Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus had a grumpy date night, X17 claims she’s ‘hiding a bump’

Ben Affleck leaves church with his daughter Seraphina after attending Sunday service
Photo agency X17 has plenty of photos and video taken right outside Ben’s new estate, conveniently right down the street from his ex and family. I think he can’t avoid the paparazzi unless he takes evasive measures, which he likely did not do on Monday night. Ben and his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, were seen out in Venice, CA, where they went to Italian restaurant Felix Trattoria. You can see a video below. To their credit they had a driver. In the still photos from that night they both look miserable, but at least they’re sympatico in that they have the same expression. Here’s the video from X17 along with a link to more photos of Lindsay taken earlier this week. There are newer photos of them here. They were seen outside Affleck’s office yesterday. SNL is on hiatus so Lindsay is able to spend more time on the west coast.

To be clear I don’t think that Shookus is pregnant at all, and it’s more likely that the photo agency is trolling. They keep posting unflattering photos of her and it just looks like she’s wearing a loose dress. I can look pregnant like that in those type of clothes. I doubt either of them want more kids at this point and they seem well suited that way. However if she is pregnant it would make for such good gossip!

Do you remember how Jennifer Garner posted a photo and nice sentiment for Ben on Father’s Day? Well he posted something too and it included what looks like a handmade card from his kids. I think this is DIY scratch art, and you know Jennifer had a hand in that.

This is nice but it’s a bit reserved and general-sounding. Ben isn’t one to gush about his kids or his girlfriend on social media. He’s very protective of his image and probably doesn’t want to be vulnerable at all. I get it, but I still think he’s a despicable person.

As for Ben’s career, the news is that the standalone Batman movie is finally dead and that Affleck will be replaced as Batman. After all the back and forth, including conflicting statements from Affleck, it’s doubtful that many people care. I would say he should go back to directing, he has a film called Witness for the Prosecution coming out, in which he also stars, but Live by Night was the last film he directed. He should let someone else star in his films but you know that’s not going to happen.

Ben Affleck leaves church with his daughter Seraphina after attending Sunday service

I don’t know if this account is Lindsay Shookus’s official Instagram, but it has personal photos and videos of her with friends and family. She has one selfie with Affleck from earlier this year.

#marchforourlives #momsdemandaction #everytownforgunsafety

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Photos credit: Pacific Coast News, X17/Twitter and Instagram/Lindsay Shookus

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  1. Electric Tuba says:

    Ben likes frumpy women. I feel like if you really wanted a piece of Batdad all you would have to do is slouch around his table or makeup trailer wearing your finest Hefty brand garbage bags and some mom jeans with wet hair and no makeup and he’d be like, “ oh you so fine let’s do a pap stroll and make bad like choices in public together!”

    And what does he have against sunscreen?

    • kathy says:

      Uh, Jennifer Lopez is the furthest thing from frumpy. She’s the oldest of the women that he’s dated but makes Paltrow, Garner and Shookus look like cafeteria lunch ladies. She was also clearly the smartest of the bunch as she took no BS from him and promptly kicked him to the curb after he screwed up.

      • Jayna says:

        She never kicked him to the curb. She stayed with him after strippergate. The wedding was still on. He bailed out on the wedding like four days before. He passive-aggressively stayed with her because she wasn’t leaving. He didn’t want to look bad either. But finally she couldn’t deny it was over when he said he wasn’t coming to her New Year’s Eve Party. She ended it because she had no choice. He did the passive-aggressive breakup where it didn’t have to say it, just did it by his actions.

        J-Lo is a doormat herself. She went back to Caspar after being caught with the transgender woman, or two. She couldn’t be alone and liked having a guy right there at her beck and call and so took him back.

      • ophelia says:

        @kathy I completely agree with this. J-Lo is 48 and looks incredible. She was smart to not marry Ben. Goop also said she would have never married him. As for her relationship with Marc Anthony, he was abusive to her so calling an abused woman a doormat is a really low blow though not totally surprising from someone on a site like this.

      • magnoliarose says:

        J Lo has terrible taste in men. Alex Rod is no better than Affleck. Marc Anthony is an abusive cheater and Caspar is a cheater. All of the men she has been connected to are cheating jerks so it doesn’t really matter how good she looks.

      • Wisca says:

        She, of course, divorced the one good man, Chris Judd, for a cheater.

