Donald Trump used his Nazi rally to attack the press & Beyonce’s crowd size

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First Donald Trump came for the brown people, the women, the LGBTQ+ community, the African-American community, the veterans, the poor, and the children and most people said… “WTF is happening?” But then he came for Beyonce’s crowd size. And suddenly all bets are off. At last night’s Nazi rally, the Fat Nazi claimed that Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen “were drawing crowds smaller than my crowds.” LMAO. First of all, that’s provably false. Beyonce alone can fill a 60,000-seat stadium in her sleep. Bruce Springsteen has filled stadiums with 80,000 or more. Trump’s little Nazi rallies – including his inauguration – pale in comparison. Not to mention the fact that he’s not charging for tickets to his Nazi rallies. Beyonce and the Boss charge for tickets to their concerts and people still show up.

Meanwhile, this also happened at his Nazi rally:

Thundering that the media is the “fake, fake disgusting news,” President Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of grievances Thursday at a Pennsylvania campaign rally in which he cast journalists as his true political opponent. Trump barnstormed in a state that he swiped from the Democrats in 2016 and that is home to a Senate seat he is trying to place in the Republicans’ column this fall. But the race between GOP U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta and two-term incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Casey took a back seat to Trump’s invectives against the media, which came amid a backdrop of antagonism to journalists from the White House and hostility from the thousands packed into a loud, overheated Wilkes-Barre arena.

“What ever happened to the free press? What ever happened to honest reporting?” Trump asked, pointing to the media in the back of the room. “They don’t report it. They only make up stories.”

Time and time again, Trump denounced the press for underselling his accomplishments and doubting his political rise. He tore into the media for diminishing what he accomplished at his Singapore summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. He complained about the tough questioning he received in Helsinki when he met with Russia’s Vladimir Putin last month. And he began his rally speech with a 10-minute remembrance of his 2016 election night victory, bemoaning that Pennsylvania wasn’t the state to clinch the White House for him only because “the fake news refused to call it.”

“They were suffering that night, they were suffering,” Trump said of the election-night pundits. He then promised that the Keystone State would deliver his margin of victory “next time.”

“Only negative stories from the fakers back there,” the president declared.

[From AP News]

I remember MSNBC journalist Katy Tur describing how, during the election, Trump would antagonize the members of the media by name during his rallies and that his supporters would then follow suit, to the point where journalists were repeatedly and constantly under threat of physical harm from his supporters. Tur said that the Secret Service even had to walk her to her car to protect her after Trump had used her name in one of his rallies. This really is how despots and dictators work: they undermine every single “check” on their power.

And since we’re here talking about the Trump family, the Moron Dauphin – Don Jr – hosted a screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest dumb documentary, and Don spoke to Jack Posobiec (the alt-right lunatic) for America News Network. This is something Don actually said:

“I’ve been out hearing the left talking about all these things, fascism, Nazism on the right. And when you look at the actual history of how these things evolved, and when you actually look at that platform versus the platform of the modern left, you say wait a minute, those two are really heavily aligned and, frankly, contrary to the right.” He warned people against saying something “because someone told you that in a history class” because academia had been influenced by the left. “You see the Nazi platform in the early 1930s and what was actually put out there … and you look at it compared to like the DNC platform of today, and you’re saying, man, those things are awfully similar, to a point where it’s actually scary.”

[From CNN]

I can’t. These motherf–kers. I just can’t even start with them because I just want to caps-lock scream.

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  1. Jane says:

    Why does Don Jr.’s chin look like a but hole? Oh wait…. he IS one.

  2. Beth says:

    Has any other president had pep rallies all throughout his term like this? These crazy rallies aren’t to support whoever is running for midterms, because he barely mentions them. This prick is bananas!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      These rallies are to massage his massive and very fragile ego – he feeds on the adulation he gets from them. He got hooked on them during the campaign trail and they are not going to stop. He needs them more than the sheeple who flock to them.

      The press baiting has to stop, someone WILL get hurt at one of these events – its not a case of if but when.

    • jwoolman says:

      There’s some evidence that they’ve been hiring crowd fillers, which would explain something Jim Acosta said. People at a Trump rally who were cheering on Trump and chanting about media when the cameras were on were entirely different when the cameras were off. Acosta said the same people were asking him questions quite nicely.

      I think real interest in his rallies even from the diehards has been waning. They’re just getting bored, he keeps repeating himself. But Trump needs the rallies to make him feel better. No other President that I remember has ever done this. Rallies are for campaigns. They are not normal for a sitting President.

      Wilkes-Barre is not what I would call a large place. I used to live near there. Current population is about 40,000. Where I live now in another state has a higher population (maybe 50,000), and we are barely in the city category although we look more suburban than urban. Is he holding his rallies in such small places routinely?

