Melania Trump briefly appeared terrified while meeting Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet in Finland

I Don’t Care, Do U Care About Melania Trump? At this point, she shown us who she is and what she believes. She doesn’t care about any of this. Now, that doesn’t mean she actually likes or respects her husband. Not at all. Melania’s life is a living hell, and one she made for herself. She hates her husband. She loathes the White House. She can’t stand doing any kind of First Lady work. And she doesn’t even bother to hide her sheer terror when meeting Vladimir Putin, the man who owns her husband’s ass. Watch this video, which has been making the rounds this week. Just watch Melania’s face after the handshake.

Here it is in close-up:

Is it terror? Is it a look of “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S REALLY DOING THIS”? It’s like that record-scratch moment and we hear Melania’s inner monologue: “That’s the very moment when I realized that my husband was going to end up in jail, and I would be joining him there.”

At the Treason Summit, Putin also tossed a soccer ball to Trump, who then tossed it to Melania. Everyone’s like “gotta check that soccer ball for surveillance devices, hahaha.” It’s funny because those people actually believe that Putin hasn’t already installed surveillance devices in the Oval Office and West Wing.

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Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Christin says:

    She passed that ball to someone else quickly. It may have been filled with rubles.

    Her fear should be her immigration status, if all things were fair and just.

    • Jan90067 says:

      “I don’t really care….do you?”

      Nope…hope you get thrown in jail…no makeup, no designer clothes, no wigs, no money… oh, yes, and your chain immigrant parents get deported, too.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I’d rather it was filled with Novichok.

      • Jaded says:

        I was just going to say that. They’d better be bringing food testers with them from now on.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Her fear is because she is wondering if anyone is buying she is meeting him for the first time. She has known him for decades. She is such a liar and a phony.

    • EveWasFramed says:

      A commenter on another site referred to her as “Mrs. Waterford” and I have to say, that is the PERFECT nickname for her. Supportive of oppressive politics until it directly affects her.

  2. Laughysaphy says:

    Was that terror? Or is that just how her frozen cat face looks when she’s trying to figure out what camera to look at?

    • Kitten says:

      LOL ding ding ding!
      We have a winner.

      Honestly, I feel nothing for this woman.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Not a thing. She is complicit. I only have sympathy for Barron

      • lucy2 says:

        Same here. I have not one iota of sympathy for her. If I ever did (I didn’t really) her “I don’t care” jacket was the end of it. I hope she goes down with her slug of a husband.

    • tealily says:

      Ha! I was going to say the exact same thing with less colorful language. I think she’s looking for the cameras.

    • elle says:

      …or when the alien cat lizard is about to break out of the Melania crust.

    • Nikki says:

      I believe you hit the nail on the head.

    • MrsPanda says:

      Yes! she’s just got frozen cat eyes and she was trying to ”find her light” for the camera. No terror noted. She also drops between expressions extremely quickly, it’s very strange (she goes from smiling to neutral/angry incredibly quickly). Remember the famous face-drop she pulled at Trump’s inauguration also. I believe it’s a design flaw in the Fembot Model 1970.

      • nicole says:

        I have to say, I think she is dull as dishwater, no personality what so ever, shes like a robot, so stiff, I would say she is boring to be around.

      • BooRadley says:

        “She also drops between expressions extremely quickly, it’s very strange (she goes from smiling to neutral/angry incredibly quickly)… I believe it’s a design flaw in the Fembot Model 1970″
        Greatest description of her I’ve ever seen.
        An ugly on the inside person

    • Ama says:

      No terror. I see is as Laughysaphy does: she tries to summon her two braincells and tries to put on a “sexy cat face”… she has zero going for her, not even a decency to “think” what to put on before visisting refugee children.

  3. grabbyhands says:

    I don’t understand the lengths people seem to want to go to to make her an unwilling victim in this whole mess.

    I sincerely doubt she was terrified. She may not like the actual work of being a First Lady and she may not like her husband, but the rest of it suits her just fine. She likes the money and the perks and playing dress up like she was important.

    • Minnfinn says:

      +1 I think they live separate lives other than a few contracted appearances. She gets a bonus if she stays with him til election night 2020.

