Prince Philip, 97, appeared at a christening and was made a godfather

The Queen and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh attend Royal Windsor Cup

Last Friday, there was a Twitter rumor going around that Prince Philip had passed away and that the news was being embargoed by the British media until a certain time. I honestly thought there was something there, as you might have seen from my tweets. For several hours, the royal reporters were silent as the grave and I was like “oh, that’s a sign!” It wasn’t a sign. There was even this curiosity: in those hours when no one was saying anything officially, various outlets all dropped stories about “what will happen when Philip dies,” like what his funeral plans are and all of that. It seemed suspicious. But again, it wasn’t a sign. Philip is apparently fine.

Philip and the Queen are now in Balmoral for their annual summer holiday. The Queen left London last week, although I’m not sure if we know when Philip left for Balmoral? He’s been staying at Sandringham a lot – at Wood Farm – since retiring from a public schedule, so we don’t always know his comings and goings. Once the Queen and the Duke are at Balmoral, they won’t return to London until late September or early October. We can expect the younger royals to make pilgrimages to Scotland to see the Queen and the Duke in the coming months too. My guess is that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will be spending time in Birkhall this summer as well, and perhaps Charles will spend some quality time with his dad. Interestingly enough, People Magazine made note of the fact that Philip did take a helicopter to go to a christening about a week and a half ago:

As Queen Elizabeth begins her summer break at her Scottish estate, Balmoral, she’ll likely be joined by her husband of 70 years, Prince Philip, for the extended holiday. Although Philip retired from public life last summer, and he’s been spending most of his time this season at Wood Farm, on the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England, he’s still had a busy summer.

The 97-year-old became a godfather to the child of Thomas and Alexandra Hooper, who is the great-granddaughter of Philip’s uncle, the late Lord Mountbatten. While the Queen was hosting President Donald Trump at Windsor Castle last week, Philip appeared for the baby’s christening at Romsey Abbey in Romsey, Hampshire.

Philip took a helicopter – paid for out of his own money – for the 190-mile journey south west from Sandringham to Romsey.

[From People]

Thus ends the mystery of what Philip was doing when Donald Trump came for a visit. Did a 97-year-old man really need to go to a child’s christening? No, he did not, but he needed an excuse to make himself scarce during the Trump visit, and there it was. Still, it’s interesting to me that Philip traveled so far and at such expense to go to a christening – and be made a godfather! – for a distant relative, all while… the Queen and Philip decided not to attend Prince Louis of Cambridge’s christening. Odd choice.

As for the whole “Philip has passed away, we swear” Twitter moment – I actually did learn some new-to-me information about his funeral plans. Prince Philip is not the head of state, but he is still worthy and eligible for a “state funeral” in the vein of what the Queen Mum got. Apparently, Philip never wanted anything like that though – it’s believed that his body will lie in state at St. James Palace, and that it will not be open to the public. It’s also believed that he didn’t want to be buried at Westminster or in his birthplace of Greece. No, he wants to be buried at Windsor Castle, where the Queen walks her corgis.


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  1. Sedanos says:

    I do not support monarchies. I believe Prince Philip is a racist waste of taxpayer funds. I read this entire article not really caring whether he was alive or dead. So congrats to you Kaiser for getting me to burst into tears with “where the Queen walks her corgis.”

    • Joy says:

      Yeah when I got there my eyes sprang a leak.

    • Morrissey says:

      So glad this isn’t he first comment, because it is 100% how I feel too. It’s that same feeling I get when I’m bawling with empathy over awful person Serena Joy’s pain.

    • Jane says:

      Prince Phillip is 97 years old and now has a black granddaughter in law.

      Life is good.

    • Morning Coffee says:

      Exactly the same for me. Oh dear….At the end of the day, I do think Phillip and Elizabeth love each other, if only in that way where you are some comfortable and have shared so much of your life that you can’t imagine the other not being there.

