Duchess Meghan wore a sunny Brandon Maxwell for a youth reception

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You know what makes me sad? The fact that the Duchess of Sussex is already trying so hard to change things up based on some of the dumb, smaller-issue criticisms lodged at her. Meghan was clearly a fan of loose chignons and some trendy little hair strands flying free whenever she did an updo. But people complained. Bitterly, because so many of Meghan’s haters are Bitter Bettys. You would have thought that some loose strands of hair signaled the end of the British empire to those Bettys. So Meghan changed – she wore her hair back, smooth as can be, with no loose strands at an event Thursday evening.

The event was a reception for the “young leaders” from the Commonwealth Youth Forum. The reception was held at Marlborough House in London, not far from St. James’s Palace. Harry was appointed the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador by the Queen a few months ago, and I believe there are plans afoot to give Meghan a similar title. She was there to support him, and of course, she was there to meet some of the younger people.

Meghan wore a marigold yellow Brandon Maxwell dress which was sort of perfect for the occasion – not too evening dressy, not too casual, bright and light but it felt very cocktail-business. Maxwell is an American designer most famous – probably? – for his close working relationship with Lady Gaga. Maxwell has branched out significantly though, creating some really nice suits and minimalist evening wear. While I dislike shades of yellow for the most part, I think Meghan looks fantastic here. My only qualm is that her hair looks a tad too done, and the center part is very Goop. But as I said at the beginning, she’s taking in the Betty-criticism and trying to go for a more sophisticated style. And hey, at least there were no buttons.

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  1. Milla says:

    She has a role. And many people cannot wear whatever they like when they are at work.

    Personally i like this. The dress looks great on her cos that Yellow shade is amazing on her skintone and that makeup and hair are modern yet modest.

    I’d wear black shoes, but overall i love this look for royal duty. She nailed it.

    • TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

      I also would change the shoes. If not black, maybe a rich cobalt or another contrasting color. She looks so beautiful though!

      • Erinn says:

        Agreed! Some cobalt blue shoes would pop in such a fun way. That being said – I think she looks AMAZING here.

        And I don’t think it’s just bitter Betty’s … Kate is constantly criticized for her hair. But at the same time – I think the occasional loose tousled bun looks good – the main thing is the type of event. Some events are more ‘stuffy’ while some are more laid back and fun. I think a youth reception would be a perfect time for a more relaxed hairstyle, but I think she looks incredibly beautiful with her hair worn this way as well. She’s just a super pretty lady.

      • Jan90067 says:

        My first thought upon seeing this yesterday was a rich blue shoe would’ve been perfect. And perhaps a chunky bracelet. She’s too young to go the brooch route yet 😊. Otherwise, gorgeous. Hair, makeup…elegant and chic. Just not a fan of the nude shoes with this outfit.

      • Redgrl says:

        @erinn – I agree re the hair. Loose updos can be lovely but often they weren’t “wisps” they were big pieces of hair hanging in her face. Not saying she needs to have helmet hair though! And I thought the loose bun she had for their wedding reception looked great- it went with that glam sleeveless dress. I think this outfit is gorgeous and I agree re the cobalt shoe suggestion.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        But this isn’t about fashion. She’s not on a red carpet. So while blue pumps would be pretty they would have been wholly inappropriate gor her to wear. I think people need to remember what her role is. She’s not meant to draw attention to herself at most of these occasions. She looks perfect here. She’s looks classic, clean and modern without being over the top.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I heartily agree with the shoe suggestion. The right accessories can elevate an outfit. I once meet Princess Benedikte of Denmark – she was wearing a conservative grey suit but had paired it with bright red shoes and a matching clutch and she look fabulous.

        I don’t agree with the suggestion that Meghan is too young to wear a brooch. There are a lot of amazing brooches – even some rather avant-garde ones. And you can be creative with the placement, like Queen Maxima is.

        She does look lovely as she is but with the right accessories she could have looked spectacular.

      • broodytrudy says:

        Agree with Erinn re: the hair. When Kate has wispy hair, it’s awful. When Meghan does, we’re not to criticize? No no no. This whole look is a win for me. Lovely hair, lovely face, gorgeous dress! Were i not a pasty blonde, I’d wear this. But alas, yellow is not kind to me. Maybe it comes in different colors.

      • TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

        But it IS about fashion-not red carpet fashion, not HW standards, but beautiful, modern, style that can only benefit the royal family. Yes, they are obviously very much in love, but you can’t tell me that her enthusiastic welcome by the rest of the family isn’t influenced by her ability to enhance and update a very staid tradition with a bit of glamour-it’s the perfect balance for the very conservative Kate. Fashion and style are POWER and she’s playing a lifelong game of royal chess. Cobalt shoes aren’t exactly a ripped lace bodysuit with her tush on display.

        I love this dress so much-I even love the smooth center parted hair, so clean. The shoes are a minor quibble.

      • jan90067 says:

        Valiantly Varnished, even Diana wore colored shoes with her outfits. She was impeccable, and learned to have with her fashion (after her early years, of course 😊) while still looking very professional.

      • inthekitchen says:

        I agree with TheHufflepuffLizLemon and jan90067 that it is partially about fashion. Otherwise why was the queen mother always dripping in furs and diamonds whenever she stepped out? And why does QEII wear her enormous blingy brooches and smart outfits (and often in loud/bright colors)? Of course there is some fashion component to being a royal and of course royals are meant to draw attention to themselves (in certain respects).

        I think Meghan looks absolutely beautiful. The color is amazing on her and the style, length, and fit are impeccable. My only wish was for a funky necklace or a string of pearls. Or, as others have said, a brooch would have been lovely too. But overall, I have no complaints.

      • notasugarhere says:

        @ArtHistorian Benedikte is an unsung royal fashion icon to me. She almost always looks great. Queen Margrethe has been on a fashion roll lately too, with two gorgeous floral dresses.

      • Melinda says:

        Enthusiastic welcome by the rest of the family?? Where?? The majority of them flat out ignore her, for example at Ascot and the Queen’s birthday concert.

      • magnoliarose says:


        That just isn’t even close to true.

      • Masamf says:

        @Melinda, are you serious? Your comment is very..uhm…how do I put it? Very..uhm…out there…I suppose :)

      • wildflower says:

        Cobalt would be pretty but my first thought was a floral pump with yellow in it, but maybe that doesn’t photograph well.

      • TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

        A floral would be pretty too! Just something other than nude…

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        I love this look on Meghan and love it for this occasion! I like her hair, too. She looks sleek and absolutely beautiful. That color is wonderful on her, and like BroodyTrudy I would wear it in a minute if I weren’t a blonde, but that bright yellow is quite cruel to me! The shoes are okay, summery and light, but I prefer a darker shoe with yellow. Still, she looks –to me, anyway– the very best she has looked since the evening of their wedding reception. Utterly beautiful! And the dress was fitted to perfection.

        Melinda, what in the world are you talking about?!? That isn’t even close to the truth! The Queen clearly adores Meghan and has included Meghan in her own royal activities WAY before she usually would include someone who had married into the BRF–especially a commoner and an American — she even dog-sat Meghan’s dog (“Guy,” I think?) and was seen one day with him tagging along in her auto. Charles not only loves and admires Meghan, he has reportedly already given her a nickname (“Tungsten,” for how strong he feels she showed herself to be throughout all the wedding drama and the crude disloyalties of her step-family members and even her own father. Honestly, the truth is so far opposite what you say here that it’s mind-boggling SMH.

    • Dietcokehead says:

      Disagree, I think black shoes would look terrible wth that yellow. She’d also be getting comparisons to bumble bees because that’s how low people will stoop to criticize her. The nude shoes work.

      • Clare says:

        I think she looks great – still bitter about how much this shit costs, but she looks really lovely and I love the colour on her. Also think the hair is super flattering on her because she has such gorgeous features.

      • Betsy says:

        Black and yellow is a classic combo.

      • Heather says:

        Clare, that exact same dress from that designer costs less than $600. Not sure if the shoes are new. Dresses with these lines can be a staple and easy to rewear with a blazer, for example.

      • minx says:

        Yes, this proves that you don’t have to spend a lot to look wonderful.

      • passerby says:

        Agreed. Black shoes would have been a bad pick, IMO. It’s dated ( harsh..brash) as is wearing a red dress and black shoes.. WHY? There’re so many options. nude is “safe” choice, but a lot better than black.


