Duchess Meghan & Duchess Kate aren’t allowed to wear wedges around the Queen

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One of my biggest worries in the coming months is that the Duchess of Sussex is going to start styling herself more and more like the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate’s button-covered, wedge-happy, doily-realness style is her own: love it or hate it, she owns her fussy WTFery style. We had high hopes that Meghan would usher in a new era of duchess-dressing, that she would introduce trousers and smart, clean, minimalist style into royalwear. So far we’ve been disappointed. But one thing that Meghan has in her favor: she has yet to wear fug wedges while doing any kind of event or appearance as a royal. Which brings me to this funny article:

If you want to be part of the Royal family, you’ve got to dress the part. According to Vanity Fair, that means following a strict no wedges policy, dictated entirely by the Queen’s preferences. While this fashion bylaw isn’t official, sources say that neither Meghan Markle nor Kate Middleton will wear wedges around the 92-year-old British monarch.

‘The Queen isn’t a fan of wedged shoes,’ one source told the outlet. ‘She really doesn’t like them and it’s well known among the women in the family.’

Although neither the Duchess of Sussex, nor the Duchess of Cambridge, will face the Queen in wedges, Kate, 36, has been known to wear them on official engagements without her present. Meghan, on the other hand, hasn’t been photographed in wedges since joining the Royal family in May 2018.

[From The Daily Mail]

I still remember when Kate first became engaged, and I had the sudden realization that she was not a shoe person. I maintain that she still isn’t very interested in shoes. I’m not either, so I’m not criticizing, I’m just acknowledging that there are “shoe women” and “women who really don’t care about shoes.” Kate is quite happy with a shoe closet full of interchangeable nude heels and a dozen pairs of wedges. Meghan is different in that respect: she’s made some interesting shoe choices already, and I get the feeling that Meghan is WAY more into shoes and purses than Kate. And I’m waiting to see if Meg tries to make off-duty wedges happen. She’s already tried to adopt Kate’s buttons. We’ll see.

Another dumb “not really a rule, but a preference” thing from the Queen: apparently, the Queen hates garlic. There was a story a few weeks ago about how Meghan has to “give up garlic” because the Queen doesn’t like the smell of garlic on anyone’s breath, so garlic is never used in any of the royal meals. But… Meghan cooks and runs her own household now, so I’m assuming Meghan is still allowed to cook with garlic.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex attend Trooping the Colour for the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

Maserati Polo match at Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire

Photos courtesy of WENN, PCN and Backgrid.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    Wow, I don’t know how I’d cope with hot garlic in my cooking. But I guess we all make sacrifices for the greater good. I would too if I was in MM’s shoes. No pun intended.

    As far as the wedges, I don’t get how the Queen can be strict about shoes (and garlic) but allow W and K to be MIA Royals. Someone please explain.

    • Tina says:

      Because the Queen has no power to enforce any of this. She just has preferences, and it’s a lot easier for Kate to not wear wedges than it is for her to do some work.

      • Seraphina says:

        I beg to differ. There are many ways to enforce her expectations.

      • Jan90067 says:

        TQ just asks that no garlic dishes be served to her and guests so that there is no stinky breath to worry about. Everyone can eat/cook with garlic “off-duty”. Same with shellfish, not ON duty (in case of food poisoning/samonella…don’t want you barfing all over the visiting HOS), OFF Duty… quaff down all the shrimp and lobster you can eat 😊. So silly. I’m sure ALL of us could abide by these “rules” for the few hours or so that we were on the clock, so to speak lol

      • Tina says:

        If the Queen had the power to enforce her expectations, both William and Kate would do a lot more work.

    • jwoolman says:

      Don’t know about the shoes, but maybe the Queen has some intolerance if not allergy to garlic. If so, she could easily get nauseated at the smell of garlic. My mother had that problem with onions so we couldn’t have them in the house. I’m the same way with dairy milk – the smell nauseates me. I’m ok with the smell of dairy yoghurt or cheese or non-vanilla ice cream. But even the “Got Milk?” commercials make me queasy. I don’t even like typing the m*** word and balked at drinking coconut m*** because it was too white and the sight of it triggered bad memories….

      When you are actually allergic to something (and I definitely am to dairy m***), the body has sort of an early warning defense mode and you can feel uncomfortable just at the smell of the allergenic food.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I love garlic, too. I’ve been making garlic oil recently because it goes so well on everything! Broccoli charred on the grill or cast iron pan with some garlic oil is sooooooo good.

