Jennifer Lopez celebrates her 49th birthday at the beach

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I really admire Jennifer Lopez’s commitment to working hard to get results. It’s pretty obvious that her workouts are, well, working, because she looks amazing.

Jennifer showed off her efforts in a series of photos commemorating her birthday week celebration, as she turned 49 on Tuesday. Jennifer and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez took their kids, her twins Max and Emme and his daughters Ella and Natash,a to the Bahamas for a beach-themed birthday.

The singer showed off her curves and rock-hard abs in a barely-there black bikini, surrounded by friends and family and clothing a bottle of champagne. She captioned the shot, “Current birthday situation…yup.”

Current birthday situation… yup

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Alex also shared photos of his bikini-clad girlfriend and wished her the best on her 49th, writing, “For someone who has been about giving everything she has 365 days a year—to our children, our families, the world—I hope today, we can give you all the happiness you deserve.”

The Lo-Rez clan celebrated Jennifer’s birthday, as well as Alex’s, who turns 43 on Friday, at a beachfront home. A source told E! News that the family spent their first day there frolicking in the surf and making sand castles. The source noted that, “The kids are all very good friends and love hanging out together. They were running around playing games and splashing in the water.”

While the kids were at play, Jennifer and Alex got to enjoy some relaxation and “alone time.” According to E!, they took lots of photos and “loved being outside and strolling along the beach.” After the sun set, “They just listened to the waves as a family and then went right inside their house for dinner.”

Jennifer shared some photos from her birthday evening celebration, “a small gathering with the kids and some family and a couple of close friends,” on Instagram and thanked her fans for their well wishes.

So believe it or not I’m just waking up from my birthday celebration last night. It was a small gathering with the kids and some family and a couple of close friends… the day and night was filled with lots of laughter, tears and of course dancing…:) I wanted to write all of you bc I was so delighted and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and birthday wishes you all sent to me yesterday!! I felt soooo incredibly moved and blessed to have you all in my life… thank you to everyone who put together birthday collages, videos and sent bday wishes!! What a lucky girl I am to have such loyal and loving fans and followers… I want you to know I never take any of you for granted I am eternally grateful to ALL of you!! I hope I can always continue to entertain, inspire and share everything I learn with you in every way I can!! Honestly that is the biggest birthday gift God has ever given me!! I love you forever… Jennifer Here are a few pics from the day!!! Have a beautiful one! 😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️🎂🎂🔥🔥

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I’d say I’d like to rock a bikini like Jennifer does when I turn 49, but that big day already happened for me, so now I’ve got something to strive for when I hit the mid-century mark next April. Happy Birthday, Jennifer.

Birthday girl 🎉

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Sultry Jennifer Lopez dines with beau Alex Rodriguez in a short red dress

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  1. Alexandria says:

    Love that huge smile on her face in the sea. I don’t think she’s wearing makeup there. Gorgeous. So please stop those open mouth poses on the red carpet…

    • Esmom says:

      I came here to say the same thing, she looks adorable there and so youthful. Her fierce faces for the camera are so ridiculous.

      It’s great that she’s happy but ARod grosses me out to no end.

      • tracking says:

        I get more of a business arrangement than love match vibe from this relationship. She seemed happier with that dumb “bear” guy.

    • Erinn says:

      That is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen her look. She looks absolutely overjoyed and it’s such a sweet photo.

      I’d also kill for my skin to look as good as hers does at 28 let alone 49.

      • Mel M says:

        I said the same thing! When I first saw this pic I thought it was an old one of her, she looks so youthful. Her skin is absolutely amazing and I am just straight up jealous of it. You go J. Lo.

      • nicole says:

        I am not a jlo fan, but she does have amazing skin, and looks so young when she doesnt wear heavy makeup.

    • Beth says:

      Yes! She’s gorgeous and looks great with a natural smile, not her fake, trying to look sexy and mysterious, facial expressions

    • JeanGrey says:

      Yep! I’ve always said this. Her red carpet open mouth “sultry” look actually ages her and makes her facial features look more harsh. When she smiles, she looks beautiful and youthful. It totally changes her face.

  2. Jag says:

    Man, she looks incredible! I’m her age and she’s my goals. lol

    Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

  3. SM says:

    My God, she looks insane. And i mean that as a compliment.

    • Eleonor says:

      What I really find impressive is that she doesn’t look like she is starving herself, you can see her body looks like that because she must exercise a lot. she looks strong and healthy.

      • damejudi says:

        Absolutely. JL looks like she’s positively glowing with good health and happiness. She looks (insanely) fit and feminine at the same time.



