Us Weekly: The Duke & Duchess of Sussex are planning a trip to America

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One of the weirdest little facts about the Duchess of Cambridge is that she had never traveled to America prior to her marriage. I don’t think it would be odd for a random British woman to have never traveled to America, mind you. But Kate traveled a lot while she was William’s girlfriend, but they just went to same old vacation spots, year after year. Mustique, Switzerland, Spain, blah. She went to Peru in her gap year. She spent a few years of her childhood in Jordan. But never America. It wasn’t until their first royal tour, to Canada and the US, that Kate actually stepped foot on American soil.

Well, the Duchess of Sussex IS American, so it makes sense that Meghan and Harry would want to do some kind of royal tour of Meghan’s homeland at some point. According to Us Weekly’s sources, there’s a loose plan for a North American tour next year.

On their first royal tour as a married couple, the newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex set out to greet, well, just about everyone. The duo, says a source in the new issue of Us Weekly, “enjoy every opportunity to interact and spend time with locals.” And though their stay was short — just two days — it ignited their desire to travel. As Harry said in a July 10 speech at the British ambassador’s residence, “We’re so pleased to be here, for our first official international visit… and we hope it will be the first of many!”

He also hopes they happen quickly. Before Harry, 33, and the former Suits star, 36, begin packing for their October tour of Australia and New Zealand, they are already laying the groundwork for another trip in the spring of 2019 — this time, to her native country. “They are so excited to head to the U.S.,” reveals a palace insider, noting it will be their first trip to the States since their May vows. “Meghan is looking forward to introducing Harry to everything she loves about the U.S.”

Her favorites range from coast to coast. Though there is no official itinerary yet, “they are thinking New York, Washington, D.C., and California,” says the insider. “They’re working to finalize locations and venues.” Their goal, however, is set. “Meghan and Harry want to solidify ties between the U.K. and the U.S.,” continues the source. “They want to highlight and foster these relationships.” And applaud the country’s innovators. During a stay in San Francisco, says the insider, “they will meet with CEOs and female tech entrepreneurs to encourage their involvement in the industry.”

They’re open to possibilities, too. Other potential stops include visits to Chicago’s Obama Foundation — “President and Mrs. Obama have been stalwart supporters,” says the insider — as well as Canada. Adds the insider, “The Canadian Foreign Office has heard about the tour and would love to have them stop there. This may very well become a North American tour.”

But first, Meghan will make the journey solo. “She’s planning a personal, unofficial trip this summer to see family and friends,” reveals another source. “She’ll go to New York, then L.A.” She’s getting it all in before her next role, as a mother. Says a confidant, “Expect to hear the pitter-patter of a little prince or princess in 2019.”

[From Us Weekly]

I suspect – as some of the trips have been confirmed after the fact – that Meghan goes home to LA on a somewhat regular basis. Like, maybe every three months or so, she flies to LA for a three-day weekend to see her mom. That’s where she grew up, and I would think that if they travel to LA, it will be less about glitz and glamorous Hollywood and more about Meghan showing Harry her town. As for the loose plans to travel to Chicago or Washington or wherever… I mean, it’s fine. But Meghan and Harry also know that if they tour America, they’ll be required to at least appear with someone from the Trump administration. Maybe not Trump himself, but Melania or Mother’s Husband. So they’ll wait to see how everything shakes out.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attend the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception at Marlborough House in London

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attend the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception at Marlborough House in London

Cover courtesy of Us Weekly, additional photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and WENN.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    Hmm, this is all so very convenient with you think of all the drama of Daddy Dearest esp when he spends a lot of time in LA (was papped there yesterday). Wonder if it really is Scammy planting these stories to she and Daddy can keep the pap money rolling in? It would not surprise me.

    Normally royal tours are first announced (or even rumoured) via the Royal press pack, which makes me suspicious.

  2. Betsy says:

    Ew, don’t do DC until the trumptravesty is ended, you guys! Lots of history, great city, the National Building Museum isn’t to be missed (shameless plug for my old museum!) but no one wants Orange Toilet to get that win!

    • GreenTurtle says:

      If they wait till after the reign of Trumptravesty, maybe they’d have a toddler by then, which would be perfect for visiting the building museum. Great place for kiddos. Ah yes, it’s all coming together 😌

      • Betsy says:

        Oh my god, it would gladden my heart to see their child playing where I spent so many hours!

  3. Naptime says:

    I saw reported elsewhere that she’s planning a non official solo trip soon. It’s all bogus

  4. RBC says:

    I can just see the photos now. 45’s big cheesy grin and trying to be top alpha, by greeting Harry with a over the top handshake. Melania going into full “supermodel” mode by trying to out dress Meghan . Then both Harry and Meghan trying not to look confused when the VP calls his wife “Mother”
    The SNL writers are so excited

    • Jan90067 says:

      Sadly, I can totally see this 🤢. I sure hope they don’t give the Dumpster Fire and Melanoma the photo op! They should just come as private citizens, official “tour”.

  5. OSTONE says:

    It’s US weekly -which is under new ownership and it’s a sister tabloid to the national enquirer- I don’t think they are coming to the United States in an official visit any time soon.

  6. Pamm says:

    Daily Mail says Meghan is planning a solo tour/trip to the US, but US weekly is saying it’s both of them. Between DM and US weekly, I don’t know which to believe.

  7. Kit says:

    I don’t find it weird that Kate had never visited the US. The world doesn’t revolve around the US, even though some people certainly seem to think so. I have been there due to my job, but there are lots of places I would rather have gone. Like Sri Lanka, or South Africa, or indeed Peru.

    And I’m not sure Harry and Meghan would have to meet Trump? I don’t recall Will & Kate meeting Obama or visiting Washington when they did their tour of North America right after their wedding. They went to LA and did some Bafta engagement I think. They met the Trudeaus in Canada on their second trip. Considering Harry & Meghan are not the regent couple or even next in line, it should be possible to make it less of a state visit and focus on meeting different charitable organizations, cultural events etc.

