Acrobat falls during America’s Got Talent performance

This week on America’s Got Talent (but mostly singers) , it was time for the first round of Judge’s Cuts and time for the acts that made it through the auditions to step it up. One act on Tuesday night’s episode may have taken things a little too far.

Duo Transcend, an aerial act consisting of Tyce Nielsen and his wife Mary Ellen Wolfe, were one of the 18 acts vying for seven spots in the upcoming live shows. And, like many of the acts you find on these competition shows, they have a backstory designed to pull at the heartstrings. As Tyce points out in the pre-performance video package, “I’m legally blind in my right eye,” adding, “One of the most important senses to have, especially doing what we do, I don’t have it.”

Despite this, the couple did put on quite an edge of the seat performance, to a really cool version of the Tears for Fears song “Shout.” Things were going well until Tyce put on a blindfold and attempted to catch Mary while hanging upside down. He missed, and tried to grab her ankle. He wasn’t able to get a grip and Mary hit the floor (actually a mat that was hidden from the show’s camera)s. Cut to the couple’s two-year-old son and (presumably) one of his grandmas, looking horrified. The judges, along with guest judge Ken Jeong (Community…never forget), and the audience screamed and hid their faces.

Judge Mel B. screamed “Nooooo!” (and then insisted there was going to be a Spice Girls reunion – okay, I was kidding about that) and Howie Mandel asked, “Is she OK?” Of course, Mary was fine (she landed on a mat, for Pete’s sake). Mary asked if they could do the blindfold trick again and the judges all said no, with Ken adding, “This is not ‘America’s Got Perfection.’ It’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Nobody can do this.”

Simon Cowell added, “I don’t think there’s ever been a singer on any of our competitions who’s been note-perfect. It still doesn’t make them not amazing. It makes them human. And the consequences on this are slightly worse than falling off-key, whereas you nearly broke your neck. And the fact that you’re nearly blind makes this incredible.”

I’ll admit it was an impressive act, and I’m sure the fall hurt, but she fell on a mat. The incident wasn’t really a huge deal. I’m sure she’s fallen dozens of times in rehearsal. It’s just “reality show drama.” It ups the ante – and I’d prefer danger over sob stories any day. And, I’m sure this, paired with the couple’s backstory and cute child, helped them advance to the live shows, so there’s that. At least they’re not singers.

In case you were wondering, Ken Jeong used his Golden Buzzer to send the children’s choir Voices of Hope straight to the live shows. Yep, more singers. With the exception of Tyra, who bestowed her Golden Buzzer on athletic dance troupe Zurcaroh it’s been all singers. If I wanted to see singers, I’d watch American Idol. The only singers I have wanted to see go far this season are Oscar the singing dog (who got kicked off on Tuesday. For shame, judges.) and “International Superstar” Hans. OMG, Hans. I know he’s Australian (I mean, “German”… wink wink), but he is truly the talent that America deserves. If he doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you are dead inside. Hans’ fate will be revealed next Tuesday and if he doesn’t make it to the live shows, there will be WORDS.





Photos: You Tube/America’s Got Talent

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  1. BooRadley says:

    I know I know, reality TV drama and all that but my gawd that fall was horrifying.

  2. Marianne says:

    Even though she landed on a mat, she could have still landed funny on her spine or something. So I can see why the judges were concerned.

  3. Ms says:

    No, I promise, falling on a mat is still dangerous. It hurts a lot, especially when you’re 20 feet above the ground with velocity from movement. Gymnasts and acrobats are used to it but it is not fun for them, and it can be serious every single time. They’re trained to fall in the way not to hurt themselves but it takes so little to really injure yourself, badly. This is not a “no big deal, she fell on a mat” thing.

  4. Ama says:

    The “german” of Hans is completly incomprehensibly – beyond “1,2,3..” 😉

  5. themummy says:

    As a former gymnast, I can absolutely tell you that falling on a mat can not only result in very serious injuries, if you fall just right (just wrong, I suppose), you can die. I mean obviously it’s better/safer to have the mat, but this still could have ended very badly, especially since she went down head first.

    • TrixC says:

      Yes. I’m an aerialist, and a few years back I fractured my neck falling from a trapeze onto a mat. I’m fine, but had to spend 10 weeks in a cervical collar, it was really no fun. There is always a risk with this activity no matter how well rehearsed you are.

  6. philomena says:

    These shows are so manipulative, I didn’t even flinch. I have no idea if this was planned or not. It’s a bit odd that he didn’t immediately remove his blindfold to see where she landed. Or that he didn’t immediately ask her how she was when he got down. I doubt every second of all these shows – that’s why I don’t watch. Well that and the stupid sob stories aspect.