Duchess Meghan looks flawless in Givenchy & Emilia Wickstead in Dublin

Duke and Duchess of Sussex Dublin

Here are photos from Day 1 of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal tour of Ireland. After a busy morning/early afternoon in London yesterday, Meghan and Harry hopped a quick flight to Dublin and arrived in what seemed like the early evening/late afternoon. They were greeted on the tarmac of the Dublin City Airport by the Taoiseach (prime minister), Leo Varadkar. After the tarmac greeting, they went to the British ambassador’s residence, where they attended a garden party/cocktail party.

For the tarmac arrival, Meghan wore a rich emerald green two-piece by Givenchy. The top and the pencil skirt were made to be worn together, obviously, and I love this look for so many different reasons. One, YAY for separates. Two, YAY for the rich jewel tone. Three, YAY for the sophisticated and flattering skirt length. I just love this. And she managed to do a neat bun without a center part! Hallelujer. Some of you have already been tweeting at me about the pockets and the buttons. You guys… I’m actually fine with the pockets? And the buttons? The buttons are very small and there are only two! And the pockets are cute. Meg also carried a Strathberry tote bag (which I love!).

Duke and Duchess of Sussex Dublin

Harry Meghan Dublin

Harry Meghan Dublin

After the tarmac greeting, they did the garden party and Meghan’s ensemble change made news. She wore a little black dress by… Emilia Wickstead. The same Emilia Wickstead who threw a sh-t fit about how Meghan’s Givenchy wedding gown looked like a copy of one of her (Emilia’s) designs. I guess Meghan is showing that she’s the bigger person, that even though that sad woman was a Bitter Betty about her wedding gown, Meghan will still take pity on her and wear her clothes. Saint Meg! You can see the full-length dress in the tweet from the palace. It’s actually a really basic black dress. Meg elevates Wickstead’s design somehow.

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Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Jay says:

    Um, wow. She looks lovely!

    • Erinn says:

      Agreed. I can’t tell if the first outfit is more of a dark teal or a green because it looks different in different photos. Either way it’s a really pretty shade, and I kind of want it.

      • Milla says:

        I think its on a teal side.

        I love her in ew dress.

        I also love the suit from today. And rm dress expect the big fendi bag.

        She looks more royal than Harry. There’s a cute photo of wk and m with harry, all smiling apart from him.

      • Redgrl says:

        Love the colour. Hate the pockets, but that’s minor.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Love EVERYTHING about both outfits!

        The green/teal is professional chic; LOVE the pocket flaps that give it interesting detail without bulk. A pencil skirt, by far, is her best silhouette. What a great color on her as well!

        I so prefer the side parted hair , but that’s me 😊. So glad she kep it side parted (and down) for the evening event.

    • Paris says:

      She looks fabulous.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yes, she aced it with her fashion choices on this Ireland visit — she looks beautiful and chic. And more important, I love how engaged she is with everyone she meets. Meghan is superb!

    • arianna says:

      Is it fall in Ireland?? Seems MM has forgotten it’s the middle of the summer.

  2. Melania says:

    Meghan is stunning. This week she’s killing the fashion game.

    • Milla says:

      Please no more beige and pinkish girly crap. It’s Kate, not Meg. Different women different styles.
      And no ruffles for Meg.

      • minx says:

        Exactly. MM can wear any color, and she should. And she is!
        She has really found her look and I love it.

      • Kristen820 says:

        I love the coordinating yet contrasting colors of the green dress and Harry’s blue suit!

      • Ellie says:

        I love soft pastels on women of color. If she wants to wear them, let her.

      • Mac says:

        I think the green outfit looks frumpy with the sweater bagging at the waist and no accessories.

    • magnoliarose says:

      She has stepped it up quickly and I love it. She looks amazing.

    • Lilly says:

      Those were my thoughts throughout the photos from the day. It’s like she got more beautiful with each change. She’s so kind in her interactions too.

    • CMiddy says:

      I think she looks absolutely amazing and super chic. My only criticism would be the wearing of the high heels constantly, particularly on grass. I can only imagine how uncomfortable those shoes would be – a great pair of flats would have worked really well with the suit particularly (harbouring great envy at the concept of being able to do that look!).

    • RoyalSparkle says:


      Regal elegance!
      A coat upon arrival would be Royalty but Princess Henry sleek stunning beauty and intelligence is just as Regal.

      Well done Prince Henry Sussex Couple on a substantive meaningful 1st Tour!

  3. starryfish29 says:

    Yay for separates, and yay for ‘princesses’ wearing work wear when they “go to work.”

  4. Lara says:

    I think she looks lovely in both outfits and her hair is #goals. Did she have to wear green though? Come on a bit more imagination please

    • Snazzy says:

      I kind of love the fact that she wore green – I nice obvious wink :)

      • Lizabeth says:

        I liked the green also. Great outfit on her. I don’t want to see Meghan fall into “flag-dressing” for tours abroad but doubt that she’ll adopt that cutesy approach. From what I understand, some colors have hidden meanings in that part of the world so green made perfect sense to me.

        I’ll eat my hat if we don’t see a future repeat of these pieces worn separately.

      • Lara says:

        I don’t know. My husband is Irish and when we got married recently he said he hoped none of my side would turn up in green as it’s seen as cosplay (he was slightly joking…). Maybe that’s because we’re English – it could be fine for an American!

    • Sue says:

      She’s invisible to leprechauns, lass.

