Kristin Cavallari: My kids go to the doctor once a year, ‘I know what I’m doing is right’

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US Magazine has an interview with Kristin Cavallari, who has a new reality show premiering on E! this Sunday called “Very Cavallari.” She’s apparently not going to feature her children on the show and will focus on the staff at her shop along with her husband, quarterback Jay Cutler. I guess she’s taking a page from Lisa Vanderpump. Since Kristin is all about being a mom and shielding her kids from fame while talking about them and posting photos that don’t show their faces, she spoke to US about how healthy her kids are. They’re so healthy she only needs to take them to the doctor once a year. US doesn’t mention the fact that Kristin doesn’t vaccinate her children, but that’s the undertone of this article. Kristen said, in 2014 when she only had one child, that she wasn’t going to vaccinate her son because she’s read books about autism and stuff. That’s also why her kids’ diet is mostly gluten free and organic, but they are allowed treats occasionally. I can’t with this woman. Here’s what she said:

Kristin Cavallari doesn’t have a pediatrician on speed dial. The mom of Camden, 5, Jaxon, 4, and Saylor, 2, recently told Us Weekly the only time her kids have been to the doctor is for a routine yearly checkup.

“I got to think we’re doing something right. No ear infections. No nothing,” the Very Cavallari star told Us. The 31-year-old, who is married to former Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler, admitted she is “probably going to get s—t” for boasting about her healthy children, but she couldn’t care less. “I’ve gotten flack for how I raise my kids, but people don’t really understand,” the Hills alum quipped. “I know what I’m doing is right…”

“I’m cooking gluten-free. We try as to eat as organic as possible. We don’t buy a lot of processed foods,” Cavallari told Us. Though the E! personality wrote True Roots — a cookbook filled recipes free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar — her kids are allowed junk food.

“We go out to eat every weekend. They get donuts. They get whatever they want when we’re on vacation,” Cavallari explained. “We were at a birthday party yesterday and they were eating cake. I think if you’re too strict, they may end up going the other way. But of the time they’re eating healthy.”

[From US Magazine]

So I guess Kristin is tacitly confirming that she still doesn’t vaccinate her children. In 2014, when she came out against vaccinating, she had only the one son, Camden, who turns six this August. She now has son Jaxon, four, and daughter Saylor, two and a half, all with Jay. (Because I’m annoyed with her I’m going to side eye her kids’ names. Camden is fine, but Saylor with alternate spelling? Jaxon is also new to me.) At least she’s not all Kat Von D-ing anymore about how it’s her choice not to vaccinate and how informed she is about it. The pResident himself is an anti-vaxxer and “truth” is now whatever people decide it is. (No, it’s not, but you know what I mean.) Unfortunately there are real consequences when some people cling to their own version of reality, in this case not just for the children of anti-vaxxers but for everyone who comes into contact with them.

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  1. Heather says:

    I can’t with this woman. Or any anti-vaxxers who use autism as an excuse. First, that study was not only fraudulent but the doctor behind it lost his medical license. Second, they’re implying that a dead child is better than an autistic child. As a mom of an autistic child, that makes me stabby.

    • Esmom says:

      Right there with ya, sister.

    • susiecue says:

      Wow, well said!

      • jan90067 says:

        Amen to that!

        She relying on “the herd” to keep her kids safe; just like a tick, they’re hitching on. It is not only stupid, but incredibly selfish. There are those of us who have compromised immune systems that run the risk of serious complications if exposed to these illness. How could she live with herself if her child gets seriously ill, or dies, due to her ego and stupidity?? How can ANY one of those idiots ever forgive themselves?? It is truly unbelievable that diseases that were once considered eradicated are now making a comeback. Shame we can’t herd all these anti-vaxxers onto a little island somewhere.

    • Char says:

      Here in Brazil, vaccination is mandatory. Because of those false rumors, lots of parents decided not to vaccine their kids and what happened? Measles and polio are back after over 30 years, threatening kids who are actually vaccined. How is this stupid AF woman different from people who believe the Earth is flat? What she’s doing is so dangerous and so wrong.

      • Justme says:

        And isn’t that new outbreak of measles threatening the Yanomami tribe? People have a tendency to underestimate how devastating measles can be, especially to populations who have absolutely no natural immunity to it. It was measles and other “Old World” diseases that tore through the native American populations, wiping out an enormous percentage of them.

      • Char says:

        @Justme Apparently they are suffering from a outbreak of measles coming from Venezuela, Brazil is getting thousands of refugees and with the economical crisis in there, they aren’t vaccined. It’s a slightly different situation than not wanting to vaccine.

    • minx says:

      I couldn’t even read this post after I read the headline. She’s deeply stupid and smug, I really loathe her.

      • CooCooCatchoo says:

        I wonder how Kristen’s antivax philosophy is received by the other parents at her childrens’ school.

      • Faithmobile says:

        It’s against the law in California so she would have to homeschool.

      • Cate says:

        If her oldest kid is 5, she may not have hit school age yet–kindergarten typically starts the year you turn 5, so if oldest kid turned 5 sometime between Sept 1. 2017 and now, he would not be due to start school until August 2018. I’m willing to bet that up to this point her kids have NOT been in daycare and may not even have been in any kind of preschool, so their exposure to other kids has been minimal. If her 5-year-old is going into a regular school with a ton of other kids in the fall, bring on the germs! That said, while kids do often get sick quite a bit in their first year at daycare, it’s not necessarily always enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. My son was sent home often in his first year for things like a low-grade fever, our doctor’s office was pretty adamant that unless a fever persisted for 3+ days there was no reason to come in. And even then, they often preferred to do a phone appointment and then make a decision. Colds, coughs, etc. they don’t want to see either. Basically, most things that most kids get, a doctor can’t do much about, the best medicine is just time and rest. My kid is now 2.5 and we have had a total of 3 sick child visits, 2 of which turned out to be nothing (in one case the daycare told us they thought he was having an allergic reaction to something, I was skeptical but…they were insistent that he needed to see a doctor, so if it had been up to me we would have had only 2 visits total). So it’s not like it’s super typical for a young child to be in at the doctor constantly for illnesses. She needs to get over herself.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ Minx : yes she’s stupid and smug but it her (small) mind, she on reality tv and on instagram, so she thinks that means she smart.
        Cue the music from Pink’s “Stupid Girls”

      • ktae says:

        This replay is to Faith. There are ways around the vaccination rule in California. A lovely parent in our district found a “doctor” in sacramento to right scripts saying the children couldn’t be vaccinated for medical reasons. He gladly shared he’d get the “doctors” number for us if we wanted it. $300 bucks a child. Not that I would never not vaccinate. Herds people.

      • Snappyfish says:

        I’m with you Minx!! A doctor once said “remember that time you got polio? Of course you don’t because you were vaccinated!” Our horses can’t leave our farm without their Coggin’a certificate with them, our dog can’t be kenneled without his shots. How on earth should children be allowed around others without theirs?

        I feel truly sorry for children with parents like this. I hope all are ok but life is long and they don’t have the simple inoculations to aid them in the long run. People worry about the major things but going through life with an altered & supressed immune system is a v v dangerous thing. I truly wish them the best.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Dear ktae:
        You should have asked for the doctor’s name. If that individual is making up medical exclusions, they are committing fraud and should lose their license for that kind of behavior. I have no patience for docs like that — and they should have no patients either.

      • Elizabeth says:

        She lives in Nashville, so I’m not sure what the rules are there.

    • anna2222222 says:

      Another autism parent here and sweet baby Jesus I have enough to deal with without having to explain to idiots why vaccinations are important and necessary. My kid is awesome and he doesn’t have measles or polio or any other preventable disease. Thanks science!

    • billypilgrim says:

      I can’t with this trick either.

      Her constant self-aggrandizement gets on the quark of my last nerve.

