Duchess Meghan wore an oversized Oscar de la Renta wrap dress to a wedding

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex attend Trooping the Colour for the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

You know what irritates me? The fact that only a handful of photographers were sent to Celia McCorquodale’s weekend wedding. Celia is the daughter of Lady Sarah McCorquodale, therefore a member of the aristocracy (Celia is the niece of the current Earl Spencer), with an added royal connection: Celia’s aunt was the late Princess Diana, which means Celia counts Prince Harry and Prince William as first cousins. So WHY weren’t more photographers sent to photograph the wedding, huh? Because from what I’m seeing, only one photographer got the money shot of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arriving at the wedding. You can go to these links to see the photos:

Several things are painful all at once. One, the realization that Pippa Bloody Middleton had a full press phalanx waiting for photos of everyone while an honest-to-God member of the aristocracy got maybe two photographers waiting for her wedding? That sucks. The other painful thing is the realization that our precious Duchess of Sussex doesn’t know how to dress herself. I get that are going to be growing pains – going from a working actress’s wardrobe to a full-time duchess’s wardrobe was never going to be easy. But I feel like Meghan is going in the wrong direction!

Meghan’s dress here is Oscar del la Renta and it looks like it’s easily three sizes too big, if not more. She was visably uncomfortable with the “wrap” part of the dress, so much so that she bunched up the fabric in one hand while she walked, lest the wrap fly open. Why did she want this dress to be so baggy and oversized? Why did she look so uncomfortable? And why did she stick that horrible little fascinator on her head? Meg, how could you?? YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE.

Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend the Mersey Gateway Bridge Opening

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Backgrid.

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  1. erni says:

    It’s future maternity dress.

  2. Naomi says:

    Anyone see the carpet burn on her knee…😚

    Christ, my thoughts go straight to the gutter.

  3. Shelley says:

    She needs a stylist! The dress swallowed her frame and the prices of her clothes will be a PR disaster! Oscar De La Renta? She needs to sticks to British designers. Her position is a curious blend of PR, politics and perception in a country that has some serious economic issues. Clothes are a political statement and she is tone deaf!

  4. AmandaPanda says:

    Lest we forget this monstrosity cost her/us £4000. Girl, put down the credit card!

    I have some sympathy because English weddings are very hard to get right but start with some cheap floral dresses so your mistakes aren’t costing everyone thousands of pounds.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Wow! That’s a LOT of money for a very basic dress (not to mention that it is ugly as sin).

      • Jan90067 (aka Imqrious2) says:

        Not only outrageously expensive, but it doesn’t fit at all! It’s at least two sizes too big, and that fascinator, which looks like crumpled napkins stuck on her head, is worn too far back, at the wrong angle.

        Considering how her hair/bun was coming apart (more that usual) they either got up VERY late and dressed in the car, or as a Bella said above, they were fooling around, hot and heavy, in the car.

        Btw, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Harry get out of a car and THEN put his jacket on….hmmmmm…..🤨🤔

      • liriel says:

        This! This is easily one of the worst dresses I’ve seen recently! It’s so bad it’s almost funny.

    • BrrrapPow says:

      That’s a sh*t-tonne of money for a dress that Megan stole from my mum’s maternity wardrobe in 1987.

      Maybe the time travel aspect bumped up the price.

    • minx says:

      She’s too short waisted for the dress and that fabric around the middle doesn’t even flatter this extremely slender woman. The whole thing looks messy and cheap. It’s no good saying that extra fabric is on trend—there’s a problem when a look has to be explained as being stylish. Our eyes can tells us what works, and this doesn’t work.

    • E says:

      The Royal Family are slowly crippling us- and yet we are constantly fed the same tripe narrative that they are good for tourism. I wince when I read how much Andrew and Edward spend on their private (non-essential) charted flights that the taxpayer ends up paying for.
      If Meghan keeps this us, there will be even more people calling for a dissolution of the monarchy once the Queen goes.

      • minx says:

        I’m an American and frankly I don’t know why, in this day and age, the BRF is tolerated. What they do isn’t work in my humble non-British opinion. Liquidate assets and assign them to charity. And it’s not only the cost of keeping them as pampered poodles, it’s that they have done nothing to earn it except be born or be married lucky. I love Britain and its history, have visited there many times, and love RF gossip, but I’m glad it’s not my money that is keeping these people living in luxury.

      • Sedanos says:

        The royal family bring in a lot of tourist dollars. If there were no royal family, Britain would be a vast wasteland, devoid of any foreign tourists. Like France.

      • Nic919 says:

        Hahaha Sedanos. I was actually buying that until the kicker at the end.

      • Antimon says:

        @E – totally agree. Kate Middleton was very much sold to the public as a commoner, someone normal, modern, refreshing. I believe her high street fashion was highlighted too. Of course her tastes became much more expensive. Likewise, with Meghan, they are trying to sell the enlightened, diverse and modern new royals thing. The truth is, the whole royal family is ridiculous and a huge drain on the taxpayer.

        @Minx – I am British, and I don’t think what they do is “work either.

        @Sedanos – lol.

      • Aurelia says:

        Tourists would still flock to London and UK wide whether or not the actual royal family was on the throne. In fact they are an inconvenience. If they were out of Kensington and buckingham palce for example, more tourists would come to look through these monuments.

        Pro monarchists love argue the royal fam only costs every man, woman and child in the U.K a pound or 2. The fact is the Royal family should not cost anyone a single penny at all.

  5. Maum says:

    Dreadful. Not only was the dress too big and the hat crooked but her hair was a dishevelled mess.

    It look like she stole the look from Hyacinth Bucket’s wardrobe.

    What was she thinking???? Does she think this is British aristo wedding style? And if so at least make it fit.

  6. Birdix says:

    It looks like she’s trying to fit in—this seems like what an American thinks posh British people would wear to a country wedding. I’ve seem worse…

  7. Brunswickstoval says:

    This dress cost $7000. That’s the real tragedy here. Who pays this sort of money to end up looking like they’re wearing a duvet cover.

  8. Citresse says:

    When muumuu’s go bad.

  9. Millennial says:

    This was the first outfit she’s worn where I felt she really missed the mark. (I’ve actually liked all her other looks recently).

    Anyways, I think this dress was meant for someone taller and with longer limbs. Why buy designer if you aren’t going to tailor it?

    • Naomi says:

      I have to say it’s seem comfy. I just had a quick image search on Meghan, and her fashion choices whilst not always my style, were definitely polished and tailored. This seems such an odd choice for her, maybe Harry is giving her style tips after all…lol

    • magnoliarose says:

      I like the dress but not on her.
      I like the oversize look but I am a lot taller than she is. Just like some things look better on short women, some things look better on tall.
      This dress is for a tall woman who is also wearing heels because it is a lot of fabric and it is a print. It is also a dress that should not have a hat. In fact, a sleek chignon and small earrings should have been all. Bold summery lips and fresh makeup and it would have looked good but still not on her. Charlize Theron would kill this look but she has the frame for it.
      There is nothing about this look on her I like including the styling. I cringed at the hair.
      It looks more like something someone would wear to glamorous BBQ in a warm location or an afternoon cocktail party or something like that but not a British wedding.
      She needs a new stylist who understands her lines.
      Meghan does do the oversized trend well.

      • Naomi says:

        Think you nailed it, Meghan is too short to carry the look off, evident in the fold at her midrift, it highlights her squarish torso. Anyway c’est la vie, poor woman has other problems than her duff fashion choices.

      • Olenna says:

        Everything you said. +1

      • Honey says:

        Ditto, MagnoliaRose, you nailed it. All I’ve got is hot mess. Hot. F-ing. Mess. Meghan truly embarrassed her on this one. Surely she had something else in her closest she could have worn?