  2. Pamm says:

    I hate hate hate wedges. I love little garlic in my cooking. As per this article and the last one about the McQueen tuexedo that Harry allegedly didn’t want Meghan to wear, I believe it’s royal courtiers leaking the story. When the story that Kate was told to lengthen her hemline was leaked, many people called it fiction but it turned out to be true. Clothes should be the least of Meghan’s worries. I ADVISE her to dress however she knows would please the Queen and her husband.

    • babypeanut says:

      I’d advise her to put her desire to please herself above that of her husband. But I guess HM should come first.

      • jwoolman says:

        Well, the Queen is 92 years old. I’d indulge her within reason. I would not wear a dress or skirt for her, though, unless I had trousers underneath.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I loathe wedges too. I think chunkier heels or a gentler platform would look better. They break up the silhouette too much.
      I have seen a few that I have liked but it has been several years. Just not my thing.

    • hypocrites_all_around says:

      Both stories have come from VanityFair. They also included something about the Queen wanting MM to wear a hat, her dresser Kelly advising her to do so, and Megan didn’t. So, yeah, these are inside leaks. They aren’t made up. But the fact they are already doing this through the media is a bit worrying.

  3. Wendy says:

    I’ll take a pair of wedges over the horror of someone’s cliffhanger toes gripping the end of their shoes any day.

  4. Cidy says:

    I could not imagine my spouses grandmother telling me what shoes I can wear and how much garlic to put in my food. Like, Queen or not, that is still her husbands grandmother telling her what she can and cant do. I couldn’t be in their shoes *pun not intended… or is it??* that would be stifling. I get it, like look at the rewards, true love sacrifice blah blah blah, but omg. Garlic, really!? Wedges, really!?

    • CMiddy says:

      Yes but it the position that her spouse’s grandmother holds as monarch that permits her to lead the gilded life she now lives …

    • Carolind says:

      It is commonsense not to eat garlic if you are closely interacting with people the next day. The wedges, I don’t know about. I personally think they are too informal for royal duties.

      I don’t think Meghan dresses anything like Kate. I loved the dress Meghan wore to the christening and loved, loved, loved the gorgeous dress she wore to the polo.

    • Carolind says:

      Don’t know if this is true but Queen would not do it in capacity of “spouse’s grandmother” but head of state.

  5. C. Remm says:

    We have been disappointed??? Well I’m not disappointed. Only 2 complete misses sofar. The Oscar de la Renta dress and the Givenchy at Ascot from my point of view. Apart from these, no, not really disappointed. The absolut hit was the green combo when they arrived in Ireland, she looked sexy af. Closely followed by the pantsuit (Famine Memorial) the olive dress at Louis christening, yellow dress at the young leader awards and I also loved the No-Sleeve-Trench-Dress (Nelson Mandela Museum).

    I bet some wedges are allowed but not those in the pictures above. And Garlic, you can live without it. I have to live without it, since I reacted allergic to it.

    • Skylark says:

      Another not in the least disappointed here. The only thing I thought was a major miss was that big old OdlR fright frock. Everything else she’s worn to date has been on the nice-to-stunning scale. I think she’s doing fine, style-wise.

    • Alix says:

      Good Lord, she’s been a duchess for all of two months. Hold your water.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I am not disappointed either. Some misses but they haven’t been terrible eyesores. Ok the Oscar D look was a mess but otherwise 2 months in the spotlight and she’s done fine.

      • ariana says:

        MM has such a terrible shape, nothing looks good on her. She needs a stylist who can work miracles.

    • minx says:

      I’ve liked most of her clothes, some more than others. The bedspread dress and the sad white shirt dress were her only real flops IMO.

  6. TaniaOG says:

    Sorry but if it’s not protocol, why does she get to say no wedges or pants. It’s silly and immature. I don’t care if she’s the Queen. She’s not a dictator.

    • Tina says:

      Wedges are not banned. HM hosts garden parties for thousands of people every year at which some of them are definitely wearing wedges. It’s just a preference that her granddaughters-in-law honour.

    • Erinn says:

      lol, my grandmother would love to have protocol. I went through a phase where I had a couple of pairs of pre-ripped jeans. She constantly would be like “ERINN. Let me buy you new pants. PLEASE”. I’m not sure if she thought they were really worn out jeans and I just couldn’t afford to replace them, or if she just genuinely hated them. I made a habit of wearing them just to tease her.

