Messed up dolls: Victoria Beckham and Courtney Love

Victoria Beckham and Courtney Love looked positively unhuman at the Marc Jacobs fashion show in NY last night. With messy curly hair, nails bitten to the quick, and an oddly angular face Courtney Love looked strange enough. She emphasized her unnatural appearance with freaky light blue contact lenses and pastel makeup. She looked plastically enhanced and made up but beat up, like a poorly-crafted sex doll test model that never made it out of the factory after it was eagerly tested by randy QA workers.

Victoria Beckham also looked like a doll that someone screwed up the proportions on. She wore a skin tight silver and purple dress with a criss-cross front that emphasized her melon boobs. Her chin looked particularly pointy and she contorted her face in various expressions that managed to convey the changes in her mood from haughty to stuck up. She had on some kind of shimmery body glitter that completed the look by making her bronzed skin look even faker than usual.

Celebrities must feel a lot of pressure to look perfect considering all the blogs and gossip magazines that pick them apart. When they go overboard like this, though, they make it all too easy.

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