Is it unfair to criticize Karlie Kloss for speaking out about children in cages?

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Karlie Kloss has been dating Joshua Kushner for years now. The Kushner family used to be closely associated with Democratic Party politics in New Jersey and New York, but then Jared Kushner married Ivanka and suddenly Donald Trump thought Jared could solve every single problem in the world. Jared and Ivanka mostly just haunt the West Wing. Still, they’re “powerful” in the sense that they’re two of the few people who can actually get through to that fat Nazi. Anyway, this is about Karlie and how she’s dating Joshua Kushner, Jared’s brother. Some have said that the rest of the Kushner family is embarrassed by Jared’s place in this administration, but I consistently get the vibe that Jared and Joshua are still pretty close. So what do you make of Karlie posting this message?

For one, Karlie is not a very political person. She doesn’t chime in on many issues of the day, although she did attend a Women’s March or two. Secondly, she’s acting like she’s merely an outsider looking in on this administration, like her boyfriend’s brother isn’t Senior Adviser to the President, or whatever Jared’s gaudy catch-all title is. So is it fair or unfair to criticize Karlie for posting this? Most of her followers praised her for taking a stand – a pretty easy stand to take, to be honest, if we really have to “take a stand” against putting babies in cages.

So, here are some sample comments from this tweet:
Tell your bestie Ivanka!!!
You keep saying what you are saying. It doesn’t matter who your boyfriend is. Stand up for what is right for this country.
Isn’t your boyfriend’s brother Jared Kushner? Why don’t you pick up your phone and call Jared.
Call your brother inlaw
You pick your phone! You’re closer to ending this nightmare than most of us #calljared #callivanka

Again, I’ll ask: are these comments fair or unfair? Eh.

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    • Eliza says:

      I think it’s unfair to criticize her for speaking out. She is not her boyfriends brothers keeper. Her and her BF went to marches. Should every one boycott an entire family because 1 guy in it prefers power over human rights? How is this weasel her fault?

      • flan says:

        Exactly Eliza.

        She is taking a stand against the most powerful member in her boyfriend’s (not even her own) family.

        Don’t see why we should slam her for that. Quite the opposite really.

      • Lua says:

        Exactly! Why is she responsible for her brother’s brother???
        She’s a celebrity with a high profile, not just offering sympathy, but offering a way people can make contact and express dissatisfaction. Why crucify a woman because her boyfriend’s relative’s father in law sucks?

      • vvc says:

        Also, let’s be honest – if she wrote she’s trying to get something done using her connections, people would laugh, call her a stupid blonde and tell her to stick to posing in front of a camera. Look at the comments K. Kardashian got when she got involved in politics (human rights are not really politics to me, but whatever). Women can’t win.

      • SK says:

        Both Karlie and Joshua were public about the fact that they voted for Hilary. Joshua can’t help what his brother’s choices are and Karlie certainly cant help what her boyfriend’s brother’s choices are. Many of us have family members who believe things we don’t agree with, or are Trump supporters, etc. My sister’s parents-in-law LOVE Trump – much to the horror of my sister and her husband.
        Being a family they just have to try and keep politics off the table or they will destroy their relationship with each other. Karlie and Joshua attended the women’s marches, they have regularly and consistently supported liberal causes. Karlie should not be silenced because of something her boyfriend’s brother and his in-laws are doing. Let her speak up – all people have the right to speak, to protest, to take action.

    • Alissa says:

      I think it’s unfair. my brother in law is so conservative Republican that he has a picture of Trump on his fridge. he knows exactly where I stand, and I know whether he stands, but I’m not dating him. I married his brother. sure can feel however she wants about issues.

    • Say what says:

      Not unfair but also not strategic.

      Thousands of people speaking up and contacting their legislators is almost always infinitely more powerful and influential than the power of one person to influence someone not directly connected to them.

      And really, how much influence can Karlie Kloss have over boyfriend’s brother’s father-in-law, especially knowing what we know about DJT.

  1. Natalia says:

    First of all let’s get this straight: Kushner’s been bearding for Kloss (and likewise??) all these years now.

    I do like that she’s spoken out.

    PS Kaiser your Snark is Always on point but this post takes the cake for me. Love it.

    • Sara says:

      Why is this so certain? I’m really curious. They seem like a couple, albeit a low key one. Surely Karlie as a fashion person wouldn’t be out of place as an out queer person?