    • Mrs. Wellen-Melon says:

      Yellow is my favorite color and Duchess Meghan looks beautiful in it!

      Don’t love the shoes or the center part but I’m here to make a request: bling. A little appropriate sparkle. A bracelet would have looked so right here.

      • Betsy says:

        No – I think a brooch would have looked great!

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Gah, the center part.

      • minx says:

        Honestly, I can’t think of a color she couldn’t wear with her coloring. I hope we see her in a rainbow of colors from now on. Even if she doesn’t go this bold, I would like to see clear, true colors, even pastels that get out of that dusty faded palette.

      • Vava says:

        Yeah, the center part is awful. But, she does look polished and the color is great on her. I would look ghastly in yellow.

        I would have worn a patterned shoe with this dress. I’m sick of nude pumps.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I can’t complain here. She looks good and I don’t even mind the nude shoe since the design is good. Simple cut, good color and it fits her. She should stick to clean lines that are on the narrow side.

      • Honey says:

        Agree with all you’ve said. When I first saw the dress I thought that it should have been a bit shorter but the length is fine. The dress has a back split too. Overall, she looks very good. Plus, everything fits!!!

      • magnoliarose says:

        Right? The fit. It doesn’t matter how great something is if it doesn’t fit. I didn’t see the back split. I like it!

      • Aurelia says:

        This yellow dress is sublime. So much better than Amals ugly yellow dress at the wedding.

        I don’t think the look is styled correctly though. I would have added a coral red lip and chunky gold bracelets. I would have ditched the helmut hair and gone with a looser updo. Just not as loose as before. Happy medium. Or even a patsy Ab Fab behive updo. But I see what Meghan was thinking though, sleek dress + sleek hair.

    • Milla says:

      Just saw ig story and can’t stop laughing. Apparently, miss Texas wore the same dress and it looked really bad. Like she wore some bag or whatever. Oh and the hair and makeup… Maybe someone can post a photo, just to see how good Meg looks in the dress.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Here ya go (I was curious lol). Meg definitely looks better.


      • Abby says:

        Who’s IG story? Kensington palace?

      • Nikki says:

        I think Meg looks a tad better, but really, there’s no way Miss Texas looks BAD in the dress!! Too much time online really changes your perception of reality, I think. I’m sitting here perusing Celebitchy on a rainy day while drinking coffee in old ratty sweat pants. Both women look GREAT, believe me!! :)

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      I wish the dress was a little shorter, just below the knee maybe, but overall it’s a great look.

    • Eliza says:

      I would have done navy heels with a sapphire accessory.

      And tell her assistant/dresser to use starch bc that wrinkle is avoidable. But it’s nbd in the grand scheme.

    • Honey says:

      Re: shoe color & accessories. Those are all great suggestions, especially the cobalt. Didn’t she wear cute burnt orange shoes on her visit to Ireland? She could have even worn those too. I think she can couple this dress with just about any color shoe and funky accessories and still score a win when she wears it again.

    • M.A.F says:

      I thought of black shoes but then I decided that that would make her look like a bumble bee. White shoes might have worked.

  2. Jess says:

    She looks great in yellow. The dress is nothing groundbreaking, but she looks good and summery.

    My only complaint is the chest area. Are those bust durts or just a wardrobe malfunction of her bra?

    • LizB says:

      Bust darts;

    • Milla says:

      Probably thin bodysuit. It’s hot. Let’s not nitpick. She’s wearing a bra, more than i could handle.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I also think that she looks great, though I honestly don’t get the fuss over her hair. Maybe she just wanted a sleek bun, instead of a looser one? It was hot out and she just wanted all of her hair out of her face? *Shrug*

      But anyway! IMHO the chest area has bust darts, in the third pic I can sort of see where they are.

    • minx says:

      It’s not groundbreaking but IMO this should be her style for her role, this should be Meghan. It’s like something finally clicked. She looks well-tailored, showing off her slender figure. She’s not drowning in fabric. The color is flattering and not matronly. The overall look is chic and simple, AND she didn’t have to spend thousands to look that way.

      • Honey says:

        Agree. Plus amen to all you’ve said. I’m glad to see her in a richer color. She should keep this up. She looks modern and professional and her dress is in the right price-point not to cause too much criticism for her role.

      • PodyPo says:

        I agree, it all clicked. I disagree about OP comments about the hair – messy bun is one of the trendy items Meghan has been doing that are just not appropriate now and don’t photograph well. I think she is learning from seeing pics, not listening to criticisms. She looks fab here in an appropriate, understated way.

      • Elisa says:

        ITA with everything you said, Minx.
        And she is showing off her shoulders / upper arms which look fab.

        The only thing I dislike is Harry’s tie: is that even a color??

      • Aurelia says:

        THis sheath dress style is perfect for her figure too,. No short boxy torso in sight. It makes her look taller too. A win. Just needed lipstick and some chunky bracelets.

  3. Runcmc says:

    I think she looks really pretty in that yellow, and it’s such a happy color that she stood out. Maybe the queen is advising her to use more color!!

    Also side note- I’ll be excited to see all the royals end-of-year work numbers. Maybe she’s just more visible to me because I care more but Meghan seems to be working quite regularly. Not just “keen”- actually doing it!

    • Vogue says:

      The royal numbers for the first six months have been published. Harry is currently languishing in 11th place, which is not impressive I’m afraid! Meghan’s numbers only officially started being counted from when she got married & she can only follow her husband’s lead for now.

      • Becks1 says:

        I was surprised to see how “few” events Harry had done in the first 6 months. and I think it feels like Meghan has done a lot, but I think it’s only been about 6 post wedding? (garden party, Trooping, Ascot*, event with queen, BP event, and now this.) I think it just feels like more because we have talked about them so much, ha. 6 events in less than 2 months isn’t bad for a new royal though I guess?

        William has been pretty busy though this spring and summer.

        *Ascot counts as an appearance, right?

      • magnoliarose says:

        I remember LAK saying that some of the things Harry does don’t count as far as royal numbers. He could do more for sure but I do recall that.

      • Vogue says:

        All royals have private meetings & unannounced visits that are not always counted, it is not just Harry. I recall William doing a tour earlier this year to dorset on the duchy of cornwall estates which were not counted either. However the vast majority of the work that royals do are counted.

      • Masamf says:

        Since there have been reports of some of these younger royals ( I have read about William, Harry and Meghan) doing visits/events behind the scenes, there is a chance that there are some events that are not tallied, JHVHO. If the stats have a total breakdown of all events attended, then I’d say yes every event/visit/engagement is accounted for in terms of numbers. However, if all we have is just total numbers of events? I’m not sure it can be accurately stated that ALL of someone’s work were tallied, again MVHO.

      • Vogue says:

        The court circular counts all official engagements done on behalf of the crown which the Queen has to approve. If something is not in the court circular it means it has not been approved and therefore is not considered to be an official engagement.

        If we are going to use the excuse that Harry is languishing in 11th place because his private work isn’t counted, then we can use this same excuse for every royal. William’s work as an air ambulance pilot was never counted either because it was deemed to be his own private thing.

      • inthekitchen says:

        @Vogue, that doesn’t really make any sense IMO because then we’d have to include Harry’s Army service as well. I also somehow doubt William would want his air ambulance time looked at too closely when he seemed to be off for months at a time and was barely keeping up the required hours to keep his license…

        If you just look at this year – which is what you first proposed – but included the work Harry does for his private charities (Sentebale and Invictus), then I wonder what his numbers would be. If William had private charities (which, he doesn’t, to my knowledge) then those numbers should also be included if he did work for them. For example, I don’t believe that Harry’s recent trip to Lesotho counted in the official court circular…but shouldn’t that count as charity work done, even if not done on behalf of the crown?! IMO it totally should but obviously we disagree. Gert’s Royals website keeps a good CC count…although I couldn’t find the page when I just looked at her website.

        I do agree that we should be consistent if counting behind the scenes work for one royal, then do it for all. For example, Omid Scobie (usually very reliable info) stated that Meghan has already had 100+ behind the scenes meetings with charities!

        I wish the BRF CC page was better kept. It is really hard to find information, or the information is only on the most senior royal’s page. E.g. when Meghan had her day out with the queen, it’s not listed under Meghan CC search, only the queen’s. Makes no sense IMO, but that BRF website is just generally a mess with terrible UI (again, IMO).