      Trump has brought his own cheering sections along before to events, most infamously to his first trip to CIA headquarters right after the inauguration. The doofus also claimed he had a standing ovation when actually the CIA people stayed politely standing (they stood up when he entered, as is customary) because doofus didn’t think to tell them to sit down.

      • Abby says:

        OK so I am intrigued… who pays for the fillers?

      • Tiny Martian says:

        They paid people in Phoenix $50 for 3 hours. All they had to do was show up, but carrying signs was encouraged. Kind of like being an extra in a movie.

      • Joy says:

        Someone’s going to get seriously hurt at one of these rallies. I could totally see one turning into a crime scene before the year is out.

      • trumptrickle says:

        Wilkes Barre is that sort of faded economic region that produces things like coal and steel, so it’s the part of the state that would like him. Obama carried it but not Hillary, contributing to her narrow loss in Pennysylvania. The Senate and governor races in PA don’t seem to be turning into real contests so it doesn’t make that much sense to go. He’s just there to get attention.

        When he first announced for president in summer 2015 Rachel Maddow pointed out that many of the “fans” present were members of local acting guilds and had likely been hired to play the part.

    • SarahM says:

      No, they haven’t. This man is crazy, senile and dangerous. He needs to be removed. I think some of his cabinet such as Dan Coats is starting to understand this too.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I think Trump registered his re-election campaign years earlier than is normal, so these might be under the guise of fundraising for 2020.

  3. Louisa says:

    I’m so exhausted. Completely drained. I’m taking this weekend off and avoiding all news as I this is affecting my health.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      Wish I could too.

      I cannot avoid the news, unless I retreat up into a tree hut!

      P.S. WTF with the way Trump talks? His stuff seems to come out from a 5-year-old foul mouth.. It’s weird, it is like he doesn’t possess any vocabulary…

      • Louisa says:

        It’s so difficult. I have to make a big effort to have plans and try not to bring my phone everywhere. But on the times I have done it, even just for a day, I feel like such a load has been taken off.
        Regarding the way he talks, I can’t listen to him. He sounds like such an absolute moron I can’t believe it’s real. That this man is our president.

      • trumptrickle says:

        There is some evidence that the limited vocabulary, vagueness and repetition are due to early stage dementia. He has a family history of it.

    • Tate says:

      We all need to do that from time to time, Louisa. I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

    • Betsy says:

      Strangely, it feels we’ve turned a corner. Granted we’re in a science fiction nightmare scenario where there are about twenty more corners to turn until we’re out of the ship and back into our wormhole, but it really feels like we’re getting somewhere.

      Circumstantial evidence (and I used evidence with quotes) to support my feeling is that Mueller is ready to talk to Trump. That’s the top lobster mobster, so if he’s getting interviewed soon, Mueller is wrapping up part 1.

      Christopher Wray has said that FBI field office across the country are investigating illegal foreign campaign funding.

      Maria Butina is still in custody.

      Rogue Melania twitter is effing hysterical.

      Republican midterm turnout so far has been up 18%…. Democratic midterm turnout has been up 78%.

      The GOP keeps shrinking.

      Go and take your weekend off the news. Putter in the garden (or go to your Arboretum). Swing dance with your friends. Stare at pictures of Obama and Biden at the Dog Tag Bakery. Write your grandma (or someone who is still living if she’s passed) a letter and pop it in the real mail. And then take a bubble bath and come back.

      • Louisa says:

        Betsy I hope you’re right. I will say that I have been, in recent days feeling that something big is about to drop and I get hopeful that this nightmare may be coming to a close. But then I remember that while the GOP still has control absolutely nothing will happen to him and his criminal family.

        Your weekend suggestions sound fabulous and I do plan on getting some gardening done, also see a play with my son and meet friends for dinner. Lovely!
        Until then though I’m off to check out rogue Melania…. 🙂

      • Jerusha says:

        @Betsy. I read Rogue Melania. I recently posted there suggesting she look up Lorena Bobbitt.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Like a choir doing staggered breathing to sustain a long note, go ahead and take a breath. We will continue raising our voices until you feel rested enough to rejoin the efforts.

  4. Esmom says:

    His rallies are abhorrent and do nothing but sow more division (as intended, I know) and I wish the media would stop covering them unless something actually newsworthy happened. I saw a brief clip last night of Tucker Carlson and Jeanne Pirro fawning, just fawning, over his “speech” and my brain just sort of went fuzzy. I’m short circuiting here.

    • PBAN says:

      I saw a tweet about how at his rallies his supporters scream for the camera and do the chanting; but after they go up to the reporters from networks like CNN and such and ask them about the news and also as for autographs. Sometimes it seems they are acting the part.
      And I agree with others; unless he is talking policy it should not be covered.. he does these thing so boast his over inflated EGO. It has nothing to do with this nation. Just something to make him feel good when he feels bad.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        There is footage from one of the rallies – I think it was this last one – where the same supporters that were berating the press were then seen being nice to the reporters asking them for autographs and selfies. It was quite shocking.