    • noway says:

      As I’ve gotten older, I guess I’ve become a bit more forgiving. If you make it to 97 you should be able to do what you want within reason and decency and hopefully your sins are set aside a bit. I do like his funeral idea. I mean he has lived with the monarchy and all the pomp for most of his life now, and he wants a simple end. The corgi thing did make me smile. Also the idea that he ran off to be a relative’s godfather instead of meeting Trump made me smile too. As far as excuses go that’s a better one than I would have given to not have to meet Trump.

  2. Abby says:

    OK, now I am wondering why he went to this christening, but he and the queen did not go to their own great-grandson’s christening. That seems odd.

    Glad he’s still OK! I am amazed at how long both he and TQ have lived!

    • Betsy says:

      That is a really weird one. Perhaps TQ and Phillip really are annoyed at the general lack of work that William and Kate do.

  3. Miss Margo says:

    I can’t believe how miserable they look together. Is that how all 90 something people look? And very strange that he went to the distant relatives christening and not his great grandchild’s….

    • Eleonor says:

      They look really good for that age! I don’t know if I would ever be able to be in my 90’s.

    • Lightpurple says:

      According to my relatives in their 90s (I’m blessed with half a dozen), everything hurts; it is hard to hear, life is confusing, and sometimes things look blurry. As a result, they have resting bitch face at all times.

      • aaa says:

        Yep, plus it is difficult to always be “on” which is what is generally expected of royals. In the case of the Queen she is in a dress, panty hose, gloves, pearls, brooch and a hat and is sitting up straight. As someone once yelled to Queen Victoria, “go it old girl!”

    • Hannah says:

      Ah come on, they are at work in that photo – it’s not like they are in their jammies watching TV. Also they are in their 90s which my granddad describes as the hot water running out while you are in the shower.

      • noway says:

        Okay, permanent resting bitch face and hot water running out while you are in the shower describes your 90’s. I love these descriptions, and your granddad sounds like a hoot, but not really inspiring anyone to want to have a long life. Kind of why I give older people a big break.

  4. Lizabeth says:

    I don’t find it odd PP went to this christening to be named a godfather. The mother is the woman Charles walked down the aisle so no matter the distance of familial relationship, there is a relationship. Personally I think the Queen is the one who wasn’t available for Louis’s ceremony. I can think if lots of reasons for that including the date. (But I guess it couldn’t be later than July 9– they had Wimbledon and Mustique plans) It would have been odd for PP to go to Louis’s if TQ did not. And she hasn’t attended all of the ceremonies for great-grandchildren. Just like many pointed out in the post about Eugenie, H and M aren’t as important as W and K, and Louis is not as important as George.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Queen, Philip, Charles, Camilla, and several other royals attended the couple’s wedding. Close personally even if not as close biologically.

      They didn’t attend Isla’s, but I’m blanking on others they missed. Isla’s was scheduled when they were at Holyrood Palace or when they were traveling there for engagements. Peter and Autumn could have picked a different day; they chose not to.

      One year didn’t we get stories that Philip went to the PGTips birthday party (1st, 2nd?) as the only Windsor representative? Appears the Middletons had scheduled it without consulting the Windsors and everyone else was working that day.

  5. Peg says:

    The Queen is staying in a house on Balmoral grounds, because the Castle is open to the public for another two weeks.
    Prince Philip is staying in Sandringham and will join her in two weeks.
    The christening Prince Philip went to was his late uncle Lord Mountbatten’s granddaughter, his uncle was a huge part part of his life and he is very close to the family.
    Prince Philip retired from official duty, so he did not need an excuse not to be there, now Prince Charles and William that’s another story.

    • Jessica says:

      It has nothing to do with importance. The Queen had a tight schedule and she’s elderly. Phillip didn’t make the trip all the way to London for a twenty minute ceremony because he wasn’t the godfather.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And she still works circles around W&K.

        We were told the decision was made weeks in advance and everyone was okay with it. If they’d felt the need to be there, they would have been there.

    • D says:

      Thank you for clarifying for those who don’t understand 🙂

  6. Denicah says:

    The last picture is Harry in 60 years’ time. Wow. Sorry Paul Burrell.

  7. Becks1 says:

    I completely missed that twitter rumor, so this post is all new to me.