      She’s also been very vocal about tattoos and piercings. “Grandkids – no tattoos or piercings or you’re out of the will!” I got my eyebrow pierced at 19. “Oh. Well. At least it’s under your bangs. Don’t get more”. I got a tattoo at 21. “Oh Erinn. Well. At least it’s really tiny. No more or you’re out of the will” my now husband got a tattoo on his forearm “HEY. Don’t think I won’t kick you out of the will too!” Since then we’ve both gotten another tattoo, I removed the brow piercing and got my nose done. And my cousin got two tattoos. She’s still threatening to remove us, ahaha. Not in a serious way of course. But she clearly feels that it’s her last card to play even if she’ll never play it. Everytime she says it I’d just be like “That’s okay nan, I’m not trying to get your money” and get her going. I will no doubt be repaid with smart ass grandkids one day.

    • Milla says:

      Protocol means the queen or her husband said so. Royals are humans, not gods, but they act like they are above us and this is another example.
      I don’t like wedges but they are comfortable. I don’t eat garlic and i think it stinks, but i could never tell someone to stop eating it cos i am aware that i am just another person among 7 billions.

  7. April May says:

    Me and the Queen are so alike, we both hate wedges. Could never understood why they became such a thing.
    As for the garlic thing, my guess is it’s only when in public “rule”. Like Camilla said a few weeks ago, you don’t want to have garlic on your breath when you’re meeting people.

    • Skylark says:

      Yes, public rule, when they’re ‘on duty’, nothing to do with what anyone eats in their downtime.

      Why do people believe this stuff when it’s so plainly ludicrous?

      Agree re wedges. There’s just something so clumpy and graceless about them.

    • jwoolman says:

      It’s true that garlic can’t just be easily dismissed with a mint drop. The odor really permeates your body and comes out your skin. Imagine after using a garlic tampon to blast a yeast infection anywhere (quite effective, actually, just wrap a clover crushed or uncrushed, in cheesecloth and tie with dental floss…). Good thing I like garlic.

  8. Beth says:

    I’m not a shoe person, but I hate wedges. Ugly! Is the Queen really that picky about shoes that she won’t even allow people around her to wear a style she doesn’t like? That sounds a little bratty and unfriendly. Garlic is delicious, but it can cause stinky breath, so I just don’t sniff the persons breath.

    • Lady D says:

      LOL It’s a little more than just not smelling their breath, Beth. Said breath can clear a room if they’ve eaten enough garlic. I do like smelling garlic/olive oil when I walk into Italian restaurants, it kickstarts my appetite.

      • babypeanut says:

        It’s not the breath that bothers me – I avoid it. But it’s hard to miss the garlic reek evaporating from their pores.

  9. Digital Unicorn says:

    LOL, I don’t mind the wedge but it depends on how high you go and when you wear them. They can be quite comfortable but I agree Katie Keen has no shoe game as sometimes her fug shoes ruin an outfit.

  10. Enn says:

    You can pry my Cole Haan wedges from my cold, dead hands. I rarely wear heels. Wedges are more comfortable, and I prefer them with my jeans and jeggings.

    I also have 3 pairs of nude shoes, though so….

    • Iknow says:

      I have a cute Navy Ralph Lauren that I wear with my jeggings or a nice summery dress. LOVE THEM!

      • Jan90067 says:

        I have about 4 pairs (different colors) of really cute leather wedge sandals that I wear most of the year (cold toes be damned! lol). I love them, they look stylish with jeans, pants, and yes, even dresses. I can’t wear heels (neuroma in one foot is incredibly painful!) So I say: Wear what you can/want, ladies!

    • Ladiabla says:

      Really, what’s so wrong with wedges? I’ve never been a wedge queen but I’m gonna have to start, all these years of wearing heels have damaged my feet. Now they’re really starting to swell by the end of the day, and a dr told me I have arthritis in my left foot! I’m about to go get some wedges from Clark’s y’all and I’m only 44. It’s either that or I’m gonna have to start shopping at SAS. So I say, wedge on in your off time Duchesses!

    • LT says:

      I’ve got a few pair of wedges and they are very practical. I never wear flats and wedges are good when a true heel is silly or impractical (lots of walking, walking on grass, etc). Wedges are also good for travel because they don’t have a steel shank in the heel like stilletoes, so they won’t set off security.

