Tom Brady: Bridget Moynahan’s pregnancy was a ‘challenging experience’

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I previewed this the other day: Tom Brady gave an exclusive interview to Oprah Winfrey for her OWN’s Super Soul Sundays. Oprah does longer interviews with celebrities, artists, writers, directors now, and she’s really good at it. I was sort of surprised that Tom agreed to sit down with Oprah – you would think that he would only want to talk to friendlier outlets, and frankly, that he would only want to talk to bros. Anyway, the interview airs on Sunday, and some assorted quotes have come out. Enjoy:

Gisele has “enhanced” his life: “Oh man, every possible way, it really has. I couldn’t imagine a better partner for me in my life, what I’ve gone through, how she supports me, the mom she is to our kids.”

Their family, and the “challenge” of Bridget Moynahan: “[Gisele] had five sisters and I had three sisters, so it’s a lot of women. And, you know, she comes from a different country, you know, and to move to New York when she was 17 and, you know, we met each other under pretty trying circumstances. And I think in a lot of ways that really challenging experience brought us together, in a very tight way.”

Gisele engages him every night: “I love coming home to someone who engages me every night. She makes me laugh, oh my God. In some ways we’re different when in some ways we’re so similar. She flies in the sky — she’s so creative — and I’m very rooted. So she stretches me in ways that without her, I couldn’t be stretched. And I think I keep her — in some ways, in my belief — I keep her just close enough where she doesn’t go so far. She knows that she can always count on me, and I know I can always count on her. But we do have the values from our family that I think our moms and dads both did a great job.”

On NFL players taking a knee during the anthem: “I think there were a lot of really good, healthy conversations coming out of it in our locker room. The great part about sports are the relationships, and I’ve been in it for a long time. I’ve been with guys from all different parts of the country, different color, race, belief … I respect why people are doing what they’re doing, and they’re doing it for different reasons, and that’s okay. You can do things for your reason, they can do things for their reason and you have respect for that…We support what people are going through. I’ve been playing sports long enough, everyone comes from something different. I think showing respect for everybody in a locker room full of guys trying to go the same direction, you better have that empathy for everybody. That’s what sports are about.”

[From E! News and People]

I still find it strange that Gisele and Tom fell in love while Bridget Moynahan was carrying his child, and not just that: the fact that Bridget was over there, quietly gestating, somehow made Gisele and Tom’s relationship even stronger. But that’s the way it happened. As for what he says about taking a knee… he was very vague on purpose. Remember, Tom Brady is more of the Michael “Republicans buy sneakers too” Jordan kind of athlete. Tom wants to be able to show “respect” to his teammates while still never pushing back on his white supremacist fans. I’ve always thought Tom was such a dummy, but his purposefully vague answer was actually sort of brilliant in how he said a lot of words without really taking any kind of stance.

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  1. Lila says:

    “And, you know, she comes from a different country, you know, and to move to New York when she was 17 and, you know, we met each other under pretty trying circumstances.”

    yeah, I know, you know (eloquence level 1000)

    • Glorg says:

      You know, I just, you know, you know?

    • whatWHAT? says:


      ugh, he’s so inarticulate sometimes.

      and all I get from those pics is LURCH!!!

    • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

      Can you imagine their conversations?? LOLOL
      T: “Uhm, yeah, like, yeah, you know?”
      G: “Are you speaking to me?”
      T: “Yeah, of course, I’m, y’know, talking to you.”
      G: “Well, don’t. I’m busy breastfeeding, being groomed, and being so very creative.”
      T: “OH, yeah, ok, like…y’know what… I’ll just sit and hum.”
      G: “Whatever…(swats the air)”

    • Seraphina says:

      I thought: one more “you know” and I’m going to rub my temples to get through this article. You know???

    • Deedee says:

      This guy is dumb as a rock. He said he doesn’t get sunburned because he drinks water. He’s such a tool. And she’s self-rigeous and judgy.

      • 76May says:

        Agree. They have plenty of money to remove areas of skin cancer when they get older, also. Most people don’t. It’s very expensive.

    • CamoTime says:

      Lets see how well do you do with lights and cameras in your face. *eye roll*

      • L says:

        CB readers think they are soooo smart. Natalie Portman talks like that… She is inarticulate, but she IS smart.

    • Coraline says:

      Yes! I was thinking “This guy said you know three times in one short paragraph, was it really necessary? Can’t he just take a short pause and continue his thoughts?”

  2. S says:

    Poor Tom and Giselle. If only Bridget the Evil hadn’t forced him at gunpoint to have unprotected sex with her. 🙄

    But, seriously, when you think of challenging experiences, don’t we all have just THE MOST sympathy for the guy who makes millions, marries a supermodel and is adored by millions vs the, you know, abandoned single mom?

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      He and Bridget were broken up by the time she found out she was pregnant. Read the archives of this site–there were a few posters on here who lived in Boston who commented. The last few months of their relationship were very on/off and towards the last month to six weeks, she had to be escorted off the practice field in Boston because she kept showing up. They weren’t together. He met Gisele really quickly and they got serious…..It was something like Bridget and Tom broke up for good in October ish, and then by December/January Tom and Gisele were seeing each other and were fairly serious. I think they got married or engaged within the first year as well.

      Bridget was super salty about it the first few years–she would make a few snotty comments about the situation here and there…but after a while she mellowed out and found someone else.

