Courtney Love vows to gain 15 pounds in a month


Courtney Love has actually done something I like. For the first time in… well probably ever. Last week she shocked people just by stepping out of a cab and displaying her bare arm, exposing lots of tendon in the process. It was horrifying and worrisome and a little gruesome. Worrisome being the biggest one – to say Courtney looked emaciated is a huge understatement. Instead of pulling a Lohan and denying that anything’s wrong (which doesn’t make people think you’re healthy, just delusional) Courtney says she’s gotten much thinner than she realized and has firmly resolved to do something about it: gain 15 pounds in a month.

Courtney Love has promised to put on weight after she was pictured looking frighteningly thin and gaunt in New York last week. The former Hole lead singer, who covered up her skeletal frame in a black and white coat during an outing in the city yesterday, says she has been ordered to start eating by her doctor who diagnosed her with malnutrition.

‘I know I’ve got too skinny,’ she says in a new interview. ‘I know I need to sort it out. I am going to put on 15lbs in one month… I do not have body dysmorphia. Seriously, I want to get fatter. You know, when I was 192lbs [13st 5lbs], I thought I looked hot!… [My doctor] gave me a massive shot of vitamins and told me to start eating,’ she revealed in the current issue of Grazia.

The 44-year-old yo-yo dieter is more than two stone below the recommend healthy weight for her height. Even she was taken aback by the scales after she stepped on to weigh herself during an interview with the magazine.

‘S***, I though I was like 130lbs [9st 2lbs], but I’m 118lbs [8st 4lbs] and I’m 5ft 10ins, that’s not good for someone my height,’ she told the reporter. She continued: ‘I need to start working out again. It’s the stress – you have no idea what it has been like these last few months. I need to get to the bottom of this fraud, I need answers.’

[From the Daily Mail]

So Courtney’s going with the stress excuse, which is plausible. Some people stress eat, others can’t even think about food when they’re worried. I tend to eat when I’m happy… which would lead you to conclude that I’m a very joyful person. Even though I don’t have Courtney’s bone-jutting problem, stress is about the only thing that causes me to lose my appetite. Love has been dealing with the supposed looting of Kurt Cobain’s estate for a long time now – it’s very possible it’s taken a toll on her health. Of course with her history of drug abuse, that’s also a big concern as well.

I’m not sure that gaining 15 pounds in a month is a great idea – more yoyo-ing doesn’t really seem like a good long-term answer to me. Perhaps working not just on dealing with her money issues but also learning productive ways to handle stress is the way to go. Or more doughnuts I guess. There are worse things in life than having to eat extra doughnuts.

Here’s Courtney looking rather frail as she walks through Gramercy Park in New York City yesterday. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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  1. chimichonga says:

    does anyone give a rats ass abt her?

  2. Trillion says:

    Why doesn’t she add “Do something creative and interesting for once” to her “To Do” list?

  3. loldongs says:


    Yes, you can has one!

  4. wif says:

    “does anyone give a rats ass abt her?”

    I’m sure Frances does.

  5. mxml says:

    if she does gain weight i’d like to know what her secret is. i can’t gain 10 pounds to save my life.

  6. rightgrrl says:

    …she should just follow me around for a month and eat the same things i eat…lol

    no srsly, didn’t she have a gastric bypass? she got way skinny way fast, sounds like surgery

  7. Feebee says:

    That’s nothing, I can gain twice that in a month, easy peasy.

  8. BlueSkies says:

    Courtney, come on to ma house, ma housa come on. I’ll fatten ya up. Although I do suggest getting your cholesterol checked after being a guest in my home for a month!

  9. gina says:

    If she puts away the needles, maybe she would gain some weight!!

  10. Ceila says:

    She has to vow that b/c no one noticed how thin she is because no one cares!

  11. Ray says:

    I honestly believe Courtney’s off drugs.

  12. GimmeABreak says:

    Yay!! Something I can give good advice on!! You can easily put on 15lbs in one month and I can show you how!!!

    Now will THIS make her go away?

  13. Kat says:

    I feel sorry for Frances. It’s hard enough to grow up with a parent (or in her case parents) in the public eye, but to have to constantly worry about their health as well…let’s just say I wouldn’t want to swap places with her.

    I hope CL gets better soon, if only for Frances’ sake.

  14. Kelly says:

    Those pictures the other day kinda scared me…I thought maybe Courtney was secretly dying of cancer or something. I’m glad that she’s going to put some more meat on her bones, and I agree with her – I thought she looked really pretty and healthy when she was a little more rubenesque.

  15. Crazy37 says:

    Cassanova, written by Matt Fraction, is also good. ,