VF: Prince Harry is keen to help Meghan avoid (over)exposure in the media

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wears a pale pink trench dress by House of Nonie as she visits the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition at the Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall in London with husband Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex probably won’t be seen in public until September. It will be the longest we’ve gone without seeing them in something like nine months. Meghan was introduced to public life at a quick – some would say fast-tracked – pace once the engagement was finally announced late last year. She began making public appearances with Harry almost immediately, and that didn’t stop in the first months of their marriage either. I’ve enjoyed that, especially since the only recent comparison we have is the Duchess of Cambridge’s first years of marriage, when she was hidden away at Anglesey for what felt like months at a time.

As everyone has been saying, it’s not shocking or even notable that Harry and Meghan are taking the month of August off. Almost everyone in the British royal family does the same. But Katie Nicholl has a theory! Or rather, her sources have a theory! The theory is that Harry wants Meghan to take a step back a little bit and not be quite so famous and popular. You can read Nicholl’s Vanity Fair exclusive here.

They are keen to take a break from the spotlight, spending time in the countryside: “They spend a lot of time in the Cotswolds, more than people realize. They are in the country way more than they are in London and they are enjoying a low-key and very domesticated start to married life,” says one of their friends. “Harry’s not around that much anymore. Meghan likes him to keep his diary clear at the weekends so they can be together in the countryside.”

Harry still hates the press: At the Sentebale Polo Cup in Windsor last week, the couple were so keen not to be photographed at a lunch ahead of the match that a screen separating them from the adjacent media pen was erected. “It was quite clear that they didn’t want the press anywhere near them,” says one photographer who asked not to be named. “They were photographed on the red carpet and at the end of the match, but they wanted to be left alone the rest of the time even though this was a major charity event for Harry with a big international press presence.” When Harry did come face-to-face with the media, he sent the ball hurtling into the press pen and it nearly struck one of the many security officers patrolling the grounds. Harry apologized, joking he wanted to give the photographers a good shot, but it rubbed some photographers the wrong way.

Harry worries that Meghan is overexposed? “He worries there is too much hysteria around Meghan and he wants to row back a bit,” reveals a source. According to the Daily Express’s royal correspondent Richard Palmer, Meghan, a former actress and a pro when it comes to working the red carpet, is becoming increasingly inaccessible. “Royal rota journalists are being kept further away from [Meghan] than we were before the wedding That means we can’t hear what she is saying. If you can’t get direct quotes from members of the royal family that often makes for dull stories. You go up afterwards and ask what she said.”

Royal editor Camilla Tominey on how Thomas Markle has upset the Sussexes: “Harry has certainly built an emotional fortress around himself and Meghan. They have both been extremely upset by Thomas Markle’s behavior and that of Meghan’s half sister, Samantha, and other relatives speaking out to the press. If the royals value one quality in others more than anything else then it is loyalty, and the couple will feel very let down by what’s happened. The princes are both very private people and have tried their best to keep the press at bay ever since their mother’s death. They are extremely protective of their wives and families and will do anything to avoid a repeat of the 80s and 90s when they felt that Princess Diana was hounded.”

[From Vanity Fair]

I read Richard Palmer’s thread, which Nicholl used – you can read it here. It was Palmer talking about a lot of different things related to how the British media has treated Meghan and how she and Harry seem to be more cautious and jumpy about the press now. I left that thread feeling like… well, what do royal reporters expect, really? The British tabloid coverage of Meghan and her family has been appalling and racist. Of course there’s going to be a phase where she doesn’t trust the British media to give her a fair shake about anything. The media has earned that distrust.

And once again, the comparison has to be made: Kate was allowed ample time to adjust to her role – even though she’d dated William for a decade and seen the life up close – without the constant “she hasn’t talked within earshot of a journalist in WEEKS” angst. In any case, I tend to believe this is just a filler story because everyone knows Harry and Meghan will be gone from public eye for a month.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Ireland - Day 2

Sussex Ireland day 2

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. abba says:

    I mean William has been MIA for three weeks now and nobody cares. His one engagement next week won’t change that fact that by September he will have had almost 2 months off.

    • Eliza says:

      I thought they were all in mystique on vacation.

    • Nic919 says:

      And yet William is supposed to be considered full time. Meanwhile Charles and Anne were plugging away while William was on holidays. He’s heir to the heir and needs to really get going. Charles has about 500 engagements a year and William is unlikely to even hit 200.

    • Jan90i067 says:

      Thing is, everyone knows the BRF pretty much shuts down for Aug. and much of Sept., so no, I don’t think they’re “going into hiding”. That’s just BS.

      Also, Meg and Harry will be in France on the 8th for some war memorial (can’t remember the name of it, sorry!). I think that will be it till late Sept. at the earliest.

      • nonnon says:

        No harry and meghan will not be in france on the 8th. William will be. Tabloids thought harry and meghan were going but they were wrong.

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        We’re into silly season, though. As nothing of note is taking place, fantastical claims are being fabricated by Fleet Street hacks with nothing better to do before the pubs open.

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    This is the press taking passive aggressive jibes at them, the Royals are usually out of the public eye for August and most of Sept, except for a very rare occasion. The press can whine all they like but they have not been nice to Meghan, Kate got a better ride when she got married and am not sure its because she married the heirs heir.

    Plus I think they are being extra cautious as anything Meghan says will be jumped upon by Daddy Dearest and the vile stepsister.

    • nonnon says:

      Kate got a better ride….. LOL. Kate has had 7 years before marriage (and not ten years like stated above in the article) with british tabloids writing shIt about her and her family. Papparazi following her everywhere. Harassing her. So after marriage they let up some but not much. There were still plenty of hatefull articles from the media.

      • lobbit says:

        Yeah, Kate didn’t have to deal with racism – and a father and sister willing to trash her for money–that alone makes for a much better ride.

