Justin Theroux stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live, doesn’t talk about his ‘divorce’ at all

A dapper Justin Theroux looks arrives for his appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Justin Theroux is promoting The Spy Who Dumped Me, where he plays “the spy” who dumps normal-girl Mila Kunis and she and her friend try to help him or find or something. It doesn’t really feel like Justin has ever “gone away” this year – he’s been attending events in New York and Europe, he’s been shilling for Louis Vuitton, he’s been getting pap’d all over New York in various EDGY sleeveless shirts. And of course, he’s been dating, and there’s been a lot of speculation about who he’s dating. I mention this because Jimmy Kimmel did not bring up any of this when Theroux made an appearance on Monday night’s episode. Kimmel also didn’t bring up the fact that as the months go by, it’s looking more and more like Justin and Jennifer Aniston were never legally married, as neither of them has made any moves to actually file for divorce or file for separation. It’s extremely weird how NO ONE is talking about that.

Anyway, Justin and Jimmy Kimmel are friends – or they’re very friendly – and so Kimmel just sort of soft-balled him throughout. Here’s the first part of the interview where he talks about The Bachelor franchise and then he talks about how he moved to New York and befriended the Queer Eye Guys. There’s a lengthy conversation about how the Queer Eye Guys don’t know what female anatomy looks like.

In this clip, he talks briefly about the movie, then he discusses boxing and sparring with a 5’4” woman named Claire.

It is the weirdest thing in the gossip world that no one is talking about Justin and Jennifer’s split anymore and how it seems like they weren’t even married.

Celebrities at the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' studios

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  1. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Probably because they weren’t really married…that ceremony probably wasn’t legally binding. Which is why we aren’t hearing anything because legally there isn’t anything to talk about. I honestly think the whole thing was for show and neither of them were ever into actually being married.

    • Renee says:

      I agree.

    • Kaiser says:

      I agree, that’s totally the case. But how are they not getting any sh-t for that???

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        IKR! Then add in the added weirdness of the group honeymoon………

        It’s pretty interesting given how Jennifer’s PR personna with Justin was that of “At last!”…and then when it comes down to it, no one cares. Well…People mag doesn’t, and there’s your clue.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Kaiser I that that’s WHY they arent getting any sh*t. That’s why it’s been so eerily quiet. I think people knew it wasn’t real! Jen has ALWAYS been protected by the media. They have set up a narrative for her that makes them millions of dollars. If they were to talk about what a sham this whole thing was it would ruin their victim narrative for her that sells so well. If this was about Justin cheating on his wife or him breaking her heart that would be all over the place right now. But I don’t think that’s what happened at all.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, they presented themselves as being married but evidently weren’t. Is their attitude, well, WE never said we were married, you all just assumed it? (Because there was a ceremony, rings, etc. why wouldn’t people assume it?) From a legal standpoint it makes it all much neater. It’s just weird.

      • Tiffany says:

        I think Huvane played it out in the press and the reaction was indifference this time around, which I think was beneficial to Aniston.

        If there was interest and that became known, the reaction, I think would have been worst. People would have made her a total punching bag of jokes.

        Their lack of marriage, while a lie, was not harmful to anyone which is why I think there is no interest in it.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        I think it’s a combo of disinterest and PR.

        Jennifer’s narratives, in terms of what sells to the public is either “unlucky in love, but still looking” and “poor Jen”. She wanted to avoid that this last time, hence no huge splashy “what I’m doing next in my single life” a la the infamous Vanity Fair interview…..plus her career is not going so well. She’s literally filming a netflix film with ADAM SANDLER. Yea.

        That Apple tv show idea with Reese Witherspoon seems to be nowhere near useable scripts, let alone close to filming so that might take a few more years. If she was smart, she’d go to netflix with a tv idea since “Friends” is one of their most binge watched shows on there and they seem to be making (in my mind, I hate 99% of the comedy shows/films that come out nowadays) dumb comedy films by the fistful. I saw they have a new one with David Spade that looks like the dumbest movie EVER.

        Plus more people were interested in whether or not they were actually going to get married, or if it was put off i.e. the 3 People mag covers with JA with “sources” about the wedding that year she went to the Oscars in that red princessy dress + a few interviews where she talked about tabloid response to them not being married yet.

        ….but still, gossip wise it’s interesting how very few are honestly giving a shit that they most likely weren’t married.

      • Alisha says:

        @kaiser I am mostly just surprised that he would agree to it. He seems like such a climber to me. Then again, a friend of mine has done this. She and her “husband” are older (late 60’s) both with multiple previous marriages under their belt. They did not legally marry for complicated reasons (long story involving some terrible family and a legal battle) but they still wanted a ceremony and they wear rings and everything.

