Jennifer Garner: Nobody should see paparazzi pictures of themselves

Jennifer Garner was interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning by anchor Conor Knighton, who grew up in the city as Garner, Charleston, West Virginia, and went to the same church. (Incidentally the opioid epidemic is rampant there, as it is in Appalachia in general.) They had a quick rapport due to their common background and the fact that Knighton had followed Garner’s entire career. They talked about how she got her break on TV in Alias, how that made her famous suddenly and how hard it’s been to deal with fame, the paparazzi and the scrutiny over her private life. It was a short interview so these subjects weren’t covered in much depth.

On how becoming famous during Alias changed her life
It changes it in an instant. It’s startling to become recognizable… startling and shocking.

On the paparazzi
There was a solid decade where there were five or six cars minimum and easily up to 15-20 on the weekends, outside my house at all times. Looking back on that, I really feel the stress of it. . I really, I could cry talking about it.

Question: “The public was and still is obsessed with your private life. What has that been like for you going through a divorce and having every moment of that played out on the cover of these magazines?”
What I think that I’ve learned is that scrutiny in your private life puts a pressure to make something happen. You feel a pressure to hurry up

You feel a pressure to hurry up and get married, ’cause you think that’ll end the ‘Are they engaged? Are they not?’ [speculation].

And that’s true in the reverse, as well. If there is any inkling of trouble, or if the tabloids decide there’s trouble, it can create trouble.

But to be honest, public scrutiny, everyone says, ‘Oh, you’ve had to go through this in public.’ The public isn’t what’s hard. What’s hard is going through it.

Are you able to tune out from all that?
I don’t look at it. I’ve had to really get serious with myself and say ‘This is not healthy, nobody should see pictures of themselves that paparazzi have taken.’ You can in the morning either be making breakfast for you kids or you can be getting paparazzi ready. I know which way I’m going to go.

[From video of CBS this morning and via]

After that they toured the farm in Oklahoma where Garner’s mom grew up and where her uncle is planning to grow produce for her baby food company, Once Upon a Farm. I was surprised that there isn’t a working farm there already. The interview was meant to promote the company and her acting projects, the HBO show Camping and the upcoming action film Peppermint. Once Upon a Farm is a smart venture for her. It’s in keeping with her natural down home mom branding, which does seem genuine. She’s leaning into it lately and you can see how she’s coming onto her own, especially after losing 200 pounds* of dead weight. As for her thoughts on the paparazzi, she does look at her photos occasionally because she has instagrammed them. She’s also spoken out against the paparazzi’s intrusion into her family life, while sometimes using them to further her image (especially when Affleck needs the good press) and has explained away her role in that. It’s hard to tease out how much she’s encouraged that vs. how she’s just tried to make the best out of a bad situation. She likely doesn’t know, either.

One thing the interview didn’t mention was that her divorce isn’t finalized yet. She made an allusion to that in the “pressure to hurry up” part. I wonder if the divorce is just so complicated given their rich people assets issues and/or if one or both of them is reluctant to make it official.

*Yes I know Affleck probably weighs more than this.

Here’s the video! (It plays automatically but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have sound until you click it. We hate that.)

Here’s Garner with her kids on a fire truck for a 4th of July parade. Credit: WENN


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  1. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Center part.
    Lose it.

  2. YeahRight says:

    So maybe she should stop calling them then?
    If Angelina and Brad can avoid school run pap ambushes, I’m sure C list Jen Garner can manage to evade them too.

    • kate says:

      For real, the only celeb kids who are papped as often as the Garner ones are the Kardashian-West and we know this family has the paps on speed dial.
      Also, we know that Jen Graner can stopped being papped if she want to because when Nanny Crissy went public with her affair/fling with Ben, we went on days without seeing them.

    • Peg says:

      The Jolie-Pittchildren are home schooled.

