Bradley Cooper has date with Renee Zellweger, paparazzi somehow find out

Renee strikes a pose after her date

Is Bradley Cooper’s agent setting him up with top actresses for the publicity? Do these arguably emotionally vulnerable women expect romance only to be met with tabloid headlines or are they complicit in this facade?

A couple of weeks ago, Cooper went on a date with Jennifer Aniston in New York that just happened to be captured by the paparazzi. A very suspicious super positive profile of Cooper then appeared in People Magazine a few days later – “He can cook! He can speak French! He’s a college graduate!” The date looked like a PR stunt to me in light of that “Bradley Cooper is awesome!” article that soon followed. Cooper later said he was “just friends” with Aniston. I thought there might have some feelings for her by the way he worded his statement, but most of you took it like he was giving her the brush off.

Cooper’s latest A-list conquest is none other than Renee Zellweger, who, like Jennifer Aniston, is a 40 year-old single actress who is often portrayed in the gossip press as a sad spinster who can’t keep a man. In Zellweger’s case she avoids a lot of publicity by keeping herself scarce, though. Now Zellweger has hooked up on at least one date with who we’re being told is the latest up-and-coming Hollywood property. Is Zellweger working to change her image too or was this a genuine date? If so, how did the paparazzi find them? At least they didn’t pose together afterwards:

If there is still anything going on between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston, it certainly didn’t seem to be on the actor’s mind on Tuesday night as he enjoyed a romantic Manhattan meal with Renée Zellweger.

The pair, who co-star in the upcoming Case 39, were spotted together at Antonucci, an elegant Italian restaurant on NYC’s posh Upper East Side, where one diner tells OK! that this was no friendly chow session.

“He pulled her chair out for her when she sat down and he kissed her on the hand,” says the witness. “If they’re just friends, they were being awfully affectionate!”

Renee and Bradley were seated at a corner table, where diners describe their behavior as “flirty,” “relaxed” and “cute together.”

In a white Henley, jeans and red sneakers, the He’s Just Not That Into You Hunk was more casually dressed than his dinner date, who sported a thigh-length black, bell-sleeved dress and strappy shoes with very high heels and carried and Hermes clutch.

“Throughout the dinner they were playful and flirty,” a witness tells OK!. “She played with her hair a lot, and she would often touch his arm when she was making a point about something.” The lucky celeb-spotter also reveals to OK! that Renée even leaned forward across the table on a few occasions to play with his napkin.

“At one point, he seemed to want to whisper something to her as if it were a secret,” says the diner. “He spoke into her ear and then they both started giggling.”

Perhaps not wanting the night to end too quickly, the pair remained at their table, sipping tea and chatting long after they finished their food.

When the check arrived, sources tell OK! that both Brad and Renée reached for it. “She told him she wanted to buy him dinner to pay him back for something,” says the witness. “And when he opened the check, it already had her card in it!” We’re told this little surprise caused Brad to blurt out, “You [expletive]-er!”

Witnesses also say that the 40-year-old Oscar-winner jokingly referred to herself as a “cougar” because of Bradley’s youthful 34 years.

After conferring over who was supposed to call whom next, the dining duo did their best to throw off the waiting paparazzi by leaving five minutes apart and hopping into separate cabs.

[From OK! Magazine]

Kaiser pointed out to me that both Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper are clients of Creative Artists Agency. There have been stories that CAA has tried to set Aniston up with guys for PR purposes. Zellweger used to be with CAA, but she just dropped them in mid June and moved to the William Morris Agency. Surely she still has contacts there, though, and I would bet that someone put a call in to find another date for Bradley. At least Aniston has had enough of the pretending and I would bet she gave him the cold shoulder after the “friends” comment. Zellweger needs the press though after her last movie, New in Town, didn’t do that well at the box office. She’s got another film coming out in limited release at the end of August, a 1950s era comedy with Chris Noth and Kevin Bacon called My One and Only. This tabloid relationship will be long over by then, though.

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper are shown after their date last night in NY. Credit: Sean Harding/

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  1. Guest says:

    Isn’t Renee dating Dan Abrams? She was definitely linked to him for awhile, and fairly recently. Did they break up?

    “In Zellweger’s case she avoids a lot of publicity by keeping herself scarce, though.”

    This sentence bothered me in that you are implying that Jennifer doesn’t keep herself scarce, as if she is a publicity seeker. Jennifer and Renee may be similar in a lot of ways, but Jennifer is a much bigger paparazzi target by far, and is almost constantly followed by photographers. Given that, there are very few candid pics captured of her.