  5. Belluga says:

    And once again we get comments from attendees (Vicky Phelan at the garden party this time) that Meghan did her homework, knew who she was and knew about the work she was doing! She’s treating her job like a job and I love that.

    • OriginalLala says:

      i love that too. im happy to hear that she is treating this like a real job and showing interest in this work

    • Lindy79 says:

      Yes, and shows it wasn’t just lip service when she spoke about her passion for women’s issues. I’m really glad she was aware of Vicky and her case, it makes me happy.

    • CurlyWurly says:

      Absolutely. Meghan was lucky to get to meet an amazing woman like Vicky Phelan, too right that she knew who she was.

    • magnoliarose says:

      This is what I love to hear. Respect the people you are meeting with by researching them and having some prepared remarks and questions. It isn’t that hard. I like that she is behaving like a professional adult woman.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      almost all of the RF do this and while it’s great we shouldn’t be acting this is a new thing, but I guess the behaviour of a certain other couple who have not been fully prepared and he bragged about it does make it seem more unusual.

      • Addison says:

        Right. Everyone is briefed on who they will be meeting and why. The information is all provided for them.

        I do love her outfits on this day. Nothing that will blow and show her business at the airport.

      • Belluga says:

        True, but it’s a noticeable contrast to their closest comparisons and hopefully, if H+M keep it up and get praise for it, we might see it sink in with certain others that maybe they should follow suit.

  6. Jess says:

    I like both outfits and yet I don’t *love* any of them. The green Givenchy looks too heavy, and the black EW is great but the big belt ruins it for me.
    What I do love is Meghan’s hair and make-up. Her face looks certainly gorgeous!!

    • Mrs Wellen-elon says:

      Yes! The clothing is too heavy for July.

      Again with the Autumn clothing in mid-summer, Duchess Meghan?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Did you also complain about Duchess of Gloucester’s long-sleeve navy blue outfit from yesterday, or just Meghan’s?

      • Sue says:

        Agree (itchy-looking).

      • chips n sticks says:

        I don’t get the comments on the dark color. The men are wearing dark suits, and Harry’s tie looks dark brown. I feel uncomfortable about the comments about the color she’s wearing, it seems like color choice is a double standard for men vs women?

  7. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Looks great and loving the side part. I hope you guys got the photos of them meeting Ireland’s presidential pups.

  8. sushi says:

    Absolutely love the airport arrival dress.

  9. girl_ninja says:

    Meghan continues to elevate her fashion game🙌 She looks so at ease and gorgeous in these photos.

  10. JAGirl says:

    The Givenchy outfit is ok as a traveling outfit…. She looks pretty in the black Emilia Wickstead but i’m surprised she wore it considering the designer was so publicly rude to her. I guess Meghan doesn’t hold a grudge.

  11. Alexandria says:

    Looks very good yet professional. I hope she remains happy in her role. Surprised by the EW but it goes to show she is the bigger person.

    • abby says:

      IA about the EW dress. It’s a nice dress and wearing it despite the designer’s comments shows Meghan is not petty (unlike the designer).

    • magnoliarose says:

      It also shows she understands PR and may end up being very good at optics. If she did this so early in this then I believe she and Harry can actually use their roles to do good things. I hope so.

  12. Enough Already says:

    I think she’s gained back at least 1/3 of what she lost on the Thomas Markle diet and she looks glowing, healthy and refreshed.

    • LizB says:

      Yes, I’ve noticed it too. She doesn’t look so gaunt. More healthy.

    • magnoliarose says:

      @EA You made me snort unbecomingly. The TM diet. For real.

      She will always be slender but she looks a lot better I agree. I am still waiting for the Markles to pull something healthwise or some scene but while they are dormant we can enjoy her elevated fashion game.

    • Enough Already says:

      Fair is fair – you always give me a giggle lol. It may not be fair to put expectations on the new duchess’ shoulders but no joke, I see her bringing back the style and classic elegance of mid-century couture. No one will ever be Babe Paley or Jackie but with a few more tweaks Megs could be a cleaner, modern Lucy de la Falaise!

    • Enough Already says:

      Hopefully Meg saw the Markle headlines, patted her messy bun and said game on, wanker. And then had some good chocolate.

  13. IlsaLund says:

    She looks lovely. I would love to have both outfits in my closet.

    Now get ready for the nitpicking to begin. I get commenting on what Meghan wears, but sometimes it goes to the extreme. Meghan just can’t win no matter what she wears or does.
    (And yes, she’s in the public eye and signed up for the job, but please, come on….it does get ridiculous at times.)

    • abby says:

      IA the nitpicking is ridiculous.

      Give it a break. I know this is Celebitchy and all but I think people are sometimes just looking for a reason to snark, Let Meghan find her footing in the RF and in the public eye.

    • LizB says:

      The nitpicking is starting to get to me. I go to Royal dish for all the great pictures, but the commentary… off the charts mean and nasty. I can’t believe some people live like that.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        Life is too short for that much misery. Either block people (or is it ignore) or go to tumblr. RD is vitrol personified.

      • Belluga says:

        Royaldish is a weird one. Very spiteful, very hypocritical. Someone mentioned on here they went through an overtly racist phase when it was first announced that H&M were dating too (since scrubbed).

