Beyonce launches junior apparel label, names it Sasha Fierce

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce at Heathrow Airport in London on June 10th. Images thanks to INF Photo.

In the wake of the news that Jennifer Lopez is halting one of her junior clothing lines due to the economy, you’d think it’d be a bad time for another multitasking songstress to be branching out into that very same arena. But that’s exactly what Beyonce and mom Tina Knowles are doing with their new “Sasha Fierce” line for their label Deréon. Deréon already has a junior’s line – so how’s this one going to be different? Well according to them, it’s inspired by Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce “character” – who apparently is such a diva that she demands her own line.

Beyoncé and Tina Knowles are looking to capitalize more on Sasha Fierce. Utilizing the name of the singer’s alter ego and third solo album, “I Am…Sasha Fierce,” the mother and daughter design team plans to launch a new junior apparel label, Sasha Fierce for Deréon, for back-to-school selling. The collection, which is inspired by Beyoncé’s stage presence (she is on a world tour through November), includes a full range of sportswear, outerwear, handbags, footwear, eyewear, lingerie and jewelry. Positioned to sit alongside the company’s Deréon junior label, which is similarly priced, the line has so far been picked up by department stores including Macy’s and Dillard’s and specialty stores Jimmy Jazz and Against All Odds.

The collection, Tina said, is “edgier and trendier and reflects Sasha Fierce’s daring and outgoing attitude.” The jewelry, shoes and eyewear, she added, “are really over the top” with large chains made in mixed metals such as silver with gold, heavily studded shoes and oversize sunglasses such as the ones Beyoncé has been seen wearing on tour. The clothes are a little more subdued to make the accessories stand out — a one-shoulder dress, black bodysuit, fake leather jacket with oversize collar, leggings and destructed jeans with mesh and lace details lining the ripped material.

Beyoncé, who said in a statement “the line really exudes a different side of my personality, which I am grateful that I can express,” had a lot of say in the creation of the collection, Tina said… “She definitely tells me what she likes and what she doesn’t. It was her suggestion to line the rips of the jeans with the mesh and lace,” she said. “It makes the jeans look really different from what’s out there.”

[From Women’s Wear Daily]

I don’t know how different the look really is – at least based on the photos – but it’s definitely not bad. I am prematurely old and tend to dislike the urban style most juniors wear these days. But I like what Tina said about the clothes being more subdued in order to make the accessories look better. Most of the time when I pay attention to what people are wearing in New York, it’s like every single part of their ensemble is competing against the rest. It’s always too much, too chaotic, too many patterns, too much jewelry, etc. There is a way to wear the style that’s actually complementary, and though it’s certainly nothing I could ever pull off, the pictures show outfits that look good.

I know we’re never supposed to say anything good about Tina Knowles – especially her “design” work. But I think this line might actually really work – provided you’re in the 18-and-under demographic.

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  1. lena says:

    from the pics below..well above…nothing i haven’t seen before… that’s enough beyonce and tina

  2. Allie says:

    Sasha Fierce? OMG…Sounds like the name of a drag queen.

  3. Hieronymus Grex says:

    How about calling it Skanque instead? It’s more accurate.

  4. Codzilla says:

    “Skanque” — LOL. Love the klassy spelling. So very Beyonce.

  5. dark says:

    Three pictures, same outfit!

  6. Tazina says:

    Too much Beyonce….everywhere.

  7. Shay says:

    A new brand to fill up the racks of TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory.

    She doesn’t even wear her own clothes..who does she think she’s fooling.

  8. orion70 says:

    this is “back to school” wear ?

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    IF I had a daughter she’d NEVER wear this crap–Beyonce is so far into herself it’s ridonkulous. And her mother is a coattail-riding enabler. I can’t believe I clicked on this story.

  10. DeE says:

    Double talk…..edgier for juniors but then saying subdued. Please…..Sasha Fierce wouldn’t be dressing my junior daughter, neither would apple bottom and half this other trash aimed at growing them up before their time. Already having trouble with the men who are so flesh and sex hungry that they are looking at 12 year olds like they wanna F%&* them right in front of their mama. Do we not see the news of pedophiles going after little girls for sexual gratification. Ladies, men…..cover your children and yourselves up. Not saying being all prudish, but the lines are becoming blurred all over the place. Short skirts/shorts and half shirts and stuff don’t belong on our young girls. Look around and really take it in how little clothing these little girls and juniors are donning. Soooooo sad.

  11. me says:

    go away already, major overload. Reminds me of when j.lo was everywhere. go have some babies with your ugly husband.

  12. j. ferber says:

    Me: cruel but funny. Yes, she’s become omnipresent. She reminds me of Demi Moore: a helluva work drive, but a tiny talent to back it up. Also, I guess, that describes J.Lo and many others in Hollywood.

  13. Xx says:

    How original

  14. Valensi says:

    Yeah, I think I’ll stick to Forever 21. This stuff looks pretty generic, and hardly appropriate for high school.

  15. Cartoon says:

    i think these closes that they design, they beautiful but its the same ol’ thing… and i wouldn’t let my lil cousin wear such things, these clothes are made for 20 year olds not teenager’s… but the those heels are outrageous, even i wouldn’t were them, they look slutty…

  16. ohm clothes says:

    Learning, n. The kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious.

  17. Yoga online says:

    I don’t know why you talk like that about her. I think it’s a great collection.