      • Natalia says:

        Then why doesn’t she come out? Oh wait…

      • Sherry says:

        I don’t get that either. It’s not like being gay or lesbian is a hurdle to being a successful model. And what’s in it for Joshua? He’s not a public figure. You would think that if he was gay, someone, somewhere would have gotten some kind of photos of him with a boyfriend over the years.

        I think they’re just two low-key people who are in a long-term relationship.

        She’s doing what she can as a private citizen on this issue. I think she’s fine.

      • Mel says:

        @Sara – why was she living with Taylor Swift – two rich, grown women living together? I mean ok?

        @Sherry – because being out as a lesbian is a hurdle for Taylor Swift. Not even sure they’re together anymore, but if Karlie comes out then all the questions will come flying.

        Yes, I am in on the Kaylor conspiracies. Oh well, down the rabbit hole I went.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Being an out lesbian/bisexual is a huge problem for someone like Karli who models in countries that don’t accept anyone LGBTQ+. To get the fat contracts a model has to be as benign as possible. There can be no controversy or she is a problem in many global markets like lucrative Russia and Eastern Europe. Latin America or other Catholic markets would close to her.
        She can’t come out even if she wants to without damaging her career. It would also mean ?s about everyone she associates with.
        We may not care but sadly many people across the globe aren’t as open minded.

      • Veronica S. says:

        There is plenty of thriving homophobia in the country, particularly in the more conservative upper echelons of Hollywood industry. Do I think it would be as destructive as it once was? No. But can I understand why people are afraid to come out and be branded by their sexuality within the industry and media? Yeah, kind of. We’re only two years removed from the Pulse nightclub shooting, after all.

      • monette says:

        Cara Delevingne is openly gay and is very successful. I would say more successful than Karly.
        I don’t think your argument stands.

      • QueenB says:

        “Not even sure they’re together anymore, but if Karlie comes out then all the questions will come flying. ”
        Thats a good point. If she is gay or not it would turn the attention towards Taylor. Just like Taylor couldnt possibly come out. Not only because of her republican fanbase but she based her entire image on dating men.
        Im curious if one of the men Taylor dated will come out. From Taylor Lautner, Harry, Jake etc at least one them must be gay.

        @monette: I dont think you can really compare them. Cara has always been allowed to be the wild child, mainly because of her nepotism background, her family is influential with Conde Nast. Also think about how Cara dropping a bag of white powder in front of paparazzis wasnt a scandal at all.

        In that sense Cara profits from being different from the majority of people. Karlie is bland and beige and anything that deviates from that norm would damage her brand.
        Cara would suffer if she dialed it back.

      • magnoliarose says:

        What QueenB said ^.
        Cara is connected to Conde Nast among other strong connections and her image allows her a lot of room to be different. She is probably the most connected of all of the Nepotism models combined. She also has the luxury of being able to turn down contracts that Karlie can’t.
        Modeling is a career that post 25 depends on lucrative contracts and banking enough success as a younger model to be able to demand high paychecks. Fashion is always looking for younger and fresher faces. It is the nature of the industry.
        Unless an “older” model has close ties to people with power behind the scenes or has been a moneymaker in a lot of markets her career fades. It is a stepping stone career, not a destination and a model has to make as much money as she can before she retires.
        Unlike some models who work well into their 30s because they are fashion darlings (and have kept their private lives private) Karlie has chosen to attention seek so her private life is part of her career. She has benefitted from it so far.
        I find her bland as a stale saltine but others don’t so she works.

      • vvc says:


        Cara’s also ‎5 ft 8. Doesn’t mean everyone else can be too. Look up who her godfather is and how she got discovered.

    • Moon says:

      Isn’t the whole thing about her being a beard just that…”blind gossip” and therefore unsubstantiated and fantastical

    • girl_ninja says:

      Clearly YOU want her to be gay. Maybe she’s just a woman in a relationship with a man right now. Why so pressed?

    • Milla says:

      Omg are we going to stop outting people? Especially the ones who aren’t gay?

      Karlie has every right to speak. She’s not her boyfriend or his brother or whatever. It’s like judging Meghan cos of her family only worse cos this isn’t karlie’s family.