        There was no way she could have thought all was well when she put on that dress. And if Prince Harry is her stylist, as the DM claims, then she needs to fire him pronto. While the look is perhaps right for the event (sans the raggedy hair and even more raggedy afterthought of a fascinator), that dress is way too big for her. My first thought was horrendous:

      • minx says:

        Sorry, I’m tall and I wouldn’t go near that dress. 😂
        Just because we can carry certain dresses doesn’t mean we should.

      • Milla says:


        I agree with everything you wrote. This is simply not for her petite frame and her height. Also, i get Cali summer, beach party vibes.

        This is a total miss, nothing seems appropriate. Any tea length dress with a line skirt would’ve worked. Like that pink de la Renta someone posted.

      • Jan90067 (aka Imqrious2) says:

        As a petite person, you CAN wear oversized things, BUT: If the top is oversized, you need a slim fitted bottom (like straight legged or cigarette legged pants, or a pencil type skirt) and the reverse: wide legged trousers, or voluminous skirt, wear a fitted top tucked in, and voila! Smaller person, no more problem! You’ll be “balanced”. But big ALL OVER? Just looks slopppy. Never thought I’d so dislike one of Meg’s looks so much….Head to toe!

      • Zondie says:

        @MAGNOLIAROSE I agree with your assessment of this dress. And now I want to find that summery party you describe and hang with the tall people in their appropriately flowing dresses. :)

  10. Ladyhands says:

    I’m far from a Pippa lover, but I like that the press was more interested in her wedding. Just because a person has connections, that doesn’t make them interesting. I hate the idea that the people of the aristocracy are better than anyone else. No one can help who their parents are. I get the royal family is a tourist attteaction and all that, but the aristocracy thing is just annoying to me.

  11. smcollins says:

    She looks comfortable, I’ll give her that. Maybe she was planning on throwing down on some dinner and wedding cake.

  12. whatever says:

    So that’s where my Grandmother’s duvet cover disappeared to lol. :)

  13. Cher says:

    The fascinator looked like an after thought, it just did not belong and/or it wasn’t positioned on her head properly.
    Stop, stop with the messy bun! The messy bun here was a mess.
    The dress was beautiful but too big, she is spending way to much money on clothing not to get the clothes altered to fit properly.

  14. Laura says:

    I like the idea of this dress, like how it could ideally look… but in execution/reality here, not so much

  15. anika says:

    I can’t believe it’s an almost £4,000 dress. It looks like a H&M dress!

    • Lynnie says:

      Hey H&M has really nice dresses if you know where to look/your correct size lol

    • Rainbow says:

      Victoria of Sweden has worn H&M dresses to official functions and managed to look great. Money is not the issue nor the brand. It’s all in the overall look and styling. Many people can wear a $15 dress and look chic and amazing. Many people wear $3000 outfit and still look sloppy.

      • Milla says:

        Yup yup yup.

        The price tag means so little. I do find certain pieces just worth it, investment pieces, but flowy summer dresses could be found everywhere and the pricey ones don’t have to look better than high street pieces.

        She needs to find her go to brand, she looked great in self portrait and another dress, she wore to church, I think. They were not that expensive, in fact she wore ms sweater and looked great. There are young British brands who need support. She needs a proper British stylist. Not that Jessica person, who’s not really a stylist, just a person with connections and Instagram.

      • Rainbow says:

        Milla, I agree. She needs to find a brand that will fit her real style most. Doesn’t have to be high fashion or couture. Maxi dresses especially floral ones often don’t stand the test of time. This dress will look dated by next year, like how “shabby chic” was trendy years ago but now just looks messy and unkempt.

        Her previous outings wearing Aritzia and other more affordable brands were better style-wise. They fit her better and the minimalist, clean lines really suited her.

      • minx says:

        Michelle Obama wore JCrew separates and looked wonderful.

  16. Jayna says:

    Going from nailing it head to toe in the appearance with the queen to a hot mess from head to toe at the wedding was shocking. The fascinator looked silly. Her hair was a hot mess. Then we get to her 4,000 dress. She was swimming in it. Yes, it’s supposed to be a flowing dress. But it looked like a sack on her frame. It was so unflattering on her. How could she not see that? Oh, well. It’s not the end of the world. It was just odd to see her go from a 10 to a 2 stylewise in two events.

    • Honest B says:

      No. That thing she wore with the queen was bad, but it was better than this.

    • maxine ducamp says:

      I guess that I’m in the minority but I did not like the dress that she wore in her appearance with the queen. I felt like it was a bit of a joke response to the complaints about her bare-shouldered look at the trooping of the colors; “you want me to cover my shoulders? I’ll show you covered shoulders”

      As for this dress, I’m among the minority who like the dress but not on Meghan or for this event.

  17. Who ARE these people? says:

    Maybe her mom should be her stylist

  18. Beth says:

    That’s bad. She looks like she’s wrapped in a floral print sheet. Are those ugly hats seriously something that the BRF have to wear?

  19. Nan says:

    Is Jessica Mulroney still her stylist? If so…perhaps she’s sabotaging her.

    This dress looks like a bed sheet of a quaint Victorian home in the countryside.

    Oh, and in Canada, where I am, it’s an $6800 CAD dress. That’s absurd.

    She looks disheveled and disinterested.


  20. Chris says:

    I know I’m in the minority, but I liked this dress! It was unexpected and perfect for a summer wedding. The dress wasn’t too big but rather meant to look exactly as it does; you can tell from the OdlR ad for it, as it fits his model exactly the same way. Her slight frame is precisely the only kind hat can pull it off.

    I’m opposed to the fascinator, however. I’m American, though, and really don’t like the look of headpieces, anyway. I don’t think they make anyone look *better.* This one looks like my shower sponge.

  21. Maria says:

    I guess I must be the only one who liked the dress. Informal yet attractive and I love long flowing dresses. The messy hair kind of went with the overall look. George McQuorcodale is going bald too. Must be the Spencer genes.

  22. Danielle says:

    Lol, when I saw the dress this weekend, I couldn’t wait to hear the celebitchy take! I figured it would be unpopular. Here’s the thing, I love it, it’s not meant to be fitted, and that’s fine. I did not like the fascinator. I think the center part with the fascinator made it worse for some reason.

  23. Skylark says:

    Maybe the corgis ate her intended dress and she had to borrow something at the last minute from Beatrice? That’s as close to a reasonable explanation as I can come up with to account for this unholy mess.

    On a slightly more positive note, it looks marginally better in motion but it’s still at least 2 sizes too big for her and just wrong for her petite proportions.

    • FredsMother says:

      Lol. Dead @ “borrow something from Beatrice’”.

      I only came to read and laugh. I will stan for the Duchess Meghan but that dress is hellahhh no. Plus which chicken woke up this morning and is missing half its crown? Duchess, we know you may be far from home and away from good girlfriends who have your back …but skype one of your die-hard sistrens before you go out next time. SMH….time was when a sister-in-law would dislike you but still tell you when you look too bad to go out in public.

      • Skylark says:

        Let’s blame Beatrice. She probably dug that shredded chicken horror out of her wardrobe along with the frightfrock and Meghan, at a low point over her corgi-wrecked dress and the need to find an urgent replacement, asked her if it looked ok and Bea, genuinely thinking it did, said ‘Wow! Yah! You look amazing!’ ;)

  24. Ariel says:

    Saw these pics last night- saw zero of Will and Kate…. did they not attend? B/c that seems rude.