    • crogirl says:

      I agree. There is nothing weird about Kate not being to America before. What I find weird is the comment.

    • Melania says:

      Media would go crazy for a Meghan and Harry royal tour in US. I can already see all the headlines and covers.

    • Naptime says:

      Maybe weird is the wrong word. But I’m pretty shocked when I meet professional, educted upper middle class people who have never been to London or Paris, so a fancy Brit who has never been to NYC shocks me, too.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The Middleton family doesn’t travel for culture or for learning. They travel for beach and ski vacations only.

      • Kit says:

        But then again, she was only 29 when she actually went to the US (on the tour with her husband). And if she had never become a royal, it’s very likely she would have visited the US at some point in her life. Most people, even upper middle class people, haven’t ticked every box on their travel bucket list before they’re 30.

        Besides, Kate has never struck me as a big city kind of gal. She seems to be most happy at Amner, that kind of country manor lifestyle which is very popular among the British aristocratic set. So I imagine she has preferred traveling to places like Kenya, where William proposed to her. That seems more in tune with her personality.

      • Cate says:

        I’m American but my mother is Irish and I have several Irish cousins who travel a fair bit in Europe and even Africa but have never been to the US to visit us. Even of my cousins who have visited, none have been more than once.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate was papped 3 days a week in London when we were told by the Palace she was living the life of a housewife in Wales (complete with four staff including cook and housekeeper). She isn’t a country girl just like Diana wasn’t.

      • nono says:

        @notsugarhere Don’t lie. She wasn’t papped three days a week in london when she was living in wales. They also never said they had four staff including cook and housekeeper, you pulled that figure out of your head.

        She grew up a countrygirl. She is most comfortable in Norfolk. So i think she is more comfortable in the countryside. But i don’t know for sure but neither do you.

      • perplexed says:

        “But then again, she was only 29 when she actually went to the US (on the tour with her husband). ”

        That’s what I was thinking too. It wasn’t like she was super-old when she first visited the US. If she hadn’t married William, she probably would have gone to the US on her own at the same age.. And when you’re in your twenties, you think you have time before visiting a lot of places. Not everyone knocks NYC and LA off the list by the age of 30. And I think you’re more likely to find Anglophiles among Americans than the other way around. I think Brits may have an inclination towards visiting other places more.

        Also, England is kind of rainy. There could be a reason why some Brits prefer the sun and beach.

      • Enough Already says:

        You don’t know these people. Kate spent several weeks studying and visiting museums in Florence before university. Her mother visited her there.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes she was, shopping and at the salon in London with the infamous hair extensions hairdresser. She grew up in a suburb and spent her time shopping and grooming in London, while staying at the apartment in London. Four staff including cook and housekeeper. Revisionist history doesn’t play here.

      • Addie says:

        Notasugar is correct.
        Kate and William rented a 5-bedder at Anglesey, complete with staff. I read this a while ago. Kate was not often there, nor actually was William. There were a couple of pap shots of Kate set up outside a supermarket in Anglesey but that was about it. William almost got kicked out of the RAF because he didn’t meet minimum flying hours requirements. We don’t know where he was but Kate spent her time in London at the Chelsea apartment or at home with the parents. After uni and before marriage, Kate (and Pips) were known as the ‘It’ girls, going to all sorts of openings, clubs etc. They were everywhere about this. The articles have been taken down now and unfortunately the collection on Royal Gossip of same has also disappeared.

        Kate went where William went so her travel was based on his interests. The Florence trip was part of a gap year I think. Lots of young people travel after uni and pick up odd jobs along the way eg summer camp instructors, bar work etc. But that’s not Kate was about, or Pippa for that matter. They are city girls at heart but go where the money and status takes them.

    • DizzyLizzy says:

      The US are not part of the commonwealth so they would not have been a priority. Also Obama did a State visit early into the Cambridge’s marriage and since then Kate has been busy popping out three new Cambridge’s so there hasn’t been the urgency to get to the US.

      I think someone is stirring up these rumours bc Meghan is an American.

      Sam could also be reporting them to stir up interest in her as her interview value has fallen.

      • MrsBump says:

        I think that a lot of people here overestimate the importance of Commonwealth countries to the British. These counties aren’t necessarily on the top travel destinations for Brits, most travel to mainland Europe for holidays.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Pippa spent time in the US and in New York in particular. The Yorks have. Royals from all over the world and aristocrats. So yes it is different when someone like Kate hasn’t been before. It doesn’t mean everything revolves around the US but she was also an art history student so it leads one to believe she would be more curious to see NYC.
      Not everything is a slam. Some things are just curious details.

      • MrsBump says:

        What’s the link between studying history of art and NYC?
        I understand there are a lot of museums in NYC but those are present all over the major European cities too. I wouldn’t imagine an European would miss all that much by skipping the American museums.

    • notasugarhere says:

      There was a planned tour of Canada not of the US or “North America”. Kate wanted to meet celebs so they tacked on the silly Hollywood trip. The BAFTA event was made up *at that time* to give an excuse for an L.A. trip. There was also a dodgy polo event made up as an excuse. The organizer has since been disappeared from royal connections because of the dodgy nature of how the charity money was handled and where it went.

      • nono says:

        How do you know kate wanted to meet celebs? How do you know bafta event was made up to give a excuse? How do you know polo event was made up to give a excuse?

        You have talked to william and kate? You have talked to bafta? You have talked to kensington palace? You have talked to organizers from that polo event? You know any of them personally?

        You have no idea. I know you hate them but you are always making things up about them without any proof….

      • Lizabeth says:

        I think you are right @Nota that the US part was sort of tacked on. Their visit to LA certainly wasn’t presented in the US as an “official tour.” Maybe we can’t know why they did the BAFTA event. But since then we’ve seen how involved Will has been with BAFTA on UK soil (as in not all that much. And at least one speech was awful — obviously poorly prepared and likely not rehearsed)

      • notasugarhere says:

        The BAFTA event never existed before, was cobbled together, and iirc hasn’t taken place again. And as Lizabeth implies, it isn’t like William has been an avid supporter of BAFTA during his presidency. See the ridiculous meeting with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as part of her celebrity obsession, reports from the Chinese state dinner of her being bored until Jackie Chan showed up. She also cancelled events with everyday people in NYC but managed to show up to cozy up to celebrities at an event during that trip.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @ NOTA, was that NYC event the St Andrews Uni one? Wasn’t that the one that the struggled to get celebs or even paying guests to go to?

