Donald Trump wants to suspend the rule of law & start a beef with Jimmy Fallon

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It was another awful weekend in Trump’s America as thousands of immigrant children were still being held in detention centers, cages and concentration camps around the country. Various members of Congress did get to see some of the children being held, and newspapers around the country pointed out that oh, right, the Trump administration was just separating kids from their parents with little to no paper trail, because they couldn’t care less about ever reuniting those families. WaPo had a story of what is currently happening to those kids, and how terrified they are – go here to read. Some parents – potential asylum seekers – are being told that the only way to ever be reunited with their children is to voluntarily “self-deport.” America is a hellscape.

This is what Trump tweeted on Sunday, after he went golfing:

Imagine being president of the United States and spending your taxpayer-funded Sunday out on the links and then casually tweeting that America should suspend the rule of law to deal with a nonexistent crisis and further dehumanize asylum-seeking immigrants.

But of course, Trump also tried to deflect too – that’s what Melania’s jacket was about, that’s what Sarah Sanders’ Red-Hen-gate was all about: don’t talk about the kids in cages. Talk about anything else. So in the midst of Trump’s tweet-storm, he referenced a recent Jimmy Fallon interview in which Fallon talked about how rough it got for him after his infamous hair-ruffling interview with Trump in 2016. Fallon told the Hollywood Reporter:

“It was definitely a down time. And it’s tough for morale. There’s 300 people that work here, and so when people are talking that bad about you and ganging up on you, in a really gang-mentality…” Choking up, he continues, “You go, ‘Alright, we get it. I heard you. You made me feel bad. So now what? Are you happy? I’m depressed. Do you want to push me more? What do you want me to do? You want me to kill myself? What would make you happy? Get over it.’ I’m sorry. I don’t want to make anyone angry — I never do and I never will. It’s all in the fun of the show. I made a mistake. I’m sorry if I made anyone mad. And, looking back, I would do it differently.”

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Personally, I found that answer to be rather pathetic from Fallon – after almost two years, all he can think about is how the criticism affected him and his staff? No thoughts about how he was one part of a larger media effort to normalize fascism, authoritarianism and white supremacy? What’s so hard about saying “Wow, I really f–ked up and I am sincerely sorry about it”? Anyway, Trump tweeted this:

Obviously, Trump would rather talk about a beef with Jimmy Fallon than about the kids being kept in cages. But I also think that it’s all the same to the Fat Nazi – he’s so deranged that he just lashes out at anyone and everything. Whatever.

Oh, and Fallon responded by… donating to Raices Texas. Which is a good a thing and I won’t bitch about it.

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52 Responses to “Donald Trump wants to suspend the rule of law & start a beef with Jimmy Fallon”

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    “Be a man”


    • Louise177 says:

      The irony of Trump.

    • Juls says:

      IKR? Trump has said much much worse things. I just had to get that out of the way so I can say, this phrase really rubs me the wrong way. “Be a man!” As opposed to what, a woman? A child? Because both are lesser than men?! Everything that falls out of his face hole is either racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc. Or some combination of the above. I HATE him.

      • Heather says:

        I hate him too. I have to confess, I really need a break from this news and politics in general for a while. The immigrant crisis is so depressing; I made a pretty damning statement on Facebook and have defriended several people including family on this issue. I can’t take their defense of trump anymore. It’s been most difficult with my stupid SIL who passive aggressively posted her own articles from the Daily Caller and Breitbart in response to my post. I would defriend her but I love my BIL and he is in the military and I don’t want to be the reason that our family becomes divise (even though it’s not me, it’s fucking trump and his cult supporters). I don’t know what to do anymore.

      • NeoCleo says:

        Hi Heather:

        It really is a good thing to take a break from the news cycle. I was driving myself crazy because I consider myself to be a true patriot and what I see the GOP and that orange pustule in the oval office doing to our country, our citizens and our standing the in world makes me feel murderous.

        I made myself schedule regular “media breaks” from the news and online content to save my sanity. It really does help, seriously. None of it is going to go away and it’s easy to catch up. I think it’s the best strategy for me to avoid total burnout before the mid-term elections.

    • SM says:

      Yeah, be a man, jimmy, grab someone’s pussy. God, is impeachment ever coming?!

  2. Rescue Cat says:

    If Jimmy stopped doing Sting impersonations i’d also be prepared to forgive him.

  3. grabbyhands says:

    So what Fallon is most upset about isn’t that he humanized a man who had already shown himself to be a horrible person, it’s that everyone ganged up on him and made him feel bad? Oh, okay.

    I mean, yeah-you could have taken this opportunity to say, I made a bad decision and given a second chance I wouldn’t do it again and leave it at that but you just HAD to be petulant and whine and make it about you and how victimized YOU felt by your staff.

    I’m glad RAICES got some money – too bad it was a PR move to try and save face.

