Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hiddleston attended the Wimbledon men’s final

Benedict Cumberbatch attends the Wimbledon Tournament in London

I tend to forget that Benedict Cumberbatch is a big fan of men’s tennis. Over the years, he loves to attend Wimbledon matches – usually the final – while sitting in the Royal Box. He’s also traveled to Paris to watch French Open matches in the past. Judging from which matches he tends to attend, I gather that he’s a big fan of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Since Murray withdrew from Wimbledon this year, Bendy was left supporting Djokovic in the final, where Djokovic made quick work of South African Kevin Anderson (Anderson beat Roger Federer in the quarterfinal, in one of the matches of the tournament). I realize that coming to Wimbledon for the final (especially being seated in the Royal Box) is a very special thing, but the final sucked and I have to wonder if all of these celebrities wouldn’t have rather come to one of the earlier matches which were actually crazy-dramatic (Djokovic-Nadal, Delpo-Nadal, Anderson-Federer).

The dress code for men who get seats in the Royal Box is for a suit jacket and a tie. If you want to come in flip-flops and shorts, you can do that, you just can’t sit in the Royal Box. So that’s why Bendy looks so stuffy. Over the past two years, I swear to God, Benedict has gone from “odd-looking otter-heartthrob” to “stuffy middle-aged British bloke.” This suit just emphasizes that.

Benedict Cumberbatch attends the Wimbledon Tournament in London

Also in the Royal Box: Tom Hiddleston, who was seated next to Bjorn Borg?!?!? Borg was actually a fixture in the Royal Box throughout the Championships – he even attended several women’s matches, which was wonderful. It’s nice to see a legend of the men’s game take such an interest in women’s tennis.

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Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah were seated next to Benedict. (Benedict’s wife Sophie did not come to Wimbledon – perhaps she’s more of a Wawrinka fan? Or is Sophie like me, and she’s a Del Potro mega-fan?)

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Hugh Grant and his wife. Hugh is a big tennis fan – he’s a regular in the Royal Box.

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And here’s Chiwetel Ejiofor with girlfriend Frances Aaternir. She’s a model and they’ve been happening for more than a year. I’m sorry, CB!

Stars attend the men's singles final on the final day of Wimbledon

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Getty.

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  1. JAC says:

    I’m so happy for Novak, after all he’s been trough it’s great to see him on top again. And I always felt like he’s not as loved like Rafa or Roger and part of that is because of the area of Europe he’s from.

    And at least one feel good sports story on Sunday ( I’m Croatian)

    • kate says:

      @JAC, I am French fan and I am very happy about our win but I must say the Croatian team was incredible yesterday night and during the whole tournament. They did their country proud!
      And I also love Novak, so it was a great Sunday !

      • JAC says:

        They did. We celebrated yesterday like we won. Fot such a tiny country this was incredible.

        You guys were great too! Mbape is going to be a superstar one day. And you were very dignified in your victory.

      • kate says:

        Mbape is well on his way to starhood, if not already there in France. Yesterday night, somebody wrote on the streets “Liberté Egalité Mbapé”.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    It was a great match, sad for Anderson but Novak deserved it.

    Cumby was with his dad. He’s going to have to wear hats for the foreseeable, I believe he’s shaved his head partially for this Brexit role.

    Hiddles looks good. I just wish his hair didn’t look so product heavy. It’s bordering on greasy looking, but still he looks good, I like the beard/hair combo. He was right behind the PM and the Wills and Kate, excellent placement!

    Eddie Redmayne’s hair looks like lego hair.

    Tom Holland was there too, sitting in front of Emma Watson and Luke Evans. Emma looked stunning.

    • Hoopjumper says:

      I thought hats weren’t allowed in the royal box and that’s why Meghan had to carry hers? Did Bendy get a special dispensation?

      • Lindy79 says:

        He and his dad beside him do seem to be the only ones wearing one, not sure of the formal rule.

      • K says:

        Only women are asked not to wear hats in the royal box (it’s on the Wimbledon website). It’s because women’s hats were huge back in the day LOL.

        However, if it’s a smaller hat, it’s usually okay these days–Emma Watson wore one Saturday.

      • Justme says:

        There is a picture of Hiddleston and Redmayne together (Ben and his dad left after the Men’s Finals, but Tom and Eddie stuck around for the Mixed Doubles – Tom moved over to sit near Eddie and Hannah – and Hugh Grant). You can see that there is an older couple both in hats behind them:

      • Lindy79 says:

        Eddie’s face in those pictures is just killing me.
        Nice to see they stayed for the mixed doubles

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Thanks for the Chiwetel picture and for noting Bjorn Borg. Emma Watson, Luke Evans, and Tom Holland were also there.

