Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan have added a fur-baby to their family

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Ireland - Day 2

We’ll be seeing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a lot in the next few weeks. They announced three new engagements, and on August 29th (Wednesday), they’ll be stepping out for a gala performance of Hamilton. It should be great, because we haven’t seen them in a few weeks. Despite the claims that Meghan has been traveling solo to Canada or LA, it seems like their travel plans for August were pretty low-key – they spent less than a week in Scotland, and maybe one full week (or less) in Como, Italy, with the Clooneys. The rest of the time, Meghan and Harry have been quietly relaxing in the Cotswolds. Before the wedding, they took a long-term rental on a nice little country home. And while they’re chilling out in Cotswolds, they’ve apparently welcomed a new member to their little family unit. Guy Markle-Wales-Sussex has a new brother or sister.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a new addition: a pup to share their lives, PEOPLE has confirmed. The couple got the dog — believed to be a Labrador — in early summer, and the pooch has been joining them at their country getaway in the Cotswolds area and Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace in London, a source says.

Harry and Meghan’s new best friend will be a welcome addition to their rural walks. Dog lover Meghan, 37, had to leave one of her pets, Bogart, behind when she arrived in London from Toronto last November, when the couple got engaged. The rescue dog, a companion for Meghan’s Beagle Guy, was given to friends. Guy, meanwhile, has been embedded into Meghan’s new royal life, and was at her feet as she sat for her hair and makeup on her wedding morning.

[From People]

Harry has wanted a fur-baby for years and years. Before he met Meghan, it was widely reported that he was asking William, Kate and his dad to all get him a puppy for his birthday. I guess he decided to wait until he had a wife and they could adopt a puppy together. I wish them well – to think, I actually considered getting a puppy too. I ended up adopting a little kitten and this a–hole is the complete boss of me. It would have been so much worse if I had gotten a puppy. They were smart to get a puppy over the summer, when they would have more time to train him and spend time with him too. I say “him” – we don’t know. It could be a girl dog. All I want to know is the dog’s name! Please just let me believe that finally, we got a T’Challa in the royal family. T’Challa Sussex, welcome home.



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  1. Ashley says:

    Why did she leave her other dog behind?

    • Tweetime says:

      I believe he was too old/ill to be able to make the trip and get through quarantine (not sure if there’s quarantine for pets travelling from. Canada to the UK?) safely.

      • Jane says:

        Bogart (who was left behind) was a year younger than Guy (who she took with her). So clearly not too old. I think she just preferred Guy; there were three pictures of Guy on her instagram for every picture of both dogs and practically none of Bogart alone after she adopted Guy.

      • Fubar says:

        Animals can be the exact same age and one can age differently than the other. So just because the dogs are the same age doesn’t mean one isn’t too old to travel. I have a 16 year old cat that is still youthful. I have a 9 year old cat that would have died making a long distance trip

    • Clare says:

      Man, that part about the senior dog being left behind hurts my heart. I don’t know why he was left behind – but having lost my precious bubba at 16, I can safely say there is nothing in the world that could have made me leave my boy behind – not even marriage to a prince. I know travel isn’t ideal for older pups, but surely they could have afforded him a private plane over? It’s not such a long flight (7 hours?) And, I don’t think Canada-UK requires quarantine? But, I obviously don’t know the details so I’m trying not to judge.

      Having said that – I assume she had good reasons, and the little dude is being loved and looked after my his new family.

      • Nickname says:

        Yea…. I call BS on the too old excuse. My 10 year old German Shepard made the trek to Japan and the quarantine (which is MUCH stricter than the UK one) fine. If he vet said he wouldn’t, I would have stayed with him and let my husband go until the dog passed or we found a safer way. And that was just for a two year deployment, not the rest of our life’s.

      • Belluga says:

        I’d be devastated to leave my dog behind if I moved too, but if it was better for her well-being to stay in an environment she knew with people she was familiar with then I wouldn’t drag her with me just for my sake. Every dog is different and a big change or a long journey can be really distressing for some.

    • Eliza says:

      They said the 6 year old dog was too old and left with friends breaking up the pair. I just assumed it was a shared dog with her ex and he kept custody.

      Her other dog broke 2 legs soon after moving to England and was recouping at a vets for awhile. I hope he was at her feet, much better than the rumor he was put down.

      • Millenial says:

        I think that’s the real story. She shared doggie custody with an ex and the ex kept the dog. I think the too old to travel excuse was just a coverup because I guess sharing a dog with your ex is scandalous or something.

      • minx says:

        Six?! I didn’t know the dog was that young.

