Paris Hilton: ‘I’ve never done any Botox, filler [or] plastic surgery in my life’

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Paris Hilton has a had a minor resurgence as she’s been gearing up for her weddings (there will be multiple ceremonies and receptions I’m sure) to Chris Zylka. She recently made headlines for commenting #PathologicalLiar on an 2006 video of Lindsay Lohan showing paparazzi a bruise and claiming Paris had hit her with a drink at a party. Paris has openly shaded Lindsay for some time now so we didn’t bother covering that. I’m not sure whether Paris hit Lindsay in the arm back then or not, I wouldn’t put it past her, but it’s hard to tell given that Lindsay definitely is a pathological liar. So six to one. Of course Paris is full of sh-t a lot of time too, like in this interview with People where she’s claiming she hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Maybe she’s telling the truth that she hasn’t had any Botox or filler. She’s 37 and she wears a lot of makeup.

Paris Hilton revealed… that she’s never had anything cosmetically altered. “I’ve always been obsessed with skincare,” the 37-year-old told PEOPLE during Beautycon in April. “I’ve never done any Botox, filler — no plastic surgery in my life.”

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Paris is shilling her skincare line, and she claims skincare is the reason she looks young still. I thought that was due to her styling, which has always had an ageless plastic quality. She also told People that her fiance lets her do his skincare, “Every night before we go to bed I will put the creams on him and he loves it. I give him facials.” Of course she does that. I’m sure he lets her dress him and do his hair too, like a life size Ken doll.

I just spent way too much time looking through old photos of Paris on Getty (I miss the trashy fashion of the early 2000s but I’m sure it will make a comeback in ten years, just like Paris). She had at least one nose job as her nose is much different than it was when she was a teen. I’ve also convinced myself that she had a second nose job sometime in late 2004, but I’m sure many of you will disagree. The Simple Life aired in early 2004. In clips of the first season her nose looks thinner than it did when she was a child (photo below) but larger than the elongated pencil it is now. Nose jobs don’t count though right? That’s not “plastic surgery” like a face lift or eye lift. Maybe she doesn’t even remember that, just like she doesn’t remember hitting Lindsay Lohan in 2006.

Here are old photos of Paris, where her nose looks different to me. (The photo at the top of this page is from June of this year. The ones below, except for the Instagram pic, are pre-2004.)

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Can you see how the house Paris is posing in below looks unnaturally small? I’m pretty sure that’s one of her dog’s mansions.

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  1. Alix says:

    Yeah, that ain’t her born nose.

    • minx says:

      Was just going to say.

    • Neelyo says:

      Why in the name of Bob Hope, would anyone make their nose look that way on purpose?

      • Jenny says:

        Actually I think it is her born nose. Looking back on old photos of myself, my nose is much wider and much more upturned. My nose is definitely more elongated and thinner now that I’m in my 30’s. Your nose and your ears are two things that never stop growing/changing as you age. Here is a link to an article that explains why:

        I’m not saying she did or didn’t have any surgery or fillers or botox ever in her life, but I am a walking example of someone who’s nose has changed significantly without any procedures being done to it whatsoever. It is possible.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m with you, I think, Jenny.

        I don’t believe she’d have paid to have the nose she has now. Mine looks different now than it did when I was younger. Plus she messes around with makeup more – nose contouring and stuff like that. Plus the angle of the photos matters too – the younger ones are angling up a bit, which would make it look a bit different than if it was front on or angled down.

      • raincoaster says:

        Sometimes there’s only so much you can do with a nose. Peggy Guggenheim had I don’t know how many nose jobs and they never got it quite right.

      • Yes Doubtful says:

        I agree, it’s crooked and has a long tip. I’m not trying to shade her here, but no doc would purposely create a nose like that.

  2. hindulovegod says:

    Her droopy eye was likely caused by poorly done Botox. Whomever injected it missed the muscle, which can happen with inexperienced technicians. (Only let a Board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist give you Botox!)

    • Tanesha86 says:

      Her droopy eye looks genetic to me, her mom’s eye looks exactly the same.

      • Jordan says:

        We all have an eyelid that is heavier than the other. Some you can barely tell and others, like Paris, you can. My right eyelid does it, noticed it years ago. Barely noticeable but I’ve still thought about getting Botox to correct the minor cosmetic issue. But I just don’t care thaaaat much.