    • Honeybee says:

      I’m right there with you. I’m a parent of a child with cancer. He’s in remission now. Chemo frequently wipes out immunization and it did for him so we have to start over and re-immunize. We have to avoid crowds because he doesn’t have the immunity. This woman makes me insane because she endorses such a dangerous choice for her kids and mine. I bet her parents got her vaccinated. Sorry, rant over.

      • jan90067 says:

        Honeybee, I’m in the same situation. Stem cell transplant wiped out mine; I have *almost* completed my vaccinations after 4 yrs. of remission (still have one more set of boosters in Dec.). But let me tell you, I could not/would not go out into big crowds, even with a face mask, for fear of catching something. The selfish self-centeredness of this See You Next Tuesday is just astounding!

      • wildflower says:

        @Honeybee and Jan Sending positive thoughts and wishes into the universe for your kiddo, honeybee, and for you, Jan. Yes, this is selfish and ignorant and dangerous of this dumb woman.

        Also, I am gluten free because I have to be for health, but my kids aren’t because there’s no reason for them to be. Why is Kristin’s family gluten free? And when they go out for donuts, do they find gluten free donuts, because I have never seen any (haven’t gone searching, admittedly). And if they eat cake at birthday parties, what are the odds that it’s gluten free? I don’t know, it sounds weird, like they are part time gluten free.

    • SequinedHeart says:

      Your comment summed it up, ‘she is implying a dead child is better than one with autism.’ How bloody thick is she?
      While I don’t have a child with autism, I taught at a special needs school and I tell you, it was one of the most wonderful, enriching times of my life.
      As a parent, I vaccinate. I have stopped hanging out with a girlfriend because she refuses to vaccinate & instead lead a Cavallari-inspired (wanker) life. Girl, bye!

    • Shannon says:

      Same! My younger son is on the spectrum (older son isn’t – both were vaccinated ijs). Vaccines didn’t cause it, but even if vaccines HAD caused it, idgaf. If you’d rather your kid be dead than autistic, you don’t really have any business being a parent imo. And I thought gluten-free was actually not good for you unless you have Celiac disease?

    • Roo says:

      I was not vaccinated as a child. I’m healthy, never get sick and pretty sure I’m still alive. Every parent should have the right to chose how they raise their child.

      • Ms says:

        Roo, your sample size of ONE is completely irrelevant. Please educate yourself about how science works. Furthermore, you could be a carrier and be completely asymptomatic, and still literally kill other people who are immune compromised by passing on preventable diseases to them. you sound like an adult, go get your vaccinations or stay home.

        Your right to make choices about your children ends when it begins to have serious consequences for others. I don’t have a right to choose to bring back deadly communicable diseases because I have a stupid idea about vaccinations causing autism when it has been proven a million times it does not.

      • Snowflake says:

        Some people just naturally have good health. That doesn’t mean not vaccinating was the right choice. I was vaccinated and I rarely get sick. Knock on wood. You are exposing other people with weaker immune systems to diseases.

      • Bridget says:

        Roo, the reality is that you’re very lucky, but keep in mind that you will need to be vigilant your whole life. You’re not done just because you’re grown. Vaccine preventable illnesses aren’t only a childhood issue. Not to mention, should you ever get pregnant yourself or your partner, you could potentially pass on something to your child (there’s a reason why they usually make sure that you’re up to date on your pertussis vaccine before you leave the hospital). Your parents chose not just to gamble with your life, but also the lives of your future children and the other children around them. It’s not a personal choice, it’s a public health issue.

      • Enn says:

        Did you know that Typhoid Mary was an asymptomatic carrier of typhus who killed a lot of people?

      • Silent Star says:

        Roo, can you travel to third world countries without fear of contacting smallpox, polio, measles, etc? Or spreading them to those who have no access to vaccines? If there was an outbreak of Ebola near you, would you take the vaccine, or will you risk the Ebola? Are you secure in your immunity around other people who have symptoms of vaccine-preventable diseases? Do you think you cannot spread a disease for which you may be asymptomatic to an infant that has not yet been immunized?

      • Veronica S, says:

        And your parents can thank the rest of us who are vaccinated for providing the herd immunity you benefited from.

      • trh says:

        ^^^^^^^ what Veronica S said

      • Teresa says:

        I was not vaccinated as a child (due to a complicated heart-related issue) and I do thank the parents of the kids around me in kindergarten and school. Their desicion to vaccinate their kids kept me safe as well.
        No need to mention both of my kids are vaccinated.

      • Haapa says:

        The plural of anecdote is not evidence.

      • beatrixkiddo says:

        I love you

    • Miss b says:

      TESTIFY, mama!

    • Indiemom says:

      Exactly, Heather!!! My oldest is autistic, all mine are vaccinated. Andrew Wakefield did the whole world a disservice. What kind of books is she reading?!

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Unless your body can’t handle gluten, there is no reason to be gluten-free. None of my 5 siblings has ever had an ear infection. I didn’t have one until adulthood when I worked in a sick building. So, no, Kristin, that has nothing to do with being gluten or vaccination-free.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I don’t get going gluten-free for no reason, either. And my kids were never sick when they were little like hers so I don’t get the bragging. I won’t even go there with the anti-vaxxing.

      I do wonder if they are concerned about them developing T1 diabetes, since Jay has it. It runs in families although we have no history and my son developed it in his teens.

      • Bridget says:

        You don’t develop T1 that way, T2 is triggered by diet. T1 you either have or you don’t (and then it’s “triggered” in your body).

      • Veronica S, says:

        To expound on what Bridget says, Type 1 is insulin deficiency – i.e. your body can’t produce enough to control glucose levels. Type 2 is insulin resistance, which means your body can produce it but your cellular response isn’t efficient enough to process glucose efficiently.

        Some newer studies are suggesting that Type 1 diabetes may be a result of an autoimmune response in some children infected with certain strains of rubella or endoviruses. (It can also be caused by trauma to the pancreas or other disease.) Type 2 can be a little more complicated. Obesity and carbohydrate-heavy diets can absolutely contribute to its development, but there are numerous genetic factors that are thought to give some individuals more of a predisposition to it than others. (For instance, diabetes runs heavily in my family for both types – my mother is pre-diabetic and was never morbidly obese.)

      • Detritus says:

        Interestingly enough, studies are finding you can re-sensitize pancreatic cells with fasting. Mind you, this is doctor monitored and extreme, I think it was 600 calories daily for two weeks.
        Doesn’t work for T1, sadly.

      • frankdiabetes says:

        Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, but it’s a result of a genetic susceptibility coupled with an environmental trigger. Concordance rates of incidence between monozygotic twins is only around 30%, so that’s why most researchers believe there must be some sort of environmental influence at hand in development of overt disease.

    • Cherry says:

      Not vaxxing and cooking free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar is the new conspicuous consumption, don’t you know.
      Only really rich white folks get to behave that pointlessly.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Totally with you, Cherry. That’s what makes her stupid comments even more awful. Mind you, if one of their superhealthy kids is neurologically devastated from H. flu or pneumococcal meningitis, they will be able to afford all the specialized medical care they need. Isn’t that a comfort?

    • Amelie says:

      My sister is gluten-free because she has Celiac’s so she has no choice. I know people who have eliminated it from their diet or just cut down on it because they say it makes them feel better and less gassy after they eat which I can believe. Some people claim to be “gluten intolerant” which might be a thing, I dunno.

      Everybody eats what they want. Some people go vegan/vegetarian even if it’s not necessary to go meat-free. I’ve thought about going gluten-free to see if I feel less bloated.

      • Rose says:

        People go vegan because they care about animals and have understanding on what the innocent animals go through in there short until they are butchered. then there’s the health reasons and environmental factors. Please don’t compare vegans to people that do not vaccinate!

      • Bridget says:

        The reason why people frequently feel less bloated after going gluten free is because they’ve cut out a large source of refined flour as well as some heavily processed foods. Skip wheat based items if that’s what you want, but don’t call yourself gluten free. Until you need to have your stuff prepared on special cutting boards so there’s no cross contamination (Celiac’s runs in my family) you’re not gluten free for real.