    Where will the queen be buried?

  8. aaa says:

    All monarchs and consorts have been buried at Windsor since George III, it would be a big scandal, huge, if Philip opted to be buried elsewhere because, like Henrik of Denmark, he would be saying that he did not want to be buried next to his wife.

  9. Anare says:

    My guess is that he didn’t want to attend Louis’ christening because of all the photos and folderol. Maybe he figured Harry’s wedding was enough of that for the time being. Remember Uncle Dickie was beloved so the baby who is his great granddaughter is not any old distant relative. As for finding something else to be busy with when Trump showed up, 😂 I think the whole royal family opposed the Queen’s meeting with that jackass and encouraged her to decline a visit but she was steadfast in her duty so they made her go it alone. Every last one of them was like I have to rearrange my sock drawer that day, sorry, busy! It was funny watching the video when Dotard showed up, late (WTF?). It looked like the least fuss was made to get the whole thing over with quickly.

  10. Leyton says:

    What was their excuse for Prince Louis christening again?

    The Queen wasn’t under the weather and clearly Phillip was well enough to travel to another christening but neither could muster up the care to attend Louis? I don’t know or care what the story is but it’s just bad optics and a bit unfair to the poor baby. You attended his older siblings, if you were both in good enough health to do other things, you should have cared enough to attend his.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Why are the 92 and 97 year old blamed for this? One of whom is still working more and has a tighter schedule than the lazy 30-something W&K? W&K and the Middletons would have controlled the schedule for this.

      It was announced it was decided weeks before the event they wouldn’t attend, and that everyone was fine with it.

    • Lizabeth says:

      Philip went to the other christening 3 days later. Not the same day as Louis’s. BP said their non-attendance had been decided some time before and was agreed upon with W&K.

      Were people as outraged in 2012 when TQ and PP didn’t attend Isla Phillip’s christening as they are now about Louis’s? If not, why not?

      • notasugarhere says:

        They were at Holyrood or traveling to Holyrood at the time of Isla’s christening. Peter and Autumn could have easily picked a different date if everyone thought HM and PP needed to be there.

      • Aurelia says:

        They are old school. They attended for the heir and the spare, georgie and chazz. No. 3 just isn’t as important.

  11. notasugarhere says:

    @Kaiser Charles and Camilla usually have a week or so of events (staying at Castle Mey) related to his Scottish titles. Then along to Birkhall later.

  12. maxine ducamp says:

    “Did a 97-year-old man really need to go to a child’s christening? No, he did not…”

    Yes, he did if he was one of the godparents. He does seem like an odd choice except for family/sentimental/poshness of having a royal godparent factor, as not to be morbid, but it’s unlikely that Philip will make it past the child’s toddlerhood.

  13. Citresse says:

    I think HM and Philip should have attended the christening of Louis. Could it be their absence was a statement against William and Charles leaving HM alone to deal with Trump???
    I know HM was quite busy in the days leading up to Louis’s christening but when you think of the fact HM attended the christening of Charles, the ninth Earl Spencer, but not her own great-grandson, it does seem rather cold.

  14. Candy Sandy says:

    Over the years I have been able to observe families around me: the favorite children, the favorite grandchildren, are most closely resembling to the spouse what means: Harry is the spitting image of prince philip. Maybe thats the reason the queen is so in love with harry! 🙂

  15. Starryfish29 says:

    The weirdest thing about the Queen not attending Louis’ christening, was the fact that she was arriving in London later that very same day. Surely the Cambridges could have been flexible enough to schedule the christening around the 92 year old matriarch if the family.

    • notasugarhere says:

      ^This. Why are two senior citizens who work harder than two 30-somethings blamed for the scheduling?

  16. ocjulia says:

    Prince Phillip looks like a fresh corpse. For real. Like if I walked in a patient’s room and he looked like that, I’d call a code and start chest compressions.

  17. Sienna says:

    Isn’t the whole point of a godparent that they’ll take over and raise your kid for you if you cark it? Is a 97 year old with a hip replacement really up to the job of running around after small children and seeing them safely into adulthood?