    I wanted to believe that Jen and Bradley might be a couple as they seemed well suited and wold look good together. Now I’m beginning to think if anyone is alerting the media about Bradley’s actions it is Bradley himself…and Jen definitely doesn’t need another Mayer-esq man in her life.

  2. barneslr says:

    “Cooper’s latest A-list conquest is none other than Renee Zellweger”

    A-list? Not so much. Maybe a few years ago. She’s pretty much been over for quite a while. She did a few movies that were quite good-LOVED her in Cold Mountain especially. But that was then, and this is now. Except for voice-over work for some animated movies, she hasn’t had a box office hit in 5 years. She is definitely nowhere near A-list anymore.

  3. Sister Mary Francis says:


    First she put her lemon puss on DAN! NOW MR. COOPER?

    Keep your tart flavored tart off my men’s pie goods sour slut! LMAO!

  4. DD says:

    squinty eyes is pretty much 10 steps down from Jennifer Aniston.

  5. truth-SF says:

    Celebitchy, they have a movie called “Case 39” they did together. Not sure when it comes out, but it comes out sometimes this year.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Don’t worry, CB, I think Renee is more A-list than Aniston. Renee has an Oscar (and two more nominations to boot). Plus Renee is a really talented actress, although slightly crazy.

    I do think Bradley is “just friends” with most women, though. He’s starting to beep on my gaydar.

  7. Feebee says:

    @ guest “This sentence bothered me in that you are implying that Jennifer doesn’t keep herself scarce, as if she is a publicity seeker” HA HA HA HA HA HA ROFL.

    Since when does a harmless dinner date turn into an automatic “conquest”. Good grief, he’s attractive and sounds (via his publicist of course) very well rounded but he’s not that good. (Or maybe he is?)

  8. Alex says:

    ITAWU Kaiser

  9. diddy says:

    why do you immediately have to assume its for pr? Zellweger and cooper just co-starred in a movie together so they do already know one another; it could be a date or friends/co star catching up.

    and please am lol at the idea that beacsue two people are from the same agencey it most be that if they are dating its pr…. hello many people in hollywood either married or dating are from the same agency ; brad and jennifer were setup by their agents in CAA so why isnt anyone assuming that relationship/marriage was pr? LOL

    in fact CAA being the biggest talent agency in hollywood reps most of the celebrities , if you take a chance to research who repp and represnt clients you woudl find all that most if not all belong to the same agency; it would be like me saying demi and ashton is fake because they are both rep by CAA or that gwyneth paltrow and bard pitt was fake because they are both rep by CAA then and still are , or gwyneth paltrow and chris martin for that matter.

    celebitchy compalins that the tabs paint these women as sad spinster who cant keep a men, but by immediately jumping to the conclusion that its pr when they are either linked to a guy or on a date/dating a guy you are basically buying into that protryal of them by the media as sad loney spinster who can have men but having to result to showmance .

    i don’t see why renee or jennifer would need that unless they had something to hide, maybe if they were sceretly gay or rumoured to be gay like tom cruise i would understand ; but no way am i buying that they need showmance when they are both pretty hetero sexual women that many men would want to date.

  10. geronimo says:

    Aniston is not now and never has been a top actress. A hyped celebrity, yes. A top actress, no. Renee Zellwger is, on the other hand, a talented, versatile actress with a damn good CV who does her best to keep herself and her business private. No comparison between these two women. At all.

    Agree with diddy re it probably just being a friendly dinner date and that Renee’s not in the habit of fake-dating for publicity.

  11. hmm says:

    If they have a movie coming out then it’s Definately for PR. Too obvious.

  12. Lem says:

    of course it’s pr. Renee is rarely shot and is masterful and hiding. Here she is clearly posing for the photogs.
    She looks great. squinty, but great.
    Love the modern mary tyler moore pose. love the coat (press much). Love the shoes. Hair’s a miss.

  13. Iggles says:

    Wow Kaiser. That’s sad but true — Renee is more A list than Aniston!

  14. jesa says:

    this is pr

    she is not more a list then aniston maybe a few years back but not now, i think bradley tipps the paps

  15. Ned says:

    They are both capable actresses.
    Not sure what’s going on with Bradly Cooper and what his PR people are trying to pull.

    It’s still a lot better than what Leighton Meester’s people are doing with her.

  16. Jazz says:

    I can see the headlines now. “Poor Jen dumped for Renee – will she ever find love?”