        The thing I’ve noticed is that they’re very careful not to define what they expect from royals. Kate was criticised for not using the platform her position gave her for good (one of the fair criticisms there imo, but that’s from a short list), but they’re being incredibly snide about Meghan wanting to do just that. (“Who does she think she is?” “What gives her the right to tell us what to do?” “A garden party? I’d thought she’d be too busy changing the world.” etc etc). There are a couple of reasonable commentators, but I don’t know how they put up with the rest of them!

        Of course, if you just want to have a nastiness outlet, not setting out how the royals could get it right means you can always find ways that they’ve got it wrong.

    • Milla says:

      It is part of mystery of being member of the BRF.
      We try to get to know and understand their meaning and purpose and since we get so little it goes down to Kate and now Meghan and their clothes. My opinion on Camilla is really nasty and I don’t even comment on her. I also avoid Kardashian clan. But the bra comments are annoying, as well as it’s too short or too tight. It’s one thing to say she would look better if the skirt was shorter, another to say you can see her boobs or butt…

      • Kadee says:

        Absolutely. As long as Kate is criticized there, we are all good with it, but they need to steer clear of St. Meg.

  14. Prettykrazee says:

    What a hat trick! All of her looks from yesterday were absolutely lovely. I guess my favorite was the Givenchy. I love the color and the fit. I also love that bag. I can’t wait to see what she wears today!

  15. Agenbiter says:

    And yay for them both being so happy and relaxed again!

  16. Chrissy says:

    Love, love, love both outfits. The green Givenchy is classic and being separates makes it more wearable since I’m sure it cost a small fortune. The square neckline of the black dress is so flattering and perfect for a summer dress. Too bad we couldn’t see the length. Her hair game is great too. A win all around. Oh, and Meg’s husband was a great accessory too.

    • Milla says:

      Everything is rewearable which is a bonus. Lbd, teal outfit, Roland dress, the suit, all shoes, she’s building a closet.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Agreed. This is how you do it. You don’t fill it with a bunch of crazy colors that can’t be mixed and matched. Also, she is choosing things that can be worn across seasons and that is a good thing.
        With the teal, she can throw on a jacket.

  17. Incredulous says:

    Cheers for calling the Taoiseach the Taoiseach instead of just the Prime Minister. Also, for anyone wondering, it’s teeshock.

  18. Abby says:

    She’s killing it this week! I love all these outfits, her makeup, hair, everything.

  19. Flying fish says:

    I am loving how sophisticated she looks. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

  20. Digital Unicorn says:

    Loving these outfits, the Fail has shots of her in a nice trouser outfit with a jacket that I covet. Am loving the fit of the outfits, hair and makeup. She’s been looking great all week.

    She does love the boatneck, which is fine as she suits it and it seems to be the look this season and I like that she’s wearing Wickstead – she’s showing her class with that and I hope Wickstead is humble.

  21. kate says:

    She looked fantastic!! The Duchess of Sussex is out there, making me like Emilia Wickstead and Stella McCartney’s wacky outfits?? Meghan, are you a witch??!! Next, she’ll try ERDEM!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I hope she does as I think she could pull Erdem off – i love them but not everyone can carry those design’s off.

      • kate says:

        Now that I think about it, I believe Meg’s already worn Erdem, at Guy Pelly’s Jamaica wedding if I remember correctly. And I kind of like it, which is a miracle truly ’cause Erdem is not my cup of tea. I don’t think all their outfits are as hideous as the ones Kate likes to wear but even my favorite Princess style wise, CP Mary of Denmark, could not quite pull it off.

      • Masamf says:

        She wore Erdem at Tom Inskip wedding in Jamaica. I loved the look but not many people did.
        Yeah, Kate’s Norway one was simply hideous.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Erdem. If she can I will be impressed. I am not a fan. But then maybe it is because his designs are hard to style. That stuff can go very wrong very easily.

    • Belluga says:

      If she sticks to “tame Erdem” (aka Eugenie’s engagement dress), she’ll be fine, but please god never let her even consider The Mustard Abomination.

  22. Jessica says:

    I have been underwhelmed by a few of her royal outfits (Ascot, for instance) but both of these are the style I had hoped to see from Meg. Just gorgeous, both. Perfect styling.

  23. Betsy says:

    I could nitpick, but it would just be that. She looks great in both dresses!

    Also she found the perfect nude shoes for her skin tone. She looks like she has Barbie feet in the top pic!

  24. fortune100 says:

    She is just gorgeous! Working hard and always has a lovely smile. I usually could care less about the royals, but I love her.

  25. Tanya says:

    The black dress really is basic, although of course Megan looks great in it. I kind of wonder if it was actually a bit of subtle shade, like “THIS is what you’re claiming was copied?”

  26. Busyann says:


  27. Becks1 says:

    Love both these outfits. The Givenchy – while out of my price range – is something that I and many others in my age group would wear to work (or I should say, something similar, haha.) It’s sleek and professional but still really pretty and bc its Givenchy, its automatically “next level,” you know?

    The black EW is also gorgeous. And I guess that any speculation that Sophie was getting “digs” in at Meghan by wearing EW were unfounded as it seems Meghan herself has no issue with the designer. I bet EW reached out to her with a big “mea culpa.”

  28. HeyThere! says:

    So happy to see she isn’t wearing huge, heavy outfits that swallow her whole! She looks lovely!!

  29. Becks1 says:

    And the buttons and pockets are fine. I feel like we (the button haters!) have said consistently that its not buttons that bother us. Its that you can almost always guarantee Kate will go out of her way to wear as many buttons as possible. (Although she has backed down from that, so maybe she heard the criticism, haha.)