    • Queenb says:

      This. Taylor Swift went from being papped everywhere to staying under the radar most of the time. And its not like Jennifer Garner is relevant based on her acting talent. She needs them. At least shut up about it then.

      • kate says:

        Jen Garner herself was not papped for weeks after Nanny Crissy O went public with her and Ben’s shenanigans, so it’s perfectly possible. She just enjoys her pap strolls way too much.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Pap Stroller Extraordinaire needs to dial it down to believable. For crying out loud we have eyes. She and the Schlub could go underground at any time but they love to amble in front of cameras.

    • Mumbles says:

      Yes, for many years it was well-known in gossip circles that Garner and her team were very pap-friendly. Remember there was a period where every photo of Garner and Affleck had a Starbucks product in it? I suspected they had some sort of deal with Starbucks.

  3. kate says:

    Do people actually believe she is not calling them? The kids are an integral part of her image and being the first Mrs long suffering wife Affleck/mother of his children, what she is known now for.

    • Mia4s says:

      It comes across as so disingenuous when she does the “woe is me” paparazzi act. There are a million ways she could have minimized their impact and she chose to do none of them. It is the nature of her career, she’s a famous celebrity, not a famous actress. Quick: without googling what do Cate Blanchett’s four children look like? Which park does Emily Blunt take her kids to? Exactly.

      Yes they get photographed sometimes, but somehow these much more relevant celebs live daily lives without much intrusion at all. But with Garner when your “lifestyle” is what you’re famous for, this is what happens.

      • kate says:

        Cate Blanchett has 4 kids?! When did that happen? I thought she only had 2, lol… which kind of proved your point, Mia4s^^

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yeah, she makes me grumpy side eye her with these comments.

      • Peg says:

        It a supply and demand business, sorry to say Cate is a great actress, but tabloids are not going to pay big bucks for her children’s pictures.
        Celebrities live NYC with their children and the demand is not there for their children’s pictures.
        When Suri first moved to NYC, the Paps were all over her, going out everyday lessens the value of the pic.

      • magnoliarose says:

        But Cate has made a choice to keep her private life very private therefore there is no demand. That is by design. Anyone who wants to stand alone on their talent and do promotion in other ways can do so if they want. They can do minimal pap access and go months without being seen.

  4. Lisa Giametti says:

    Oh please! This, from the queen of pap strolls?!

  5. Emma says:

    I just never feel sorry for celebs who complain about the paparazzi. Like, I wouldn’t want to be photographed in my daily life either, but come on, it wouldn’t be hard to escape that life if you really wanted to. You could choose a different career (or only do low-key acting gigs, like theatre and independent movies away from Hollywood), move out of LA, quit social media, avoid dating other celebs, and the paps would forget about you quickly. The public memory is short.

    At the end of the day, Garner makes a living out of being papped. She’s not exactly an iconic actress, without her association with Affleck (who has always been the bigger star) she would probably be long gone from the big screen. Being recognizable and in the papers is what is keeping the business opportunities and endorsement deals coming. She’s making millions of dollars.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Given that she’s slowly drifting into the lifestyle game, she especially now needs to STFU. Her entire second career is being a mom, and she’s capitalizing on that even more.

    • BaronSamedi says:

      That’s such a weird comment to make in the age of #timesup. So a woman should change careers or restructure her entire life because she chose to work in a profession? No discussion of the mostly men who park in vans in front of her house and take her picture without her consent? Who literally stalk her to find out where she will be next? Who follow her wherever she goes?

      It’s all on her and comes with the territory and she should really stop complaining since she’s getting paid a lot of money in her chosen profession?

      Did you read what you just wrote?

      • Emma says:

        Please don’t water down Time’s Up by comparing paparazzi attention to sexual harassment and rape. When your ‘career’ is doing endorsement deals and capitalizing on media attention, then you can’t really complain. Regardless of gender. It’s everyone’s right to go to work without being pressured into sex, but it’s not a human right to capitalize and make millions on anything without any drawbacks. Garner is complaining about the very same thing that is sustaining her lifestyle and increasing her fortune. You can’t really imagine modern celebrity or Hollywood culture without the paparazzi and magazines, but you can (and should) certainly imagine it without sexual harassment. The latter is more like a parasite on celebrity culture, it doesn’t sustain it.

