“Rihanna & Donald Glover are in Cuba, working on a mystery project” links

Rihanna & Donald Glover in Guava Island? Hm… [LaineyGossip]
Happy 18th birthday to Lexi Jones, David Bowie & Iman’s daughter. [Wonderwall]
Update: Disney won’t rehire James Gunn. [Looper]
Teen Mom star cleared of child abuse charges. [Starcasm]
Tina Fey wore a J.Crew shirt on the red carpet! [GFY]
Lady Gaga is doing Lady Gaga things. [Dlisted]
I repeat, I’m not into The Romanoffs trailer. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Celebrities react to Aretha Franklin’s passing. [JustJared]
It’s weird because I think Nathan Fillion might actually be a diva. [Seriously OMG WTF]

The European Premiere of Ocean’s 8 held at the Cineworld Leicester Square

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  1. Tiffany :) says:

    They look super cute together.

  2. HelloSunshine says:

    Please be a collab and amazing, long music video. Please please please. We deserve this. We NEED this.

    Okay that’s dramatic but I’m really hoping it is 😂

  3. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Relieved that Gunn will not be reinstated. I don’t care how long ago the tweets were. They were so disgusting and in such poor taste that he doesn’t deserve to just have people slap him on the wrist and walk away. Saddened that they still may use his original script but realistically that would make the most sense given that they likely don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Gambling on a new script altogether could be dangerous from a profit standpoint.

    Yesterday I had a conversation with a colleague who tried to mansplain Gunn’s behavior saying it was done for shock value etc. And that he was young at the time. I’m like no. First off, no excuse and secondly he wasn’t young at the time. He was definitely well past the stage of juvenile hijinks.

    • Tessy says:

      I agree with you absolutely. He needs to be fully investigated for crimes against children after those statements came to light. Child rape is not funny in any context and no mansplaining in the world can make it so or excuse it . In fact I would have serious doubts about anyone I knew who thought it was ok.

      • NIKKI says:

        I just read about his (Gunn’s) comments…I generally only get my celebrity gossip from here and Dlisted and I never actually got into what he said. As a mum and someone who has been sexually assaulted, I can’t accept that he was trying to be “provocative” as he says and push boundaries. Joking about rape and paedophilia. Neither of which, is funny. I am glad he says he has grown and realises how abhorrent his comments and thinking were, but I don’t fault Disney for their decision. Some things are just reprehensible. I would always look at someone differently who made such comments, no matter their motive. It’s the same way I feel about R Kelly…ugh…bleh…


  4. PunkPrincessPhD says:

    Perhaps unfair to call Nathan Fillion a diva. I live in his hometown, and several people close to me basically grew up with him. He comes back to visit, quietly, no fuss. Stopped by the highway to help an elderly couple change a tire and didn’t humble-brag it in a tweet. Attended his high school reunion, in 80s costume, and hung out with his former classmates. I can’t say how he comes across on set, but everyone here says he’s still Jenny From the Block …

  5. jwoolman says:

    Just saw Tim Arnold on Jimmy Kimmel
    (YouTube clip):


    and he said something interesting that I haven’t heard before. He says Trump had to be taped all the time while working on the Apprentice shows because there’s a regulation demanding that for hosts of game shows. Which Trump was. So yes, there are tapes. Maybe that was established after all the cheating scandals long ago? Maybe that’s why Trump’s friend Mark Burnett can’t destroy the tapes (or have Trump eat them…).

    Arnold also said he talked with an MGM board member who said they had all been told by Mark Burnett not to say anything about those tapes. Arnold’s rather hyper and so it can be hard to get details, but I assume he meant recently.