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Hahaha – am not a button hater like some but if you are going to do buttons, make them as big and shiny as you can which Katie Keen does. The Duchess of Buttons has the right idea when it comes to showcasing #allthebuttons.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I like buttons sometimes but they can make adult women look childish or like doll’s clothes. Now that I think about it though I don’t have a lot of clothes with a lot of buttons on them. Even in storage I can’t think of anything from past seasons with a lot of buttons. Huh. *shrug*

    • Kadee says:

      Kate’s buttons are atrocious, though. If you took her closet and put it on Meghan, then the transformation would be amazing! Ugh. People here justifiably so hate on Kate’s buttons because they are on Kate!

  30. Rainbow says:

    The green dress is perfect on her! The black dress is underwhelming. But overall she looks great. Head to toe beautiful.

    • Nancy says:

      I feel just the opposite. Don’t like the pockets under the waist or the view from the back (flattens her butt) on the teal, love the shoes though. She looks lovely in the black dress. Simple dress with a different neckline, she looks rather elegant. Good job Meg.

  31. Enn says:

    I love both of these and want the Givenchy in my closet.

  32. Somegirl says:

    She looks beautiful in both. The separates read as more teal to me, but I love that she’s wearing separates and looking so professional. She seems to be back closer to her pre-wedding style on this trip (& her pre-wedding style was better, imo, than most of her post-wedding appearances).

    It’s classy for Meghan to wear EW, but I don’t think EW deserves it. That women was horrid and petty to Meghan.

  33. TheOriginalMia says:

    She looked amazing yesterday. First at the RAF celebration, then here. The Givency separates are a lovely color and professional. The EW is your basic LBD, but Meghan definitely elevated it with the earrings and her hair. Gorgeous!

  34. Veronica says:

    More bespoke outfits?? Meghan needs to start dressing less expensively. She isn’t the future Queen, she is the equivalent of Fergie or Sophie, and she is acting like the future Queen. Not good optics, at all.

    • sushi says:

      Only Kate, the future Queen?, is allowed to wear expensive clothing?.

    • Nic919 says:

      We better burn Sophie at the stake because she wears bespoke and is ever further down the list.

    • Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

      I am giving her the benefit of the doubt. All the clothes she has worn this week have a heavier “fall” look to me. I know she has brought out a ton of new dresses and a great suit, but I feel like we will see many of them repeated. All of the less-detailed outfits can be very versatile just by adding new accessories.

  35. Evie says:

    Now THIS is modern royal glamour! Classic, yet stylish. No frills, lace or coat dresses, no Diana cosplay, just grown up, confident, understated bombshell.

    Looking at the photos of Harry and Meghan on the Daily Fail, I just can’t help feeling a bit sad about them not being the heirs. This is what charisma looks like. It’s so bizarre reading the hateful comments on the Fail, about how Meghan is ‘destroying’ the RF, etc. Meghan is just what the RF needed! Glamour, intelligence, swagger, maturity and showing a genuine interest in her work. I hope Harry and Meghan won’t fade into the background in the coming years.

    • magnoliarose says:

      They won’t fade because they are good for the overall BRF. If Fergie hadn’t been a hot mess they would have used her more too. Notice Sophie is out and about more because she is an asset. We have been seeing the Yorkies more too. They aren’t going to let it all fade because W and K are lazy and boring. Hundreds of years of history supersede everything.
      What are they can going to say? No no don’t make us look good. Sit on the sidelines? That is something people like to tell themselves for fan reasons but it isn’t logical or based in reality. H and M take a lot of heat off of everyone else and their shortcomings. Who cares so much about Camilla and Charles’ past if H and M are out dazzling everyone? Andrew’s pervy ways aren’t as important if everyone is distracted.
      If William is smart he will support it. He doesn’t have “it” and never will. I am just not so sure he is secure enough to recognize this.

      • Becks1 says:

        And, Harry and Meghan make the others look good in some ways. How many of us on here said our opinion of Charles rose several degrees, seeing how he treated both Doria and Meghan? Or that Camilla seemed to get along with Meghan and that was endearing? Even William yesterday looked to be enjoying himself with Meghan and that made him look more….human, lol. So I think Meghan and Harry will be stars for a while if they continue to bring out the best in other members of the RF.

    • Evie says:

      I agree about William not having “it”. In almost every public outing, he looks tense, annoyed and like he’d prefer being anywhere else. His hostility towards the press is evident in photos. There’s no real spark, which is a shame considering he is the future king and will spend his life doing these kinds of engagements. He’s merely going through the motions, it seems.

      The Queen is not super charismatic either, but she has more than compensated for it with her work ethic and incredible dedication to her role and her duties. This has made her a beloved monarch. If William lacks charisma, is withdrawn and never fully invested in his duties, why would the people want to keep supporting him and his family?

      I think the RF members are getting a lot of slack from the press as long as the Queen is still alive, due to her massive popularity. But when she dies and Charles takes over, I suspect the climate will be different.

    • liriel says:

      Uhm that’s what charisma looks like.
      I’m sorry but she’s smiling and finally looking good but it’s not what makes someone a great monarch!

      • Kadee says:

        Agree! I’m hoping people will realize how absolutely foolish it would be to have the loser Cambridges on the throne compared to the real glamour of H & M.