      • Masamf says:

        @inthekitchen, exactly, much better said than I would have. That’s why I said it would be very helpful if we didn’t just see numbers or statistics but really see every single event listed. That would be an indication of what exactly is counted and what isn’t. And even though Harry is not necessarily doing some of these events for the crown, he is still doing charity work, and he is there because he is Prince Harry. I doubt if he was a regular Joe like me, he would still be as prominent in the rhino conservation efforts as he is as prince Harry. Speaking of rhinos, anyone seen the story of rhino poachers attacked and eaten by lions last Monday? The important info I wanted to point out in this story is that so far 1000 rhinos have been killed just to get horns off of them and sell them in the Far East. And its just June, imagine how many will be killed by end of the year!!! Awful, awful thing this animal poaching is. And I think Harry and all those that put their lives on line to try to protect/save animals are doing a awesome job.

      • Vogue says:

        The court circular is for official engagements carried out on behalf of the crown which the Queen approves. Royals are judged by their official engagements and not what they do in their private time. For the most part we do not know what royals get up to in their private time so this is not something they can be judged on. Royals are also known to deliberately conceal what they do in their private time for their own motives.

        I always find it funny that when Harry’s official numbers are not favorable you start to get people making excuses talking about his ‘private’ work, when he is not the only royal that technically carries out private work. Can we also use this same excuse for William when his 2 year stint as an air ambulance pilot was not counted either. If we were not prepared to give William the ‘private’ work excuse when his official numbers were low, so why is it now ok to use it for Harry?

        Also Harry is not the only one who served in the army, in fact serving in the army is a right of passage for most royal males. William also served in the armed forces for a number of years, as did Charles & Andrew.

      • inthekitchen says:

        @Manamf – thanks :) I think Gert’s Royals does keep that sort of list…I just wish I could find it again! Her blog is kind of difficult to get info from if you’re looking for something specific like the CC info. I will keep digging and see if I can find it.

        And, yes, I saw that story about the lions eating the poachers….so so awesome!! I feel conflicted about Harry and William doing their conservation work/preaching because they both (or at least used to) hunt for sport. But, I don’t want to get into all that on this thread about glorious Meghan.

        I’m watching Wimbledon and am so sad that Meghan isn’t there watching Serena on centre court. I really thought she would be there today. :(

      • magnoliarose says:


        They have a reception to go to I think. So she probably couldn’t fit it in.

      • inthekitchen says:

        @Vogue – I never claimed Harry was the only royal to serve in the armed forces, did I? I just said that was his job at the time, like air ambulance was William’s. So I was saying that if you want to count William’s “job” from way back when then Harry’s “job” should be counted as well.

        We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this because to me, if Harry’s private work is charitable work I think he should get credit for that counting as royal work (as in, ‘the type of work that royals do’). Since charitable work is what all the royals are supposedly doing with their lives (except the monarch who clearly has other duties), IMO Harry should get credit for that. I’m not saying that it should necessarily count as work done for the crown, but it should count as the royal having done something valuable – I mean, he’s not just sitting around on some beach somewhere.

        And also, I DID state that if William has his own private charities then yes, the work for those private charities should be included in his totals. Count it all, I don’t care who the royal is, that is my point. I just think it’s unfair and contributes to a certain narrative to act like the work Harry does for Invictus or Sentebale is meaningless in his overall annual workload.

        @magnoliarose, okay thanks. I thought they were off until the christening on the 9th.

      • Masamf says:

        @Vogue, you are making this into such a fight, it really shouldn’t. We are all just expressing opinions here, and every one of our opinions is as valid as the other’s no biggie. And TBH, its too early to start gloating over who has the most engagements; at the end of the day, what counts will be end of the year tallies, not who had the most engagements in the first half of the year. If by Dec Harry still “languishing in 11th place” as you put it, that’ll be more pressure on him to get going and put in more work. If its someone else lagging behind, again it will be that someone’s clue that they need to start working more and catch up with the rest. Its not that much of a big deal that warrants starting fights over.

      • Becks1 says:

        I am hesitant to wade back in here! lol.

        When people say that Harry’s work “isn’t counted” I think they are usually referring to Invictus Games and Sentebale. Invictus is NOW counted though as official events (so when Meghan and Harry went to the tryouts or whatever during their engagement, that counted as an official event) but it wasn’t originally, if I remember correctly.

        I think Sentebale still doesn’t count so will be interesting to see if that changes.

        I don’t think including Invictus and Sentebale is the same as including William’s work as a pilot. And I don’t think private meetings need to be counted, as it should be assumed that there are meetings and prep work involved with most outings.

      • formerly known as Amy says:

        Harry Just got married and had a honey moon. We were happy to give the cambridges years to adjust but it’s a month in and yet here we are complaining about the H&M
        Let him hold her hand and show her the reigns for a while.

      • Vogue says:

        @inthekitchen Not sure why you’re making the comparison between William’s air ambulance work and Harry’s time spent serving in the army. Both William & Harry served in the armed forces, and they both quit the armed forces in 2015. That is where the comparison ends.

        After he left the armed forces William was then employed by the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which is a formal employment which he took up.

      • Vogue says:

        @Masamf No one is gloating. I simply stated what the current 6 month tally was. It was others that started questioning the validity of Harry’s numbers to try to justify his showing. Last year when the official end of year figures were released and Harry did more official engagements than William, the narrative was how hardworking Harry is and how lazy William is. Now that the numbers are reversed it’s interesting to hear some people now rushing to reference behind the scenes work which sounds a lot like changing of the goal post to me!

      • Vogue says:

        @Becks1 I agree that private meetings and prep work involved with most outings should not be counted as it is part of their day-to-day responsibilities.

        And for those asking, the Invictus games were included in the court circular last year and the tryouts this year was also included in the CC. Harry’s recent trip to Lesotho/Sentable was also included in last month’s CC.

      • Masamf says:

        @Vogue, and what were the numbers end of June 2017? They probably were low for Harry (I honestly don’t know as I don’t pay much attention to such) and higher for William or Kate right? So, maybe its too early to call this year’s win? The thing is, each camp is guilty of what they are accusing the other camp of. For those that follow these stats, when William is in the lead (I don’t believe Kate has ever been in the lead, but I could be wrong), then the Cambridge supporters are quick to point out how much of a hard worker William is and how lazy that Harry is. Case in point is before IG were counted as Harry’s engagements. And if and when its Harry in the lead, the Cambridge supporters don’t hear the end of it, there is constantly being reminded of how lazy the Cambridges are etc. So to come here and start calling out the other camp when both are guilty of same is CAF in MVHO.

      • Belluga says:

        Overseas tours add a lot to royal numbers, so I think we’ll see that even out further on into the year. William’s had two (Scandinavia and Middle East), which each added about 30 engagements to his total, whereas Harry’s major tour down under is still to come.

      • Vogue says:

        @Belluga Even in the UK Harry has underperformed compared to others in front of him including the Duke of Kent & Duke of Gloucester who I don’t think have been on any overseas trip. Also let’s not forget that Harry has also carried out an overseas trip of his own to Lesotho & South Africa, and not to mention his mini tour of the UK with Meghan.

        These numbers are just for the first half of the year and we shall see how the rest of the year pans out for each of the royals. I would personally like to see consistency throughout the year. I also hope some people don’t line up with a long list of excuses if numbers remain unfavorable at the end of 2018, and this goes for both William & Harry!

      • formerly known as Amy says:

        He has performed more than the do little’s did on their first 5 years of marriage that’s for sure. The cambridges work once and here come their stans. If the W didn’t have those overseas trips he would be right there with H.
        Also W is future King and Older as we are always reminded so he should be working more.
        Wedding and Honeymoon and 6th in line to the throne why is W still being compared to him. Maybe W should be compared to PoW and not a nobody like H.

    • Melinda says:

      Scobie is unreliable. He is an inexperienced paid shill for Markles PR. Can’t believe much of it.

      • inthekitchen says:

        Say more, please (about where he’s been unreliable). I’ve found him to be pretty accurate. He also reports on royals other than Meghan (assuming that’s who you mean by “Markles”). And he is paid…by ABC and US Weekly, etc.

      • Ms. Turtle says:

        He’s been around longer than Meghan Markle’s been on the scene.

        I love his podcast with Emily Andrews, On Heir.

  4. Dietcokehead says:

    I think she looks fab. I do wish she’d ditch the center parting but it isn’t as bad on her as it is on most women.

