Queen Elizabeth gifted Duchess Meghan the pair of earrings she’s wearing today

Queen Meghan Chester

Here are some more photos of what is basically a magical Girlfriends Tour between the Duchess of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth II. As soon as Meghan met the Queen and the corgis, Ol’ Liz couldn’t wait to plan a girlfriends’ excursion, just for the two of them. Liz wondered if they should pack up the Land Rover and drive to Scotland, but Liz didn’t want to scare Meg off completely. So Liz organized an overnight on the Royal Train and a day full of fun activities with her new favorite person.

Personally, the more I see of Meghan’s Givenchy, the more I dislike it. I still understand why Meghan chose it, because it is conservative and the right length and her wanton, American shoulders are being covered by multiple layers of stiff fabric. But it’s still not a good dress. Thankfully, Liz helped Meghan accessorize: apparently, the Queen gave her new BFF a matching pair of pearl-and-diamond earrings.

Queen Elizabeth provided Meghan Markle with some new sparkle for their first solo outing together. The monarch gave her new granddaughter-in-law an elegant pair of pearl and diamond drop earrings, which appear to be a smaller version of her own.

[From People]

People have been buzzing about the earrings for hours now – Hello Magazine theorized that Harry (or the Queen) possibly gave Meghan the same diamond-and-pearl earrings which were once owned by Diana. But in the side-by-side photos, it definitely looks like Diana’s earrings were larger. I prefer to think that either A) Liz had some new earrings made for Meghan which are smaller replicas of her own or B) Liz had these in her vault and she pulled them out just for Meghan. Hello goes on to confirm that the earrings were absolutely a “gift from the monarch.” Now I have a vision of Liz presenting them to Meghan on the Royal Train. BFFs.

The Queen and The Duchess of Sussex visit Cheshire

The Queen and The Duchess of Sussex visit Cheshire

The Queen and Meghan Markle visit Chester

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Natalie S says:

    Well dang, okay. The Queen likes Meghan.

    What did Guy the beagle get?

  2. lobbit says:

    Gah! Matching pearl earrings! What a lovely gesture.

  3. Aud says:

    The Queen loves her some lime green. I love it on her too. She looks amazing!

  4. Enn says:

    Such a classic style! I love them. I can’t wear studs (my ears weren’t pierced evenly and studs make it noticeable) so I have a set of pearls I never get to wear.

  5. notasugarhere says:

    “As soon as Meghan met the Queen and the corgis, Ol’ Liz couldn’t wait to plan a girlfriends’ excursion, just for the two of them. Liz wondered if they should pack up the Land Rover and drive to Scotland, but Liz didn’t want to scare Meg off completely. So Liz organized an overnight on the Royal Train and a day full of fun activities with her new favorite person.”

    @Kaiser making my Thursday.

  6. Reef says:

    It’s really sweet seeing the Queen and Meghan get along. It’s actually been pretty awesome seeing how kind Phillip and Elizabeth have been to Meghan and Doria.

  7. HeyThere! says:

    Everything about her outfit is giving me life on this Thursday morning! This dress is everything!! Also, maybe the Queen can talk her into wearing a little color. Lol. I always love the bright, cheery shades the Queen wears.

  8. April May says:

    Interesting how when Kate wears the Queen’s jewels they’re always only loans, never gifts.

    • Elisabeth says:

      A) why does every single article about Meghan have to include comparisons to Kate? Let them both live!
      B) if we’re really going to go there, it’s most likely because Kate will one day have complete access to all the jewelry in the royal vaults, and Meghan needs to build her collection.

      They’re gorgeous earrings! HMQ has good taste.

      • Hmm.... says:

        I thought, “Well, because Kate is the one other woman whose experience with the Queen has served as the public baseline for how women marrying into the BRF (specifically, Charles’ line) are treated.”

        But then I realized that’s not a good enough excuse. There’s no shortage of criticism to say about Kate. This feels petty.

      • Loren says:

        There will be comparisons, just as there are with William and Harry.
        It’s part of life, it’s part of what the public does, saying Stop , certainly won’t stop the public or press from doing so. It’s part of the Royal public life. Royals are compared to others in Royal life and it happens with European houses too.