      • Red says:

        I’m going to have to say that the truth probably lies in the fact that both parties probably could have handled it better. I seriously doubt that Bridget was just flying off the chain for no reason and that Tom/Giselle were just innocent bystanders. Of course she was pretty salty over it. She was pregnant and her very recent ex and baby daddy was already in a new relationship. Giselle would still grind my gears if I was Bridget, because she always calls Jack (I think that’s his name?) her son. Nope.
        Also, Tom sounds so dumb in this transcript. I mean I always knew he was, but good god did this reinforce it.

      • Muffy says:

        It wasnt so on/off that he stopped sleeping with her, though.

        So even if your timeline is correct, they stop seeing each other in October and by December he’s taken up with someone else? I’d be salty, too.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        So you’ve never heard of people who broke up having casual sex? As in HE probably considered it casual and SHE (given her reaction) thought it was a stepping stone to getting back together.

        And seriously? It’s not like they were married or living together. They were dating. Birth control was on BOTH of them. And yea, be salty…but it’s not like he was cheating. They broke up towards the end of a messy relationship. I am not this huge fan of Tom Brady or Gisele. I think both are fairly dumb people who think they sound smart. But it’s not like he abandoned her because she was pregnant …..which is how her quotes sounded in the beginning…..or abandoned their son. If anything, he’s a good father.

        I mentioned that below–I remember Gisele saying something super sanctimonious about Bridget and Tom’s son. And yea–I am thinking that he approached it as casual, while she may have thought it was a stepping stone to getting back together. Or maybe he made her promises or said he’d think about getting back together. But it’s not like he was (that we know of) stringing both of them around. The time line is that they broke up a few times…broke up for good…then like a month later he’s with Gisele and they basically get serious quick. Then like 2 months later she finds out she’s pregnant. Not ideal and I’d be salty too, but her comments about the situation beyond what Gisele’s dumbass said were uncalled for.

      • Mumbles says:

        Thank you for your post. I’m neutral on Brady but this idea that he left Moynahan high and dry knowing she was pregnant persists, and it is wrong. Even she admits it. And also thanks for reminding people that Moynahan went full-on psycho when things started to go south. She’s lucky she didn’t get a restraining order slapped on her.

        And given that she’s trolling Brady on Twitter during the last Super Bowl, she’s still a bitter slag.

      • Sherry says:

        I still think she tried to keep him by getting pregnant with a band-aid baby, which would explain her saltiness toward the Giselle relationship. And while yes, contraception is a two-way street, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship with someone and trust they’ve been on the pill the entire time, I doubt his mind questioned whether or not she was still on the pill.

        Her psycho actions during the waning months of their relationship should have been a warning to him.

      • Jordan says:

        I’ll be real here: I’d be salty as hell if my ex (who impregnated me) got together with a supermodel. I’d saltier than the Atlantic Ocean, best believe me.

      • Swack says:

        @Sherry, “she tried to keep him by getting pregnant with a band-aid baby . . .” Please, stop. It takes two to make a baby and if Brady wasn’t wrapping it up and depending on her to be in control of birth control then that is on him. You cannot trust anyone when it comes to birth control and you should take it on yourself to make sure that there is some type of birth control in place. They had broken up and then got back together. Just because she was on birth control while with him, doesn’t mean she was still on birth control (she may have been. He still should have taken precautions.

      • taxi says:

        @ virgilia coriolanus –
        This is what I remember as well. Tom & Bridget were over & done before she discovered the pregnancy.

      • NotSoMuch says:

        Bridget was at toms apartment well into December. Not second hand info

      • ElleKay says:

        I lived in the New England area during that time, and I cannot believe how Brady’s fans came at Moynahan. The stories continue that she trapped him. The radio stations were horrible, and the names they called her were disgusting. Brady could have stepped up and told them to stop, but he did not. It probably wouldn’t have stopped them regardless.
        It was a huge mess. Did she talk about being a single mother? Yes, because she was. Did she bad mouth him to the press? No, she did not. Did he say negative things about her? No.

        Did Gisele go too far? She tends to say too much. In an interview right before she married Brady, when Jack wasn’t even two years old, she said, “I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child, I feel like it is, 100 percent.”

        They all get along now. If people still have a problem with their relationship, it seems like wasted energy. They love their children. Good for them.

      • Tanya says:

        I thought they broke up partly because he the wasn’t ready to commit/have kids. So I do understand the saltiness, but it’s been a long time and they seem to be coparenting well enough.

    • Bridget says:

      Let’s be careful with the tone – Tom clearly adores his son with Bridget, and he’s not in any way implying that his son is a mistake. The guy gives us plenty to criticize, but not this.

      • S says:

        It’s Brady’s job to be careful about how he talks about his son, the circumstances of his birth and his mother. It’s him that is showing a phenomenal lack of respect and insight into other’s feelings, not commenters on a gossip site.

      • Bridget says:

        When you’re the one adding commentary, it is.

      • Lady D says:

        What’s said on a gossip site will not affect Brady’s family relationships.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Tom and Bridget were falling apart in public for months before they ended it with local gossip columnists gleefully reporting each strained restaurant outing and argument. He broke it off right before Thanksgiving. They reconciled for about 2 weeks in early December and he then ended it for good before Christmas. By February, he was with Giselle. Bridget didn’t know she was pregnant when he left. So, no, no abandoned single mom. He could have handled it better by using a condom. Bridget could have handled it better by not running to the Herald with every detail & by not threatening to bar him from ever seeing Jack. They both acknowledged that their parents intervened when Jack was born.

