Amber Heard tweeted a racist stereotype about an ICE checkpoint in LA

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I’m one of those “Abolish ICE” people. I think ICE should be gone from this country completely. It was an experiment and it did not work out, because it gave badges and guns and power to racists and wannabe cowboys, and ICE agents been exploiting their power for years. If I saw an ICE checkpoint, I would warn people too. I would get on Twitter, I would get on the phone, I would do everything to warn people that ICE was trying to catch undocumented immigrants. Amber Heard had the same idea. She just had a terrible execution, and she came across as really racist.

Initially, Amber tweeted: “Just heard there’s an ICE checkpoint in hollywood, a few blocks from where I live. Everyone better give their housekeepers, nannies and landscapers a ride home tonight.” Everyone called her out. The allies who want to abolish ICE called her out for engaging in racist stereotypes about undocumented immigrants being maids, nannies and landscapers. The Deplorables threw a party because they get to point at her and say “look, the Hollywood actress is super-racist, and also ICE is doing God’s work.” She deleted the tweet, but of course people screengrabbed it:

She replaced the original tweet with this one:

And this one:

I mean… do I think that Amber’s first tweet was racist? For sure. Do I think she should have issued a real apology rather than just deleting the original tweet and replacing it with those two? For sure. Do I think Amber will be used as some kind of dumb symbol of out-of-touch Hollywood elites and their quiet racism? Yes. But do I still think that we should do everything possible to abolish ICE? Also yes.

Amber Heard leave Nobu with boyfriend Vito Schnabel

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  1. Ophelia says:

    She looks a bit like Scarjo, I did a double take as I scrolled down…

    • Cali says:

      She does favor Scar Jo a bit, especially in the white dress above. But, I’m annoyed that her tweet has been taken out of context when it’s clear she was trying to be helpful. She should have selected her words more carefully, but there are real racists to go after…like Amber Tamblyn’s hubby ugggh

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Yes, I agree with you, Cali. I mean, she did stereotype certain minorities as domestic help, so — ouch! — that’s bad! But she really was trying to get the word out to the people whose are going to be disrupted and even devastated if they happen onto that checkpoint…and she thought the quickest and most effective way of getting the warning out to them would be through their employers…but it might have been better just to say “If you know anyone who is here illigally, please warn them ASAP about this ICE checkpoint.”

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Correction: lost a word, above:

        “…people whose LIVES are going to be disrupted and even devastated…”

  2. Shambles says:

    *rolls eyes*

    So she tweets a “birthplace: earth, race: human” photo to cover her ass. She goes straight to the “I don’t see color~ we are all ONE!” argument. That’s just as problematic because it invalidates the real lived experiences of people of color.

    How on earth did she think the original tweet would be funny? She didn’t make a “simple statement,” she made a racist joke. She is not being “negatively affected” by what’s happening at the border, she’s being negatively affected by being rightfully called out for making a racist joke. She’s an asshole, man. It’s only 7:45 and there’s already too much white lady nonsense happening in my life.

    • ccx says:

      How was this a joke?

      • LadyT says:

        I didn’t think she was joking either. She was seriously advising her neighbor to be aware and take precautions.

      • Shambles says:

        I thought the “maids, gardeners, etc” was a very terrible attempt at humor. My bad. Either way, she’s an idiot.

      • Megan says:

        If she heard there was an ICE checkpoint near her house, she needed to get off her a$$ and investigate the rumor to determine if it was even real. Stiring up fear among undocumented people is just plain sh*tty and racist.

      • Raven says:

        Although I agree that she needs to educate herself, I would bet that undocumented people are the nannies, gardeners, and house cleaners in her neighborhood. Am I ignorant in thinking undocumented people can get jobs that aren’t this type? As in, paid-in-cash jobs, jobs that can be classified as day laborer jobs. Undocumented people have little choice in the type of work they can get.

    • j says:

      her “simple statement” is that brown people are the help? maybe in her insular neighbourhood they are. amber, please stop helping.