    • AnotherDirtyMartini says:

      Agree, Kit. I have a lot of friends in the U.K. & Ireland. With the exception of one, none have been to the US. Most get some travel pkgs to Canary Islands, Turkey, Egypt or visit the European Xmas markets. The ones that DO want to come over all seem to have Florida as their dream destination…and I tell them noooooo! Lol!

      Granted, I’m sure the Middleton’s were always loads wealthier than my set of friends. 😄 Still, there’s so much to see near U.K. & not as long of a flight.

    • Lorelei says:

      I could swear that I read Kate spent some time in NYC one summer, some sort of “internship” with a famous photographer. I don’t remember where I saw it but will try to find a link.

  8. Noodles says:

    I think Brits are generally well travelled due to being a small island nation but there is a big divide in the desire of Brits to go to the US. It doesn’t surprise me that Kate hadn’t been before marriage. Maybe my perspective is skewed but I think there are die hard US fans or those who at least want to experience it but also a larger percentage who don’t have it on their list, for whatever reason. My family, including extended family travel all over but miss that continent entirely.

    • Nic919 says:

      Come to Canada. We don’t have an orange idiot. When it comes to nature type vacations, there are tons of great places to visit, from Banff to BC to the East coast, especially Newfoundland and PEI. We are also very polite. And the currency exchange is favourable to the Euro and pound.

      That’s my Canadian tourism talk for the day.

    • minx says:

      I’m American and I think it’s perfectly understandable that Brits or Europeans would travel to other countries before they ever came to America. No mystery there at all.

  9. Snap Happy says:

    I’m American and dont think it’s weird Kate didn’t come here earlier. They shouldn’t come until Trump is out on an official tour.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Please don’t come here. We are a mess.

  11. Becks1 says:

    I did think it was a little weird that Kate had never been here before, just because she was fairly well-traveled in general. But, I have never been to England, so I can’t find it too weird, ha.

    I like this article because its so all over the place…they’re going to do New York! LA! DC! Chicago! They’re just going to rent a RV and tour the whole country haha. I can see them doing a bigger tour than Will and Kate have done in the US bc Meghan will be more comfortable here.

    I do think she goes home fairly often. Wasn’t she in LA for Easter, and no one knew until she got back? I bet that happens a lot. I am surprised we don’t hear about her going back to Toronto (even after the fact.) Along those lines, I can also see them doing a joint Canadian-US tour, kind of like will and kate did.

    Finally, I don’t think they have to meet anyone from the Trump administration. Kate never met anyone from the Obama administration while in the US (I know she met with them in England.) if they avoid DC, it should be pretty easy to avoid any Trump-affiliated politicians.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Kate isn’t well travelled at all, apart from Peru she has only been to the same holiday spots with her family and William. Nothing wrong with visiting the same places repeatedly but don’t mistake that for being well travelled. To me well travelled is visiting different countries around the world.

      • nono says:

        She has lived in Jordan for three years, she has been to Peru in her gapyear, she has lived in florence italy for a couple of months in her gapyear, she has been to france, switzerland, egypt, spain, scotland, ireland, checylles and mustique.

        And those are only the vacations we know about. I would say she is fairly well traveled.

      • perplexed says:

        I think she spent a gap year in Italy too.

      • Betsy says:

        I don’t know – the majority of people on planet earth don’t travel to multiple countries or live abroad for a few years. I see what you’re saying about the one meaning of well traveled meaning people who have traveled to a number of locations, but I think people who travel a lot are also well traveled.

        The phrase “well traveled” is beginning to sound like a nonsense phrase now so I shall quit.

      • notasugarhere says:

        nono, both Peru and Italy were part of the Hunt The Prince campaign. The rest are skiing and beach vacations, not travel for learning or intellectual curiosity.

      • nono says:

        @notsugarhere I have reading here for years and i know that you hate them but you are sounding ridiculous. She went to Peru on her gapyear. Director of that charity said in a interview on TV that kate couldn’t have known william went to Peru because only he and william knew. And she applied long before william went. So i take his word over yours because you don’t know them and have no insight in that situation.
        She went to Italy with her niece. Both had nothing to do with William.

        Even if she was “hunting” he would have wanted to be catched. She didn’t force him to start dating. She didn’t force him to marry. She didn’t force him to have three children with her. They have been together now for FIFTEEN years and you are still banging on about things from FIFTEEN years ago. Let it go.

        By the way not everyone wants to travel for learning or intellectual curiosity. Some people want to travel to relax and be on a beach or go skiing. Nothing wrong with that. You make it sound if there is something with that. Everyone is different.

      • notasugarhere says:

        You are conveniently forgetting that Wiliam’s friends knew, and since she had cozied up to them, odds are very good she knew as well. Marlborough/Downe (sister school to Eton), gap year, Edinburgh, Peru, Italy. All after they were known about William.

        He cheated on her and dumped her repeatedly for 10 years, always to chase other women. That he finally caved and married the last one standing isn’t a ringing endorsement. That he keeps putting Jecca ahead of her and their family is also telling.

        I find it pathetic that the Middletons, supposed millionaires, never seek to better themselves through educational travel. Always travel to places where they can continue their social climbing. Typical.

      • nono says:

        @notasugarhere She was only friends with one mutual friend and that was Emilia. She is now a godparent for george. And she met Emilia at school not through william. So if that director says she couldn’t know only i and william knew you say otherwise. LOL
        But my point stands. She didn’t force him to date her, marry her and have three children with her. She also didn’t force him to stay with her for FIFTEEN years. Move on. You don’t know these people.