      • Becks1 says:

        And I don’t recall many (any?) stories post-wedding about Kate “breaking protocol.” If there were, they were with the slant of “Kate is modernizing the royal family” and “changing it for the better” etc. Post wedding the coverage of Kate shifted dramatically (to being almost overly positive and super hung up on the Diana references) and although – as we discussed yesterday – their lack of work ethic was starting to turn the press against them – that has also shifted back.

      • FLORC says:

        Kate got a great ride. The press was incredibly sympathetic to her and painted william as a cheater and teaser. Leading on naive kate while she waited out her 20s/best years for him to propose. That was the longest running and most popular narrative. If she got bad press in the dating years it was mild and sparse.

        As far as paps following her… she had a deal with 1 and actively engaged them. Few had impossible details and locations that could only come from within the households. And we know kate was only right with her immediate family regarding that.

        Kate knew the pap game with Carole and they played it very well. It’s stated as a compliment.

        And to the comparisons. What kate got of negative was criticisms with heavy defense of her actions or lack of work ethic. She was protected. Meghan is getting full on attacked by her family and modern day racists on top of being the spare’s wife expected junk.

        Kate got a walk. And she didnt make it easy, but she was still sheltered. Meghan has put no wrong foot forward so far and gets torn up.

      • Litiel says:

        The press was vicious to Kate. Her poor mum was critisized for using a non posh word and the restless chewing gum story. Her whole family was being under the microscope. Kate was also the waity katy for years, the press called her that so yeah, i wouldn’t say she had it better. Actually not at all. She didn’t get a magazine cover of VF and she never spoke to the press directly. Yet it must have been hell. So i’m happy that it worked for her.

      • FLORC says:

        The gum chewing. The asking for the toilet. The doors to manual. The shopping for discount clothes. Those stories were carried heavier by comments on blogs than press. And they were only revived to claim there was rampant hate. It’s all spin and rewriting history. Those were not only mild articles that hit dead ends in publications. They were spun to be sympathetic in major press.

        Negative stories for kate post wedding were rare. And if anyone questioned why she was not choosing patronages. Or not wearing underwear with short skirts it was quickly defended.
        Keeping in mind the criticisms only came because she and her press hyped her as hot the ground running most prepared royal bride ever. Then people questioned it. That was the worst criticism the press came at her with post wedding. It snowballed from there.

      • magnoliarose says:


        Agreed. I have no idea why some want to deny racism has played a role but they do. Kate didn’t have a free ride but she was given a lot more goodwill. Classicism, nativism and sexism play roles too. I also think the fact that Harry being so popular as a bachelor that whoever he married was going to have a harder time anyway.

        Meghan was an American actress so it makes sense she would be on VF. Diana was but then she was Diana so…

      • FLORC says:

        Huge YES!
        Theres a lot stacked against Meghan. And it’s not because of the individual she is. It’s fueled by appearance and statuses.

        Theres a lot of passive racism at play. A lot of judgement by association with her family. She is her own person and not the sum of these negative aspects.

        I’ll be in Line to call her out here if she slips up. She hasn’t yet. She’s worked. Presented herself well. Remained stoic in the drama tossed her way so far. Better than most.
        And this harry attack feels like it’s less about hi. And more about meghan’s influence on him. A back door attack.
        I’m pretty fed up. Why can’t it just be the rise of a woman than didnt come from any 1 box. Educated. Works. Charitable. And did it for herself. Not chasing down her MRS.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Agreed again. For the very reasons you stated-educated, works, charitable, self-made and not chasing a man-are the reasons I like her. I can’t relate to getting an identity through a man or making marriage and children a number one goal. Some women do that and that is their choice but it isn’t something I can personally relate to.
        When she does something worthy of criticism then like you I will say something. So far all the attacks on her are for her simply existing. Because she is such a click boon and moneymaker for the press she is going to be used and abused. She will never get a fair shake so I hope for her sake she wins by living her happiest life possible.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        @magnoliarose—well said, and I agree 100%.

      • FLORC says:

        I think for all the reasons she has been criticized are all the same reasons she will thrive. Has thrived. It’s formed her into what she is. Driven. Compassionate. Well spoken.

    • Iamfrench says:

      Litiel,are you comparing that to racism?

    • InquisitiveNewt says:

      Nicer? You recall the French paparazzo with the long-range lens taking and selling topless photos of the Duchess, which were reported salaciously in every redtop before gagging orders fell into place? The endless backhand snarks re her lack of career, her passive Waity Katie moniker, the gibes about her appearance, her Doors to Manual mother etc?

      • Lizabeth says:

        Well, Kate didn’t have a career. That’s a fact @Inquisitivenewt. She had a part-time job for a few months but left that reportedly to have more free time. Claims were made she worked for her parents’ business but in an interview, Pippa couldn’t say what she did. And didn’t the “doors to manual” and “mattress” jibe come from William’s friends, people he’s still friends with today? But given all that–Waity Katie moniker, no job, being papped drunk at London clubs during breakups…it still doesn’t equal the pure venom aimed at Meghan. If all we saw aimed at Meghan had to do with her career along with a rude nickname, maybe things would be equal. But we all know Meghan has faced much worse from the British press.

      • nonnon says:

        Maybe pippa didn’t want to tell media what kate at her parents company did or didn’t do to protect her privacy. Ever think of that. Her mother said that kate was behind their one year birthday line in a press release about their company last year or year before that. Doors to manual/matress came from the media. Media said friends or Protection officers said it. Or their so called royal sources. If you believe that LOL It all came from the media.

        And sorry but yes it equals the venom aimed at meghan and for much longer. Meghan never had to content with papz outside her house for years on end, outside her work, outside bars. Yelling all kinds abuse at her from slag to whore. Hacking her phone and then later private voicemails read in court. Harassing her family for eight years during their dating years (and they continued after marriage). Topless pictures of france went over the world. When Meghan’s topless pictures and video came out last year the media went on radiosilence. Not a peep. Etc etc. They just had different forms. Meghan racism and Kate classism. And both sexism.