      • Amelie says:

        @Rose: I wasn’t comparing vegans to not vaccinating (in fact nowhere did I say that), more comparing them to people going gluten-free. A lot of people go gluten-free for health reasons. Typically being a vegetarian/vegan is linked to people who are invested in animal rights/don’t want to consume living things. I rarely hear about people who give up meat for health reasons or hear about people who are allergic to meat (though I’m sure there are some people who are).

        @Bridget: That is why I kind of side eye “gluten intolerant” people. My sister even has a gluten free toaster at my parents’ house so she can toast her UDI bread without fear of cross contamination when she visits.

        Though my sister who has Celiac’s says eating chicken makes her feel sick and we think it has to do with the fact chickens probably consume a lot of wheat/gluten based food but that’s just a theory.

      • Miss M says:

        A lot of people like me that has a type of autoimmune disease, and not celiac, have a leaky gut, which makes them sensitivity to gluten food. No it is not life threatening for now, but you are advised to reduce intake or remove it from your diet completely. On top of it, people with one autoimmune condition are prone to develop others… Please, don’t “side-eye” if you dont know their medical history.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I don’t understand the gluten free thing for no reason either. There is a type of eating disorder where the person cuts out all sorts of foods, all must be organic and take healthy eating to extremes.

      • Kate says:


      • Annabel says:

        I don’t get it either. I follow a gluten-free diet by default, because I have to follow a strict low-carb diet in order to keep the pre-diabetes from turning into actual diabetes, but my kid gets to eat as many crackers and pieces of toast as her lucky little body can handle. Absent a compelling moral reason—hi vegetarians!—I think it’s weird to impose restrictive diets on your kids.

      • Veronica S, says:

        Well…it helps you cut a lot of processed carbs, that’s why. Which is sensible for weight loss, but like…no need to dress it up in fancy language. Just admit you wanted to eat less processed sugars.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes Kate.THAT is it. It is a strange disorder of privilege.

        I think cutting out gluten/carbs because of health reasons make sense. It is the doing it just cause that makes me smh.

      • LT says:


        Bingo. That’s exactly it.

      • Lily says:

        I used not to understand about gluten-free diet until my 18-months old son developed rash all over his body everytime he ate wheat and dairy (cow’s milk, not goat’s though). We did blood test, and yes, he’s allergic to them, and peanuts and eggs. So his diet consists of gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and peanut-free. The allergy could be temporary or it could be permanent, we’re going to introduce him these food after he’s 2.

    • Bridget says:

      Also, you’re not “gluten free” if you’re having occasional donuts and cake. And if your body can handle the occasional donuts & cake without erupting, it turns out you don’t actually need to go gluten free, so you’re just giving yourself a very expensive elective diet choice. It is so stupid.

    • Izzy says:

      Adding to that, the celiac advocacy group commissioned a study on the effects of gluten-free diet on non-celiac patients. It showed a link between it and higher rates of cardiovascular disease because people going gluten-free as a trend don’t remember things like “you need to supplement your fiber intake” and other important nutritional points – things celiac patients are usually taught when diagnosed because they have an actual illness which drastically changes how and what they eat.

      • Rose says:

        Saying your gluten intolerant is the perfect cover for people with eating disorders. It’s used quite alot with unwell people when they are a restricting. In Ed’s wards unless you have the actual diagnosed then your not allowed to restrict gluten.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yeah that’s what I thought. A lot of doctors actually advise against a gluten free diet if the person isn’t adverse to gluten. Oh yeah Cavallari, my kids are all vaccinated and I don’t restrict their gluten intake and they only see the ped once a year too. She isn’t doing anything amazing. Some kids are blessed with health.

      Go vaccinate those diseased kids Cutler/Cavallari!

    • KB says:

      I’ve never had an ear infection, and I was vaccinated and always ate gluten. My older brother always got ear infections and also was vaccinated and ate gluten. She’s an idiot.

    • Jordan says:

      I’ve read that unless you have celiac disease or another disease that hits the digestive tract, a gluten diet isn’t that good for you. Not eating it can cause the body to develop an intolerance to it. Like how people don’t eat or drink certain things as part of a diet, then they eat or drink said item and their entire body goes out of whack. Like when people switch to a different type milk and then go back to cow milk after months (not talking legit lactose intolerance but fad diets)

      I read it a few years ago while I worked in the food service industry, when gluten was a diet fad. We’d have women order the gluten pasta only to tell them the Alfredo wasn’t gluten free and they’d “oh it’s fine I can have Alfredo” but if you’ve got celiac disease- NO you can’t. It was obnoxious.

  3. Beth says:

    I’m glad and lucky my mom was/is more responsible when it comes to seriously important things like mine and my sisters health

  4. Mrs. Wellen-Melon says:

    I HAVE to follow a diet close to what she feeds her kids. I have an inflammatory bowel disease with no cure called Crohn’s. My gut is broken.

    I truly don’t understand why a healthy person would voluntarily restrict themselves in this way without a doctor or registered dietician telling them to.

    Let’s live in the world before science was used to benefit humanity, I guess. Let’s die young and experience the death of all our children, shall we? All she’s saying is that the advances in knowledge and medical science of the past 500 years are worthless and she, a reality tv star, knows better than our greatest scientists.

    • OriginalLala says:

      my momma has Crohn’s too, *hugs* to you, I’ve seen how devastating the disease can be…

    • KB says:

      Um, her kids don’t get ear infections, so she obviously knows better than those doctors. /s

      • Mel says:

        My kids have never had eat infections either. They’re all vaccinated and no diet restrictions.

    • Enn says:

      I have a few cousins with Crohn’s and it’s often a battle to stay well. I’m so sorry that you suffer from it.

    • Miss M says:

      I am sorry

  5. Emily says:

    God, she is so annoying.

  6. OriginalLala says:

    We really need to stop giving anti-vaxxers a platform. They are actively harming other (very vulnerable) people! Sorry but I’ve started treating anti-vaxxers the same way I treat Deplorables, I refuse to be civil to people who are actively (and happily) hurting others.

  7. Clare says:

    She is dumber than a box of rocks.

    Unvaccinated kids should be excluded from schools, team sports and any other organised activity that puts them in close contact with other children. I know it’s not the kids fault, but they put everyone else at risk by compromising herd immunity. Enough of this ‘My kid my choice’ nonsense from uninformed and uneducated morons. Enough enough enough. There have to be consequences. And while we’re at it can we stop giving these dangerous fools a platform?

    • Tiffany says:

      When I use to work in the school system (long ago), it was a requirement that kids coming into school had to report their current vaccinations records.

      That doesn’t happen anymore?

      • Esmom says:

        It does. Although at least in our elementary and high school districts you can claim an exemption based on religious grounds. I don’t know what the point of requiring vaccination is if you can opt out, kinda defeats the purpose.

        My son is about to start college and they required that he self report his vaccinations. I would have guessed they would want something from his doctor but no.

      • Clare says:

        My understanding Is that in some districts in the US people can forgo vaccinations on religious grounds. This literally makes my blood boil. And I’m assuming many private schools allow kids to forgo as well. I mean, there are so many unvaccinated kids, especially in the US, now – they just go to school, play group, karate, music lessons etc right? All the while putting all the other kids, especially those most vulnerable, at risk. It’s disgusting.

      • Veronica S, says:

        I guess they’re under the delusion that some of these kids haven’t been trained to lie about their vaccinations. My college actually required students who lived on campus to get additional vaccines for things like meningitis because they’re seeing an uptick in cases in universities.

      • minx says:

        Yes, my daughter was a college freshman last year and she had to get a meningitis shot before she started. I don’t think my son, who is 26, had to do that.

