US: Jennifer Garner ‘is enjoying dating a very special someone in LA’

Jennifer Garner Instagrammed tributes to her dad and her children’s dad, Ben Affleck, on Father’s Day. She called their kids “lucky” and she was vague but nice about his parenting, writing that their kids were lucky to have a dad who “loves them the way you love them.” It was similar to the way she’s behaved throughout their separation. (And the way she’s described herself behaving, through sources.)

US Magazine covered that story about Garner’s Father’s Day posts and they had some more insider quotes about what’s happening with her. Apparently these quotes are from April, when Garner visited Affleck on location in Hawaii, but I missed them at the time. People are understandably skeptical about US following their acquisition by American Media, but remember they’re the outlet that had exclusive details from her side after Affleck slept with the nanny on their family vacation in 2015. US drops the news again that Garner is seeing “a very special someone” and is ready “to give love another try.” I wonder if she met him while she was working on Peppermint or that Camping show she’s doing for HBO. I bet he’s someone connected to one of those projects. Here’s US’s quotes:

Earlier this year, Garner visited her ex on location in Hawaii for a joint Easter celebration, however, a source told Us Weekly that the reunion was strictly for their children.

“Jen was planning on only spending a few days in Hawaii with Ben and the kids, and then leave them with the nanny so that he could have quality time with them,” the source told Us at the time. “Easter has always been very important to Jen and they typically go to church as a family.”

The insider added: “A few weeks before the kids’ spring break, Jen decided along with Ben that she would spend a bit more time on the island than she originally planned. This was only done because of the kids. Ben and Jen are spending no time together alone without their kids, this absolutely isn’t a romantic trip for them. Ben is very serious with Lindsay, and Jen is enjoying dating a very special someone back in Los Angeles.”

Affleck is currently dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus. The two went public with their relationship in July 2017. Garner, meanwhile, recently began dating again. A source told Us in March that “Jen is ready to go with her feelings and give love another try.”

[From US Magazine]

Reviewing our past coverage, in March Garner was rumored to be dating a lawyer and she was seen out with a “mystery guy” in February, although outlets quickly forget about that. (Honestly I forgot about that.)

How great would it be if Garner started doing pap walks with her new man? You know he’s tall, dark, handsome and much more sober than her ex. (Although that’s truly not saying much.) I would like to see her premiere him right around the time Peppermint is out in September. I also think that her divorce will be finalized around that time. I picture her in my mind, smacking her hands together like she’s wiping off the dirt and walking away in heels, a slight grin on her face. Look at her style lately, she has her groove back. (I swear I wrote all that before I saw these photos of Garner at Violet’s graduation.)

Garner just posted this video ad for her baby food line, Once Upon a Farm, which is now at Target. I’m thinking that part of the deal with Target involved this kind of cross promotion on social media. She has almost two million followers and this video has received almost a million views in less than 12 hours.

This is obviously not the guy, it’s just Garner joking around with a dad at Violet’s graduation. Compare her expression to Affleck’s at the same event, below.


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  1. Snowpea says:

    Look she’s still the most annoying Hollywood mum ever but she seems more interesting and faceted lately so i really think she has moved on from Affleck finally.

    Still annoying though. And still wearing UGLY ORTHOPAEDIC shoes!

    • artistsnow says:

      Hey! Some of us have bad feet.


      • K-Peace says:

        Yes, exactly. I have extremely flat feet–my inner ankles roll right inward toward the floor/ground, and my feet cause me a lot of pain & problems. I NEED to wear sensible, supportive shoes (i can never wear sexy high-heels–not that I would really want to anyway), and it sucks to think that those of us wearing such shoes are laughed at.

      • K says:

        Some of us also can’t afford to buy overpriced high heels, especially when they may exacerbate injuries. I had a back injury that caused sciatica and had to choose between paying for another chiropractor’s appointment or buying a new pair of (not sexy but very supportive) shoes. I chose the shoes because they provided more long-term benefits. Comfy shoes when you have nerve issues like sciatica can mean the difference between feeling like your leg has a shard of glass stuck in it or not. It doesn’t mean I have bad taste.