  11. Lizabeth says:

    These articles about TQ’s food bans (garlic, seafood, pasta to name a few) being a big deal for Meghan are BS. Obviously TQ has rules for her own chefs. Good grief, anyone who has a chef would. TQ reportedly doesn’t eat starches including pasta and rice during her private meals but does serve those things during banquets. She reportedly doesn’t like garlic so her chef doesn’t use it for her private meals. It makes perfect sense also to not to use it at banquet meals where people will be talking and interacting afterwards. The royals supposedly don’t eat seafood when abroad to avoid accidental food poisoning but seafood IS served at home including at royal wedding receptions. And I’m sure TQ doesn’t give a rat’s *ss what members of the family eat at their own homes or when away from her although it’s probably a good idea not to breathe garlic on TQ (or anyone else) later! That’s a “rule” we all try to follow isn’t it?

  12. Lucy says:

    I’m not a hug fan of wedges either but, depending on the design, I could reconsider. Regarding Meghan, though, are we really disappointed? Her style is nothing like Kate’s, at least IMO. Some clothing ítems simply require buttons. I’ve yet to see Meg being covered in them.

  13. Nee says:

    Meghan is a shoe person? Are we ignoring the endless parade of nude and black pumps she has worn since she married?

    • Abby says:

      She’s also had some really stylish shoes too though.

    • Iknow says:

      I know. I said the same thing to myself. I agree that she seem to be more of a bag person, but Meghan, when doing her engagements, has not been a shoe person. Maybe she meant she’s worn different styles of black and nudes.

    • Peg says:

      Meghan shoe closet posted on ‘the Tig’ she loves shoes.

  14. Abby says:

    LOL all these protocol stories are so funny.

    I would die without garlic. I cook with it alllll the time. Hopefully that’s just a rule in the Queen’s house… not like every house for the royal family.

    • Lady D says:

      I read your comment and thought for a few minutes, and I couldn’t come up with a dinner at my place that didn’t involve garlic. My only exception is my monthly french toast w/ bacon and eggs dinner.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Me neither. Garlic is a requirement. I love spices and herbs. I put raw garlic in my daily salads.

    • Skylark says:

      Queenie’s missing out big time. Apart from anything else, it’s so good for you in so many really important and significant ways.

      I can’t imagine a foodlife without garlic.

  15. spidee!!! says:

    I doubt very much if the Queen is the slightest bit bothered if they wear wedges, they are more sensible than stilettos at a garden party for example. As for garlic, it may be that she feels it is impolite to breathe garlic fumes around guests.

  16. Dazeem, Adele says:

    I feel like since the wedding not only has Meghan kind of lost her pre-wedding style, but I feel like she’s been emulating Kate a bit—who couldn’t see kate in that dress w the sheer sleeves, all the buttons, that terrible blush pink and nude heels. Not to mention the nonexistent jewelry. Sorry kids…it’s already happening. Join the royal family—slowly lose your personality and soul.

    • Peg says:

      But, but, Meghan was never big on large jewelry pieces, she wears small pieces, poor Kate gets blame for everything.
      Next month Meghan is going to be 37, she is fully formed.

      • babypeanut says:

        Blamed for everything and denied all credit – even if it’s as simple as being a decent SIL.

      • Dazeem, Adele says:

        My comments keep mysteriously disappearing but I totally agree.

  17. Mellie says:

    I like garlic and wedges, so clearly I would not fit in.

  18. minx says:

    I don’t think Kate and Meghan are exactly oppressed by TQ’s preferences. They’ll live with it.

    • Skylark says:

      I’ve started up a UK gov petition for the restoration of their inalienable right to wear godawful fugly shoes and chew garlic as and when they goddamn feel like it. I’m confident I’ll get the necessary 10,000 signatures required for gov response. Queenie won’t know what hit her by the time me and my ‘No to Wedge/Garlic Oppression’ petition are finished with her.

      Don’t know about anyone else but I can’t stand by and do nothing in the face of this terrible injustice. #notonmywatch

    • magnoliarose says:

      Who will think of the poor Duchesses and their shoe pain? WHO pray tell is willing to free them from their horrid lives of extreme privilege?

  19. Sage says:

    These stupid protocol and dress code stories make the royal institution look completely ridiculous.

    • The Original G says:

      Right? Under the guise of fastidiousness they come off as pathetically petty and irrelevant. None of this actually comes from the palace but from low level racists who try to wield a protocol they don’t understand as some kind of authority.

      • The Original G says:

        The point is the dog whistle proposition that Megan requires this extra tutelage because she’s an outsider. Tutelage, BTW that comes unnamed tabloid “experts.”

    • hypocrites_all_around says:

      But they’ve been around for decades and everyone has been following along fine. I think it’s the new royal fans making a big deal out of everything. They’re talking about the Queen’s own preferences… so of course, it comes from the palace.