      • petee says:

        Her wonky eye is from a eye infection she had years ago from contacts.She lived here in the desert for a year and went to school with my Dad’s best friends daughter.I wish I knew how to post her grade school picture but she look’s pretty much the same.Even back then she was boy crazy.Also a droopy eye can be a side effect from Botox but it will eventually wear off so her eye is from the infection.

    • Miss Gloss says:

      I am with you on her Botox use. But, how many board-certified plastic surgeons do you know inject Botox themselves? They don’t have time for that. They leave that up to their nurse practitioners. And I would only let a dermatologist inject me if it is a high-volume Botox injecting office. Otherwise, they don’t do it enough and I don’t need them practicing on my face.

    • Whatever says:

      Her eye lids look different, though. They used to be hooded but not anymore.

    • Ennie says:

      She’s always had that eye. The ysed to be made fun because of it. Besides all her trashiness, I respect that she has left her face more or less alone, as she’s still young. Other much younger have messed and are filled with lips and botox to the nines.
      Disclaimer: I also have a nose job. I was a hawk and with heavy 80’s glasses on, i felt awful.

  3. Jegede says:

    The biggest story is her dedication to blue contact lenses.

    Her eyes are naturally brown, yet she’s been rocking those contacts day in day out for 20 years.

    • B says:

      How pathetic. Who has time for that?

    • Veronica S. says:

      And the platinum blonde. Her natural hair color is a much darker, dirtier blonde.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah, I’m going to go with “this girl is so full of sh*t that her eyes are brown”.

      she’s had at least one nose job, and more than that, I think. I think she also has small-ish implants for a while. lip augmentation, possible jaw shaving/chin implant.

      there used to be sites called badplasticsurgery and goodplasticsurgery and she was on one or the other with before and after pics, and it was clear that she’s been altered. and like most folks, who give a poo if you had work done? just don’t lie about it when the internet is forever.

  4. Rescue Cat says:

    Not even a Croydon facelift?

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    Both she and Princess Nagini have had sooo much surgery done that they are literally different people.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I was just looking at some old photos of her with the kardashian woman. Her lips were never as full as this so… 👖. 🔥.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Agreed. She’s had regular work and fillers since she was a teen.

  6. manda says:

    She’s probably been getting expensive facials on a routine basis since she was a kid, and so I would be willing to accept that she hasn’t had botox or fillers, yet. She’s still fairly young, though.

    Real talk: I considered getting some botox (I have some forehead lines….) but holy shit, when I saw how much it cost, I was like, newp! My derm charges like 500 something (you have to get a minimum number of units) for botox and like 700 for juvederm! I was thinking I would go for it if it was like 200 or so, but not for more than that. And no, I’m not going to find the cheapest alternative. I can’t believe people do that! It’s the doctor or nothing for me!

    • Dietcokehead says:

      I’ve been getting Botox for years, and I’ve never been required to get a minimum number of units. Someone who requires that is ensuring they get paid, instead of ensuring they are doing the best for your needs. I strongly encourage you look to other providers and get multiple consultations.

    • Snowflake says:

      Damn, I’ve had Botox a couple times. They use 20 units. Last time i called, they were having a special, 11 dollars a unit. So it would have been about 220. It lasts me about 6 months. I didn’t go last time because i didnt have the money. And she does a great job. Where do you live? I think the Juvederm is 500 or 700.

      • Yeah, in my experience it’s the fillers that are ridiculously expensive, around $700. Botox is usually a couple hundred. I tried Botox once and all it did was make me look depressed. lol

      • Anika says:

        Where I live Juvaderm is the crazily expensive one—$700. But Botox is only 20 a unit, and my doctor doesn’t force people to get more units than they want or can afford.

    • MissKittles says:

      Check out some medi spa’s. That’s what they specialize in & its always less than a Derm. That’s the only place I’ll go for my Botox & lip fillers. When I called my derm, it was double the cost

    • manda says:

      Perhaps I am remembering the price of botox wrong, but I do remember it was more than I thought it would be. I guess I am probably also a little worried about it hurting and/or not working 🙁

      • MissKittles says:

        Awww It doesn’t really hurt. I think the flu shot hurts worse. And it definitely works! 🤗

    • Becks says:

      What?!? That is extremely expensive! I’ve also been getting botox for years and only pay 9 dollars a unit. I get twenty units on my forehead and I go every six months. For filler, I pay 400 dollars but that’s every 2-3 years.
      Check other places, I’m sure you’ll find much better pricing.