    • Isabelle says:

      He dated Jennifer Lopez and liked her a lot, not frumpy

    • KBB says:

      I think it’s more athletic women than frumpy women. Jennifer Lopez seems to be the outlier compared to the rest of his significant others, in terms of being high maintenance. Although she was wearing a lot of those athleisure type tracksuits back then.

      Gwyneth, Garner, and Lindsay are all the type that can probably get ready in 10 minutes if they wanted to. Gwyneth wore very little makeup when they dated, same goes for Jennifer Garner and Lindsay Shookus.

      • jas says:

        I think you are right on. Didn’t Jlo once say in an interview that her entourage of stylists, make-up artists etc. bothered Ben because they were always around. I imagine part of the initial attraction to Jennifer Garner was that she was so low maintenance.

    • Starkiller says:

      Gee, women can’t win. If we dress up too much, we’re tramps. If we don’t dress up enough, we’re “frumpy”.

  2. Other Renee says:

    If they look grumpy, maybe they’re hungover.

  3. julie says:

    Eh, just because people aren’t grinning maniacally for swarming paps doesn’t mean they look miserable, or are miserable. They look fine to me.

    • Sherry says:

      I agree. Imagine just wanting to go out for a nice dinner and arriving at the restaurant to paps screaming horrible things at you, then knowing while you’re at dinner they’re all still waiting outside for you to leave so they can scream at you some more.

      Have you heard some of the things these guys yell at celebs hoping to get a reaction? They’re disgusting.

    • minx says:

      Yes. I have RBF and now I’m at an age where I don’t even care.

  4. Chaine says:

    She’s not pregnant! She’s like 45 years old, that is just the same middle aged gut all the rest of us get. Totally normal. At any rate, I hope she’s not pregnant. It would be a miserable childhood being raised by nanny while the parents alternate between booze binges and rehab. And they both look like they’re probably mean when they’re drunk.

  5. Enough Already says:

    But will she hire a nanny?

  6. HelloSunshine says:

    Has anywhere but blind gossip been talking about Shookus’ kid being Afflecks? I haven’t seen it anywhere else so I assume it’s not true.
    I don’t think she’s currently preggo, it seems like they’re just being mean imo

  7. Aimee says:

    I find her extremely unattractive, not that it matters what I think and I’m not trying to judge his taste but….it’s weird.

    • mela says:

      I think she has a nice figure and maybe she is prettier in person?

      thats all i got

    • Jordan says:

      If we want to see an Affleck Bacon baby, she’s just gotta give birth.

    • Isabelle says:

      Like she isn’t drop dead gorgeous and looks like us normal plebs. Come on the real truth most of us look closer to her in Hollywood standards, especially compared to someone high profile celeb would date. Yet we criticize the looks of women we actually are in the same category looks wise.

    • elle says:

      She looks like Matty D, and to me, that explains everything!

      ETA: for Ben’s decision making, that is. I wouldn’t touch Matty D with someone else’s hoo-ha.

  8. Stacey says:

    In the other photo set of them going to his office it appears she is wearing an engagement ring on her ring finger but no one is reporting on that. It was the first thing I noticed!

    That daughter looks a lot like her ex husband so i doubt its Ben’s.

    • Tina says:

      I think she wears a large diamond on her right hand. I believe she has worn it since going public last year.

  9. B says:

    Has she even met his kids? It would be weird if she was pregnant and hasn’t even met his other kids. Surely at some point they will have to blend their families….

  10. minx says:

    Not pregnant.

  11. Jenns says:

    All I care about is a new movie adapted from an Agatha Christie story!!!! The 2nd lead male character (the defendant), would be a good Affleck role; I could totally see him as Vole (no spoilers but read the story!). I hope he’s not trying to be the lead soliciter. To match Billy Wilder and Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Power, he has to step it all the way up.

    Regarding these two, I’m guessing after everything, she lets him be him, and he enjoys it, but probably misses someone cleaning up after him. Probably not pregnant unless it’s a big oops, I think they need to be together publicly a while longer before they take any major next steps. I wonder if he gives Jen any say on it.

    • Babs says:

      This! I love the movie and the book, hope he won’t mess it up. Agatha Christie is my superhero. I loved the miniseries And then there were none, think it was the BBC.

  12. TheOriginalMia says:

    I doubt she’s pregnant. He’s with her because they had stable partners to keep their kids while they acted like single, non-parents. No way they are going to bring children into their bubble.