      • Interested party says:

        Very well put J. I get confused when some people get a pass for the perpetuation of racist stereotypes and others are vilified and erased. She needs sensitivity training. sometimes people in their narcissism see themselves as necessary to the narrative instead of just listening. Opinions are like.., but sit still in the moment and hear instead of talking over it

    • six says:

      If you have followed Amber Heard’s behavior over the past few years, you will know that she is not one to apologize (unless force to like she was when she smuggled her dogs into Australia). What angers me as much as her original tweet is her using that child’s Picture to cover her *ss. So, no she does not apologize, she tries to cover her *ss and meanwhile jets off to Paris to be feted by Valentino, and to promote and earn from that brand by posing for endless selfies on Instagram. She is a poser and a hustler, who loves to signal virtue to promote her own brand

      • Interested party says:

        Someone above said *hustler. It’s only an opinion. But I really get that from Amber. It’s her prerogative, but let’s get off the Mother Teresa high horse. It’s not consistent with your decisions historically.

  3. Clare says:

    I have long held the opinion that Amber Heard is a shitty person, and this confirmed it for me. This is not the first time she has said/done something ignorant.

    Yes she was awfully mistreated by a dickhead, but that doesn’t exclude her from being kind of an asshole, herself.

    I’ve just had enough of privileged white women playing at messiah all the while harbouring these opinions about minorities. She needs to apologise and then stfu. If you want to be an ally, educate yourself first. Until they, bye.

  4. Jane says:

    I see Amber graduated from the Kelly Osbourne School of Tweeting

    • David says:


    • LadyT says:

      For those that don’t know. When the subject on The View was deporting immigrants, Kelly responded, but who will clean our toilets? and laughed.

    • K-Peace says:

      Wow, that was a disgusting thing to tweet. It showed that she just thinks of these fellow human beings as just slaves to the oh-so-important “Hollywood Elite”. Absolutely sickening. She’s a terrible person and after reading this, I don’t want to look at her face again. She’s arrogant and thinks she’s so much better than other people.

      And yes, I immediately thought of Kelly Osbourne too.

  5. Spark says:

    She pulled a ‘Kelly Osbourne’

    • Patricia says:

      Yes, she sure did. Absolutely disgusting view of Hispanic people.
      It reminds me of SEVERAL white women I know (I’m also a white woman) who have been very surprised that my Latino husband supports our family financially while I am home with our two small children for a few years.
      Like SHOCK! He doesn’t mow lawns, he manages a software team. Seriously I’ve had it blatantly expressed to me several times that it’s surprising a Latino man can do this. It’s so deeply insulting and angering.

  6. Renee2 says:

    Immigrant ancestors built??? A lot of this country was built by slaves on land that was stolen from Native Americans. Also, it’s very revealing that this is how she conceived of undocumented people… I’m not surprised by this, though. I agree with the above poster, I’ve long suspected that she was shitty (IE racist and elitist) and this validates my suspicions. Yes she should educate herself.

    • Clare says:

      Right? Black people in America are NOT descendants of immigrants. They are mostly descendants of people who were brought to America violently and against their will, for the sole purpose of being worked like animals.

      Acknowledging this takes nothing away from the immigrants who chose to come to america and helped build it.

    • Darkhorse says:

      This absolutely! I just want to add the Chinese to the POC that built America that are largely overlooked. They were brought over to do the deadly, back breaking labor of building the railroads in the 1800′s and given zero rights. Couldn’t bring their families, couldn’t marry outside their race, couldn’t become citizens until the 1940′s. It’s a tragedy we never mention Asian American and their poor treatment in American history.

  7. Queenb says:

    Never trust anyone that loves Ayn Rand.

  8. Kate says:

    “Our immigrant ancestors built”… yeah, right. Black slaves and Native Americans build this country, stop with your revisionnist nonsense.

    • Cle says:

      Native Americans were “of charge” before industrial revolution… sorry to disappoint, but they didn’t build anything

      • Veronica S, says:

        Yeah, that’s kind of hard to do after a foreign country invades your lands and severely disrupts your socioeconomic and cultural landscape through genocide and disease. I can see American history classes are still doing a fantastic job of producing an utterly reductive and simplistic image of Native American society.

      • ash says:

        dont you DARE @cle

      • cle says:

        @ash, @Veronice. I’m not an American, nice try. There’s a thread below where I talk about being an immigrant.

        “Yeah, that’s kind of hard to do after a foreign country invades your lands and severely disrupts your socioeconomic and cultural landscape through genocide and disease” – my point exactly. Unfortunately they didn’t build and everyone knows why. French, Dutch and WASPs are to blame. I’m neither, btw.

      • Veronica S, says:

        Nicer try using your immigration status to downplay the broad racial implications of your statement. Miss me with that bullshit.