  4. Lauren says:

    Tom Hiddleston looks so good with his beard and long, curly ginger hair it almost makes me forget about Tiddlesbanging

  5. shirurusu says:

    I think Tom Hiddleston and Cumberbatch used to be friends? They did Warhorse together and a lot of interviews? Wonder if they still are, they were cute together!

    • Lightpurple says:

      They are. Tom presented some award thing to him a few weeks ago.

    • so cool says:

      I think they’re rather close friends. They live in the same area, BC mentioned that he used to slept on Hiddles couch, he was BC best man, they went several times to see each other on theater plays etc. BC and Hiddles was really cute during IW promo (plus young Tom H).

      • so cool says:

        And T. Holland and Hiddleston seems to really like each other. Their story about watching together soccer match in pajamas in hotel was funny.

      • jammypants says:

        Tom also went to Ben’s wedding. He’s seen by fans walking the neighborhood with the Cumberbatches. They seen bands live together. They’re legit friends.

      • Emma says:

        This is how rumours start – so much incorrect info here! Yes they are friends, but they met on War Horse – Benny was well past the point of needing to sleep on anyone’s couch by then. Yes Hiddles attended his wedding, but not as his best man.

        No indication that Hiddles has ‘quit’ acting – he has taken some time off this year by the looks of things, but he is attached to 3 projects in various stages of pre-production, with the Nigjt Manager furthest along. (OK, so the hasn’t been officially announced as returning in TNM but ya’ll tripping if ya’ll think he’s not – he was the freaking lead!)

      • jammypants says:

        Emma, but Benedict himself said he slept at Hiddles’ place. It was from the Interview magazine interview.

        As for the wedding, it was obvious Tom wasn’t best man based on his formal wear, but he was still invited. It’s unlike the expectation that Martin Freeman would be invited but wasn’t.

        I’d back up my concert claim with this 🙂

      • Meggles says:

        He hasn’t acted in almost a year, and has no work lined up at all that we know of (only a couple of potential projects for the far future that he may or may not be in). That’s a pretty good indication he may have quit, at least temporarily. He’s obviously taking a year off at the very least.

    • shirurusu says:

      Ok thanks for the info everyone! I don’t stan for any of them but I do love british guys ever since I met my real life forever crush who is from London 🙂 Soooooo charming!! I like the idea that they are all friends 🙂

      • Emma says:

        LOL – ‘stayed at his house’ is not the same as ‘slept on his couch’, since Hiddles can afford more than one bed. The latter implied a pre-fame and wealth friendship which simply isn’t the case. I’m not denying they are friends, I just don’t want to run across ‘BFFs since forever! Lived together as impoverished students’ misconceptions/fanfic a few months down the line. Especially as Benny’s actual best man was a very old friend.

        As for ‘nearly a year’ since he acted – well, Hamlet was in September last year, so if you count from that gets you 10 months, but Hiddles was strangely absent from Ragnorak promo and was definitely spotted on the Avengers 4 set in November – so that gets it down to 8 months-ish. Which really isn’t that long a break for an actor who has been working continuously for the past few years. He was an exec producer on the first series of The Night Manager and has most likely been involved in the development of series 2, as well as working on the South Sudan doc, which would keep him busy enough to be going on with.

        The other projects he is attached to are Richard II for James Ivory – which has been looking for finance for a while but has had renewed interest since his Oscar win (and Hiddles being attached has explicitly been used to attract attention and money by Ivory), and Hard Boiled for Ben Wheatley – which was at script stage when he was announced as attached. Wheatley is notoriously prolific, has multiple projects at different stages of production at the same time, and has been known to sneakily start filming them without announcing much in advance.

        My money is on Hiddles simply taking a nice long filming break now – spending time at home with friends/family/his puppy – because he’s expecting to be busy again soon.

        Any media outlet suggesting he has quit acting is pulling that out of their backside. He has made no such comment. Last March during Kong promo he explicitly said his diary was booked for most of 2017 with ‘lots cooking’ for the future. Joanna Hogg said that they’ve been discussing possible future projects when she announced her next film. People who are retiring from their acting career do not put time and energy into lining up future work, and they certainly don’t allow their name to be repeatedly publicly attached to a project on order to attract finance to it. And then there’s his Hamlet comments – he stressed that it’s the FIRST time he has played the part, which implies that he expects to return to the role. Branagh said that he thinks he is seen as an intellectual actor and wanted to show a more emotional side with his Hamlet – that’s not something you worry about if you’re quitting.