      • Lady D says:

        “doors to manual” flung at her. I know the phrase is supposed to be a slur, but please, what does it mean? I’ve been reading it since Carole Middleton arrived on the scene.

      • nonnon says:

        @Lady D. It refers to carole middleton being a flight attendant before she started her own company.

      • magnoliarose says:

        No, it doesn’t nonnon. Meghan faces classicism, nativism, sexism, AND racism. Kate faced classicism and sexism. It is all bad but to say it has been equal is false. Racism is far worse than all of those things combined. For all of the obvious historical reasons and what we are going through now.
        A person can outwardly change class, citizenship, and gender but can never change their race. They can never even that playing field.

      • Lizabeth says:

        No I didn’t think that if Kate had a PP job it was a secret job @Nonnon. Pippa was asked–at an interview she sought–about something that had occurred a few years before the interview so I don’t buy it was a privacy concern and find that whole argument lacking in credibility. If it was so secret (commercial espionage over party stuff? Hmm) clearly the family would have thought to have a cover story. Nope, just not buying it. And if the worst people can say about Kate is she wasted her 20s mostly unemployed waiting around for Will to finish sowing his wild oats, big deal.

        I don’t see how anyone can seriously argue Kate had it worse than Meghan has. The only aspect that made it at all a contest in terms of bad press was that W&K had a protracted romance over many years complete with a breakup where Will jumped on a nightclub table professing “Free at last!” He was also photographed with other women when he and Kate were dating. Harry and Meghan had a shorter romance and managed to stay under the radar for part of it. But that’s hardly the fault of the press.

        I don’t doubt some people said Kate was unattractive or even ugly. I never read those things but just about any woman in the public eye has been called unattractive by somebody. Still, that’s different from comments about appearance that clearly relate to racism.

        One thing both women have faced is class prejudice. But the version Kate faced wasn’t also laced with racism and xenophobia.

        Finally, I’m not sure why Kate fans who complain about her treatment while she and Will dated would feel disappointed more wasn’t made of Meghan’s “racy” roles. Why would she or should she be attacked for that? It wasn’t hard-core porn, after all. Men’s Health magazine isn’t Playboy!. And why wish perceived bad treatment Kate received on anyone else? The French photos were an invasion of privacy but for any woman, going topless outdoors is a risk as is engaging in “marital acts” outdoors. Most women know that. And in some ways, the most embarrassing thing about that entire situation was that it had been announced W&K couldn’t attend a work event because they were busy “preparing for an upcoming tour.”

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        @Lizabeth Oh, I know that the avalanche of abuse and spite aimed at Kate, though it aimed to destroy her confidence and happiness, can’t begin to compare with the horrific claims, statements and slurs aimed at Meghan. The level of venom actually makes me feel nauseous. I’m made progressively more so by the realisation that Kate has been canonised, and is receiving so much adulation amongst these hateful posters, because she is seen in their racist imaginations as the “right” colour.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The Doors to Manual story came from the Middleton PR hack not William’s set. They were trying to paint the story that poor little Kate the commoner wasn’t good enough for the evil royals and aristocrats, in one of their many public salvos to gain positive press.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I do think Harry dislikes the press, but I thought the polo ball (whatever its called, ha) being hit at a photographer was a genuine mistake. That just seems dangerous to do on purpose.

    I can see Harry wanting to pull Meghan back a bit. Or Meghan wanting to pull back. It has to be hard to see her being criticized for carrying a hat, wearing sunglasses, wearing pants, sitting the wrong way, standing the wrong way, wearing heels, wearing flats, baring her shoulders, not baring her shoulders, clothes too big, clothes too tight, etc. The press isn’t giving her an inch and while I’m sure they knew that would happen, it still has to be stressful and I’m sure they want a little break.

    And Palmer’s tweets about Meghan not being accessible – if he didn’t tweet the same in 2011 when Kate was in Wales, or if he doesn’t tweet the same every time she goes out and we can NEVER hear anything beyond a prepared remark or two – then he needs to take several seats.

    also color me shocked that a white man is being all “but we don’t have racism in Britain” and “I’m a liberal.”

    • pinkrain says:

      lol, you don’t aim a polo ball right towards the press pack as a mistake… especially since the press back were held back (behind a screen) during their lunch together. Harry is being cautious and aggressive towards the media at the same time.

      • abba says:

        The press was right next to the polo field. He didn’t aim that way, he simply may have overpowered a shot. It happens.

      • FLORC says:

        The press in every publicised sporting event will want to be on the edge. The closest point possible to get the best shot without being on the field, pitch, rink, court, etc…
        And polo is not easy. I’m with the shot was overpowered.
        Because if either william or harry had the skill to nail a journalist or pap or whatever they would have by now.

      • SarahM says:

        If a regular person threw the ball at the press, they would be rightly arrested.
        Harry sounds a lot like Trump in his hatred and avoidance of the press. I have a suggestion for Harry – step aside from the succession and move somewhere where no one cares who you are. But he would have to get a job and that won’t happen.
        This isn’t the 16th century. The royals can’t be inaccessible and retain support from those paying for their lives. The more we learn about Harry, the more he sounds like an entitled brat.

      • FLORC says:

        Harry has taken direct beatings in the press well. He knows how to handle this. If there was a history of him doing the opposite your comment would make sense.
        Reality is harry has been the punching bag spare and is seen as having a far lighter temperament with the press than William. Who is seen as a petulant brat. If anyone should step aside to avoid an outburst at some bad press or criticism on their role as a public servant it’s William. Harry isn’t even very close to the throne anymore. William has 3 children.