        Jim Acosta, who has been the focus for most of the hate, has handled it all well. Shame the rest of the press pack didn’t back him up at that appalling WH press briefing. I wonder how long Sanders will last in that role before she is booted for the Moron Dauphin’s GF – you just know that one is angling for a gig in the WH.

      • Betsy says:

        Yes, I wholeheartedly believe they’re hired, at least a large chunk of them. Even his true blue actual unpaid fans, who are horrible people, do not probably wish to foment violence. They like the fantasy of it, which is many horrible things in its own right, but I think people’s societal gloves are still on. Some would actually commit violence, some would flee.

        Sorry, I feel like when I talk about this that I am completely unclear.

  5. Christin says:

    While this was being covered by one network (Faux), Tennessee candidates who campaigned on a Bigly platform for governor, were losing. An underdog won the GOP nomination.

    Those who cling to Bigly, lost Bigly. Hooray for small victories.

    As for the little rally, I can predict the demographics of who appears behind Tweetolini: Elderly man (veteran hat preferable), two teenage girls and two teen boys, black guy, burly white guy and a sprinkling of middle aged women trying to look 30.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      and behind them…

      …empty seats. a LOT of them.

    • Jerusha says:

      Who appears at his Nazi rallies? Very unhealthy looking people, imo.

      • lovesot says:

        THIS. morbid obesity seems like a requisite. hoping their health problems make trump fans shuffle off their mortal coil faster…

      • jwoolman says:

        Apparently his rallies are populated by a lot of crowd fillers, but don’t know how big a proportion that represents.

        I think attendance by real Trumpers has been dropping off since the first few. He is getting so repetitive (I saw those routines before during the camapaign, such as his “I can be Presidential” one) and they can just turn on the tv or read Twitter to get their daily dose of Trump.

        People have noticed ads for local crowd fillers seem to be followed by a Trump rally, and they turn off the hate immediately once the cameras are turned off. This is especially true with the media hate – people ask the reporters questions and listen to the answers and ask for autographs and selfies. These are the same people who were going along with the chants and such against the media.

        Some of them might also be used to start chants and cheering/booing, but I would assume those would need to be more professional and associated with Trump’s staff. It’s a more complicated function.

        I think the media should really start digging into to this odd phenomenon, and try to get some real numbers for the paid actors vs the true believers. They should at least be doing image analysis of the crowd in case Trump isn’t getting enough local crowd fillers and needs to import them for multiple rallies and to perhaps spot some professional catalysts on the payroll who might show up everywhere.

    • Christin says:

      Agree to both points.

      I enjoyed the pull-away views, which showed empty seats both top and bottom.

    • Juls says:

      Even local elections are swinging left. In my community, we’ve had the same republican commissioner for many years. And I begrudgingly say that he was doing a good job and was really popular. He lost his seat last night. To a Democrat newcomer. In Tennessee. In a normally very conservative area. I was shocked and cried tears of joy. If we can do it here, y’all, we can do it everywhere! The blue wave is coming!

      • Christin says:

        Juls, that is great news. It really is telling when red parts of TN go blue!

        I found it heartening that even on the Republican side, the two TN governor candidates who tried to link to the Orange One were soundly defeated by the newbie who spent far less money and refused to sling dirt back at his opponents. I was so tired of seeing their negative ads.

      • Lydia says:

        Well done, Juls.

        Vote them out.

  6. Veronica S. says:

    He won’t win Pennsylvania again, I’ll tell you that. His margin of victory was slim to begin with – more a result of disenfranchised voters staying at home. But the numbers show PA is turning on him again after that bout of insanity, since apparently we had people here who had to learn the hard way about losing a major election.

    • PBAN says:

      I saw Lou Barletta on CNN talking about Trump stumping for him. He said that people shouldn’t pay attention to the poling because the poling was wrong about Trump and he won. He sounded nervous to be honest. He like others don’t get that Trump can’t carry them to victory. His supporters are only about him. Not the party.

      • Veronica S. says:

        With PA, it’s more that we’re a generally reliable Democratic state. We go red very occasionally – Trump was the first time since the 1970s, in fact. We have a lot of rural Republican pockets, but the majority of the population is in the cities, and they are more liberal. The problem here is the gerrymandering – which is why Pennsylvania has been in the political news for the past year because the Republican legislature threw a fit over the Democratic court system overturning their maps and forcing them to rewrite it. They tried to to take it to the Supreme Court, but the SC ‘Nope-ed’ out of it and left it to the state, tacitly upholding the decision. Now they’re complaining about it being “partisan,” even though the re-mapping still gives the majority seats – just not an overwhelming majority that doesn’t allow Democrats any edge.