      • Cle says:

        @Veronica, but you agreed with what I said by explaining WHY they didn’t build anything….
        I come from an oppressed country/nation as well and my people know how it’s like to be used, massacred and having resources being sucked out the country by an oppressor and colonialist. This doesn’t change the historical fact that unfortunately Native Americans didn’t get the chance to build a solid country on their own land. Saying stereotypical bs doesn’t make you a better person and won’t wash away misdeeds of your ancestors

      • Indigenouslady says:

        Indigenous people of North and South America have been building since we came to these lands over 30,000 years ago. However these “structures” do not look like what western society expects them to. We have temples older than egypt, medicine wheels older than Jesus and inukshuks older than the industrial revolution. I have only included a few. I’m only trying to educate as there appears to be a lack of understanding of indigenous culture and history.
        Currently I am an immigrant in the UK and I am constantly trying to learn about the culture and history around me, I would sincerely suggest others do the same
        In friendship

      • Neechi says:

        @CLE – we had societies, cities, long standing communities before colonization. We had trading routes, bartering systems, spirituality, temples, cultures. Where I am currently sitting I can see a large piece of land where the Indigenous peoples traded for centuries. A few years ago they found pieces of turquoise jewelry, thousands of miles away from its origin. Our traditional governance models have been copied for centuries, our agricultural methods in respect to the land are used throughout world. You claim your statement is based on historical fact, no it’s based on ignorance of First Nations people. We did not build this country, as our culture is not based on “building” rather nature shaped us. We are comprised of different linguistic groups, different geographical groups. Yet, we are tied together by history. One more “fact” we are still here, we happen to be the fastest growing segment of the population in Canada. You don’t have the “facts” to back up your uneducated comment regarding my heritage. In closure “wiinuk ankie”

      • Veronica S. says:

        If your intent was to reflect the tragedy of Native culture being thwarted by Western colonialism, then we aren’t actually disagreeing. But to be perfectly blunt, your initial post was pretty goddamn ambiguous as to your intent. Saying that a people “didn’t build anything” when you’re talking about ethnic groups that maintained complex geopolitical relationships between empires, allied nations, and tribal networks is pretty offputting. I clearly wasn’t the only one here who misread your intent, so instead of sitting here telling me I’m in the wrong, you should probably think about what exactly about your wording raised people’s hackles.

  9. beatrixkiddo says:

    My mouth literally dropped open reading the original tweet.
    What f*cking brat.

  10. beatrixkiddo says:

    My mouth literally dropped open reading the original tweet.
    What f*cking brat.

  11. Melania says:


  12. Christina S. says:

    My question is how can one not support ICE, but still be racist? She can delete and post pictures or whatever, but she can’t cover up what we now know which is she simply thinks Latinos are nothing more than servants to the rich elite white people in Hollywood. That the rich elite are better than them and they are simply speaking out to prevent deportation of their servants. It makes you wonder how many think like her privately…??

    I find Ice equally as deplorable as any person who feels that way about Latinos. I work in a call center and one of my work friends is Salvadoran. She was born there and immigrated at 14. She shared a story with me about how one of her cousins was separated at the border from her daughter and they went through hell finding her. They had to spend thousands on an attorney and just now after a year or searching have custody of her. Her mom finally got amnesty, but has to pay a $14,000 fine for illegally coming here. I’m one who always gets annoyed with illegal immigrants because I’m trying to get my husband here legally, but hearing stories like that kind of tells you that if they didn’t make the visa process so freaking ridiculously expensive and hard, people wouldn’t do it illegally. I don’t think anyone wants to break the law, but if your country is ran by thugs and you fear for your life, I imagine a better life is all you can dream. It’s not like they just walked over here. The journey itself is dangerous and can be deadly. We never talk about the immigrants who never made it. The media should talk about that. It’s a really sad reality.

    • Clare says:

      I think people always forget how bloody expensive it is to be an immigrant – legally or illegally. I am an immigrant to the U.K., with the privilege of speaking the language and having a well paid job etc, but the process from student visa to spouse visa (leave to remain) to permanent residence (ILR) to citizenship was excrutiating, humiliating and insanely expensive. I do feel sometimes feel frustrated that other people arrive illegally and stay without having to go through the same hoops – but I think it’s always important to remember that they go through other far more frightening challenges and often have fewer financial as well as social resources. At the end of the day I have no more right to be with my husband than any other human has to be with their family – regardless of how they came here or how much money they make. This is sometimes easy to forget when you’re paying your latest round of visa fees, but we have to keep reminding ourselves and others.