      • Daniell says:

        This obsession with trying to out celebrity is horrific People wonder why people don’t come out is because of people making such a huge deal about trying to out people is incredibly cruel and has a trickle down effect in society and has a huge effect on victims people kill themselves because of it as for blind items you would think people had learned a lesson after the Harvey weinstien case Gretchen mol career was practically desrroyed by false rumours

    • TrixC says:

      The idea that she would spend years living a lie to protect the reputation someone she possibly used to go out with is bizarre to me.

  2. BaronSamedi says:

    They’re unfair comments. Do we really expect her to be able to influence the Administration? If she actually had that kind of power it would be a scandal of epic proportions (on top of all the scandals we are currently dealing with).

    And yes, it is a pretty easy stance to take but then again how many of the Republican Congress, who are actually in a position to do something about it, have done the same?

    She is a model. She is not responsible for policy change. It’s easy to bully her about it in the face of all the impotent rage about the administration but come on…

    • Cate says:

      I agree….it would be massively scandalous and inappropriate for Karlie Kloss to be able to determine policy just by calling up Ivanka or Jared. Also, who’s to say she hasn’t ALSO been talking to Ivanka and Jared? Maybe she’s the one who told Ivanka that separating children from their parents looked bad?

      The fact is that if Congress was feeling enough pressure, they COULD override what’s going on at the border. They could pass legislation to stop it and if 2/3 of Congress agreed to do so, it wouldn’t matter what Trump said.

      Karlie probably knows as well as anyone that Trump is unhinged and unpredictable and that getting him to promise something today means absolutely nothing tomorrow. Working on legislators IS more likely to be effective, long-term.

    • miss pumpkin says:

      Well, surely it is nice of her to encourage policy change.
      But thing is that her track record of charity points into direction of a possible public career in something more political than catwalk. It is also fair to point that out, too.

    • Christina says:

      @baronsamedi, you hit the nail on it’s head. We have enough unqualified people influencing the US government right now even though I agree with her 100%. And plenty of people can’t influence their deplorable families members, anyhow.

    • Louise177 says:

      People sound stupid acting like Karlie has influence of Jared. Why would he choose his brother’s girlfriend over his wife and father in law? People really lack commonsense.

  3. Lara K says:

    Yeah like she has any say whatsoever with Jared.
    let her speak!

  4. Feebee says:

    I don’t think those replies are particularly critical. Not for Twitter at least. I certainly wouldn’t be criticizing her for speaking out.

  5. Skylark says:

    She shouldn’t be defined or restricted by who she’s dating. She has every right to protest this abomination. Those comments on her tweet are mostly infantile if not actually moronic.

  6. Electric Tuba says:

    Anyone even remotely tied to this Nazi administration needs to be heavily criticized and shunned until they get the damn picture. You banging a Kushner? You have potential access to Jared’s scrawny neck? Unless you’re using your opportunity to choke him or one of these monsters out then I don’t want to hear lip service about “stopping” the nazi practices.

    • fishface says:

      Electric Tuba – I love your rage. Thank you – and I am entertaining myself with a quiet fantasy about what you might do if you had access to Jared’s scrawny neck. And once done with him, please please go after Stephen Miller….

    • K.T says:

      Yes, I think it’s got to urgent action on all fronts needed. I feel anxious. The last time I felt this way was before a banking crisis…so my policy is now speak out in any way possible and if that doesn’t work at least document the times to make a repeat harder!
      Butttttt…I watched Karlie in talkshows promore coding camps for girls. It’s actually an admirable initiative and she’s also seems to be doing it because it APPEARS admirable. If she really wanted to affect change…go hard IN on your boyfriends family. The Kushners (brother, father and sister) have been and are doing terrible things. My journo friend saw them (sister and Kushner team ) imply that they could sell *access for US visa’s in Asia – this is so unethical and under-reported because there are too many daily scandals.
      For Karlie to latch onto protesting one highly visible part of governmental policy is still needed but quite lame. It seems as if the Kushner family is just as corrupt as the Trumps and if Josh is profiting from the family business (as it appears, so far) and yet keeping silent on unethical and felony issues: Complicit complicit complicit. Therefore Karlie is either naive, careless or wilfully blind.
      In my opinion, she may see things are going to be revealed soonish, or that this is all a bridge too far for the general public, and that some ‘protest-look’ is needed for themselves and the brand?!