      She looked upset for just a second when all 5 posed for the photo. Imo the reason was Putin aggressively staring at her while shaking hand. I believe Putin wants to jump her bones and let her know that with aggressive eye contact.

  4. Gine says:

    Possibly terror, possibly it just hurts her face too much to make any expression for too long.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Empty expression, empty head.

      • Anika says:

        I don’t see terror there, either, just a big vacancy sign. She’s not nice (will never forgive her for I Don’t Care) she’s not intelligent, and she’s completely self absorbed. I wish she HAD shown a moment’s fear and premonition of her own downfall, but she is not bright or outwardly attuned enough for that.

  5. Indiana Joanna says:

    I guess by Melania’s standard of spa appointments, pilates personal training sessions and gliding into and out of limos to take her son to school this must be a nightmare.

    I don’t care about her, she’s totally worthless because she can’t even bother to greet people unless they initiate the gesture and she’s sucking up millions from the tax payers.

    Melania, resign! Your botox is making some people think you are scared when you are just a robot.

    BTW, has anyone seen Tracy Ullman’s take on Melania? It’s hilarious.

  6. perplexed says:

    Doesn’t she always look like that? That video was underwhelming. I was hoping for more. She looks like that when she’s with her husband (who she hates) and her son (who she loves).

  7. Tate says:

    I saw the video clip yesterday. And for a second after shaking his hand, she did look terrified. I have not one ounce of sympathy for her.

    • Swack says:

      I saw a smirk not terror. People are trying to make her the “normal” one as there was an article about how she knew all the proper things to do while at the summits.

  8. Always Lurking says:

    Maybe she was just having the hots for Vlad?

  9. Cay says:

    Does it seem odd to anyone else that her home country of Slovenia is both an EU and a NATO member? Maybe Trump has something against the EU and NATO because of Melania.

  10. Brandy Alexander says:

    Meh. She was terrified that she wasn’t standing in the correct spot. That’s all it was. She knew her idiot husband would be screaming at her later.

  11. Natalia says:

    Significance of the prominent butterfly?

  12. Tiffany says:

    NOPE !!!

    That was the look of someone who was looking to go back to their default duck lip pose for the cameras.

    Smiling creates lines on the face.

  13. Nicegirl says:

    She’s not smart enough to be terrified, though obviously she should be shaking i her expensive boots. You’d think she’d be afraid of prison by now

    • Capepopsie says:

      You can say many things about Melania, But stupid is NOT one of them!
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Please don’t blame her for What HE does!

      • Nicegirl says:

        Sorry but I am not the one. I think she too is COMPLICIT.

      • Ba says:


        I don’t have EVEN THE TINNIEST amount of sympathy, empathy or compassion for Melania.

        Never had any, but if I would have had any, it would have all ended with that heartless message on her jacket, visiting innocent children jailed by her UNHINGED BIGOTED NAZI husband.

        She was living with the ORANGE DOTARD for 5 years before marriage, Melania was I think about 35 years old when they got married, so she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.

        Melania wanted an easy life and being a trophy wife to a somewhat wealthy old man was it.

        She has to sleep in a bed she made for herself.

        I only feel sorry for the American people that are somehow unable or unwilling to send a very strong message to this sham of a DumpTruck administration with massive daily demonstrations and generals strikes that they had ENOUGH of this B.S.

        And, Barron, because he is just a kid.

      • Capepopsie says:

        @nicegirl I am not trying to start a fight, But She wasn’t the one to run for office.
        @ba you are probably right. I too feel for Baron! It just annoys me to No end when women get blamed for things their husbands do! This is happening with her all the time!
        If She deserves being blamed for something, fine! But let it at least be for something SHE did. Enough said 🤭

      • Electric Tuba says:

        Naw. She’s stupid. She willingly married a man who already showed NYC for years that he was racist, tied up with the leg of the American mafia who deals with tri state real estate, and was already known to have participated in illegal business practices the world over. She saw what he was up to and married him anyway. BECAUSE MONEY
        You sleep with Russian dogs then you end up with Russian flees threatening your life and your family. That’s how the mafia has literally always worked. Wtf *cut to black. Play Journeys Don’t Stop Believing cause this is how that thing works in mob land*