        I’m not saying we should be complacent, since I know several people who didn’t like Hillary who learned the hard way in 2016 about expecting others to carry the burden for them, but don’t think it’s impossible either. See it as more of a reason to drive voters to the polls so the true majority wins.

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t want to sound conspiracy theory, but I think a really hard look needs to be taken at the voter lists in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin because I believe that those states had their lists interfered with. I know in Pennsylvania in particular there were many reports of people showing up to vote and finding out they weren’t registered. And for some reason voting machines in Detroit weren’t working the morning of the election and the voting was delayed in many city precincts. All three states had really close margins where it would not take much to flip them.

  7. Rapunzel says:

    He also lied that he didn’t make QEII wait for him. And actually said that she made him wait. Sigh. Delusion is strong with him and his supporters.

    Now, his supporters are dismissing the footage which proves that lie, by saying QEII came down early and it only looked like he was late. Yeah, right.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Well up is down and down is up. The sun rises in the West and sets in the East. The world is flat not round. Who are you going to believe Trump or your lying eyes?

    • Trashaddict says:

      He made QEII wait for him? Rude SOB!

  8. TurkeyLurkey says:

    Lol when I see clips of his rally on the news, I always check out the idiots behind him. They never disappoint, grinning like idiots in love at everything he says. I’ve given up on trying to figure out how people can be so ignorant.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Many of them are actually paid to be there. T

      • trumptrickle says:

        And they claim that all the anti Trump demonstrations since the election were paid to do it by Soros. The irony is off the charts with these people.

    • Christin says:

      They enjoy looking at monitors. “ Looky, we’re on TV!”

      During the ‘16 campaign, he came to a small town near me and it was made clear it was not open to the public. End result was showing a small podium of coal miners, in uniform, behind him.

      Selected crowds or paid fillers, no doubt.

  9. Becks1 says:

    Junior is such a dumbass.

    So is his father. He’s clearly never seen footage of a Springsteen concert. I think sometimes Bruce is out to find the biggest stadium that he CANT sell out. And yeah I’m sure Beyoncé has never filled a large stadium. Nope.

    As to his anti-press comments….they’re horrifying and make me sick.

    • Veronica S. says:

      It’s going to lead to a reporter getting attacked at some point. It’s straight form the dictator’s playbook to undermine people’s trust in the media and reframe it around THEIR truth.

  10. Anna nuttall says:

    Did you hear his attack on the queen? Apparently she was rude to him and kept HIM waiting. Oh they also are BFF and it went splendidly.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I know – its was about how she kept him waiting. WRONG! The video footage is there of her standing at the platform waiting on him, she even looks at her watch and then talks to an aide. He was late or kept her waiting to make it all about him.

      • PBAN says:

        So old school out of date power play. He is a moron. Unqualified Moron

      • Rapunzel says:

        Oh, but Digital Unicorn, don’t you know that footage accurate because Queen came down 15 minutes early to make Trump look bad? That’s seriously the excusing going on right now. Another excuse I read was that Trump was there early , and the queen came down early, and Trump was made to wait until the official time. Yeah right. As if the RBF, who have the most precise timing in the world, would let that happen.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        So now drump is attacking the Queen, who was photographed checking her watch.

        I sense that everyone who said these crowds are padded by trucked in “supporters” are correct. The stands looked empty in many spots.

    • Lightpurple says:

      He seems to be confusing the Queen with Putin

  11. CityGirl says:

    Did I recently read somewhere that his approval rating is 50% though? I just can’t….our country is turning into a scary place. Or it’s always been a scary place depending on your color, religion, gender, sexual preference and I have spent my life living in the bubble of “do the right thing and treat others the way you want to be treated” and just never knew it was this bad.. Either way, I don’t know where to go to escape and all I can think is, “I just can’t” 🙁

    • Veronica S. says:

      The economy is improving, that’s why. His most ardent supporters have no concept of long-term macroeconomics and how the tax bill, tariffs, and deregulation will hurt us in the long run. Point in fact – the steel industry is cheering because the tariffs are cutting down on competition….so they’re celebrating by RAISING PRICES. All of the businesses that rely on steel are like ?????

      • Rapunzel says:

        Veronica… what you’re really saying is the economy is not improving. It’s just being spun like it is. Because things are stable.
        And for every created, there are jobs lost that people aren’t hearing about. The media is not doing its job of showing the real economic picture. It’s not as good as it seems, even now. By the time Trump is finished with this term, people will see. If he gets a second term, we will head towards a depression. Guaranteed.