  25. Nellyy says:

    This is my opinion from watching Meghan for a while: I don’t see her as style savvy or a fashionista. Her style has been pretty basic and normal, not outstanding. She’s always one step forward, five steps backwards stylewise.. I’ve never considered her a style icon cos she is really not one.
    Many people here didn’t know her before Harry and they are judging her fashion based on what they saw on suits. Her style to me has been pretty much normal, not outstanding, but normal. The only thing she has worn that I loved was the black pants suit. Most of her clothes and shoes are usually ill fitted and over sized. She didn’t have a fantastic pre-wedding style, and she only seems to be getting worse. Compare her pre wedding style with Letizia and Raina, you’ll see that she had zero game in terms of style. Women who are stylish? Raina, Rihanna, Letizia, Giselle, JLo, Issa Rae, Eva Longoria etc.

  26. Becks says:

    I actually like it, minus the drawstrings around the neckline. I even like the hair.

    Whatever she wears always draws criticism for one reason or another, so she should just wear what makes her feel comfortable and you can tell she liked that dress.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      My people (or person). I was afraid to look too closely because it just seemed so bad at first glance but it’s actually beautiful. Very flowy and bohemian and intentionally slouchy although it could have been a size smaller. She looks happy and very pretty to me.

  27. Digital Unicorn says:

    I seem to be one of the few that likes the messy bun look, plus it been quite windy (on and off) here in the UK over the several days and it does look like there is a breeze. Don’t mind the dress but agree its a bit loose for her tiny frame.

    Hmm, am sure the Cambridges would have been invited to the wedding and its interesting they didn’t attend, its family after all. Me thinks William has cut them out just as much as the RF.

  28. Deepa says:

    I think she looks really cute. And it was kind of her not to look great and upstage the bride.

  29. PrincessK says:

    First all I am pretty sure that Meghan or anybody in the Pace for that matter, did not pay £4,000 for that dress, don’t believe everything you read.
    Secondly, I had to revise my negative thoughts about the dress once I viewed the video. In the video the dress has a beautiful floaty movement as she walks along, something that cannot be appreciated in the still photographs, where the dress really does look as though she is drowning in it. It is not my type of dress, and I can understand the criticism but some clothes do not photo well, because the ‘movement’ of the item cannot be seen.
    Lastly, be kind to Meghan, she is in for a rough week (Ascot?), also her father has just given a dreadful interview on British TV…😬😔.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I love oversized dresses and the whole oversize trend. I actually like the dress and cut and would wear it myself but I don’t think it suited her here. Without the hat and a sleek hairstyle would have been better.
      She looks better in clean simple lines.

      • Bella DuPont says:


        I actually think the outfit could have worked with slightly better styling. If she had tidied up the waist with say a big gold or black belt, just to help cinch in the waist, I think it would have improved the silhouette drastically.

        As for the fascinator, the weird placement just didn’t help at all. I think it *MAY* have worked if she had repositioned it, maybe more towards the front-left of her head? That way, we can clearly see what the design/fluff on top of it is doing a bit better?

        Better still, she should throw the damn thing in a bin far, far, far away and never speak to its designer again.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I refused to watch the interview, what i’ve read so far is just bad. He’s really showed us that his ass is just like his awful other childrens. I still think the heart surgery was a lie, he said he watched the wedding in a B&B but at the time he was watching it from his hospital bed or so he told TMZ. It’s going to come out that he lied about that.

      Plus the Palace are NOT going to be happy about this – wonder how much he was paid.

    • Mego says:

      Thanks Princessk for this – I had a feeling that her overall look was lost in translation to still photography probably like a lot of couture. I totally agree that she needs a lot of kindness right now.

    • Meggles says:

      Yeah, no one (unless they’re naive, not connected, or doing it as a status thing) pays retail for designer couture.

    • Olenna says:

      @PrincessK, I was not aware that that foolish father gave an interview. Surprised, not surprised and unfortunate. But, I’m sure she bought this dress well before the news broke, so the choice to buy an expensive, ill-fitting sack is on her. And, I don’t think anyone can blame Jessica M for this; it looks like an impulse buy–beautiful, feminine, flowing, summery–and she felt pretty in it. I kinda knew from the start that Meghan was going to struggle with her own style; the Suits stylist knew how to dress her figure. On her own, I think we’re going to see hit or miss until she decides she needs a pro to sort it out for her. I will add that I’ve seen enough pics of aristo weddings to know that bad taste abounds, so there’s that if you want to cut her some slack.

    • MrsBump says:

      How come we criticize Kate for her McQueen outfits, yet when it comes to Meghan we say that she probably didnt pay full retail price. There is no proof currently that she gets her outfits heavily discounted so until then we can very well assume that she paid 4k for this outfit. She does seem to have an eye for luxury, the last outfit with the Queen was bespoke Givenchy and to be fair these luxury houses dont need to cut down their prices for her, they were already doing pretty well pre-meghan and they know she has plenty of british payers’ tax money to pay for it.

      • Olenna says:

        This is not a Kate thread and people have said numerous times over the years that KM probably didn’t pay full price for her working wardrobe. And, unless this is an official function, Meghan paid for this dress, not the taxpayers.

      • whatever says:

        Actually @Olenna I’ve only started to hear the line about Kate not paying full price for her working wardrobe very recently once Meghan became engaged. Prior to that, there were numerous regular comments on Kate articles saying along the lines of “those designer dresses must more than we think because they are custom/bespoke and have alterations”

        It’s funny how the explanation has curiously changed to justify the amounts Meghan has already spent on her working wardrobe and what she will spend in the future.

      • Olenna says:

        Again, this is not a Kate thread, but I don’t understand how you can take someone’s comment and believe it speaks for everyone who has ever commented on KM. The generalization is just not warranted. Also, more and more I get the distinct impression that when people personally do not like Meghan, they use KM comparisons to prop up their criticism of her. That gets a SMDH out of me b/c sometimes they don’t even like KM.

      • MrsBump says:

        @Whatever – exactly, the goalposts keep moving. See also, “this is not a Kate thread” whenever anything even barely positive is said about her.
        I like meghan and kate equally, so im happy to praise or critique both based upon the circumstances.
        Meghan, being a non brit, and not married to the future heir will always be judged more harshly with regards to her spendings. She doesnt seem to realise this yet. Even kate throws in a few Zara pieces to fool the hoi polloi and ward off criticism. Meghan needs to wisen up.

      • Olenna says:

        @MrsBump and Whatever
        It seems the two of you have set your own opinions as well your own goal posts, so what does it matter what others think? Regardless, it isn’t clear to me (and maybe others) what you’re objective is: Are you trying to illicit feedback, play the devils advocate, or just being antagonistic? But, if you believe everyone who isn’t making KM comparisons are part of a hive with no independent thought, it seems like a waste of time to keep bringing it up on Meghan threads.

      • PrincessK says:

        There is no way that the royals pay full retail price for designer outfits, they are not that stupid.

      • MrsBump says:

        “Are you trying to illicit feedback, play the devils advocate, or just being antagonistic? ”

        my intentions are the same as everyone else , which is (gasp) gossip on a gossip blog.
        i didn’t realise that we are in 1984 and our thoughts were now patrolled.

      • minx says:

        “Illicit feedback” sounds racy. 😂
        It’s “elicit.”

      • magnoliarose says:

        LAK pointed out several times KM doesn’t pay retail. I believe I said it too and pointed out there are loopholes that she probably uses.
        Since this is about Meghan why is anyone so upset about Kate? Two different women. One is new and the other has a long public history.

      • Olenna says:

        LOL! Thanks for the spelling check! The racy stuff is upthread @ #2.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      She would have paid full price, even the Royal’s don’t get a discount unless the supplier has a royal warrant. If you look at the costs for Katie Keen’s various tour wardrobes it’s obvs that full prices were paid for the clothes she wore – the trip to Paris with her and Wills her clothes budget for that few days was somewhere in the region £200k (inc. accessories) IIRC.