  13. Basi says:

    What’s up with rumor that he’s STILL seeing that nanny Christine O??

  14. Pandy says:

    I think she looks pregnant in the still photos but who can say. She seems pretty thin normally. I question how much time she spends with her own kid. She’s always hanging with Doofus, minding his life and schedule.

    • pamela says:

      Her daughter is with her and Ben right now. There are pics and a video of LS and her little girl going into Ben’s house on Father’s Day weekend.

    • JoJo says:

      I don’t question it at all. We only see her photographed with Affleck every few weeks – sometimes once a month. I’d venture that she spends the majority of her time in NYC with her daughter, in fact. Very weird the way people judge women and motherhood.

      • minx says:

        Thank you. I don’t know how anybody can discern and judge how much time she spends with her child. The hostility towards this woman is strange.

      • magnoliarose says:

        A quick way to try to dismiss and a demean a woman is to discuss her fertility and motherhood. Lindsay chooses not to parade her child around and not do a photo documentary to explain herself to strangers.
        She can still be sexual woman with an adult life AND a mother.

  15. BobaFelty says:

    I’ll only believe she’s pregnant if she actually stops drinking. Seems like drinking is the glue that holds her and Affleck together, and a very important part of their lives.

    • pamela says:

      There are no pics of her drinking. Prob the last time we saw her with alcohol was the US Open almost a year ago.

  16. Miss M says:

    She does look pregnant…

  17. southernbelle824 says:

    There is a video of Lindsay and her daughter at Afflecks house for Father’s day. Balloons and a gift in tow. I think it’s X17 who has it. Lindsay was pissed looking even with her daughter.

  18. ophelia says:

    Jen’s IG post is so extra and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s still obsessed with him and would take him back instantly if he were into it. If she were truly over it all she wouldn’t even give him a thought let alone post his pic on her social media but I suspect large portions of her time are spent thinking about him and how she can use social media against him. Meanwhile, Ben is out living his life and not thinking about Jen. When will she get a clue?

    • Mego says:

      It’s one of the narratives at play about them but I doubt that she is. I think Her relationship with him now is all about their children. If she is in fact obsessing about him or holding a torch for him she needs a better therapist imo. Lindsay should run as far and fast away from him as she can.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She really should. This guy is a toxic dumpsite and is to be avoided at all cost.

    • mela says:

      I thought the same thing! That IG post was an internet shrine of worship to Ben Affleck. She has no shame.

      I firmly believe Jen is NOT dating because NO grown man would ever date a woman who carries on this “coparenting” BS and devotes entire posts on their instagram to their ex spouse. If she was dating a guy, I’m sure he ran for the hills after that crazy post. Posting a instagram tribute while he was with his girlfriend and her daughter is kind of nutty on Jen’s part.

      I do think Jen will insert herself into Ben’s life however she can now that she is no longer his wife – whether it’s father day, holidays, family vacations and church trips. She will do whatever she can to stay a huge part of his life even if he won’t sleep with her or live with her anymore.

      What I what to know is what Ben and Lindsay think of Jennifer Garner’s persistence.

  19. cake says:

    They were frumpy BEFORE the booze started flowing, LOL!
    I doubt she is pregnant.

  20. Danielle says:

    I must be feeling extra mean today, because I’m surprised no one mentioned booze bloat. Also, if she wants money, she’ll get pregnant. If she wants Ben, she won’t.

  21. jferber says:

    He is certainly no prize.

  22. justwastingtime says:

    Was wondering if the problem was that I was unfairly comparing the middle aged Ben Affleck to the young Ben Affleck, Maybe he really isn’t a mess.

    Today I clicked on my phone to look for something and saw a bunch of pics of men his age ( with their wives) at a party I recently attended and then a bunch of pics of local moms and dads at a soccer game.

    Wow he really is aging badly – he looks disheveled and a lot worse than your average well heeled man of a certain age. Sad for his kids.

  23. Carolnr says:

    E News has reported that Lindsay did not move into Ben’s house. She “respects his space” E also said Ben was not thinking marriage let alone engagement.
    It also said Lindsay felt” villianized” when she & Ben went public with their relationship but that “he is worth it.”
    PR at its finest!!!

  24. Jag says:

    Tom Welling should be the next Batman, if there is one. I’m going to miss him on the show Lucifer and hope that he gets to return for at least a couple of shows.