  7. Ophelia says:

    I think it’s very unfair. She has no access to policymaking. She is doing what she can within the scope of her powers. Of course we don’t know what she’s saying behind closed doors, but I’m guessing she spoke to her BF about this too.

    But to influence Drumpf? Not unless her first name is Ivanka.

    Let her speak! Don’t now discourage her into silence! We need everyone to speak up! And speak often!

    The one thing I’m afraid of is that the ones who are standing with us are being so bullied for not “standing the right way/correct way according to some” that they become afraid, silent, or even cross to the other side.

    We need all the ally we can get.

    • flan says:

      Yes, this.

      It’s the whole thing (the one of the right side needs to be purer than pure, while the republicans can be as trashy as they want) that hurt Hillary so much.

      I find it quite ridiculous that she would be bad for taking a stand on the right side. It would have been way easier for her to say nothing.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Eh, in these times, her white feminism is showing so yeah, she fair game.

    • Anika says:

      Tiffany: Please tell me how her “white feminism” is showing as she champions the cause of getting Latino babies and children (mainly from Central America) released from the cages they’ve been locked into? If you use an expression inappropriately and TOO often, such as the way you use the term “white feminist”, here, then it becomes less meaningful, even in places where it can importantly, correctly be applied. Frankly, if Karlie wasn’t white, you wouldn’t think she was “fair game” to criticize for her efforts to free children. That’s pretty narrow minded and short sighted.

  9. perplexed says:

    Is she actually friends with Ivanka and Jared though? Her boyfriend is a Democrat, and if he can’t influence his brother and his wife, I don’t get how she can. Heck, even Justin Trudeau can’t seem to influence Ivanka, and she always looks like she wants to sleep with him.

    What ARE the family dynamics between Jared Kushner and his brother? Unless we actually know the family dynamics, I don’t see what we can say about Karlie that can make her “convince” Jared and Ivanka to do better. I figure both brothers are on speaking terms in the way siblings who live apart geographically might be, but could also be distant from each other because of their political leanings. I also can’t picture Kushner’s brother dying to hang out at the White House on the regular either.

    Sure, we can criticize anyone, but I also think the criticisms have to make sense. By posting to Instagram, she’s at least provided a way for others to get their voices heard by calling the House of Representatives. People banding together to call in droves probably holds more sway over what Donald Trump is thinking (since he cares so much about image rather than anything else and whether he’s perceived as a “winner”) than what she could say to Ivanka, who I really don’t think does much of anything anyway to influence her dad.

    • Lucy says:

      Yes. Before the trump campaign, she would hang out with Nazi barbie and Wendi Deng.

      • perplexed says:

        But is that the same as being close to someone? We see pictures of people like Uma Thurman seemingly socializing with Harvey Weinstein — doesn’t mean any of these people can stand the man or having any relationship with them outside of someone asking if a photograph of the two being taken.

        I also think Ivanka Trump has to be one of the thickest people ever. Ditto for her husband. They’re absolutely THICK. I don’t think anybody can get through to them, even if they socialize with them.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Jared and Ivanka used to be Democrats so I don’t blame Karli for hanging with them. Ivanka was friends with Chelsea Clinton until the election and I am confident Chelsea doesn’t associate with right wing nutjobs.

      • otaku fairy says:

        @Perplexed: Agreed. There’s not a public figure I can name who hasn’t dated, worked with, posed with, performed for, or befriended someone who was either problematic, or directly related to someone problematic in some way.

    • Millenial says:

      I’m with you. She’s dating someone whose brother in is the son-in-law of the president… that’s a lot of degrees of separation. It’s not like she has any actual influence. Kinda silly, really.

  10. Indiana Joanna says:

    I feel ambivalent about her role in all of this. As per her usual grifting ways, Grifter Barbie stole her Kode with Klossy program and touted it as her own WH initiave. And I think the Kushner’s brothers are close. (The photo of the two of them taken in the WH in front of JFK’s portrait infuriated me. They are a smug, deluded couple of assholes.)

    But she’s still associated with a family who thinks they are special when the bros both were terrible students at Harvard and only got in because of their felon father’s large donation. Makes me think the entire family is not very decent and very dim. So not crazy about her. Would be interesting to see the dynamics between the two brothers, Grifter and Karlie.

