Beyonce reveals twins Rumi & Sir in new photos from their yacht-life vacation

Filming Italy Sardegna Festival - Day 2- Arrivals

Every year, Beyonce and Jay-Z schedule their summers very carefully, even when they’re in the middle of a tour. Right now, they’re in the middle of their On the Run II Tour and promoting their joint album. But they still managed to slip away for weeks to spend time on a yacht in the Mediterranean. The Carters do love spending time in Europe, and they love a good yacht vacation. It’s worth noting that the Carters are back stateside for OTRII, but Beyonce is still thinking about the #YachtLyfe. Which is why she posted some photos on her website from the vacation. And now we have the most recent photos of Rumi and Sir and Blue Ivy!

The photo of Rumi and Sir is especially notable because it feels like we never really see the twins. It was that way when Blue was really little too – we really didn’t see her *that* much, and then when she got old enough to walk and take her rightful place front row at fashion shows and awards shows, then we saw more of her. I’m expecting the same of Rumi and Sir – once they get old enough, they’ll be pulling up to the Grammys too. Apparently, Rumi is the one on the right, and Sir is the one looking down on the left. They are both clearly Jay-Z’s babies, much like Blue. Jay has some strong genes! Blue is amazing too.

There are still rumors going around that Beyonce is pregnant again. At this point, I kind of think we need to just stop trying to get all up in Bey’s womb. Granted, I thought she looked pregnant a month ago too, but nowadays I think she just gets a little bit bloated. Even deities find it difficult to lose weight in their midsection after a certain age too.


Filming Italy Sardegna Festival - Day 2- Arrivals

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  1. Meg says:

    I think Blue is so cute. She looks like a mix of Bey and J

  2. Babs says:

    So so precious. Aaaw, babies. What a beautiful family.
    I feel for Bey because I was pregnant at the same time (my son was born in july 2017) and one year later people congratulate me relentlessly except I am not pregnant, just still fat, but thank you for ruining my day. I couldn’t be Beyoncé and being scrutinized like that by the whole world. The woman is 36 and had twins last year ffs, leave her alone.
    I saw them in Paris and they put on a great show. It was the best summer night. Keep on Carters.

    • Millenial says:

      Pregnant currently and I get comments constantly about the state of my belly. How do people not know to never comment on a woman’s belly?!

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        It’s a very strange phenomenon. Each pregnancy was a magnet for unsolicited wonder, speculation, assumption, incredulity, counsel and full on petting. It’s bizarre how people insinuate themselves into strangers’ pregnancies.

      • Guest says:

        pregnancy is exciting because….new life!! I don’t think it’s the belly they are commenting on, i think it’s the fact of ‘welcome to the club’ and ‘your life will never be the same’ etc. So i don’t think the commenting on a woman’s belly during pregnancy is meant in any harmful, mean-spirited way unless you’re B or someone else famous. The only comment that bugged me was from a man “now we know you do IT’ I thought gross and invasive. All the other comments brought joy and excitement, so I forgave. My son is 35 in September and I’m still trying to lose the baby weight. I decided instead to love the body I’m in and am a much happier person for it.

      • LadyT says:

        I’m not ever going to comment on a belly because I know it offends some people. But I will say this- it did not bother me in the least when people commented or even touched mine. They were happy with me and for me and were reminded of a joyful memory in their own lives. Even when a lady assumed I was due momentarily when in fact I had months to ago, we had a good laugh together over it. I had a janitor pat my belly in an elevator and comment on that “fine boy.” I said no, ultrasound says this is a girl. Guess who was right?!

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        I agree with you gals. I forgave…even those asking if I was having twins lol. I’m a very ‘tall’ five feet, and pregnancy consumed my body morphing me into beached whales. I had ALL the symptoms, and by the six and seven months, I was on bed rest. Except for the last — I was dancing to Madonna’s “Hung Up” being prepped for a C and only gained 30 pounds lol. I didn’t, however, appreciate stranger’s hands on my belly.

      • Millenial says:

        I think for me it’s more the expectation that I’m always willing to talk about being pregnant. There’s this moment where people look at you, look at your belly, and they realize they have something to talk to you about and it doesn’t have to be small talk about the weather or whatever. But sometimes it’s exhausting to have to be “on” and willing to chat about your body/your pregnancy with every coworker in the break room or cashier at the grocery store. Even a simple “How are you feeling?” involves a bit of emotional labor on my part. Because, actually, I feel like crap and my back hurts and I have to pee, but sure, I’ll smile and say “great.”