      • ttu says:

        You won’t get those muscles by starving yourself. You need to eat *more* than your body need to build muscle.

      • Sherry says:

        Isn’t she vegan? Whatever she’s doing, she looks incredible! The smiling photo in the water is unbelievable. She looks 20 years younger than she is!

    • Lilly says:

      Yes. Wow! She really has a strong work ethic on all sides of her profession.

  4. tracking says:

    She has unbelievable skin, would love to know her regimen.

  5. Snazzy says:

    She looks so amazing. Her hard work and focus are definitely in the lifegoals territory.
    Anyone ever notice how he looks like a nutjob when he smiles? Like a total psycho. He needs to work on that

  6. Hazel says:

    Seriously 49? That beach pic doesn’t look Photoshopped nor does she appear to have makeup on. Has she found the fountain of youth? Deal with the devil? Details please J Lo!

  7. Eleonor says:

    Seen her abs and immediately renounced to my chocolate. After the job I’ll go running!
    I think she has great genes and she really works hard.
    Happy Birthday!

  8. Neva_D says:

    (One of the tags is “Alex Gonzalez”, I think you meant Alex Rodriguez.)

    She looks phenomenal! I would kill for abs like that!

  9. OSTONE says:

    She is beautiful! Radiates joy and looks way better than your typical 20-something year old! Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

  10. ellebee says:

    DAMMIT JENNIFER I’m eating cake for breakfast :/

  11. Meg says:

    She looks great and she knows it.

  12. fortune100 says:

    20-year-olds don’t look as beautiful and fit as her. She is gorgeous!

  13. Iknow says:

    J.Lo looks beyond amazing. I always remind people that she is a woman of color so her skin will age differently. But no amount of color gives a person what she has. She looks healthy and vibrant. She works hard for her body. I am not the biggest fan of hers, but I have to give her major respect for taking such care of herself. and she looks very happy with Alex. They make so much sense as a couple. They seem like they are interested in the same things. Good for them.

  14. Barrett says:

    Wow she looks 18 in that 1 photo. She is genetically blessed and works out like a fiend. She looks fantastic but I try to remind myself for us normal poor people that all the celebrities do lasers and facials. I went to my dermatologist last week and was floored by the options, technology, and $.

    It’s like she’s taking her genetic lottery to the next level. I also saw in movie mother in law w Jane Fonda and in it she had forehead facial movements but not when she was on American idol. Her forehead was frozen. I think depending on her role she does sometimes do filler. Like less when she was on that cop show.

    Again just so us regular people can level set our lives versus celebrities.

    • tracking says:

      I think she botoxes a bit, but never overdoes it (that I’ve noticed). Her derm is excellent.

  15. Sage says:

    She looks amazing.

  16. Rhys says:

    I feel like Jlo is one of those celebrities who were truly made for it. She obviously enjoys the attention and craves more. Celebrity is her drug. There’s never been any of “don’t look at me, I’m a person too and have a right to have a bad day.” Always a huge smile on her face on every photo. Always talks about her private life with anyone who will listen. Can you imagine Jlo going to rehab because she cants stand being so famous ? So lucky to have chosen the right career.

  17. Angie says:

    Good lord she’s stunning! One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood I think .

  18. a reader says:

    I love that she posted a photo of herself chowing down on actual cake!! Take notes, Giselle! LOL

  19. Biting Panda says:


    That is all.

  20. DiegoInSF says:

    I’ve actually started using her daily affirmations (I am youthful and timeless) because clearly they work. Also people, wear sunscreen everyday. Happy (belated) bday, JLo!

  21. Anilehcim says:

    *immediately googles JLo’s lifestyle tips/tricks/diet/workout routine* because GAH DAMN! She looks incredible

  22. guilty pleasures says:

    All respect to this woman! She seems like a hard working, fun loving, awesome gal I’d love to be besties with. She is adorable in World of Dance, she call everyone ‘baby,’ and it sounds truly affectionate. Happy bday pretty lady!

  23. Sorella says:

    She looks younger without makeup!!! I have to say, with the makeup she is looking more her age in some pics, bit rougher (as I’m sure some of her pics have soft filters), but with makeup she looks much older. Her body is great always has been. But I hate to say it, she will age regardless of how she looks and I always think she thinks she will be a unicorn forever, but time will catch up with her as well, no matter how good she looks.!

  24. TaniaOG says:

    Her work ethic and discipline is incredible. Amazing.

  25. Jane says:

    Well , I’m officially depressed for the rest if the day after seeing this.

  26. So says:

    Wait… She’s 6 years OLDER than ARod ?? She looks 15 years younger than him.