      • tealily says:

        This!!! I went through the same process, expense, and humiliation, but was ultimately denied a visa and had to return to the U.S. It’s emotionally exhausting and complicated and I’m not sure anyone who hasn’t been through it quite grasps how much it sucks.

    • Rivkah says:

      Please use ‘undocumented’ instead of ‘illegal’. As the quote says, no one is illegal on stolen land.

    • Veronica S, says:

      Because we tend to assume racism is an overt either rather than an insidiously systemic one. White supremacists are the extreme, but the majority of people who are causing the problem in America are not KKK members. They’re normal 9 to 5 works who wouldn’t consider themselves racist if you asked them but will say things like, “I don’t understand why there’s a black history month and not a white one” or “I feel sorry for the kids, but the parents should know better than to risk their lives crossing the border illegally” or “If they just didn’t resist arrest, maybe they wouldn’t get shot.” It’s a lack of self-awareness about how systemic racism is literally built into the fabric of America and permeates our cultural views of minorities.

      • Christina S. says:

        Undocumented* sorry you’re right! I didn’t even think when I typed that and I’m guilty of making/thinking racist things as well. I don’t even see it as a problem until someone else points it out. I’m stuck in my privilege bubble sometimes, but I’m working to be a better person. I don’t even get offended anymore when people correct me. I get it. Thanks for the insight. :)

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Christina S

        Evolving as a person is a process. So many people don’t even attempt to try to do better and get it. I am in the same boat. Sometimes my privilege is so ingrained and bone deep it takes an effort to recognize it clearly. I don’t get offended anymore either when someone points something out I hadn’t realized. I WANT to know even if it is difficult to hear.

  13. Rescue Cat says:

    Should’ve quit while you were ahead, Amber.

  14. Pix says:

    Ignorance? Yup. But liberals have got to stop eating their own. This is not a fight worth having because it is a waste of good energy. The enemy is not the person who points out ineloquently points out injustice.

    • Babs says:

      I disagree. Those kind of fights are totally worth having. Liberals are getting racism passes now? The self-righteousness of liberals is a deadly disease. Plus, man in the mirror, you know the song.

    • Shambles says:

      Nope. Her identification as a progressive woman does not preclude her from racism. In fact, “liberal, progressive” white folks (I am one, don’t @ me) are often the most dangerous because many of us refuse to look at our racism and let it go unchecked and we can do a lot of harm to POC that way. This was not a case of poor articulation. This was racism, and calling out racism is always a fight worth having regardless of political affiliation. You say “liberals have to stop eating their own” ~ so anyone who identifies as liberal cannot be called out for being problematic? That’s harmful to the cause. We should be holding ourselves to the highest standard, and it gives conservatives more fodder to discredit us.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I do agree that liberals need to stop eating their own but this is not a case of that. Liberals have a lot of work to do to when it comes to ethnic and racial sensitivity. The left can be an obnoxious group and at times behave as if we still live in 1990 with archaic views of tolerance.
      Amber’s post was something that said in the past no one would have really noticed the real problem. Have you ever seen some of the movies from the 90s? I cringe regularly at how awful they can be.

      How about “ICE is around the corner in the neighborhood so if you know or care about anyone who is undocumented give them a warning.” The undocumented are from all over the globe and it includes struggling actors who have long overstayed their visas. I know someone whose father was sent back to Pakistan and he has a chain of highly successful businesses. He and his daughter were booted out but were able to make their way back through their UK connections at a huge expense.

      It is true many of the domestic workers in Southern California are undocumented from Central America. We all know that. But not all undocumented people from Central America are domestics. When she launched into her list she showed how truly removed from reality she is and chooses to be.

      Lots of Canadians running amok in LA. ICE better go get them. *eye roll*

    • Pix says:

      I’m not saying that she shouldn’t be called out, but why not offer grace? I see time and time again liberals who say stupid and borderline racist $hit get gutted and tossed, but never educated. They never learn why what they are saying is wrong because folks are so busy publicly shaming and dismissing the whole person instead of calling out the specific. I just fear that liberals who have a voice, those who do or may speak out, won’t say anything because they fear they will say it all wrong and will suffer the same public shaming and swift condemnation.

      • Babs says:

        I consider grown folks responsible for their education, especially grown folks with the resources Amber Heard have, financially and intellectually. But I know, and I hope you do too, that they (because Amber is not alone in that particular boat) are being dense about certain matters on purpose. So yeah, they get yelled at and I’m never going to pity them.