      • Heather says:

        This should make the blood boil even more. There are doctors, mostly in California I believe, that actually advertise that they can get around the no vaxx no school requirement by “doctoring” up records to document an adverse reaction or allergy that isn’t real. Some states also allow parents to “follow their conscience” and be exempted from vaccination requirements. It makes me sick.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Heather if you know specifically of any of those doctors, please consider reporting them to the state licensure board. They’re committing fraud and endangering others.

    • noway says:

      What’s her religious exemption here? Reality tv? I think her kids may not be able to participate in certain things, especially sports, and because they are so little now she doesn’t have know how this may affect them. I’m sure there are private schools which will allow the non-vaccinated to go, and that seems uber safe as all the non-vaccinated are all together. Funny, my daughter who is 16 now, still needs a physical and her shots for sports for her private school. She never was sick much either when she was under 6, no ear or sinus infections here either, and she was vaccinated and sorry I didn’t go gluten free or strict diet either. Maybe Kristen should realize they are just lucky. After all who makes a living in both football and reality show tv. Not a lot of people, I think they are lucky. No she knows because of her vast reality show degree, it’s the gluten and vaccines.

    • Detritus says:

      They should be excluded from all public spaces because they make it unsafe for the immunocompromised.
      Malls, theatres, concerts, sporting event, public parks, public gathering places.

    • jan90067 says:

      Heather, we have one here in Calif: a Dr. Bob Sears

      IT IS JUST SO EFFING STUPID!!! Makes my blood boil!

  8. Neelyo says:

    There was an outbreak of measles in Portland, OR recently with over 500 people exposed.

    I can’t believe anyone would listen, let alone buy a book, from someone who got their platform from an MTV reality show.

    She’s trash and should be ignored.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      This outbreak and others has me so angry! This show should be boycotted and cancelled.

  9. Jenns says:

    I often wonder if some children of anti-vaxxers are going to grow up and be really pissed that their parent put their lives in jeopardy over a myth.

    • Swack says:

      Unless they go research on their own, I doubt it. I’ll bet they follow what their parents did and won’t vaccinate their children.

      • Jenns says:

        I’m sure some will, but not all. I certainly do not hold the same views that I was raised with. And if my parents refused to vaccinate me, I would have serious issues that in my adult life.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      I actually have a story about this.

      I overheard it in my doctors office. A girl was going to the local college and was unable to move into the dorms because she wasn’t vaccinated. So she was panicking because the school was going to give up her spot in the dorms and she couldn’t get an apartment. She was afraid to get vaccinated because she was on her parent’s insurance still and they would’ve been mad and the doctor’s Office was trying to figure out how to safely vaccinate this poor girl so she could go to college for free.
      Her parents potentially derailed her ability to get a college degree because they didn’t vaccinate.

      • Reef says:

        Yeah, the average person doesn’t have the luxury to not vaccinate. I get why millionaires feel they’re immune because they can cloister their kids away from us plebs when they’re younger and when they’re older their jobs likely (if they decide to work) won’t require vaccination.

    • lucy2 says:

      I read some story a while back about a kid who at 18 I think, went and got all their vaccinations and their parent was furious. So I’m hoping some of these kids know better and do it for themselves when they can.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      @Jenns: I kinda did. I grew up as one of those ‘religious exceptions’. I never understood WHY our church was anti-vaxx, but not really something you ask as a kid. I was a healthy kid–never had an ear infection & never missed a day of school except for chicken pox. Which I got in 1984–BEFORE the vaccination. Then, I joined the military…and had to get ALL my vaccinations…literally all at once. And then when I had my own kids, I got even more angry, because I began to realize how potentially dangerous my parents’ (uneducated) choice to not vaccinate me was. I was lucky I ‘just’ had a wicked case of Chicken Pox. Now I get to look forward to Shingles. Yay.

      • Sue says:

        You can get the shingles vaccine. Which I got some years ago, which isn’t fool-proof, which only lasts for several years. Things they don’t tell you. I had chicken pox at 31. My son had it at the same time, he was 2. This was pre-chicken pox vaccine. You DO NOT want chicken pox as an adult! Will I get the new shingles vaccine? No. I read the side effects. Vaccines after age 50 can be risky because of a weakened immune system. Read about how to prevent shingles naturally. Vitamin D is an excellent immune booster. Yes, I was fully vaccinated as a child, as are my children, and would say it’s better than not to immunize. If I had been pregnant with chicken pox, I cringe to think of how it would have affected the fetus.

  10. Veronica S, says:

    Heh, it’s actually better in the long run for your kids to get sick a couple times a year in terms of their immune development. Your body’s thymus gland is mainly active in your childhood and becomes substantially smaller during puberty.

    Rich white people really out here having nothing better to do than brag about how their socioeconomic privilege is keeping their kids healthy while families are being separated on a consistent basis and people are outright dying or going bankrupt from overpriced healthcare.

    • Lindy says:

      This this this! Being able to buy only organic and have someone at home full time to manage the shopping and food prep (fresh organic veggies don’t cook themselves) is not common for many people. You’re rich and white, congrats on being able to afford healthy food.

      ETA: my avatar isn’t showing up for some reason. Weird.

      • Veronica S, says:

        I mean, beyond the fact that it reflect gross ignorance as to how infections work (unless you are suffering from malnutrition, it’s literally a matter of how often you’re exposed to viruses and bacteria), it’s just gross in general to brag about your children’s health. The fact that she’s wealthy and white just exacerbates it.

        A lot of people out there weren’t so fortunate and had kids born sick. My friend and her husband spent all of last year praying for their son’s survival after he was born with half a heart and had to go through multiple surgeries until a transplant was available. Going to the doctor once a year would be a dream. Instead, he’ll spend his life on immunosuppressants, constantly in and out of hospitals any time he gets seriously ill, in order to keep the heart another child sacrificed their life to give.

    • Sedanos says:

      Anti vaxxers get it , though. They understand that getting the measles and the polio will build up your immunity to the measles and the polio. Also, government flu shots will make you walk backwards.

    • Cherry says:

      Thanks for that, Veronica S. Excellent points. As I said upthread: refusing healthcare and pointlessly following a really complicated diet is the new conspicuous consumption.

    • Millenial says:

      Thank you for saying this. It’s best to get sick when you are young and your body can develop immunity. If not, your kids are just going to get sick later. And I was just sitting here thinking to myself, “whose kids only get sick once a year?!” Because my kids are in daycare and they are sick ALL THE TIME during cold and flu season. Colds, ear infections, HF&M, you name it, we’ve had it. But that’s just life when you are around other kids. My guess is her kids aren’t in school yet and as soon as they are, bam, they will come down with all the illnesses.

      • Veronica S, says:

        I can see ear infections being less common (I never had one as a kid), but I highly suspect her children get colds and sniffles as the same rate as anybody else unless they have very restricted social experiences (i.e. homeschooling, etc). They just aren’t serious enough to require doctor’s checks – for which she should count herself very lucky.

      • Yep, millennial, that’s exactly what happened with my son. He was never sick until he started daycare, then he was sick every other week. Kids are little germ incubators lol

      • minx says:

        She shows her ignorance, again. Any mother who says “My child never gets sick” is really foolish, because BAM, they’ll get sick. Usually it’s from mothers of very young children who aren’t even in school.
        Wait till they get strep four times in one year lol.

    • noway says:

      My theory on the not getting sick is you are just not around enough people. After my daughter went to school full time and did other things she started getting a cold once or twice a year. No big sickness, and most of the time I didn’t have to take her to a doctor, but it does help the immune system. I’m guessing her kids are just isolated. It happens when they younger, but wait till they get older.

      • Veronica S, says:

        Oh yeah, public schooling is a seething mess of infection. My friend’s kids are sick all the damn time because a.) they’re now in public schooling, b.) they have a baby brother who has a tracheotomy left over from his heart transplant who requires full time home nursing, so there’s people constantly in and out of the house.