      Seriously, what point would reconciling with Bridget because she was pregnant have served? The relationship was over. But let’s force the kid to grow up with parents who don’t like each other? They’re both happy with other people. They coparent well. Jack seems like a happy, normal kid who gets along well with his younger siblings

      • Mumbles says:

        I agree that he could have worn a condom but that would have been kind of weird, if she had been on birth control throughout their relationship (“Hey baby, let’s get it on but I’m gonna wrap it up in case you’re trying to trap me.”) She was trying to trap him and she half-succeeded.

      • EOA says:

        Yes, that’s how I remember it, too. I don’t even like Gisele all that much (she’s grown on me the last few years) but she wasn’t the cause of their break up and its unfair to suggest she was.

        Furthermore, it’s clear that Brady and Moynihan have developed a decent co-parenting relationship and that he strongly loves his son, so any suggestion that what he’s saying here denigrates Jack is in the mind of the reader, IMO, and not Brady.

      • NotSoMuch says:

        Gisele states they started in December. Seen at apt in December. There was overlap. No shame just truth

    • Identical says:

      I find it very interesting that Bridgette and Tom’s son doesn’t have Brady’s last name.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Why? If Bridget was single when he was born and had no plans to marry Tom, why shouldn’t her son have her last name? IDGI. It wasn’t the 1950s.

    • Alice says:

      Um sorry but no contraceptive method gives 100% protection. I can testify. Next time before assuming he or she had unprotected sex and base your argument on it, read the labels and let it sink in. Every day a woman gets pregnant while having some kind of protected sex. Check the numbers. And BTW, my brother in law is OB. He always says that the number of contraception babies is severely overlooked and is plain stupid to not get it: no 100% protection.

    • CamoTime says:

      Oh please. She wasn’t abandoned. They were split and she got pregnant towards the end of their relationship. I think even Bridget herself would take issue with you referring to her as as a sob story. So ridiculous.

    • Kosmos says:

      I’m sure the whole thing was difficult for Bridget. If you were in her shoes, it would be trying for you, too. Even if they broke up just before or after, whatever, having the father of your child hook up with someone right away wouldn’t feel very good. And then Bridget was stuck in a situation for a long while being the single mother while the other two remained a couple. I really can’t blame her if she had a few irksome words to say, it’s totally normal. I’m just glad she found someone later on and hopefully, she’s doing well and is happy now.

      About this interview, well, yep, I have to say that Brady does not sound articulate, kind of like a very young man or boy who is still in school. I guess English wasn’t his strong point.

  3. Babs says:

    This mofo right here talking about his challenging experience cheating on and leaving his pregnant woman makes me want to slap him until I knock him out.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      They were broken up when she found out she was pregnant, and he had already started dating Gisele.

      • heh says:


      • Anon33 says:

        So let me get this straight: it’s perfectly normal and understandable for them to keep having sex even though they weren’t together, but it’s then not ok for Bridget to be confused by his mixed messages bc she “trapped him”?

        Are y’all serious?

      • Anon33 says:

        So let me get this straight: it’s perfectly normal and understandable for them to keep having sex even though they weren’t together, but it’s then not ok for Bridget to be confused by his mixed messages bc public opinion says she “trapped” him?

        Are y’all serious? Now we’re defending this shit?

    • EOA says:

      He wasn’t cheating on her, as far as we know, and he didn’t leave his pregnant girlfriend for her. That’s revisionist history and Moynihan herself doesn’t make those claims. They were on/off, then broke up for good and THEN Moynihan found out she was pregnant. He started dated Gisele after the final break up with Moynihan.

      • CamoTime says:

        Anon33, YES, we are defending this shit, as you call it. Lots of ppl continue to have sex when the relationship ends. It happens. Get off your high horse.

  4. ElleBee75 says:

    I find him extremely grating and annoying

    • still_sarah says:

      I don’t find him grating and annoying as I find him DUMB about anything other than football. And yet like some athletes who focus solely on their sport and don’t really try to engage with the non-sport world or issues, he seems to believe he has something to say about many topics. Tom, you are dumb, you and Giselle are shallow and let’s just leave it at that. Don’t hurt your brain trying to figure it out.

      • ElleBee75 says:

        He has chosen to be DUMB and extremely ignorant of the world around him (despite tremendous access to pretty much everything) and that grates on each of my trillion nerves.

        I agree with you and Jane, he should just go away

    • Jane says:

      I second this notion. He simply needs to shut up and go away.

    • polonoscopy says:

      He’s a Trump supporter. He’s not smart. He doesn’t like women.

  5. tw says:

    All I can see is Herman Munster when I look at him.

  6. Muffy says:

    I’m sure it was even more challenging for Bridget.

    Tom and Giselle always seem so disconnected, like they can’t imagine that other people have feelings. They’re just so much more intelligent and sophisticated than other people.

    • still_sarah says:

      IKR? Challenging for him?? Really? And yes, they have always seemed very disconnected to me too.

