Colin & Livia Firth are dropping the harassment charges on Marco Brancaccia

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I’m still sort of shocked that Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli’s marriage was and is so scandalous. Back in March, we learned that Livia had a torrid affair with a very sketchy Italian man (a friend whom she had known for years). The affair was fun for a time, but then she was like “this isn’t going anywhere, I’m going back to my husband,” and the dude was like “no, I’ll write an email to your husband and force him to leave you.” And when Colin Firth didn’t leave her, Marco Brancaccia just started flat-out stalking and harassing Colin and Livia, so much so that they called the Italian police and decided to go public about it. They claimed Livia’s affair came at a low point in their marriage, when they were temporarily separated, which I never believed. I think Colin was just trying to protect her. Anyway, Marco sounded like a really creepy dude and I was glad that the Firths were pressing charges and all of that. Except now maybe not?

Actor Colin Firth’s wife has dropped stalking charges against her ex-lover — preventing details of their affair being revealed. Livia Giuggioli, 48, reported Marco Brancaccia to cops after he allegedly sent a compromising photo to Colin, 57, when she ended their relationship.

The Sun revealed in March that Marco and Livia romped in hotels around the world during their year-long fling. The pair got together in 2016 when Livia briefly split from Colin. But prosecutors said Marco, 55, subjected them to a “terrifying ordeal” after Livia went back to her husband.

The court case in Rome was halted by a last-minute deal. In a joint statement, their lawyers said: “In the best interests of their families, the parties have agreed a private settlement.

“The parties have asked the court for a postponement of the preliminary hearing in order to formalize the agreement. This agreement precludes any further public statement by any of the parties about this matter.”

A source said Marco was keen to “clear his name,” but Colin and Livia did not want any private details made public in court. Livia and Colin, who has dual British and Italian citizenship, wed more than 20 years ago and have homes in Italy and London.

[From Page Six]

I don’t know what to tell you. I think every person involved has a reason to sweep all of this under the rug. Obviously, Colin and Livia don’t want details of their marriage and her affair to be splashed around the press. And it seems like Marco got what he wanted too – he got to sell his story and he got to shame her publicly for leaving him. He seems like a man who enjoys humiliating women, and I doubt he wants people to really examine his history, because it sounded very shady too, like this isn’t the first time he’s harassed the sh-t out of an ex because she broke it off.

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14 Responses to “Colin & Livia Firth are dropping the harassment charges on Marco Brancaccia”

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  1. Aims says:

    I still feel bad for Colin. Who knows what happens behind closed doors, but he seems like a decent guy. This whole thing seemed really nasty and unnecessary. I hope that the Firth family is healing from not only the affair, but the added stress of dealing with someone who’s clearly unhinged.

  2. Shelly says:

    Or someone was still lying about something, which would definitely come out in a trial.

    • Div says:

      Eh, according to several Celebitchy commenters on here (and an Italian friend I know) it was widely reported in the Italian press that he had a history of doing this to other women and one woman’s father spoke out on it.

      I believe Livia and Colin. Besides, there is absolutely no reason to go public with this, instead of just paying him off, unless he truly terrified them. It sounds like if they went to trial things would be made public (e.g. photos, possibly video) and that they’ve made some sort of deal to drop the charges in exchange for them. I feel extremely bad for Colin and I even sympathize with Livia because while cheating sucks no one deserves to be stalked and harassed.

  3. Denicah says:

    I read that she sent him nude pictures of herself, why? I don’t get it. I know they were in a relationship but still.

    • Pandy says:

      Right? Why would you give anyone ammo like this? Stupid woman. Colin should kick her to.the curb.

    • e says:

      They were friends for years so maybe she trusted him?
      On the other hand, if his creepy actions were well known and she was still his friend maybe she was one of those women who defend the men they know no matter what?????? Yeah, I confused myself on this. Why would anyone even still be friends with a past on harassing women?

  4. boredblond says:

    Not surprising..I always thought the suit was filed to shut this guy up and would go nowhere. Yes, he’s a creep..a creep she knew for many years..still feel bad for CF

  5. Tiffany says:

    Always get ownership of video and photos after the breakup ladies, always.

    • Ann says:

      Don’t send compromising video/photos of yourself, if you do, do it with a knowledge that they will be seen by others. Hell hath no fury like a scorned man.

      • Clare says:

        Doesn’t even need to be a scorned man. A couple of years ago some girl sent a topless photo of herself to my friends boyfriend – he proceeded to send it to her mocking the girl, and she in turn sent it to me to ask if I thought the girl was more attractive than her. God knows how many other people that photo may have been circulated to. I don’t want to think any nasty intentions were involved but the whole thing still makes me feel icky. Don’t send nude photos to anyone unless you’re happy for others to see them, too.

    • ccx says:

      In the era of the internet, no such thing as ownership. Unless you’re using video tapes.

  6. Sugar says:

    She is such a timeless beauty. She’s near 50 and she just looks so sophisticated, fresh, and intriguing. I can only hope to age as well!

    • nicole king says:

      I agree I think she is a beautiful italian classy women, I was very surprised when I heard she was up to that type of thing, but you never know with people.

  7. Sayrah says:

    I’m glad this seems to be settling down for them. Hopefully potential future girlfriends of Marco get the hint that he’s an unhinged lunatic and Livia thanks her lucky stars that Colin is a good guy willing to try to move on from this embarrassment.