  7. Samigirl says:

    I’m could have sworn she also had a breast autmemtation, but had them removed.

    • KB says:

      A couple of years ago she either had implants or was rocking push-up bras on a regular basis. Every time she was photographed she was wearing a low-cut top with cleavage.

  8. Tanesha86 says:

    I can’t believe you actually dug up a picture with her natural eye color, I almost forgot. But yeah she definitely has had some work done to her nose

    • FC says:

      The obvi nose job and botox aside, I have to give her credit for not jumping on the Kylie clown lip trend. She’s been pretty consistent with her “look” all these years, so props for that?

  9. Snowflake says:

    At 37, what would she need done? I think i had just started seeing a little wrinkling around my eyes at that age. I would say she gets Botox and probably facials. Nothing major. She still looks human, unlike Kim K

    • Nancy says:

      Kylie Jenner was still in her teens when she just couldn’t deal with life, not with those thin lips!! Yeah, right Paris, because nobody ever looks at the before and after pics online!

    • Veronica S. says:

      Yeah, that was my thought – your skin is still relatively smooth in your thirties unless you’ve been abusing the tanning table. I have fine lines underneath my eyes at 31, but those aren’t from aging (I’ve literally had them since I was a kid), and no filler is going to remove them.

  10. Barrett says:

    She probably does micro needles and lasers. I almost fell over when I see how much they cost, I’m 43 and considering. Anyone had success w either or both? I stay out of sun but am fair so skin is thin and I’m also a very thin person.

    • Person3514 says:

      My mom is about to be 46 and she gets the micro needle thing. She’s also very fair skinned, not super skinny, but not big. Anyways, she loves it. It does make her face really red for a day or so, but once it settles she looks great. She also uses sunscreen everyday, moisturizers, oils and serums. She is very into skincare and it shows. She’s always being complimented for how young she looks.

    • Harryg says:

      I bought one of those LED masks (three colors) and I didn’t really believe it would do anything, but it’s been amazing! In about three weeks I noticed a subtle lift, and it also cleared my acne. I’ve tried lasers in the past and they’ve been okay, it’s a bit hard to say (except IPL which works right away). Lasers are so expensive. I love that LED mask.

  11. Jordan says:

    Our noses still grow as we age. My nose was fat as a teenager and now at 29 it’s slimmed to the point it looks like I had a nose job if you compared pictures. I’m undecided but at least she still looks like herself. Not a caricature of herself.

  12. britt mezher says:

    Her droopy eye is genetic, we do Botox injections everyday in our clinic, with a Dr injector. The Botox can cause what is called a Ptosis but there are special eye drops that will reverse the issue and it’s a rare complication.

    Botox isn’t permanent and if you look at all the photos of Paris over the years, she’s permanently had a droopy eye on one side and often gets photographed in special ways to disguise it.

  13. Veronica S. says:

    She’s had a lazy eye since childhood – I’m not going to get on her too much about that because it’s congenital and there’s nothing that could fix it. She’s only in her thirties, so I could see not hitting Botox or fillers yet, but I’m sure she gets incredibly expensive skin care on a regular basis.

    But man, has she done a lot to her face. Obviously, some of it is weight loss, but she’s had some serious nasal bridge work (too much, to be brutally honest) and possibly even some work around her jawline.

  14. Tiffany says:

    *reads CB’s headline*

    Sure Jan.

    *reads first section of CB’s story*

    Sure Jan.

    *reads except with quote from Paris*


  15. Sherry says:

    She looks more like Nicky in those earlier photos. I kind of think it may just be losing weight and getting older. She probably had a nose job at some point, but I believe she’s steered clear of botox and fillers. She’s only in her 30’s, why would she need to inject anything at this point?

  16. DiegoInSF says:

    Why is she watching and commenting on more than a decade old videos of Lindsay? It’s pathetic to hold on to a grudge for so long, it’s not like she’s an angel. N word incident, homophobic comments, admitting she voted for the orange one.

    • Veronica S. says:

      She’s rich and does nothing particularly fulfilling or meaningful with her life. What else does she have time to do than rehash shallow gossipy bullshit?

  17. bondbabe says:

    In the Extra TV at Universal Studios pic, she looks like a younger Stormy Daniels.

  18. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It always irks me when women say they’ve never had anything done. They might as well say I’m gorgeous. I know it. And my authentic beauty is better than everyone else. It’s akin to you know who spouting about his high IQ. If one hops on a soapbox for a bit of self aggrandizement, I’ve already turned around and started walking away.

