Duchess Meghan got buttony in Prada for an event at Buckingham Palace

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We were waiting to see what the Duchess of Sussex would wear for her big appearance at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening. And we were… disappointed. Meghan’s look wasn’t flat-out BAD, mind you. It just wasn’t very good. Like, at all. Meghan and her ginger prince attended the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards at the palace, and it seemed like the dress code was sort of cocktail-business. The Queen wore a floral dress which fell just below her knee, and many people were just in suits, although some of the award-winners got really, really dressed up. Which I completely understand – they came all this way to meet the Queen, of course they wanted to wear a ballgown. My point is that it seemed like Meghan was trying to follow the Queen’s lead. It didn’t really work out.

Meghan’s two-piece suit is by Prada, and it’s a bespoke ensemble. It feels like all she needs is a pillbox hat to make this look like a Jackie Kennedy ensemble. The cloth-covered buttons are an especially dated touch, and the buttons combined with the slender belt… well, it’s a very vintagey look. Yes, I’m trying to avoid the sentence “I hate this.” I honestly don’t flat-out hate it, I’m just disappointed. She could do so much better. The asymmetrical skirt was a nice touch, and I’m glad she wore pantyhose to the palace. I’m sure the Queen noticed.

What else? Her heels were Aquazzura. She carried a Prada clutch, which she’s actually used before, when she and Harry were first engaged. Her diamond-and-yellow-gold earrings are by Vanessa Tugendhaft. As for her general styling… I think her hair looks totally fine here, it looks like she got a fresh blowout. I saw a lot of comments about how her makeup continues to look a bit heavy-handed. I agree – whoever is doing her makeup is a big fan of rouge, and it feels like her foundation is just one shade too dark. This isn’t “Send In the Clowns,” but again, she could do so much better.

You know how I once joked that Kate thought of Meghan as Duchess Buttons-Come-Lately? Well, the prophecy has come true. Meghan is going all-in on buttons. I THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT, MEG.

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  1. spargel says:

    Yup. As expected by some, and as we’ve seen gradually creeping up, the queen gets her stuffy matronly leftover-50s taste slathered all over other royals’ approved wardrobes. She’s wearing stuff the queen would wear . herself if she were younger. It’s downhill from here, folks. Un-surprised as heck.

  2. Jessica says:

    Too busy looking at the Prince. He looks incredibly hot here.

  3. Kathy Morbach says:

    I hope that she will lay off the buttons and heavy make up. She is lovely as is and no need to copy waity kaity.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Yes! Both women are naturally beautiful and don’t need masks. Well, Kate succumbed to the Botox super early but still looks better without the spackle. They both had beauty and style before becoming Stepford Wives. I was hopeful Meghan would maintain some sense of individuality but this whole outfit screams CopyKate and it is a poor fit for both women. Neither dresses appropriately to their body type.