      • Bridget says:

        My SIL didn’t send her kids to preschool, and guess what happened when they both started elementary school? They got constantly sick.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Absolutely Veronica. Shielding children from…well, living, isn’t doing them any favors. I have not one second to listen to another smug anti-vacciner. I do, however, get internal pleasure laughing at how ridiculously stupid they are, but I feel for anyone in their family’s orbit. It’s selfishly heinous to ignore science when it comes to health. My boys have had their colds and fevers and yada, yada, yada, but I’ve also had years go by when we haven’t had to seek a doctor as well. My youngest hasn’t had to see a doctor in two or three years! He does, however, have to get another round of shots before going into 7th grade in August. The fact that this piece of fluff has a platform is bizarre. Aren’t there a whole lot more of us seeing through silly myths? And this silly myth can actually harm scores of people.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I was born in the 70s so my mum was one of those who would throw us at kids who had measles, chicken pox etc.. as they had the attitude of ‘best they get it as kids and over and done with now’. I got Rubella about a month before i was vaccinated but they still gave me the vaccination anyway, never really sure why. I had older siblings so if one of us got sick, the rest of us followed suit. All 4 of us kids had chicken pox at the same time, my poor mum, she had all of us to look after and my dad who had broken his leg while heavily pregnant.

      • Veronica S, says:

        Yep, that’s how the chicken pox wound up going down in my house – started with my sister, spread to the rest of us. Survivable, yes, but absolutely miserable, especially for my brother who was an infant at the time and nearly wound up in the hospital. I strongly envy kids who are young enough to have gotten the vaccine.

      • minx says:

        Veronica, yes, my poor son got a horrible case of chicken pox in third grade, it was EVERYWHERE on him. His lucky sister, who is 7 1/2 years younger, got the vaccine.

      • Miss M says:

        My siblings were born in the 70’s and I was born in the 80’s. We all got vaccinated. But whenever one would get sick, she would use the same strategy your mom used. However, I never got sick. My mom was puzzled. I would hug my siblings, play with them… and nada!

    • Zikifly says:

      Exactly. Not going to the doctor in the first few years isn’t a valid measure of long-term health. It is usually a function of what you might be exposed to – her kids are probably not in daycare and maybe not around other kids all that much, so they aren’t exposed to the common ear infections, colds etc. And while it’s not fun, there’s nothing wrong with a kid getting a cold or mild infection a few times, it builds up immunity, as you say. In addition to the gross negligence of not getting vaccinated, her understanding of what constitutes ‘health’ is also wrong. I really hate when parents are like “Oh my kid never got a cold/diaper rash/ear infection” like this somehow reflects on them and everyone else is some moron exposing their kids to these dangerous conditions.

  11. MissKittles says:

    I’m really tired of these uneducated moms making uneducated decisions. If her kid breaks their arm, I bet she’ll take him to the hospital & expect top notch care. So don’t look down your nose at modern medicine when you’ll likely expect it at your need. How bout putting some lavender oil on a broken bone or to remedy a virus Kristin.
    I agree eating healthy protects against long term illnesses. But people go to such extremes. There’s a reason why the life expectancy is extending!

  12. Rapunzel says:

    I don’t have kids but shouldn’t children under 5 be going in more than once a year, just for checkups? I would think every six months?

    • Veronica S, says:

      After age four, you really only need to go to an annual checkup if you’re child has no chronic issues. Most of the intensive checkup schedules in the first couple years are about a.) keeping up with the vaccination schedule, b.) checking normal growth and wellness indicators to make sure there’s no congenital disorders lingering in the background.

    • Kat says:

      Before age two they go every few months (for the vaccination schedule!) After that it’s usually once a year for a checkup and as an on needed basis, like for flu shots or if your child is sick.

      On another note she reeks of arrogance and I certainly won’t be watching her asisine show.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I don’t believe her. I think she has a brand to sell and is just making crap up. She has been trying to brand herself as the perfect mom for a long time and this just goes along with her narrative. She posts pictures of her “perfect” bikini body after giving birth and gushes over her husband even though the world knows he is a class A sexist jerk. She wants us all to be jelly and want to be her but no one really buys it. I think she dreams of being Lauren Conrad. LC is the only tolerable one out of that whole group.

  13. Christar says:

    I wonder if her husband will be better on tv than he is playing? Yeah probably not.

  14. Anna says:

    Yet another entitled, rich white person claiming to know better than science. Screw her and her ignorant, self-congratulatory attitude. The only thing that I regret is that her children (and the other children who rely on herd immunity to keep themselves safe) have to pay the price for her entitled ignorance.

  15. Loopy says:

    There was an episode in kuwtk when someone asked Kourtney who has a strict gluten and dairy free diet what gluten even is….she actually had no idea. Smh

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    She’s insufferable and always has been. We Chicagoans were glad to see her and her overrated husband go. Jaxon isn’t a made up or new name. My friend’s son’s name is Jaxon. They call him Jax for short. It’s an English name. It’s meaning is God has shown favor.

    • Veronica S, says:

      Yeah, I was going to say, the names Jaxon and Camden have been around for awhile. Saylor is the sillier one, though I’ve seen it often enough for it not to faze me. All three names scream upper class white Millenial, though.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes those names do. I am stuck around mothers like her because of my age but the roster of these names seems to grow yearly.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Lol maybe, but my friend is a black woman. All of her kids (3) have old names or names you don’t hear very often which I love.

      • Veronica S, says:

        Your friend has been sucked in by the soccer moms. Protect her. Pretty soon she’ll be cutting her hair short and asking to speak to your manager. 😉

  17. HelloSunshine says:

    “Hi, my name is Kristin and I’m so privileged that I’ve never had to face a true struggle in my life and think it’s okay to put the surrounding population at risk with my unvaccinated children. Dead or maimed children are better than autism right?”

    Btw, I’m mid-late 20’s, fully vaccinated and have had 1 ear infection my whole life.

  18. Andrea says:

    I didn’t get the anti-vaccine from the portion printed above…. I don’t know where she stands on that issue but that’s not what she’s talking about. She talking about her diet and how its effects her children. She has the privilege to be able to eat non gluten and organic… good for her. I’m glad her children are healthy and never had to visit the Doctor for something more serious. I’m sure a healthy diet plays a big part in that. You are what you eat and your body and overall health reflect that. I tried gluten free because i had some digestions issues. I lasted maybe a month. It did help. I’m not sure if it was the gluten or my body needed a cleanse/reset.

    • Veronica S, says:

      Unless a child is suffering from malnutrition or a vitamin deficiency, it probably has little impact, to be honest. It’s more about how often you’re exposed to contagions. If they’re home or private schooled, they’re less likely to be subjected to higher populations of infectious carriers. Children have outstanding immune defenses. They get sick far more often than adults because they don’t have an established immunity yet, but they recover much quicker from common colds and flu.

    • noway says:

      Eating well is important, but similar to diets it is a long term thing. It helps against long term issues, i.e. heart disease, diabetes, etc. there isn’t much scientific evidence it helps against short term illnesses, such as sinus infections, ear infections, etc. Not dissing her for the good food, but to claim you are doing it right, because your kid hasn’t been to the doctor minus their regular exams is crazy. I’m sure there are many parents who can say they haven’t needed to take their kid to a doctor for an acute illness either. Plus there isn’t much evidence gluten free is needed for everyone.

      My favorite thing is though she hasn’t been to a doctor with young boys? She is lucky as a lot of young boys and girls break bones some from their activities. She’s lucky.

    • holly hobby says:

      She’s toned down the crazy anti-vaxx speech now but she was full out for it a few years ago. It’s an underlying tone to the whole article.

  19. Jenns says:

    I wanted to contact USWeekly and tell them to stop giving a platform to such ignorant and dangerous people. Publish your gossip, quit misinforming and supporting a&&holes. However when I click on the Contact Us link, it only brings me to a place to contact them about subscribing. Clicking on the reporter’s name only brings me to a list of her articles. I guess it’s on to twitter!