      One of the many reason Kate Keen gets criticised for her McQueens and other designer outfits is that she tailors them to make them bespoke – there are many examples of her taking an outfit and having it altered from the original design. That type of bespoke tailoring it not cheap and adds to the cost of the outfits. If she paid £4k for this off the shelf, that is nothing to paying £4k PLUS the costs of altering it to her specific requests which can also run into the thousands.

      Also for private functions the RF pay their own way, public functions is where the taxpayer picks up the bill. As it was a private wedding, the RF would have paid for it not the UK taxpayer.

      • sass says:

        The Royal Family didn’t pay for it. MM paid for it from the Royalty from suits which she is getting. Lol she has no expenses now. She can afford it. LOL

      • Aurelia says:

        I wouldn’t put it passed Harry and Meghan to claim this private function as a public one. They would say they were repping the royal family and it was known to have images/video circulated. The public / private debate could be murky. I’m thinking back to greedy fat head andrew always trying to claim private things as public events, where the taxpayer picks up the tab.

    • Maria says:

      I agree, i love the flowy look on the video. Elegant.

  30. Melania says:

    I like her dress, it’s perfect for summer

    • artistsnow says:

      My feelings exactly! I loved it.

      AND, for those of you who are surely stylistically much more savvy than I, Meghan missing the mark is kind of endearing. I LIKE that her first Royal Fashion Choices are so strange. In years to come we will look back on these photos and laugh. Diana’s first outfits were also weird. She grew into her style and so will the Duchess of Sussex. (love saying that name. lol)

  31. Redgrl says:

    Well, this is a fail. Dress is too big, too expensive and I hate the china pattern on it. Her hair looks unkempt. Fascinator is ugly (and I like fascinators usually – I think they’re fun and silly). The amount of $ spent is tone deaf too. I liked the lampshade dress she wore on the events with the Queen – it was neat and put together. This just looks messy. I must say, none of the other attendees in the sun’s photos are any great hell either. Just a lot of average looking people. Although Earl Spencer’s wife looks like a Real Housewife with all the plastic face going on.

  32. Lucy2 says:

    I think the look is a bit too casual for the event, given how everyone else was dressed. But they look very happy.

  33. Alix says:

    There’s messy chic and there’s disheveled. Ah, well. Mistakes will be made. Carry on.

  34. melone says:

    It’s time to admit that she doesn’t know how to dress herself, nor is she a fashionista.

  35. Mynameispearl says:

    2 things.

    1.There was more press at Pippas wedding as like it or not people think of her as a celebrity. Dont think anyone had heard of the girl who got married, and if Harry and Megs didnt go there would have barely been a pic on the very inside of the paper. People dont care about aristos in the Uk, we think of the young royals as posh reality stars, thats why we take any passing interest.

    2. The dress is an oversized frumpy dump, but apart from when Megan was on suits (pencil skirts) or her casual style (really nice jeans) this is what she kind of does right? She should stick to pencil dresses until she can figure out her styling!

  36. Mego says:

    To me this isn’t much different from what I see countless times on the red carpet – I don’t get couture a lot of the time…

    • Alice says:

      This is not a couture dress. It’s a resort collection which is on par with pret-a-porter. De La Renta’s couture is very easily recognized as although I love romantic fashion, this house’s couture designs stopped developing some long time ago. And because haute couture is about craftsmanship and exquisite detail, I just don’t see where they added value in the last at least five collections.

  37. Harrierjet says:

    I don’t mind the dress but honestly thought her fascinator was dire – it looks like toilet paper scrunched up and made to hold (just) on a hairband.

  38. Cerys says:

    A very expensive duvet cover. Messy hair and a silly-looking fascinator. Not her best look by far.
    No sign of the Dolittles. I wonder why Whiny Willy didn’t attend.

  39. cindyp says:

    Hate to say it but she looks like she just got out of bed, put on a robe & tied her hair back with a big ugly white scrunchy. How could someone look in the mirror looking like that & not immediately change into something else?

  40. TeamAwesome says:

    Is anyone here familiar with Victoria magazine? I was obsessed with it in my teen years. All things chintz, toile, and English garden roses. This dress looks straight out of their pages. Shabby chic doesn’t suit her. This one was featured with a red and white dress of the same print that would have looked so much better. The fascinator looks like she plucked it right off of a potted plant and plopped it on her head.
    Of course this has fueled the bump watch, like we didn’t all just see her in that sleek Givenchy last week.

  41. Lizabeth says:

    Meghan is short-waisted so dresses with a set waist will always look too long up top and droopy on her. The sleeves of this dress are odd on the model too (go past the model’s hands) adding to the droopy look. I’m an American so like Meghan I’m not used to coordinating hats and dresses but the fascinator doesn’t work with the dress to me. I do like the print though & the outfit has a nice summer vibe. It does look better in motion. So far as being uncomfortable with the split, something can be comfortable AT an event but not walking to an event on a breezy day with a photographer glued to your side every step of the way!

  42. Meggles says:

    Well, she looks comfy…

  43. pattieboyd says:

    LOL. If Prince Harry is now her fashion adviser, he should be replaced immediately.

    Waaay too much material for Meghan’s petite frame (maybe if the dress was knee length?–but still….)

    And it looks like she has a wad of toilet paper on her head.

    Just no, all the way around.

  44. Janet says:

    I wanted to die when I saw this awful mess. She has seriously let the ‘ chosen one’ side down. What’s with her?

  45. Lila says:

    It looks like she re-inacted a scene from Gone with the Wind. Remember the scene where Scarlett makes a dress from old curtains. Unfortunately,Megan only had a duvet to work with. She needs to work with a palace seamstress.

  46. HK9 says:

    Beautiful woman-horrible dress. She’s swimming in it.

  47. Sarah says:

    I am simply baffled by the lack of tailoring I’ve seen on Meghan’s clothing…pants too long, waists too big, etc…I am a total commoner and know how to use a tailor. I’m sure there are a handful of tailors that do nothing but the Royals clothes…does not compute!

    • Agenbiter says:

      I think that’s an affectation favored by the likes of Victoria Beckham to communicate either or both
      1) I’m so wealthy I don’t care if my pants drag along the ground, and
      2) Aren’t I just the tiniest thing, swimming in my clothes!
      The latter unfortunately is common among anorexics.

  48. Thatsallfolks says:

    Omg. I almost laughed out loud.

  49. Honest B says:

    Pictures of what kitty spencer was wearing please!

  50. Sage says:

    She is not as bright as I thought. Even when off duty, her outfit price tags will be scrutinized. She needs to keep that in mind.

  51. TheOriginalMia says:

    Too much fabric. It’s a pretty pattern, but the execution is bad. It’s too much for Meghan’s petite figure. I loved her hair, but not the fascinatior.

  52. Gin says:

    The dress looks great on her in the video. I honestly hope that Meghan doesn’t read everything that is written about her because, I consider myself a confident woman but, I am wincing. It doesn’t appear that she can win right now — at all. Yes, she signed up for it but this amount of vitriol is not good for the soul or sanity. Hopefully, once she gets out there working, the judgemental jury will shift their focus from her fashion choices to her humanitarianism,

    • maxine ducamp says:

      ehh, people are commenting that her clothing is bad. No one (that I’ve read) is critiquing her physical appearance (other than a few comments about her hair) and most mention that she’s beautiful. Her style is not her character and easily changed if she feels like it and as she adjusts to her new role and whatever weird rules there are for the BRF. Frankly once I found out about the nude pantyhose rule, I would either have ditched Harry or worn a very stylish pantsuit to every function to avoid them.