    • DizzyLizzy says:

      Palmer HATES Meghan. Go onto his profile and look at his past ‘liked’ tweets about her. There are many he likes where the online hateful crew of resident racist Meg haters tear into her daily. He also regularly converses with them and will block any of the black female Meg fans who disagree with him.

      Palmer is the epitome of a racist. He just lacks the self awareness to see it.

      • Becks1 says:

        @DizzyLizzy – yeah I follow him bc sometimes he has good updates (on tours and such) but his general posts about the royal family are pretty bad. You can definitely tell his opinion on Meghan. I don’t think he’s a big fan of Kate’s either (in the twitter thread Kaiser linked, he makes a comment about how if Meghan stops talking, she’ll be like Kate and the only thing to report on will be her clothes) but his dislike of Meghan is different.

      • lobbit says:

        Yeah, I agree with @Becks1 – Palmer absolutely loathes the entire British Royal Family – his career as a royal correspondent seems masochistic in the extreme. Racism gives his tweets about Meghan an entirely different tone, though. And, as typical for a straight white man, he refuses to acknowledge it.

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        His supporters populate the Duchess of Sussex comment boards on the Daily Fail. Recently, re children – “oh God, they’ll have her original hair and nose” etc etc. I thought that we as a nation were beyond this; but given the Labour Party antisemitism crisis, the writing is on the wall. Desperately worrying and sad.

      • formerly known as amy says:

        @InquisitiveNewt You mean the media manufactured “labour antisemitism crisis”. The media has itself to deal with. Lots of what they say can be easily debunked online. e.g When RP and other’s were pushing that story about MM topless photos being used at Kate’s trial in Paris.
        They have their own agenda and it’s now easier to debunk them.

        Also what writing is on the wall? I kinda don’t follow what you’re trying to say.

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        @FormerlyKnownAsAmy No, I didn’t mean that at all. Having reviewed the considerable amount of evidence available and been on the receiving end of a sizeable number of A/S remarks myself, I know exactly what I mean. I don’t need to have it explained to me. Because I and other British Jews are living it.

      • pinkrain says:

        How worrying and sad that it took Meghan Markle coming onto the scene for you to realise that our nation and press is very much racist and xenophobic. Do you live in a bubble? This has been going on for years. Very concerning that, it took Meghan for people to realise this. white privilege bubble indeed.

      • pinkrain says:


        Wow, just wow. Media Made up the anti Semitism? Why are you even defending Meghan if these are your views? smh

    • InquisitiveNewt says:

      @PINKRAIN You’re quite right. Harry may not be a ten goal, or up there with the Argentinian players who have been rushing around on polo ponies since the age of 3, but he has enough control over the ball not to mis-hit. (Leave that for the nouveaux who think polo will make them classy.) A well aimed shot at the piranhas (which you KNOW would aim the headline “Chukka” at the DoS/Harry if they could get away with it), who have been making his wife’s life hell must be an excellent stress-reliever.

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        @PINKRAIN – oh, may I asked at whom your comment re racism and xenophobia in the media is aimed? Not me, I hope – have been aware of it for decades! Only realisation is just how Overt the popular press is re racist comments and propagandist manipulation of their readers: I cannot recall when the Heil, Express et al have been that open re their hatred. Nor when so called everyday people have been so “honest” about their sociopathic disdain for a beautiful, talented, educated, erudite young woman whose only flaw appears to be ordering dresses one size too large.

      • Veronica T says:

        So you are ok with violence against the press? Good to note.

      • Aotearovian says:

        If it’s true that the press is making Meghan’s life hell – and how would you or I know – she chose it.

  4. Peg says:

    Why do the media want to eavesdrop, when they’re talking to the public, why not use a lip reader, they’re going to lie either way.
    Richard Palmer is throwing another tantrum.
    All the Royals take off in August, why is it Meghan’ and Harry’s job, to give them sound bites.
    The only thing I believe from the source, is Meghan don’t give a crap about anything that scamantha says, on her Twitter she had up a video of the Queen chasing M&H out of the palace, that woman will do anything for a dollar.

    • Missy says:

      I agree. Also, the Meghan haters need to make up their minds. One minute they proudly say she’s irrelevant, inappropriate, not good enough, and will never be Queen. The next minute they are upset because they want to hear all her thoughts about world issues and believe she should outwork everyone in the Royal Family. There’s too much petty and passive-aggressive coverage of Meghan.

  5. Melania says:

    Kate Nicholl seems a fanfiction writer.
    And sure white man Richard Palmer can’t see the racism in the press about Meghan.

    • InquisitiveNewt says:

      Had a conversation recently with a Momentum shill. “There’s no antisemitism in the Labour Party,” said they.
      “Are you Jewish,” I asked.
      “No,” they responded.
      “Well, I am: and I know what antisemitism looks and feels like.”
      “Anecdote is not the plural of data,” quoth they (smugly).
      “If you’re not Jewish and have no idea what antisemitism looks and feels like, how are you qualified to comment on the current crisis?”
      “It’s a conspiracy. There is no antisemitism in the Labour Party,” they stated.
      Same thing, different group. Those contributing to the problem never acknowledge that they ARE the problem.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Inquisitive I have been there and been there and been there. It feels very lonely when I try to point out antisemitism. And it drives me crazy when a non Jewish person tries to lecture me about my own culture and feelings. I want to tell them to take a seat and listen. You do not know more about MY culture than I do and you never will. So zip it.
        That is why I get it when POC get frustrated when white people try to tell them that No it isn’t racist. ??? White privilege means we don’t wake up and think about it or deal with it all day every day for LIFE, therefore, WE ARE NOT EXPERTS. It is very patronizing and arrogant.
        Oh, and the Labour Party is shameful. I have no words for their antisemitic behavior. We have our issues in America but the stuff they have pulled would not have been so easily overlooked or accepted.

