabric through the years. HM sticks with wool, silk, or wool and silk blends for breathability, tests the fabric by crushing it in her hands and smoothing it out to decide whether or not it will work for a certain outfit, etc.

      Her book is called Dressing The Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe

    • PrincessK says:

      The Queen always looks as though she is dressed in polyester, when an outfit creases a bit to me it is a sign of quality fabric, I like it. I am a big fan of pure cotton and linen.

  54. Lisa Stensson says:

    The queen SMILES???? she literally looks like she just laughed for the first time out loud lol …. SO AGAINST PROTOCOL Lol

  55. bread says:

    The cream colour is beautiful against her brown skin and I like the pops of black in her hair and accessories. But the cape… I’m not sure. It’s makes the dress more interesting than a plain shift but it’s also very stiff and big for her frame. Like she’s cut up a pair of man’s jodhpur trousers and hung over her shoulders.

  56. Lexa says:

    There’s something a bit off about the shoulder cape to me—it might be because it’s a touch too long or just too constrictive looking? Overall she looks nice, though!

  57. MellyMel says:

    I really like this dress. I think she and TQ look great and like they really get along!

  58. MM says:

    Why are so many acting like the Queen never smiles? There are so many great photos of her smiling.

  59. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    I love it! It’s fashion forward while still being conservative and appropriate for the occasion. My fave thing is that it’s clear that TC truly likes Meghan and they get on well. TC looks genuinely happy and like she’s having a great time in these photos.

  60. Vava says:

    Nice ensemble! I’m glad she’s avoiding the ‘fit and flare’ style of dresses that Kate has overdone.

  61. Cerys says:

    I’m not mad on the dress. I think the cape sleeves would be a bit restricting and it was very wrinkled when she got off the train. It’s also very windy here today in the UK so her hair might have been better pulled back into a ponytail-type style.
    However, the neutral colour was nice and didn’t take attention from the queen. Her skirt was a suitable length, standing and sitting unlike Kate’s first outing with HM. I seem to remember someone (Philip?) handing her a blanket to put over her knees in the car.

  62. LT says:

    East Africa has lots of beaches – along the coasts of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, the island of Zanzibar, so they could have had a safari and beach honeymoon.

  63. Amelie says:

    Hahahah it seriously feels like Meghan is trolling her critics with this outfit since she got so much criticism for daring to bare her shoulders at Trooping the Color, she was like “Fine I’ll cover my shoulders and make it SUPER obvious!” But obviously she chose this outfit ahead of time probably before Trooping the Color.

    But I just can’t get with the cape (?) element covering her shoulders, it looks like the top half of a sci show uniform, like what the cast of Star Trek or something similar would wear but it got deconstructed somehow halfway through. I really can’t get the space element out of my mind! But I like the color/belt/structure of this dress otherwise. She and the Queen look very chummy!

  64. HeyThere! says:

    Meghan looks wonderful here. That dress actually looks comfortable too! The Queen looks wonderful, also! Meghan looks charming and easy to get along with. Good for her.

  65. rabbitgirl says:

    M is so seriously stunning that my eyes always just focus straight away on her face. The Queen however has blinded me with that lime thing she is wearing. Bless her heart, she looks like she was drenched in slime.

  66. Elle says:

    The Queen looks wonderful. She’s really an example of how to age well. Obviously, she has help, but she has also kept herself in better shape (and fashion) than many women would even if they had her resources.

  67. Laura says:

    Meghan is so pretty ❤ I think she has happy eyes 😊 The Queen is her usual lovely self 👑

  68. cher says:

    I see Samantha Cohen is accompanying Meghan and the Queen.

  69. Guest says:

    I’m glad that she is gaining some weight back. She looks amazing. One thing for sure about Meghan is that girl can adapt to any situation.

  70. Guest says:

    She knocked it out the park. Shes getting praised all over and the bitter hags at dailymail and royaldish cant ir. Stay pressed haters. 😎

    Once she starts making speeches and working with her charities they are really going to have their panties in a bunch.

  71. Janie says:

    I like the dress. Very chic and suits her. I like long hair but I think Meghan would look really nice in a shorter more professional hairstyle. It appears so thin on the part that I do believe she wears extensions. I dunno it just looks ratty on the ends to me.

  72. Cathy says:

    Nice outfit but how does she walk around in those heels?

  73. Ishq the Cat says:

    I agree that the dress cuts a modern and chic silhouette- lovely!

  74. The Original G says:

    She looks lovely. I like that she looks sleek and professional and yet a bit out of the box.

  75. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I love it. It’s totally appropriate and not a fugly coatdress. That’s a win for me.

  76. RowZ says:

    I like the dress! And the shoulder cape! She’s very pretty here, I agree with some posters that if she had her hair in a polished updo that it would have elevated her look. But overall she looks really fab. Happy to see her looking so cool as I wasn’t into some of her recent looks.

  77. april says:

    Meghan and the Queen both look beautiful and joyful. I love both of their outfits.

  78. mazzie says:

    That dress is shade, straight up shade. Love it.

  79. mazzie says:

    That dress is shade, straight up shade. Love it.

  80. mazzie says:

    That dress is shade, straight up shade. Love it.

  81. Tony the Tiger says:

    I think the fact that everyone is talking about Meghan’s dress shows it accomplished its purpose.

    She made a bold fashion statement with the design of that dress without overshadowing the Queen and that was smart of her.

  82. --- says:

    Love the dress! Both ladies looked lovely. The queen seems like a wonderful person and she looks so pretty and vibrant always. Seemed like a fun day!