    • minx says:

      It’s a celebrity site, we talk about fashion.

  53. Gigi LaMoore says:

    She’s beautiful but the clothes remind me of when the kids dresses up E.T. LOL

  54. bread says:

    She’s obviously going to spend a lot of money building her Duchess wardrobe in these first few years but this piece? When is she ever going to use this again? It’s too big, it’s not at all classic, completely wrong for her body shape and height, unsuitable for doing public events as a royal, and it’s unreasonably expensive for what it is.

    I will print out this comment and eat it if we ever see her in this dress again.

  55. Christina S. says:

    I think she’s pregnant and wearing looser clothes to hide the bump.

    • MissM says:

      She was just wearing a fitted dress the day before these pics were taken with no sign of a bump.

      On another note, it was nice to see the Spencer tiara again! Also with all the talk about how Kitty Spencer looks like Diana (she doesn’t), Celia could be her twin. She looks so much like Diana, especially with the way her hair was styled and with the tiara. She and Harry could be siblings.

  56. Belluga says:

    Not a good look, Meg. I actually like the skirt, but that top half needs ripping off and repurposing as a table cloth. There’s enough material there.

    It’s the Erdem problem (and I actually thought this was Erdem at first): there’s just Too Much Going On. The skirt with a simple, white, fitted top would be lovely.

  57. perplexed says:

    “One, the realization that Pippa Bloody Middleton had a full press phalanx waiting for photos of everyone while an honest-to-God member of the aristocracy got maybe two photographers waiting for her wedding?”

    Isn’t this lady Princess Diana’s niece? Both of Diana’s sisters were really private. Considering how Diana died and the way Earl Spencer went in at the media (not just the royal family) during the eulogy, I can’t really picture them letting the media know when the wedding was taking place. The media might have checked the newspaper registry (or whatever it is that aristocrats do to announce the wedding) but I can’t imagine the family itself wanting to invite srutiny.

    Also, wasn’t Roger Federer at Pippa’s wedding? It’s the guest list that usually attracts the press. She had a couple of big names at her wedding, including Kate and future King of UK George. Whatever a cute little future king is doing will definitely attract some attention.

    Who is Meghan Markle’s stylist now? Is it still Jessica Mulroney? Here’s my opinion on Mulroney’s style: I tend to think she has a bit of a copy-cat style. I don’t think she knows how to make her subjects look original.

  58. Amelie says:

    I said this on the What Meghan Wore website but nobody’s been able to explain to me the white strings hanging from both sides of the collar. Is there a purpose to those? It was the first thing I noticed and just honed in on them because they just seem to be a random design element stuck on to the dress. I noticed in some pictures it looked like Meghan had tucked them into the dress and in others they were out flapping around (either due to wind or just walking around made them come out). They are just really bothering me! The rest of the dress is a mess but I couldn’t get over the strings. They reminded me of that horrible fashion trend circa early 2000s where they had V-neck T-shirts with a string running through the V and hanging down from both sides making the T-Shirt looking like the flap of a shoelace (if anybody understands my description, I just read it’s called the “cross string”).

    And there aren’t pictures of Celia McCorquodale in this post but she really does resemble her aunt Diana. You can tell they are from the same family.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Amelie:

      At school, my house mistress was a white witch…..literally, (complete with a black cat and crystal ball) and she often wore these “witchy”, super-hippie style dresses all the time and they always had these exact “strings” dangling all over them…..from the neck, the sleeves, the belt….everywhere.

      Funny enough, she was always incredibly disheveled and the girls always laughed at her behind her back for being such a hot freaking mess…….deja vu.

      PS: Not saying Meghan is always a hot mess, just on this one occassion

  59. homeslice says:

    Looks like they shagged on the way to the wedding. The whole appearance was sooo off, I don’t even know where to begin…the hat looked like toilet paper, the dress is bathrobe fuggery, and her hair looks like she just woke up. Oy.

  60. Other Renee says:

    When I first saw this dreadful China pattern dress last night, I thought “How on earth will the Celebitchies defend this tacky mess?” I’m glad to see that almost everyone is in agreement that this is a total mess because it most certainly is. Please get a good stylist, Meg.

  61. perplexed says:

    I think her hair looks a bit…off. I think outfit can be salvaged but an unfinished face and hair can make an outfit like that look worse.

  62. beatrixkiddo says:

    I actually love the dress.
    The hat is ridiculous.

  63. What the heck says:

    I’m surprised that none here has commented about the idea that as an American Actress she has to go against expectations. Aloof aristocrats will expect her to be best dressed and upstage everyone, then slate her for being a try hard. And so she does the opposite. She has two audiences, the galleries ie social media, and the aristocrats who are against her and will take any excuse to put her down. Yall don’t seem to understand how snobbery works outside hollywood.

    • perplexed says:

      I don’t think she needs to be the best dressed. I’m just surprised she looks less polished than she usually does.

      I don’t even think the dress is that bad. I just think her hair and make-up are…sort of…I don’t know — something that doesn’t look finished.

      I do agree though that within the aristocratic circle she would have to play to their crowd, not the people at home.

    • homeslice says:

      No, Kitty Spencer’s dress was awful fug too, but she looked put together. MM was just a mess, it wasn’t just the horrible dress…

    • Rainbow says:

      Aristos clean up nicely, especially for weddings. Even they know how important it is to wear fitted clothes and coiffed hairstyles to weddings.

      There’s a difference between giving off an ‘I don’t care’ attitude vs trying to look like you don’t care. Seeing as the price tag for Meghan’s dress is expensive, it’s clear she cares a lot about what she’s wearing. You don’t stumble into wearing de la Renta out of nowhere.

      She looked a mess and that’s her own doing, not others’ fault.

  64. Rainbow says:


    From the hair to the assymetrical ruffled hem, it’s just wrong. And what were those strings dangling at the collar? All that were missing were tassles to take this dress to Coachella level of tacky.

    This dress would be better on someone taller. The dress is meant to be flowy, not billowy like a curtain. You can tell by the sleeves pooling at her arms that the dress is 3 sizes too big.

    For that ridiculous price, she should have done better than this. And there is no way she’s paying out of her own pocket. She went from wearing $200 Aritzia (at most) to $5000 de la Renta and bespoke Givenchy since she became a royal. That’s what access to taxpayers’ money can do. She has resources, she needs to hire a good stylist.

  65. Cee says:

    That’s the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen. Just because it’s designer labeled and astronomically expensive, doesn’t mean 1) that it’s good, 2) that it’s fashionable, 3) that it fits your body shape/frame.

  66. Lori says:

    I think the main reason why Pippa’s wedding had more photographers was because George and Char were in it. Who can pass up 2 royal babies in wedding attire? Plus they knew for sure that Will and Kate would be there. I don’t think anyone knew for sure that Will or Harry would be at this wedding. They just aren’t that close to Diana’s side of the family. And let’s be honest, who would even care about this wedding without Harry and Meghan being there. No one outside of the UK has a clue who she is.

    I completely agree with the dress. I thought the wedding dress was a size too big but this one takes it to new lows. I don’t know if she just lost a ton of weight before the wedding and none of her new clothes fit her now. She was under so much stress, it’s possible. But girl, get a tailor. You need to have clothes that are somewhere near your size. You don’t have to wear skin tight body con clothes but have something that’s close to your size is needed.

    • Leela says:

      “Oversized” is a current fashion look and Meghan has shown with her huge coats, overly long pants and even her wedding gown that she wants to dress in this trend. I don’t think she realizes that in her new position, it will not serve her to be a fashion slave. Knowing which trends to incorporate sparingly into the closet is a skill l hope she develops.