      • Original T.C. says:

        “If She deserves being blamed for something, fine! But let it at least be for something SHE did.”
        She does get blamed for what you does but her defenders (#whitefemalefragility) simply ignore it and make strawman arguments that no one is saying. She supported Trump doing the campaign coming to his aid during Grab them by the P-gate, she gave interim support of him and is always there to come out and put a happy face on his White supramcy and sexism. I’m just LOLing with tears that people bend over backwards for the spouse of a neonazi. I’m sure Hitler’s girlfriend was also completely innocent from being complicit and just a woman in love.

      • NicoleinSavannah,GA says:

        Uh, yeah. She gets the blame for lots, hence the word COMPLICIT. She literally called his atrocious behavior locker room talk. Give me a break. This woman is responsible for all she has done or sat back and watched happen. She gives no f*cks about anyone else. She made the decisions that have gotten herself into these things.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Before he was elected, she was on TV promoting the “birther” conspiracy against Obama and demanding to see his birth certificate. If she actually believed what she was saying, she is an idiot like her husband. If she didn’t believe what she was saying, then she was telling lies to enrich her family.

        She is being judged on her own actions, not her husbands.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She’s unlikeable all on her own.

  14. SJhere says:

    Zero sympathy from me.
    The only good quality I see in her is that she appears to love her son deeply.
    Who is considered the most reliable newscaster these days? i.e. Cronkite back in the day.
    It would be great if Melania would contact a major, still credible newscaster and give an exclusive interview in which she states how much of a true idiot/crook Trump actually is, then throws divorce papers on the floor, yells “I QUIT!” mic drop.
    Naturally, the Secret Service would need to burst into applause and begin chanting “Mel, Mel, Mel” Of course Trump would automatically start talking about what “huge, bigly ratings because It’s all about him.”

    Blech to everyone involved in this hot mess of a Trump POTUS!
    I plan to vote Dem straight across the ticket even if the Dems run an actual doggie for office. Doggies are smarter and more honest than Trump an his group of crooks.
    (Nixon should come back from the grave an insist on an apology. Watergate was dirty politics but it was mostly infighting and ass covering. At least compared to Trumps destroying the entire country on a daily basis.)

    Sorry for the rant. People stop giving Melania sympathy! She KNEW exactly what she was marrying into.

  15. Electric Tuba says:

    That wasnt the first time any of these evil whores met though. She met him before. He met him before. I hope they all rot in hell.
    Anyway good morning! That’s how I say good morning now in Trumpistanlandia, the former home of America.

  16. vegasschmegas says:

    I don’t think she was terrified…………I think she was looking to make sure the camera was capturing her “good side”. Trumps only worry about how they look on camera. And ratings. And money.

  17. SamC says:

    I’m guessing she could also understand some of what Putin and his aides were saying.

  18. adastraperaspera says:

    Melania has most likely already met Putin at oligarch dachas. Is she frightened? Probably so. She knows the Russian mob employs them all, including Putin. She is following a script she was given. Melania knows she cannot screw up, or they will kill her family.

    • Andrea says:

      This is exactly what i was thinking.

    • babypeanut says:

      I think anyone who comes from her part of the world would be a fool not to fear Putin. I wouldn’t be surprised if her parents are terrified of him, which would add to her own fear.

      • žuža says:

        Oh come on. Sevnica (Melania’s home town) is approx. 2300 kms to the southwest of Moscow. Slovenia is (borderline) in the Balkans, and was never a part of or near the russian federation. Or do you mean the whole of Eurasia when you say “that part of the world”?

      • Esmerelda says:

        But she grew up in Yugoslavia… a totalitarian state with secret police, a proto communist setup and a dictator. I think Melania knows exactly what she should be scared of… and it’s not a civilized American jail.