        If the paps are shouting abuse at her or stalking her more than other celebs because she’s a woman, then that’s not okay. But there’s nothing in this article that indicates that is the case. I’m sure they stalk Ben Affleck too (probably more, since he’s a megastar).

      • kate says:

        It’s shameful to compare Time’up to what Garner is doing. Talented women have had their careers and lives ruined because of the Weinsteins of the industry and you’re comparing Garner, a minimally-talented actress who has sold her private life and dignity, and that of her children to remain famous to them?

  6. PBAN says:

    I don’t know. People who are far more richer than she and Ben and others that have kids manage to get a divorce done and custody issues settled without years in the court. You just bite the bullet and get it done and move on with your life. Ben is in a relationship already. There is no going back. Just do it.

    • Mia4s says:

      I realized the other day that they actually separated before the ten year mark of their marriage. I had to look it up and they married June 2005 and announced they had separated June 2015 (so presumably it happened much earlier). So no presumption of community property. That might be causing some issues. Was there a pre-nup?

      • Georgia says:

        Community property begins accumulating the day you get married. No prenup. My guess like others have said is it’s custody not money that’s the hold up.

  7. Sash says:

    Kind of rich coming from someone who clearly calls the paparazzi.

  8. Thaisajs says:

    My favorite part of this interview was when she was on the farm with her mom and uncle and he was talking about how they ate squirrels or something when they were younger and poor. The look of horror on her face was priceless.

  9. Jenfan says:

    My bet the divorce is stalled over custody issues relating to Ben’s sobriety. They filed for joint custody, clearly that cannot happen until he has proven long term sobriety. In the 15 months since they filed – the first 9 Ben spent rolling out his longtime mistress as a new girlfriend and getting caught buying and drinking liquor- and that is what we know about. So it’s been about 6 months since Ben went to various rehabs. Hopefully he truly is sober. If Jen felt the need to be legally free – she could file for sole custody and would probably get it – but it would make a lot of nastiness public.

    • Natalia says:

      Thank you. The voice of reason.

    • Astrid says:

      I went through a divorce with a raging alcoholic in Michigan. Unless the spouse is an ax murderer, joint custody is pretty much always the case. What changes is the visitation schedule. Spouse only had one day per week and that got cut down to zero visitation until spouse could show sobriety.

    • nina says:

      Let’s say that’s true. It’s more Doormat Jen behavior, waiting around for Ben to sober up and get his act together instead of doing what she should be doing: putting herself and her kids first. His sobriety and the way that it affects his visitation and custody is no longer her problem. It stopped being her problem years ago but she’s STILL covering for him. Maybe if Ben saw that there are actual consequences for his actions he would FINALLY get his act together.

      The fact that she doesn’t have a team of lawyers working around the clock to finalize the divorce so she can be rid of this man is very telling IMO. Her fans seem desperate to prove that she has moved on but the fact remains: she is still clinging to him, still making things easy for him. Who knows if he is sober but it doesn’t seem to matter anyway as Jen will continue to enable him.

      • gigi says:

        Jen’s enabling behavior is limitless. It’s no wonder that Ben has never totally sobered up and straightened himself out. Why should he? What real incentive does he have to do that? Jen will still let him see the kids, she’ll just provide a nanny to tag along. It never mattered when he cheated on her because she always took him back. Didn’t even matter when it was a full-blown affair instead of a fling, she still took him back. In the end, he left her for Lindsay. If it’s true that his sobriety is holding up the divorce because Jen won’t pull the trigger and draw a line in the sand, then that says more about her reluctance to divorce him than it says about any other aspect. Why is she still protecting him? After all that he’s done, there are still no real consequences. Terrible message to teach your kids, especially the daughters. Hopefully they don’t pick partners who treat them this way.