  36. Ninks says:

    Love both outfits, green was an obvious choice, but it’s lovely. Hopefully now, people will stop side-eyeing Sophie and any other royals who wear EW to events, obviously Meghan wasn’t too bothered about her comments and doesn’t care if people continue to wear her outfits.

    On a side note – when most of the world is going to hell in a handbasket, there’s something really cool about seeing a mixed race British royal, meeting a mixed race, gay Taoiseach in Dublin. These are all things that were utterly unimaginable when I was growing up in 1980s Ireland, and now it’s happened and we’re mostly talking about what she’s wearing.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I like that too. It shows the world is progressing forward socially and is becoming more tolerant and accepting.

    • IlsaLund says:

      It’s wonderful to see the rest of the world progressing. Sadly, the U.S. is slipping back into the stone ages with the current madness. Abortion rights, gay rights, etc. are all on the chopping block. And we have open white supremists running for public office. It feels like the damn twilight zone.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I know. That is why I hang out on the royal threads more and more. I can’t absorb the rest and deal with life like I need to.

  37. PlayItAgain says:

    Both outfits were fabulous. I absolutely love the green suit ensemble! I may even covet those suede heels. I could never wear them, but they’re lovely.

  38. MellyMel says:

    I want these outfits in my closet! So pretty!

  39. homeslice says:

    The EW dress is the best she’s looked since the wedding. Maybe she should dump the french designers and stick to labels closer to home.

    I still think the cost of all these clothes for 24 hours is outrageous…

    • Observer22 says:

      Agreed! We are averaging 3 luxury designer outfits a day. Even at a conservative $5k an outfit, that is $15k a day on clothes. Seems a bit excessive, but I guess small pennies when you are trying to maximize press coverage. Case and point, CB has posted a whopping 3 articles on MM alone today. Seems a bit excessive on both fronts…

  40. redhead says:

    Gorgeous couple. They look so happy.

  41. redhead says:

    The green dress is everything !

  42. Amelie says:

    I think she’s wear clover leaf earrings with the black Emilia Wickstead dress which I thought was really cute. She looks fabulous in both of these two outfits.

  43. Grace says:

    She certainly has great posture! The shoes must be killing her feet though..

  44. liriel says:

    I think she’s finally upping her fashion game.
    I only wonder why we’re so hypocritical and don’t see how expensive her outfits are? From dresses to bags.
    She chose couture 100%, she spent LOTS of money and no one mentions it. I’m fine with it but hate that we all counted how much money Kate’s were.

    • homeslice says:

      Over 22K in 24 hours. I don’t know how the Brits stand it. Such a con.

    • Maria says:

      @i agree Laurie. Although I have no idea what she has spent so far on this tour. The black pantsuit I believe is a repeat. With her looks and her figure, she would look good in anything. Apparently Letitia spends much less on clothes and always manages to look good. But if she starts repeating some of these outfits, it will be good. Wait and see.

    • violet says:

      @liriel – oh, the DM didn’t waste any time on that point – as always, it manages to look like it’s complimenting her while throwing shade. “Duchess Dazzles in £17,000 worth of high-end labels in three hours!” Not sure what the pound sterling is at right now, and no one realistically expects her to undertake a foreign visit in stuff from TJ Maxx (where I spend half my life on the weekends), but again they’re egging on public perception, especially as most of the outfits are still by foreign labels.

      There’s been some talk on other blogs that she’s “merching” for Birks and these designers. Is that possible?

      • violet says:

        @liriel – Kate’s engagement ring obviously was paid for by Charles in 1981 so didn’t cost William anything. In 1981 I think I read it was valued about $60,000 American, and even accounting for inflation over time (excluding provenance, which would make it astronomically valuable!) would be about $125,000. Meghan’s ring I read cost about $200,000 and as Harry’s real income from his trust is about $600,000 annually, that would have been about a third of his income. So I’m guessing Charles may have helped Harry with Meghan’s ring, in fairness, given that William didn’t have to shell out anything for Kate’s ring.

      • liriel says:

        Violet, I agree with you. That’s why I was always angry that people accused Kate of showing off the ring, that it was tacky, super-expensive when it wasn’t.
        And then people here accused Kate of using taxpayers/Charles’ money to spend so much on clothes. Now Meghan is only wearing Dior, Givenchy etc, non british designers yet no one blinks an eye.
        It’s just super unfair.

    • magnoliarose says:

      None of what she is wearing is couture. I don’t complain about Meghan because she is 2 months into her marriage. I don’t complain at restaurants when someone is in training. I don’t do that anywhere in my life. If someone is new and learning they deserve the chance to make mistakes and correct themselves. I try to be kinder and more understanding. I criticize Kate because she is not new and she should be getting it done easily in her sleep. Shouldn’t we expect that from anyone?
      I don’t know who handles Kate but they have never done her any favors. She should be leaning into her strengths. Sports and motherhood. I believe she is introverted so they should be scheduling small intimate events for her. Like a series of talks about issues she is naturally interested in and doesn’t have to pretend. She has never held a job before so forget the professional woman, it isn’t going to happen so she should go in another direction. Why she doesn’t do this, I don’t know.
      There should not be a competition between the two because Kate will never in her life be able to compete with someone like Meghan who earned every little scrap of anything she has on her own AND is an actress. Where Meghan is in her life is because she made it happen. Self made people are always more dynamic and interesting because they have lived more life than someone who inherits and does nothing with it. It is why wealthy parents make their children work. They know that the risk of becoming useless is strong.