  83. Angry Bird says:

    It looks like they cut a hole in a tea cozy and pulled it down over her head. Just let her go sleeveless. I love the dress but the capelet is incongruent and makes her look like a stormtrooper. :-(

  84. JB says:

    gorgeous beaches in East Africa – Mombassa area and Zanzibar is fabulous. Could have been Tanzania & Kenya & maybe Zanzibar?

  85. Tony the Tiger says:

    My mom is English and her older sister worked as part of the staff at Buckingham Palace for decades and knew the Queen and Prince Philip and the rest of the royals including Charles and for a brief period Diana.

    What I remember best is her older sister telling us over and over again that the British royal family from the Queen down were as dumb as a box of rocks without any knowledge or culture.

    The Queen’s favorite tv show was Kojak or anything else American, she only read light fiction and had zero knowledge about any of the artitsts whose masterpieces were on the walls of her palace or her own royal history or anything else. Her sons were even less cultured than her although apparently Charles tried to get into architecture.

    And Philip was a visceral racist but so dumb no one paid any attention to it.

    • PrincessK says:

      😂 Kojak!

      I have to take some of that with a pinch of salt, although it is true that the royals are not the very best educated people and the Queen has admitted that her formal education was very restricted but I am sure they all have their specialist subject areas.

      As for enjoying light entertainment….we all need ‘escapism’ don’t we? 😉

  86. Tony the Tiger says:

    I know a lot of people throw a lot of shade at Meghan for latching on to Harry and becoming a Duchess but she is EXACTLY what the royal family and the rest of England needs right now…..England has turned very quickly from a mostly white all English country into a melting pot of many cultures and races and ethnicities and Meghan while American is a great opportunity for the royal family and the rest of England to show people of other races and minorities are welcome into the fold.

    They may not all be “English” but they are all “BRITISH”!!!!

    • Aurelia says:

      I belive Philips is a dummie. He left school at 15 for the navy without learning a thing. He knew he would marry well. His uncle dickie mountbatten was going to see to it.. He only cares about the navy, womanising and killing things. I never forget reading about how he shot a rare white rhino in africa in the late 60′s , 2 weeks out from becoming the president of the UK charter of the World Wild Life Fund. The queen was standing right beside him. Hmmmmm.

  87. Levin says:

    I love this dress – I wish it were something I could afford!

  88. A says:

    Homegirl looks good. The Queen looks happy, but she has an affection for that colour of green far FAR too much.

  89. LittlefishMom says:

    I love the dress! I have never seen the Queen smile this much in photos. She really digs her. That’s awesome!

  90. Shannon says:

    It looks kind of uncomfortable, honestly. And I think I would like her hair up better as well. But I don’t hate the look.

  91. PiMo says:

    I am surprised to see so many negative comments on her dress. This is the first dress she wore since she started doing royal engagements that I would want in my closet. It is chic, it has a twist, a great structure and it is not boring at all.

    I wish she wore her hair up.

  92. JRenee says:

    I like the dress and the Queen looks great!

  93. Jayne Birkinb says:

    Queen Green! I like it, and Megs is playing second fiddle perfectly. ERII is the main attraction, as she should be.

  94. Mego says:

    I am thinking that there may have been more to Meghan being a part of this engagement than we think. A part of it involved remembering the horrific Grenfall Tower fire. I remember reading that Meghan was reaching out to survivors after becoming engaged but that her work was being conducted in private. If she had connected with survivors than it would be fitting if she was present for the time of remembrance.

  95. Sage says:

    She looks good… A safe, bland, uninspiring dress.

  96. Busyann says:

    As a person with ethnic hair like Meghan, I want to tell people, it is not easy to maintain. It’s utter hell. People don’t want Kate and Meghan to be compared, well I also don’t think people should talk about her hair much. People want her hair to be put it up in an updo, or cut shorter, and don’t want her to touch it, etc….when all of those things can cause unintended consequences. If you have ethnic hair that you put up, it may not hold and the result would be a bigger mess than windblown hair. If you cut ethnic hair, it may take months or years (yes years) to get it to grow back to the length that it was before. And it’s possible that she was touching her hair so much, to make sure it was okay. I do it often. I’m constantly fidgeting with my hair when I don’t have access to a mirror and/or brush to make sure it still feels nice. Another monster, is water. Being near water, with ethnic hair can cause whatever style you had to drop, which results in more fidgeting. And looking at the pictures from the beginning of their activities, I suspect the dampness in the air, coupled with the wind, started to negatively affect Meghan’s hair.

  97. Cara says:

    I really wanted and tried to like her outfit, but I just don’t. I think she looks pretty enough, but a big no to the dress. I think her hair looks great after hearing what a how much trouble it likely is.

  98. cindyp says:

    Love the chemistry between Meghan & the Queen, when do we ever see TQ smile like that ? That being said, M’s dress is awful; looks like a straight jacket

  99. Missy Helga says:

    Meghans extensions are so obvious, I’m surprised no one points that out seeing how everyone is always dissing on Kate for hers.

  100. hey-ya says:

    …such a nice stylish outfit…looks to be loving every moment of her second marriage…when she switches through boredom theres gonna be some great tell alls…

  101. LOL says:

    Beautiful dress. The Queen looks good too.

  102. notasugarhere says:

    I doubt she had Givenchy magic this up in a few days in response to that. This is likely was she planned to wear all along for this.

  103. magnoliarose says:

    I like to joke about it but it is either a funny coincidence or intentional. I really don’t know but it is funny.