    • Danielle says:

      I saw a picture of Meghan doing the rounds online the other day from when she attended Wimbledon in 2016 and she had a side parting – she looked amazing with it! She should definitely go back to that.

    • Masamf says:

      If she ditches the center for the side part, someone that doesn’t like side-part will complain about that too. Somehow, someone will find something to complain about her looks regardless of how hard she tries.

      • minx says:

        Well, that’s what we do here.

      • Honey says:

        That’s true Masamf but the center part looks harsh. That could be her easy goto style. We all have one. I need to break away from mine. However, I think she looks “warmer” and cute with her hair styled other ways.

    • minx says:

      Yeah, she’s so pretty that she can carry a center part, I just think she looks even prettier and more elegant with a side part. I have no real opinion on the bun/messy bun question.

  5. Becks1 says:

    She looks fabulous here. I do wish the hair had been a tad messier – it seems almost severe with the dress – but my guess is she changed it due to the criticism and the apparent heat wave I’ve read England is experiencing, having it completely out of her face was probably the most comfortable for the evening. But the color is fantastic, the dress looks great on her, and she looks very appropriate for the occasion.

    she’s being criticized on other sites for not having a clutch. LOL.

    • Milla says:

      I love that hair is as simple as the dress. It’s all very classy. Messy hair would be distracting, and as she already wore bright dress, why make simple busy?

      • Becks1 says:

        True. It’s clear that she was going for simplicity here – with the simple shoes, minimal jewelry, etc.

      • minx says:

        Reminds me of her wedding dress, very simple and unadorned, with a flattering neckline. Works for me. She’s petite and gets swallowed up by fussy clothes.

      • formerly known as Amy says:

        This messy hair business is very racist imo because according to you non sleek straight hair is messy. That exclude poc and curly haired folks.
        White priviledge at its finest

    • Lizabeth says:

      @Becks1– The woman in orange (Sec’y Gen?) isn’t carrying a clutch or handbag either. I think it’s refreshing. There’s likely nothing in those tiny royal clutches anyway. Often seems silly to me to carry them although I know they are supposed to be some sort of “barrier.”

    • Dietcokehead says:

      I like the polished simplicity of the bun with no wisps hanging about her face. Meg’s also been criticized for touching/playing with her hair so this curtails that.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I am glad she has no clutch. At an event like this, it would be silly looking.

  6. minx says:

    Pretty perfect. Love the color, fit, and the price.
    Ditch the center part, please!

  7. Flying fish says:

    The dress is simple yet elegant and perfect for the occasion. I love the color on her.
    The center part is a NO, it makes her look rather matronly.

  8. Belluga says:

    Amazing colour, I hope we see this dress again, it looks gorgeous on her! It’ll be easy to ‘refresh’ too with some contrasting accessories.

  9. Emily says:

    A lot of the comments about Meghan’s “messy hair” felt very racial…

    • Beth says:

      Racial? People of any race can have “messy hair, ” and it doesn’t always look good

    • Skylark says:

      Well possibly some of them were but for the most part, mine included, it was because at times it took away and distracted from her otherwise very polished and elegant look.

    • Betsy says:

      Mine comments weren’t. I don’t like messy buns at formal events and most of the public events are pretty formal. I also wouldn’t have minded if she wore an Afro, braids, or one of those beautiful turbans that so many African American ladies wear so beautifully (though I don’t think she has the right texture for an Afro).

      My apologies in advance if I have used the wrong words to describe any of these styles.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      A lot of them were racial whether people know/admit it or not.

    • Masamf says:

      The key word here is “felt” which means thats how the poster personally perceived the comments. Your posts might not have been intended to come across as racial, but they still might have been perceived (bythe poster) as such.

    • Sharon says:

      Oh god, complaining about messy hair, constant touching and fiddling of hair. How the heck is that supposed to be racist??? I remember a comment saying i “dont understand black hair” when all i really was saying Meghan shld stop fiddling w her hair! Didnt even bothered to reply to that comment in case i get called out for being racist for replying to a comment defending her!

    • Eva says:

      I agree, it definitely felt racial. Maybe people didn’t realize it, but that’s actually what it was. Sleek hair is very difficult for black women to achieve. The hairline will always be different than white women’s hairline (which is probably why she wore those loose tendrils to cover it up) and people often refer to your hair as ‘frizzy’ and ‘unkempt’ when in fact that’s just the natural texture of black hair. Also, the amount of hairspray and gel needed to make black hair super-sleek and ‘tidy’ without loose strands is not healthy for the scalp.

      Meghan is already straightening the life out of her natural hair to fit in with the Eurocentric, predominantly white culture/media and the RF. With that in mind, let her wear whichever hairstyle she feels comfortable with and which actually works with her hair type, whether it’s a messy bun with loose strands or a middle part or whatever.

      • Scotchy says:

        Here is the thing, though, Meghan is half and if you saw her hair as a young un, it was fine white girl curls which means it is not hard to sleek down and you don’t need tons of products to keep it together.

        I am an African/European mixie and I don’t even have a curl pattern so my hair always looks like thick bush of frizz if I don’t condition and heat/keratin treat it. Mixies hair varies and can be easily straightened without damaging it in a ton of cases, much like white hair. I mean all heat treatments for any type of hair are damaging so your point feels a bit moot.
        Also mixie hairlines/African hairlines/ any ethnicities hairlines depend on your families genetics NOT your ethnicity. Where did you get that fact?

        Also are you of African descent? Do you use a ton of products? Personally my hair can look sleek, pulled together, and, flyaway free using a coconut oil and shea butter concoction. We use hair gel and hairspray no more or no less than anyone one else.

        Apologies if this comes off harsh, I don’t mean for it to, but as a mixie it’s hard enough to be able to just be without one side or the other trying to claim you or put you in a category. So to assume every african/other mixie automatically has “black” hair is wrong and it irks.
        I also haven’t had my morning tea sooo.. you know there is that

      • Eva says:

        Yes, I’m half African and my hair is very similar to Meghan’s. I never said that all black or mixed people have identical hair or hairlines, I said their hair is different to white people’s hair (well, at least in most cases). And when people react to Meghan’s hairstyles, they seem to expect white girl hair from her, because that kind of naturally straight or wavy or non-frizzy hair that simply needs to be blowdried is what we see in the media constantly. That is perceived as the “normal”.

        But people of different ethnicities might feel that different hairstyles suit their texture better, need less heavy product to achieve, and so on. What looks good with naturally straight hair might not work with chemically straightened hair, especially since your hairline can’t be 100% straightened and will still be more prone to frizz in damp weather etc. That’s why a “messy” hairstyle with loose strands covering the hairline might have felt like a good style for Meghan personally. And she knows her hair best.

        That was my point, and I don’t see why that would irk you.

      • Eleonor says:

        I don’t think it’s racial, I remember a lot of hate for Cate “sausage curls too”, even on this site.
        They expect her to look like a royal, that’s the life she has chosen.
        Personally I would never dream a life which implies being trottered around by my husband for being judged only for my look.

      • Wisca says:


        Describing Meghan’s pre-Brazilian Blowout hair as “fine white girl curls” is the opposite of how Meghan defines her natural hair. She says, “My mom is black and my dad is Dutch and Irish, so the texture of my hair is densely curly.” Pictures show this.

  10. Lizabeth says:

    I think Meghan looked great. That yellow color doesn’t look good on everyone but it looks great on her. She may have changed her hairstyle because of negative feedback. But she also may have gotten tired of the constant wisps in her face. Before she was photographed so much it would have been fine to step into the ladies room to re-pin her messy bun mid-engagement but she can’t really do that now. Plus, in lots of older (2-3 yr older) photos when her hair was down it didn’t look like there were lots of short layers near her face. So those side fringes may have been a recent  experiment that didn’t quite work out as intended much like Kate’s unfortunate “bangs-half-grown-out” fringe cut.

    I think the center part is fine now but it likely will become aging in a few years. Her face is symmetrical enough that it’s not awful now IMO.

  11. Melania says:

    I love that dress, pure Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy style. That colour is amazing on her.