    • Kitty says:

      He’s talking about himself though, he’s not going to start talking about how Bridget must feel. If he did everybody would be criticizing him for assuming about her feelings. I’m sure it was tough on everybody in that situation. Tom and Giselle give us enough to criticize about them, I think we can let this one go

    • lucy2 says:

      I think it was incredibly challenging for Bridget, but also for Tom too. And Gisele as well (though she did NOT help things by talking about the child publicly). I don’t think it has to be a contest, it was a difficult situation for all. Hopefully they’re all in a good place with it now and the kid has never felt stress because of it.

    • Mumbles says:

      I’m sure she gets a monthly support check to help with her difficulties.

  7. minx says:

    He’s a prime candidate for CTE but with a great cardiovascular system that will keep him alive for a long time. I hope they are prepared for that.

  8. TurkeyLurkey says:

    “Tom wants to be able to show “respect” to his teammates while still never pushing back on his white supremacist fans. I’ve always thought Tom was such a dummy, but his purposefully vague answer was actually sort of brilliant in how he said a lot of words without really taking any kind of stance.”

    So, I’ll remember how brilliant it is not to push back on white supremist fans next Taylor Swift post LOL How hypocritical.

    • Snap Happy says:

      She didn’t say she supported what he said. She was impressed that he could be so vague while using so many words. It was more about his ability to tap dance around the subject.

    • magnoliarose says:

      There was shade in the comment. At least how I read it.

      • osito says:

        That’s how I read it, too, although I thought she was being full-on sarcastic, and an “I see you, mutha-f’er” sort of way. And I wholeheartedly agree, though a part of me kind of (very grudgingly) respects what he’s saying as well. (Warning: Longer than anticipated comment coming)

        I’m a WOC who is and has been at a total loss for how to deal with the entire world for the last two years — I’ve ranged from complete despair; to trying to understand the minds and hearts of white, economically disadvantaged voters; to rage; to apathy; and back again so many times that I don’t often know what my first thoughts about anything mean anymore. And please believe me when I say that I only clicked on this story to see Tom Brady stick his foot in his mouth and be messy about something far less complicated than our current political situation, just to take my mind off of our current political situation. And when I read what he said about something that both means a lot and should mean very little**, my first thought was “He’s trying to use Morse code on the MAGAites, but maybe in a good way…..?”

        Do I think he could have done better? Of course. He has a moral responsibility to do better. But I don’t think he’s as stupid as many here believe him to be, even with the stupid sound bytes — this site literally makes its money on people who might have started out with some potential for common sense becoming ensconced in a bubble and saying/doing dumb shit, even if they weren’t dumb to begin with, and his bubble now has so many layers of reinforcements, I don’t know that he can see his own nose — and if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be here to comment. But I think he’s following a tradition of white athletes (and starting in the 80s with black athletes, too) to simply not *be* political citizens. It’s not right, but it’s real. Being political affects both their money through endorsements and their ability to *have* a job at all. I’m not saying that I think he was brave in what he said… I’m just surprised he didn’t totally capitulate to his good buddy 45 the way way has previously. #neverforget

        I really think he’s calling for empathy here in a way that I find surprising because I think he knows *exactly* who he’s speaking to: white women who, though a lot of them voted for Barak also voted for Trump. The “swing” voters everyone was so fascinated by, if you will… And maybe it’s just my exhaustion with everything else, but it’s nice to hear a dog whistle that’s not just overt and overwhelming xenophobia and jingoism.

        **(Smoke ‘n mirrors, friends — Black people dying at the hands of law enforcement and vigilantes are infants, toddlers, children, and parents being tortured by separation, are just *a couple* of the things on my mind, but the national conversation keeps getting rerouted to what thousandaires and millionaires choose to do with their knees and rights to free speech…sometimes I need a break, but here we are.)

  9. Tiffany says:

    So the challenge was that….Bridget continued with the pregnancy.

    I mean, that is how I read it. He just could not continue with this love with Giselle because of it.

    I am surprised he didn’t just say he was upset at having multiple baby mamas like those other guys like the good racist he is.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      The challenge was starting a family with Gisele while also respecting Bridget and their son. If I am remembering right, Gisele got pregnant fairly soon and the two boys are only months apart i.e. less than a year. His and Bridget’s relationship was super messy towards the end, and he got serious with Gisele really quickly…which I am sure soured his and Bridget’s relationship because it was pretty clear at the time that he didn’t want to get serious with her i.e. football/Bostoners posted on this site during the time that Bridget had to be escorted out of the football stadium during practices several times bc she would just randomly show up to see him after they broke up. Bridget gave more than a few snotty quotes about it–she was really salty about it the first few years, and I’m sure Gisele’s “I think of Jack as my own child” or whatever sanctimonious mommy quote she said did not help…..but they are good now, I think.

      • Barry Iris says:

        And I Giselle didn’t get pregnant right away. Google is free.

      • jetlagged says:

        OK, but that “Bridget was stalking Brady at work” story sounds like an urban legend. Is the Patriot practice facility open to the public? Is anyone allowed to just wander in? Do Patriot WAG’s have free access to the field or do they have to be put on a visitor list? If she had to be escorted out, and Brady really, really, didn’t want her there, how did she get past the security gate in the first place? So many questions.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @jetlagged, they have open practices that people go to watch. The practice field is not as secure as the actual stadium even though there is some security. You pretty much just drive (or walk from nearby) up, pay to park your car and then walk over to the field. She was going and causing scenes. The last six months of their relationship was pretty much Bridget causing scenes, often in front of cameras. Bridget causing scenes at practice. Bridget causing scenes at games. Bridget causing scenes at restaurants. Bridget causing scenes outside his house. Bridget causing scenes at team events. To the point where other players were making comments about how distracting Bridget was. And no, that doesn’t happen here. The pro athletes here avoid commenting on the personal lives of others because it can come back to bite them. I actually like Bridget but she was a mess for the last year of that relationship. She has moved on. Good for her and their son.

