Evan Rachel Wood told Bono that his music is depressing

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It’s no secret that I don’t really care for Evan Rachel Wood. She’s not really that bad, but there are just a few little things that grate on my nerves about her. However, after I read her ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson’s recent comments about her – that he wanted to “smash her skull in” – I had been feeling more sympathy for her. Anyone who pissed off Marilyn that much was probably doing something right.

Now I don’t know what to make of Evan after reading this interview excerpt she gave to the London Times (story via OK! UK). Evan is about to star as Mary Jane Watson in the Broadway musical version of Spiderman. She’s already dyed her hair red, and she should fit into the role pretty well. Bono and The Edge are writing the music for the show, and when Evan came face to face with them, she whined to them that their music was “depressing”. Uh… I’m coming down on the side of “Evan is not worthy.”

Evan Rachel Wood had harsh words for BONO and THE EDGE when she met them – she told the U2 stars to make their music less depressing.

The actress is set to take on the role of Mary Jane Watson in the new musical SpiderMan: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway, which will debut in February (10).

U2 frontman Bono and guitarist The Edge are writing new music for the musical – and Wood found herself giving them tips at a recent meet-up.

She tells Britain’s The Times, “I was like, ‘Bono, I know you want to save the world and everything, but in this song you’re talking about poverty and world hunger and it’s Broadway. Can we lighten this up a bit, can I just not sing this?”

“He was like, ‘You’re right, I know, we have to try, we have to try’.”

[From OK! Magazine – UK]

I’m sure Bono was really like “Get away from me, little dumb girl.” It sounds like Evan was criticizing the music they were writing for the Broadway show specifically, doesn’t it? She wasn’t really issuing a general complaint against U2’s music in general. Because if she’s whining about U2 in general, that’s enough to make me Team Bono forever and always, and I have huge issues with Bono (all non-music related). Could it be possible that Evan has a point, though? Is Bono trying to force some songs about debt relief into the Spiderman musical? Sigh. Why can’t U2 go back to writing songs that were iconic and you know… not about debt relief?

Evan Rachel Wood is shown on 6/26/09 at the Swarovski Crystallized Concept store grand opening in NY. Bono is shown on 6/6/09 going to vote in Dublin. Credit: WENN.com.

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  1. photo jojo says:

    “Why can’t U2 go back to writing songs that were iconic and you know… not about debt relief?” Because Bono, for all the good he does in the world (and he does do some good), is a self absorbed narcissistic @ss?

  2. viper says:

    His music is depressing.

  3. ash says:

    eh, she wasn’t as prissy as the article made her out to be. It wasn’t exactly nice of her to say, but she seemed to have a playful tone. oh well, who cares.

  4. Sister Mary Francis says:

    I think her comment was about the broadway music.
    But for all I know BonBon could have used her nasty love life as inspiration for the downer tunes.

    I feel like people look at this child and think to themselves in their inner sixth grader voice and go ” EWWW MANSON TOUCHED YOUR NAUGHTY BITS!!!!!”

    Same with Dita…. she be tainted in my eyes!

  5. DD says:

    So does Marilyn Manson’s music make her feel happy and light hearted?

  6. Feebee says:

    Bono, great musician that he is, shouldn’t be above a little constructive criticism. I don’t know if he’s ever written for Broadway before, it’s a different animal.

  7. sa says:

    What the Hell does she know about U2? Isn’t she like 12? Doesn’t she know how to respect her elders?

  8. Jazz says:

    The fact she went out with Marilyn Manson and tried to pass herself off as Dita 2.0 is depressing.

  9. Ned says:

    Bono is an easy target now.

    With his hypocrisy revealed, his narcissism and his tax evasion, he has angered enough people to make him an easy target.

    His support of cruel and corrupt dictatorship in Africa, doesn’t help either.

    Maybe he wrote mediocre music and she wants the best for her musical?

  10. gg says:

    EVAN, your choice of boyfriends is depressing.

  11. Persistent Cat says:

    Or it’s her way of ensuring we know she’s not a gushing fan, that she’s ultra-cool and totally says what’s on her mind. Idiot. If I met Bono and The Edge, I’d thank them for the music they gave us and the music they’ll continue to give us. Knowing they are involved in the music would be the only reason for me to care about that musical.

  12. Kat says:

    What dictatorship would that be, Ned?

    Gotta love bitter Radiohead fans.

  13. ash says:

    rofl Kat

  14. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Ned needs another peanut butter on white bread with the crust trimmed off and glass of lukewarm tap water on the side to calm down. His reality seems to be running contrary to the facts again, but for him facts have a known liberal bias.

  15. justsaying says:

    This probably is not true and Evan Rachel Wood and Bono were in “Across The Universe” together so they already know each other.