  20. cee says:

    What an idiot. I, too, only had yearly checkups at the doctor just before starting the school year as I needed a clean bill of health and all my vaccines before being allowed into the building.
    I hope her kids attend a non-vaccinated children only school. It’s really peachy of her to be all smug about doing it right when her kids most likely benefit from herd-immunity, not their gluten-free diet.

  21. Grabbyhands says:

    Every time some yutz starts yapping about how healthy their kids are as an excuse for why they don’t need vaccinations, I urge them to read up on the Spanish Flu epidemic and who it took out first.

    It spread then because no one wanted to admit that it was happening because they didn’t understand why it was rolling out the way it was. A terrible excuse but for the time period you can kind of see why people thought they way they did.

    Now it is 2018. We should be well past all that because ACTUAL SCIENCE teaches us how to stave off epidemics and survive so the human race can get stronger and evolve. But no, the gut feelings of reality show C listers are allowed to supersede the rights and safety of everyone else on the planet because like, they just know that making shit up is smarter than listening to actual doctors.

    Sorry, but any kid who isn’t vaccinated for anything other than a legitimate health reason should not be allowed out in public places and neither should their families. You shouldn’t get to put others lives at risk because you’re a moron.

  22. Gigi LaMoore says:

    As long as these kids are not being abused, she has every right to raise them as she pleases. That’s what we are all doing with our own kids, right?

    • Astrid says:

      not really. Her not vaccinating her kids puts others at risk

      • Gigi LaMoore says:

        Call me when it’s proven that her kids got other kids sick. Further, there are a lot of things that other parents do or allow that could potentially put others at risk. I don’t agree with the no vaxx part, but this falls under the category of none of my business.

      • Detritus says:

        So when it’s too late? We already know the risks, but sure, let’s wait til people die.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “Call me when it’s proven that her kids got other kids sick.”

        No one needs to call you, dear. Herd/Community Immunity has already been proven. The danger the unvaccinated pose to those with compromised immune systems have already been proven.

      • hogtowngooner says:

        By that logic, we shouldn’t wear seatbelts if we’ve never been in an accident.

      • Ms says:

        Gigi, your ignorance is dangerous. Get with the program. You have a profound misunderstanding of the science of vaccinations and communicable diseases. Her choice can have deadly consequences for others, which is why it’s not her choice. It’s like saying drunk driving is a personal choice.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Yes. But. If what she’s doing can harm others, we have every right to be up in arms. Unvaccinated children are a danger. And anyone who allows their unvaccinated offspring to go out in public is like sending them out with tiny grenades.

      • Gigi LaMoore says:

        That still doesn’t give you the right. I mean, have your opinion but to be up in arms over something that doesn’t concern you…call CPS if it bothers you so much.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        Oh Gigi, as a lawyer I can definitively say you are wrong. First of all, we still have free speech in this country. Kristin Cavallari is free to mouth off her antivaxx crap; we are free to judge her and get upset over her ignorance. Secondly, choices and actions have consequences. If one’s negligence can or does cause harm to others, potential victims most certainly have the right to complain as well as warn others of the hazards caused by the reckless actions of irresponsible people.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Of course I have the right. And it’s not a CPS matter at all. You’re not understanding what not having vaccinations mean. Outbreaks. There has been a rise in clustered measles cases. Ever have a family member or friend affected by polio? Have you even seen what it does? If there was ever a reason to be pissed about idiotic choices of others, this is it Gigi. These vaccinations changed our culture, and anti-vaccers are sending us back to a frightful time.

      • minx says:

        Yes, it does give us the right to complain about these uninformed idiots who are risking the health of the general public.

      • Heather says:

        The main problem I have is she has a platform. She can influence other people not to vaccinate their children, decreasing the effectiveness of “herd immunity” due to faulty beliefs in bad science. If she was not vaccinating her children and not broad casting it over the world that she’s a good mom because she doesn’t vaccinate, there fore putting it someone’s head that she’s a bad mom because her child got the first round of vaccinations, I wouldn’t have a problem and wouldn’t care less until a contagious vaccine-preventable illness was traced back to her kids. But she is using her platform to sell her brand as a perfect wife and mother, and one reason she advertises herself as perfect is because she doesn’t vaccinate.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “That still doesn’t give you the right.”

        Seriously, WTF are you talking about? People absolutely have a right to be concerned that irresponsible people are endangering their communities and their families.

    • Bridget says:

      It’s a public health concern, not a private parenting decision.

    • Anon33 says:

      @gigi: you and all the others who have a hard time understanding the concept of “social contract” should opt out of it then, and move away from democratic civilizations. Grown ass adults should be able to recognize that their behavior doesn’t only affect them, no matter how much they protest to the contrary. You sound ignorant af.

    • Veronica S, says:

      She can choose not to vaccinate her children. The rest of us can choose to make public forums as restrictive as possible to the unvaccinated so that her choices aren’t interfering and affecting the lives of others. Infections do not exist in a vacuum. The problem with anti-vaxxers is that they want to scream about their personal rights while ignoring the responsibility they have for their decision. If your kid isn’t vaccinated, you need to alert every parent, every public forum, every school administration, anywhere that they are not so they can plan accordingly for the health and safety of other people. Complaining about how society is restricting your access to public forums because of your choice, while simultaneously failing to acknowledge how that choice restricts those with immune conditions or chronic disease, is like Peak Narcissism.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Eating gluten-free and organic, yes. Vaccinations, which can cause catastrophic public health issues, no.

      If it doesn’t affect anyone else, go right ahead. But to put other people at risk to placate your inferiority complex is selfish and dangerous.

      I’m so sick of twits like her grandstanding to be the world’s best cool mom that she’s willing to sacrifice their health to do it. She’s disgusting.

  23. kimmm says:

    She doesn’t need to worry about her kids being bullied for their stupid names… they’ll be too busy in the hospital with measles and polio

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      I would rather be vaccine injured like I am. I have grey hair, cellulite, and achy joints thanks to vaccines. I was able to grow old because I did not die of preventable diseases!

  24. kimmm says:

    Also i was vaxed and guess what i only had to see a doc for illnesses (tonsillitis & flu was as bad as it got) about 3 times in the 18 years of my childhood. Anti vaxers, flat earthers and trump supporters need to be hit by a flaming meteor

  25. Ang says:

    E thinks people want to see a “reality show” with these people? I don’t get it.

  26. Megs says:

    She reminds me of this nice, but arrogant mom who bragged to me that she could count on one hand all the times her kids were sick when they were younger, she believed it was the chiropractic care she gave them. I suspect she, and probably KC have nannies. I wouldn’t trade my kids’ daycare center for anything but I’m willing to bet good money they wouldn’t get half the colds they get if they were sequestered at home with a nanny and not 15 other young kids!

  27. littlered says:

    For one thing, kids getting sick helps build up their immune systems. My daughter has never had ear infections either but has gotten flu/cold etc. often since being around other children.

    The fact that a three year old has “never” gotten sick is no reflection of how good a parent you are. They’ve got their whole life ahead of them and I guarantee you they’ll get sick as they get older. It’s still no reflection of whether you’re doing things “right”

  28. tealily says:

    Cause you can’t get polio if you get checkups, amirite? At least they get donuts. This is so f-ing dangerous.

  29. BearcatLawyer says:

    My great grandfather and great aunt were missionaries in China and Zimbabwe. They built several schools and clinics, some of which are still in use today. Before cars and minibuses were readily available, parents would travel for two or three days on foot to get to these clinics just to vaccinate their children and give them a better chance at a longer life.

    Hearing the BS spewed by Kat Von D and Kristin Cavallari, all I can think is that they are exhibiting the absolute worst of white privilege. Besides caring so little for their own children’s lives, they are jeopardzing the lives of others for no scientific reason. They have no idea how lucky they are, much less how many parents around the world would sacrifice everything for good healthcare, including vaccines.