    • kNY says:

      ITA. He’s the victim in his own head.

    • PGrant's Girl says:

      That answer is straight from a 14-year-old. “I SAID I’m sorry! You want me to kill myself?” What a pathetic, petulant man-child.

      • kNY says:

        OMG you are totally right. All that’s missing is the “You’re ruining my life! I’m going to my room! Leave me alone!” *slams door*

      • ocjulia says:

        That line really stood out to me as well. What a douche.

    • TurkeyLurkey says:

      Well, he does play a teenage girl in that “Ew” segment on his show. Who knew that was autobiographical lol

      I stopped watching his show right after the dump segment and never watched again. Now if I see a clip it just looks so juvenile to me, I can’t believe I ever watched it.

      • Milla says:

        I’m ashamed to admit that I have tiny crush on Fallon so i watch his show sometimes. But it’s not good.

    • Noddles says:

      I don’t know. I listened to that interview and well… what if he really did feel that way? People can be really nasty and relentless. Imagine that many people coming for you on twitter when you’ve made a mistake.

      Jimmy Fallon seems like a F*** up but a well meaning one.

  4. Betsy says:

    What weird answer did Fallon give. “You want me to kill myself?” Uh, no, guy. I’m sure jerk people have written/called/texted to suggest it, but no that’s not what we want.

    Dotard has such effed up priorities. But I liked Mark Warner’s joke about why he wouldn’t have another glass of wine. This is a hellscape indeed, but it seems like we’re over the hill at least. Granted, our gathering speed can be terrifying, but more visible people keep leaving the GOP and that’s a good thing. The two leaders of Republicans for Choice had an article in the New York Times about why they’re quitting the GOP.

  5. Jay says:

    Oh my god, Fallon’s remarks. Pathetic is an understatement

  6. Elkie says:

    OK, well how about you start by releasing the immigration histories of Melania and her chain-migrating, no valuable skill-having parents as was promised back in August 2016?

    Or demanding that the half-million white Europeans currently overstaying or working on tourist visas are violently deported?

    Or officially realising the document the WH buried that established that refugees/migrant workers actually provide a multi-billion dollar net benefit to the economy?

    Or acknowledging the report that immigrants commit crime at a far lower level than the American-born?

    Because it’s currently really, really hard to believe that this is about immigration and not about skin colour…

    • lightpurple says:

      Or, since we now separate families for misdemeanors, rip Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s kids away from her and ship them around the country for the federal ethics laws she broke this weekend?

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      And answer whether you deliberately separated kids from their families by claiming they were unaccompanied minors!!!!!? #kidnapping.

    • boredblond says:

      And it’s about’s flying under the radar that the number of temporary visas targeted just for resort workers was upped in Jan so trump can use more foreign workers at his fla dump-for-haves. In any decent society, everyone would be outraged at anyone saying ‘no courts, I will decide who stays’, and yet there are people screaming for him in Minn and nev..knowing this, all cheering for hate, bigotry, and fascism..

  7. Jenns says:

    Fallon messed with Trump’s hair.
    Kimmel just played basketball with Ted Cruz.
    Colbert brought Sean Spicer out on the Emmys.

    The only one who had the balls to challenge these a-holes was Samantha Bee. And then she was made to apologize.

    • TeamAwesome says:

      Seth Meyer’s commentary on our political hellscape gives me life, often when I desperately need it.

      • Erinn says:

        Seth is the only person I can watch when it comes to this shitshow. He gives me hope.

  8. fishface says:

    I was really disappointed in Jimmy Fallon when this happened – he has such talent, but in the Trump era, we all have to make stark choices – there are no grey areas any more. And he chose the wrong side. He knew what he was doing – it’s not like no-one knew what a narcissistic fascist nazi sewer hole Donny is.

  9. BearcatLawyer says:

    Good old Cheeto Mussolini, playing to his ignorant base again.

    I am wondering when civil war and/or a coup becomes a realistic option.

  10. Indiana Joanna says:

    I took Fat Nazi’s tweet as a pitiful display of wanting celebs to love him. C’mon Jimmy you know you and I are really friends. You told me we had YUGE ratings. You caressed my hair thatch.

    Admit that you love me.

    Pretty sad that he tweeted this on a late Sunday evening. He must spend a lot of time alone.

    • antipodean says:

      Your phrase “hair thatch” actually made me smile, Indiana Joanna, so thank you for that. Every good feeling is appreciated in the face of the Tangerine Nightmare which threatens to bury us all.

  11. NorthernLala says:

    Saw this on Twitter: He likes to put his name on everything so call them #trumpcamps – perfect legacy for the human dumpster fire.

  12. Eric says:

    Emperor Zero just tried to put the final nail in Red Hen’s coffin by tweeting how unfairly the restaurant treated Smoky Eye.