  20. Michelle says:

    I foresee a lot of these ‘preferences’ changing once the queen is no longer on this earth. I read somewhere else that it was considered bad form to go to the bed before the queen did, but Princess Diana did it all the time because she could not tolerate the bore of the evening any longer.

  21. KidV says:

    I love wedges. And I bought a pair of the Stuart Weitzman cork/suede wedges once I saw them on Kate. LOL

    Wedges are practical, they can be worn in the grass or gravely roads. They can be dressy or casual. They have their place.

    As for the garlic. I stopped cooking with garlic a few years ago when it started messing with my stomach. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. There are so many other herbs and spices out there to make up for it. There are a few recipes where I HAVE to use it, like my homemade pasta sauce which I make maybe once a year, but for the most part I’m garlic free.

  22. Vava says:


    they probably avoid garlic when they have things scheduled on their calendar, but I love garlic and so I wouldn’t fit in with this crowd.

    As for wedges……I don’t mind wedges, I just don’t like the ones Kate buys and wears. I have a couple of wedged shoes and the wedge is sleek and (imo) stylish. Not clod-hoppers like Kate’s. I am not a fan of espadrille wedges, though.

    I like Meghan’s fashion choices. Sure, she’s had a couple of misses, but overall her style is classy and professional. Her shoes and handbags are great. What I would enjoy seeing is more trousers and also lower heels. That would be refreshing on both duchesses. These stiletto court shoes are getting old………….

  23. Liya says:

    I think Kate looks better in wedges walking through grass than Meghan looks in spike heels stuck in the grass 😉

    • Bailie says:

      @ Liya :

      No worries neither is a good look.
      Spike heels in the grass look silly and wedges are hideous.
      If Kate would wear some fun espadrilles wedges with a summery dress, but no she has to find the most huge, and unappealing wedges.
      Kate has no style or a bit of flair, at least Meghan doesn’t look like a wannabe 50 year old.

  24. FC says:

    If I had the power to ban everyone around me from ever wearing wedges, I would too.

  25. Citresse says:

    Kate may be putting on her wedges and departing Mustique soon. I saw the weather there and it’s dreadful….rain, rain, and more rain. I hope we get a photo of Kate wearing wedges beside HM in Balmoral.

  26. BeanieBean says:

    The Queen is 92. I’m sure someone could photos of her wearing wedges at some point in her life. My point being: such stories are a lot of hooey. We just heard from Camilla about ‘no garlic at a Buck House dinner’, but that’s it.

  27. Nicegirl says:

    I had surgery on my cervical spine and own wedges. I have 2 pairs of wedges by crocs (I KNOW!!!!) that are super cute and look like real strapped sandals. I sh-t you not.

  28. mod says:

    Wedges feel better on problematic feet. Childbearing can also mess up your feet, and Kate’s had three. As a 44 year old mother of three with bunions and fallen arches, I gotta say, wedges are about the only height-adding shoe I can tolerate.

    • Ba says:

      @ Mod

      Depends on the wedges, I think they are hideous when they are past 2 – 2 1/2 inches, because the heels look so thick, big and solid. The more delicate kind of wedges can be quite nice when they around the 2 inch mark and I’ve seen some really nice espadrilles.

  29. ASHBY says:

    Sorry, but Kate really has no shoe game.

    Simple black and navy slingbacks, maybe cobalt blue for fun with 2-3 inch heel would work really well with many outfits and occasions, some nice flats, 2-3 pairs of running shoes for more casual events, it’s not that hard, is it???

    I’m no expert in shoes, but I can see how wedges are truly hideous.

    I have great (4) pairs of Espadrilles that are wedges and they are lovely looking and comfy.

    I think those are the only wedges that I find pretty.

    What I don’t get is why Kate is so often in shoes that make her look taller, but very unattractive shoes.

    It’s not like she is very short and needs to gain in height next to her hubby.

    I would rather wear pretty flats than ugly wedges to gain some inches in height.

    • Tina says:

      I think it’s because Kate has a long torso and comparatively short legs, for her height. It’s not so much that she wants to look taller as she wants her legs to look longer.

  30. The Original G says:

    A quote from the old Silver Palate Cookbook, “Garlic is the ketchup of intellectuals.”

  31. Barcelona says:

    I really don’t like Kate’s wedges.

    The heel is too tall and the solid heel makes it look so graceless. I’ve seen some classy looking wedges in navy with a 2 inch heel, more delicate looking.
    One of my coworkers in the office wears these beautiful round toe, 2 inch leather slingbacks with a good quality navy pantsuit and a crisp white shirt. The whole look is very classy, but also simple. She doesn’t look desperate to look taller with 3 or 4 inch heels and the round toe seems comfortable for work.