  12. MrsBump says:

    Love this dress, the colour, the fit, the price, even the strict chignon looks very appropriate. This is the first outfit since becoming Duchess that’s win for me. She looks beautiful.
    Goes to show that bespoke haute couture isn’t necessarily better.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Agree with you, 100%, she absolutely nailed it.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Haute couture is always original and mostly made by hand. It is an art form. Bespoke is just a custom item and it can be made by a machine. The prices are very different too. Haute Couture is actually a French legal term that only certain accepted houses are able to use. Anyone can make a bespoke item. Stella M is not a couturier even though she made the 2nd dress for Meghan for her wedding.
      Also, the prices are very different.
      Meghan and Kate wouldn’t dare buy too much haute couture because the price tags would enrage people. Rightfully. I can’t really blame either of them for bespoke items because they both have unique figures that off the rack wouldn’t suit for photographs all the time.

      • okay_then says:

        @magnoliarose, I explained the exact same thing in the last Meghan post, but it seems like some people didn’t understand.
        Kate’s closet is mostly bespoke, Meghan will probably do the same thing. I don’t think the optics are good if she keeps on with the couture.

        Plus, this outfit shows she doesn’t need to spend thousands to look fresh, chic and beautiful. Well tailored, clean lines and she looks gorge. The makeup is right too, too much bronzer/highlighter before.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Okay

        You are so right……she just doesn’t need to spend an arm and a leg to look good. She’s proved that countless times. So whilst the UK is still in the shit financially and with Brexit and all that, I wish she’d just keep her head below the parapet fashion-wise.

        PS: I’ve decided I’m going to buy this dress…..it’s gorg!

      • okay_then says:

        Yes, she looks very classy here. Keep it up, Meghan!
        Btw, if you’re going to buy, please don’t click on the DailyMail affiliate links to Meghan’s outfits because they will get a cut from your purchase. This goes for any of the outfit links they always show on their pages. Buy the clothes/accessories directly from the labels website or another site/blog.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I agree with you both. A few couture items for big events or here and there and repeated are fine. But most of their clothing should be heavier on the mid range with some bargains thrown in.
        She made some rookie mistakes but I think it is because she hasn’t found her way yet. Buying expensive can be mistaken for getting it right. She hasn’t learned this yet.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Okay

        Oh god! I’d rather walk around a crowded festival naked than buy anything through the daily hate.

      • okay_then says:

        @Bella, haha good! I’ve seen the nutters on twitter claiming that Meghan is “merching” through the DailyMail because of those links and I just want to shout at them “Meghan isn’t merching on the DM, for goodness sake! The DM is making money through the clicks/purchases”. Silly people.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Lmao…..the good old “merching” outcry. I bet a good 70% of them are from royaldish…..most of them run themselves ragged with their relentless merching accusations. You would think they each have something to lose personally, the level of passion and frustration they display in their posts. I find it hilarious, actually….lol.

      • inthekitchen says:

        @Bella DuPont – royaldish has gone off the rails since Meghan came onto the scene! I can’t even visit there anymore because it’s become such a cesspool or vitriol and nastiness. And, that’s so bizarre and hilarious that people would claim Meghan or Kate or whomever is merching through the dailyfail. How would that even work, lol.

      • Bella DuPont says:


        you are so right re the ridiculousness of claiming Meghan would be merching through a company that’s so highly invested in killing her reputation.

        Royaldish is slightly better now……they were almost as bad as the dailymail, maybe even worse before the engagement. They were 100% certain Meghan was stalking Harry, even right up until the first night of Invictus. At one point, the narrative was that Meghan had been escorted out forcefully by security…..lmao…..i wonder what you have to eat for lunch to have such an active imagination.

      • windyriver says:

        Considering how busy Meghan was in the (barely) six months she was in England before the wedding, and how quickly three other high profile events were scheduled after the honeymoon, at the time maybe she thought (and/or was advised) that bespoke/couture was the best option to ensure she was appropriately dressed to be seen officially with the queen. Convenient and efficient, too, to have Givenchy make a couple of outfits while they were doing the wedding gown.

        The POW garden party dress was in more in keeping with the cost of her pre-wedding outfits, as is this one. Agree she has work to do on finding her style, fit, etc., but (hopefully) don’t expect to see high end spending on a regular basis.

        I’m curious to see what she chooses for the Ireland, and Australia/NZ/Fiji/Tonga trips – hope she goes back to highlighting British/Commonwealth clothing and accessories as she’s done before. That could be a lot of fun.

  13. Skylark says:

    Lovely. She looks elegant, polished and professional.

  14. Char says:

    She always looks so happy and beautiful.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      That word, happy…….there are so many thing I admire about Meghan, but I think for me personally, the thing that I find the most endearing about her is how happy she always seems. Happy and grateful with her lot.

  15. Mego says:

    I had to excitedly jump on here to comment on how gorgeous I think she looked. I really liked her hairstyle and it’s nice to see no hair touching which is what happens with tendrils a lot of the time. Thank you for getting the colour correct as Lainey said the dress was mustard and it’s NOT! She looks great in pencil slim maxi dresses and her makeup looks much better. The only small nit I can pick at are the beige shoes.

    • Masamf says:

      LOL, Lainey also said “the dress is boring AF”. I went to look at the pics once I read her column and I just SMH. It just goes to show how beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder. :)

      • minx says:

        Yeah, I don’t read Lainey but I went over there yesterday to get a look at this dress. First, it’s NOT mustard. And the color alone makes a statement so I don’t know how it could be boring AF.

  16. Jane says:

    Is England still under a heat wave?

    A messy bun would probably end up becoming frizzy beyond control.

    • Anna nuttall says:

      Oh yes (currently melting as i’m typing this! – when will it end!!) .

      • Jane says:

        Same in Canada.

        Let’s just say I am attached to a fan until the heat wave is over.

      • jan90067 says:

        It’s hot everywhere it seems: 106* here in Los Angeles today! Ugh… I am SO NOT a “heat person” lol. I’m not budging out of the A/C today, $$$ be damned! 💦☀️

    • AG-UK says:

      Yes a UK heat wave. Humid yesterday as well I don’t think she’s wearing the lovely (not) stockings. I can finally wear my summer clothes that I haven’t in 2 years.

  17. OriginalLala says:

    The dress is awesome, I love it. The colour is bang on and I’m so happy she listened to us here at Celebitchy who have been hoping for her to bust out some strong colours.

    I also feel like the “messy” hair criticism rubbed me the wrong way, I have curly hair and have dealt with those kinds of comments my whole life, as though sleek, straight and totally “controlled” hair is the only way to be professional. Eff that noise.

  18. Peg says:

    A few posters called it when they said Thomas would be soon claiming more health issues.
    His mouth piece Piers Morgan, is calling on Meghan (she is a humanitarian) to reach out to her father because he is having health problems and visiting the Doctor.
    Funny his health issues did not stop him from going to the Border to get paid for pictures with his loser of a son.
    To all those wondering, Piers claims she use to send him a Father’s Day card every year, but not this year, so it looks like Meghan is taking a break from good ole dad.
    I think for her health she needs to.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Peg

      Why on earth is nobody calling out the creature, Piers Morgan for his ugly and blatant hypocrisy?

      He interviewed Thomas knowing EXACTLY the damage it would do to his relationship with Meghan. He asked about Harry’s politics, again knowing he was probably banging in the final nails into the coffin of the relationship and now, he has the nerve to write this aggressive piece, attacking her for freezing out her father, when he was instrumental in bringing about this scenario.

      I mean, who cares what you think, Piers? Don’t you have any dead children’s phones to tap? You are a far more disgusting excuse of a human being than even her vile siblings. If such a thing is even possible.

      PS: if she keeps on serving up sartorial delights like this, no one will remember her familial travails.

      • Becks1 says:

        I was reading some of Piers’ twitter last night and his defense of Markle and attacks on Meghan on there were really awful.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Piers was a Megan fan but methinks she might have ghosted him for so many reasons that probably make sense and now his little ego is bruised. He is an infant and a creep. There is no way the BRF would allow him to get close to them.
        So he is living by proxy through Tom Markle.

        About the health issues. Christin mentioned it and it made me recall my friend’s heinous Narcissist father. They will always use health to gain attention and usually, it is a lie. I swear I would not put it past this man to get himself admitted to a hospital for photo ops with a tube or two looking pitiful and forlorn. He may even squeeze out a tear. Shame has left his life a long time ago.

      • okay_then says:

        Ngl, I side-eyed Meghan when I heard she was cosying up to Piers Morgan a few years ago. Everyone knows he is disgusting. Even with his media contacts/media reach (which is why she was talking to him in the first place) that wouldn’t be enough to sit down, meet up and have drinks with that vile, racist man.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Beck1,

        I mean, at what stage does this relentless barrage of attacks become legally addressable? This is starting to feel like he’s stalking her.

