Star: Beyonce is reportedly pregnant again, in the middle of the OTRII tour

Beyonce and Jay Z perform live at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff

This week’s Star Magazine has a story which I thought, at the time, was utter crap. But then I saw that a lot of people who have been to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour have been thinking the exact same thing. Have you been to see one of the OTRII concerts? If so, did Bey look pregnant to you? That’s what they’re saying:

She may be on the run, but Beyonce can’t hide from Star’s spies. Tipsters at Beyonce’s concert tour caught Beyonce covering up what they suspect to be a baby bump! Rumors first swirled at her Coachella performance, where our insider claims Bey had doctors backstage: “Several people heard them discussing her vitals after they gave her a quick checkup before she went on-stage.”

Beyonce, 36, is sure to be bulging when her OTRII tour wraps up in October. But she’s keeping things a secret in an effort to keep audiences in perfect formation. “She’s rushing to change her costumes so that she can keep the bump covered up for as long as possible,” reveals a tour insider. “Only a few have been entrusted with the news, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on.”

Insiders also say that Beyonce is thrilled to be expecting, especially if it keeps Jay-Z crazy in love: “Beyonce isn’t quite sure her husband will never cheat again, but she knows he 100% wouldn’t think about it while she’s carrying their child. Jay worships her when she’s expecting and rarely leaves her side, which makes a nice change from when he does his own thing. It’s a shock so soon after the birth of the twins, but she’s over the moon.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

The photos in this post are from June 6th, during the OTRII concert in Cardiff. I’ve chosen the most bumpy photos I could find, clearly, but I’ll fully admit that there were plenty of photos of Beyonce looking svelte in an extremely cinched corset too. I would say that Beyonce would never wear a tight corset while pregnant, except that’s what she did during her first (pillowy) pregnancy with Blue Ivy. I hope the Beyhive doesn’t hate me for saying this too: it’s also possible that Queen Bey hasn’t lost all of the baby weight from Rumi and Sir. Which is totally understandable – you get to a certain age (“36” LOL) and it gets harder to drop any kind of weight.

Beyonce and Jay Z perform live at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Joy says:

    That’s a hard call. Could be a baby. Could be an unflatterting outfit. But I feel like we have seen her in similiar things and she did not look like that.

  2. Babs says:

    Those pillow pregnancy/age conspiracy theories are so tired now that it’s a matter of pure charity : just let. it. rest. already.
    I’m going to OTRII in july, I have good seats, maybe I will be able to tell :p on one hand, It’s very likely that she didn’t lost all the twins pregnancy weight. On the other hand, I’ve read after the first shows that she was far from her usual energy and stamina, that could be the reason. I was exhausted like never before at the first stages of my pregnancy. Time will tell I guess.

    • me says:

      I agree. I never believed the pillow pregnancy rumors. I also don’t think she’s lying about her age. There is video footage of her as a child…on Star Search. There have been countless interviews with her teachers and classmates…and even her ex-boyfriend from Houston.

  3. Chaine says:

    IDK, my tummy looks like that every day, especially after a satisfying dinner. Maybe she’s just enjoying her meals and taking it easy in the gym.

  4. Nanny to the rescue says:

    That last paragraph is just sad. What, is she supposed to be pregnant all the time now so that Jay Z doesn’t cheat on her? I hope that’s not true, because she’s a megastar and (I hope) a strong enough woman that she doesn’t need sh!t like that. If she wants to have 20 kids, good, but if it’s for Jay Z to stay loyal, then run, woman!

    P.S. She doesn’t look that pregnant to me, just a bit fuller. Could be pregnancy, but maybe not.

  5. Seraphina says:

    I can attest that as one gets older it’s harder and harder to lose that weight. And it’s a harsh wake up call. Gotta work twice as hard.

    And if she is, congrats. I see too many children being brought into this world in homes where the parents aren’t together and single parent can’t make ends meet.

  6. RBC says:

    “ but she knows he 100% wouldn’t think about it while she is carrying their child” Somehow that does not sound like a good reason to have a child if this story is true or to stay married to a man that is a cheater

    • boredblond says:

      That’s sad, isn’t It? I like to believe she’s smarter and stronger than to buy the crazy ‘hold your man with babies’ nonsense

      • JeanGray says:

        That sounds terrible. Doesn’t sound like the strong, independent feminist she portrays to be. But then again, men dogging women that love them can make anyone lose themselves. Sounds like that relationship is making her insecure and paranoid.

      • otaku fairy says:

        @JeanGray: It’s from star, so I don’t really take it seriously. I’m not really convinced that she’s even pregnant again.