      • ASHBY says:

        @ babypeanut and zuza : I’m from Slovenia, which used to be part of Yugoslavia and I grew up behind the Iron Curtain, which was ruled by the communist crazed Soviet Union. Many of us have severe emotional scars from that part of the world.
        I’ve seen many Soviet soldiers on the streets, tanks and weapons. There was no freedom of speech, of assembly or religion. Hard to explain to Americans. Many people who spoke out against the Soviet Union’s rule in Eastern Europe during the time Soviet imposed rule were arrested, tortured, killed or sent to labor camps. My uncle a professor of physics was shipped to Siberia and executed for speaking out against human rights abuses by KGB, Putin was a Major in the KGB in those days, a well known psychopathic killer.

      • ASHBY says:

        @ BABYPEANUT

        Exactly, I’m from Eastern Europe.
        There is a very good reason why so many have escaped from Eastern Europe to the West and risked their life along the way.
        Soviet Union in those days of cold war ruled : Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia all the former Soviet Union countries : Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Latvia…..
        I can’t describe the awful communist system, the human rights abuses, the violence and cruelty of the KGB.
        And guess who was a high ranking member of the KGB, PUTIN.

      • Lisbon says:

        @ ZUZA

        Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia before that horrific war, just like Serbia, Croatia…
        Yugoslavia was behind the IRON CURTAIN, ruled by the Soviet Union, the secret police in the Soviet Union was the KGB, Putin worked for the KGB.
        KGB had a heavy presence in the satellite countries like East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia…besides the Soviet soldiers on the ground to keep people in check, of course in 1989 it all fell a part. They were very feared, known for torture. Melania is 48, so she was raised in the communist, Soviet imposed system. She remembers what it was like and so do her parents.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        She looked like she was about to cry – Putin is a far bigger and scarier monster than the orange stain. I don’t think it’s all to do with whatever Putin has on Trump (his business and the family) and also a lot to do with the fact that Putin hero worships people like Putin and treats them with awe and fear.

      • magnoliarose says:

        MT knows who Putin is and has met him before. She was in deep with the Russian oligarchs so her fear is knowing what he is capable of.
        Interesting thread.

      • Lena says:

        If you are from that part of the world, then you should know that Tito split with Stalin in 1948 and that, even though the relations between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union were rebuilt during Khrushchev, Yugoslavia never again was a truly communist country. It was “socialist, but independent”, and Tito successfully balanced between the east and the west. True, it was a one-party country, but It was nothing like East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania… Yugoslavia was a prosperous country that managed to have the best of the both worlds – universal health care, free education on all levels, minimum unemployment, freedom from religion freedom to travel… Yugoslavian passport at the time was one of the most valuable in the world. And Slovenia was the most developed part of it.

    • JRenee says:


      • Barcelona says:


        Yes, Tito did split from Stalin in 1948 and yes they did rebuild the relationship between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union during the Krushchev years and it was because Yugoslavia was basically forced to do so.

        Yugoslavia was a communist country, but the level of communism/socialism varied a bit from Eastern European Country to Eastern European Country and even within the countries, for example in Hungary under Janos Kadar, the Soviets allowed small free enterprise, small businesses, many people from Slovakia would go shopping for jeans to Hungary and other things that were not allowed in Czechoslovakia.
        Speaking of Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (even though they had Communism), they were a well to do country, especially the Czech part, very industrialized, good infrastructure, but they had a very strong communist system in place, mainly, because their borders are with Germany and Austria.
        Slovakia which used to be part of Czechoslovakia was more agricultural – poorer.
        Poland had mass General Strikes, because they had severe economic hardships that Czechoslovakia didn’t have.
        Many Soviet officer asked to be stationed in Czechoslovakia, because the economy was certainly better than some Eastern European countries.
        The brutal dictator Nicolau Ceausescu in Romania, destroyed their economy.
        East Germany was badly psychologically damaged, because many families were literally split between East and West Germany by the WALL.

        Let me tell you how universal health care worked : you got good care, if you massaged the doctor’s and nurses’s hands with some money, very nice bottle of alcohol, good quality chocolate and coffee.

        Free education we used to call brainwashing, it included a daily dose of a lot of communist propaganda and a lot of trashing of the evil West.

        There was no unemployment, because you had to work, if you didn’t you went to jail, there were no homeless people on the street, the communist government took care of that.

        It’s true that Yugoslavia had more travel freedom than any other country in Eastern Europe, big advantage for sure.