        Honestly, if she did not marry him, it is probably the smartest thing she has ever done.

      • Jane says:

        Alishka – my sister did the same. She had a commitment ceremony, wears a wedding ring, and other things, but they are not legally married.

      • Carmen says:

        I think people are just sick and tired of Aniston in general, whatever she does. She could run off with a circus and nobody would care any more.

      • Peggy says:

        I don’t remember them ever saying they got married. They didn’t release any pictures, didn’t talk about a wedding and I don’t actually remember them ever talking about each other as husband and wife.

        They had a commitment ceremony and kept it completely private. Writing about how it wasn’t a wedding means admitting writing years of false articles based on a few pictures of a party being set up taken from a helicopter.

    • magnoliarose says:

      The married/not married thing is fascinating to me. Now I want to know the backstory.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Eh, I mean, there is nothing…salacious about them breaking up. The breakup was kinda boring and you know what, that’s alright. It just didn’t work out.

  3. lucy2 says:

    Why would he chat about his divorce on a talk show promoting a movie? That would be awkward for everyone.

    • girl_ninja says:


    • Nancy says:

      Plus @lucy2, Jennifer is friends with Jimmy’s wife, Molly. Jimmy knew exactly how far to go with this guy. I find him so unattractive. Not even his face, but the way he carries himself and his tight jeans on his little short legs…lol. Even at her age, she could do better! So much better. Being in solitary confinement is better…haha

  4. Jaded1 says:

    Even if they were married, the horse is dead. How long are you supposed to ask about a divorce? Especially since there didn’t seem to be any drama?

  5. VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

    Not legally marrying him would have been the smartest thing Jennifer has EVER done.

    I am starting to believe they weren’t married, because COME ON. They were married for like 2? years? 2.5? No kids. She most likely paid for everything substantial i.e. the house that “they” remodeled and then flipped (the one that was shown in Architectural Digest just before they announced their split). I know she also bought him the apartment next door to his and paid for the remodeling. They have their own pets…it seems like you can almost time the actual split with the dogs that Justin got before it was announced…… Justin wouldn’t get more than like a few million outright and make like 50k a month for however long they were married in alimony, if not a lump sum payment.

    No way they are haggling over money/property.

    I am still enjoying the irony of him being confirmed by the majority as a poseur gaslighting douche the minute their split was announced like he wasn’t before.

    • minx says:

      He was Mr. Wonderful, a cool and lovable Prince Charming after the evil cheating Brad. Until he wasn’t. Yeah, there was whiplash going on.

  6. tracking says:

    Kimmel knows the real deal, because he officiated the ceremony (though there was also a minister photo’d entering the property, which seems unnecessary if it was all for show, but who knows). Justin went on his show because he’s a close friend and knows he won’t say anything about Jen A. That vagina anecdote thing was not funny btw. Wonder if that’s a LV suit, seems nicer than his usual.

  7. Nola says:

    Ugh. He is so skeevy. I love how he climbed to fame on JA’s back. I wish he’d go back to obscurity (and take the dreaded K family with him).

    • girl_ninja says:

      Justin is a talented, working actor who split from his wife seemingly amicably. He can’t really be compared to the K family.

  8. Leigh-Klein says:

    OMG, skinny black ties are so over. * gags *

  9. Kitty says:

    I think no one is talking about their split because who really cares lol

  10. Sparkly says:

    I can’t even understand why they would fake marry. I mean, I get him hitching his star to Aniston’s. I never knew his name or douchey face before they were dating, and he’s gotten tons of roles and press for it. But what did she get out of it? Mocked because Edgy McUser lived separately the whole time, he isn’t even remotely attractive, and now everyone knows it was a fake wedding. I fail to see how she got anything out of this, and he’s super famous now. Did he truly get her to love him, because I find that harder to believe than a fake relationship.

    • Tiffany says:

      I honestly think it was vanity. There were questions as to why the long engagement and no talk of moving forward with a marriage. The announcement, the rollout of the the ring, the finally quiet talk of his relationship with Heidi and then, radio silence on an actual wedding.

      I see why they went through with a wedding.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      LOL that is honestly what I wonder.

      He had more connections and insider friends than her i.e. Jimmy Kimmel, RDJ, Amy Sedaris, Ben Stiller, etc…but it seems like he needed her to get traction. He signed on to CAA literally 2 seconds after they were officially together.

      She seemed to be grossed out by 90% of his hobbies, and barely set foot in NYC, so I just wonder what went on there. The only thing I can see they have in common is both like dogs…..