  11. Jussie says:

    Unfair imo. She’s not dating Jared, she’s dating his brother, who has extremely different political views. The Kushner family still seems to be close with Jared (or at least open to being close with him, he seems less interested), but nothing suggests they have the slightest bit of influence over him. Even if they did, I think it’s pretty obvious by now that Trump only listens to Jared and Ivanka when they’re soothing his ego and/or making shady business deals.

  12. KeWest says:

    Why is this even a question?

    So sad that Trump goes something horrible but the blame gets shifted.

  13. Sparkly says:

    EVERYONE needs to speak out, and kudos to those who do.

  14. London Lolly says:

    When Alison Brie was asked to comment by the press on the James Franco allegations, on the grounds that she’s married to Dave Franco, people rightly said she shouldn’t be expected to comment just because of association.

    Why is this situation any different?

    She acted. She encouraged others to do the same. Let’s try and keep the double standards to a minimum shall we?

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing. She did something.

    • Electric Tuba says:

      Dave Franco isn’t profiting from shady deals orchestrated by his brother while his brothers father in law is committing war crimes, trying to start a nuclear war, and practicing genocide light at our countries borders and in Puerto Rico. Alison Brie and Trump Associates are like talking apples and A bombs

  15. ZigZags says:

    Why is this woman being held responsible for the actions of her boyfriends brother?

    Would a man be held responsible for the actions of his girlfriends brother?

    Do you think that my spouse has any influence over any of my siblings? Or vice versa? Nope. Not a chance.

    But Karlie Kloss breaking up with a Kushner brother isn’t going to have any impact on ANYTHING in the White House. Maybe Joshua Kushner thinks that if he keeps the line of communication open with Jared that he will have some positive impact at some point. He won’t, but it’s a common belief of family members dealing with these sorts of situations.

    Some of us have made the hard choice and gone no contact with out Trump supporting relatives, parents and siblings included. Others haven’t gotten to that point. That’s their choice and they have to live with that decision.

    • otaku fairy says:

      Right. I probably would side-eye a single, childless, and especially wealthy adult woman who knowingly chose to date a Trump-supporter after 2016 while going on about liberalism. But the Kushner she’s banging happens to be a democrat, so I don’t think who she’s dating is somehow ‘problematic’. She could have gone down the cowardly route by being silent because of who she’s dating or worse, being defensive about the Kushners and the Trumps. I respect the fact that she actually said something. Like most male Trump accomplices, Jared Kushner probably doesn’t take women very seriously at all.

  16. Lucy says:

    Josh Kushner has been exposed for doing shady business with the Qatar government during the Trump campaign.
    She’s complicit too. Stop dating assholes and turning a blind eye to their actions.

  17. JRenee says:

    She’s not dating Jared. This entire sh*tshow belongs with the policy makers and defenders.
    Let her speak.

  18. Carol says:

    This is very hard. Being diplomatic in a family is often strategic because your mom makes you see family you don’t agree with. She is right to push for her beliefs. She may not personally know or have influence with the Trumps. I can’t change my first cousin into a Democrat, and he certainly won’t make me less liberal. Our mothers were very close. We share grandparents. Am I now responsible for his opinions? Each of us must speak our own truths, and object when we disagree.

  19. QueenB says:

    Karlie has many problematic people in her life and has done a lot of racist stuff in her modelling. I dont see a problem with calling her out for it.
    She still has a way better direct line than 99,9% of americans.

  20. Bsb says:

    Fair. If one person is a Nazi at a party of 10, you have 10 Nazis not one.

    Also her husband has been in equally shady endeavours. They’re privileged and make money off this administration and the trumps. Could you honestly be friends with people who do such despicable things?

  21. dot says:

    TOTALLY UNFAIR to criticize her. She can say whatever she wants as a private citizen… just like any of us can. Anyone who thinks the girlfriend of the brother in law of president’s daughter has any influence is ridiculous. She is not a political figure, she is not in the Kushner family, she is not employed by the White House in any way. We have no idea how often she sees Jared Kushner or how well she even knows Ivanka and Jared. I have been with my husband for 8 years… I speak to my sister in law maybe 4 times a year and the conversations aren’t very deep. Jared and Ivanka might not even talk about political matters with Karlie. Women shouldn’t be blamed for the actions of others. And she has been with Josh for a long time… should she dump him now because of his brother’s connection to the white house?