    • julia says:

      No. As others have pointed out, a little thing called bifurcation exists for couples who cannot agree on all terms.

  10. hannah says:

    Well, she has been in the Hamptons for several days and hasn’t been papped once, so the whole “if we moved to Timbuktu the paps would find us” is inaccurate. You want them to stop following you? Stop calling them. Stop using your kids for pap strolls and IG likes. You can’t promote yourself and your Mommy brand on social media and then act hurt because it generates interest in the family and the paps take the pics. She encourages the attention and used her former status as Mrs. Affleck to generate press for years so spare me the tears.

  11. SJhere says:

    Hey, I know plenty of people who were so poor as kids that the hunted squirrels, rabbits, anything edible and fishing was fun but also needed to feed the family. My Dads entire family (13 kids raised on the family farm) all hunted and fished to eat. If she is gonna be embarrassed by working to keep kids fed, she can kiss my family’s poverty filled childhood all damn day.

    I dislike her the longer she hangs onto being Mrs. Affleck…weeping Jaysus on a cross Lady.
    He is no prize! Cheater, gambler, drunk, rubs your face in it by having it off with the Nanny, WTF are you acting as if he is worth keeping for? She had her share of romances before Ben…get your Adult mind to formalize the divorce and stop all the Ben defending you do.

    Btw, how much money do these celebs truly need? Work out the divorce, custody, get on with it! And her kids will still have Millions for their future.

    All these celebs and their Mommy/Lifestyle businesses are earning big money, getting old to me.

    • Mira belle says:

      @SJhere Word! I agree with what you say 100%. And re: food. My prized 1960’s(?) era Joy of Cooking (a US-based “classic” cook book, especially the older editions, imho) has recipes for squirrel and every animal you mentioned. I didn’t grow up eating those foods but you can bet it opened my eyes. And I read those recipes because you never know, you might need them.

  12. ashley says:

    It is entirely possible to get a partial divorce settlement if a couple is unable to reach a timely agreement on all issues (namely, custody and financials). It is called bifurcation. Paltrow filed for it bc Chris Martin was dragging his feet. So the excuse that Ben’s sobriety or whatever is holding things up is bunk.

    I believe that Jen will never finalize this divorce as it seems she is content being an Affleck sister-wife with Lindsay. You’d think Jen would want to be rid of him considering all that he has done to her but clearly not. She gets more press out of being the Wife Who Was Wronged But Is Being Strong For The Kids than she has ever received from her “acting career.”

  13. martha says:

    She always finds a way to work her marriage, divorce, and Ben Affleck into interviews, “modern family” this and “we’re great friends” that. She could have given this interview about her projects without alluding to her private life. You want the tabloids to stop talking about it? You first.

    • JoJo says:

      Perfectly said.

      • Carolnr says:

        I am confused….i watched the interview last night on CBS & the segment with Martha Stewart. Ben Affleck’s name was not even mentioned in either one! She said “we went to see Hello Dolly, ( meaning she & her children , even though Ben went with them). Viewers called in on Martha segment & did ask her questions about her children relating to her garden , cooking, etc. She did not even say Ben was with their children in NYwhile she was in NY., also.

  14. Patty says:

    Pretty much every actress who complains about the paps does three things: 1. They frequent places where they know paps always are 2. They (or their people) actively call the paps 3. They are always schilling something (brand, lifestyle, new venture) and they invite the paps in when they want free publicity but then want them to go away. Case in point, Garner was showing off her family farm and inviting people into her life to sell something. I cannot.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Check out her IG. She is full on segwaying into a lifestyle site/second career.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I can’t either. I can’t think of a celebrity who pap strolls with their children as much as she does. It belies her Earth Mama image because it isn’t very healthy for children to live their lives on a first name basis with paps.