  67. Allie says:

    What’s so surprising about her fashion slip-ups is that she is capable of good taste. The dress she wore the night before her wedding was so good. I don’t understand how she can go from that to this monstrosity.

    • Leela says:

      There have been a few good looks, the AMcQ suit, the black dress, the black M&S sweater but the pants too long, and the one you mentioned, but most are bad and those are the ones where I think she is trying too hard to be fashion forward icon. The TTC off shoulder dress was the worst example of trying to be too trendy, and it was poorly fitted,too. The lampshade dress yesterday was good, but again had the feel of “I know I am being photographed and judged and I want to be seen as fashionable” Many commenters seem to like her holey jeans, but those, too, are a trendy choice.

      I think she also does not realize that her “audience” demographic is not all young, trend-following types.

  68. MousieBrown says:

    Wow, Diana certainly got all the good looks that gene pool had to offer.

  69. liriel says:

    My grandmother would probably wear this. Is it the worst wedding outfit? For me definitely! Meghan, did you see how you look?

  70. HeyThere! says:

    This dress ate her alive. If it fit better, I’d like it. I don’t mind the colors and style.

  71. milgen says:

    I like Meghan a lot but this time I cannot defend the dress. Everything is awful. The dress, the stupid hat and the hair looks undone in some parts. Is she not allowed a stylist?? I think her fashion before Harry was fine, not as groundbreaking as some people here claim, but it was well proportioned to her body. This dress is the worst I’ve seen from her.

  72. Tangie says:

    Like others I like the concept of the dress and what she was trying to do but the execution fell short. Meghan get a tailor!!!! The fascinator was a disaster and she could have done without it if she had a sleek updo.

    Which brings me to my final criticism, her hair. Let me start by saying I’m black (insert I have daughters so I can’t be sexist snark….. I get it but hear me out) and I understand that being biracial will have all sorts of issues separate from being black. I understand and support her choice to straighten her hair (brazilian blow out, straighteners, relaxers, whatever) but I have observed a lack of understanding by her stylist and maybe even herself of her hair texture. She tends to want to do mainstream styles on her hair without consideration for her particular texture. Even straightened her hair will move and sit different than a Cressida or Kate’s hair. So, I think when she tries to do the California cool girl messy bun thing it misses the mark. Having loose tendrils that still look good may require more product for her. I just remember liking a hairstyle concept but once trying it it looked completely ridiculous or unkept on my hair. Just something I noticed and I think that’s why she gets the flack she does for her hair. Clean, sleek, maybe tighter hold looks would seem better because of her texture. Does anyone get where I’m coming from? Not just women of color but any girl with the thick frizzy tighter coiled hair? I’m not saying she can’t have the look I’m just saying she may need a stylist more versed on POC hair.

    • Violet says:

      @Tangie – thank you for this! The loose hair also serves to obscure her pretty face in many photos, especially when in conjunction with a hat.

      And lastly, I notice that she is not wearing British designers (although she is with the hats). McCartney was the only one since the wedding itself. If I’m not mistaken, Charles is paying for this just as he does for Kate’s wardrobe, from the revenues from the Duchy of Cornwall – isn’t that taxpayer money? British posters can correct me if I’m wrong. But if that is the case, now that she is part of a representative monarchy, shouldn’t she be supporting British fashion? I don’t think the head of Givenchy being British counts, really. The company’s money and taxes are not flowing to British fashion.

      So far, disappointment in the Trooping outfit, the lampshade dress (sorry, I felt that was a miss, too), and now this.

      I think too much expectation is being piled on this woman to fulfill everyone’s fantasies about who she ought to be.

    • homeslice says:

      I’m not a person of color, but I have hair that does not like to cooperate. One gust of wind and movement and my hair is a mess. I think Kate falls into this category too. Her hair is often all over the place when down. When you are young you can get away with the messy hair. As you age, I’m 47, you need to have a more styled look or you look a mess. I often wear my hair pulled back because it looks better and I feel better too. I get why Kate and MM are always touching the hair…I do too when it’s down because I’m uncertain of how it is looking when it’s hanging loose.
      I do Brazilian Blowouts and they help just a bit, but it’s an ongoing battle. My best hair look is a bob above the shoulders. When I go longer it’s just not good.
      As for MM, so far her best look for me was the garden party. From the neck up was beautiful…makeup polished and hair very neat in place. IMO she needs to ditch the “messy” look.

      • Violet says:

        @homeslice – ITA. She would look lovely in a bob, and it would probably save the wear and tear on the ends of her hair, as those blowouts are notoriously brutal to hair structure, as she would keep cutting those off to keep the bob. I also liked the garden party outfit for its simplicity, femininity, and pulled together look.

    • Mego says:

      It seems to me that she had no struggle as an actress with her look but having to conform to her new reality is a huge learning curve for her I guess. She has really nailed many of her pre wedding appearance looks but is struggling post wedding – if it’s not her dress it’s her hair etc. I suspect as well that she has lost quite a bit of weight which is affecting her hair and how her clothing looks on her.

  73. Karen says:

    Did she look in the mirror???

    I like the dress on someone very tall.so wrong for Meghan.

    Who pays for clothing for private events?

  74. Nicegirl says:

    These posts are super fun! I’m with Bella DuPont and her followers on this one. Obvs they were having too much fun and our MM gets a pass.

    Get it MM

  75. Violet says:

    Absolutely awful from the hat to the hair to the dress to the shoes. You need to be 5’10″ with a small waist and long, elegant legs to wear this AND you need a large, wide brimmed hat. The proportions are so bad it made me wince.

    Maybe we should stop loading all this pressure on Meghan to be the Second Coming for the Windsors. Maybe she didn’t marry in to change anything, but to become part of something, a craving I totally understand.

    Can we just leave her alone to find her feet?

    And FWIW, although this was a particular fail for Meghan, the rest of the women, most of them, anyway, looked appalling as well. That includes the tall stunning Lady Kitty Spencer, heir apparent to the best of the Spencer genes.That dress was horrible. So was the one worn by the bride’s aunt, Lady Jane Fellowes. In fact, IMO, Lady Jane beat both Meghan and Kitty Spencer to the Frock Horror First Place Finish.

    I’d like Meghan not to try so hard to fit in with “born to it” English aristos, and to wear what looks good on Meghan the American born gal, about 5’4″, with her own body type, character, etc. I refuse to believe that the these aspects of her new wardrobe demands cannot be successfully blended!

    And if Mulroney is still styling her, can we take up a collection to bribe Mulroney to effing go home to Canada and stay there?!

    • FredsMother says:

      Everything you just said. Do you Meghan…please do not feel pressured by the boring Bristish aristos…and forgadsakes do not reference the continental neardowells…they can’t dress to save a monorachy let alone a life.

      Some more thought needs to go into her outfits. If it were me I’d be thinking how I want to go down in the history books. Overspending on frumpy designer labels, instead of investing in some classic, re-wearable pieces, with some one-off couture stunners, blended with some British High Street, and some American custom-made ish is how I would do it. Also get a tailor girl. Get a tailor. If all else fail: mimic Jackie O. Or watch how they dress Claire Foy in the crown and embellish that look just a tad. Ain’t no shame in faking it till you make it.

      • liriel says:

        Exactly, I’d think how I want to go down in the history books too. I thought Meghan was into fashion and probably is but neither Meghan nor her stylist has any idea how to dress her or style her hair. She’s pretty, she could stick to boring style for a while but this was atrocious. She’s not even too smart about it because she’s choosing expensive yet hideous items. Some couture, some cheep. But the most important, take a look in the mirror! A few models, actresses would pull it off but even they wouldn’t look anything special!