  22. Cran says:

    The people that need to be highlighted and criticised are Jared Kushners parents. Charles Kushner was incarcerated in federal prison FFS. He above anyone else knows the effects of detention and forced separation on children and families.

    Criticising Kloss is whacking at low hanging fruit. Jareds parents need to step up and get their sons priorities in order.

  23. Mar says:

    If you really think Karlie has a direct influence on this administration …..

    She’s a citizen standing up for her beliefs….

  24. Jessica says:

    This makes no sense.

    She’s dating Joshua, not Jared; criticize her for speaking out against this administration when her boyfriend’s brother is an advisor to Trump. That’s too far removed in my opinion; she isn’t Ivanka.

  25. holly hobby says:

    Again, I’m not going to knock anyone who is an ally to the cause. She’s dating the brother but does that mean she’s close to the family? Seriously when I was dating my husband I knew his siblings in passing (polite chit chat, no soul bearing confessions). When we were married, there’s familiarity for sure but I would not say I’m comfortable about sharing my thoughts with my ils as I am with my siblings.

    There’s a difference. So please she gets a pass from me.

  26. Janet says:

    I still don’t get why Joshua would post that photo on Instagram of him and Jared in front of the Kennedy portrait in the White House. Like, if you’re actually opposed to Trump politics, why visit the White House and pose for photos? Even if it is your brother. If my brother was a senior advisor in a right-wing/fascist government who stole children from their refugee parents, you bet I wouldn’t pose for pictures. I would probably cut them off, or at least keep our contact on the low.

    So yeah, I’m torn here. On the one hand, I’m against blaming bad people’s relatives. On the other hand, I’m also sick of all of the enabling that is going on around the bad people. Stop legitimizing these assholes by posting sweet family photos. Stop benefiting from the relationship. Stop sending them designer stuff to wear. Just stop. Send a clear message that you’re not on board with their fascist crap. If there was ever a time in modern history to take a clear stance, this is it.

  27. perplexed says:

    Didn’t she start dating him before Trump was elected.? By the time Trump had been elected, she had probably already fallen in love with this Kushner brother. I don’t know if I’d expect her to dump him after she had fallen in love with him.

  28. ZigZags says:

    If she didn’t speak out she would be viewed as being complicit.

    If she speaks out she is criticized and viewed as being complicit because she doesn’t speak out enough.

    What would we consider to be enough? What would satisfy us? What do we think is her right path? And are we all willing to do those same things if others demand it from us?

  29. miss pumpkin says:

    Kloss does likely do this because pr. she has been working on being seen as socially-politically conscious for a while. Remember “codeing with Karlie”? when Kloss promoted codeing for children or even girls only but you couldn’t even find out what coding programm was to be used? Java or C++ or ????
    Nothing wrong with such support but perhas it might be a better idea to simply donate money to some charity or school charity or do some photo op with them. But nope, it had to be “codeing with karlie”.

    • Genessee says:

      You mean Kode with Klossy? The summer camp for girls? Here are the languages:

      “During camps, scholars learn the fundamentals of programming languages including Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS and Swift. By the end of the two weeks, scholars at all levels build a fully functional mobile app or website, which they present to fellow scholars, family and members of the tech community during a demonstration day.”

  30. Lyla says:

    All the kushners are pretty shady. Remember the sister got caught on tape telling Chinese investors that they could get visas if they invested a certain amount of money with the kushber’s company, implying that the White House would personally see to it.

  31. Rebecca says:

    I don’t think these comments are unfair at all. Why shouldn’t she take the extra step to call Ivanka or Jared? If she has their phone numbers and she disagrees so strongly with Trump’s policies then why not? (I’m sure Jared Kushner has helped his father-in-law make policy decisions. Trump seems to value Jared and Ivanka’s opinions considerably.) Can’t Karly both post this on instagram AND call Jared or Ivanka? If you have the connections and can influence those connections shouldn’t you have more of a responsibility to use that influence to do something about such a horrendous policy? Isn’t it the same with actors or anyone else who is also famous? They have more power to influence so shouldn’t they use that for some good?

    • perplexed says:

      She can call them. I just don’t think she has any power whatsoever to influence them. Ivanka and Jared are thick pinheads with no self-awareness at all who do whatever it is that benefits only them. If they don’t care what the rest of the world has to say (including Ivanka’s favourite man, Justin Trudeau), why would they care what Karlie Kloss has to say?