        He didn’t dump her repeatedly for ten years. First of all they got engaged after seven years together not ten. Second we only know that they split once in 2007 for seven weeks and he went back to her. They are rumored to have split two more times before 2007 once kate broke if off and once william broke it off. But that was rumored and never confirmed. So from dec 2003 until 2007 they had a turbelent relationship. Nothing uncommon for young couples. But since 2007 they are solid and have moved on from that and it’s time you do to.

        Also you always say almost on every article that he cheated on her but there is no evidence. No pictures, no video, nothing. There is also no evidence he chased other women. And quit frankly i find it disgusting that you are constantly harping about cheating when you have no evidence. He caved and married the last one standing? You really believe the BS you write. You just can’t let it go. You can’t imagine that he wanted to marry her because he loves her.
        He always put jecca ahead of her. How would you know that? Just because he went to Jecca brothers wedding instead of peter’s wedding with Kate. Or how he went to jecca’s wedding instead of first easter with his child (who wouldn’t have known if he was there or not because they were to young and it wouldn’t have mattered if they did it on another day). So two events in FIFTEEN years is for you that he always put jecca ahead of her. LMAO.

        What does the middleton’s being millionaire have to do with the vacations they take. Like i said some people just like to relax on a beach or go skiing. Not everybody likes educational traveling. Nothing wrong with that. Everybody is different.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And that friend was William’s friend first and was her entry point into his circle.

        When a man openly hits on other women, in front of witnesses, while you are in the room. For years. And you stick around? They both made their choice but I’m not going to pretend this is the royal love story of the century. They both get, transactionally, what they want out of this arrangement for now.

        Jecca is clearly the one non-negotiable. Kate tried dressing like Jecca for a few years, and appears resigned to knowing Jecca is the one person she knows not to touch/interfere with.

        If Kate fans are so convinced they had an arrangement from the 2007 breakup on? Which of course you couldn’t know but you’re convinced anything you think is gospel. Why on earth did Kate then proceed to do nothing but earn the Waity Katie (and other) nicknames for 3 more years? It only makes her, and your defense of her, look more ridiculous.

    • Lizabeth says:

      But @Becks1 didn’t Will meet with Obama? While Kate stayed in NY? I don’t think Meghan necessarily would have to meet Trump and/or Melania. But I can’t imagine it would work very well IF an official visit to the US happened to have Harry skip that part too. I understand the sentiment (!) but I don’t think the UK government would approve of sending them over to potentially offend. If it’s a personal visit, that’s totally different but if so, it shouldn’t be high-profile and shouldn’t involve taxpayer money (UK or US)

      • Becks1 says:

        @Lizabeth – I know he went to DC one day during their NY trip but I’m not sure if he actually met with Obama. Regardless, they definitely didn’t meet with him when they visited California in 2011, and that was part of an official tour. So maybe if they keep Meghan and Harry away from the East Coast they can avoid it, lol.

        @digital unicorn – good point. Traveling relatively frequently isn’t the same as being “well traveled” and I guess Kate was more in the former category.

      • aaa says:

        Yep, William did an Oval Office visit with Obama when he and Kate visited New York in 2014. If Harry and Meghan visit D.C., then I think that both will go to the White House, but if they are near D.C., then Harry will probably make a side trip like William did.

      • notasugarhere says:

        He went to DC for Jecca’s Tusk Trust event. And publicly talked about baby genitalia for his 5 minutes with The President…

      • wisdomheaven says:

        Will met Obama in the Oval office during their 2014 trip to NYC/DC (Kate didn’t join him in DC, but was on the NYC leg. She was pregnant with Charlotte).

        Harry has been to DC several times and met with top lawmakers like McCain and Congressional leadership in 2012/2013? He then worked with Michelle Obama in 2016 on IG stuff and attended an event with her at the WH. Same trip, Harry ALSO had an Oval office meeting and big press photo-call with Obama. It was noted that Obama was much more comfortable and genial with Harry than with William who Obama was kind of dismissive with. That is what my friend who works in the press pack said at least and it also comes across in the video of the meetings.

  12. kate says:

    OMG, the first paragraph. And here I thought French people were self-absorbed *eyeroll*

  13. Iknow says:

    I don’t think it’s weird that Kate did not visit America before being married. I’m just surprised. She’s a child of means. I’m surprised Carole and Michael didn’t plan a NYC or California family trip. That being said, although I love all things British, I’ve yet to visit. And I agree with another poster, there are so many other interesting countries to visit in other regions of the world.

  14. Busyann says:

    I would love for them to visit DC and would absolutely try to catch a glimpse of them since I live in DC. I think that it would be better for them to steer clear of this place. Unless they plan to hang out with the Obamas, who still live here but keep their DC lives pretty quiet.

  15. Jane says:

    I do find it a little weird Kate hasn’t been to the US. London and New York are not far apart.

    But everyone has different priorities.

    • Dazeem, Adele says:

      Keep in mind: the Middletons were not always extremely wealthy. Their Party Pieces Company, if I recall correctly, really grew in the early internet years, and by then she was in university, as were her close in age siblings. And probably once the Waity Years ™ began, security and attention would have been a logistical nightmare as we were all very invested in William’s love life at that time here in America.

      • Jane says:

        I am just reading that papa Middleton was a manager for British Airways.

        Plus a flight between London and New York isn’t too expensive. I’ve travelled alone from Toronto to London in the good old days for $600 Canadian!

    • KD says:

      The Middletons aren’t extremely wealthy now either. Uncle Gary bankrolled those “waity” years. Their private education money was left in a trust from Mike’s side of the family. The Midds finances don’t add up. Party Pieces does not generate millions in profit & never has! Their family home doesn’t match their lifestyle either. If they were really millionaires, Kate and Pippa would have grown up in a similar home to Middleton Manor.

      As a Brit, I am a bit surprised that she never visited the US. Family trips to the big cities are fairly common. Let’s just say the Middletons holidayed in all the “right” rich places where they knew they would be mingling with a certain social set. Skiing vacations in Europe, going to Mustique, Seychelles, etc.