        @ Magnolia

        She was right to ditch him, sadly she didn’t do it early enough in their relationship and now has this leech joining the ganon of other leeches in her life.

        I find it difficult to hate Thomas, (I suspect it has something to do with losing my own father not that long ago) and I have a suspicion that he doesn’t have decades left either.

        I hope she gives him one final chance, even if it’s to deprive the media of that particular strawman.

      • Christin says:

        I read that piece yesterday and found it both melodramatic and a twist on the tabloids’ “weeks to live!” headlines. Piers even mentioned side effects of Thomas’ medications.

        That article was all but approved by TM himself. Oh what happens when two narcissists conspire!

        @Bella – Sorry for your loss. I understand your point, and have been trying to think of what approach she could use to give him the benefit of a massive doubt without giving up healthy boundaries. Whatever she says to him will likely end up being sold as a headline (if not by him, by the shady relatives)

      • formerly known as Amy says:

        If Piers Morgan’s bullying of MM doesn’t show why leveson 2 is needed, I don’t know what does.
        He is using his media connections to insert himself in her life and bully her due to a perceived personal injury.
        There should be more accountability and media shouldn’t be used this way.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I can’t stand Piers either. My only defense for Meghan is that she was an actress with a blog looking to network and make contacts. Probably to her he looked like an opportunity to further her career and he was most likely very charming. She wasn’t a power player and it is never wise to cut off a potential avenue for work or introductions. She wasn’t in a position to be choosy and he does know A LOT of people.
        For actors that is a large part of their life. More of their work happens off screen hustling and it can be soul draining to be nice to people that don’t deserve it. This is why I understood her decision to marry Harry and leave it all behind. So much of it is unpleasant for a majority of actresses and being biracial and mid 30s wasn’t working in her favor. Unfair but it is the sad truth about the entertainment industry.
        She probably looks back and regrets it but I just look at it like that.

      • Bella DuPont says:


        Thanks a lot….it does get easier, thankfully. :-)

    • minx says:

      What a joke. Does anyone remember Sanford and Son, where Fred Sanford would clutch his chest with a fake heart attack, “I’m coming Elizabeth!” Reminds me of this.
      And Piers Morgan is really stupid to cast his lot with Thomas Markle, who will not be around forever and who is already out of the loop. Why irritate the RF?

      • Christin says:

        The actor-comedian who played Fred Sanford actually had a (fatal) heart attack years later, and on-set bystanders thought it was a joke.

        I completely agree about Morgan’s lack of strategy here.

  19. Anare says:

    Her smooth bun is maybe a better look with that dress. The simplicity and clean lines of the dress call for keeping the rest of her styling simple too. I notice she is not wearing flashy jewelry either. Love the dress. Not crazy about the shoes.

  20. Ms. Turtle says:

    I guess I’m a Betty bc I dislike the messy bun for her work functions. Messy bun at polo? Sure! Messy bun when meeting people who’ve earned the privilege to meet with you? Nope. I’m not a huge fan of a middle part, but she’s gorgeous enough to carry it off. And her hair is very shiny so it looks lovely no matter what part.

    The dress is beautiful and hits the right note. She also seems so engaged with the people she’s talking with and listening to. She has an “active listener” facial expression. I love that.

    • inthekitchen says:

      >>”She has an “active listener” facial expression. I love that. ”

      I think she is just actually, genuinely interested (not that you are saying she’s not, I’m just saying I think it’s not just a facial expression but authentic interest and engagement).

      Several people from several different events have commented that Meghan knew exactly who they were and what their background (or work field, organization, etc.) was. I think she is doing a lot of preparation for her engagements and really studying about the people she will meet and interact with. I love it! I’m sure her script-reading background helps in terms of learning and recalling information, but I love that she is taking her role seriously (unlike other royals who brag about not reading their briefings).

      • Belluga says:

        +1 This is what I love hearing about most after her engagements. Meeting a royal is a big deal for a lot of people and feeling like they actually care about you enough to read about you beforehand makes a huge difference. I’m so glad she recognised that and puts the effort in to do her homework. Lets hope others who should have learned this a long time ago begin to realise this and step up their game.

  21. Franny Days says:

    Yayy so much better.

  22. Helen says:

    I think she looks great! I love the color of the dress (it is very complimentary to her skin tone) and the neckline. My only comment is that is seems very bare…maybe a pop of blue in the shoe, more noticeable earrings, bracelet, ring…something.

  23. Abby says:

    Ah she looks great!!

  24. Beth says:

    Finally, she wears something colorful! It’s a basic, pretty dress, but it not being the blah, bland colorless color she’s been wearing since the wedding, makes it look 100x better.
    This bun looks better than her regular messy bun, which she’s always fiddling with a pushing the loose wisps of hair out of her eyes. Would be perfect without a center part

  25. Anna nuttall says:

    Since marrying or at least getting together with Harry, she seem to be channeling an Audrey Hepburn look. Especially with this latest look.
    I’m on the side that she wore her hair in a bun as it has been hot here in the UK and probably doesn’t want to be a sweaty mess.
    On a different note, Prince Louie christening is on Sunday, do you think H+M will go that? I just don’t remember Harry going to George or Charlotte christening.

    • Mego says:

      I think all of the parents siblings were at the baptisms.

    • Lizabeth says:

      Harry went to George’s but he was in Africa aiding in some sort of animal rescue when Charlotte was christened. I expect H&M will go to Louis’s.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I hope they do. It would be a nice photo op to see them all together and get a peek at sweetling Louis.

      • Masamf says:

        Wasn’t it said the only pics we MIGHT get will be of guests arriving to the venue? Otherwise, no “family together” pics.

      • jan90067 says:

        It was said just arrival pics, and most likely the “formal” family shot, like the other two, will follow.

      • Nic919 says:

        George’s christening was at the same location and a family photo was released later on. I would expect a photo for Louis would take place as well.

      • inthekitchen says:

        Harry, Pippa and James were in George’s official family photo, so hopefully Harry & Meghan (as well as Pippa’s husband) will be in the family photo for Louis.

    • jan90067 says:

      Isn’t the baptism on Monday, the 9th? And the next day, H & M take off for Ireland for 2, or is it 3 days? (I’m looking forward to seeing her clothes choices; this time, I hope she doesn’t wear the flag colors lol).

      They’ll just miss the Orange sh!tstain… what a bummer /sarcasm of course lol

      • inthekitchen says:

        @jan90067 – yes, christening on 9th, with the queen and other family members on the 10th for RAF centenary events, then to Ireland on 10th (afternoon) & 11th. And, then the following week, they will open the Nelson Mandela exhibition. Will be a busy two weeks for them. Can’t wait!

        And, yes, thank whatever deity, they will not meet with that orange fascist. I’m hoping the queen is “sick” and has to bail out of her meeting with him (although the schedule was released and it seems like their meeting may be private, at Windsor?). Did you see that the permits were granted for that big orange baby fascist balloon to fly over London during his visit. Hahaha!

  26. Smee says:

    That dress looks perfect on her. She has the right body for that neckline. She should get one in every color.

  27. Rainbow says:

    Beautiful!!!! She looks amazing and her toned arms are to die for. Makeup is also well done. She looks radiant.

    This look is very simple, minimalist but packs a lot of punch.

    The best thing is her genuine happiness when interacting with the people at this event. She looks engaged and interested.

    • Honey says:

      Yes. Her interactions with the crowd look genuine and fun. Everyone looks to have been at ease and had a great time.

      • Nic919 says:

        She looks like she cares. Even if she really doesn’t she is not giving off the vibe that she would rather be elsewhere. Not everyone in the BRF has mastered that skill yet.

  28. Magdalin says:

    Ha! When I saw the cover photo, I immediately thought, “YAY! No more wisps! Meghan discovered holding spray or hair gel.” She looks her role now, a smartly coiffed and attired Duchess. Not messy and half-done. She looks GREAT and I hope she embraces neatness, with both the sizing of her clothes and her hair because she looks absolutely stunning and chic here.

    Now that I realize her shoe trick, I won’t be questioning the too large shoes anymore. I think she’s brilliant and I’m going to try it out myself, especially because my heels in the summer time are beginning to destroy my pedicures.