        Hiddles is very much a delayed gratification, long-term career plan, kind of a guy. He wants to still be acting in his 70s – his acting hero is Anthony Hopkins; he wants to play Lear. The idea that taking even as much as a year off means that he is quitting acting entirely is laughable. Even actors who announce their retirement get tempted back by the next good script!

  6. Beth says:

    Being dressed up doesn’t look like a comfortable way to sit at a tennis game, but I guess it’s best to follow the rules.
    Nobody wears a suit better than Tom, and his thick curls and facial hair are beyond sexy

  7. Ninette says:

    I am only here for Hiddles!

  8. Belluga says:

    It’s weird, a couple of years ago you couldn’t breathe for a Bendy article and now I keep forgetting he exists.

    The Djikovic-Nadal semi was an absolute corker, the final was meh.

    • jammypants says:

      It’s funny but marriage does that. Reminds me of that How I Met Your Mother episode where Robin becomes invisible when she has a ring on her finger.

  9. Lindy79 says:

    Does anyone know if Hiddleston has anything lined up? His IMDB says nothing but thought there might be some insider knowledge?

    • Lightpurple says:

      All the recent interviews he has done lately, the interviewers all just ask him: “when did you know Loki was going to die?” and don’t bother with anything else. He did a podcast a few months ago, I forget the interviewer’s name, but he told her that he went back to school. And he has been working on a documentary about South Sudan.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Oh excellent!
        As much as I hate not seeing as much of him, I’m kind of glad he’s out of the Marvel machine now.

      • MI6 says:

        Back to school after a double first from Cambridge? Where is there to go after that, I wonder?

      • Lightpurple says:

        Life long learning. He said he was back at RADA. I know many musicians come to take courses here at Berklee School of Music long after they’ve become successful to learn new techniques and keep things fresh. Sounded like he was doing something similar.

      • Justme says:

        I think in the podcast with Jenelle Riley, he said that he felt as though he had gone back to school since he was working with RADA for Hamlet. Not sure he said he was taking classes – but it might be that he was. (He certainly is the type who enjoys schooling!) I think all his fans are wondering what is next! It’s clear that he still loves acting – if he had nothing at all planned, I would think he’d be grasping at jobs and he is not, so I would think he has something in the pipeline.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I just found it LP, thanks!! Having a listen now.

      • jammypants says:

        Hm I wonder if it’s hearsay? There were RADA students tweeting about seeing him around campus and they answered questions saying he was there for classes. Anyway nothing wrong with sharpening tools in the toolbox. Maybe it’s a mix. He’s helping the school behind the scenes, coaching students, and taking classes to learn new things.

      • so cool says:

        There were few tweets from some RADA students that during Hamlet rehearsals, TH asked them if he could use they class, when they would finished. He wanted to practice playing piano and singing. But I don’t think that he is taking any classes as “student”. I think he is focusing on his South SUdan doc (I assume that they want to show it on some film festivals and maybe push for award sessions). He worked on this doc 2-5 years. He has TNM2 (filming in 2019?) and according to gossips, he has some projects lined up. Next few moths should answer our questions.

    • virginfangirl says:

      They announced 4 writers working on The Night Manager 2. I would think he’s a sure bet to star in that. But guessing TNM2, since not even written yet, won’t start filming for some time. And the documentary perhaps. Other than that, notta.

    • Meggles says:

      He appears to have (temporarily?) quit acting, though he’s involved in a few projects to support and mentor young people in the arts. He’s definitely been hanging around RADA lately but I bet it’s mentoring or being a guest tutor or something similar. They don’t allow non-enrolled students to just take classes even if they are alumni. His comments on the podcast referred to working with a voice coach etc. on Hamlet which is standard for Shakespeare productions in the UK. For example all RSC productions involve the cast having vocal coaching sessions.

      There’s one project which is a film adaptation of Richard II that he’s attached to, but they’ve been looking for funding forever. Plus as other posters have said TNM and the documentary. So it doesn’t appear he’s quit acting for good. If he had, he probably wouldn’t be making public appearances like the awards show and Buck House. I guess he’s just picky or enjoying some time off or focusing on other things.