      • magnoliarose says:


      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Totally agree – and yes to that its unusual for a Brit’s (esp middle class Brits) not to have visited the US. NY in particular is a popular destination, as is Vegas. Nut yes the Middletons very much holiday’d and lived in places where they got to mingle with the ‘right’ kind of people.

      • liriel says:

        But she was dating William early at uni so that probably had an impact.

      • notasugarhere says:

        liriel, are you implying that as the unemployed daughter of presumed wealthy people she had no ability to take an interesting vacation without her royal boyfriend over the course of 10 years? She was papped going on 10 different vacations with William – in one year. At no other point was she capable of fitting in travel to interesting places in between shopping and hair appointments?

      • liriel says:

        It was probably a compromise of what the two of them wanted. Without William she might have gone there. And yeah, I believe the deal was made with the British photographers when they were students so foreign could have been more risky. Or maybe she didn’t feel like it. Come on, she’s at least accomplished at sports university graduate (just like Pippa) and you make her seem like some wags/idiot just because she didn’t visit the US. Seriously, for me sport counts. We don’t know her other interests but she doesn’t strike me as dumb.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Her behavior from college on has been nothing but WAG in waiting. She had plenty of free time outside of vacationing with William to vacation or work or accomplish something with her life. She chose not to. Why anyone defends that is beyond me.

      • nono says:

        @nosugarhere She worked. First for Jigshaw then for her parents company. It may not have been a fulltime job. Or a career that you approve of. But what was the point anyway. If she had forged a career she knew she had to give it up if they married. If william and kate had met later in life it would have been different. She would have had the privacy to do what she wanted without the media breathing in her neck at every turn.

        Why anyone would spread lies about someone they don’t know is beyond me…….

      • Addie says:

        Yep. The Middleton’s are all about mixing with the right people.

        The Jigsaw job was gained through carole’s friendship with the owners but was never more than part-time part-time. Even her co-workers said she was rarely there. Kate could only work , she told her bosses, if she could have flexibility in hours because she had to be available for her important boyfriend. A WAG in waiting indeed.

    • liriel says:

      nono, exactly. she could also have been accused of nepotism. Intern at Vogue? It was totally possible but she didn’t want to use connections. We may not approve but she was dating William for a few years already so she knew what she was in store for. Working for her parents/some small company was the least controversial.

  16. Dazeem, Adele says:

    Nitpick: I really wish the media would stop saying “we are going to see babies, the pitter patter of little feet next year, in 2019, etc..” as a first time mother at 37 (and subsequent others later) I don’t like jinxes. Fertility issues can happen at ANY AGE—no shade there—but seriously, let’s let them be who they are, sometimes things don’t work out exactly as planned, if they have kids great, if they don’t, well their lives will still be full and great. Sheesh. Too. Much. Pressure.

    • Lady D says:

      …or a superstition that can safely be ignored?

    • Ranger says:

      I have it on the BEST authority Meghan is coming to America, Los Angeles to be exact. And she will be visiting the best fertility specialist whose worked with all the big names.

      • KD says:

        lol…. eh, does it really matter tho if she has some help? I don’t think so. *shrugs*

      • Nic919 says:

        Unless they have been trying to have a child for a year without success, visiting a specialist at this time would at most be a consultation. She is 36 not 46 and doctors require a certain amount of time of serious efforts before intervention takes place. I have had friends directly involved in the process and they never start off giving treatments right away. Meghan and Harry would not have been seriously trying for kids until after the marriage, which was two months ago.

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        Whose authority?
        -There are exceptional fertility specialists in the UK or, closer to home, Israel. Doesn’t require a transatlantic voyage.

      • Peg says:

        Louise Brown, was born in England, forty years ago.

    • Ranger says:

      I have no problem with anyone seeking fertility treatment! LOL! This is a gossip website and I’m sharing an anonymous gossipy FACT. The royals will never discuss fertility issues, right? Absolutely CANNOT share my source, but trust me it’s accurate!!!!

      Also: the appointments are with a VERY private, VERY exclusive, VERY expensive clinic, aggressive non-disclosures on the staff and everything. Consultation happened LAST year, before engagement announcement!

      • Diplomanatee says:

        Thank you for sharing, Ranger :)
        This type of insider tidbits are the reason I come here. Please keep sharing as much as you can and don’t mind the troll/stans…

      • wisdomheaven says:

        SO if this clinic has ALL of that privacy and confidentiality…how do you know that its a fact lol?

        And its totally not true UK royals do not talk about this stuff. Sophie Wessex spoke publicly about being open to IVF and BBC and other top news sources in the UK pretty much confirmed that she underwent IVF for Louise at least.

        So, imma call BS on your fact lol.

  17. aaa says:

    I am not sure of the article is credible, but I’ll play along.

    If the Sussexes visit the Midwest and/or West Coast then I doubt if they will need to do a White House visit.

    If both go to DC then yeah they will have to do a photo op with the president if he is in town.

    If they are a quick plane ride from DC, e.g., NYC, then Harry will probably do an Oval Office visit.

  18. IlsaLund says:

    These tabloids are running wild and just making stuff up as they please. Meghan is the shiny new toy they can’t stop writing about and abusing.

  19. perplexed says:

    The Brits have all of Europe to explore right next to them (as well as Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland within the UK, which are three other cultures different from English culture). I don’t think it’s that strange that Kate might not have visited America before marrying (or at least not had an interest in it.)

    • Skylark says:

      All of Europe and Africa. I’ve been to the US many times (my sis lives there) and have travelled quite a bit there and loved it, but it was never top or even close to top of my travel wishlists.

      We are extremely lucky here in Europe to have so many truly amazing travel destinations in such (relative) close proximity.

      • Himmiefan says:

        Very lucky. Here in the US, only two countries are close to us, and that’s only if you live near the border. It’s a big production for us to get to another country.

    • minx says:

      Exactly. When my husband and I first travelled to Europe (before we had kids) we kept adding onto our original agenda. We thought, well, we’re paying for the airfare, might as well go to this country or that while we’re overseas. And then we would return on subsequent trips to see what we hadn’t seen before, or revisit places we loved.