    • cee says:

      You can also try going up half a point. The fit is still great and there’s room for water retention, bunions, etc

      • formerly known as Amy says:

        I hate that women with curly hair and woc of color have to use a bunch of product in their hair for it to be “neat”.

    • homeslice says:

      Get a gel pedi, that stuff doesn’t move!

      • jan90067 says:

        The only problem with gel nails (mani or pedi) is the UV light used to set it. My dermatologist says that he’s seen a rise in skin cancers/melanomas in nail beds due to the concentrated light. That quickly made me change my mind about trying one!

  29. LORENA says:

    She looks so simple and beautiful. I like the hair but I think it would look better with a side part

  30. Electric Tuba says:

    She looks fabulous. I really like that dress.

  31. manta says:

    The horror, nude shoes, what a crime against fashion!
    Kidding, I don’t mind them on her sil and don’t mind them on her.
    And I really like yellow, so big win.

  32. Canadian Becks says:

    Anyone watch the video of her talking to people….there was a crazy amount of eye blinking from her- like ALOT.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Does she wear contacts? I have no idea but I wondered.

    • Masamf says:

      I did watch the video (I watch all videos before commenting, LOL), but I never noticed the blinking. I was focused on how engaged she was with everybody, TBH. I probably missed the “blinking A LOT’ but again, I don’t pay much attention to such.
      @magnoliarose, Im not sure if she wears contacts. I, however, know the Ontario sweltering heat and humidity has done a number on my allergies. My eyes dry out and itch so bad i almost scratch them out. I have started using fake tears so they don’t dry and itch, and I don’t even wear contacts, I’m a strictly glass person. Maybe her eyes were just dry from the heat, IDK.

    • Anna nuttall says:

      She could be like me and be light sensitive. Maybe at that time of day, the sun was quite bright for her.

    • ladida says:

      She was blinking a lot, it could be nerves or sunlight

      • Masamf says:

        Or it could be a number of other reasons other than nerves or sunlight! WDK. I personally think its just silly to start obsessing over how one blinks or swallows or whatever. They evidently have their reasons that are not any our business to discuss.

      • Canadian Becks says:

        Or the false lashes.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Sorry to hear about your allergies Masamf. I have them too. Have you tried eyebright drops with glycerin? They seem to help me. I also put lubricant gel in my eyes at night to soothe my achy eyes when my allergies act up.

      Light sensitive and nerves. Sounds plausible too.

      • Masamf says:

        @Magnoliarose, thanks. The thing about my allergies is one medication will work this season and not worn the next. Like I once took claritin and it did wonders for me, but the following year, it gave me such terrible rhinitis I dropped it. Then I started taking Aerius and that too worked for just one season and gave me nose bleeds the following year. So now I just ride out the seasons and hope for the best. But this year my eyes were so dry and itchy they were interfering with my work so I used the tears. I’ll try some of the remedies you suggested too, thanks so much.

    • PrincessK says:

      I noticed the eye blinking in the video. I think it was a combination of nervousness and trying to concentrate . Just imagine you are trying to engage with someone and you are surrounded by people taking pictures and videos of you continuously. She is still learning and it is not something you learn from being an actress.?This new role has her representing the UK a country that is new to her.

  33. Betsy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. The color, the hair, the fit, I haven’t looked up close at the makeup, and I’m glad she didn’t do blue shoes – very Swedish flag/IKEA.

    And I’m not a bitter Betty for disliking messy buns. They look messy. I don’t like it.

  34. cee says:

    She looks stunning in that cut and yellow colour. I’m also just noticing her arms and that’s some subtle muscle definition! That’s the kind of muscle tone I’m working towards.

  35. Valiantly Varnished says:

    She looked perfect. Her makeup, shoes – she was fashionable while still being appropriate. As for her hair – England is in the middle of a heatwave and it could simply be that she wanted her hair off her face and neck. But honestly she can’t win. People complained constantly about her hair being in her face. And now they complain when she pulls it back.

  36. launicaangelina says:

    She looks beautiful! Yellow is one of my favorite colors.

  37. RedWeatherTiger says:

    She looks fabulous in that dress!

    Is there a royal rule against necklaces? I know it would probably be swingy or whatever, but imagine a single long chain..with small, sparkly stones set intermittently. The lady in the coral dress has on a necklace!

  38. Linda says:

    She looks stunning, I love the color and everything about this look.

  39. Eva says:

    Yes. This is how to do sophisticated yet modern royal style.

    So much better than the drab cream and beige outfits she has worn lately. This colour is amazing on her. With her lovely, golden skin tone it would be a crime not to wear any bright colours! It lightens up her face, brings out her freckles and takes years off her. And the simple sheath style is really flattering and grown up.

    Dressing like a royal doesn’t have to mean wearing a doily skater dress combined with an 80′s blowout and black under-eye kohl. Tsk tsk.

    • Honey says:

      Say it!

    • okay_then says:

      Is that why you guys don’t like Kate’s way of dressing because you don’t like flared skater dresses and skirts? They look nice on Kate, very feminine, they suit her figure, and Meghan looks much better in pencil dresses/skirts. I don’t expect both Duchesses to dress the same.

    • jan90067 says:

      Kate has also looked best when she wears a pencil skirt. I think that look suits her so well, too.

    • Eva says:

      Okay_then: My problem with Kate’s style is that she somehow always look dated and strangely enough both childish and matronly at the same time. I’m sure some women can pull skater dresses off, but it’s a question of how you combine and accessorize the outfit.

      Combining a feminine skater dress or coat dress with hosiery, frumpy pumps, the most conservative jewelry money can by, sausage curl hair that is straight up 1950′s housewife, and then topping it off with a ring of black kohl around the eye = not a good look. There’s nothing modern or remotely playful about it, and not particularly sophisticated either. Most women past 25 look better in something that is sleeker, less girly. You can be feminine, youthful and grown up at the same time. Meghan nailed this yesterday, and she also nailed it when she wore that amazing pantsuit before the wedding.

      My favorite Kate looks have been the ones with pencil skirts and a simple blouse. She looks good in that. It takes a certain savviness and innate sense of style to experiment beyond that for official appearances, and IMO Kate doesn’t have that.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, Kate is just not a fashionista. She should just stick to simple, straightforward styles. I do think she’s getting marginally better.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I would love to get my hands on Kate for a month and just dress and style her. I think she struggles because the style she is wearing is not natural to her. She is a sporty type and looks best like that in my opinion. Less fuss and twee would go a long way for her.

      • minx says:

        magnoliarose, yes. She has the height and figure to do much more with her style. I hope she is moving away from some of the fussiness. Give us something fun to look at.

      • Becks1 says:

        @magnoliarose – yes. that’s what irks me about Kate’s style. I feel like she dresses the way she thinks a duchess/future queen should dress, and so for inspiration, she looks to the queen and Camilla (if you compare her and Camilla’s outfits, there are a LOT of similarities.) She should look at other royals in her general age range (Letizia, Victoria, Maxima, etc) and not the Queen. I do think she does her best, but struggles. I think if she was more “true” to her style, we would probably see more basic sheaths and such from her, or even trousers, and fewer flouncy skirts, and she would overall look so much better.

        There’s a reason we all love her outfits (for the most part) when she does more casual looks – she looks a lot better and more comfortable – because she dresses more how she wants, and less how she thinks she “should” dress.

  40. minx says:

    Love her makeup too. She’s not wearing too much and what she is wearing is blended.

  41. homeslice says:

    Love the color and the fit, but the length kills it for me. Would have been so much better at the knee.
    Hair is perfect for summer!

  42. Wowsers says:

    Really lovely! Beautiful, fits her, right price point. Hopefully Meghan got the hint that spending thousands on bespoke isn’t a great way to win over the public…

    On the centre part. I feel like a lot of the prejudice stems from the fact that most people look bloody awful with one. This is obviously not a problem with Meghan. Not only is she so so pretty, but her face is symmetrical as well. So for me it works.

    And just LOL at the bitter Betty comment. So I suppose everyone that has hated on Kate’s loose college girl hair is a bitter Betty too? Hahahaha

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m over Kate’s hair now and think she looks better when she pulls it back, rather than having the curls in her face, but I admit that there are times when I see Kate and half of the reason for my dislike is sheer jealousy over her hair, LOL. Like I said now I think it tends to look better pulled back, but when she has a fresh blowout (with no sausage curls), her hair can still look great.