      • Sam says:

        It wasn’t shared though.Bogart got adopted and has only ever been in Toronto since then.She got him alone not with her ex husband.

      • Peg says:

        There were Meghan dogs, she had them when she was married to Trevor, so I don’t see how the chef could lay claim to it.
        When Meghan traveled, the dogs stayed with this friend.

    • Lizabeth says:

      It’s unclear. The main story is the dog was too old to travel but he was no older than 6, closer to 5 based on info on her blog. Guy is older than that. Some say he had to be older than 6 because he had gray on his muzzle but that can develop very early especially with larger dogs. And even if commercial travel was deemed too dangerous (in cargo–yuck) she is wealthy enough and Harry certainly is to have afforded other options. (Private air, by ship) Some also mention he couldn’t handle quarantine but that is no longer required anyway. So that story doesn’t make sense to me. Another story is he didn’t like Harry or Harry didn’t like him. That’s possible I guess. Yet another story is that he was co-owned with an ex. And he stayed with the ex. Makes the most sense to me.

      • Clare says:

        Yup – 6 isn’t that old for an average dog, certainly not too old to travel (unless thedog had medical isssues etc). I understand commercial travel can be really hard on some animals, but there are other options. When my cousin and his family moved back to the US from the U.K., the pups went from Dover you New York on the QEII, and then they drove from NY to philly. The dogs weren’t too old to travel, but their family didn’t want to stick them on a plane again – so they turned it into a holiday for the parents in law, who went on the cruise with the dogs! There are options – especially when money is no object.

        So yes, agree that the age thing is probably an excuse for something else.

      • AV says:

        Bear in mind *she* never said anything about why he was left behind. The “too old” excuse seemed to appear from the ether. He clearly wasn’t too old unless he has a degenerative disorder (which he very well may). There are a lot of reasons for someone to part ways with a pet. I see zero problem with letting another family benefit from his company. If my mom married a prince and relocated, leaving behind her dog, everyone would probably think she was an evil bitch, too. What they wouldn’t see, however, is that the dog is actually MY dog, or rather, I am his. He chose me. He never leaves my side. Animals fall in love, too. Bogart is doubtless being cherished by her friends. I have zero possessiveness over animals. It is important to not act like people making the right decisions for their life and their pets are evil. She didn’t euthanize him or abandon him. She made private arrangements to safely and lovingly rehome her clearly beloved dog. I simply don’t see why people get so hysterically apoplectic with righteous indignation over someone making decisions they know nothing about.

      • windyriver says:


        +1, absolutely! The only thing Meghan’s ever said for sure was in the engagement interview, where she said Bogart was with friends. I did read, possibly in the Telegraph, that he didn’t come to England for health reasons, but that isn’t any more reliable than anything else. Comments on an earlier CB article talked about the age issue, but no idea where that originated. (I also don’t buy the report that Guy broke two of his legs in England, a story that came and went very quickly.)

        I wondered at the time if Meghan left Bogart in Toronto because he’d bonded with whoever was looking after him during the times she was away. In the interview, Harry and Meghan said they tried not to go more than two weeks without seeing each other, and Meghan would go basically straight from the plane to the Suits set. Got the impression, and it makes sense, she’d been the one doing most of the traveling, so would have been away from the dogs a lot.

        My sister has always had rescue dogs, almost always two at a time, and the dogs can be very different from each other, depending on breeds, personality, and background (especially pre-rescue history). Could also be Meghan thought the new location, or her new life/schedule, would be hard for him to adjust to. What was okay for Guy may not have been okay for Bogart, and it was in his best interests to leave him where he was. “She made private arrangements to safely and lovingly rehome her clearly beloved dog.” Perfectly said.

      • Julia says:

        Fully agree AV. My dog loves me but she also loves my aunt (who looks after her sometimes) too – I know if there was any reason I couldn’t look after her, she’d live with my aunt very happily for the rest of time. If a vet told me that it wasn’t the best move for my dog’s health to relocate her, and I knew there was another home that she’d be super happy in – well it seems to me, rehoming her would be the best and most responsible decision to make.

    • Suki says:

      No one knows why she left him behind. The story was odd. I have read her dog was only 7, which is hardly an old dog. Maybe her boyfriend wanted him, or maybe the dog didn’t like Harry.
      Seems like the Duchess no longer rescues dogs. There are lots and lots of puppies that can be rescued. Now she buys purebreds, which, as a dog rescuer, really bothers me.

      • Peg says:

        Suki, where do you pull this stuff from? All that is know about the dog, it’s a Lab.