      • Dara says:

        Trump was bragging about how good the GDP growth was in the second quarter, but every economist says it was a temporary increase. The reason it was so high? Everyone was purchasing the items that will be subject to tariffs in a few months, thanks to Trump’s trade war. They were getting their orders in before the prices went up.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Pretty much, Rapunzel. Jobs are being added, but wages have continued to stagnate. Cost of living in America continues to outstrip worker’s wages. Companies are trying to argue it’s because the baby boomers are retiring, and millenials don’t have the experience and wages to match them – but that doesn’t hold up to the data comparisons on wage value adjusted to inflation, and frankly, millenials is an outdated term for “youth.” The oldest millenials are in their late thirties now. They’re at the point where they should be breaking into sturdy middle class wages, not still struggling to catch up from the recession. Those who have some understanding of economics can see the writing on the wall for twenty years from now.

      • Lady D says:

        Soy bean farmers also sold their crops early to avoid tariffs, which helped increase 2nd quarter earnings. Kind of tricky buying crops before they are out of the fields, isn’t it?

      • TeamAwesome says:

        The phrase “get it now before the tariffs hit” has been invoked a few times in my house in the past month or so. Not big ticket items, but technical ones like computer parts.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I read an article that said over the next 2 years, the top 20 most popular cars in America will increase in cost by $3,000-$5,500. Coke is increasing their prices to vendors because increases in the cost to make the cans.

        Americans will start seeing inflation go way up over the next few years. I hope they realize where it is coming from.

      • B n A fan says:

        Veronica, give it time, the economy that is. Remember everything the dotard touches always come crashing down, remember Trump university, Dotard’s Taj Mahal/hotels went bust, five to seven bankruptcies , plus dozens of his businesses to under. He is going to do the same thing with this country’s economy. He never knows when to stop.

        Just read this headline at Yahoo. “Trump ‘best economy in history’ left workers with less money in their pockets than a year ago.” I also noticed that the job growth last month was projected to be 190,000 new jobs, the number out this Morning was 154,000. I have not heard him crowing today that lesspeople we’re hired last month, and wages are stagnant.

      • jwoolman says:

        The steel industry is highly automated here now. I doubt they are going to be hiring gobs of new workers. Even if production rises, the current crew of engineers might be able to handle it. If they hire more, they will be hiring engineers, not high school grads or dropouts. The old way of making steel was really tough and dangerous work, it’s ultimately good that it’s being automated.

        The coal miners have the same blinders on. Coal mining is increasingly automated, which is actually a good thing for people’s health and safety. But that’s also why a lot of mining jobs are lost forever even if magically coal becomes in sufficient demand again.

        The future belongs to non-fossil fuel energy sources that are renewable within a reasonable time. The fossil fuels are a limited resource, and whatever is still In the ground is getting harder and harder to extract.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      While his support is so much larger than it deserves to be, Americans identifying as Republican is smaller than it might appear because the media presents the parties as equal in number. They’re not. As well, the Republicans who support Trump are of course going to be vocal and highly approving, so it looks intense.

      The problem is that due to Charles Koch’s money and the spread of a far-right Republican/Libertarian ideology, with a capable assist from the Russians and American racism, this rabid minority is in power – near-total power. The media is still acting as if institutions are holding and we have checks and balances. I wish they’d stop covering the rallies and start telling Americans about what Hillary Clinton was right to call the vast right-wing conspiracy.

    • Esmom says:

      I saw something disturbing in my FB feed…a high school acquaintance who I’ve suspected is pretty conservative (he’s a white, wealthy lawyer) but never really posts political stuff posted a video of Trump and a group of supporters in London, with a comment about how maybe Trump isn’t the worldwide laughingstock that “the media” is making him out to be. It seemed like he was testing the waters to see if he’d get any agreement and he was mostly shot down. He eventually took down the post. It makes me wonder if yet again Trump has the deplorables but also the “secret” supporters who don’t want to admit they back such a vile man but are happy with his policies.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Oh, he definitely has “secret” supporters. Plenty of white women quietly voted for him in 2018, and white men have never had a problem voting against everybody’s interests but their own. They’re smart enough to know upholding racism in pursuit of tax breaks is gauche, so they’ll keep it on the down low, but they are there. Which is why complacency is so dangerous – we cannot let a repeat of 2016 happen again.

    • Lolo says:

      I think his approval is in the low 40s. It’s up a bit from it’s lowest, which was still in the high 30’s, but it’s actually, through all of this, stayed fairly steady. Which means his base is still sticking with him and a pretty strong indication that they will stick with him no matter what. The problem is the people that put him over the top in the few states he flipped were Obama-Trump voters, and he is losing them (trade war, the tax cut for billionaires, and he is STILL threatening to take away their healthcare). It still means that Dems need to nominate someone who inspires those voters and can get them back, but if his base is all he has, he can lose. This is, of course, assuming that Putin’s goons don’t finally figure out how to hack into individual voting machines and last night the Republican Senate voted down a measure to increase funding for election security, because at this point all they have is trickery and deception (and Mother Russia) and they know it.

  12. Tania says:

    I have 2 nieces staying with me during the summer. The 4 year old is just a cracker jack. I love them both so much and how they keep my husband and I entertained.