  15. Peggy says:

    Not surprising. This isn’t the first time she’s said something about one of her ‘causes’ that at best can be described as woefully unhelpful. She fancies herself as this intelligent activist, but she falls short by a mile.

    Oh and also even if she was well-intentioned, people actually fact checked and there was no ICE checkpoint in the area. So if anyone took her ‘warning’ as an actual warning, she scared them for no reason.

  16. aang says:

    I wonder if she wasn’t making the point that her rich friends rely on undocumented workers, who are most likely underpaid and often exploited, to facilitate their lifestyles. I’m sure she knows that documented immigrants fill all types of jobs. It’s the undocumented ones that are vulnerable to exploitation by the wealthy. Or maybe she really is clueless and I’m giving her too much credit.

    • Cle says:

      “I’m sure she knows that documented immigrants fill all types of jobs” as a fresh immigrant myself I must say it’s not true. You CAN’T find normal job while being undocumented, because you don’t have work permit and social security number and you can’t pay taxes. Speaking of which, I’m not an undocumented and have a nice job, but I had a period were there was a delay of my work permit (6 months) and during that time I had to stay home because it was IMPOSSIBLE to find a normal job even though I have Masters degree and already have a solid work experience in USA.

      • aang says:

        I’m not sure where we part ways. I mentioned documented immigrants can work as professionals, undocumented ones have a hard time finding legitimate work.

      • Cle says:

        @aang, you’re right, read that wrong, my bad

    • Harryg says:

      That’s how I understood it too, that she wanted to point out that a lot of people supporting ICE are relying on the help of the undocumented.

  17. Cle says:

    As i fresh immigrant myself (I’ve been in this country for only 2 years) I must attest that this is NOT a stereotype. You people probably don’t understand what an undocumented immigrant is… when you don’t have necessary documents you don’t have work permit and social security number. Means you can’t get ANY job besides the ones that Amber listed and you’re not eligible for medical insurance and you can’t pay taxes. You can have a PHD in your native country, it won’t matter if you’re undocumented, you would only be able to find “cash jobs”. Speaking of which, I’m lucky to say I’m not an undocumented immigrant and have a nice job, but I had a period were there was a delay in issuing of my work permit (6 months) and during that time I had to stay home because it was IMPOSSIBLE to find a normal job even though I have Masters degree and already have a solid work experience in USA. Asking a company to hire a person without documents means forcing them to commit a crime and not pay taxes…

    • Rapunzel says:

      Farm laborer. There’s another job you can get. In fact, I’d venture to say that’s probably the biggest industry for undocumented immigrants. It is where I live in CA.

      • Cle says:

        @Rapunzel, so you imply she would get less backlash if she said “nannies, gardeners, farm laborers”?

      • Rapunzel says:

        @CLE- I’m not saying that at all. You said, “you can’t get ANY job besides the ones that Amber listed”. I’m only saying that’s inaccurate.

      • Cle says:

        @Rapunzel – I obviously meant cash jobs that are not considered to be highly prestigious. how farm laborer is different from this list?

      • Rapunzel says:

        @CLE- Didn’t say it was different. You said undocumented immigrants couldn’t have any other job except what was on Amber’s list. I’m just saying there is at least one job not on her list.

    • Jim says:

      Ah, sorry but my friend is in the situation of only being able to engage in “cash jobs” as well and she is not a nanny, a landscaper, or a nanny. Plus there are over 200,000 undocumented immigrants enrolled in college. Methinks they’ll get jobs that are more than nanny/landscapers…

      • Cle says:

        @Jim, again, you don’t seem to know the situation…Graduating from USA college won’t grant you a work permit. otherwise every international student would stay here after graduation… Ok, so your friend works as a CEO?

      • Jim says:

        Actually, my friend is the CEO (so to speak) of her design business where she works for cash only. But there are other undocumented workers who work for non-profits, as entrepreneurs (there’s even a start up fund for them) and other jobs. The point is that undocumented workers and nanny etc. are not synonymous unless you are making racial stereotypes

      • Cle says:

        @Jim, race has nothing to do with this. I’ve seen hundreds of undocumented immigrants who are white af. Your friend is not a CEO, she’s a person who doesn’t pay taxes while conducting illegal activity…
        anyway, by judging Amber’s statement people imply that working as a nanny, gardener is not prestigious or cool enough?

      • Jim says:

        Thanks for finding your inner Republican. Have a good day.