      • Julia says:

        Purebreds can be rescue dogs, if it’s even a purebred. I have a friend who has a rescue Poodle and another friend with a rescue chihuaha.

        And if it’s not…well I understand that you want to promote dog rescue but to each their own. Maybe Harry’s always wanted a lab. Why do you assume she’s made the decision? Whatever the dog, it’ll be going to a good home!

    • Crowhood says:

      Just here to say that if I had to move across the country, let alone the world, I would Have to rehome one of my cats. It would break my heart but she truly wouldn’t survive the experience and she’s only 5. She was severely abused and is completely terrified of leaving the house etc. We have a few friends and family that she will be around and if it came to me moving her with me
      Or leaving her with them I would Leave here there in a heartbeat.

    • Sam Louise says:

      He is too ill to travel and/or move. Supposedly good friends of Meghan’s are taking care of him now.

  2. Maryanne Dillard says:

    she couldn’t dump her last dog fast enough! Now she has another one!

    • InquisitiveNewt says:

      I’m sure you can find likeminded people on the Daily Mail, but we tend to like the Duchess around here.
      Hasn’t it occurred to you that as a rescue dog, he was already so traumatised and damaged that another relocation could have destroyed him? That she was acting in his best interests, rather than her own? Sure, that’s just as speculative as your comment; but its unnecessary to cast such aspersions when we Just Don’t Know.

  3. Digital Unicorn says:

    The way that dog is looking at Harry in the top shot is everything.

  4. Hikaru says:

    Harry has the same eye situation like Kaia Gerber, it always weirds me out when I see it in a photo.

  5. BossB says:

    I’m sure if her dog was used to having a companion, he will be happy to have another pup around. Did they ever clarify how he fractured his legs, though?

  6. Slacker says:

    😂 I’m so curious about th a-hole kitten. Like is it an a-hole for the usual kitten reasons or is there something different that makes it more of an a-hole than other kittens? Sounds like a keeper

  7. May says:

    Hope to be wrong, but this one seems a 100% pure-breed. Pity that, it would have been such a powerful and necessary message if they had adopted a rescue.

    • TeamAwesome says:

      Her rescue beagle is “purebred”. My rescue shih tzu is as well, alongside thousands of other purebred dogs that end up in shelters and breed specific rescues. With two previous rescues and a mother in law who is a rescue organization patron, there’s a good chance the new dog is a rescue as well.

      • May says:

        True, but he was not a puppy. That makes it somewhat less likely (although I just looked it up, Harper’s has got an article stating that it is indeed a rescue, but no detail. Here’s hoping!)

    • Marigold says:

      Thousands upon thousands of purebread dogs are also rescues.

    • Jerusha says:

      Six of my thirteen rescues are purebreds. The rest are mixes. Plenty of pures at shelters.

    • KB says:

      Are you basing this on the photos above? It’s old, Harry is like 20 in that photo. That’s not the dog they adopted. Either way, every dog and cat breed has rescues. You can still adopt a purebred dog or cat in need of a home instead of buying from a breeder.

      ETA: Meghan was constantly tagging her Instagram posts with Adopt Don’t Shop, so I doubt she’s changed her mind on that.

    • Reese says:

      I don’t agree with this. Why should they feel guilty for bringing a new puppy into their family? MM has always been an animal activist and she certainly isn’t going to go to the local shop to pick one up. She’s too intelligent and conscientious to do something that foolish.
      Not going to make them feel guilty for adding to their family.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      both of my rescues (TW Coonhound & Am Foxhound) are rescues. I’ve been in rescue for ages and my all-breed rescue org has pulled quite a few purebred dogs – not to mention that there are breed-specific rescues that get a lot of purbreds as well

    • SK says:

      This is not a photo of their dog, this is are photos of them with various dogs in public. No one knows yet what kind of dog it is – there are only rumours that it is a lab.

  8. Laura says:

    Ugh. She left her 6 year old dog behind but was ok to get a new one? It drives me insane when people treat dogs/animals like inanimate objects without feelings. Harry has more money than he knows what to do with so he could have arranged to have her other dog brought over to the UK. Also, what happened to the dog she did bring to the UK? He broke his legs and then nothing else was reported about him…was he euthanized?

    • MaryContrary says:

      No-there have been pics of him with the Queen in her car right before their wedding. He’s definitely still with them. She seems like a huge animal lover. I think the dog in Canada was either shared with her ex and he got “custody” or he had medical issues.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Guy the Beagle is alive and well. He even rode to Windsor with the Queen the day before the royal wedding.