  2. Lucy2 says:

    Good for her. Hopefully he’s more mature and together than her ex, and a better match for her.
    Despite the ugliness that caused their breakup, they do seem to have done well in getting along for the kids.

  3. French Girl says:

    Affleck is the father who said to think about movies/job/directing when he spends time with his children. He is only a good father when the paps are there

    • Milla says:

      The kids realize that sooner or later. If they think he’s their hero, let them. She’s not wrong for putting positive message cos those kids have friends and they don’t need more trauma.

    • Jayna says:

      Oh, come on. He said when he is in the middle of directing a movie, which is intense pressure, he finds himself thinking about the issues for the next morning or whatever. Who doesn’t have their mind on other things when busy at times while with their children?Look at all the moms who sit on Facebook or their iPad while being with their children. What he said every parent experiences. .

  4. anna222 says:

    Get it girl.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That is the weirdest “commercial” ever. It’s like something my friends and I would have made in highschool – badly acted and poorly filmed. I actually don’t get what she’s going for. She’s a huge star with millions of dollars in the bank and she posts THAT on her social media?

    • TMC1 says:

      I know… I think she is going for this down-to-earth, ‘relatable’ thing – her IG followers seem to dig it! It’s like that happy birthday performance in a field for Reese W. It seems …? Definitely even going for that vibe, the video could be better… But then some of what she posts I appreciate. The more she posts, the more of a stretch it is for me to see her and Affleck together but maybe she emphasizes her ‘mom’ side now. She seems like she doesn’t mind not dating for now ..

      • Amelie says:

        She’s ALWAYS been super cheesy and a bit extra. It’s not just part of her shtick that is really who she is. I’ve been following her since Alias and pre-Ben Affleck and pre-kids and she’s always been like this.

    • elimaeby says:

      I totally agree. My first thought was a high school history project some friends and I did about the first moon landing. It has all the same elements: bad acting, poor lighting, stodgy writing. I was embarrassed by it at sixteen. Is she going for beyond awkward or it this supposed to be (pardon the cringe-inducing phrase) “adorkable”? I am uncomfortable on her behalf.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I think she’s going for being silly, not taking herself too seriously, being cute. That’s her brand.

  6. JoJo says:

    If she’s dating, great. No reason she shouldn’t be. It’s been 3+ years since their split. That said, I don’t put any stock in US Mag now that it’s owned by the same company as The National Enquirer. Different set of reporters, and even if it was Garner’s “go to” previously, I doubt it is now.

    She’s still annoying to me and I think always will be, but I do think they seem to be doing well co-parenting.

  7. Elena says:

    I don’t think Ben has thanked Jen in any type of similar fashion. I think he called her “my coparent” which is fine but he could have also said “Jen” instead of making it sound like they’re both on some zoning board.

  8. Reef says:

    Jennifer Gardner is such a mystery to me style-wise. She’s worth MILLIONS but her casual street style is Kohl’s. I don’t get it. She has a great body and face. She’d be a dream to dress for a stylist.

    • Sherry says:

      She’s relatable to the Target moms. She’s branding herself as the friendly, likable, neighborhood mom. If she were walking around every day in $5,000 dresses or $500 jeans with $1500 shoes, the moms who buy her movies and organic products could not relate.

    • lucy2 says:

      She seems to do it up for the red carpet, but may just not be the type of person who enjoys spending a lot on fancy clothes for every day use.

  9. Tvtg says:

    Jennifer seems better without Ben …she is killing it. And can we talk about how good she looks at 46? Seriously she looks so good … I don’t why some people manage to keep looking good while others age like sour milk

  10. whatWHAT? says:

    damn, he looks like sh*t.

  11. katelyn says:

    I don’t buy it. Her people put that out there to distract from her gushing IG post over Ben.

    • Natalia says:

      If this is true, and Ben doesnt really look at them “that” way, maybe she’s doing a nice thing for when the kids see it years later.

      I don’t get the annoyance and disdain for this woman. I like her, always have.