        Yes they are individuals but at this point , comparisons will be made, it’s part of the process of what the press and public does for the most part when a new woman marries into the Royal family.

        Kate can handle it and I’m sure Meghan can.

      • Evie says:

        @Elisabeth: Hear, hear! Your statement makes absolute sense. Unless the monarchy is abolished or something drastic occurs to upset the current line of succession, the next three monarchs will be men: Charles, William and George. I doubt any of them are going to be wearing QE II’s jewels. They will most likely loan or gift some outright to their consorts Camilla, Kate, and Meghan as well. And when the appropriate time comes, Charlotte and George and Louis’ wives (in 20 or 25 years; I don’t want to rush the lads). There’s plenty to go around, I’m sure LOL!

    • KiddV says:

      ALLLLL of the royal jewels will be Kate’s one day. If I were Kate I’d set up a nice comfy sofa and wine fridge in the royal vaults and spend my days with the jewels playing dress-up.

      • Nic919 says:

        Not all the jewels. Some of them are personal gifts that the Queen is going to give to Anne or others. The rest belong to the crown. Which means that Camilla gets them first and she in turn has to pass them down. It’s going to be interesting to see how many jewels remain in the main collection once the Queen passes.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The Gloucesters ended up with a haul of tiaras as private property. I keep hoping that when the current D&D pass away, their kids will sell those back to HM or Charles to pay the taxes.

      • Loren says:

        All of the jewels or most will be the Crowns or Prince Charles,then William’s and then go to George, they stay w the Crown. If Kate and William were to divorce, not one tiara would go to her. The jewels stay with the Crown.

      • Masamf says:

        Ha I wouldn’t bet on that. Your post reminds me of a song that I heard in 1991-1992 that had lyrics like “oh ye queen don’t you change Diana “. In those days a large percentage in the UK and else where in the world were convince that AAALLL the jewels would one day be Diana’s. Hhhmmm, life can be a you know what? Looks like they’re gonna be Camilla’s, if she and PoW outlive HM. As they say, never say never, anything can happen. Who would have thunk it that 10 years post Mr &Mrs Smith AJ and BP would be fighting over kids and ready to murder each other if they had the chance?

      • magnoliarose says:

        They stay with the crown. Only private and gifts will be hers. She can’t take private gifts from Meghan or anyone else. ??? Why do you think the jewels are part of the ROYAL collection and not per monarch. They would have nothing if that were the case.

      • notasugarhere says:

        As Nic919 stated, not all of the jewels are the property of the crown. Some of them have been inherited privately, like the haul of jewels from Lady Greville that brought in a couple of huge tiaras. Or the Strathmore Rose tiara, which was a private gift from the Queen Mum’s father to her for her wedding.

        That is how the Gloucesters ended up with so many tiaras. They were the private property of Queen Mary, she gave them to her daughter-in-law Alice on marriage (to HRH Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester). They ended up as the private property of the Gloucester line.

    • jessica says:

      Tiaras are loans. The only jewelry that belonged to QEII that I can recall Kate wearing is HM’s wedding bracelet. Had she worn other jewelries that belonged to HM (genuinely asking)?. Had Kate worn it again? Also we don’t know if Meghan will wear these earring again. Until then, I’m holding judgement.

  9. Char says:

    Please, make a whole season of “The Crown” about their friendship.

  10. Marjorie says:

    Ok I love Megan’s dress. Don’t shame me. QEII looks great too, love the sweet bow brooch.

  11. Cher says:

    I love the dress. She looks great.

  12. YankLynn says:

    Sorry Kaiser but I’m loving Meghan’s dress. The silhouette is great with her figure. The styling seems contemporary but hits the “conservative” check boxes for an event side by side with the Queen. I imagine the Queen leaning over breakfast tea to remark how clever that her dress has a built in cape ! It seems to have tailored for her too so those that had heartburn over some of Meghan’s earlier dresses (I have been one !) should be pleased at the fit.