  76. Busyann says:

    Oh, I don’t know that it’s that bad of a dress. The dress is meant to flowy and very loose, but she got the wrong size. Another thing, I think the idea of a cinched waist is nice, but it looks like a hot mess 9 times out of ten. I myself own only 1 cinched top, even though I would love to own more but it’s just not flattering. I don’t think Meghan has bad style, I think she would benefit from learning to not buy something just because the idea is good or the look she is going for.

  77. JP says:

    I like the dress and compared to what some of the other guests were wearing she looked beautiful. The dress reminds me of something Naomi Watts would wear.

  78. joannie says:

    I loved the dress. Just not on her. It overwhelms her tiny frame . It would have looked lovely (I don’t mean to compare) on someone with Kate’s height and frame. The other thing is her hair. Its a mess! Get rid of the HW starlet style. Something shorter and more sophisticated would most likely be easier to manage. I’d like to see some of her natural wave but I wonder if its very healthy considering all of the treatments etc.

    • liriel says:

      Kate’s hair was too fake, polished and Meghan is a mess. Polar opposites.
      This dress would look ok on Kate but we’d still be saying it’s ugly. Kate picks ugly dresses and somewhat makes them work because she’s tall, slim. I agree with you that Meghan probably loves the style that isn’t working for her. I can’t understand how no one close to her tells her it’s bad.

  79. Wowsers says:

    Well if anyone was doubting dear Oscar had actually passed away, I present to you exhibit A.

    In seriousness though, this outfit kind of endears Meg to me even more. I suppose she thought it would be just the thing to wear to a country aristo wedding to try and blend in the background and not pull focus from the bride. Unfortunately the sheer fuggery of this outfit had ensured precisely the opposite effect. Ah well Meg, you live and learn!

  80. Kloops says:

    I don’t think – now stay with me here – Meghan Markle has a great sense of style. I think she has some ideas of what she likes but the narrative that she’s fashion forward seems a bit optimistic. Maybe she’ll grow into it. Right now I feel like she’s trying to dress a much larger woman. When she embraces her very petite size and specific shape she’ll have much more sartorial success.

  81. mela says:

    i think it’ s just too big.

    she is so petite she looks better in form fitting things up top

  82. veroS says:

    I think I am probably the only person who doesn’t hate this dress. But I love wearing flowing, boho maxi dresses. I hate the fascinator and shoes though

    • veroS says:

      I just followed the sun link and Lady Kitty’s dress is… Not good. Pity, because the color burgundy (?) is actually very good on her. Her friend’s dress is also not good.

      I still like Meghan’s dress but I do think she’s probably not the dress for an aristo British wedding. It works for a wedding somewhere more casual like in the States. I still hate the fascinator and shoes though.

      From the pictures at the link, the Countess of Spencer is best dressed.

    • liriel says:

      I love boho, flowy style style but it’s frumpy, she doesn’t look free-spirit like but like a grandmother.

  83. Monique Barrow says:

    It would have looked a lot better if it actually fit but really she seems to be having a hard time transitioning from actress/normal to duchess she needs a stylist to help her its probably hard with the cover up protocol and she probably have a lot of people giving her advice

  84. tw says:

    I’m trying very hard to understand this choice. It is easily 3 sizes too large.

  85. YankLynn says:

    I don’t mind the “idea” of it so much – summery, billowy, blue and white. Just its too huge. That shot of her hand reaching up when she hugs someone shows the fitted cuff grazing her knuckles for god’s sake. If it wasn’t so huge she wouldn’t have needed to clutch the split opening I think. She wore a long loose flowered long dress to that wedding a year ago or so – was it in Jamaica ? So I feel like that is her summer wedding go-to. But she looks so elegant in a dress style like the one she wore with the Queen that I wish she’d make fitted straight skirt line her uniform.

    Anyone else a fan of 4 Weddings & a Funeral ? Remember how Hugh Grant and his movie sister were always tumbling out of bed and dressing for weddings in the car or on the curb ? I lol’d and thought of that when I saw the video of Harry and Meghan climbing out of the car, hair askew and crazy hats and no jacket on …

  86. Mj says:

    I hated this dress! My first thought was, why is it so big? My second thought, why is she wearing a grandma dress? She needs help with the fit of her clothes.

  87. Violet says:

    Pippa’s wedding involved senior members of the royal family: Kate, William, their children, and, of course, Harry. There was also loads of speculation that Meghan might attend. And Pippa turned into a celeb through her highly touted figure at Kate’s much more global wedding. Naturally, there were more photographers and press coverage there than at one for a minor aristo no one would recognize on the street. No one would even recognize Diana’s sisters, let alone their kids. You might get a flash of recognition for Earl Spencer himself, because he’s touted himself around, but not that much. In fact, there might have been even less coverage for this wedding if Harry and Meghan hadn’t attended. Pippa was a celebrity when she married. The bride in this case is a nobody, however well connected socially. The coverage isn’t a surprise at all.

  88. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but she should’ve just gotten something from Erdem and raided Kate’s closet for a hat and been on her way. Yikes.

    • YankLynn says:

      MeghanNotMarkle I think Kate has worn goofy fascinators too but Meghan doesn’t know how to position it on her head right. I wouldn’t either, without a true Brit woman standing there and pinning it on for me. It should have been much further front on her forehead right ? I think ? Surely there’s someone on the staff who could help Meghan get ready for special events.
      The exasperation over tailoring is something we complain a lot about Kate too over the years. I mean they have next to nothing to do but plan out outfits for events that are scheduled the whole year ahead for them. Even if we say Meghan is busier than Kate, its still not busy in comparison to most of our day to day lives. So including some tailoring time seems so simple to me. Not like they’re stuck in the office all day and can’t do this but on the random lunch hour :(

      • liriel says:

        Exactly! They have all the time, the resources and help. It’s not that hard and the expectations aren’t too OTT. Meghan needs help with fascinators, hair and clothes. Does she pick the ugliest outfits available? Ugliest yet expensive. We went through Kate grandmother phase now we got Meghan and her problems. It seems like fashion and BRR isn’t meant to be.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        Oh, I know Kate’s tailoring is terrible and I’m not one who thinks she walks on water. But in this case I think almost anything from Kate’s closet would have been better than this outing. What happened to Meghan’s style? She wasn’t revolutionary or groundbreaking before the marriage but she looked nice and put together. It’s not that hard so why do both of them struggle so much???

  89. Andrea says:

    Is it possible she threw it together last minute?

  90. Canadian Becks says:

    I actually preferred the little dresses of these flower girls over the ones at Meghan’s wedding.

    And I LOL’ed at the boys’ outfits- they looked like miniature British Airlines pilots- complete with dress shirt, necktie and shoulder epaulets!

    • YankLynn says:

      Candadian Becks — I had to read the captioning carefully to check was that a relative of the bride (like a younger brother !) or the groom. Turns out it is the groom in the shot I was looking at but he looks like he’s 16 or 17 years old to me ! I guess I’m getting to the age where everyone looks like babies to me, but he really really does :)

  91. JRenee says:

    It looks better on the model because it fits better. I actually agree that this is at least 2 sizes too big for her..does nothing 4 her at all

  92. Royaltessa says:

    At first glance I thought her outfit was a parody of someone or something. I can’t help but think she’s trolling everybody with her outfit choices. There is no way she looked in the mirror and thought this looked good, so wtf is going on?