      • formerly known as amy says:

        Antisemitism is on the Rise in Britian and so yes there is antisemitism in the labour party as elsewhere. Yes antisemitism is being used as to attack the opposition. This things are both true.

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        @magnoliarose – I concur with everything you say here. I am, also, progressively more frustrated with individuals telling me what I do/should feel, what they consider constitutes antisemitism without living a day in our shoes – and yes, Jewsplanations re our culture is particularly invidious and hideously frustrating. (Had someone tell me, patronisingly, that we hadn’t had an Enlightenment within Judaism. “Really? What is Haskalah then?” I inquired. But they weren’t even discomfitted.) While I also dislike identity politics, I too understand the frustration expressed by people of colour with sentiments such as “they’re too sensitive” or “political correctness gone mad” (or Thomas Markle Sr with his staggering talk of “uppity”). Perhaps that’s why historically we were so massively involved in the US civil rights movement, marched alongside Dr King and risked life and limb during Freedom Summer? The same echo in the bone, that taint of a cultural memory imbued with sadness?
        I find the denial of Corbyn cultists terrifying, actually. We’re only a couple of generations on from HaShoah, yet all the divisive techniques – denial, counter accusations, militancy, Jewsplaining – are being deployed evermore.
        @FormerlyKnownAsAmy – please see this response and that of @MagnoliaRose above – she phrases the debate/dilemma/experience beautifully.

  6. panthro says:

    “He sent the ball hurtling into the press pen and it nearly struck one of the many security officers patrolling the grounds“

    Yup, I saw the shot of the immediate aftermath of Harry yelling at the photog to get out of the way/watch out. I don’t think he meant to really hurt anyone in the pen, but my immediate thought was ‘Damn! He does not play, he really can’t stand them!’ LOL.

    • Peg says:

      He was somewhere else, and they were showing him how to use a bow and arrow, of course he aimed right at the press.

    • SarahM says:

      And that is funny? Would you laugh if William did that!? Trump Jr!?
      Why excuse Harry? He acts worse than Trump to the press.

      • Lobbit says:

        Are you trolling with this Trump line or..?

      • magnoliarose says:


        Yes that person must be because the false equivalency is usually a clue.

      • formerly known as amy says:

        If editors of newspapers had pictures of Trump’s mother bleeding to death, i might be a little sad to his point of view.
        Otherwise you are reaching @SarahM

      • pinkrain says:

        Please don’t use the Diana line like that. These “boys” are now men in their mid 30’s, remember that.

  7. Enough Already says:

    When they’re ready.

  8. Always Lurking says:

    The british tabloids colluded with the trailer park trash called Markles to harrass and bully Meghan.
    For them a WoC is fair game. What a shame!
    Thomas M allowed this and is complicit.

    All these talks about Meghan calling her father is just another way of abusing her. I’m glad Harry is protecting his wife as much as he can.
    Richard P and the rest of the abusers can go f#ck themselves.

    It’s interesting they are whining about Meghan, the wife of the spare and 6th in line. Why not whine about Will and Kate, they are the future king and queen consort. Lmao

  9. Rapunzel says:

    The Royal reporters are just looking for Meghan to say something off-the-cuff to a person so they can hear, quote, and criticize. And they wonder why Harry doesn’t like him?

    Also, interestingly the daily fail has an article today about the Middleton’s cashing in on the Meghan because party pieces now has a banner with the name Megan on it. Because the Middleton’s are so stupid that they’re cashing in on their new relation by misspelling her name on their product. Eyeroll.

    • Peg says:

      Megan is the most common spelling of the name.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Of course it is. But Meghan is not Megan. They are different names. My point was the Mids can’t be using the Meghan connection if they’re spelling the name differently.

    • Olive says:

      Meghan is NOT the Middleton’s “new relation.” She is Kate’s husband’s brother’s wife. Meghan is just an in-law to the Middleton’s in-laws.

  10. pinkrain says:

    let’s hear all the people that constantly moaned about William keeping his family “locked away” from the press and public, with only a few photos, appearances, and blah blah. I bet they’ve changed their tunes now, though. IIRC, the press also moaned about W&K India trip. They didn’t have access to a private part of it so they got bitchy, lol. I always knew Harry was going to double down, even more so than William, when it comes to protecting his wife and family. I guess there are no complaints this time around though, right? Of course not… William and Kate have kept a healthy balance between their private and public lives for this very reason.

    What I don’t understand is the Vanity Fair shoot/interview from last year. If they are now saying they don’t like the coverage/hype surrounding Meghan, why did they feed the media with personal info in the first place? You can’t let them in and then expect the hysteria to die down!
    I think Royals need the press more than the press needs Royal coverage. After all, it’s the media coverage at their events which help put the spotlight on numerous charities and organizations they visit. I guess they’ll have to find a way to keep a happy medium between both parties because it seems a bit selfish to ignore/block the press at these types of events. They are there to highlight these charity events.

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t understand your first paragraph. A lot of the royal reporters did complain about William and Kate being locked away (essentially), as have many people on this blog. are you saying that now its hypocritical to criticize Harry for that while praising William and kate for their privacy? Or that its hypocritical to defend Harry while criticizing W&K?

      • Toot says:

        They’re saying its hypercritical to defend Harry, but criticize W&C.

      • FLORC says:

        I remember those conversations. The complaints came from threats from William to the press. Extravagant costs for renovations on 4 households for privacy to be paid by public funds. 3 of those locations were renovated and did not become primary residences.
        Midds, cottage, kp. Kp was later renovated twice more. The bills were extensive during a time when public service funding was being stripped to pay for royals luxuries. Like a service to assist the differently abled to have transportation to earn their own livings. It became a thorn in the sides.