  43. Maria says:

    The dress could have been a bit shorter. Like knee-length or slightly below.

    • Honey says:

      I initially thought so too. However, the dress has a back split. I think a similar dress, in a different color albeit shorter, would be a knock-out for her too. Maybe something in a rich and bold color with discreet yet obvious pockets? I think that would be cute.

    • liriel says:

      Oh this! Something was slightly off and now I can see what!

  44. Digital Unicorn says:

    Colour, FINALLY! Yay. I love this colour and it really suits her. Love the whole outfit. I must be the only person who doesn’t have a problem with the loose messy up do, even at formal events it can work. Am not a fan of the tight, middle parting look – its a bit severe.

  45. TeamAwesome says:

    This dress was styled with a matching belt in a runway pic that I saw. Given her love of belts, I’m surprised she didn’t include it. For me I would have loved at least one piece of statement jewelry, but I’m a peasant, not an uber chic Duchess.

  46. Sparkly says:

    I’m glad to see her wearing a nice, bright color. She looks good, although I do think the hair is a bit severe. Don’t bow to hair pressure! lol

  47. Lana234 says:

    This is the best thing she has worn since she got married. I love th colour on her.I hate the hair. She needs to go back to wearing her hair loose. The shoes could’ve been a different colour.

  48. Alexandria says:

    I liked everything. Even the length. She looks professional yet draws your eye in a good way. They need to charm anyway. Loved her hair and makeup too.

  49. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I couldn’t want for this to be posted after seeing photos yesterday. I love this look! Almost perfect except for the shoes. They could’ve been worse, though, so I won’t complain much.

  50. Aerohead21 says:

    The hem is just an inch or so too long but otherwise I think she looks amazing.

  51. Addison says:

    I’m sure she wears what she wants to wear and doesn’t care what people say. Tomorrow she will wear it a different way.

    Kate is always been complained about and she doesn’t care either.

    Nonsense all of it.

  52. spidee!!! says:

    Navy shoes would look good

  53. Littlefishmom says:

    I love them!! She looks great.

  54. ladida says:

    Best she has ever looked!!

  55. liriel says:

    I think the colour is lovely and she looks great. The hair is too polished but I understand it’s difficult to find the middle ground if there is one. I love that her make up is softer again. Overall a nice look.
    Does anyone else think that this dress was made for someone taller than Meghan? It’s also still not perfectly tailored for her. It wrinkled. The second nitpick that is that I don’t like the cut around the arms. Such cut makes anyone’s arms look like those of a swimmer or a rectangle. It’s just my personal preference, I could never work this issue out, have no idea why. I prefer deeper boatneck but totally see why it couldn’t be done!
    I don’t mind the shoes at all. Maybe the black ones would be too heavy or stripper like and would pull the attention. It’s a summer look.

    • RoyalBree says:

      I agree, the dress is too long. And the cut doesn’t do her frame any favors at all. The dress is much too rectangular in shape, with no waist, for her already boxy figure. And the dress wrinkled and the lining looks wrinkled around the bust area. Meghan can do better. She should try to define her waist, either with a belt or with the cut of the dress.

  56. Amelie says:

    She looks fabulous! Hopefully everyone will calm down now that she is wearing a color other than neutrals, I think canary yellow is rather bold! As for the nude shoes, I never had an issue with Kate wearing them and I don’t see any issues with Meghan wearing them either. I have nude pumps now and if I had to dress as fancy as those two, I probably would get a lot of mileage out of them (also they are Clarks so they are more comfortable than your typical heels).

  57. OneLumpOrTwo says:

    This dress is great on her, but I agree with all the commenters who say the shoes would look better if they were a darker shade, maybe a cognac leather. I like loose buns, but it’s actually distracting and really annoying to have that hair falling in your face all the time when you’re trying to work. It’s hard to keep in place too, I’m not surprised she ditched it. I have coarse dark hair like Meghan and when the strands fall in my face they make my face itch, which is why I only wear it loose when I’m at a really casual event. And if it’s humid outside or I’m having an oily skin day, the hair in my face is unbearable.

  58. Sage says:

    Hair pulled back with no loose tendrils. Check.
    Easy on the makeup application. Check.
    Bright colour and fitted dress. Check.
    Heels that fit. Check.

    She looks great!

    You have to deeply hate her to find something wrong with this look.

  59. BegoneOrangeCheeto says:

    I like this dress a lot. It’s a nice pop of color on her and it’s nice to see her wearing an American designer, although I do think she should start wearing more British designers. Also, I like her hair. She looks professional and a bit more relaxed, I think. She seems to really engage with people and not look like it’s a huge chore.

    I just think she seems like a truly nice person.

  60. Cerys says:

    She looks great. She suits this style of dress much better than floaty, less-fitted dresses.

  61. RoyalBree says:

    Am I a Betty? I don’t think so! I really would like Meghan to succeed. However, I found this dress unflattering for the most part. The cut is just too rectangular for her already boxy figure. All I could see at first glance was a big yellow rectangle. It cries out for a belt to give her a waist. Plus the lining is crumply and the dress is too long for her. And a side part in her hair would be better.
    On the plus side, great colour, simple style, a price that isn’t cringe-making, and NO HAIR FIDDLING! Yay, Meghan!

    • minx says:

      I get what you’re saying about the belt. If she did wear one I think the skirt should be a tad shorter because she’s short waisted and the skirt would look huge.

    • Becks1 says:

      The original dress did come with a belt. But I think it would have upset her proportions, so to speak.

    • RoyalBree says:

      Yes, shorter, and with a belt. I get the arguments for no belt on her figure, though. Sometimes it seems a toss-up whether a belt would help define a waist for her, or draw attention to the lack of a waist. In the case of this dress, I think the former. The dress looks awesome on the model with the belt!

      • liriel says:

        This! She looks nice because her face is pretty and the colour is great but this dress doesn’t flatter her figure. Just majority of her dresses. That’s why I’m like “it feels so summery and nice but she doesn’t look great from neck down”. Now I know exactly why.

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      I agree, I don’t find this dress at all flattering to her figure. She’s a beautiful woman, but I’m not impressed with her style. It’s quite bland.

  62. Laura says:

    I need that dress!!! I love, love, LOVE the colour yellow 💛 Meghan looks beautiful 💕

  63. belladonna says:

    I was at first annoyed a bit by the people saying racial overtones about her spending money on her clothing. Not sure they were wrong. It’s of course easier to say when we’re not paying for it.

  64. Nikki says:

    Just had to thank Celebitchy and all you posters!! I’m a gal in her 60′s who needs to improve her fashion game, so reading everyone’s comments and suggestions is like getting a tutorial, all food for thought!! :)

    • Christin says:

      Same here. I need fresh pointers (though I’m not into wearing high heels – like to look at them on others, but they’re not for me). I would have to do cobalt flats with the yellow outfit. LOL

  65. themummy says:

    I’m not one for bump watch at all, but I saw all of the photos from that day on The Daily Fail (yeah, I check out their photos, but for the love of all that is good and holy, one must avoid their comments section…. yikes!) and there were a few that just screamed pregnant to me. Not an overt bump, but definitely a bit of midsection change in some photos. Don’t yell at me. Just my opinion and I’m no expert. But I’d bet my two big toes she’s in the early stages of pregnancy. When I was pregnant and not yet overtly showing, in some photos I still looked very slim…but in others it was clear I was not quite as tiny as usual…. Time shall tell! Don’t get me wrong–she looks very slim and tiny still and what little “thickening” she has could just be completely normal womanly shape…but she’s very, very small, so who knows….



    There are a few others, but these were the two that really caught my eye.

    • Snowflake says:

      Idk, she could just have a little bit of a belly. She doesn’t look pregnant to me. I would love it if she was though.

  66. Lory says:

    I think she’s learning to navigate her new role, and we should cut her a little slack. She is constantly being compared to Diana, but Diana didn’t come into her own fashion-wise until years into her marriage, after two children, and when her marriage was already (behind closed doors at least) over and she didn’t give a fleek about what anyone thought of her.

    I don’t like the dress because it wrinkles, and ends up looking cheap, which is unfortunate because the cut and colour are super flattering.

    • liriel says:

      I agree about the dress but close-wise.. It’s a gossip site, it’s to be expected!

  67. WendyNerd says:

    I’m not surprised the yellow worked. Only people with brown skin tones should wear yellow.