  12. Carolnr says:

    Jen looks like she is very content, happy, younger & healthy now.. maybe she does have someone special in her life or maybe the divorce is going to be final. Ben is looking rough again in the latest pics on DM. Sad to see because he was looking better! I hope he is not struggling!
    She shows such class & strength for her children with that nice tribute to Ben on Father’s Day!
    I think they have been able to maintain a good friendship for their children & they have clearly put them first!

  13. smcollins says:

    I like Jen, always have. I even liked her & Ben as a couple. I thought she was good for him and for a while there he did seem like a better person when he was with her, but he could only keep his demons at bay for so long and there wasn’t anything she (or anyone else) could do about it. I know she’s not as squeaky clean as her image tries to sell, but that’s okay, we’re all human and have flaws. I hope she finds someone who will appreciate her for who she is and who treats her (and the kids) well.
    On a side note, Ben looks awful in that photo. His face is so puffy & swollen looking you can barely see his eyes. C’mon Ben, get it together! I’m rooting for him, too.

    • Natalia says:

      ^Nice post. And true.

      Although, I dont think he looks awful in that photo. Correction: the IG photo is good. In the other, yes he looks tired and stressed. He does have demons and they’re a huge Bitch to deal with. I don’t envy him, but no excuses.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Jennifer is a more interesting person now that she is not with Batfleck anymore.

    Come to think of it, all of his exes are. I am starting to notice a pattern.

  15. Amelie says:

    This is probably the best outfit she has worn in forever! I was surprised she actually wasn’t dressed in wardrobe for a movie set. She looks so much happier and lighter. Maybe her new relationship is making her feel giddy (if she is seeing someone). I’m glad she’s finally moving on, watcher her dig her heels in during their separation was really cringy. Time for a new chapter in her life!

  16. bren says:

    Nah, it’s not true. The US Mag article also states that the divorce was finalized back in Feb 2017. It’s a crap tabloid that can’t even get that much right. Jen is going to cling to Ben forever, just accept it and move on, lol. She’s still in love with him, has him on a pedestal, etc. There is no one else, there have never been any social media sightings of her out on dates, etc.

  17. yara says:

    Hmmm yeah, no. I don’t believe that she’s even been on a single date with a man in years. And I think it’s sad that she’s still hung up on Ben who by the way spent Father’s Day with Lindsay and her (their?) daughter, too. Blind gossip thinks that it’s THEIR daughter and x17 thinks that Lindsay is pregnant. It seems desperate and famewhreish to create a gushing IG tribute for Ben when he’s never done anything remotely similar for “coparent Jen.” But then, she is forever his doormat, right up to this day.

    • Carolnr says:

      It does seem odd that she would bring her daughter to Ben’s house on Father’s Day weekend & was papped doing so!
      In the pics on DM of Ben & Lindsay out for dinner on DM, Ben does not look well. This is sad to see! I hope Ben is not relasping!

      • JP says:

        Ben and LS looked miserable in the DM photos. JG’s best life may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she’s feeling pretty good about herself and it shows.

    • JoJo says:

      In one way, I can believe the IG post was genuine, but I’m also not above a little bit of side-eye on it too. Lindsay arrived at Ben’s new place one day before Father’s Day with her daughter, and it wouldn’t shock me if that played some role in Jen’s post. It certainly plays right into the minivan narrative, “Forever-wronged Jen continues to show grace and class while Ben cavorts with mistress.” Jen’s no fool – she knows the optics better than anyone.

    • mela says:

      I agree, she comes across as she is still pining for Ben with that post. He was with his girlfriend for crying out loud. To be honest, I think Jen is definitely crossing some boundaries with that post. Jen and Ben are no longer married, he is in a new relationship and I don’t feel it’s her place to write gushing posts with photos of Ben? She is worshipping him basically and it’s disrespectful to his relationship with Lindsay. And Maybe she did that on purpose to disrespect Lindsay while she is in town.

      In my opinion, Jen is trying to assert herself in this love triangle rather pathetically.

      I think Ben is still playing them both or the whole co-parenting thing him and Jen does gives Jen a false impression that there’s a chance to work things out still. Maybe there is, who knows.