    Mostly I love the pictures of them laughing at the performance and clearly enjoying the day with each other. I’m happy for Meghan on that score. It could have gone perfectly fine but been much more staid and instead they have a happy memory clearly.

    • Polly says:

      I like it too, it’s so chic and well tailored and she looks happy and comfortable. It seems more in keeping with her pre engagement style while still being event-appropriate, unlike the tacky 80s throwback she wore to trooping.

  13. Cate says:

    I actually quite like the dress! I dislike how visible and caked on her makeup looks in some photos though! She knows how to do good natural makeup, so whyyyyyyy?

  14. incognito says:

    I like the dress. It fits with the royal convention (I think), and allows her to work within her own personal style. I really do believe she’s a minimalist with clean lines. I like the clean looks rather than when she takes those button risks. It accentuates her figure without being “slutty”.

  15. Sparkly says:

    I laughed when I saw the dress. She got such flak about her shoulders, so this is what she gives us. I love it.

  16. Zondie says:

    At first glance the shoulder cocoon of the dress freaked me out. But it looks better in the pics of her walking around. I love the belt with it. Good to see Meg and Liz so happy together.

  17. JB says:

    matching earrings!!! I love it. LOOOOOOOVE!

  18. FLORC says:

    I can’t hate the outfit. I love the structure.
    Earrings are classic.
    Meghan doing events with the queen right away and not getting picked apart by faces, or skirt length. Or breaking protocol… its refreshing. Its notable because she’s seen as less an image and more a figure.

  19. Citresse says:

    I think the more you see MM’s dress, the more it looks alright. The earrings are pretty. It was a windy day, her hair looked a bit messy blowing around and it looked like she had problems walking in such high heels but what I really noticed is how tan she looks from her honeymoon.

  20. Brittany says:

    I love how the queen dresses. Those vibrant colors always make me laugh.

  21. laura says:

    Lol “wanton American shoulders”

  22. Sherry says:

    I love Meghan and the Queen and their friendship and love of dogs! Their faces show how keen they are with one another!

    I like 3/4 of the dress. Not crazy about that cape shoulder look. Love the earrings! I had a pair just like them that my parents gave me for Christmas one year. I wanted them because they were like Diana’s. I wore them all the time for years. I lost one of them about 5 years ago and now just have the lonely pearl and diamond leftover. I keep hoping it will show up somewhere unexpected.

  23. CooCooCatchoo says:

    You’re really restricted from hugging or using your arms in that dress, right? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but… she’s literally being bound by that outfit. Plus, it hides her breasts and her shoulders. She’s wrapped up like a mummy. It makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at it!

  24. Anastasia says:

    I kind of wish she were wearing a hat. God, I love hats.

  25. Becks1 says:

    I’m the opposite of you Kaiser. The more I see the dress the more I like it. She looks chic and elegant and professional all in one.

    Those earrings are lovely and what a sweet gesture from the queen.

  26. Bailie says:

    Maybe, I’m not objective, but I love this whole look, the shoes, the purse, the jewelry and of course the dress.

    I absolutely love the dress, I don’t like trends at all, I always prefer classic lines in simple colors from great quality fabrics that are well tailored.

    It’s a great classic piece that suits Meghan really well an it’s appropriate for the occasion.

    The only thing I would seriously think about in Meghan’s place is how to style the hair, so it’s not blowing all over the place, as seen on Daily Fail.

    Half up-dos, ponytails, French twists would help a bit with managing her hair in windy conditions.

    It’s certainly not fool proof, but would help a bit.

    • Loren says:

      I agree, you’ve summed up what I was thinking too. I love her dress, I love the lines. She looks wonderful in these elegant classics lines.

      I love her hair it’s beautiful, but would like if she wore it up or back to off her face with a nice clip or back or pinned, in twists or the messy buns she looks great in. Still she did a splendid job today and she and the Queen seem to really be comfortable together, which is nice to see.

      I love Meghans style and the Queen looked wonderful.

