Alicia Silverstone: ‘Everyone says to me that I still look like I did in Clueless’


Alicia Silverstone’s latest project is the comedy/drama American Woman, based on the early life of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards. It debuted earlier this month on the Paramount Network, and it’s gotten some buzz. I wish I could share in the buzz, but I can’t find a way to stream the show (get on this, Hulu).

The seemingly ageless 41-year old actress graces the cover of the July/August issue of Redbook. In the accompanying interview, she talks about her role as Bonnie, a recent divorcee rediscovering her independence and raising two kids in the 1970s, and her own recent divorce after 20 years with husband Christopher Jarecki. Of course, the animal advocate and vegan lifestyle enthusiast also talks about wellness and her own fountain of youth. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On the transition to becoming a single working mother:
“Obviously, it’s heartbreaking. You don’t ever think you’ll be apart when you get married. All I can really say is that we’ll co-parent [7 year-old son] Bear together, and this is completely a good thing for both of us.”
On her dating life:
“Yes, I go on dates, and I find it very fascinating meeting interesting, intelligent, different people. I’m super excited about being available and open to whatever’s next. Of course, there’s a ton about it that’s confusing. I call my girlfriends and I’m like, ‘What does this mean?’”
On whether criticism from her book The Kind Mama tanked her confidence as a parent:
“Not one bit. Because my experience was women on the street who would say, “Your book changed my life.” I feel very passionate and confident with every choice I’ve made as a mom and as an activist. Anyone who has issues with it can have them; it doesn’t affect me.”
On wellness trends:
“I really think everyone has to be given the respect to do what they choose to do. Do I think I really know what works? Yeah. It’s no accident that everyone says to me all the time that I still look like I did in Clueless. I see the difference if I eat certain way for a day, so I choose to make more than one meal be that great meal.”

[From Redbook]

She really didn’t spell out what she does to look so great, so I can only assume it’s the vegan diet. I was unaware that she not only has a lifestyle website, The Kind Life, but two books, The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama. There’s also a line of plant-based vitamins called MyKind Organics. If only I didn’t get weak in the knees at the sight of a chicken wing or a plate of sushi, I could give her lifestyle a try, but I’ll just have to pass. It does seem like she’s surviving post-split and I’m glad American Woman has brought her back into the spotlight. Now, if only I could watch it.



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Photos: Redbook/Alexei Hay,

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  1. Anon33 says:

    I feel a very strong thirst coming on with this one.

    • wildflower says:

      Agree. And I realize this comment is probably meant to promote her books and her lifestyle blog, but there is something that bugs me when people compliment themselves. I have a co- worker who is constantly mentioning how tiny she is or saying that she looks like a teenager (she doesn’t), so maybe I am just fed up with that and Alicia just reminded me of my co-worker.

      • Lilly says:

        Ha ha. Yeah the old humble brag is pretty annoying.

      • Krakken says:

        She has a show to promote and has a team to get her photo ready. There’ is, I’m sure some vegan Botox and filler up in that face.
        I recall seeing photos of her during her down years and thinking ‘she is looking tired. And kind of wan. ‘ which I attributed to vegan diet and generally lifestyle wackiness.

        She is meh. Never been a clueless fan but she has shav d a few years from her age as when that movie came out she was my age or slightly younger. I’m 46.
        So yeah.
        Sit down Alicia.

    • MallieKiki says:

      So i just watched the first episode and she looks the same…but she also looks late 30’s and even early 40’s.She looks beautiful and is in great shape but her comment is yuck and makes me take that deeper look at her “age.” I am glad she is healthy and happy but I can say one matter how old she looks, I think most people would agree she is not a good actress. Meena Suvari, on the other hand does actually look like she has not aged at all.

  2. Adrien says:

    Stacey Dash and Paul Rudd still look the same.

  3. Val.the.runner says:

    She looks good, but she does not look the same as she did in Clueless!

    • Yeperz says:

      She has a personality nearly identical to my other vegan friend. Born skinny and white so they have unwavering confidence. I like her but couldn’t hang w that. I need friends who are sincerely humble and don’t have to be “right”. I’d venture to say she IS right, but it gets tiring.

  4. me says:

    Now had she been working a stressful 9 to 5 office job…or better yet 12 hour midnight shifts in a factory…

  5. Zakiyyah Muhammad says:

    She looks good but does not look 17. Which is great, everybody gets older.

    • courtney says:

      AGREED. we will never look like we are 21 when we are forty and we aren’t supposed to. im so sick and tired of this narrative that is pushed and women like her embrace. its ok to be 40 my god. you can look good and feel good at 40 without claiming to look 21. so gross. she is thirsty as hell. not a talented actor by any stretch so maybe this lifestyle career is a better fit? whatever im unimpressed

  6. littlemissnaughty says:

    Well, Alicia, people are lying then.

    She looks fantastic but not 19! And that’s okay. What’t not okay is her stance that nutrition can replace vaccines (if I remember correctly).