    • Veronica S, says:

      Reading about the polio breakout in the DRC is breaking my heart. These children and families are suffering because of a lack of access to good medical care, and here we are in America flaunting our privilege by eschewing it altogether. We really are the modern, decaying Rome.

    • Heather says:

      My father is struggling with polio now. He contracted it in 1950 (pre vaccine), it affected his right leg mostly. Now sixty years later, he’s in his seventies and struggling with post polio syndrome: increasing weakness, struggle with balance, more pain, weakness developing in muscles not previously affected by the polio virus. He joined a few forums for support and has learned that people who contracted polio in childhood, and thought they sailed through it fine with no lingering disability are now experiencing post polio syndrome. Polio isn’t a weekend of feeling like crap then you’re okay. Yes it’s true that my father can travel to the DRC with no fear of contracting a fresh case of polio, but that’s a hell of a weak upside. Seeing my father’s struggles in my life, when I had my child there was no second thought….yes to vaccinations. Seeing both sides of it, (now) vaccine-preventable illness with serious life long effects and autism, I’m a rabid pro-vaccination advocate.

      • lucy2 says:

        I knew someone who had it as a child, and he’s had terrible mobility struggles his entire life. I remember him struggling to walk, falling, etc. I wish these dumbasses would have to spend time with someone like him or your dad, to know what they are protecting against.

  30. catscandal says:

    Um. Why take your kids to the doctor if you don’t believe in science???

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      So they can “prove” to these Big Pharma shills that they are wrong?


  31. Emy says:

    This enrages me… my elementary aged daughter has a good friend who was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago and she has had to miss extended periods of school (in addition to the school she missed for chemo) because there were too many non-vaccinated kids in her grade. Her doctors felt it was just too high of a risk with her compromised immune system. I cannot understand how these kids’ right to be unvaccinated should supersede her right to attend school. I think the non-vaccinated should have to be home schooled … and US Weekly should be ashamed for giving her a platform to spread this nonsense.

  32. Pandy says:

    Lets stop discussing her gluten free, D list ass. She’s not worth the effort of typing.

  33. HeyThere! says:

    I refusing to watch her show…and others should also. It’s a public safety issue. I simply can’t line the pockets of someone who spreads disease willingly and happily!!!! I don’t care what she feeds her kids, it’s the anti vaccination crap that I can’t with.

    GUESS WHAT?! My two small children are vaccinated and we have never had a single ear infection!!! My toddler has had the flu and a few regular colds(two year olds like to lick the shopping cart and floor at target randomly, EWWW). My one year old has literally never been sick with anything! I stay at home so no daycare to spread germs. We will get hit with colds/flus as soon as my oldest starts grade school. I don’t buy into the 100% organic unless I personally know the person growing it. It doesn’t mean I don’t buy it occasionally, I’m just not trusting when I have no idea what it came in contact with.

    Anyway, don’t watch her show and maybe she will go away!?!?

  34. Celia says:

    Cautionary tale to anti-vaccine proponents: my greatgrandparents lost 5 children during one epidemic. One child was spared because he was away at school. All would have been saved by The DPT vaccine. Think of that on a grand scale. I never comment on anything but this makes me furious.

    • magnoliarose says:

      That is a cautionary tale if ever there was one. I can’t imagine losing 5 children! Wow. Their grief must have been unbearable.

    • Nora says:

      We are a gluten free and mostly organic family, although we can hardly afford it. Being dairy and gluten free has helped my husband, whose family is riddled with autoimmune issues and leaky gut. I also feel much better eating this way. Yet, we do vaccinate our kids. I cannot have a dead child from a preventible disease on my conscience. Unfortunately, ppl like her create this mass reaction where sensible choices (like clean eating as much as possible) is thrown under the bus. My kid is rarely sick but only because she is not in school yet. I am not delusional and go out make statements like that. Now when I say we are gluten free, I get the crazy lady stares because of ppl like her.

  35. Electric Tuba says:

    The only way gluten can give you an EAR infection is if you’re sticking the food in your ear hole.

    Science is your friend!

    Lord I just finished thoroughly cutting a family member out of my life who is an essential oil (Do Terra) saleswomen billing herself as a pregnancy consultant. She’s selling essential oils to poor women who can’t afford health care, telling them they are medical cures. She put up a post saying essential oils can help with fertility (NO THEY DONT. In fact some of the oils can lead to miscarriage and that’s a well documented scientific fact) She’s a rich as hell living off her dads trust fund selling a Pre pregnancy detox to women with fertility issues.

    She’s canceled. Lord I’m canceling everyone!

    • minx says:

      Oh, some of those essential oils people are the worst.

    • magnoliarose says:

      She’s a con artist. There is no other name for it and it should be against the law.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Wow, that is so dangerous! How awful!

    • I can think of few things more cruel than to sell false hope to a woman desperate for a child. I watched my aunt and uncle go through six years of IVF, miscarriages, and a stillbirth. They were lucky to have the money to afford the treatments, but the real price is heartbreak. I’m sure there was a point where they would’ve done anything. What a terrible thing to do to someone.

      They did end up having two children. They’re wonderful kids.

    • Ms says:

      People like that make me furious. I work in health care and some of my clients are so desperate for a cure to their chronic pain, they spend the very little money they have on bulls#!t homeopathy with NO MEDICINE in it (because that’s what homeopathic means–the carrier oil/water “remembers” the “Curative” component and it is diluted down to literally almost nothing). Even if those natural “medicines” worked, we would just call it medicine. But they prey on these folks. At least that old wives tale about putting bars of soap in your socks to cure joint pain doesn’t cost a sixth of a disabled person’s monthly social security benefit.

    • NicoleinSavannah says:

      Oh no. The Do Terra BS. Essential=volatile. Science is a good thing.

  36. D says:

    Her kids aren’t sick cuz everyone’s literally avoiding them like the plague sounds right to me

  37. ladida says:

    Awful and exceedingly ignorant. Please vaccinate your kids or these diseases will come back, some already have.

  38. lucy2 says:

    She’s not doing everything right, she’s LUCKY. She’s LUCKY her children were born healthy, and LUCKY they haven’t been exposed to any of the deadly diseases vaccines prevent, and by ignoring science and herd immunity, she is adding risk to other children who weren’t born so lucky.

  39. Sansa says:

    Everyone is healthy until they get sick. Because we have wiped out horrible diseases people are naive. Read about Tanaquil Le Clercq (/lɛkˈlɛər/ lek-LAIR; October 2, 1929 – December 31, 2000) was a French ballet dancer and principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. Her dancing career ended abruptly when she was stricken with polio in Copenhagen during the company’s European tour in 1956.[1] Eventually regaining most of the use of her arms and torso, she remained paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. The rest of the company had shots for polio but she skipped it for something really dumb like she went to buy something instead of getting the shot. Please educate others on this it’s been so successful that people don’t realize the alternative.

  40. Norman Garza says:

    Not Only is Kristin an anti-vaxxer, and the face of the movement but as well she is now leading in a new potential anti-pediatrics movement. Thanks to people like her, the anti-vaxx movement is a thing and it’s very dangerous. BTW in the latest article from Cimemadlend, she complained that did not like the way she was portrayed in The Hills from over ten years ago.

  41. philomena says:

    I’m afraid the person Bill Maher quoted recently on his show is right. Dead right. The decisions we take as a whole are and going to continue to effect us far more than wether or not we eat kale all day long. This trick better hope life doesn’t decide to throw her a wrench.

  42. HannahF says:

    As a sort of palate cleanser I offer the story of my niece. Just prior to her son’s birth she let the family know that NO ONE was going to get anywhere near her kid unless they had current flu shots and the dtap/tdap vaccine.

  43. Jordana says:

    Ear infections have nothing to do with the diseases that are vaccinated. This woman is so full of bs. Lack of ear infection or presence of ear infection has nothing to do with diet or parenting…some kids are just prone to them. My kids have never had an ear infection and I take no credit for that.
    Also, coincidentally my son is receiving his MMR vaccine this afternoon. We are lucky to live in a time when these vaccines have been developed. I have an uncle who contracted polio a few years before the vaccine was developed. These diseases are not just mildly annoying illnesses, they are real life or death. Vaccines are one of the most important health tools developed.