    But the 4 year old can lie. And then she’ll try cover up the lie with another lie. And she’ll lie again. You can tell on her face she’s not telling the truth from the beginning. We’ve started calling her trump jr. Then trump came here and we told her we should have brought her to meet him but they’ll wind up meeting when they’re both on trial for lying. She said, “please don’t make me sit beside that clown, he’s scary.” So if there’s one good thing about this whole sh*tshow, it’s she’s learning lying is a bad thing.

    Also, my husband’s parents came to visit for a few days with 3 of our other nieces. He’s a republican. Our first argument was about abortion. I kept saying, “no uterus, no opinion.” He was quoting the bible and everything. Now, my husband’s family isn’t religious at all. When we got married it was in our back yard and not in any church because he wouldn’t know which denomination they ever belonged to. But according to my f-i-l, abortion is a sin because that “baby” has a soul the moment of conception. My husband said, “so the journey to getting a soul starts at the penis?” It was hilariously ridiculous.

    Two of my nieces and I took a trip to the grocery store after that. One is voting age and 1 is a year away. They were so relieved that my husband is a democrat in a land of rightwing nut jobs (including their father). They hadn’t seen him in years and their grandpa kept telling them that my husband is just as hardcore republican as he was so they weren’t looking forward to the visit. I told them we normally do not argue with FIL at all but it’s important to show others that you think differently so when the chips are down, they know there are people who support whatever choice they make.

    Later, I told my husband that if his dad kept going down the religious fanatic path, I would have thrown it in his face he’s not religious and my husband’s soul is going to hell because he was neither baptized or confirmed, which is also important in the bible to shut him up.

    Anyway, long-winded insight into a trump supporter. Thankfully all our communications until next year will only be via a weekly phone call.

    • Ardnamurchan says:

      Tania, you might want to tell your fil that abortion isn’t banned in the Bible.
      In fact it’s not even mentioned. Not in the Old Testament or the new. The closest it gets is in Numbers, ordering a ceremony for a woman suspected of adultery: the priest must administer an abortifacient. If she miscarries, she’s guilty. If not, she’s home clear.
      And there were no pee-stick pregnancy tests in ancient Palestine. Pregnancy for the Hebrews, like other peoples, began with the quickening: the first kick. The first three months had no status. But even after that the foetus had no value and harming it required no compensation. Nor did a newborn. A child had to be a month old before any penalty was incurred for harming it. It’s all in Leviticus and Numbers.
      There are nearly seven hundred levitical laws, for everything from how to treat mould in your kitchen to who is liable if your neighbour’s ox falls into a hole on your land but not a word on abortion, except for the ceremony described above.
      The rabid pro-life type ‘christians’ rarely read their bibles, except in the small, highly selected scraps doled out in sermons and bible studies, leaving most of it untouched.
      The whole evangelical pro-life thing is very recent. Roe vs Wade was actually welcomed by the Southern Baptist leadership when the ruling was made.

  13. PBAN says:

    Tomorrow is Barack Obama’s Birthday..


  14. Lisa says:

    lmao. This is too ridiculous. Ridiculously scary.

  15. manda says:

    upon seeing this headline, I thought to myself, “Please let the Beehive destroy Trump, please!!!”

  16. Eric says:

    Emperor Zero is in panic mode Bigly. Emin Alarov, and Stone’s associate have been summoned to the Principal’s office. Manafort gets to watch Rick Gates testify, under oath, at Ostrich’s trial (the first of two). Cohen is heading toward flipping and Jr and Jared appear to be heading toward an indictment each for their role in the Russian meeting at TT on June 9, 2016.

    All the pieces are falling into place, and much faster than anyone expected. By the time it’s over, there will be 100s of people royally screwed. I said that nearly a year ago. It’s not collusion; it’s conspiracy and computer crimes and the aiding and abetting therein.

    Have a pleasant weekend!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      Eric, as others have said, I TRULY appreciate your optimism at such a dark time in the US. I hope that you are 100% right… and you have a good weekend, too.

    • Christin says:

      Financial crimes will be the ultimate undoing of dozens of them. Those take time, but they are paper cases (which are often easier to prove, once all the pieces are put together). Ostrich will learn that very soon.

  17. adastraperaspera says:

    I think the fact that Don Jr. took time to host a showing of the latest D’Souza “documentary” is a clear sign that Republican support of Trump is plummeting. Unsavory characters like D’Souza, and especially someone so vile as Posobiec, were previously kept in the background before. To see them getting prime time with Don Jr.–well, high times for them, no doubt. But a very obvious step down for the media-thirsty Trumps, who probably expected to be featured in much pomp and circumstance on every Fox News Sunday and Face the Nation for the rest of time.