      • cle says:

        @Jim, I simply can’t be a Republican because I’m not a resident or citizen.
        And if you’re talking about political preference, you’re wrong again because I consider Scandinavian countries to be a perfect example of how society should function. And as you should know, those countries are socialistic, so…
        As an immigrant myself I can’t be anti immigrant either.
        You guys just like throwing cliche “insults”, it probably makes you feel more “woke” or something. My point was you can’t have a normal job (with benefits and normal title) if you’re illegal. And that’s a fact. I wasn’t judging your friend, I was merely pointing out that it’s still not an example of a desirable scenario for any immigrant.

    • Steph says:

      Sadly you’re right. I was an undocumented student. My mom brought me to US when I was a child. Most of her friends work this jobs. I’m lucky because I went back to my country and became an engineer. I have a good life now, but my family by no means has money.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah that’s what I was gonna post. If you’re not legal, that’s about the jobs you can get. So I dont think her tweet was racist. Reality

      • Cle says:

        @Steph, @Snowflake – this! thank you! I’m trying to explain that that’s the reality of illegal immigration that can happen to anyone regardless of their personality, education and work experience but many people come here to yell “racism” without listening to people who actually dealt with immigration

      • Harryg says:


    • Tan says:

      Agree. It is difficult to find any job that gives benefits if you are undocumented.
      And yes the commentators here sometimes starts throwing comments on someone they do not like based on the mood of the authors posts.

      I have seen it many times.

  18. Babs says:

    sorry, wrong spot

  19. Veronica says:

    I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that her intent was to point out how integral Latin immigrants are the economic function of America and how wealthy Americans benefit from that exploitation, not so much as overt racism. Not saying it isn’t problematic, because it certainly is a reflection of insidious racial stereotypes at work, and people were right to call her on it. But I would think her deleting it is a sign of her recognizing how it sounded. What she needs to do is issue an apologize as recognition that what she said was wrong an down the error in judgement, rather than just delete it.

  20. Genevieve says:

    She doesn’t want to admit she’s part of the problem. Seeing Latino immigrants as replaceable servants and staff is the reason why it’s so easy for right wing propagandists to trivialize their deportation. For most of LA those ‘nannies’ and ‘landscapers’ are really ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ or ‘your sisters and brothers’. She still sees immigrants as others who are sympathetic but not really connected to the rest of us.

    Honest question, do people want to go back to when ICE was INS or not have any immigration service or have a new agency conceived by …? ICE needs to be something else but I worry no current politician will be able to create a good agency in its place.

    • Veronica S, says:

      No politician is *interested* in really fixing immigration is the problem. Too much of America’s economic landscape is dependent on exploitable labor, not to mention the “nonprofits” that are making millions off of the trafficking – i mean, detention of families. Besides, the situation remains status quo, they can use it as a political battering ram in elections.

    • Cle says:

      @Genevieve, I bet saying something like this makes you feel like a better person, which I also can relate to because I also wish we lived in a perfect world. But in reality – how can CIS find time for all unqualified people who don’t even speak English while there’s a line of college educated and English speaking people also wanting to move here? how do you process all the applications? Some countries have 10 year wait list for DOCUMENTED immigrants (like India or China) who are being invited and sponsored by American companies because of their merit, education and still have to wait this much. How jumping the fence and not paying taxes is better than legally applying and having to wait 10 years? And it’s not a stereotype that most illegal immigrant are unqualified and don’t speak English, it’s true. It’s not a testament of their personality in any way, of course. Please don’t yell at me that “illegal immigrants are nice people” – no one doubts that, I’m talking about professional qualities.
      And I say this as an immigrant

      • Genevieve says:

        @CLE why is speaking English a requirement to live the US? And the IRS processes the tax documents of 200 million Americans every year. If we wanted to process immigration applications efficiently we could. It’s a matter of hiring enough immigration judges, having the consulates of major countries of origin at border crossings to expedite deportation, and overall having an agency with consistent goals.

      • Cle says:

        @Genevieve, “why is speaking English a requirement to live the US” – it’s not and I never said that. But being fluent simply will help you prove that you are for jobs other than “nanny and a gardener”.

  21. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I need that t-shirt the little girl is wearing. I’ve been saying that to my boys for decades…wish I’d have thought to put it on a shirt!

  22. Lucy2 says:

    I can’t believe she didn’t see how that was going to come across. Gross and idiotic.

