While Sarah Jessica Parker works, Matthew Broderick will stay home with twins

Twin girls Tabitha and Marion weren’t even born yet when the tabloids had Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick fighting over nannies and when SJP would go back to work. Many commenters questioned why Matthew and Sarah Jessica would be fighting over her schedule, when Matthew could just as easily stay at home and help with the babies. It looks like that’s what’s going to happen, at least according to Life and Style Magazine. When Sarah Jessica begins filming on the sequel to Sex and the City in a few months, Matthew will be taking a timeout on his own thriving stage career to be a stay-at-home dad:

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were at the East Ohio Regional Hospital when their twin girls Marion and Tabitha were delivered via surrogate on June 23. But not even newborns can keep Sarah (and Carrie Bradshaw) from her Monolos: The Sex and the City sequel is set to start filming this fall in NYC and open next May, an insider tell Life & Style.

“She’s not postponing the movie, even though filming sometimes could last up to 14 hours, like it did on the first movie,” says the insider. “She’s going to have a staff to make it easier on her.”

But not all the help with the twins and son James Wilkie, 6, will come from employees.

“Matthew’s ready to pick up the slack as the movie gets underway,” says the insider. “He’s very supportive of the project. The first movie being such a huge hit has a lot to do with that. It it hadn’t been such a big deal, then Matthew would have to go back to work. But starting this fall he can devote himself to the family full-time.”

Sarah, 44, will also have the support of friends, who threw her a baby shower in New York’s Hamptons on June 21 – just two days before the twins’ birth.

[From Life and Style, print edition, July 13 2009]

I’m not trying to be mean, but I really wonder if Matthew is as supportive of this whole endeavor as Life and Style (and other tabloids) would have us believe. I want to believe that Matthew is as happy with these twin girls as Sarah Jessica, and I want to believe he’s that engaged with his family. But I don’t know. Here’s another question, and one I’ve asked before – since Sarah Jessica is executive producer on SATC, why in the world didn’t she push back the film shoot to accommodate her family schedule?

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  1. Cinderella says:

    The whole situation is just one big question mark to me. Either way, he should stay home and take care of his kids.

  2. ! says:

    Is anyone else buying this? I’m not. Seems like a giant deflection. Last year there was marital strife and comments left and right about how alone SJP often was, and now a set of twins? And SJP has made it clear how selfish she is. I dunno. Matthew Broderick just doesn’t strike me as the type to be a nurturing father, though I’d like to believe it.

  3. lisa says:

    I agree with the above comments. SJP strikes me as a woman who does want the husband, house and cute kids.. Matthew seems at times a bit overwhelmed. I don’t know much about him, so I like everyone else is just speculating. I really hope it works. She just seems so over the top in love with him and her family. I am a big fan of another celeb couple and get tired of the constant speculation about their relationship, so I will refrain from trashing this couple and just hope they are happy and that their kids are happy and healthy.. Cute babies.

  4. Diana says:

    When there is an interest there is a demand. It would seem both were calling to her, the need to be a mom, (45 years and ageing), and SATC, still of interest, but how much longer?

    Hope dad and g/f’s are there, certainly healthy for the family.

  5. Ggirl says:

    I shouldn’t really speculate either, but this is a GOSSIP site after all. All the innuendo of the past couple of years implies there is some deeply troubled waters beneath that surface. It is sad b/c years ago, (revealing my age again) before SJP and Broderick were even married and their relationship was new, SJP was a frequent guest on David Letterman and she gushed about Broderick and commented that she hoped Matthew would propose soon. At that time, I was a fan of both of them especially him that is why I remember this. Anyway, if I remember correctly, he got pissed at her comment b/c he is a “private” person. Eventually, I think SJP gave him an ultimatum about marrying. How happy can it be if you have to drag the horse to the watering hole? It seems Broderick always gives his support grudgingly. Also, SJP likes money and has her name slapped on all kinds of brands. She has made herself into a BRAND and is continuing to cash in on the SATC thing. Yes, in a cynical world, a pair of cute twins would aid in this process. She is a business woman you know. Broderick will still find a way to get phone numbers though.

    Check this out:


  6. Abby says:

    SJP is definitely very effusive in general,like Lisa mentioned, but I’ve always found that a little suspect. I mean why try so hard to convince us (and herself) if she’s REALLY that happy?I think most people would adopt the “we have nothing to prove” attitude.

    In interviews, SJP has always been very sensitive when taken back to how and why they decided to get married. It was alllllll her. She gave him an ultimatum and he just kind of said in a bumbling way, oh fine, okay, we’ll get married.

  7. emily says:

    I dont know if i’m going to upset someone, but this pregnancy always seemed a little forced to me. I agree that SJP is not getting any younger, but this was not the perfect time to have a baby, especially twins. If she had signed to make SATC, why bring this babies during the process? She will not have a lot of time to spend with them, that’s for sure. Maybe she should wait one more year, but guess she was in a worry to have children and save her marriage. I don’t blame her at all.

  8. TinaWithPom says:

    Ggirl – I’m showing my age too because I also remember that about SJP.

    Agree with everyone. SJP really wanted to be married at that time and gave hints at interviews about expecting Matthew to propose (this almost reminds me of Vanessa Minnillo).

    I was a HUGE fan of both of them so when Matthew finally did propose and they got married, I was happy for them.

    I just remember being really surprised at SJP wearing that horrendous BLACK WEDDING DRESS.

  9. Ggirl says:

    Yeah, me too! I almost think Matthew probably didn’t want the ceremony to be too wedding like so I am guessing that she probably picked out the black dress. I must be crazy but I think Mr. Broderick looks pretty cute in this picture although he is smiling at their son, not her. I always had a crush on him until he got all surley in public. She became unbearable to watch in the last 2 seasons of SATC. Total turnoff. She was so full of herself I wanted to smack Carrie; but it was SJP’s interpretation that was so exasperating. No wonder the guy is turned off!

  10. twisted says:

    Actually, it has already been announced that Matthew will be appearing in his friend, Kenneth Lonergan’s play in the fall at the New Theatre Group, a small endeavor. Depending on the play’s schedule, he will be busy himself. So I don’t know where this article got it’s info from.
    Matthew is extremely private and is obviously annoyed by the invasion of privacy his wife’s celebrity has caused him. He already had a go round with this in his heyday in the 80’s. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his wife or want to be married, but the press is out of hand and he has been dragged into it. I have met up with him outside stage door and film festival and he has always been very pleasant with his fans. If he’s surly, you can bet it’s directed at the papparazzi.

  11. Criar site says:

    your babies are beautiful, congratulations