        Points being William complained and spent and sued anyone that looked at him with a slight side eye. Plus, when he screamed privacy he was often caught vacationing with young blondes. That is a major part of why he was more criticized

      • formerly known as amy says:

        “I think Royals need the press more than the press needs Royal coverage.” This might have been true in the past but with the internet am not sure. Let’s say they need each other.

      • Polly says:

        Wait, William has been caught vacationing with young blondes while he’s been married to Kate? How have I missed that, are there any links to these articles around?

      • Nic919 says:

        The dad dancing ski trip had blondes in the photos. I believe this is the reference.

      • FLORC says:

        The dad dancing. Also, the timeline of when he was said to be at cambridge for his certificate program and while kate had a newly born george. William was at a “hunting trip” that had numerous young, unattached blondes.

        Those get buried here and there, but 1 was a tip off many suspected o ly insiders could be aware of. Like Middleton/kate camp leaked his location. He quickly returned.

    • Lizabeth says:

      I think the “not having access” in India was a big deal for two reasons @pinkrain. 1. The hike to the monastery was an official part of the tour. It was on the published itinerary. The presence of the press is important if tours done by the BRF are to be deemed a success. W&K weren’t on a private self-paid holiday where the press was unfairly intruding. 2. It wasn’t stated the last part of the hike up the mountain would be W&K’s “private romantic time” until the entire press corps and staff including Kate’s hairdresser had hiked 2/3 of the way up the mountain. In the heat. Then it was announced the press could go no farther so there could be no “money shot” at the historic site. This was a planned passive-aggressive action that reflected poorly on W&K.

      • Nic919 says:

        The press aren’t complaining about access to W and K while they are on private time, the India tour was official business and if you compare how often Charles and Camilla are doing press during the “working” tours to what happened in India, it’s obvious that W and K were not following usual protocol.

    • wisdomheaven says:

      I am constantly amazed that people do not understand the idea that you can consent to having an interview but that does NOT mean the media than has permission to totally run over your right to privacy. Meghan doing VF does not negate her right to have a private life and DECIDE when she wants the press to be apart of that. Same with any royal.

      Kate never speaks, but all the royals do interviews about things or themselves. That doesn’t mean intrusive papparazzi or press harassment are OK.

      Do I think KP needs to give more access on OFFICIAL engagements? Yeah, probably. Harry used to be a pro at that and would give interviews and great pictures and shots to the media and often hang out with the press corp off the record. He built a lot of good relationships that way and that led to some great reporting on his actual work versus private life. Since Meghan and the extreme press bullying of her, he has become more closed off and I understand, But something has to be worked out.

      Palmer is a whiner. He and many of the royal press pack are not real journalists but glorified gossip bloggers. If information isn’t handed to them on a silver platter, go out and look for it! There is plenty to report on and royal bloggers and heck, even forums, find more interesting info with more veracity than some in the royal press pack. I am constantly amazed at what Palmer and co get wrong. Palmer falsely claimed Meghan had 0 pre-Suits friends at the wedding DESPITE the fact that Benita’s daughters were in the wedding party and she has known Benita since they were teens. Royal watchers pointed out 10 people at least in the Quire alone that Meghan has known for upwards of 15-20 years. How did Palmer respond? He threw a hissy fit and called them bigots…

      • magnoliarose says:

        I don’t get the VF cover meaning it is a free for all now either. It makes no sense.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I wish LAK was here. She had a great breakdown of how the VF story was an official and approved introduction of Meghan as official girlfriend and future royal.

  11. Ty says:

    Pulling back would also mean less public outrage at the excessive spending for consecutive outings.
    Meghan’s trunk of overexpensive dresses and shoes and bags were beginning to attract attention

    Both the princes ( and thei spouses) do enjoy the finer things in life without any accountability. Visibility brings that question up more often.

    And please spare Harry is wonderful blah blah. He is just as bad if not more.

    • annabanana says:

      Then why not just cut back on the spending or just wear clothes similar in price prior to marriage? She can’t go to work if her clothes are below a certain price range?

      • Addie says:

        There is no need to spend the kind of money that has been spent on clothes thus far. Kate dressed modestly for the first years and then moved up, though again, hardly necessary.

        The royals don’t really ‘go to work’. They don’t work. It’s often said that the royals give exposure to the charity or event, but the media focus is without exception on whatever the female is wearing. The charity hardly gets a look in. It would be best if the royal hack pack disappeared altogether. There is no news value in the royals; they turn up to benefit their own PR. They need the press more than the press, or the country for that matter, needs them.

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        If she weren’t seen in public she’d be labelled a scrounger, or the press would have a field day wondering as to her supposed reclusive tendencies; and her mental health situation would be speculated upon wildly (probably consulting TM, Samantha and the rest of the demon seed). If she were to wear Zara/Jigsaw/Banana Republic clothes she’d be called a cheapskate and disrespectful to the office of those Presidents etc she’s meeting. If she wears a yellow dress that costs £770 she’s slated. When Kate wears a £1500 D&G yellow dress she’s called lovely, and Daily Wailers control their intemperate language and say that they wish she’d spent a little less.
        Kate both had the wardrobe and spent vast sums of money on clothing for her royal/private appearances/residences/jewels. She’s never had to worry about money, nor has she had to graft – home Meghan who had the strength and humility to take whatever job she could to make rent and work her way up the ladder. Such is the difference between having the ambition to marry well and the ambition to make a mark. Completely false to state otherwise. Meghan will get flack no matter what she does because she’s independent, American, feminist, an actor and a woman of colour. That is the sum total of it.
        I wish that we (collective British “we”) were better than this.

    • magnoliarose says:

      At least you agree they ALL overspend. These attempts to act like the Cambridges aren’t spendthrifts is silly. And Kate has never spent modestly. It simply isn’t true.
      But No Harry isn’t worse. The facts don’t support that at all.