  17. Nebraska says:

    I’ll have to ask my hairdresser about this one…

  18. PJ says:

    In Hollywood, if you go out for dinner once, it’s a “relationship.”

  19. Kelly says:

    The bottom line is that Cooper’s career can be helped by a link to either of them. He’s still on his way up, and while Zellweger might not be A list anymore, she’s still a rung or two higher than he.

    (Jazz: ha! I can see it too!)

  20. El Predicto says:

    Love the hailing a taxi pose…straight from the Paris Hilton school of posing!

  21. Fan of none... says:

    Who is “more” A-List? —

    It’s enough that there is a list, then “The List” is ranked by letter, now there are subdivisions?

  22. raven says:

    Zellweger is definitely A list. And Cooper likes men. She’s dated (and married) men who ping on the gaydar before.

  23. the original kate says:

    i like renee, squinty eyes and all. but she needs to eat a cupcake or something.

  24. morgs says:

    It was obviously Steven Huvane since he is the MASTER OF THE PR UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!

  25. diddy says:


    LMAO good one, i concure it all the work of that evil pr genius master Steven Huvane…

    in-fact i blame him for everything lol

  26. Charity is Chic says:

    Renee more A-List than Aniston? LOL. Despite her Oscar win, Renee hasn’t had any sort of career in years. She keeps herself scarce? You mean she keeps her career scarce. If Bradley hadn’t gone out with Aniston a few weeks ago, this dinner with Renee would NOT have made any news. Just like Cameron Diaz spent an entire year with one of Jen’s flings and he was still referred to as Aniston’s Ex. Scratch that, he is STILL referred to as Aniston’s ex, not Cameron’s. LOL.

  27. imo says:

    Aniston is A list because of being ex Mrs Pitt just like Katie Holmes and Jada Pinkett is A list because they married an A lister. If Aniston hadn’t married Brad she would w ith be all other Friends costars B/C list. Renee is an Oscar winner and one othe highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She’s just low profile, anti Hollywood scene so less press

  28. Kristin says:

    Totally agree imo. The only people who think Aniston is A-list are her nutty fans. My boyfriend still calls her the “friends” girl who posed naked to promote a dog movie. Renee is an Oscar winner! She may not be as popular as she used to be, but she has the goods, talent-wise. Aniston is a no-talent hack who uses her love life to fuel her crappy movies. But, her last movie, Management, only made $850,000! So, without a dog or better co-stars, she fails. She’s all pr games, hype and hot air.

  29. cleveland says:

    Looks like Bradley and Renee are following the “Jennifer Aniston” method to more FAME than you deserve. When your talent is lacking, just “date” other famous people, generating more publicity & hype. Let’s call it, PRETEND f***ing your way to the top. If it worked for Aniston, it will work for you!

  30. Camille says:

    Well said Kristin!

  31. Dirty Martini says:

    Face it, folks: Renee is a legitimate, Oscar award winning and multiply nominated actress who does possess talent, but who is clearly one enchilada short of a combination plate if you know what I mean. And she doesn’t need a man for any reason. As a matter of fact, more than a few have been thrown over by her (Carrey, rumor has it Clooney, and lets not even talk about Chesney).

    Jennifer ANiston is a legitimate former TV star whose number 1 fame to claim is not “friends” but being dumped by the hottest guy on the planet so he could go be with the hottest woman on the planet…..oh, and then hooking up randomly with anything that comes within her peripheral vision in order to try and make her look desirable in the eyes of the famous hot ex.

    Oh BC is definitely trading up if he’s sniffing after RZ in lieu of JA.

    But the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior: RZ will drop him before he learns to spell her last name.

    And JA will bore him before he learns wha her last name is.

    If he doesnt watch it, he’ll turn into John Mayer.

    Only cuter.

  32. Josephina says:

    Dirty Martini_

    Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol… oh, my sides hurt, lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kath Jaynes says:

    I completely agree with Kaiser… BC is on my gaydar too… hot male star of the summer needs to be seen out and about with women. Why not take a few openly available women out on dates around NYC?

    Renee has experience with the role of “beard”, her marriage to Kenny Chesney ended because of “fraud” aka he likes men

  34. jann says:

    it seems there is nothing left for me to say about the fake,non talented actress, that is Jen A. you smart people see through her, some people just can’t or won’t accept the fact that Jen pulls everything in the book to stay relevant, she has to, what else is she if not, some body’s girlfriend,staring w/ more talented actors,publicity stunts, taking off of clothes, pretending to be interested in charities, calling the paps every chance she gets, throwing up how much money she earns ea. yr.