      • Congrats, millennial! My son and his girlfriend are having a baby in January and I’m so excited! I just got her a pregnancy pillow today to help with the aches and pains. Good luck with everything.

    • M says:

      Same here! I’m 40 and had baby no 2 last Sept and can’t wear dresses at all this summer or I get asked when I’m due 😞 it’s hard to lose it as you get older.

    • AmunetMaat says:

      Yes to all of this Babs. I gave birth in May 2017. My already big hips became wider and my small stomach pouch got bigger. My new body shifted my whole world (types and style of clothes are different from what I was used to wearing) and a year later I haven’t lost the weight. I’m 35 and just some things are harder to do now, like work out all day.

      • Guest says:

        Your marsupial pouch? Where you carried your babe? That’s how a friend described it to me when I complained I never got my old body back. My ribs never shrunk back to pre-preggers ‘normal’. My belly never was flat, but it seemed to hang differently. When she called it my marsupial pouch, I LOL’d and we’ve been calling it that ever since!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      as I’ve heard a few people say, you NEVER ask a woman if she’s preggo, when she’s due, etc.

      unless there is an actual baby coming out of her at that moment, or she’s announced that she’s preggo…just SHUT IT.

    • Nat says:

      Five months after giving birth to my baby boy, my mum died and as she lived in a different country, and my boy was still tiny, I didn’t take him to the funeral. My hubby stayed at home with him.
      After the funeral, when I was crying at her grave (just wanted to let it all out), my mum’s friend came up to me, touched my belly and said “congratulations!” – I still remember it 2 years after the incident. It was so embarrassing and so judgemental.
      I was there crying my eyes out and all she could say was that my belly was big!
      I say leave Bey alone — for some of us it’s hard to bounce back or maybe even we won’t be the same again but enough with the pregnancy rumours simply because you’re a bit bigger than normally….

    • minx says:

      My oldest is 26. My waist has never been the same, and that’s okay.

  3. Patricia says:

    They are so sweet! Babies that age are such a joy. I can’t imagine having twins though, that’s really challenging. But I’m sure the carters have plenty of help so they can just really enjoy this time with their sweet babes.

  4. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Cute babies. One more outgoing, the other quieter- my twins are the same.

  5. Sir (yikes, that name) is the image of his Daddy. That mommy daughter pic is so beautiful , props to anyone that looks that good on a boat. I frizz and my make up melts off if I look at a postcard of the ocean.
    They both have connections to the number 4 so another baby wouldn’t surprise.

  6. OriginalRose says:

    Bey is holding water bomb balloons in that first pic, it’s about to go down!

  7. ellebee says:

    Sir looks like Juelz (Solange’s son) but Tina has said that his personality is very Jay-Z (serious) whereas Rumi is a happy smiley baby. Bey isn’t preggers, in several on the pics she’s drinking wine.

    Blue is tooo cute with her little self

  8. Huh says:

    Can’t hate on her for the mid section spread. Even with massive weight loss my mid ain’t what it was in my twenties

    • Jan90067 says:

      I weigh less now than I did in my late 20s/30s… and yet my waistline is 3″ larger! Welcome to middle-aged spread! It’s real (dammit!) lol. No matter WHAT I do, it won’t budge. I used to have such a small waist ratio (always had to have pants taken in at the waist), and now… nope! Now I’m more of a dented rectangle instead of an hourglass 😝 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Beyonce once posted a pic of herself as a baby and she was the spitting age of Blue. So I think we all look at Blue and see Jay but she has her mother’s face when she was little as well. She’s a mix of both. It looks the same with the twins.

  10. smcollins says:

    Super cute! And Blue Ivy is getting so big!

  11. Mo' Comments Mo' Problems says:

    Rumi just looks like Bey when she was a baby! It’s like Beyonce gave birth to herself.

    Do we know who the older twin is?

  12. Bc says:

    Oh my goodness! I can’t deal with the cuteness overload!!! I want twins now!!! Too cute, my heart is melting with all this adorable baby pics. What a beautiful family, wow wow wow. Those twins are just too cute, Blue and Hey in that last pic! Crying! Just too cute!

  13. magnoliarose says:

    Very sweet. Beyonce looks very pleased with her little pudgy dumplings. I like that we see their personalities shine through.