      • Lightpurple says:

        The boys are more than 2 years apart. Jack was born August 2007. Ben was born December 2009.

      • jetlagged says:

        Thanks @lp. I find the openness of Patriot practices surprising. Given Belichick’s rep for doing anything that would give his team an edge, I would have thought he’d lose his sh*t at the thought of just anyone wandering around while the team was practicing. At the very least I expected there to be some kind of Star-Trek-type cloaking device that hid what was actually going on from the world at large. Perhaps those public practices are actually holographic projections, or life-like cyborgs engaging in a convincing disinformation plan.

    • Barry Iris says:


      It would be challenging to find out publicly that your ex is pregnant.

      If I was in Bridget’s place I would have made a different decision.

    • Kitty says:

      I’m pretty sure that he meant it was challenging to be in a new relationship and to have your ex pregnant at the same time. Don’t know where you are getting that he meant Bridget keeping the baby. Grasping at straws there

    • Bridget says:

      I think it was actually the opposite. Bridget didn’t want anything to do with Tom.

      • Lightpurple says:

        She didn’t want anything to do with him when it was clear he wasn’t going to come back to her. She vowed to prevent him from even seeing the baby. Their parents intervened and helped work out the co-parenting agreement.

  10. Amelie says:

    The way I remember it, Tom and Bridget broke up before she found out she was pregnant. They broke up in December 2006 and she gave birth in August 2007 (thanks Wikipedia). Which means she conceived either in late November/early December and unless she knew the moment she conceived, my guess is neither knew she was pregnant when they broke up. I’m not a Tom Brady fan but I don’t think he purposefully left his pregnant ex-girlfriend stranded to move on with Giselle. He doesn’t seem intelligent enough to be that malicious.

    But I remember the passive aggressive statements from Bridget’s camp. I don’t think she was mad he left her while she was pregnant, I think she was bitter about the breakup in general (of course her ending up pregnant and him moving on so quickly with Giselle probably just magnified an already difficult situation), I always got the feeling it was a pretty nasty break up. When she gave her son her own last name I felt like that was a kind of pointed “F U” to Brady.

    • Bridget says:

      Tom and Bridget had a pretty notoriously rocky relationship, and their breakup was bad. Either circumstance – her finding out that she was pregnant, him moving on immediately with a high profile woman – would have been difficult to navigate, but both? Yikes. I don’t blame Bridget at all for being mad, though fortunately (for the kid Jack) everyone managed to find a solid working arrangement over the years.

  11. Sam says:

    I’ll never understand the appeal of Tom Brady, he looks like a dork…and not even adorkable, just a dork. Also, his hair always looks terrible and even though he’s married to a model who knows fashion (right?) he still dresses ugly. Am I being too mean? Oh well haha

    • Anastasia says:

      Yeah short hair does NOT look good with that face. He looks like Frankenstein’s monster.

    • minx says:

      He is an example of a guy who seemingly has all the parts but who does nothing for me.

  12. Angela82 says:

    Ugh this piece of spoiled trash.

  13. Enn says:

    Way to call your oldest child a challenging circumstance, you jerk.

    • Barry Iris says:


      Why lie about how hard the experience was having found live then your ex tells the media she is pregnant.

    • Kitty says:

      Having children is a challenging circumstance, whether planned, accident or whatever. Tom is a douche but I think it’s unfair that everyone is criticizing him for this one comment and completely taking it out of context.

  14. Sansa says:

    How in the world can he be a dummy, lol

  15. Tess says:

    Yes how difficult it was for both of you and not the pregnant woman.

    • LNG says:

      You meet a guy. He is fairly recently out of a long term relationship, but the relationship is completely over. You fall in love with him quickly and are imagining the rest of your life together. A few months into it, you find out his ex is pregnant. The pregnancy happened before you got together. The ex has no problem leading the world to believe that your new partner left her when she was pregnant to shack up with you. The ex vows that your partner would never see the child. You wouldn’t find that remotely challenging?

      The situation can be difficult for all parties involved. I can’t imagine being in this scenario. It says something about all parties involved that they were able to move beyond it and develop a good co-parenting relationship.

      • Amelie says:

        Bridget vowed Tom would never see his son? I don’t remember that part!

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Amelie, yes, Bridget did say that. She said it before Jack was born and even immediately after. She also said she wouldn’t accept child support, thinking that would mean she wouldn’t have to allow visitation. She also said his parents couldn’t see their grandson. Her own parents intervened to get her to allow the grandparents to see Jack and they all convinced her to agree to co-parenting without a legal custody battle.