        Religion was a difficult issue in Yugoslavia, yes, there was some level of freedom in regards to religion, but the war in Yugoslavia had a lot to do with the bubbling religious issues going on during communism Big subject to discuss on this site.

        Sorry, but the Yugoslavian passport was never ever one of the most valuable in the world.

        I didn’t know one single human being from Eastern Europe that were escaping to Yugoslavia, but I know many that risked their lives to go to the West.

  19. themummy says:

    Wow. She did look terrified and like she lost her “public mask” for a few seconds. I think she was overwhelmed and stressed right then and it showed. I have watched that video a few times but didn’t even catch that until now. I have ZERO sympathy for her, but I do think that was a look of terror, which would be understandable if she knows certain things and feels forced and threatened, which she very well may. She made her bed and I don’t feel bad for her at all, but I actually do think that look was extremely telling. I don’t know exactly what it told, but it was telling something. And you could see her take sort of a weird deep breath at the end of that look. As a person with panic disorder, I recognize that kind of breath–it means, “Ok, breathe. I can breathe. It’s ok.” (Yeah, I know her semi-frozen cat face could have just done that look as its default look or something, but I actually don’t think so. I think these couple of seconds are meaningful.)

    • babypeanut says:

      I agree her fear is real, but I’m not convinced it’s because of what Putin holds over the Trumps – I think it’s Putin himself. People in that part of the world know what this man, and people like him, are capable of. Trump surrounds himself with filthy, amoral thieves, but nobody with this amount of power, ability to murder people, and a history of reaching into far away countries to snuff out lives. At this point, Putin is untouchable and unstoppable.

      Jonathan Lemire spoke of how unsettling it was to ask Putin a question in Helsinki, and how Putin stared him down like the psychopath he is. Anyone who’s remotely intelligent knows what this man is capable of, and what havoc he has wreaked.

      • themummy says:

        You make excellent points.

        Putin does seems very quietly unsettling, like there’s real psychopathy under that calm exterior. I can imagine that Lemire is quite right. Putin does have that intimidating, menacing stare he gives people.

        So many possibilities, I suppose, but I think you’re right.

      • Bailie says:

        @babypeanut :

        I grew up in Prague, in the former Czechoslovakia, under the boot of the Soviet Union and I escaped to Austria at age 18. Lived in a refugee camp for two weeks, got a job, learned the language and applied to immigrate to Canada.
        I’m 48 years old now, happily living in Canada in freedom for 30 years.
        Putin was a KGB major during the rule of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe and was very much feared and well known.
        KGB members were well know psychopathic killers, trained to torture anybody who had the guts to speak out against communism and the Soviet oppression.
        I’ve seen way too much horror by the age of 18 and was willing to risk my life to escape that Soviet manufactured hell on earth.
        I could have not imagined that one day an American President would be buddy-buddy with Putin, STUNNING.
        I got no sympathy for Melania, she knew who she was marrying, but I understand her fear of Putin.
        Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia when she was growing up and was also under the cruel rule of the Russians.

      • Original T.C. says:

        All true about Putin.Yet she’s happy to cash Putin’s mobsters give her husband.For years. Blood money.

    • CuriousCole says:

      TheMummy – she did look terrified, you can even see her hands shaking! While I don’t feel any sympathy for her, I really doubt she knew when she first signed with Trump that her fate would be linked to Putin like this.

  20. Shannon says:

    I don’t like her or feel sorry for her one bit at this point. But I’m honestly curious – do y’all think she’s done anything to go to jail for? I get the feeling she keeps her distance from all of this as much as possible, from the entire administration, so I’d think she’d be clear of any charges. I’d be surprised if she even had anything to help Mueller, it seems like she and Donald have been living separate lives for years.

    • babypeanut says:

      I don’t know that anyone speaks openly in front of her. I doubt the family includes her in their little Putin games, as they seem to treat her like a moron.

    • jwoolman says:

      I don’t think Melania has anything to worry about from Mueller. Trump has made it clear that he thinks his wives are just to raise the children and be arm candy for him. I doubt that she has anything to do with his criminal activities.