  12. Magdalin says:

    They deserve a break, and by the way, The below link is the hands-down the BEST assessment of the Harry and Meghan press situation, to-date. I hope every possible outlet picks it up somehow. It is perfectly on point: The Duchess of Sussex Deserves So Much Better Than How She Has Been Treated by Jess Ilse at Royal Central. Royal Central articles/posts can have some grammar and factual issues sometimes, but it’s getting better and I was shockingly surprised at how good this one is:

    • Skylark says:

      Yes, a good read, and she makes very pertinent points about responsible journalism or, more to the point, the lack thereof as far as ongoing reporting on those grimly shameless Markle creatures. There is, imo, absolutely zero justification for continuing to give them a platform, they have zero news value, and those who continue to do so are doing it for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to feed the racists, bigots, begrudgers and trolls for whom the dreadful Markle creatures are all their gleeful christmases come at once.

      Hope Meghan and Harry have a nice, peaceful summer, away from the public gaze, and entirely on their terms. She more than deserves some uninterrupted downtime after everything she’s had to contend with.

  13. Harla says:

    Wow, Richard Palmer’s twitter feed was really disturbing, I wish now that I hadn’t read it. I’m finding myself more and more lately wishing I hadn’t read or seen so much on the news and social media. I fear for where the human race is heading, hatred and self-righteousness are ruling the day and compassion and patience are merely words that have little meaning any more. And it seems that those that scream the loudest, usually filled with hate and self-righteousness are the only voices that seem to be heard. I think I’m going to step away from the internet for a while and try to find some compassion, patience and peace. I wish the best for you Kaiser and all your readers!

    • Betsy says:

      I’m white, so I’m not subject to racism or colorism, so I don’t want to say I’m glad it’s back out and in our faces, but I had no idea the extent of it. None. I’ve been doing personal work in the last two years to check myself and learn and grow. I am so glad we’ve had our first black president, because that was an enormous step, but I think that really gave a lot of people the stupid idea – supported broadly by thinkpieces in mainstream media – that we were post racial. It was a farcical idea but it was soothing to a lot of people.

      That said, I’d like to do the hard work and get to a kinder, politer, more respectful and inclusive, understanding world.

    • Iamfrench says:

      Harla,this world is depressing…take care of you.

    • Harla, I feel exactly the same and have been doing my best to stay away from negativity. Self care is very important in these times, there is so much hatred and bigotry out there. I’ve been thinking about how much Internet time I take daily, as you say the hateful voices do seem the loudest, and can make it feel like there is nothing else. So, I’m careful where I go online, I come here every day because I like the bloggers and the other posters, and comments are moderated for abuse. It’s like an online haven here.

      I went on a Buddhist prayer walk yesterday and a lot of the messages were about how we interact with other people and how our choices and reactions feed either the the negative or the positive. Even betrayal by one you’ve loved and been good to can be turned into a learning experience, thus a positive. It was helpful to be out in nature and reading about how important our treatment of others is, and given ideas of which side to give our energy to.

      Definitely take care of you.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Self care is essential. I dose my news exposure. I am not a Buddhist but I like a lot of the lessons and reading. My husband introduced a lot of it to me and is more serious about it but through these times I have found so much of it to be very helpful. I started meditating again. He has done it every day for over 20 years but slacker me gets easily distracted so I give up. Running helps but just being still and silent has been great. My kids like it but 5 minutes is all they can handle. lol

    • magnoliarose says:

      Take care of yourself, harla.
      I was taking too much in and it was affecting my moods and my relationships. A big step back and recognition that I can’t absorb everything helped.

      Good luck and hugs. 🙂

  14. minx says:

    I had forgotten about that unfortunate gray dress.

  15. Dazeem, Adele says:

    It’s hard to focus on the rest of the article after you guys dropped a hard KEEN in the title header. That word. Lmao.

  16. Litiel says:

    Once more Harry is keen. Lovely.
    Frankly I think they deserve a month off and I was tired of restless clothes cost etc comparisions so enjoy your break!

  17. Whatabout says:

    It sounds like from reading this guy, Richard palmers Twitter. I got the sense that the press was hoping Harry and Meghan would be different than Will/Kate. Allow them a little more access. According to him during the engagement they did but cooled it down after the wedding.
    I think Harry is right about overexposure. But I also think the presses frustration with Will and Kate is now growing stronger. I personally have gotten the sense that the press is seriously holding back on Will and Kate. But the dam is about to break.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Unfortunately, when the dam breaks on W and K, Kate will be the one who will be targeted. William gets more passes than the entire NBA and NFL combined. Just wait. Suddenly they will be very mean to her. Right now they are building her up but it is only so eventually they can rip her to shreds. Some of the criticisms will be somewhat valid but mostly it will be directed at her and not him.

      • Whatabout says:

        You are so right. The dam is breaking and it’s going to come down on Kate and probably Meghan. While Will plays with his vintage cars.

  18. Mego says:

    I think for poor Meghan there is more than just racism going on in the media coverage but misogyny and anti-Americanism as well. That trifecta makes some of it particularly vicious and appalling. I don’t blame Harry for being upset and protective.

  19. Truebrit says:

    The only “hysteria and over-exposure” being created is by the Markle family, because they keep going and going and going. They are like clockwork, everytime MM makes an appearance, they pop up. The Royal Family has welcomed the Duchess with open arms; the Markle family is not their problem. If the press did not cover the Duchess, they would be accused of being racist because they do not give her enough coverage; so its lose/lose. It is perhaps a very good idea for them both to take a vacation like the rest of the family and give the dust a chance to settle.

  20. Fluffy Princess says:

    Although, I have been enjoying new pix on the regular, they probably do need a break. I’m sure they’ve been going non-stop since before the engagement. I’m sure the planning, the logistics of everything (that includes Meghan moving, changing her citizenship, etc.), wedding, summer of pre-planned activities — I bet they just want to sleep in and watch some tv and eat take out!