  32. NYCTYPE says:

    The issue seems to be that Kate is trying way too hard to look taller and is willing to wear some pretty unattractive wedges, bigger the heel more graceless they look to me.
    I think there is a big difference in 2 inch wedges compared to 4 inch wedges.
    The solid and thick 4 inch heel is not nice on anybody, not just Kate.
    My former schoolmate is a bit shorter, so she wears 4 inch wedge heels that make her look like she will fall over on her face any minute.
    It just doesn’t work and she really is a pretty lady, I think she would look so much better in 2 inch heels, not so desperate and forced.

  33. Lisbon says:

    I rarely see some good looking wedges, they are out there, but not many. Kate has no shoe game, she seems mostly focused on looking taller, regardless if the shoes are nice or not. Kate would look great in some cute flats.

  34. LoveBug says:

    I’m not disappointed in Meghan’s clothing choices so far, she had some misses, but who doesn’t.
    I didn’t like the spike heels on the grass that Meghan had on at some sporting event, it looked silly. And the stripped white dress with the buttons and the cross body bag was probably the worst I’ve seen on her. Way too busy and fussy.
    Kate I think has no style and no shoe game, she is mostly dressing in some fussy clothes that make her look nearly 50, too many patterns, lots of buttons, the jeggings and the wedges that look like hooves with that thick enormous heel.
    Doe she feel so short that she is willing to wear those really unappealing wedges?

  35. Lisbon says:

    The pic of Kate above in the skin tight black pants and the huge nude colored wedges is not good.
    Kate’s clothes often miss the simple classiness that Meghan naturally seems to have in her veins.

  36. Sunny says:

    Not too many wedges are nice. Kate’s are definitely not. Too much heel.

  37. Ashton says:

    I like Meghan’s shoe choices a lot, sometimes the heels seem a bit too high, but the shoe styles are very nice, but please no spiked heels on grass, it’s tacky. Kate on other hand has no shoe game, she doesn’t seem to even try some nicer wedges with a smaller heel, something more delicate and less graceless.

  38. Tiramisu says:

    Hooves are not a good look, Kate.

  39. Sparkly says:

    I love it! If I was queen, I’d do the same thing. And crocs! No one would wear crocs around me either.

    I had to cook without garlic for many years. My husband hates it. I love it, but I’d have to get my fill with my homemade salsa and restaurant meals. Now hubby has a mystery illness where he can’t eat most food, so I’ve finally started using garlic again since he’s not eating anyway. I even grew some this year. I’m overly excited about my garlic reunion, lol.

  40. Boudica says:

    Maybe Meghan loathes high-heeled wedges like the Queen does, and I do, so we’ll never see her in them. Time will tell.

  41. Kathryn Slocum says:

    As a middle aged woman with creaky knees, wedges are so much more comfortable than spikey heels and give me some needed height on my 5’2 frame. You guys will agree in a few decades 🙂

    • ASHBY says:

      @ Kathryn Slocum : I see nothing wrong with SOME wedges, if they are not sky – high like what Kate likes to wear.

      I’ve see nicer wedges at my local mall than what Kate wears.

      Sometimes 2 inches in a heel is much more attractive than 4 inches.

      Height is not everything even for shorter people.

  42. DizzyLizzy says:

    Once Meghan has bedded in a little and produced an heir or two, she needs to go a little Rogue a la Diana style. Fug it the DM contingent are going to complain anyway so might as well give them some real shyt to talk about.

    I have noticed that so far the outfits I have not liked on Meghan have clearly been picked by someone else;
    – Oscar De la Renta number (I suspect she was actually hiding a really nice but slightly revealing dress under that and deliberately threw that over it for modesty and not to draw attention away from the bride)
    – The Caroline Herrera pink off shoulder TOTC outfit was just horrible and you could tell she did not feel comfortable in it
    – The Prada suit she wore for the commonwealth leaders event

    Of the outfits that have been clear winners,it has been clear she chose them herself and it shows in her walk and confidence.

    She needs to just embrace more elegant, clean lines tailoring and stop caricaturing herself on Audrey Hepburn circa Roman Holiday.

    I really want to see her in an elegant skirt suit from Joseph. She needs a new stylist who will get her out of this rut she is in.

  43. MerryMerryMonthofMay says:

    William is getting a Dad Bod, just sayin