    • ElleBee75 says:

      She made an entire mini movie/visual album and no one knew anything about it. I doubt, Star Magazine knows her thoughts on getting pregnant again

  7. Olive says:

    she and Jay do love the #4

    • Babs says:

      If they truly want 4 kids it makes sense not to wait. I’m one year younger than Bey and wouldn’t wait either. Plus I guess that when you are a global superstar you have to schedule this kind of life event way more than a civilian have to.

    • me says:

      I was thinking the same thing…they love the number 4…but what if it’s another set of twins. Or would that be too rare?

  8. Jussie says:

    I think she might be. She definitely hasn’t been performing like she usually would. She’s still dancing and everything, but she seems extremely low energy compared to usual. In most videos she’s not keeping up with her dancers, she’s off beat, and she just seems, not really lethargic but certainly lethargic but Beyonce standards. She’s repeating a lot of the Coachella choreography and the difference is really striking. Even her biggest stans are commenting on it.

    On the other hand there was a blind recently about a couple whose stadium tour wasn’t selling like they needed it to, and about how they were trying to figure out how to cancel a bunch of shows without making it about underwhelming sales. A fake pregnancy announcement was said to be one of the things they were thinking about…

    • BlueSky says:

      @Jussie I read that too. Wasn’t there also something in that BI about releasing a sex tape?

    • Swack says:

      I read about the low sales also and the giving away of tickets for one of the shows. Just a theory, but baby talk could possibly help ticket sales – so that people can see her in person and decide if she is or isn’t pregnant.

  9. Junebug says:

    She had TWINS, probably via c-section, a year ago. Believe you me when I say: that shit affects your body for the rest of your life. I really think it’s distasteful to speculate if she’s pregnant.

    • Lizzie says:

      I agree!!! I had one baby a year ago and lost all my baby weight nursing. The week I stopped nursing at 9 Months I started gaining and topped out about 15 lbs heavier than my pre baby weight. When coworkers started speculating I was pregnant again it was devastating.

    • FHMom says:

      I’m not sure that anyone’s stomach can bounce back from twins without plastic surgery or youth. OTOH, I can name a few people who,
      conceived with help and then had a surprise pregnancy a year or so later. (I’m assuming the twins were conceived by IVF.)

    • noway says:

      I’m not sure I would call it distasteful, but can you imagine people examining your body and analyzing pictures to see if you look pregnant. This happens to her all the time. Can’t she just gain weight or have a baby in peace. Honestly, that just sucks!!!

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Totally. I had twins, and my vertical abdominal muscles had a 4″ gap after that. It’s called a diastasis. Multiples do a number on you!

  10. Artemis says:

    Beyonce’ s body is banging even with some extra pounds. Shes still in amazing shape as Coachella proved so it’s not affecting her work. I did see her choreo is not as intense as her dancers so that’s what might give credence to the rumours. Also it’s no secret she loves her Lipo so if she’s not doing it now it might be because of health reasons (c section consequences) or a pregnancy. Either way she’s fine and the tour is fine.

  11. Meg says:

    Star Magazine has never been right. NEVER. She’s obviously not pregnant.

    And can people stop the ridiculous conspiracy that she wasn’t pregnant with Blu? It’s like people have never seen a pregnancy dress. The woman was pregnant and it’s disgusting to say otherwise. It’s damaging

    • noway says:

      Why do people have to know all the nitty gritty anyway. No matter what, she is Blu’s mother. Who cares how she came to be. I think it just puts the idea adoptive and foster kids are other, not as good as biological kids, and that is bad along with not true.

  12. farah says:

    I don’t understand why people refuse to believe Beyonce’s age. There is video of her as a child Star Search. We have yearbook pictures. She’s the same age as Justin, Britney and Christina and she looks it.

    • Babs says:

      Because people hate rationality. Matter of fact Bey looks younger than Britney and Christina who look 63 more than 36 because they ruined their faces with surgeries, cigarettes and alcohol/drugs, but you never see people doubting their age. Strange.

    • Betsy says:

      Yeah, I don’t get that either. At most she’d have shaved off two or three years – when she first became famous with Destiny’s Child I assumed she was my age (I’ll be 38 this year).

      • Krissy says:

        Exactly, I don’t get the age thing?? she came up with Britney & Justin, & was also on Star Search around the same time. I feel like the most she could be shaving off her age is 2 or 3 years . People are out here acting like she could be 45 years old lol

  13. Monique Barrow says:

    She’s not pregnant concert tickets sales are low they do this all the time

    • Linda says:

      I read somewhere they are trying anything to get people interested in their concert. Ticket sales are low. So no pregnancy. Even read about a sex tape talk to drum up interest in them.