  21. InquisitiveNewt says:

    Pretty simple, really.
    There are neither “sources” nor “friends”. Neither of the Sussexes would permit such reportage. Because to do so would not only be a negation of their private lives, it makes positive PR into a favour. Favours are reciprocal. Neither wants to be held over a barrel.
    The tabloids have been particularly poisonous because they were explicitly asked to *stop* being poisonous. Red rag: meet bull. Meghan Markle, as she was then, was deluged by layer upon layer of anti-American, misogynistic racism masquerading as “concern”. The Wallis Simpson card was played and still is being played – down to outfit comparisons. But it is the fact that she is a WOC and proud of her heritage, not to mention accustomed to being in the public eye, that raises the horrid/toxic/envious public’s blood pressure.
    Following Harry’s intervention the media, particularly the Heil, are taking revenge. (How DARE he react in such a way when the RF exists to sell headlines, even if pursuing them leads to a gory and ignominious death in a tunnel?) Hence carefully crafted articles designed to enrage the reader, particularly when it comes to wardrobe costs. The fact that she hadn’t had the right kind of clothes for public events went (and continues to go) over their rather small heads.
    Moreover, they have endless fodder in His Wannabe Royal Narcissist-in-Chief, TM Senior. His antics manipulate the public into clicks. Trash sells. Her reticence and dignity doesn’t. Hence the appeals to emotion.
    She jolly well deserves a break.

  22. Jfromfla says:

    He’s a keen, mean fighting machine!!!! 😀

  23. ladida says:

    I mean…they live in abject luxury when they’re off the clock, it’s a trade off. I think all the young royals need to watch their complaining on press intrusion. I’m sure they have a grand ol time on their 25,000 acre properties, which they acquired from the last few centuries of pillaging and taxing the poor.

    • minx says:

      Agree. There is a price to pay for living that pampered life. I personally think Meghan, out of all of them is pretty tough. Kate, maybe second. (women are always tough, we have to be). William and Harry understandably hate the press because of their mother, but it’s part of the deal.

  24. Truthie says:

    Throwing a ball at the media rubbed the photogs the wrong way? Have they forgotten how Harry’s mother died…?

  25. perplexed says:

    I thought this article was written to elicit sympathy for Harry rather than taking a dig at him and Meghan, but maybe I was reading it the wrong way.

  26. indian says:

    The . UK while a constitutional monarchy, is a democracy. In a democracy, anyone that benefits from the public funds and utilises the power of their public position needs to be monitored by the press. The entire royal family takes advantage of their position in society to benefit in their private lives. Look at the queen and her family taking gifts from the Saudis or from Kazakh businessmen. Who knows what they get upto and who they meet when they are leading private lives “in the country”. They need to decide if they want these luxuries and privileges and the attendant press coverage or they want private lives and work to support their standard of living.

    It is perfectly appropriate for the press to know what they are upto when they are not working, who they hang out with, what they say to people in their conversations. What’s not appropriate is when they are on official vacation for someone to take pictures of them naked or to take pictures of their unaccompanied children. Everything else is fair game. If their spouses can’t take it, don’t marry the royal men.

  27. Angel says:

    Their babies will be cute! 👶🏼

    • Eden says:

      Yes. The children will be gorgeous, but not acceptable. Not really. All one has to know is real historical facts.
      And why do lthey ive 100 miles away from London?
      Take a look at Dodi Fayed. Any questions?

      I view this marriage as an act of rebellion. The ‘lovelight’ Harry had vanished after a short time. He is seen pulling his hand away from Meagan now & ‘insisting’ his wife stay out of ‘the frenzy’ of reporters.

      Look what happened to Diana. It’s not rocket science.

  28. Eden says:

    “Harry’s not around that much anymore. Meghan likes him to keep his diary clear at the weekends so they can be together in the countryside.”

    WTH? This is her ‘life’? Rewriting a calendar “so they can be together”? Charles had a knack for disappearing..hmm. Her name was Camilla.

    IMHO, Harry don’t like being married. Hense, “he is never home”. He has anger issues, big time. He is a control freak, that’s obvious.

    So what does a new ‘royal’ ex-feminist Stepford wife do with all of her free time? Let’s see, pick out hats. And clothes. Coordinate outfits. Pick out hats. Practice not offending anyone, how to talk, walk, act & sit. Pick out hats. Practice the curtsey. Sneek pasta & rice on the sly.. 😉
    Don’t smile & wave too much because it definitely aggravates your husband. Reminisce about a former life as a human being. With multiple interests & hobbies. And a bright future, most likely politics.

    Think about the necessity of inviting ex-girlfriends to your wedding AND, maybe wondering why the pretty blonde in the back looked furious. Maybe she needs further consoling.. And where is Harry? You would never know.

    Now for real bitchy..Your Dad is right, you are out of your league. I see the sparkle fading. too. In your eyes. They are molding you to their will. Take heed Duchess. Lest you become a royal zombie, forgetting your roots. And a former free life. Have the dignity to call your Father. Who the hell cares how it ‘looks’ . It is not ‘illegal’ to say Diana’s name. And a life of regret is no life at all. We all make bad judgement calls. Apparently, your new life is without error. Or you really are Princess Pushy.

    They have all but erased your past. Your future is now The Firm. The job? Professional Baby Oven. Like Diana. She unwittingly sold her soul and paid the ultimate price in a loveless cold environment.
    Being love is blind, now would be a good time for reflection. You have stated that you “love your life”, but is this reality? This is not your life, but a facsimile of someone else’s life. Nothing has changed in the new realm but you, being added to an already set-in-stone lifestyle where expectations border ludicrous. Gone will be the human aspect of ‘being’ replaced with ‘doing’.

    So good luck with all that. I give it 5-8 years. We shall see.