  18. Lightpurple says:

    The Dotard is golfing this morning

  19. Jerusha says:

    What’s he doing in that top pic-comparing his dick to a baby carrot? The carrot wins.
    Last night I thought a waste dump had dropped in my back yard. Then I found out jr. was just 70 miles away, stumping for one of Florida’s toxic candidates. His stench is overpowering.

  20. Jan says:

    Dear God, I just keep praying that this is over in 2020! If anybody can do away with this guy, it will be the BeyHive! Those people can be vicious!!! LOL

  21. Betsy says:

    100,000 people would come out to watch Beyonce sleep on a stage, like literally crawl under the covers and snore and drool with a snail essence mask on. And the would pay to do it.

    Unlike trump who has to pay people to attend his and he can’t even fill a room.

  22. Aang says:

    I’m pretty sure the Grateful Dead were selling out 80,000 seat stadiums in the early 90’s when I was seeing them.

  23. D says:

    Don’t matter. It’s going down. All of it. All of them. It will be glorious! Chained, shackled and key tossed into the ocean. Please visualize this daily and feel the wonderful feelings it evokes. We can change our destiny. And if not – at least experience our visions, momentarily free of this rubbish

  24. holly hobby says:

    For people who are accusing the Judge of bias and shady dealings or being a Orange Nazi follower (that is false, he was appted by Reagan – yes when GOP was somewhat normal and patriotic), please read the takeaway analysis here:

    This article is well written and you can see the prosecutor’s ultimate game plan here: financial crime. Please remember it is easier to convict someone for a financial crime than other nefarious things (Capone=tax evasion?).

    Other good play by plays from former USA’s are posted on twitter. I particularly enjoy Renato Mariotti, Jill Wine-Banks (one of the Watergate prosecutors) and Elizabeth Dela Vega’s analysis. None of these people think there is something wrong with Ellis or he’s doing Orange Nazi’s bidding. Also, if there was a whiff of impropriety, either side could have filed a motion to recuse (yes that’s been done before).

    • why? says:

      Judge Ellis is a Dotard supporter and he is using his position to tank the Manafort case and protect the Dotard. He made public the names of the 5 people with immunity who would be testifying against Manafort, just so that they could be harassed into silence. He is refusing to let the jurors see photos in an attempt to overload and confuse them all while pushing the case at a fast pace just so that they can’t absorb the information. He told the prosecutors that they couldn’t show the photos of Manafort’s suits because you can’t go after someone for being wealthy. Manafort isn’t wealthy, he laundered the money and then spent it on lavish things. All of those people you mentioned have disagreed with the decisions Ellis has made, especially when he told Mueller that he was just going after Manafort to get to the Dotard. Someone did make an attempt to have Ellis recuse himself from the case because of his bias for the Dotard. Ellis declined the motion.

      • jwoolman says:

        Why? – The judge’s job is to enforce the rules as he or she sees fit, and that’s all Ellis is doing. He is keeping the court focused on the matter at hand (and also making sure people get a chance to eat lunch…). This is only Manafort’s first trial and it is narrowly focused by intent. Trump has nothing to do with it.

        It must have been a nightmare just finding jurors who weren’t already saturated with media reports on this case. The judge does not want any unnecessary distractions pulling away from the matter at hand. Manafort’s connections with The Dotard are relevant in other situations, particularly in cases involving violation of campaign finance rules (which this case is not). Not mentioning The Dotard will make no difference in the prosecution’s ability to nail Manafort to the wall for these particular crimes.

        Ellis is actually protecting the prosecution when an appeal of this court’s judgment is made. If he keeps out the extraneous stuff, they will have a better chance to avoid overturn on appeal.

    • why? says:

      More examples of Ellis dictating to the prosecutors how to run their case in an attempt to tank the Manafort case and protect the Dotard:

      He told Mueller he had overstepped his boundaries, even though his directives from Rosenstein say that he can investigate anything that he uncovers in the process of investigating Trump and his ties to Russia.

      He told Mueller that he has no interest in Manafort and was just going after Manafort to get him to flip so that he could impeach the Dotard.

      He told the prosecutors not to use the word oligarchs.

      Manafort requested that his links to the Dotard not be mentioned during his trail and Ellis granted the request.

      He told the defense attorney that he was taking too long because it was lunch time. So having lunch is far more important to the judge than the case itself.

      • Trashaddict says:

        So we need lots of journalistic pressure on this judge eh?

      • Christin says:

        One commentator pointed out that if one juror thinks this trial is linked to Dotard, and that person supports Dotard, they could throw the verdict. That’s one argument for not mentioning him, I suppose.

    • jwoolman says:

      I haven’t seen anything wrong with Judge Ellis, either. So he told the prosecution that they can’t show the fancy suits, although they can describe them to their hearts’ content. He’s right, dragging the suits into court would be grandstanding and an unnecessary distraction. A useless distraction also – they just look like suits to me. Now, if the Ostrich jacket was covered in Ostrich feathers, I’d like to see that…. But alas, it’s just like any other jacket made from a dead animal’s leathered skin.