      • Delilah says:

        I don’t have to imagine. I lived that scenario with the exception of thankfully not being in love with the guy. After a month of dating he confessed his ex was 8 months pregnant but he wasn’t confident of paternity and she was presumptively visiting his family, getting them excited about the baby. He was also prepping to be a father just in case. His ex was madly in love whereas I was just lukewarm so it was not as painful of situation in that sense. After 3 months he proposed and I said no but he said he was cool just being boyfriend and girlfriend. After the baby was born he had sex with the ex who now was likely pregnant with his child the second time around. In the end, the 1st child was not his and the second was also someone else’s. I of course broke up with him and his drama. Needed a restraining order enforced to boot. It was not worth it to endure all the drama for someone I saw no future with. My only lesson is no one knows what really happens behind closed doors. I dodged a major bullet by thankfully not being fully enthralled, unlike Giselle. I shudder to think how different the outcomes woulda’ been had I seen a future with him.

  16. Riemc526 says:

    Oh my goodness! At first glance, I seriously thought he was in thermal underwear in the pic with all-white clothes. I did a double-take!

    • Pandy says:

      His pants are so baggy in that pic! I dunno, I think he supported his fellow players well enough … well enough for Tom Brady anyway.

  17. HeyThere! says:

    Man of you thought THAT was challenging, try being the pregnant person!!!

    • Danielle says:

      Yes its hard being pregnant but at the same time we get to decide if we are ready to have a child a man doesn’t and before anyone says he should of thought about before he had sex so should the women we get to make the decision at the end of the day he looks after his son he’s entitled to talk about his expierce and how he felt its like saying to a sick person someone’s sicker than them doesn’t stop them being effected its not top trumps

  18. ElizabethL says:

    As a career and international sportsperson I actually understand why he responded to the national anthem protest question in the way he did. On a performance and team level it’s necessary to respect others and their viewpoints to not only create a good team environment but also for your own performance- if you are unable to perform due to your beliefs hanging you up you won’t last long or be able to take a leadership role. It’s believable that he would understand why other athletes protest while not protesting as well, but also that he’s dodging the question so not to alienate his fans (or the inhabitant of the White House).

    • Lightpurple says:

      He has alienated the inhabitant of the White House. He did not attend when the team went after visiting the Super Bowl.

  19. Veronica S. says:

    He is just…not an attractive man to me. The buzzcut has just never flattered his asymmetrical features.

    They’re both just so…white person wealthy, you know? Not necessarily outright harmful, but just flat out disconnected from the reality around them, so assured that they got to where they are without any luck being involved. And dumb. They have that rich person stupid about them, so rich they can’t possibly imagine they’re uneducated. It’s just a bizarre mix of very business savvy and a good eye for branding mixed with an incredible lack of self-awareness and education beyond that. Very strange. They don’t necessarily irritate me the way they do others, but I get why they rub people wrong.

    • DragonWise says:

      Very well put, Veronica S. I agree.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Agree, with the exception that not all white wealthy people are so clueless.

        The richest self-made person I know (no inheritance and now near 50 and Forbes list territory) has always attributed luck, being in the right place at the right time , as a key component of his success. He is also super sharp, super aggressive and genuinely curious about the world and other people. He is the only person I know who walks into a party without knowing anyone and manages by the end of the evening to ask most people there about their work and lives.

  20. Ana says:

    Cape Cod Frankenstein

  21. lobbit says:

    Why is Brady so bad at…saying things?

    • Jan says:

      Because he and Gisselle are both so into themselves and shallow. And why in the world would a father give an enterview about their child like this?? I’m sure Jack will be able to read it someday!! Good job reminding him he was a mistake?

      • LNG says:

        Pretty sure the kid will know that he was a mistake given that his parents were broken up before they knew he even existed. However, just because a pregnancy was a mistake doesn’t mean that the child is also a mistake. In any event, he doesn’t say that the kid was a mistake, he says that it was a challenging circumstance, which it clearly was.

      • Mumbles says:

        Eh, what happens when he googles stuff and realizes he was created as a way for his mother to trap a man into marrying her? And that he failed to do so?

      • Lightpurple says:

        He can also read the comments Bridget made to the press when she was only a month or two pregnant. Tom isn’t saying anything Bridget didn’t put out there years ago.

      • still_sarah says:

        @ Mumbles : I wondered sometimes if Bridget didn’t see the writing on the wall (the relationship was almost over) and then decided that hey she wanted a child as time was running out for her to have one and she was done with this relationship s**t. She didn’t necessarily want to keep Brady and was perhaps happy to see him go out the door. She could support the child on her own and parent on her own with minimal input from Brady. If this is what happened (no trapping involved), I could understand her perspective somewhat.

    • minx says:

      I think he’s kind of a knucklehead to begin with—football is the only thing where he has intelligence or skill. He could also be showing early signs of CTE.

  22. Jan says:

    Always thought he was a sanctimonious jerk and this just proves it. Go away Tom and take your tone deaf wife with you.

  23. Killjoy says:

    Uuuugh I’ve hated the Patriots and Tom Brady since before it was cool. LOL that it was so hard on Tom to have knocked up Bridget Moynahan. BUT. I love the way he speaks about his relationship with Giselle. They have a very public relationship, and it’s a little OTT, but I think everything that is said publicly is good and healthy, and he really captured what I love about my own relationship.

    More importantly, I think his answer regarding the take-a-knee situation is aces. He could have couched it in “I respect them, but of course, I stand for the anthem, and Amurrica blah blah blah,” but at least from these snippets, it looks like he doesn’t. He was vague, but respectful of the athletes who decided to protest. I wish everyone cared more about black kids being shot by cops, but I can understand why some public figures who never intended to enter that conversation want to stay out of it, and his answer has a way of taking himself out of the conversation while encouraging his fans to respect the protestors.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Devin McCourty is the Patriots player who is the spokesman for how the players approach anthem protests.