    • Skylark says:

      @Bailie – You’re plenty objective! I loved the entire outfit the minute I saw it. So clean and streamlined and elegant. And the more I see it, particularly in motion, the more I love it. Frankly, I’m baffled at the criticism of it. Agree re the hair though, that was the only off-note and it did detract a bit from the overall look.

      • ASHBY says:

        @Loren and Skylark :

        It baffles me too that some don’t like this dress, because I think it’s very elegant and could be re-worn with maybe a white blazer, black or even a navy one. Maybe red, because the dress is a lovely neutral color.

        It almost seems like the little cape might be removable, if it is removable a light cashmere cardigan would work.

        I think it’s very smart to invest in pieces that can be worn many times with different jackets or cardigans and accessories.

        I think I see a hint of short sleeves under the little cape.

        She has great hair, lovely bone structure, beautiful skin tone, nice eyes, great smile and most importantly Meghan seems warm and kind, so she can certainly do well with a bit of unstructured up-dos and occasionally a nice ponytail.

        It’s really nice to see how they click, the Queen looks wonderful in her outfit, I love her colorful clothing choices, it’s fantastic on her.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, may be the cape is removable which would extend the life of the dress, I think it is lovely, very appropriate and stylish for Meghan.

  27. mela says:

    I think she is refreshing and a bit more professional than Kate.

  28. Maria says:

    I see a hint of a short sleeve (at least that’s what I think it is) on her right. The dress is ok but the colour is meh, imo.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It could be the dress underneath has short sleeves, and the cape can be worn or not worn over it. This would be a good working dress for her to re-wear a lot with different jackets.

      • Skylark says:

        It does have sleeves, you can see the edge of them in various pics. And the cape definitely looks like a separate garment so yes, it looks like a very stylish and versatile dress and, on the basis of what it looks like today, certainly something that could be worn regularly on its own with a change of (colour) accessories.

  29. Loren says:

    Several Royal columnists covering the event said The Queen and Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, had great chemistry together. Warmth between them, even some sweet , quiet laughs between them.

  30. Renee says:

    I love Meghan’s dress. She looks stunning!

  31. Bug says:

    Gotta give Meghan credit: she always looks like she wants to be there during public engagements and she is thoroughly engaged. Kate suffers by comparison, especially since the press has been calling her lazy all this time.

  32. El says:

    The dress is a classic piece, but I wonder how much we paid for it……surely a classic Reiss or LK Bennett outfit would have been more appropriate.

  33. Sushi says:

    Oh my, my, my . The Queen has a new best friend and certainly amused.

  34. Mego says:

    I love the Duchess of Sussex’s (royal title here because she is classy) body language in the fourth picture which says “it’s all about her Majesty people – nothing to see here!” – that is classy and very much how The Countess of Wessex is with the Queen too.

  35. Busyann says:

    I’ve had a rough week with very few smiles, but these pictures have been a joy and treat to see. This was a success and I’m not comparing Kate and Meghan, but you know Kate is going to come out in the next few days. I hope she doesn’t but I don’t think she can help herself at this point. Prove us wrong Kate!

    • All About Eve says:

      I wasn’t under the impression that Kate had to crawl under a rock now that Meghan is on the scene! Or is there some protocol that states that neither Duchess are allowed to be seen in public within 7 days of each other?

      Kate should continue to live her life, and if she wants to make an appearance at the polo, ascot, wimbledon, her baby’s christening etc, she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to do so. Kate is not going to disappear even if some people wished it so.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes, this has been definitely one of Meghan’s best engagements and I think the Queen benefited from having Meghan with her, as they are two royals who really get the crowds out…fancying being able to to see the Queen and Meghan.

  36. That shoulder cap thing looks like the plastic lid on my antiperspirant container.

  37. Gigi says:

    I love those earrings. The Queen gives them to all the women in the family. Princess Anne, Sophie, Kate and Diana all have/had them. So Meghan has them now too. I dont think these lessons are just because Meghan is amazing I think the family have learnt the hard way newbies need help when they start off.

  38. Carmen says:

    It looks like the Queen has grown very fond of Meghan. Nice to see.

  39. Moonpie says:

    Those earrings are TINY!!! Is that a message?