      Now what I like about Kate is how tender and loving she is with her children. I think they are her life. I see Charlotte’s spirit and I see a loved secure child and I think that is Kate. She looks genuinely happy when she is with the dumplings. I think she wears those samey overpriced coatdresses because deep down she should be a rich country wife with 7 lively kids and taking care of her family in sporty clothes and minimal makeup.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Actually, though Kate and Meghan are in the same boat. They are only royal as long as they are married to the Princes. Eugenie and Beatrice shouldn’t be living off royal money unless they are working royals. No other royal families would even allow it because it is ridiculous.

        That defense of Kate’s spending isn’t very strong. There are no excuses for any of them to be wasteful. Is Charles wasteful? I don’t know.

        If Meghan were a gold digger she could have picked a bigger pot of gold easily with less hassle. I do think she likes the public stage but she was an actress so that sort of goes with that territory.

        My thing is let someone learn when they are new. Give them a chance to find a good way to carry on. How many of us would get it right all the time this early in? If she doesn’t learn to be sensitive about finances and adjust, I will be right there with you side eyeing. If she doesn’t repeat things I will be doing it too.
        Though some of her earlier outfits need to be given away to someone else. I do not want to see those things ever again. Those pale pink numbers have already not aged well with time.

  45. beatrixkiddo says:

    Ireland wardrobe showing her old style coming through.
    Been finding most of her London work wardrobe stuffy and dated looking. Except for the cape dress and the Christening clothes, they all looked like something Kate Middleton would pick.

    She looks modern and chic again, in Ireland.

  46. Original Jenns says:

    I think these are the types of outfits she’ll wear when it’s just her, or her and Harry. The events with the Queen and big, royal events will bring out the super safe, plain outfits.

  47. violet says:

    I really loved everything but the gray dress, which seemed ill-fitting, too much cloth on the bottom (the similar blue one she wore for the wedding rehearsal looked much nicer on her, seemed to fit better), and very poorly fitted bodice that was at once too tight, wrinkled in the middle, and with darts that led right to her nipples.

    But apart from that one outfit, I loved the other three, including the pants suit! Her hair looks a bit fried in some of the closeup photos on the second day, although not on the first day. It also looked like she added some subtle highlights in the cocktail dress photos.

    Is it much cooler in Ireland than in England as a rule? These again all seem to be autumn themed colors, except for the Wickstead dress.

    The Wickstead dress for the win, IMO, it was so classy and lovely and Meghan looked darling in it, with perfect accessories. Loved the shoes, too.

    • liriel says:

      I believe it’s been one of the hottest summer in England for a long time! She looks better covered in autumn-like clothes now. At least for me. Summer has been tricky for her to navigate.

  48. KiddV says:

    Meghan looks great in both outfits but I’m not a fan of the green dress. It reminds me of the double knit polyester separates from the 70′s that were so bulky. I think my grandma had an outfit that looked just like that.

    Now, who’s the lady in the rust colored dress in the Tweet photos? I love her dress, it looks great on her. And I love the way she’s looking at Harry, that would be me, until I remember he’s young enough to be my son. LOL

  49. Pam says:

    Daily mail said she has spent 17,000 pounds in 3 hours on clothes, bags and shoes alone. Not to talk about the fact that she told Irelanders she was happy with the abortion referendum. The focus now is Meghan has gotten into a diplomatic row because royals shouldn’t express opinion. This is a PR disaster waiting to happen.

    • liriel says:

      Well, she’s confident but I believe a palace will be monitoring this situation because royals are well royals. They don’t want another Diana or too opinionated.

    • violet says:

      @Pam ?? I hadn’t heard that she commented on the abortion referendum or that a diplomatic row had come out of that. May I ask where you saw that?

      • Lizabeth says:

        The tweet from the Irish politician about her conversation with Meghan has been withdrawn. Who knows what Meghan really said. And doesn’t Charles talk politics? On the record? I admit the “no politics” thing confuses me. I thought it applied only to the Queen.

      • violet says:

        @BettyB – Thank you. This somehow got by me (too focused on the clothes!). This looks to me like the proverbial tempest in a teapot, but perhaps British posters think differently, I’m not sure what the rules are on this.

    • MrsBump says:

      17k in 3hours!!!
      She looks amazing in every single one, but jeez i cant wrap my head around this figure.
      At this rate, she’ll outspend Kate and unlike the uber fans here, i dont think the tax payer will care about her “building her wardrobe” or “hitting the ground running”.

      • Sarah says:

        17 thousand is a ridiculous amount for so little work and commenting on abortion bill is appalling the politician she said it to has withdrawn it now you know the palace are doing damage controls

      • okay_then says:

        Oh, my.. The DailyMail are really sinking their teeth into her spending lmao. Then again, they did the same thing to Kate, it’s Meghan’s turn now. As with Kate, when her yearly expenditure is tallied up, they are going to let it rip. Kate was criticised for 105k in 2012 (so not the 200k always repeated here), Meghan is easily going to top that. I found the original DM article and the comments are interesting. Different tone lol… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2165211/Kate-Middletons-105k-wardrobe-Duchess-Cambridge-worth-penny-says-LIZ-JONES.html

        I don’t believe the Royal family care for one minute the amount of taxpayers money they spend so the constant criticism/nitpicking over their spending is all null and void because they will continue. This is why they always mix it up with cheap Zara outfits because they know they have to give off a certain illusion that they aren’t massive spendthrifts!