  7. Shannon says:

    She does look good, not sure it’s necessarily veganism rather than just genetics though. Am I the only one side-eyeing her age a little though? When ‘Clueless’ came out I could have sworn she was a couple of years older than me and I just turned 42. I could be totally wrong about that though *shrug*

  8. Erinn says:

    She looks good – but she’s also kind of clueless in general. Maybe she got it confused ahaha.

    But seriously – she pretty much has the same hairstyle and she hasn’t tweaked her face into oblivion. But she also is only 41 – it’s not like she’s THAT OLD. So of course she looks similar.

  9. Happy21 says:

    She looks great but I don’t think she looks the same as she did in Clueless. She looks like an older version of Cher. I saw her in Book Club and she definitely looks like she’s aged but hell she still looks fantastic! We should all be so lucky.

  10. Jenns says:

    To be fair, when I look in the mirror, I still think I look the same as I did when was 17.

    However, I’m 39, so I know this is not the case, lol.

  11. Other Renee says:

    When I saw her in The Book Club, I thought “She’s not aging well.”

  12. perplexed says:

    I don’t think she’s wrong about her looking youthful (then again, she’s not that old), but I’d be too scared to say it out loud in case everyone says, “Uh, no, you don’t.” It’s like opening yourself up to criticism you might not want to hear.

    I think it’s probably better to be like Halle Berry who is constantly told she looks young but never seems to say it about herself.

  13. Muprhy says:

    I like the show so far, and she does still look a lot like herself, because…she is herself. It’s her upper lip.

  14. Tvtg says:

    Compared to others she did not age well. Halle berry, Jennifer Garner are better examples

  15. Pix says:

    Bless her heart. She looks great, but she certainly does not look like her Clueless days. And good thing – no fillers or botox. She’s a natural beauty.

  16. Adorable says:

    I actually think she does look the same,but hearing her say it,for me is lil cringey…

  17. Emma says:

    I saw Book Club and I didn’t even realize she played one of Diane Keaton’s annoying daughters until the end credits…

  18. Bailie says:

    I think that she looks great, I would never guessed her to be 41 more like 31.

    It’s most likely combination of good genes and a healthy life style.

    She looks to be more of a natural beauty without much tweeking compared to many celebrities that are fake nearly from head to toe : fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake nails, butt injections, fake looking boob jobs, huge lips, sown shovel worth of make-up, over the top crazy clothes, 6 inch heels…

  19. Astrid says:

    Reminds me of GOOP and her “stripper butt” humble brag

  20. NYCTYPE says:

    She looks truly wonderful, maybe she had some work done, but she certainly doesn’t look to me like she had anything done.
    Nice hair, great face, with barely any wrinkles and not skin and bone either.
    To me she looks a bit older than in Clueless, but not by much.
    Very few women in Hollywood don’t look fake, good for her.
    Probably mix of good genetics and healthy life style choices over the years, it pays off later in life.

  21. Lisbon says:

    No, she doesn’t look like when she was in Clueless, but very close in my opinion.
    I would guess her to be 29-30 years old from these pics.
    Great skin, doesn’t look like she is injecting things into her face, really good hair, not over processed and bleached to oblivion.

    I love this more natural blond hair color, I can’t stand the platinum blond look.

    Slim, but not skinny, lovely smile, pretty eyes, fun clothing style, but not over the top.

  22. LoveBug says:

    Maybe she put on about 10 pounds since Clueless, I don’t see much more difference in her.
    I think she looks like she didn’t let herself go, but she also didn’t go nuts with botox and fillers.
    Beautiful woman, love her hair color, great blond, not fake looking, excellent skin and nice eyes.
    She is pretty without “going Hollywood”.

  23. xena says:

    She looks great and I love that she didn’t mess with around with her face. She is also not superskinny and that might also contribute to her beinig younger looking. At least that is something I noticed in my own family, after a certain age a little bit of fat does wonder for appearing to be younger.

  24. Yes Doubtful says:

    She could easily pass for mid-30′s and she looks amazing.

  25. Ba says:

    She could easily pass for someone 30-32 years old, it helps that she is not Hollywood skinny and didn’t go crazy with botox, fillers and other face treatments. Genetics and her clean lifestyle certainly didn’t hurt her beauty either. Those things make a difference as we age.

  26. Mle428 says:

    Corey, the Kind Diet book has some excellent recipies in it. Definitely worth the purchase to add to the cookbook collection. I’m an omnivore (lol) and have a few favorites in her book that I’ve marked.

    I met her on set a number of years ago, and she is the sweetest!!

  27. JANE says:

    I can’t say that I ever been a fan of hers, but she looks really good, not manufactured and stuffed full of botox and fillers. I would guess her to be 30-31. Looks definitely human like compared to many actresses. Nice to see that she didn’t let herself go, but also doesn’t look like a blow up doll…pretty, cute and barely aged.

  28. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    She definitely has that skin that looks thirsty, and she has obvious lines. She doesn’t look the same as in Clueless, save for the fact she’s the same actress. But I love that. She looks so real and un-tweaked. Beautiful.