  24. Henny In My Hand says:

    He is certainly a dim bulb, isn’t he?

  25. InPurgatory says:

    Ugggh. I wish his ego would deflate like his balls.

    Feel free to interpret that last comment as you wish.

  26. Michelle says:

    This guy could cure world hunger and I still would not like him.

  27. JennyJenny says:

    You know, um, maybe he did have all those concussions, you know?

  28. Tessycat says:

    Too many hits to the head. Get your hand off her a$$, you jerk!

  29. helen says:

    Maybe if professional sports players didn’t publically state that their locker room conversations are very different from Trump’s Access Hollywood utterings, he’d give them a tiny bit more respect. It’s nice to see him drive the point that locker room talk isn’t (primarily) inappropriate and sexist. If not directly arguing against Trump’s statements about professional athlete’s kneeling, at least this might be a subtle jab.

  30. KBeth says:

    I don’t like Brady at all or his wife for that matter but they seem like decent parents. I can’t shade him for saying it was challenging to have his ex pregnant & it was all so public.

  31. Rebecca says:

    I’m not sure if Tom Brady is actually dumb or he has resting stupid face. He looks perpetually confused.

    • Skylark says:

      He looks like someone who was put together in a factory and whoever was in charge of the production line/quality control got distracted by an phone call and inadvertently waved him through before he was properly finished.

      All the bits are present and correct, just that he missed out on the refinement element of the factory process.

    • SJhere says:

      Resting stupid face. Yes, that is exactly TB all the way.
      Genius? Hell no. Can play NFL football and that’s about it.
      Remember during Terry Bradshaws NFL career that somebody remarked “Bradshaw is so dumb, he couldn’t spell cat, if you gave him the C and the A.”
      These guys are NFL starting line QB’s, they have spent decades of their lives eating/sleeping/training to do one thing…play top level NFL football.
      Nobody is ever expecting them to be great thinkers.

      As for Brady and G., smug just radiates of them.

      As for the eldest kid of TB, I would not like having all these details in the public but, anyway you turn it all 3 kids are growing in a level of wealth most folks can barely imagine.

  32. NFLWife says:

    This boy has the biggest head I have ever seen….with nothing in it.

  33. AMLM says:

    I find him very unattractive

  34. --- says:

    From what I’ve read, They were off and on for almost two months before ending in October. Someone posted that she kept showing up in Boston and had to be escorted off the field……he was clearly trying to end it for a while bef oct.

    They were not engaged, did not even live together….and it seems didn’t discuss having a baby.

    She had consensual relations with him towards the end. And Her birth control was working fine all the time they ‘dated’.

    Doesn’t seem like his fault honestly. I’d be vigilante about birth control if my boyfriend…not even fiancé…..was having second thoughts about our relationship……who wants to be that person who throws it on purpose to trap a guy. And if it truly were an oops on her part…there should be no remorse or snark…in fact the opposite.

    If someone did that to my son I’d be pissed. That’s not how you keep a man.

    • --- says:

      Okay after reading the posts above it seems they were having problems six months to a year before the final ending. And the showing up at the field wasn’t a one time deal. That makes the preg. Seem a lot more premeditated on her part. Not cool.

  35. Jess says:

    I ended up single and pregnant and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It literally changed who I was because it was so traumatizing and heartbreaking. So Tom conplaining about how it was challenging and brought them closer together really makes my stomach turn, he was falling in love with a supermodel and making millions while flaunting his new relationship without regard to the woman carrying his baby, he sounds like a spoiled brat. I’m sure it had challenges but it’s nothing compared to what Bridget had to go through yet he doesn’t mention her name once. If they were broken up and he was ready to move on then he shouldn’t have been having unprotective sex with Bridget, they were together for years so there’s no way it was just casual. I don’t remember her making snide comments until after the birth and Giselle said something about how the baby felt like he was 100% hers, which was beyond idiotic and insensitive. I need to look back through the archives though, my memory is not great lol, but I felt so bad for Bridget.

    • --- says:

      He didn’t know she was pregnant for months. What’s he supposed to do? Go back and marry someone he had been trying to break up with for a year?

      As women…we are not victims. If a man isn’t asking you to live with him. Marry him. Or have his baby….. then don’t expect otherwise. Accidents do happen…and he seems to be a gracious and loving dad to that kid……but she clearly thought he’d marry her… Even if g hadn’t come into the picture….It doesn’t mean he would have stayed w Bridget.

      That kid has upped her profile and gotten her steady income for eighteen years as well. She has permanently linked herself to brady . Seems she knew what was coming and did what she had to do. I haven’t noticed her out having to bust her hump to survive.
      Oh what a tangled web we weave…..

      • Jess says:

        Bridget has always worked steadily, most recently on “blue bloods” for quite a few years, and when they first dated she was the bigger celebrity in my opinion. Plus if she was trying to get him to marry her wouldn’t she tell him about the pregnancy immediately?! He found out through the media months into it if I remember correctly. She wouldn’t let him roam around single for months while she sat quietly on a pregnancy, that just doesn’t make sense. They were together for years so it’s not like it was casual sex even if they were broken up, if he was trying “to break up with with her for a year” then he shouldn’t have had sex with her, not like he couldn’t get it anywhere else. Also, maybe he hates condoms and refuses to wear them, maybe she was on birth control and it failed, maybe she did try to trap him, we have no idea what the truth there is and it’s not fair to her to speculate on that.