    • Skylark says:

      But just to say, America is amazing too. And incredibly beautiful. And filled with amazing and beautiful people that made and continue to make my trips there an amazingly beautiful experience. This needs to be said too.

      And it’s kind of sad that that’s been ignored and somehow gotten lost in this conversation.

      • Himmiefan says:

        Thank you so much! We really appreciate it. I think people tend to overlook that because of the traitor currently in the White House.

        I do hope Harry and Meghan go to some other cities and not just the coasts. There’s a lot more to the US than just the coasts. I’d love to see Harry and Meghan in Charleston (my favorite) or Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon.

      • perplexed says:

        “And it’s kind of sad that that’s been ignored and somehow gotten lost in this conversation.”

        It’s not getting lost in the conversation. Some of us just don’t find it particularly strange Kate didn’t; visit the US before 29, which is kind of a standard age to venture out to a different place anyway.. Not everyone crosses the Atlantic at 18 or 23 or 27. She finally visited the USA when she was young anyway. If it wasn’t on her bucket list at 25, I don’t find that odd.

      • Skylark says:

        ? But I’ve already acknowledged that in my first post (where I said it wasn’t remotely a top destination for me and I’d likely not have gone there as many times as I have were my sister not living there). I don’t find it in the least strange that Kate hadn’t visited the US prior to her 1st (royal) visit.

        My ‘sad’ comment was to do with the borderline disdainful tone of some of the posts regarding the US as a travel destination, as if it has nothing much to offer in comparison to other more favoured destinations.

        @Himmiefan – you’re welcome!

  20. kyliegirl says:

    I would love for them to come visit the States, especially since they are so popular here, but I worry it would be disastrous until the situation with her family is resolved. I can only imagine how the radio/tabloids would position her family members at all tour locations to try and create a family reunion. It would be a windfall for Sam and her Dad.

  21. Vogue says:

    As shocking as this may sound, some people are just not that interested in visiting the US! The world is a big place that doesn’t revolve around the States. Kate certainly had the means to travel anywhere in the world and the US by the looks of things wasn’t high on her wishlist.

  22. crogirl says:

    I’d like to know what was wrong with my comment? All I said is that not everyone is interested in visiting the US?

  23. Eliza says:

    Do a tour of England, Wales, N. Ireland. Not just the major cities, but small towns, small and new businesses. Have Harry introduce Meghan to the areas she represents as a Princess.

    DC, NYC and LA don’t need them for tourism or trade. Waste of money as a tour; great as a vacation. Wanting to show Harry her roots is awesome, but don’t have it wrapped in a “tour” and cost tax payers money on security.

    • InquisitiveNewt says:

      I doubt that they would announce a tour of the States at this point – lest they were forced to shake hands with the Orange One.

  24. Rainbow says:

    I am part of a big Facebook group about traveling, and I haven’t seen anyone post about their visit to the US or wanting to visit the US or even North America. Most trips were to Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand, and Africa. Italy is always popular, as are Maldives and Bali. Then Spain, Croatia, Japan, and Korea.

    Many people from other countries only know the Statue of Liberty and Golden Gate Bridge as the most famous landmarks in the US. US visa applications (mostly for Asians) can be more difficult than applying for visas to other countries, too.

    Beaches and resorts/nature are also likely to be first on the list vs monuments, museums, etc. In that aspect, what has the US got that other countries don’t? If people want to visit ancient ruins, the US don’t have any. You go to Italy, Spain, Greece, Mexico for those. You want to ski? Go to Whistler, BC or go to the Swiss Alps. The most beautiful beaches are not in the US. Even Canada has the Falls category on lock with Niagara.

    Kate, like many people in their 20s, mostly traveled for leisure. So she only went if it were a vacation to ski or to sunbathe. She didn’t go to other places to enrich her mind or soak up the culture. Has any royal ever done so outside of an official visit? I don’t think so.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Exactly. With all the fuckery this administration is doing with immigrants, I wouldn’t want to come to the US either.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Harry used to travel to America and other European royals are in New York all the time and have been for decades. Aristocrats are in New York all the time. Upper class etc. Brits gather in warm weather climates like Florida too.

      Kate grew up middle class and not part of a “posh” set. Nothing about her seems like a city sophisticate or worldly. I remember on their tour of India she didn’t want to try the pancake the man had made. She doesn’t scream adventurous or intrepid or even intellectually curious.
      She seems more like someone who prefers resort style travel. Like a royal version of Jennifer Aniston.
      I think of her as a person who likes to travel to luxury holiday spots but not someone who travels to soak up the local culture and see new things. It goes along with her wardrobe choices and styling choices. She likes familiarity and to stay at her comfort level.

      However, I expect to see fearless Charlotte scaling mountains and skydiving in remote locations all over the world.

      • nono says:

        @magnoliarose So you are judging her for not wanting to eat something LMAO. She skies from black mountain tracks. She goes on sharkdives 90ft under water. She goes sailing on that very fast boat with ben anslie. And who knows what else she does in her private time. So i say she is both. Luxe and adventurous. IMO

      • KD says:

        Hmm, I agree with nono. Just a few months ago, a video was shown where Kate was catching a huge fish with her bare hands. That’s the first time I’ve seen her do something outdoorsy like that, and I thought it was great. The problem is, we don’t see or know the everyday/normal things she does.. which is a shame, really, because it would make her more relatable. Her personality always shines through when she is doing something she enjoys e.g., anything sporty. I don’t think the public has ever seen Kate play tennis (in pics or vids) which is something she probably does regularly and excels at. Even a video of her skiing off-piste/on the black runs would make her seem livelier, but no.. It’s like they’re hidden away for the most part of the year so no wonder they come across boring during certain events.

        We know so much about Meghan and what she likes – with Kate, it’s the total opposite. She’s William’s wife, and mother to 3 gorgeous kids, nothing else is let out into the public sphere.

      • MrsBump says:

        The nitpicking level has reached a frenzy.
        We’ve gone from criticising meghan for daring to cross her legs or some other nonsense to now judging and looking down on Kate for her vacation preferences.
        I see plenty of idiots abroad blanky staring at monuments/buildings and complaining when people don’t speak English but sure they claim to be here to soak the culture and for education..