  19. holly hobby says:

    Of course she had a nose job. It is obvious as the nose on her face! Hahah

  20. Bitsy says:

    When you wear that much make up, its truly hard to tell what’s what. Also, she is super thin and losing weight does affect your facial features and nose. I have a round nose with no bridge, and at my skinniest circa 25 years old, friends thought I’d gotten a nose job. Add highlighter and contour and you couldn’t tell them I didn’t.
    I totally believe her tho. A life of luxury, the best make-up, spa treatmemts, and high quality drugs with no kids can actually make you look years younger. I have 2 family members that are and have always been heavy into drugs. They are insane but look 20 years younger than they are…drugs melt the stress away and nothing causes more fine lines than stress.

    • Veronica S. says:

      The nose contains no fat cells, so it’s impossible for it to “swell” or change with significant weight gain because it’s mostly bone and cartilage. It’s more likely that your weight loss made your facial features sharper and more contoured, which altered how your nose looked in proportion to the rest of your features. Hilton’s most notable changes are around the nasal bridge where bone and cartilage meet, which would requires surgery to alter.

      IMO, she actually slimmed it down a touch too much because it’s out of proportion with the rest of her features now. It gives it the hooked appearance at certain angles.

      • Bitsy says:

        Imppssible for your nose to swell? Have you ever been pregnant? My nose was quite swollen during all 3 of my pregnancies.

      • Jane says:

        I know someone who is morbidly obese and her nose has swelled a lot compared to when she was thinner.

  21. MrsPanda says:

    I think she’s had work done over the years but she still looks human, which is good, She’ll age like her mum (plastic). She’s a sun-loving Californian so I’m sure she’s had plenty of botox/fillers. I also grew up in a hot climate (and am very fair) but at 38 I’ve recently developed deep ”accordian lines” on my face. I got the smile lines/eye wrinkles in my early 30’s and don’t mind them too much but the accordian lines are annoying (I had to google them) 🙂

  22. Pandy says:

    BS. She’s out in the sun too much to not at least have botox.

  23. Wellsie says:

    Thank you for the joy and laughs those early Paris photos gave me. Just wonderful.

    • Sarah says:

      She was clearly on alllll the drugs back in the early 2000s…those old pics are nuts to look at now! 😛

  24. Ennie says:

    I di think her nose has continued growing after the initial nosejob. It wasn’t this long.
    In my country there was an actor (he already passed away), Eduardo Palomo, handsome but with a long nose, he haf a nosejob, but somehow it looked the same after a while, like it grew or drooped too fast, it was a waste of money, but at least it did not change his face too much. Btw he became a scientologist, I guess he wanted to make it in the US, or something.

    • Ladiabla says:

      Omg I loved Eduardo Palomo, Corazón Salvaje 1993 is the only novela I’ve ever watched. I remember seeing an interview with him where he admitted to the nose job. I don’t care about the nose or how tall he was, that man was unbelievably sexy as Juan del Diablo. I was so disappointed to learn he was into scientology, but sadder still was his untimely death at what – 41?

  25. km says:

    Is it me or does she look like Ivanka in those early pics?

  26. OkieOpie says:

    Does she seriously expect ppl to believe her??

  27. JRenee says:

    I think she looks better without the blue contacts. Her hair doesn’t look like straw (like Jessica Simpson) either.
    If she could have the eye corrected, she seems vain enough to have done it already..

  28. Nicole says:

    I’ve finally come to this conclusion: I loathe criticizing a woman’s appearance…except when they are (a) claiming that it is all 100% genetics/skin cream/diet/exercise etc… and (b) they are knowingly harming the self image of impressionable individuals or those with low self esteem by lying and (c) hawking some bs product to boot. The Kardashian’s and their like love to fight their critics saying they are body shaming them and acting like victims when a person with eyesight dares to suggest they are anything other than 100% natural. This is not the same thing as someone who didn’t stage a paparazzi stroll along the beach who got papped in an unflattering pose and made fun of for cellulite or saddle bags or weight gain. These women have built their empire on vapid social media posts and countless pictures of them. So bc of that I have no problem saying that’s a nice nose Paris bought. And whatever else. Just don’t cry like the Kardashian’s always do when u call them on their bs. I’m sure Paris is 100% involved in her skin cream like Kylie and her makeup. Lulz

  29. Sarah says:

    Paris is the walking embodiment of Tacky Ass Barbie.