      She might be asked if she’s willing to be interviewed or to testify, but she can say “no” because she’s his wife. But Donald may not have thought about the fact that she can say “yes” if she wants.

      The sins people here keep throwing at her are not criminal, even if you believe she goes along with such nonsense without coercion from her violent malignant narcissist of a husband.

  21. Beth says:

    That’s nothing compared to the terrified look I had on my face while I watched and listened to Traitor Trump throw the US under the bus by siding with Putin.
    Absolutely no sympathy for Melania

  22. WyoGirl says:

    You marry for money, you wind up paying for it.

  23. ZigZags says:

    Did you notice the expression on the face of Finland’s president? It was a classic “WTF have I gotten myself into the middle of with these two individuals? Will we come out alive?”

  24. Pandy says:

    I don’t see terror at all. Just her usual how quickly can we get this over with face.

  25. Anilla says:

    That ball toss to her was so rude and ungentlemanly. Shock, I know.
    I can’t quite figure this woman out, either her stylists are trolling her or her own choice of lots of yellow on this trip is definitely pointed.

    • That outfit is so unflattering. The color reminds me of the goldenrod yellow so popular in kitchen decor back in the 70s. Ulnless she’s just wearing a bulletproof vest underneath it, the bulk of it adds about 15 pounds to her frame. And to top it off that butterfly on the unnecessarily thick belt? Hideous.

  26. Tessa Squire says:

    I know all evidence points to her complicity and maybe I’m just a soft mug, but I can’t shake the feeling She’s doing it because she feels Baron is threatened.

    • babypeanut says:

      I wouldn’t put anything past Putin, so it’s certainly a possibility.

    • Whatever says:

      The question is WHY would they NEED HER, tho? Threatening a family is lots of work, probably. They would need to get a pay out somehow? But she is decoration, basically. Nah, I think she is just a garbage person who choose money over happiness and morals/integrity in life. And that ‘terrified’ face is her regular face. She really, really-really doesn’t care.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Maybe it is a lot of things? Not just she’s garbage but that Putin also has a dossier on her and her extended family. And maybe too there are threats?

    • Putin and her husband are both a threat to a lot of people’s children. I bet she doesn’t care about them, at least not according to the jacket she wore to a child internment camp. So I have no sympathy for her, or the life she chose.

  27. SympathyRage says:

    The reality is that we have no idea what The Orange Anus is threatening her with, ESPECIALLY given the dubious-at-best history of her immigration. He owns her. He owns her child. I would do absolutely anything and everything to protect my child and maintain proximity and custody. Anything. This giant vat of turd is known to be abusive, so why should his current wife be somehow exempt from that abuse? The rhetoric on this site is pretty upsetting. I lived with domestic violence until I moved out at 18. I usually enjoy the snarky banter here, but this is just crushingly disappointing to read. This woman does not want to be there, and she sure as shit didn’t buy that jacket. That REEKS of Kellyanne Conway.

    • LoveBug says:

      @ SympathyRage :

      Sorry, but none of us know what is happening in their marriage.
      It’s all just speculation on this site and many others.
      She lived with Trump for 5 years before marriage and she is 35 years old when she got married.
      I think she knew what she was marrying into, you should check out their old interview with Larry King.
      Eye opening, she wanted ” a real man “.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I am glad you escaped!

      The thing with Melania is that I believe she is a terrible person. But I also believe she is abused. I believe she married for the wrong reasons and I think she is shady. She behaves with no empathy for others so no one has much for her. There is so much going on with this crew that she is at the bottom of the list of sympathetic people.

    • Please, I’m not going to have sympathy for a woman walking around in outfits that the cost of could buy a house.

      I lived with domestic violence as child as well, and I normally have all sympathy for people in the same situation, like you, and I’m so glad you’re safe. I don’t see this woman as the same.

      This is a nightmare that this woman benefits from. While some mothers are having their newborns snatched from their arms in a foreign country they ran to for asylum, and black mothers fear for the lives of their husbands and sons every single time they leave the house, when people who have spent their lives living as American citizens are being threatened with being sent back to countries they have no memory of and no family in, this one is “worried” about her own? Welcome to the club, Melania, all of our children are threatened, we are all afraid, but we don’t all have the financial and white privilege that protect her and her progeny.