      • Lindy79 says:

        The back to back work of the last 7+ years has, I’m sure, afforded him the luxury of taking some well deserved time off.

      • MI6 says:

        There’s no word that he “quit” acting, temporarily or otherwise.

      • Meggles says:

        Um he clearly has at the very least taken a year off acting, and he has no projects lined up apart from maybe The Night Manager which isn’t even written yet and won’t be on screens till 2020. Many many media outlets are speculating or even flat out stating as fact that he has quit acting.

    • Meggles says:


  10. AG-UK says:

    I was thinking the same, BC looks like a frumpy guy.. I use to think he was handsome but not now must have been my beer goggles. Also, I would love to know how long does it take for Eddie Redmayne to do that sort of bouffant hairdo he sports.

    • An says:

      I thought it was sweet Cumberbatch matched his dad, but I must have been the only one (they’re wearing the same style suit in a different color and the same hats with different band colors).

  11. virginfangirl says:

    I agree with the others – that long curly hair & the beard look good on him. I too wish for less product. In the pics from comic con his hair seemed to have less product and looked even better. It also looks like he’s beefed up a bit. I notice it the most in his shoulders and legs.

  12. SJhere says:

    Hiddles…is looking good in these pics. Love the longer hair/beard and yes to less product in the hair. Nobody wants to get their fingers stuck in a bunch of hair gel. He looks yummy in a suit, look at those shoulders! Yes, I vote yes.
    And ffs, when will people give up on that Taylor Swift BS? Ffs!
    Let this guy go on with his life. Trump is ruining the entire system of living in USA and still TH is getting sh*t on for a 3 month Paps romance? Let the man live.

    And, every time I see Eddie Redmayne I want to cover him in sunblock 80+.
    These posh Brits and their fair/pink/easily freckled faces…sunblock for all!

    Cumberbatch reached the peak of hotness in the early Sherlock years looks wise. Can’t deny his talent and that voice, still hot.

    I like white tshirt/long pink skirt outfit, cute and looks comfy. I have zero idea who she is, but very pretty!

    • Justme says:

      My daughter has the same kind of hair as Tom. Without product it tends toward total frizzy wildness. It would be lovely if it just fell in soft curls on its own, but no such luck. Actually if you look at pictures of Tom from his earlier curly years he often overdid the product then too – if it was himself styling himself that it – not the product of a stylist at work. The trick is finding the right amount of gel or whatever – which can be a tricky business.

      • Cranberry says:

        Yup, I know how that goes. His hair is quite curly but also fine which makes it difficult to style with product. Light products either don’t give enough control and hold, and stronger products are too heavy or stiff.

  13. Case says:

    Tom is one of the few celebrities I actually get excited to see out and about anymore. He’s just so lovely. He looks really cute but much too warmly dressed. That’s a winter suit, no?

    • jammypants says:

      It’s confusing isn’t it? But I think it’s definitely summer with the linen material. The blue seems to be Wimbledon themed. But the double breasted style does give winter vibes. I think Tom pulls it off though because that style can look really boxy on other body types.

      • Case says:

        The fact that it is double-breasted (and dark navy, which is themed but still looks heavy this time of year) is what is throwing me off. The tie looks tweed-leaning, which also just looks very heavy. He looks very nice in it regardless, though!

    • Lightpurple says:

      I think it’s a lighter weight fabric. There’s a loose weave to it.

    • Justme says:

      Ralph Lauren (the company obviously!) tweeted that he was wearing Polo Ralph Lauren. It’s made of “lightweight, breathable linen twill” – which is why it wrinkles, but it looks nice!

  14. Pia says:

    Rate photo of chiwetel is much appreciated. Think he’s been with his girlfriend for around 2 years now?

    Redmayne looks so young for his age, he doesn’t age does he?

    • Evie says:

      +1 Eddie Redmayne is one of those fellows who is going to look 15 until he’s 55, LOL! Ditto for Tom Holland. He’s 21 and his version of Spider Man was a 15 year old HS sophmore.
      Meanwhile, I didn’t even recognize Bjorn Borg. He looks so different with the snow white hair and heavy orange tan!

  15. Pajala says:

    I tend to forget that Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Huddleston are not the same person. One dated Taylor Swift, or did both?

  16. saltandpepper says:

    Tom and Eddie for the win. Tom is finally hot again after Hiddleswift.

  17. lena says:

    Nice to see Tom with his long curls.

  18. greta says:

    The last time Bendy has looked hot was during his Hamlet run in 2015. The end.