  23. Cle says:

    by judging Amber’s statement people imply that working as a nanny, gardener is not prestigious or cool enough? Unfortunately illegal immigrants have to work cash jobs and often these jobs are related to physical labor. so what?

  24. Naan says:

    I sort of took her comment, and I am not an AH fan, as a take down of the wealthy white. Because unless you have lived in or next to that kind of neighborhood (Hollywood Hills) you wouldn’t know that basically all of their help is brown and undocumented–so they can be paid less and worked more. Yeah, it’s actually that bad. By all means abolish ICE but don’t kill the messenger. It’s *exactly* like the way she described.

    • Tia says:

      For some reason my precvious comment didn’t go through.

      My point was that Amber is very much part of the rich white elite and she’s living that lifestyle and chooses to date in that 1% pool of people who tend to dwell in the Hollywood hills, Manhattan and holiday at private islands, in the hamptons or st Barthes. This is literally were she lives and travels too with her current boyfriend Vito schnabel wgo is sort of caricature of that kind of privileged well connected NYC guy from a prominent family and also in her previous relationships. So at best with your reading she’s a hypocrite because she’s totally someone who lives that 1% lifestyle.

    • Darkhorse says:

      I’m going to disagree with you here. I lived in the Hollywood Hills for many years and our housekeeper, while hispanic, was not undocumented. She was a legal immigrant. I don’t have children, but my best friends nanny is Japanese American. Another friend owns a nanny agency and most of her nannies are college educated white women in their early 20′s. All of the “help” in LA is not “brown and undocumented” as you claim. In my profession I work with many Hispanic skilled tradesman (painters, carpenters, upholsterers, gardeners etc.) and don’t consider them the help. AH is an ass on her own, this isn’t an across the board LA way of thinking.

  25. me says:

    She’s been out protesting against ICE for quite some time. She really does care about this issue. Her tweet was worded horribly though.

  26. Christy J says:

    Like Naan, I also thought her comment was making a dig at the wealthy white people who employ people of color. Still, she should apologize for the tweet, not delete and post something else. I think she made a poor attempt at humour but not apologizing is a mistake in my opinion.

  27. Tia says:

    Isn’t she a Ayn Rand fan? She’s probably a liberatarian. And she had no issue dating Elon when he was sitting on various Trump boards so I doubt she’s a progressive or even a democrat.

  28. Derriere says:

    I think it was a joke, but think about the circle she runs in and the hypocrisy she sees daily. I don’t doubt that she knows many racist, rich and powerful white people who gleefully hire people from below the border, legal or not, to do their household chores and take care of their children.

    So perhaps a bad joke, but I think it was misinterpreted. At least I understood it differently. But I’m also going to need to see more informed celebs advocating for a change to immigration laws and against the current administration’s policies.

  29. Emily says:

    That was definitely a racist tweet. However, not many Americans are banging down doors to be nannies, housekeepers, or landscapers. A lot of those positions tend to be filled by immigrants. Not all of them are undocumented, but some are. Living in the NY tri- state area, I see that a lot of those jobs are typically filled by immigrants. I think Amber was trying to be supportive but she shouldn’t have singled out those professions, just said something like “Everyone should be aware there’s an ICE checkpoint here.”

  30. jbap says:

    She made a bad mistake while trying to do some good, and tweeted out a demeaning stereotype – which she then quickly deleted. All this pile-on is going to achieve is to make any celebrity think twice before saying anything.

    • Helen Smith says:


    • cle says:

      Being a nanny or a gardener is demeaning? wow, didn’t know that. also, illegal immigrants have to work cash jobs, regardless of intelligent or educated they are. You can have phd in your native country and still work as a gardener in USA if you don’t have papers. So what she said is fact, not diminishing any qualities of undocumented immigrants.

      • Tia says:

        Nothing wrong with those jobs but to sterotype people from certain background as the “help” is a racial sterotype and hurtful. Let’s not play dumb here.

      • Cle says:

        @Tia, “help” is also a demeaning way to describe people who help to keep together your household and raise your children, regardless of what race they are.
        Again, cash type of job is the only job you’ll get without papers, it’s a fact.

    • Yawn says:

      Stupid comment intended to be somewhat funny and came off super bad. all the good work she’s been trying to do with the protests and fighting for change just went down the shitter with her stupid tweet… what a shame…

  31. Helen Smith says:

    I’m forgiving. Everyone makes mistakes. The fact that Herd deleted the Tweet shows that she realizes she made one. I’m done with the situation and am ready to move on.