    And remember this chilling possibility:
    If EZ claims that no due process be allowed to those seeking asylum in the United States, then how long will it be before ICE is at your door alleging YOU aren’t a citizen and it’s time for deportation?

    • Esmom says:

      Our POTUS beefing and whining is still unfathomable to me. Each and every time he does it.

      And yes EZ’s threats are chilling. I read that some agents in Maine shut down a highway and were stopping everyone asking about their citizenship. To repeat Kaiser’s mantra, America is a hellscape.

  13. Beth says:

    This weekend, I handed over my phone, tablets, and laptop to my boyfriend and took a break from Trump. Of course, as soon as I got home last night, the first thing I did was catch up on what I missed. Sad, Beth 😢

  14. Veronica S. says:

    Shut the f*ck up, Fallon. You’re an adult with massive media reach. You have a responsibility to think about how your actions are construed to others. It’s not all about your feelings, something most of us don’t care about to begin with.

    People should be afraid of this suggestion. Due process has already been violated repeatedly under previous administrations where immigration is concerned. Removing the pretext of it all together is just flat out telling us ICE is the new gestapo.

  15. Purplehazeforever says:

    I am genuinely asking this question: could Jimmy Fallon have responded better? I think Fallon was very surprised by the criticism because he’s not very self aware. So, yes his response was going to be about he felt, I mean, the backlash was directed at him lol.
    Some are expecting way too much from someone who is extremely self-entitled, self-centered. I’m just saying how it is before someone comments about how he should be reflecting on how he can do better…this is Jimmy Fallon.

    • NeoCleo says:

      Fallon could have stopped everything in its tracks if he had responded to the first round of criticism like an adult. But he blew his chance to make things right and has doubled down on it since then. I feel nothing but contempt for this man-baby.

  16. Amelie says:

    Did anyone else have “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan go through the head when they read Trump’s tweet “Be a man?” My mind automatically switched the lyrics to “Let’s get down to business to defeat THE TRUMP.”

    I’ll show myself out.

  17. Starkiller says:

    Fallon is an absolutely pathetic turd. I wish to God his unfunny self would get off my television. And before someone suggests “well then don’t watch his show”—believe me, I don’t, but he’s inescapable. He’s in every bloody commercial, it seems!

  18. Valerie says:

    “all of these people” = NIMBYism for the entire country.

    All this nitwit cares about is approval. Like any other dictator, he surrounds himself with yes-men, who dare not disrupt the status quo. The ones who do, even to a tiny degree, find themselves out of a job and slandered by their nutso boss on twitter. Like… It just boggles my mind that he was even elected in the first place. Prior to his running, nobody ever thought of Trump as someone with the common touch. He builds his platform on being “for the people” and suddenly he’s one of them? I hate him.

  19. Wood Dragon says:

    It gets more and more ominous with Trump. Now he threatens rule of law on top of enabling/activating the worst aspects of what law enforcement is capable of. I see any sort of law enforcement personnel and I wonder whether they’ve lost their humanity too by ‘just following orders ‘. I hope the mid terms are one mighty backlash.

    • Mel says:

      Let’s do everything we can to make sure the GOP doesn’t steal that election. They’re already blocking Dems from campaigning by suspending August recess. Though do they really need to campaign? “Elect us to save the country from authoritarian horrors.” That’s all.

  20. Rapunzel says:

    I am so frightened by how many people seem to agree with Trump’s call for no due process.

    And I’ll say it again for the people in the back: these folks getting separated from their children are not here illegally! They’re seeking asylum! They are doing exactly what asylum-seekers are supposed to do!

    Basically Trump wants to suspend the due process of asylum for no reason other than to keep people of color out of the US.

  21. Rapunzel says:

    How much does Trump look like a senile old man in a rest home in these pictures? I think on some level he really is demented.

  22. C. Remm says:

    The EU has put tariffs in force, among others on Harley Davidson bikes. So this company has decided to move part of their production out of the US. Oh yes, Trump is creating jobs IN the US. MAGA what?

  23. Mel says:

    Fallon Shmallon. Tump said he wants to SUSPEND THE RULE OF LAW. You guys.

  24. LP says:

    Daily reminder to vote- register, get friends to register, donate if you can, canvass, and most of all V O T E !

  25. Lyla says:

    Get over it? Ugh Jimmy Fallon totally missed the mark with his response. Was never fan, but after that drumpf incident, I never watched his show or intend to watch it ever again.

  26. Tess says:

    “Most children come without parents.” Did everyone else get distracted by the other details to miss this? He is alleging that children have the capacity to understand the concepts of amnesty and immigration for themselves, that hoards of children have the personal autonomy to scrape together the resources to travel thousands of miles to the border of a foreign country whose language they do not speak and attempt to negotiate a stay.

  27. adastraperaspera says:

    Fallon has never grown up. He was gunning for ratings, and he got them. What a baby to complain about reality inserting itself. He is weak.