Hailee Steinfeld exercises when she feels low: ‘I love to get it all out that way’

Hailee Steinfeld is just 21, which surprises me as I would put her around 25. She’s been around the celebrity scene for so long it just seems like she’s older. Plus she comes across as mature and well spoken. She has an interview with People to promote her partnership with athletic clothing brand Mission. (Side question: why are athletic clothes so expensive? I refuse to buy prestige brands as it seems like such a ripoff.) She’s also currently on tour with Charlie Puth.

Hailee talked to People about seeking validation from social media and about exercise, which she considers a kind of therapy. (My words.) Her dad is actually her personal trainer, and this sounds like a nice way to spend time with family. At that age I didn’t have much to do with my parents as I was setting out on my own (aka getting wasted). Here’s some of what she told them:

“Scrolling through Instagram, I’ve been guilty of comparing myself,” Steinfeld, 21, tells PEOPLE. “But instead I’m like, ‘Wow, I admire her dedication. If I want that, I can work for it.’ You can feel unconfident, that’s normal. But you can also do whatever you want to feel confident, and if that means changing something about yourself, do it. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

The Pitch Perfect star, who’s partnered with activewear brand Mission, has learned that social media isn’t where she should search for acceptance

“It’s definitely not a place anybody should go to for validation — I can’t find it there,” she says. “I think you’ve got to find it within yourself, and if you’re going to post something, post it because you love it or you like the way you look or you like what’s in the photo. That way you don’t necessarily care what people have to say about it…”

On days when she’s feeling low, Steinfeld will turn to a workout to “sweat it out.”

“I love to get it all out that way,” she says. “It’ a form of escape.”

Workout time often doubles as family time for Steinfeld, who’s trainer is her father Peter. “He’s one of my best friends,” she gushes. “It’s hard for me to listen to anybody else because I really think he’s the best.”

But she did have to establish a few boundaries when training with dad. “There were times when I was like, ‘You’re my dad when you’re my dad. You’re Pete when you’re training me, and that’s it,’ ” Steinfeld says. “But then he’d be pushing me and I’d be like, ‘Dad, I don’t want to do that!’…

The pop star also tries to eat at multiple small meals throughout the day, but says she occasionally indulges in sugary treats.

“Last night I had cake and promised myself, I’m gonna have half [a slice],” Steinfeld says, before admitting she had two. “I have a major sweet tooth. It’s an issue, but I get by.”

[From People]

The stuff she says about social media is similar to what we’ve heard from other celebrities and it’s common sense. It must be hard to avoid for famous people. That’s sweet that she calls her dad her best friend! I can relate to exercise helping you feel better and I like how she phrases it, “get it all out.” When I’m stressed, upset or depressed I just do hard cardio like spinning or running and I feel better afterwards. It gets to be an issue when I’m injured or when I have my period and feel like I have no other options. (It makes me feel like I can kick ass no matter what though.) Also, there’s no shame in eating cake, ice cream or jelly beans. I try not to think of foods as good or bad. Sometimes you have to have that second slice.

When you’re exhausted but also very happy 🤪

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  1. Red says:

    I read that she voted for Trump and I can’t unsee that now.

  2. Esmom says:

    She’s lovely and has always seemed sweet and grounded.

    ITA with CBs take on food, it’s not good to deprive yourself if you want cake as long as you balance it out with healthy choices.

    I recently had to take a break from my gym and have been trying to keep up the strength/HIIT training on my own at home so I turned to Instagram. I have found some great workouts but it’s been an education on just how needy some of these IG celebs can be for validation. I got to go back to the gym just yesterday and it was a relief just to be working out among people who didn’t need to document their every move and pose from every angle.

  3. Jh says:

    She did something drastic to her face, no? I didn’t recognize her AT all in the new Bumblebee trailer. And she looks different in these pics, too. What is it, though?

  4. tealily says:

    CB, I’m with you on the cardio for mental health, and it really does suck when you can’t. I’ve been having foot problems for about a year and got out of the habit of running, and it’s just been miserable. I’ve been trying to get in to rowing instead, but I just don’t feel that same emotional benefit yet.

  5. Embee says:

    What a great example she is setting with these comments. And I totally agree that cardio is therapy; unfortunately, I have had chest congestion for a month and cannot run (I walk, which is something) and holy moly! I didn’t realize what it did for my mental health! I can tell you that I am NOT as sane as I thought. It makes me realize at what a disadvantage people who cannot / do not perform cardio (for whatever reason).

  6. Chris says:

    Good for her. I’m always so impressed by people who can do cardio to relieve stress. I love the idea of it, but HATE it in practice. I do love lifting weights though. Makes me feel powerful.

    As for workout clothes I thought the same thing about wasting money on clothes I’m sweating in, but I changed my mind. I tried old navy exercise leggings and they fit so weird and rode down while I was moving. I caved and bought some gymshark leggings and love them. It probably depends on your body shape.

    • KaitX says:

      That’s funny Chris- I was going to comment on how much I love my Old Navy gym gear! Their leggings and sports bras are a great fit for me and wash well. I do have some Under Armour stuff I got on sale too, and I love it. The Rock’s collection with UA is great- the sports bra is the best one I own

      • Chris says:

        Yeah, their stuff is really cute and I still use the sports bra but I had to keep pulling the leggings up. I’m glad they work for you though, they really are affordable and cute! I’ll have to check out UA sometime, getting sale stuff is always a good move.

  7. Kyla says:

    I ran across this interesting factoid. Her father’s brother is Jake of Body by Jake.

  8. Henna'd says:

    Very, very pretty with a really lovely figure (but if she were my daughter I’d have a few words to say about her racy outfits) and good actress. But she has a camel toe in that last outfit.

  9. la mexicana says:

    I think she is one of the most beautiful starlets from this new generation. Her face is perfection and she appears to have her head in the right place.

  10. Isabelle Vasquez says:

    For inexpensive athletic wear, I’ve been using Old Navy for years. It’s basically the same as their pricey brand Athleta, but you get great running leggings for $30 vs $120 from Lululemon, Nike….