        Either way Bridget still had to go through her pregnancy ALONE and watch her ex flaunt his new supermodel girlfriend around, no doubt it was extremely painful for her, so him talking about how challenging it was and how that painful situation made his relationship stronger was a dick move. Tom is an idiot and I’ll never understand why people like him.

      • --- says:

        Statistically birth control pills…assuming that’s what she was on……can fail. If someone’s on antibiotics it happens occasionally not every time. But it doesn’t happen very often. And the chances of it happening when your boyfriend is ending the relationship get even slimmer. From the public reports her behavior was …..whatever…… that last year but def six months. Maybe she acted bad in oct and that was the last straw for him. He clearly cared for her…and Giselle isn’t what made him stop.

        If it truly were an accident…the preg….then she wouldn’t be bitter. It was just a weird situation for everyone I think… either way you don’t not tell a man when he’s gonna be a first time father, esp if he’s a good and decent human being…and the breakup was because of unstable behavior on your part.

        That’s some weird form of kid napping… go to a sperm bank for that type of pregnancy.

      • --- says:

        .like she was going to go have his kid alone and keep him from it. almost just to hurt him

      • Jess says:

        If she was acting so strange and like a psycho for 6 months to a year then why would he continue having sex with her?! Lol, it just doesn’t make any sense. If your girlfriend or ex girlfriend is truly acting crazy and having to be escorted from your job then what an idiot he is for taking that risk and having sex with her, or maybe she’s just that good in bed?!

        Only she knows why she kept her pregnancy from him, maybe to see if his new relationship fizzled out, or maybe she was afraid she’s miscarry and he didn’t need to know until it was safe. Who knows, I got pregnant while on birth control and antibiotics. I was young ish and didn’t know better, but I was also told I’d have trouble conceiving so it truly never crossed my mind, it happens, often.

    • Alice says:

      No one said he was having unprotected sex. I’m super tired of people automatically assuming that every pregnancy is a result of unprotected sex because it is NOT. No contraceptive provides 100% protection. NONE. I can testify. It is insulting to listen to this endlessly. Read the labels and read statistics on babies conceived under protection. And make a note for yourself that it DOES happen all the time.

  36. --- says:

    Not trying to spoil the fun………But people can’t help how they look. Seems mean spirited and bullyish to make fun of his head. Not something one can change. Lol. The guy is clearly a loving dad. As opposed to other dads in the media of late. I think he handled that fiasco with his ex quite well….and he certainly has never bashed her in the media.

    Bringing a new life into the world should involve both parents…. and not just some tactic to trap a man. This wasn’t just some accident.

  37. SheBug says:

    What an absolute ass. Bridget’s pregnancy was hard on *you*?? Like he’s the ones whose organs shifted around in his body to accommodate a fetus. Fucking hell.

    I hope Giselle has a conversation with him about things men should keep to themselves. He wasn’t even living with Bridget, dealing with the hormones and sleeplessness etc. Fucking keep it to yourself, Tommy.

  38. LT says:

    I am NOT a fan of Tom Brady at all and have zero opinion about Giselle, but I always thought she got unfairly criticized about her comment regarding her step son. So she loves him as if he were her own son and that’s considered a BAD thing? Children aren’t possessions – parents don’t “own” their children. Jack is lucky to have so many adults who love them and so much better that his stepmother think of him as her own than the alternative.

  39. --- says:

    “The boys are more than 2 years apart. Jack was born August 2007. Ben was born December 2009.”

    A full term pregnancy is forty weeks. That would put her getting pregnant October the previous year.

  40. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    Wow. If it was a “challenging experience” for Tom and Giselle imagine how it was for the ex pregnant girlfriend that had to be pregnant alone and watch her child’s father move on so publicly. (And let’s not forget he also challenged paternity for a little while too) Yeah, my heart bleeds for Giselle. She’s such a saint.

  41. Moonpie says:

    Top notch athletes get trained to give such vague answers. Don’t say Brady was brilliant. He is a dutyful and hard-working learner and such. But hardly brilliant. and I don’t like him for pandering to his suprematist fan base.

    As for Moynahan’s child and Gisele: There was a time overlap. If you calculate back from the birthday of Moynahan’s child to the time of its conception … well, let’s say Brady was having fun with Moynahan WHILE dating Gisele. I am still wondering why Gisele would marry him. He is somewhat goodlooking and rich and famous but else? she has drive and is rich and beautiful and she marries such a guy?

    Btw. when I read that interview of Brady it makes me think that such interviews tend to come out right before a couple breaks up. They often seem like a last attempt to save the relationship.
    We will see.

    • hic says:

      You are a liar. There was a time overlap? No. This is NOT true. You are so obsessed with this couple. You think interviews like that come out right before a couple breaks up? Why? His wife was with him when he said that.

  42. cf86713 says:

    Unlike most people I didn’t hate Tom Brady when it became trendy to do so I disliked him since his Michigan Days.

    Putting that aside I think for his son’s sake he shouldn’t have said any of this(or let it be brought up)

  43. Blackbetty says:

    Can’t stand Tom and Giselle.