      • Bitsy says:

        Magnoliarose you sound like Notasugar…which is cracra. There is so much video and photo evidence that shows a whole other side to Catherine than what we see on this site and DM. We know that she is an excellent tennis player, skier, sailor, and was darn good at rowing. We know she and William go diving often and like NoNo said she caught a fish with her bare hands.
        From what we do know and see, I can only imagine there is so much more behind closed doors.

      • liriel says:

        MrsBumps and Bitsy I agree. The criticism here it OTT. Kate’s shown to be so sporty and adventurous yet people see her holiday destination as blank. Being sporty means being energetic. We simply don’t know her enough. Not visiting NY means she’s not being chic? I see so many people visiting NY just because it’s always popular but not out of intellectual curiosity. We know almost nothing about Kate but we do know she was a great student, great at sports as well, spent her gap year in an interesting (typical for upper class) way but she’s so bland to Celebitchy people. People try to dumb her down so bad!

      • minx says:

        I think there are certainly things to criticize Kate about…and this topic isn’t one of them.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I never brought up Meghan. So I have no idea why her name is in any of the responses. When we discuss her travel habits then perhaps there would be a point.
        What is with you Kate sugars that you see slams and insults where none exist? If someone is even slightly critical or is even ambivalent then it is like someone insulted you personally. Do you think about this woman when you aren’t here? I don’t. If I never commented on another CB royal article I would never even think about any of them because my opinion of royalty as a whole belies my interactions on these threads. Since I think it is slightly ridiculous in the first place I only come for fun and fashion and a way to waste some time with commenters I like.
        We are on a gossip site. On. a. gossip. site. It isn’t that deep. So it seems weird that an observation about something so mundane and meaningless as travel habits would be taken so seriously. I mean we are discussing holidays and vacations. I repeat. Holidays and travel. No lives lost. No one gets hurt.
        And I sound cray cray? Uh I don’t think so.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She presumably had plenty of money to travel and never showed the faintest intellectual curiousity. Odd that her fans think this is admirable.

        Kate didn’t grow up “middle class” except by the definition of artistocracy. They weren’t vacationing at the local beach or skiing in Scotland; they were flying off to destination vacations among the wealthy.

        Kate a great student? Her own uncle admitted she struggled a lot in school. One of her former teachers broke the code of silence and admitted she was nothing special, either intellectually or socially, and anyone who said otherwise was lying for posterity.

        She didn’t participate in yachting; she was hired to be crew and waitress on a boat of wealthy men. Had to be reprimanded by the boss for wearing short shorts after repeatedly being told no to.

        Excellent rower? She has only ever rowed as part of the PR charity event she took on after William dumped her again. Never followed through on it because he took her back and she no longer needed the PR. Like quitting the pretend Jigsaw job after he dumped her again.

        magnoliarose, so many brand new Kate sugars on here. No wonder many logical posters have left. The sugars attack and spam any site where Kate is criticized, so here they are on CB playing their games again.

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t see how saying someone isn’t adventurous is insulting. I also don’t see how catching a fish with your hands or riding in a fast boat is adventurous. Plenty of people do this when they go cottaging and wouldn’t describe themselves as adventurous. Skiing at a fancy chalet? Also not adventurous. Kate is sporty but she hasn’t done any activities that involve real risk and that is what underlies the definition of adventurous. It’s quite a stretch to find an insult in saying that Kate isn’t adventurous.

      • Nancy says:

        Miss Magnoliarose: Stop defending yourself. Like you said, it’s a gossip site. Some people get all involved in some of these royal things, that you and I could care less about. I care more about two different long time CBers who just lost loved ones, as well as myself…..or the women who are so excited they’re pregnant. Or, the young lady the other evening who posted some things that were messing up her life. Three or four of us came to her aid. That’s what I like. Real time, real people. It’s fun to goof on the Kardashians or give an opinion on Meghan’s newest dress, but I come for my peeps, you being one of them. It should be fun, an escape. That’s the perfect word for me…escape from reality on Celebitchy!

    • BeanieBean says:

      Suggested US ancient ruins: Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Canon de Chelly.
      Skiing: Lake Tahoe, Taos, Breckinridge, or just anywhere in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming.
      Beaches: SoCal, Florida, for sunshine, sand, palm trees, surfing; Oregon, Washington, Maine, for ruggedness & beauty.

      • magnoliarose says:

        The Pacific NW is really beautiful. We took our kids to see the whale migration from the Oregon Coast and then drove from Canada to California. It is worth a visit for those who love rugged untouched coastline.
        There is a lot to see here for every taste and like.

      • Rainbow says:

        Thank you for the suggestions of places to visit!

        Unfortunately, it is hard to plan trips to such locations considering the duration of travel around the US. Most people I know also prefer the “major” sites compared to other locations in the States. For many foreigners, and myself as an immigrant, places like Lake Tahoe just aren’t as attractive or as “bucket list” as Times Square and the Golden Gate Bridge. Those were what we grew up on, seeing them on postcards and movies. So those are the only places we wanted to see in the US. If I want ancient historical landmarks, I’d go to Greece and Italy and Egypt. For the beaches, Maldives and Bora-Bora/Tahiti are tops for me.

        I also don’t get the urge to visit many lakes, natural sites, etc once I’ve been to several. I’m Canadian, and once I saw Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, nothing else compares. Same with Niagara Falls. The only falls that can top that is Victoria Falls in Africa and that’s on my bucket list, too.

        Going on topic, it’s not hard to see why Kate has never felt the urge to visit the US. Her hobbies and interests may be different, or she simply felt that whatever she wanted to do, she could easily do in England or Europe. It just depends on what people are looking for when they go on holiday. Adrenaline junkies have to go to New Zealand for extreme sports. Lots of people travel to SE Asia for world-class diving. Tons of people plan trips to Japan in April just to see the cherry blossoms bloom.