      The judge is right. It’s not a crime to be rich or to spend a lot of money on stupid stuff. They need to just focus on what really is a crime and the subject of this particular trial. He’s saving them from claims of mistrial and they know it. They’ll try stuff to see if it flies but aren’t really bothered when it doesn’t.

      Just because a judge doesn’t grant all the wishes of the prosecution doesn’t mean he’s in Trump’s pocket. It’s called fairness and a judge can have it no matter what his or her personal politics are. Ellis has always sounded like a fair judge to me. He’s been around long enough to be amusingly crotchety also. You see this in the judge for Michael Cohen’s case also. They get enough experience and they just cut through the nonsense with ease and speak plainly. They no longer feel any urge to be diplomatic.

    • WHY? says:

      The jurors in the Manafort case aren’t being sequestered, so it’s nonsense to claim that links to the Dotard are being left out because it will offend those jurors who just so happen to be Dotard supporters. It’s the civility claim all over again. Besides, Ellis already made it about the Dotard when he said that Mueller was just going after Manafort to impeach or prosecute the Dotard.

      Last night, Brian Williams said that many lawyers are worried that Judge Ellis is going to tank the case because he is making irrational decisions and pushing the case at such a fast pace ( he told the prosecution and the defense to drop a weeks worth of evidence from their case). Ellis isn’t being fair and he isn’t right. Every decision he has made has been to protect the Dotard, releasing the names of witnesses with immunity, not allowing into evidence Manafort’s suits, agreeing to Manafort’s request to not mention his links to the Dotard, and not allowing any mention of Russia even though his finances are connected to Russian banks. Ellis has an agenda and that is to protect the Dotard. As the saying goes, when someone tells you who they are believe them. Judge Ellis told everyone who he was at the beginning of Manaforts trial when he said that Mueller was just going after Manafort to get dirt to impeach or prosecute the Dotard.

      Ellis needs to be recused. He already made it clear that he doesn’t think that Manafort is guilty, so it’s crazy to keep insisting that Ellis is just trying to protect the case from a mistrial or appeal, he is protecting only one person and that is the Dotard. Another major problem is that Mueller isn’t experiencing any of these same problems with the judge in DC.

  25. LadyLilith says:

    Aww wittle Donny is mad because Beyonce, a Black woman, is smarter, richer, more talented and more adored than he could ever hope to be.

    • Jerusha says:

      And Michelle may not be richer, but she’s definitely all those other things. And she has a family who loves her. Tubbo’s family just sees $$$$$ when he croaks.

  26. why? says:

    The Dotard is upset because he got Kanye and Kim instead of Beyonce and Jay Z. Of course he is attacking Beyonce’s crowd size, wasn’t Michelle and Barack photographed dancing at a Beyonce concert last week?

    The press keeps getting things wrong.

    They underestimate the role that the bots/trolls play in the polls and elections.

    The Dotard is a con artist. I’m not buying that all the people at his rallies are his real supporters. There were reports that he hired a cheer team when he gave a speech to the CIA. There were reports that they requested actors for rallies. Some of the people at his rallies are workers from his businesses. One day they had his workers talk about how ACA was hurting them(then the news found out that this was a lie because his workers don’t even have ACA), and then later those very same people showed up at his rally as Dotard supporters. They even recruit crowd fillers from highschools.

  27. why? says:

    It’s being reported that the Dotard’s administration has been trying to get organizations to falsify statistics. The actual number was 18 million people living in extreme poverty and the Dotard’s WH wanted the number to be reported as 250,000. I figured that the Dotard’s WH was falsifying numbers. They kept claiming that the economy was doing well, jobs were up, and that wages were going up even though many stores were closing (putting more people into the unemployment category) and stores were raising the prices of their products.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Unfortunately as news organizations make cutbacks in the name of “efficiency” the loss in reporters and fact checkers and increasing reliance on the newswires makes for some pretty thin investigative effort. If you want to save democracy, fight that trend tooth and nail.

  28. squashtherumors says:

    There is a lovely little book by Harry G. Frankfurt titled “On Bullshit.” It perfectly describes the current administration. It’s an easy, fast read.

  29. Csf96mommy says:

    This is the same dude who’s like bff’s with the national enquirer head guy!?! The only fake news that I’ve ever known…

  30. JayneBirkenB says:

    The comments section on political posts is keeping me sane. Thank you ladies and gents. Seriously, my spirits revive every time I read them. It helps to know I’m not crazy in my alarm over Tweetolini (and whoever invented that term wins a box of chocolates from me!)

  31. tw says:

    It is going to be so fun watching 45 throw his moron son under the bus. We got a taste of it today with the tweet.