Does Sharon Osbourne Want to Pick A Fight?

Sharon Osbourne seems to have disappeared lately, going to the United Kingdom to host X-Factor, an talent quest with Dannii Minogue and Mr Idol himself Simon Cowell. In case you aren’t familiar with the format, as far as I can tell it’s identical to American Idol.

The new season of X-Factor started recently and Sharon has been doing some interviews to support it, in whch she tries her best to take the bitch crown from Simon Cowell’s head.

‘I do dislike Madonna,’ Sharon tells the Daily Mirror.

‘She annoys me. I’ve met her a few times and found her very cold and very rude.

‘She’s annoyed me for years…way before all the “buying a baby” thing.’

Now Magazine

Not only does she dislike Madonna, she doesn’t seem too impressed with Courtney Love either.

“I will never have time for Courtney Love. She was the first person to give my son Jack the prescription drug OxyContin. There’s not a shadow of doubt in my mind about that. My dislike towards her is very personal.

“I’m not saying Jack wouldn’t have taken it if she hadn’t given it to him, but I’m appalled that an adult mother would give that to a 15-year-old boy. How could she do that to someone else’s child? I haven’t had a row with her, but I will never talk to her.”

Monsters and Critics

I guess she doesn’t want to risk her Mum-of-the-Year crown by admitting she forgot to teach her son to say no to drugs. I’m kidding here, even great parents have kids that go off the rails. Sharon does seem to love her kids and keep them close, which is lucky as she’s feuding with everyone else in her family it seems. In this interview, she admits a period of not talking to her dad, and not speaking to her maternal side of the family. The interview was given in response to her brother David Arden’s claims that she hates Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue, which Sharon denies. Her brother also claims she chose a different grave for her father than the one he requested.

“My brother said dad wanted to be buried in a churchyard in Surrey with my mum. But although he came back into my life in 2002 when Alzheimer’s had started to take hold, he never once told me that.

“Dad was a Jew and his sister, nephew and girlfriend all insisted he wanted to be buried in a Jewish cemetery in his hometown. So who was I to believe – my brother or three other people?

“The reason I didn’t go to his funeral was because I couldn’t bear to have one side of the family staring daggers at the other over his coffin.

“I couldn’t win. Instead I paid for it all and stayed away. I’ll be there for the head stone laying ceremony in November.

“But I’ll never visit my mum’s grave. I’d be the world’s biggest hypocrite if I did because I didn’t like her and didn’t communicate with her.”

Daily Mail

Sharon does seem capable of picking a fight with anyone, and is definitely not talking to her brother right now. Then again, if husband Ozzy Osbourne is as vague as he comes across on The Osbournes, there would be no satisfaction in fighting with him.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Sharon Osbourne is shown on 9/10 outside the Ivy. Thanks to WENN for the photo.

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