        I don’t quite get the comments that Kate not visiting the US is ‘weird’. Billions of people on the planet. Not everyone wants to step foot in America.

      • Becks1 says:

        Thanks BeanieBean. I don’t think the US is the greatest country ever, and I get that there are logistics to consider when planning a trip to the “US”, as it is a big country, but the notion that the US doesn’t have anything unique or special is just kind of…..wrong, LOL.

        I don’t blame Will and Kate for going skiing in Switzerland over the Rocky Mountains, but let’s not act like there is no reason for someone outside the US to visit.

      • liriel says:

        Nice suggestions but I totally agree with Rainbow. So well-written!

      • Himmiefan says:

        Aspen, Vail, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain State Park, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Monument Vally, Yosimite, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Charleston (ranked in the top ten of travel destinations), Savannah, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii, and so on and so on, but we wouldn’t want to say anything good about the US, now would we?

    • Himmiefan says:

      I’m sorry, but your comment goes way too far. Sure, there are tons of great places to visit all over, but you really seem to be just anti-American. It’s just plain ignorant, or prejudiced, for someone to say there are no or very few places to visit here.

  25. Starryfish29 says:

    I believe that they’d make a private trip to see her mom, but the rest I kind of doubt.

  26. Jamie says:

    I don’t think it’s weird that she never went to the US, but it is interesting. I’m not sure what the timeline is, but her parents were in the airline industry for a long time. If my parents had been, I’d have traveled everywhere I could with those family discounts. But maybe that was when she was a baby??

  27. Jessica says:

    I’m sure she’ll travel to Cali for a private trip this year and 2019 as well.

  28. Elisa says:

    hmmm, IMO the US is simply not a top destination for many.
    I have been to Chicago and NY and while NY was impressive, I don’t plan to visit again. However, I have been to Italy and France many times and still love to go back because there is still so much to explore and there are beautiful beaches, great food, wonderful fashion, amazing historic cities etc.
    Also, I still haven’t visited several European countries like Albania (supposedly beautiful beaches) or Scotland. And don’t get me started about visiting Asia…

  29. ladida says:

    Part of the problem is that visiting the US is not easy. Europeans are used to short distances and excellent train systems. In the US, you basically have to fly to get around. Most Europeans that come here on vacation go to SF, LA and then do a bit of a road trip along the west coast, and a few make it to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon.

    • liriel says:

      Exactly! That’s what my friends and I did! How many visits and very long hours on the plane would it take to see ‘everything’ both east and west cost? Not to mention how many weeks you have to do just that. In Europe visiting other countries is just so easy and pleasurable.

      • minx says:

        Yes, you can hop a train and be in another country in a flash. If I were European or British, visiting America would be way down my bucket list.

      • liriel says:

        Yes, that’s amazing. Visiting America was high up on my list but only saw the most visited cities because they were iconic and also because of time restrains and budget. Not everyone can spend several weeks in America. Not to mention if someone from Europe wants to travel further he has so many options like relaxing/doing yoga in Bali for 2 weeks for reasonable $ in a nice place which is kind of impossible in America.

    • Himmiefan says:

      That’s very true. I do envy Europe and its great train system. I’ve heard that we’re so big that we need a better train system, and that we’re so big, it would be too expensive to have a better train system.

    • Skylark says:

      @ladida – But you don’t have to fly to get around. I’ve travelled by car from eg. Georgia to New Orleans and from NY to Maine and it’s those journeys, and what we encountered along the way, as much as the destinations at the end of them, that account for my love of the huge and astonishing adventure that America is.

  30. MARTIN CURRIE says:

    Most Brits obviously holiday in Europe as that is nearest and cheapest, but going to the US has been big since the 80′s. Most Brits go to Florida, for obvious reasons. Florida is mostly a family destination for the lower middle classes. The well off tend to favour small Islands in various continents (Seychelles, Mauritius, certain Caribbean islands and these days Thailand).

    New York is the short city break for nearly all incomes levels, though many like to do some serious shopping. As the New England is cheap to fly to, other Eastern Seaboard, destinations are there for a fly drive holiday. Vegas is also increasingly popular, along with San Francisco (I’ve yet to find anyone who does not love it there), some go to LA (mixed opinions). Both Nashville and New Orleans are also creeping up there as places to visit. Everywhere else is pretty much minority interest except for those who are doing the lets rent a car and drive across the real america (obviously with no jobs to worry about).

    The one thing most agree on is that US customs is one of the most unfriendly and petty most people have encountered. Also US airports are the pits, my dear sweet 75 year old mother broke out into swearing about Miami and a Texan airport, shxxxxles the lot of them and she also hated the being fingerprinted by customs and the way she was shouted at, so no more Caribbean cruises for her. Plus she did not like visiting some of the poorer Islands there as felt distressed by the poverty, hassled for money and slightly unsafe in a couple of spots. Then there were the rich Islands but she did not feel like visiting luxury jewelry stores and lux label stores.

  31. agnes says:

    Not to be too nitpicky, but when Kate was in Peru, then she has already been in America. There is more to this yuuuuge continent than the USA *eyeroll*

    • Lizabeth says:

      Not to be nitpicky either but many scientists (and regular people) count North America and South America as separate continents vs referring to them as one continent called “America.” Those same people count Europe and Asia as separate continents vs referring to them as one continent called “Eurasia.” Given that Will and Kate’s trip in 2011 was billed as a tour of “North America” I guess the UK Govt thinks north vs south makes a difference. And I pretty much guarantee if a trip where 90+ % of the events were in Canada with a few meaningless US events tacked on at the end had been called a tour of “America” there would have been confusion if not outright offense taken by some in Canada!

  32. Peg says:

    This is irony for Thomas Markle jr. he is writing the Queen to asked her, to stop Meghan from getting killed like Diana (conspiracy) and the police had to go to his house to stop his fiance from killing him, she is out on bail now.
    This time maybe they will probably charge her, she sat in jail the last time for two days and they decided not to charged her.
    It’s too sad to be funny, a burger is going to take care of one Markle, a fiance the next, and Big Brother who knows.