    • Yawn says:

      If only the rest of the world just moved in from some of the dumb things people say without thinking it through.. but nope… the internet is forever, no matter what this girl does, she’s the dummy who once something that people consider racist

  32. Kris says:

    Oh America. Your inability to see the forest from the trees. Could she have said it bettter? Sure. Does she have a message that’s important that most of us can relate to? Yes. Take care of those around you who are vulnerable right now. Does her statement have statistical accuracy. Yes. Undocumented immigrants often work in the service industry because of a number of reasons. That is a separate conversation on how to move statistics because the stereotype unfortunately stands right now. This obsession with precise political correctness is gonna bits you in the ass. Drive you against each other. And while that happens the enemy will be relishing your distracted bickering while they gain deeper foothold. Learn how to disagree and problem solve without beating down a persons whole character.

  33. Andrea says:

    I’m Canada and i know a few undocumented people here. Most are from South America and have no intention of staying Canada. They want to work, save money and go back home to complete their education and hopefully have a better life. These are young people and most say where there from its difficult to get work. The divide between rich and poor is huge. The people I know are good people that work their asses off. Do i agree with them not paying taxes…no. but they do buy things here so i guess in some way they are paying taxes. This is a problem that will never be solved and its everywhere in the world. People move where there is work and money.

  34. Wannabesith says:

    You all crack me up. Who’s protesting the millions of children of families separated from being in prison? Are you out there fostering or adopting them, American children? They broke the law, the illegal immigrants broke the law. Stop breaking the law. I’m guessing you all are out in the sweltering heat with your signs protesting at the borders, right? Handing out water to the families that were notified that their children we’re being held and never showed up, because they too we’re illegal? Oh, no, I’m gonna take a guess here and say that you’re in your nice air conditioned home drinking your iced chocolate mocha bullshitachinos. Get your facts together people. Go down to the borders and see for yourself.

    • Snowflake says:

      Um, inmates get visits with their families. Try again. Most kids of American citizens who are arrested,will get put in foster care or the care of relatives. That is NOT the same as telling parents you’re taking their kid to get bathed and they are never seen again. And held in steel cages where workers are not supposed to pick them up or comfort them. In a land where they don’t even speak the language. So kids are by themselves, crying themselves to sleep and can’t even tell someone they need to use the bathroom. Kids should not pay for their parents’ mistakes. And the fact that you can’t even have sympathy for an innocent child shows what type of person you are. And stop trying to serve us a bullshitmacchiato. It’s still shit

      • Wannabesith says:

        Let me clear somethings up for you. I am an Immigration Officer in San Diego. The parents are taken to an adult facility where the children are not allowed. Second, when asked for information we are often given false names, addresses and contact information. Also, they ARE allowed to visit their children. When we try to contact family members already in the US, either they do not show up or do not want the responsibility. The so called “cages” they are in is for their safety. Just like the “”cages” people set up at the parks or at home so they don’t wander off. These children are bathed, fed and clothed and even vaccinated. Of course, they are crying, I’d be crying too if no one came to get me. Also, we ARE allowed to pick them up and comfort them. I’ve held a childen for hours at time to comfort them. They are sacred, don’t speak English, but thankfully I am bilingual. So, I suggest you go down to a detention center, volunteer your time and try to make a difference.

      • lasagnajones says:

        immigrant detention centers have a volunteer program? where can we sign up?

  35. Redbutton says:

    She’s hilariously stupid.

  36. porcupette says:

    thank you kaiser

  37. Vox says:

    I guess it’s good she wanted to warn people but that doesn’t excuse those stereotypes and her choice of words, and the gross way she tried to cover her ass. I’m still glad she tried to warn people, just wish she’d done it better.

    Never liked her. Totally believe her about the abuse, but abused people can be assholes. The dog thing in Australia ruined her for me. Arrogant as hell to threaten our ecosystem by smuggling in your pets.

  38. Marianne says:

    I mean…..Im sure she meant well. I think she genuinely was trying to give a heads up…she just didnt think much about the words she was typing and how off-puting it came across.

  39. Silvie says:

    Look – many, many of the jobs she mentioned in the original Tweet are held by Latinx people in LA. Does it make her Tweet less racist? No! But I think it came from a place of genuine concern. What was weird to me was that it was Tweeted at 12am. Whose nanny or gardener is still working at midnight? Irrelevant of her Tweet, ICE better lay off LA. Everyone here is straight up bustin’ their ass and deserves their shot at the American dream.