  50. Bridget says:

    I’m guessing that Wickstead had a big private apology after that wedding dress debacle. She knows how big the royal trade is for her business specifically.

  51. stacy says:

    I think Megan looks so much better at events where the Queen is not present. She wears more stylish clothes and looks prettier.

    I really think she down plays her looks and dresses dowdy when she is at an event with the queen so to not distract from the queen/steal any spotlight. I totally get it

  52. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I don’t think the Emilia Wickstead does much for her straight frame but it is still worlds better than some other things she’s worn lately. Lovelovelove the green Givenchy number! Just wish she’d wear more British fashion houses.

    I think Meghan tried to go for a certain Jackie O meets Audrey Hepburn thing and went a bit too far, then realized her pre-wedding style was just fine. She’s taken that and amped it up a bit and now looks incredibly regal while remaining age appropriate and COMFORTABLE. She isn’t losing herself in granny dresses and I am so thankful for that. No offense meant to HM, of course. She wears the hell out of her wardrobe, as one of a certain age should.

  53. CairinaCat says:

    I don’t get how people don’t understand she is building a closet
    All these things can and will be worn many times again.
    That’s why they are neutral colors and separates or like the black dress easy to change up.
    The shoes and the bags are all neutral and can be worn cross seasons.

    • homeslice says:

      I don’t see much of what she has worn so far being “wardrobe building”, they are so specific. Her pre-wedding wardrobe was more mix and match.
      And it was so odd that her bag still had the paper and plastic attached to the bottom? Is there anything inside? Is it just a prop? Like the coat that still had the threads on it. I mean a good tan leather bag is something I think that can be resused, but she seems to grabbing very expensive bags for every outfit. I personally think it’s an excessive waste. Just like Kate’s coats of many colors.

    • violet says:

      @CairinaCat – But early experimentation means I think that at least several expensive ones are going to be retired after one wearing – for sure that ghastly de la Renta tablecloth dress will be, and I’m guessing the Trooping outfit, and the summer dress with the stripes and buttons will be, as well. The ones she wore to Dublin look much more versatile for future wear. It will take awhile for her to sort out the wheat from the chaff, as they say.

    • notasugarhere says:

      All of these are classics, many of them separates, that can be worn for years as the basis of a working wardrobe. The only one I question is the Trooping outfit, otherwise nothing here will be out of date for years to come.

  54. Toulouse says:

    Well she should look lovely she spend almost 20000 euros in 2 days

    • Anna nuttall says:

      But from what i’m reading today, She is paying it for herself. Not the tax payer that is reported in all the newspapers.

      • whattodonow says:

        When on royal work the money comes from Charles who gets his money from the taxpayers. She is spending taxpayers money.

      • violet says:

        @Anna nutall – I think the paying for herself bit is simply not credible. Even Harry, who is far richer than Meghan, couldn’t support the wardrobe expenses she is racking up. Either she is getting huge discounts from the designers or Charles is paying, or both. But the idea that she can spend what this wardrobe is costing on a consistent basis just doesn’t hold water. And if it were true, the Palace would be confirming it to head off backlash. Where have you read today that Meghan is paying for all these clothes herself?

      • Mich says:

        The Duchy is not owned by the taxpayers.

      • violet says:

        @Anna nutall: this is what that article says:

        “After her May 19 wedding to Harry at Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel, Meghan’s clothing budget for official outings will be covered by the money that Prince Charles gives to Prince William, Kate and Harry from his Duchy of Cornwall income of about $28 million.

        Last year, the trio drew the expenses needed for their public lives (salaries and office costs and other expenses) from a fund of $4.8 million. (That part of Charles’s official outgoings also covers other aspects of his accounts, such as some capital expenditure.)”

        So she is not paying for this post-wedding wardrobe herself. Charles is.

    • violet says:

      @Mich – I looked up the Duchy of Cornwall. It belongs to the eldest son of the sovereign but he may not sell its assets for personal benefit. It’s value comes mostly from landholdings. It is exempt from tax, but Charles makes a voluntary contribution from its revenues each year. Its worth at the end of fiscal year 2013 was a staggering £763 million, and profit was £19 million, a revenue surplus gain of 4.1% from the previous year.

      “The income of the duchy is also used to cover the official expenditure of some members of the Duke’s immediate family. Presently, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex all have their official expenses paid from Duchy income, assisted by Grants-in-aid from the Queen.”

      And now we know why Meghan isn’t particularly concerned about how much her clothes cost.

      Who do you suppose is doing the real work of managing and working and maintaining that land, and why would anyone think in this day and age that the eldest son of the monarch is entitled to this wealth producing entity at birth?

      • Mich says:

        It is owned by the Crown and has been since the 1300s. It is also tax exempt but that pissed a whole lot of people off (rightly so) so Charles now voluntarily pays taxes on the income he earns from it. Regardless of whether or not you think Charles is entitled to that wealth it is his by law.

        Kate also spends lavishly on clothes. What got her heat for it in the early days was that she was doing it while the world was being wrecked by a financial crisis – and she did so little work to ‘justify’ it.

        I’m not particularly impressed by the enormous amount of spending on the clothes but I’m guessing Charles gifted Meghan with a significant shopping spree as a wedding present to welcome her into her new role. She is very new to this and I have no doubt she will learn.

  55. BegoneOrangeCheeto says:

    I love Meg, plain and simple. I saw a really cute article on People with a little boy tugging at Harry’s beard and touching Meg’s hair. They handled it so well and were so cute that I literally started tearing up.