      • KBB says:

        Jennifer is always going to push herself into Ben’s life. For whatever reason, she was (is?) madly in love with the guy. She is going to use their happily uncoupled family thing to go on vacations with him, spend holidays with him, and be an enormous part of his life. Obviously they share kids so some of that is to be expected, but she is going to take it way overboard, as she already has been.

  18. minx says:

    Not buying it, sorry.

    • Dora says:

      she is a beautiful clever lady, a millionaire, a Hollywood star, of course she is dating.

      • minx says:

        Then why don’t we see this mystery man? No one has ever snapped a picture of them on a cellphone? I don’t disagree that she is rich and beautiful but if BA wanted to get back with her, she would take him back.

      • Y says:

        …Except that she went out of her way to publicly reveal that she isn’t dating, hasn’t and isn’t even interested. So sorry!

  19. mela says:

    Yeah right she is dating someone. She just wrote a sappy pathetic tribute to her cheating ex husband Ben who has a girlfriend.That photo she posted of him – bunny boiler status.

    No grown man would date a woman who is writing tributes to her ex on instagram like that. She is literally worshipping Ben in that post. She is such a door mat. Did she do this to assert herself while Lindsay was in town with Ben? Again, Jen is coming off pathetic with her constant praise of Ben while he is with Lindsay.

  20. angela says:

    She’s desperate to create something like what the OG Co-Parent Queen Goop has going, the smarmy happy blended family stuff on social media and the side business. It’s not really working because half of the people who pay attention (maybe more) believe that she’s still hung up on Ben and it’s all just a ploy to win him back. Goop doesn’t look pathetic when she posts about Chris because she divorced the cheater without drama and then moved on to another man. Jen’s still clinging, legally and otherwise, and enjoys the perpetual speculation of being linked to him. She knew that her weirdo stans would froth and foam over her post about Ben. It got them fantasizing about a reconciliation all over again and that’s why she did it. She still can’t stand on her own without using him and their ex-marriage for press. It’s sad, really. At her age and for as long as she’s been in the industry, to be using an ex-marriage (that we all know was a charade and it was total chaos behind the scenes) and her three young kids to generate publicity for herself? She should be using projects for self-promotion. That’s what happens when you throw it all away for a guy.

  21. Carolnr says:

    They co-parent well with their children, especially at their children’s games. In the one gossip site , it shows Ben & Jen under a tree sitting together with him helping her go over her iines in a script. I actually think they get along better now than they have had in a long time. Some couples get along better when they are not married anymore!
    I dont think even the people who were rooting for a reunion want them back together now!
    Most of the comments i have seen have said that they would rather see Ben with the nanny than Lindsay! Now that is saying something!

    • angela says:

      It’s something alright… something called stupid. The nanny was an employee, trusted by Jen to take care of the kids. She had a relationship with all of them. And she went and slept with her boss’s husband. She’s what started the public spiral. Lindsay >>> the nanny, forever, and it’s not even close. If the crazies over on DM hate LS it’s because Ben chose to be with her over Jen, lol. They obviously aren’t thinking clearly to want the nanny back.

    • KBB says:

      That nanny always seemed like a stalker to me. She leased an old Lexus and posted it on instagram like he bought it for her lol. She got InTouch to put her up at Ben’s favorite hotel to make it look like he was footing the bill, then staged photos at the pool. I remember Jennifer’s sources saying that she thought the nanny was emotionally unstable even before she found out about the affair.

      Lindsay may be lacking in the morality department, but at least she’s not crazy.

  22. Mle428 says:

    The pics of her I’ve seen lately….she’s totally getting some action! Get it, girl!

  23. Silvie says:

    I love her. She was a hostess at a restaurant in NYC where some of my friends were waitstaff in the 90’s and she’s just a very nice, very down-to-earth girl. She was gorgeous then, too, obviously, but even as an aspiring actress she was never super into makeup or fashion. No ego. I genuinely hope that Peppermint recharges her career with some of the Alias energy that made her famous.