    • stinky says:

      “Edgy McUser”
      im weak!

  11. mela says:

    play on playa

  12. MaryRose says:

    Money honey. They couldn’t agree on the prenup. He probably played chicken with her in the days leading up to the wedding, and she didn’t blink. There were rumors he wanted a piece of Friends, which was to be syndicated again just after the marriage, and Jen said no no no.

    • tracking says:

      This is my theory, too. Couldn’t come to terms on the pre-nup, so just never filed the paperwork. I remember at the time thinking the language about their “arduous” pre-nup talks was weird. And also that that should have been a major red flag for Aniston. I may be in the minority, but I think she genuinely loved him and wanted a commitment, but perhaps was ultimately smart about her fortune.

      • minx says:

        I think she loved him too. I think he liked her.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “I think she genuinely loved him and wanted a commitment, but perhaps was ultimately smart about her fortune.”

        yeah, this is how I read it, too. I think they planned to make it legal but never did due to haggling over $$$. what I don’t understand is why some folks are so OMG PERSONALLY OFFENDED that they’d have a commitment ceremony but not file paperwork. like, do people feel like they were somehow defrauded? I mean, I just don’t care that much.

      • Sparkly says:

        Ah, now that makes a little more sense to me.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @minx Agreed.

        I don’t think most people are offended but wonder if that was the case why not say so. It is just curious to me.

    • Jane says:

      I agree with all of your comments! I think this all makes sense.

    • Ladiabla says:

      If that’s true he is an absolute dirtbag. He had zero to do with Friends (to my knowledge) and shouldn’t receive one red cent of her syndication money. I agree that the smartest thing she did was to NOT marry his using ass.

  13. KB says:

    If they had sold wedding photos or done an exclusive interview about their wedding it would probably be a bigger story. They never released any pictures, we just had grainy helicopter shots of some tables. We were never really “invited in” so to speak, so I don’t think anyone feels defrauded by it.

  14. Leapin' Lizards! says:

    If they never were married then we’ve all been punk’d. I like that.

    • Nancy says:

      Love it! All the conspiracy theories, did they, didn’t they, he didn’t love her, she loved him, yada yada and the whole time WE WERE PUNKED. That would be awesome! (I remember reading JFK, Jr. led the paps to believe he wasn’t getting married….then boom, they go off to a little church and got married in the solitude of a no helicopter zone)! Sometimes you have to plan to get a little privacy or at least to keep people guessing.

  15. Slowsnow says:

    From what I see here the only people interested in the – fake or not – marriage are about 20 celebitches. Who cares says the rest of the planet 😉

    The two segments were actually pretty funny, especially when Theroux says that he trains with a woman named Claire and that he is scared of her. I think he is a bit of a name dropper (the Queer Eye guys) but also a sincerely contemporary, modern non-alpha male guy.

    Which makes him sexy to me. The bit of the movie we saw reminded me of how hot he was in The Leftovers. Moreover, it sparked my curiosity.

    Also, when he says that he just liked playing a spy for a film and that’s it, I do believe him. He seems to genuinely try to find diversity and uniqueness in his roles and good for him.

    I hope we drop this “Aniston/Theroux: married or not” narrative. It was effective, no one cares anymore.

    • Skylark says:

      I like him too and couldn’t care less about all the ‘married not married’ noise. He’s funny, he’s engaged and engaging, and he’s besties with Amy Sedaris. That’s more than enough for me.

  16. Pandy says:

    Kimmel and his wife vacationed in Cabo (pre kids) with JA and JT – a lot. Of course he won’t ask any difficult questions! Would he anyway?? And I was semi interested in this rip off of Melissa McCarthy’s SPY .,… but not with him in it.

  17. Joannie says:

    I like him and his divorce is no one’s business.

  18. megan says:

    What a stupid and mercenary proposition. Why would he talk about his divorce? Why would anybody – in a public setting?

  19. Brittany says:

    I get that ‘bitchy’ is in the name here but sometimes I want to tell people to take a Xanax and maybe NOT click on any threads pertaining to JA. The level of venom directed at her (or Justin) is kinda…creepy. Save that hatred for people like Harry Weinstein or Bill Cobsy. They deserve it.

  20. AmunetMaat says:

    Just the other day I bought up how JustJen must not have been married legally because they have not officially separated or started divorce proceedings. I used them as an example of people who get married “spiritual” or ceremonial reasons but without the legality. Any mak whoodle, when watching ads for that movie I remarked how cute/hot the spy is and had NO IDEA it was Justin, like none.