  93. YankLynn says:

    Here’s Kitty Spoencer in a billowy sleeve, floral dress and fascinator and to me she had it all right. The dress fits her and is in proportion to her body. I hope Meghan seems some of these shots of the wedding and a little bell rings in her head when she sees some of the other guests outfits. Kitty’s dress would have met Meghan’s goals – fluttery, big sleeves, flowers etc but tailored to her actual size Meghan wouldn’t have been drowning in it. And put her fascinator forward more if she’s going to wear the silly things. https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/a21579348/lady-kitty-spencer-princess-diana-niece-wedding/

  94. Elisa says:

    Her dress reminds me of the monstrosity Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala when she was pregnant and looked like a couch.
    Except Meghan’s dress looks like a bedspread. ;)

  95. Velvet Elvis says:

    She went from channeling Carolyn Bessette to this dowdy mess? Tragic. Someone within the palace is giving her royal style coaching and she’s following along because this isn’t her at all.

  96. Reece says:

    The dress is a lot of fabric on her frame, but the shoulders fit perfectly. I like the print. I’d wear it. It’s not show stopping, it’s just pretty.

  97. Donna says:

    Time to face facts. Meghan is not the fashionista everyone was predicting she’d be. Her choices have been more miss than hit. I don’t think she’ll ever evolve into a style icon, and that’s okay.

    • Violet says:

      @Donna – I’ve always thought fashionista a wrong aim for representational monarchy. TQ may not be a fashion idol, but there’s something so identifiable and reassuring about her look that she and it have become totally linked in the public’s mind. She always understood it was about relatable and timeless. FWIW I think Kate in her confused way gets this and aims for it, but with intermittent success. Meghan is now Harry’s wife, eventually (we hope and suppose) the mother of children who will be inextricably linked historically with the BRF – she doesn’t have to put herself over as anything but someone who wants to do her bit for the Firm. She doesn’t have to prove she deserves to get in, she’s already in. I think if she relaxes and eases into the work itself with simpler clothes, her smile and good will she will find pay more dividends than the chicest clothes.

    • minx says:

      I think you’re right. She’s so pretty and looked so good in Suits that expectations were high. She might not have the greatest taste…she needs someone’s help.

    • liriel says:

      I said it some time ago. She isn’t going to be a fashion icon if she doesn’t do 180. We hoped for a fresh air but it’s not happening. I just can’t believe she thought she looked great. Different tastes and all but this.. this is just bad.

  98. Addison says:

    She looks like Pippa in these photos and the dress she wore with the Queen outing was horrible. She looked like she was wearing a straight jacket.

  99. Katebush says:

    The last three outfits she’s worn are all horrid but at least the peach Trooping outfit and the dress she wore on her day out with the Queen actually fitted.

    I personally like the style and pattern of this dress but it’s just miles to big on her and the fascinate is awful! I agree with the previous poster who said i this would look more in proportion if it was balanced with a big wide brimmed hat.

    I think that people expected Meghan to be the polar opposite of Kate streamlined and sleek ala Carolyn Bessett but the outfits lately don’t show any innate fashion sense. Maybe she’ll grow into it .. it’s early days!

    • liriel says:

      Exactly, we hoped she’d be a nice change. Kate was dressing like a grandmother, had princess hair and Meghan can’t pick the right outfits, her hair is a mess and her style is just bad. Not fashion forward – ok, I understand but picking the ugliest dresses available for her frame – not cool.

  100. Jtea says:

    I don’t know what is worse, that she chose this godforsaken ensemble (everything was wrong, from the messy hair-don’t to the cheap toilet paper fascinator, the spiky pumps to the drapery ill-fitting thing on her)–or that she paid an exorbitant sum to wear a bedspread. She is increasingly becoming harder to relate to. It’s as if she’s become dazzled by haute couture but doesn’t know how to properly wear it.

  101. gbbarb says:

    William was participating in Cartier/Masareti Royal Polo Match. The Queen was there to present trophies. Kate was there with the children. Prince Philip was also there, looking very well

  102. Claire says:

    Why is anyone making excuses for her? She’s a mature woman. I’m sure she knows what she likes and doesn’t like. Everyone has their own taste. I personally don’t find her exceptional in the looks or fashion dept. so no expectations.

    • minx says:

      I’m trying to think of a look of hers that I unreservedly liked, and all I can come up with is her trouser outfit. It fit and she looked wonderful. Everything else has ranged from bad to okay to acceptable, nothing to write home about.

      • Claire says:

        Yes! That looked fantastic on her.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        I don’t know if anyone here watches The Path on Hulu but I keep thinking Meghan would look amazing in the wardrobe for Michelle Monaghan’s character Sarah, or even season 3′s Mary and Vera. The costume designer for this show makes statements with clean, simple pieces. Meghan could stick to her minimalist style with pieces like those.

      • Celebitchy says:

        I love that show and the costume designer is amazing. I would say season 3 Mary though as she’s more sleek and professional, think Queen Letizia. Sarah’s wardrobe is too 70s boho, but it’s also striking I agree.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        @Celebitchy Maybe not the high-waisted trouser outfits but the dresses Sarah wears are a good shape and could easily be adapted for Meghan’s events. I just find the clean aesthetic of the show’s costumes very pleasing. Especially those dresses in the Gardens of Giverny episode. All of those very French designs were gorgeous. I’m still torn on the boob flaps on Mary’s white summer dress, though.

  103. ladida says:

    Eh…it’s fine. It took Kate a while to find her “royal” voice too. It’s not that easy dressing up for these occasions. The cost is a PR miss.

  104. Sara says:

    I like it. Summer is hot. Billowy is comfortable.

  105. Nellyy says:

    Minx, that’s excatly what I’ve always said. Unfortunately, the ‘fashionista’ and ‘stylish’ label has been thrust upon her by the media when in actual fact, she’s just a normal dresser. Nothing particularly outstanding both pre and post wedding. People mistake Rachel on suits who is impeccably styled by a professional to Meghan. They think because Rachel was always well styled, it meant Meghan knows fashion. The fact that she didn’t pay attention for the many years she was on suits to how she was styled while on set and learn what fits her body type means she’s not the quick study we thought she was.

  106. CamoTime says:

    I find fashion in England is a lot more boho. She looks great and I like the dress.

  107. Patty says:

    Her character on suits was well dressed. The Duchess not so much. She should put the stylist who worked on Suits on speed dial. She knew how to dress Meghan (Rachel Zane) for her body type.

    The D. of S. apparently struggles with that, as most of her outfits have been misses due to fit. I guess she’s only been married for two months, so she has time to turn it around, but I’m not impressed thus far.

  108. Nelly says:

    I just saw on DM and it seems Meghan was trying to recreate Diana’s 1986 excat look with this horrible dress. It’s creepy to keep recreating the looks of a dead woman. Moreover, Dianas is tall and the dress fitted her well. Kate can get away with wearing this dress because she’s tall. Meghan is petite but it seems she doesn’t realize it.

  109. Racer1 says:

    She’s a typical american cali girl=trendy. How many times has someone said what she wears is “on trend”. Thats not a compliment.

  110. Sway says:

    I’m starting to think she really was preggers at the wedding :)

  111. Lizabeth says:

    Well, it doesn’t remind me of Meghan @Moonpie. She’s been married exactly ONE month today and has done a number of engagements including an away day with the Queen. Her clothes are at least interesting and she’s not flashed her privates. Who are you thinking of?

    I saw an article about the 11 times Meghan has copied Diana. It would be creepy if true. But one of the outfits was worn years before meeting Harry, one “copy” was a white shirt worn with jeans (I copy dead Diana too I guess), another “copy” was wearing a green print dress that looked nothing like what Diana wore except, gasp!, it was green, & another was wearing a black hat to a memorial service! Really? This dress is blue and white and Diana wore a blue and white long top with white pants…..we ALL must dress like Diana if we wear clothes.