  15. bethenny says:

    Waaah, cry me a river. This from someone who used her marriage to a superstar and their kids to generate good press for herself for 10 years, and who for the past 3 has been using her divorce and “co-parenting” situation to increase her status. She had no problem selling a fake Happy Family image for those farmers market pap strolls. She’s just mad that we all know her business and how lousy it all really was behind the scenes. Is she living a truth yet or is it all still a lie? As long as she’s legally married to Affleck I will never believe that she has moved on. According to Lainey, she will never, ever divorce him no matter what.

    Ashley, LOL at sister-wives because that is accurate. Ben has made a chump of both LS and Jen. He’s got a wife who wipes his ass and the girlfriend to have fun with. He’s getting to have his cake and eat it, too. Men should take pointers from this pro.

  16. Meggles says:

    Stop. Calling. Them.

    It’s no one else’s fault your career and fame is based on being Ms Super Relatable Soccer Mom at the Farmer’s Market and not actual acting roles.

  17. The Original G says:

    EVERYTHING that we know about Jen Garner has been created/ promoted by her for the purpose producing Jen Garner the entertainment/promotional commodity. That’s who we know. The product.

    She uses her children and Ben’s problems to maintain her image as saintly Mommy-wife because it’s been a reliable earner of endorsement deal $$$$.

  18. kay says:

    Garner and Affleck have enough money between them to hire a bunch of lawyers and hammer out the details. Division of assets is prob not the reason it isn’t finalized after all these years. Someone is reluctant and I highly doubt it’s Ben. He went scorched Earth when he went public with Lindsay. There is no way for Jen to take him back without losing a galactic amount of face and he knows it. If it’s custody as related to his sobriety then Jen is a fool and an enabler.

  19. julia says:

    Her IG is all about being a Mommy and working out. If that’s going to continue to be her game, she needs to stop complaining and faking crying over the paps hounding her and the kids. She has the money to move into a gated community where the paps can’t camp out on the streets. Hundreds of celebrity parents much more relevant than her manage to live under the radar in LA. Don’t pretend like it’s not possible. Despite her tears and protestations she enjoys the attention.

    Her little events are sad to me. When you’re in the celeb-infested Hamptons and the best you can get to show up are Molly Sims (what does she even do?) and Rachel Zoe, you’re in trouble.

  20. brenda says:

    Tired of her victim routine and perpetual complaining. Looks like others are, too.

  21. Dora says:

    I like her posts in IG they are funny. I prefer to watch them than watching TV. I like also the photos of her babies, dogs, chickens, plants etc. As for the divorce is a good source of gossip and we enjoy it.

  22. Other Renee says:

    So let’s say that a family like theirs wants to go out and do normal things in Los Angeles like go to a pumpkin patch or the Farmers Market. And paps are either hanging out there or following them. Is that the family’s fault? I mean, they can’t be prisoners inside their own homes.

    • The Original G says:

      So let’s say that a family like theirs goes out and do normal things in Los Angeles like go to a pumpkin patch or the Farmers Market all the time. How do they do it? They don’t call the paps and pose.

      The paps aren’t either hanging out there or following them. The paps are being called so that this particular mother can promote her mothering so that she can promote her lame B movies and credit card/soap commercials. If you want to know why this is happening to her and not more relavant and notable actresses, ask yourself who is getting the benefit? Jen’s bank account.

      • Other Renee says:

        Original G, you have a point. I picked the Farmers Market off the top of my head because they’ve been papped there. I personally have never seen a pap there in the many times I’ve been there. 🙂

      • The Original G says:

        I’ve got no problem with this, except for the exposure of the kids. JMHO, I think ALL kids should be off limits to paps and tab/gossip discussion.

  23. tara says:

    She was back on Good Morning America today once again talking about her kids. I was put off by her comments regarding jarred baby food. More sanctimommy nonsense. Her new OUAF products have preservatives, too. They have to, to be shelf-stable. Twit.