  44. Margaret says:

    I cannot expresss how angry these gluten free faddists make me. First, they aren’t
    providing their children with a healthier diet. If you aren’t a celiac gluten isn’t bad for you. Second, a true gluten free diet is expensive, time-consuming and (if you eat anywhere but your own home) stressful. Third, gluten-free diets, when strictly observed, usually result in vitamen deficiencies even if one is careful.

    Fourth, and most frightening to me, people like Cavallari do active harm to those, like me, who are celiacs. How seriously do you think waitstaff and chefs take my concerns and questions when the last person who grilled them about gluten proceeded to finish up their dinner with gluten silled doughnuts.

    Thank you to the other posters for their excellent points about vaccinatiions. Both my parents lived to their 90s and in their latter years were dependent on others around them for herd immunity when they were too frail and immune compromised to be vaccinated themselves.

    • tealily says:

      YES!! Both my sister-in-law and one of my best friends have been diagnosed with celiac in the past few years and I’ve watched what they’ve gone through, from diagnosis to the 4th of July picnic this week. It’s made me so much more aware of just how prevalent gluten is (in hot sauce? really??), but it’s also made me notice the ridiculous backlash people have about things being marked gluten-free, people requesting gluten-free food, etc. I guess on the one hand, there are a lot more ready made options than there used to be and more people think about marking foods etc., but some people act like having celiac disease is some hipster trendy inconvenience instead of a sometimes crippling illness. You have my sympathy.

      • Sue says:

        There is evidence that there is more celiac in the last 10 years due to more fillers in bread. Cellulose, or wood pulp, is put into bread, pills and other foods. It disrupts gut health, causes inflammation. Cut out anything with cellulose, and you will see improvement.

  45. Aubrey says:

    Her husband is cute, but she is not killing it in these photos.

  46. trh says:

    At this rate, we’ll all die of survival bias.

  47. Moonpie says:

    I agree that this woman is disgusting.

    Wouldn’t it be much more helpful to discuss advice when you should rush to the ambulance with your child and when you can be more relaxed and wait for an appointment at your doctor’s?

    Instead she basically disencourages parents to go see the doctor with their kids.

    There are lots of problems with un-vaxxed kids and I hope fate is fair and she gets what she paid for. It is just a pity it is the kids who will suffer this.

  48. Heather says:

    My son is fully vaccinated. Yes he has autism, high functioning, but not only is it not related, he also has been physically sick maybe a handful of times in his life. He’s nineteen now and completely awesome. He’s a math genius and I have decided to tell everyone that my kid took Calculus at age ten (when I couldn’t pass trig as a senior in high school!) all because he got the DTaP on schedule with boosters! That’s right Kristin! Vaccinations made my kid a freaking genius! What’s my evidence you say? Well, he is vaccinated. I can barely balance my checkbook and his father is a waste of space. So it has to be that particular vial of vaccinations that did it! I’m convinced because I, like, totally read it somewhere I think!

  49. SJhere says:

    I gotta jump in on this chick.
    The stupidity of this woman is enormous.
    For goodness sake, she’s a female who is only famous because she married an NFL player.
    Or maybe she was an actress, either way…the day I take health care advice such as this is NEVER!

    This anti-vaccine movement I’d beyond belief to me.
    I’m in the Midwest of USA, in a small town whose main employment industry is farming, and everything you can think of involved in farming. In the last 5-7 years lots of farmland here has been turned into housing developments with unreal price tags on the houses.
    The part that amazes me? Many of the “newcomers” are highly educated with professional jobs/incomes. And yet they are the most “woo-woo” believers I’ve ever run into.
    How the hell do you have a college degree and yet, take advice from Jenny McCartney?

    My kids Peds mentioned to me that he is spending a large amount of office visit time with the parents…educating them on Yes, you NEED to vaccinate your kids. How these educated people can fall for this, is truly beyond me. (The Pediatrican has the patience of a Saint, IMO)

    This Cavallari woman can go soak her head. Dangerous misinformation she is pushing.

  50. aenflex says:

    I take my son to the doctor when he’s very sick. Not for things like the cold or a day or two of diarrhea. Otherwise it’s whenever they recommend a check up, which I believe at his age is once per year. Don’t see the big deal with that.

    Not vaccinating is ludicrous.

    Went on a retreat with husband’s work people last week. Was sat at a table with another family. The mother and all 4 kids needed gluten free food. One was a 9 month old baby. Sigh.

  51. Ellis says:

    I formerly worked with autistic children as a large part of my degree (so actually studied it). Then had a child I vaccinated. It’s called “education”. I hope her new show dies a fast and painless (to humanity) death, so we can be done with this entitled moron once and for all. Stop quoting her, stop giving her a platform. That means you too E! News. Then she can use her vacuous time to open a School for Children of Entitled Parents Who Will Not Vaccinate. Keep them all together please. Very Wary of Cavallari.
    p.s. All of you 3.1m ridiculous people who follow her on Twitter? Just stop.

  52. Vox says:

    Gluten can be a contributing factor to inflammation for people with chronic pain so it’s recommended that they avoid too many wheat products. I happen to eat more or less gluten free and it’s partially in case it helps lower the inflammation that causes me pain and swelling. It’s the same deal with no refined sugar – helps decrease inflammation so I avoid sugar most of the time too. No idea if it’s helping, but I’m doing it in the hopes it will at the recommendation of my pain specialist.

  53. Coccinellidae says:

    As an autistic person, it’s quite horrifying to hear people basically saying “I would rather my child died than became like you”. Especially when their act all holier-than-thou about it, like they didn’t just tell me that they thought I would be better off dead.

    • Electric Tuba says:

      I’m glad you’re alive and I’m glad you made this comment. Respect from me to you ✊

  54. Jordan says:

    I’m wondering if we’ll ever see a lawsuit between two parents. It’s going to be a matter of time before the antivax kids get a vaccinated kid sick. At that point, the parents should sue the other parents, the school, and the family doctor. It’s whats going to happen eventually.

  55. Hildog says:

    Just wanted to chime in- f*** this trick! You do not need to look far to find the devastating effects of not vaccinating. I used to work for a company that distributes vaccines for the Merck’s/Pfizer/GSK’s of the world and my territory was Southern CA. After this whole anti-vaccine trend started, I noticed flare ups of diseases that had been eradicated all over (especially in super wealthy areas where the kids went to “private” (no vaccines required) schools. So stupid and so incredibly selfish! -end rant-

  56. thaisajs says:

    Yeah, my 5-year-old also averages one doctor a visit a year (not counting the first year, when she was in daycare and picking up all kinds of gross bugs). I vaccinated and we don’t have any special diet (i.e., she eats all the typical crap that 5-year-olds typically eat). Kristen isn’t some magical unicorn mom raising abnormally healthy kids and it’s too bad for her kids that she didn’t vaccinate them.

  57. damejudi says:

    Allow me to respond to Cavallari using one of her time-tested comebacks:

    What.EVER (vocal fry implied)

  58. aqdgsbh says:

    Autism isn’t an illness that you develop, our brains just happen to be wired in a different way. It’s insulting to us autistic people to insinuate we’re somehow mentally deficient.

  59. Racer1 says:

    Eh, she’s a non factor. What’s more concerning are her like-minded fans.

  60. SM says:

    In Lithuania it is against the law to not vacinate the kids. You won’t get into daycare/kindergarden unless you have documents about vacination. It keeps those conspiracy theorist at bay. It also is so rich of her to brag about their health. My kod is quite healthy, but it would be stupod to take all the credit for his health, like it prooves that I am a good mother. There are so many factors that determine the health outcomes(yes, life choices is one of them), but only a self centerd a-hole would say it’s all by their own design.