      • JeanGray says:

        I was trying to post this below. BG had a blind about this yesterday. I even read some reports from people in Manchester saying they were giving the tickets away in a parking lot. Her PR people had pregnancy, sex tape and illness on the table apparently. Part of the problem is she didn’t come out with any new music and also the Bey hive seems to be totally over Jay Z and many don’t want to see him and said she should have done a solo tour.

      • still_sarah says:

        I saw the same thing at BG but I found it hard to believe/ surprising that Beyonce & Jay Z’s tour would not be selling well. But if there is no new music from her, then that could be the problem.

      • Dee Kay says:

        I love Beyoncé and I would have bought tickets to see her this year if not for the fact that Jay Z is also on the bill. Imo Bey fans are so different than Jay fans at least at this point in time. I think her relationship with Jay is toxic and will end in disaster and to buy tickets would feel like being an enabler. When Bey finally finally leaves and does her I Will Survive/victory/independence tour, her fans will turn out for her in full force.

      • Jussie says:

        It’s definitely not selling well. They come to my city soon, and usually by now the only tickets still available would be the ridiculously expensive packages and the worst seats in the house where you can’t see a thing. This time I could have my pick of seating. The prices for the ‘cheap’ seats have already dropped a couple of times, but that doesn’t seem to be helping.

        If there was new music, even a few new buzz singles, I’d go. But I can’t see the point when all signs indicate this is just a crappy re-run of their past two solo tours.

    • BILLYPILGRIM says:

      @ Monique Barrrow

    • CityGirl says:

      It might not be because people are tired of Jay-Z or because there is no new Beyonce music to promote – ticket sales could be low because Ticket Prices are TOO HIGH!!
      I used to go to concerts All The Time in my 20’s and 30’s and up until my mid 40’s. Now I’m trying to pay off my credit cards and put money in the bank.
      We all grow up some time and I would imagine not all teens and twenty somethings are checking for Beyonce, with or without Jay-Z….
      Just Sayn

  14. D says:

    People talk about the Beyhive but this kind of bitter irrational mess is just as crazy and toxic.

    • ElleBee75 says:


      I think the Beyhive got the way they are to defend her against the stupidity that her naysayers come up with. It’s gotten out of hand on both sides tbh

  15. ElleBee75 says:

    ” I would say that Beyonce would never wear a tight corset while pregnant, except that’s what she did during her first (pillowy) pregnancy with Blue Ivy.”

    Are we still with this extremely tacky and beyond stupid theory? Also, her clothes during her first pregnancy were noticeably looser than normal.

    I doubt she’s pregnant

  16. tw says:

    Seems like a stunt to sell tickets.

  17. Anastasia says:


  18. Coz' says:

    I call bullsh!t:
    1/ It’s coming from Star
    2/ Beyonce keeps her sh!t tight. There is no way a low tier tabloid like Star would know if B was pregnant
    3/ Bump watching is gross. Even as an arguably thin person, there are many days where I could pass for a 4/5 month pregnant women.

  19. hey-ya says:

    …if Mariah or JLo walked on stage in that kind of shape ppl would throw so much shade..😉..

  20. Marianne says:

    Honestly it could just be the way the blazer is hanging on her.

  21. JoanneBananne says:

    Lol losing weight? AS IF she didn’t get lipo immediately after her c-sections

  22. Katarina says:

    She’s obviously just bloated! I get so bloated some days I look like I’m 5 months pregnant. And I’m a tiny person. Stomach issues.

  23. molander says:

    I am going to be cynical here and say this might be a pr-move to make more people buy tickets to the concerts, since they aren’t selling out…

  24. artistsnow says:

    This is NOT TRUE. Only out there because tickets are not selling. :-{

  25. Beckymae says:

    I know this much….Bey was supposed to announce Australian dates for this tour last month and canned them, her people said ‘exhaustion’….which usually means one of two things….drug/substance addiction or a baby…..I have friends who work in entertainment ticketing….

  26. Em says:

    The tour is not doing well , many empty seats, they are reportedly giving tickets away in the parking lots. A pregnancy would be a convenient excuse for cancelling the tour and saving face.

    Also if it’s just a rumour and she is not pregnant then it’s still a great excuse and a ‘tragic miscarriage’ would garner much publicity. I know my cynicism knows no bounds but this is show biz and big biz people, nothing is out of bounds in that world.

  27. Cecilia says:

    I’m guessing remaining babyweight. Which would be completely normal, I mean… TWINS! And the way she looked afterwards, didn’t seem like she had a panic-attack this time and tried to loose 40 Ibs in a week.

  28. Celina says:

    Just been to their concert in London. She was wearing a whole load of skin tight outfits and nothing was buldging. She looked hot af!
    And she danced hot af! No pregnancy there.