      • Rebecca says:

        They may not care, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t try. She can’t do or say anything that would make Donald Trump or his policies worse, right? He’s got that covered.

      • perplexed says:

        How do people know she hasn’t tried though? That’s the part I’m not quite understanding. We’re assuming she hasn’t but I think its possible she has tried. Well, clearly that doesn’t work. World leaders are denouncing him and he doesn’t listen. So go for the route that hurts Donald’s ego – publicly showing you disagree with him and telling people to call in. I see nothing wrong with the Instagram route, which is likely more effective since we’re dealing with a social media addict and fanatic, not someone with very large intellectual capacity.

    • MissyLynne says:

      I agree. We don’t know if she did or didn’t make a call. However, I can’t call Jared. Her followers can’t call Jared. She gave out information so their voices could hopefully be heard. Hopefully some of her followers used that information to call.

  32. joanne says:

    why is a woman being blamed for the actions of a man? she’s not related to him. she’s spoken out about what she believes. do you think Jared could care about what his brother’s girlfriend has to say. blame Jared for his actions. Karlie has been clear about how she feels.

    • TK says:

      Because if this woman make the decision to Stick around and benefit from the connection, then why should I believe she is against what these people are doing? In my opinion that post was just an attempt of good PR, it went wrong, people don’t believe her anymore, I personally find her an hypocrite

  33. CK3 says:

    It’s unfair and imo kind of nonsensical. She can’t sprinkle fairy dust on her lady parts and somehow give Joshua Kushner the power to influence his brother, who has to convince his unstable father in law not to be a monster for once. What exactly are people’s expectations? She spoke out and we don’t know what she has done privately. Now folks are just searching for ways to criticize a woman’s social/sexual choices.

  34. ladida says:

    Democrat or republican doesn’t matter. Families like the Kushners ARE the problem. Hear me out: they are scions of a financial empire, just like the Trumps, all they care about is getting rich at any moral cost. It’s really time we start redistributing the wealth in this country. Lots of disenfranchised people out there, both here and abroad. It’s not just the 1%, it’s the 1% of countries who pillage the earth’s resources and leave these countries in a state of complete third-world decay, it’s why we have mass migration. We need a progressive movement, we almost got there with Bernie. Nationalism is born out of this disenfranchisement, nothing new there. Kloss is irrelevant, though at least she’s speaking out for the better half.

  35. Kate says:

    Basically, I welcome any and all individuals speaking out and demanding a solution to this awful problem of the administration’s making. The closer to the administration the better. I don’t care if it’s hypocritical or if they are otherwise problematic or if they are even partially responsible for this mess – if they are willing to fix it or ask those in power to fix it – GREAT! PLEASE DO. Do we really want people to think they can’t change their minds or walk back on their previous bad decisions because how dare they? No! I welcome all people into the light. (Not saying Karlie is in this group, just imagining/fantasizing if a cabinet member came to his or her senses)

  36. ChummyChump says:

    It’s not her place. She can speak up as a private citizen, which she is doing, but it’s not like she’s an actual member of the family or a member of the administration.

  37. Case says:

    No one should criticize her for speaking out. It’s not her fault or problem what her boyfriend’s brother does with his life, and does not reflect her or her views whatsoever. Karlie seems like a lovely role model for young women (she has a coding training program for girls) and regularly uses her voice for important issues. Good on her.

  38. Honey Bear says:

    It is completely unfair to say she can’t speak out. I mean, COME ON.

  39. jferber says:

    Unfortunately, in this new, horrible age of ours, putting children in cages IS a controversial political matter. If you’re for it, you say they’re not really in cages and it’s like a fun summer camp. If you’re against it, you do what Karlie is doing. So yes, I think it’s good Karlie is speaking out against children in cages. Who ever thought it would come to this?

  40. madonami says:

    Not unfair. Karlie pulls some of the same “who me?” wide-eyed bullsh*t Taylor Swift does and some of the same stay silent about obvious questions except when you want to make an easy statement that you think makes you look good as Ivanka does. Karlie has been canceled for me for a long time. She knows fully well what the Kushers are. If her BF is so different, she could say so. You know, like a person with some g-d moral courage. But she doesn’t.