      I can’t.

  28. Barcelona says:

    I would not be surprised one bit, if she was terrified of Putin. After all, she is 48 years old, so she was raised in the former Yugoslavia, which was part of the Iron Curtain of Communist countries that were satellites of the former Soviet Union. Melania lived under the communist regime imposed by Soviet Union onto Yugoslavia. She left her homeland as an adult. I’m sure she remembers seeing the Soviet soldiers around as a kid and an adult.

  29. mimi09 says:

    Eastern European here. I was 6 in 1989 but I vividly remember that fear was a part of our daily life. My country was under Russian occupation until the 1950s. My maternal grandmother had a very narrow escape from gang rape by Russian soldiers. Many other women were not so lucky. Russia was feared as an all powerful enemy by people in communist countries. So yes, I can buy that Melania was terrified. And Putin is definitely a psycho…

    • Original T.C. says:

      Correct. Putin is scary psycho as is the US Mob and Russian Oligarchs. Which is why I’m pretty sure you didn’t marry a man who gets funding from all three. Nor I’m sure did you bring an innocent child into your deal with the Devil for pretty dresses, jewelry and never having to get a job for the remainder of your adult life.

      We are all aware of the power the KGB and Putin have that is why we don’t want to wake up with our country sold to Putin. As long as she continues to get paid Melania wouldn’t care two F’s about us.

  30. Gabbygirl2 says:

    Melania is a liar 🤥 = she had a college degree, she speaks 5 languages = when overseas, she was asked basic questions in French and couldn’t answer. She is a fraud = to plagiarism of Michelle Oboma and Jack Kennedy’s speeches. Illegal immigration to US, claimed to be a model that no one in the fashion industry ever heard of. And let’s not mention that infamous jacket incident. She publicly supported the birther conspiracy as well as his immigration policies. She is nothing but a Euro trash whore who is complicit with her husband as long as he pays her way.

  31. coffeeisgood says:

    Reminds me so much of Serena Joy

  32. why? says:

    Melania showed us who she was when she helped facilitate her husband’s birther nonsense. She showed us who she was when she responded to the Parkland’s kid’s pleas(republican senators were bullying the kids) for help by leaking stories about how miserable she is in the WH. She showed us who she was when she said that her husband’s accusers shouldn’t be believed because they hadn’t been vetted by a court. She showed us who she was when she tried to pass of Michelle’s speech as something that she wrote and came up on her own. Melania isn’t miserable in the WH, just look at how she parades before the cameras so that the press will write glowing articles about her clothes, shoes, hair, and make-up. How much have her parents and sister profited from her being the president’s wife? Melania can’t stand doing First Lady responsiblities because just like her husband, she only cares about herself. If she can’t profit from it, she doesn’t want anything to do with it.

    Maybe Melania looked terrified because Putin has compromising information on her too.

  33. Lady Medusa says:

    I despise Melania, although I sympathize with her (she’s abused by her husband, and she seems to want to just focus on her son). I think the terror was real; it looked like a visceral reaction. She probably has emotional scars from growing up knowing firsthand what someone like Putin is capable of. Even if she’s complicit, being right in front of Putin himself is probably jarring and creepy.

  34. Littlefishmom says:

    I think she didn’t know where to look, as far as the cameras go. I think she wants to go into hiding so badly, she can taste it. She is going to divorce him and run for the hills, with Barron in tow. It’s soooo over.

  35. Cerys says:

    The DM were trying to portray her as being repulsed by having to shake hands with Putin and said she was the only person to realise how dangerous he really is. I find it hard to believe that any woman who has slept with Trump could be repulsed by another male, even Putin.
    It was a strange reaction but I don’t think she was scared. However her face doesn’t usually move much anyway so it’s hard to tell

  36. JanetDR says:

    My impression is that she was mugging for the camera. It reminded me of the face she made at the orange menace during his bigly inauguration .

  37. JayneBirkenB says:

    Eh, I think the giant wall of photographers and cameras probably made her momentarily break her “blue ice” serious face.