    She looks great and clearly has such a great knack with people. AND DOES HER HOMEWORK, praise the LORD! Also, slayed the fashion game this week.

  56. Mich says:

    Oh my goodness. The DM is vicious towards her.

    • Anna nuttall says:

      Tell me about it. But then again the DM does have this racist agenda against her. It been there since the beginner.

      • Mich says:

        I cannot imagine how much Harry must hate them. First the media chased his mother into an early grave and now they are going after his wife.

      • magnoliarose says:

        The DM is a racist rag. They love to post crime photos of minorities doing heinous things. I try to avoid them since I don’t want to give them clicks. They bait us with celeb photos so they can continue with their white supremacist agenda. Yuck.

  57. liriel says:

    Frankly, Harry and Meghan (AND WIMBLEDON) are a bit unfortunate because of England and the semi-finals now and possibly final. It’s definitely more important for the majority. Frankly, I totally get it.

  58. nikki says:

    She looks stunning. That’s a perfect color on her.

  59. vespernite says:

    YES! MEG! Kate could never top Meg’s style! I love the shoe/bag combo with the rich green tones. Lovely!

  60. paddingtonjr says:

    Meghan really shines in simple, stylish clothes with just a hint of jewelry as she is wearing here. She looks very professional and polished, especially in the arrival dressed, and this is something I would wear when traveling for business if I have to meet clients right away. I hope she sticks with the modern working woman style for everyday “work”.

  61. Lady Medusa says:

    I love Meghan and think she always looks stunning. I love Kate, too; she’s a different person with different priorities from Meghan, and I don’t think it’s fair to either woman to compare them constantly.

    But I’m weary of the neverending “what Meghan wore” posts. It seems like every other article is about Meghan and her clothes. There is other celebrity news out there that is much more interesting than a whirlwind tour of Meghan’s closet.

    • liriel says:

      Actually this. How many post can we make one day about what someone was wearing and that’s it. I too other news than discussing the style of hair or the hemline. That’s fun too but the trips are nightmare :P

  62. PodyPo says:

    In this green she looks well tailored and ready to represent. In the black she looks lovely with her hair down and side parted and some noticeable earrings. Both outfits are perfect.

    If she can create these kinds of looks in clothes that are not couture or bespoke, she will win many doubters over. If she continues to spend like this she will be criticized, and rightly so.

    • liriel says:

      I agree but let’s not forget one thing. She’s supposed not only to find herself stylise-wise but be a great speaker, involved, caring. Looking good while wearing less expensive items isn’t my ultimate goal for her to be honest!
      To be honest, I know it’s not the news site, but sports (wimbledon, soccer), the thai rescue are omitted here. Instead we get several posts about Meghan which reveal close to nothing about her passions, goals. It’s the BRR but she was hailed to changed something.

  63. Justwastingtime says:

    Harry looks like he still can’t believe she is his. Sweet.

    • liriel says:

      But back in England when they’re papped on arrivals/walk-in he looks angry (not at her but just angry). No one commented on this.

  64. liriel says:

    Ok, so the tour is over. Other than small issues with tailoring and the bust area she looked ok, behaved well. Like other royal trips they did serious and fluffy stuff. no on here complained about it. No one complained here how much she spent here either. The majority found the cost understandable. Different rules for different couples. I’m kind of glad she didn’t chose a local designer like Kate. Not pleased that she didn’t throw in a cheaper outfit. She went all in with mostly non british designers. Overall – a success slightly overshadowed by the fact that yesterday England lost semi-finals so the game gathered more headlines. Well, even the final of wimbledon would be in the shadow of soccer.
    We’ll see how they continue. I’ll nitpick – nothing groundbreaking, a usual royal trip. Missed opportunity for Meghan to give a speech. She was polite, smiling, nice to kids. Behaviour to applaud but it’s a norm. Maybe the time wasn’t right and it’d be too much. I don’t know.
    No one complained here that it’s vacation, stupid, pointless (brexit? ambassadors? no one takes it seriously, the magazines all about clothes!)
    I’m curious what she does next!

  65. liriel says:

    This! Meghan is loved here so we can’t say a bad world but she completely doesn’t care about the cost of her outfits. To this day people here remember how costly Kate’s engagement ring is. I wonder when Meghan will choose something more reasonably prized.

  66. Mich says:

    Kate did do this.

  67. liriel says:

    Exactly, the cheapest dress was accompanied by a 5k bag. It’s becoming a circus. Like.. Please throw something reasonably prized, please.
    She’s choosing the most expensive designers, most of them not even british. It’s her fairytale but a PR disaster!

  68. liriel says:

    I don’t know how bad it’s going to be. I admit, she looks great on this trip (minus the bra thing – ill fitting!) but she’s spending a lot and from the start she lived her own fairytale, after the TM mess (not her fault at all) she felt at ease again and is buying expensive outfits and living like a princess. She’s not careful which isn’t a good sign. You don’t want to make people angry.

  69. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    BettyB you nailed it. These aren’t basic staple pieces. They’re trendy bespoke items that won’t wear from one year to the next, and they’re horribly expensive. She could have definitely worn a black pantsuit from a British label that was significantly less expensive and fit better. The fit of all these super pricey outfits has been terrible for the most part. She can and should do better (but then again we’ve been saying this about Kate for 7 years and her tailoring is still ghastly).

  70. Jayne says:

    Not expensive? Haha