    • TeamAwesome says:

      Guy the beagle rode in the car with the Queen to Windsor. The article above states he was at her feet during wedding prep. Definitely alive and well.

    • minx says:

      Our Aussie is 8 and was diagnosed in April with colon cancer that has spread to her lungs. But she’s still with us, wagging her tail next to me right now. She has to get “cleaned out” about every six weeks, and she’s on a steroid which makes her ravenous. She eats our cats’ food, people food, she roots through our garbage cans so we have to keep them elevated. My husband gives her laxatives with her food per the vet, she sometimes spits out the steroid pill even when he tucks it into an alluring hot dog. Our son is vigilant about taking her out because the steroid makes her thirsty, she drinks a lot and so she pees a lot. It’s all a big nuisance sometimes but she’s part of the family, she’s not in pain, she’s still perky and we love her to bits.

      • Jerusha says:


      • KB says:

        If your dog can handle cheese, soften/melt some cheese in the microwave and then put the pill in it. It has always worked like a charm for me. Not many dogs will spit out a glob of melted cheese. They can’t separate the pill from it like meat or even pill pockets, and they don’t seem to chew it they just swallow it.

        But cheese can cause digestional issues, so keep that in mind. I always use as little as possible and after other methods have failed.

      • minx says:

        Thanks for the tip!

      • Jensies says:

        I put my dog’s pills in 2nd stage meat baby food…he gobbles it right down and it’s just meat and water in the little jars. That was my vet’s tip. 🙂

    • Eliza says:

      Some people believe Guy rode with the Queen, others think that was the Queen’s dog Candy and Guy still hasn’t been seen.

      • KB says:

        I’m sure her dog is fine, but that did look like Candy in the car. Meghan’s beagle has white on its face and the one photographed didn’t.

      • Lizabeth says:

        It could have been one of the Queen’s dogs. I can’t ever post links but there was a picture of what appears to be a nearly identical dog (probably a dorgi) in TQ’s car in a July 26, 2013 DM article about TQ traveling to Balmoral. The article title starts with “It’s a jet-set lifestyle for the corgis.” It not being Guy with TQ makes more sense to me personally. And I don’t believe he was running around at the reception stealing food either.

        I don’t think we know Guy’s fate any more than we know Bogart’s story. And we don’t need to but when dogs appear to have been/are used for positive PR/publicity (as the newest dog is too), people are naturally curious.

  9. Franny Days says:

    My sister and her ex share custody of their German Shepherd. They dated 5 years and have been broken up for a year now but will go to a parking lot and hand the dog over to the other person for a bit. I think it’s sweet because the pup really does love the both of them. So I’m going to give Meghan the benefit of the doubt and assume that she was in a similar situation.

    • Lizabeth says:

      I think the ex possibility probably makes the most sense. The main problem with that story is that it doesn’t match what MM said in an interview in May 2016 with Best Health magazine. She said she ran into Ellen Degeneres at the shelter in LA and Ellen convinced her to take the 5 week old rescued puppy. (It’s a little unclear why she was dog shopping in LA when based in Canada for Suits.) In the May 2016 interview (completed before May obviously) MM said Bogart was 3 then so she likely adopted him in 2013. She and her first husband divorced in Aug 2013 after being unable to sustain a long distance relationship between LA and Toronto so who is the ex?

      • Sam says:

        No Bogart’s adoption was done by December 2012 (based on her old insta) because thats when she introduced him on her insta and she was in mainly in Toronto then Also she’s the owner so I’m sure she knew his conditions and had many reasons why she couldn’t bring him especiallly since hes been with her for 5 years.We are outside looking in and don’t know anything about that dog

      • ZsaZsa Fierce says:

        She had a boyfriend after her divorce and before Harry.

      • KB says:

        Cory Vitiello is the ex. He was always posting photos of the dogs and selfies with the dogs on his Instagram page.

      • Lizabeth says:

        True @Sam. All I know is that Meghan was quoted in a Best Health article *published* in May 2016 that Bogart was 3 then, that she adopted him as a tiny puppy in LA (not Toronto), and Ellen D played a role in her decision to adopt that particular puppy at the shelter.

      • Addie says:

        IIRC, Ellen said on her show that MM had stated that it was her (Ellen) who inspired her to get a rescue pet, but not that they had ever met, let alone met at a pet shelter.

  10. Scram says:

    Some of you act like she had a Lena Dunham or Kardashian like history with her pets.

  11. Kimma1216 says:

    They should set an example and ADOPT an older dog!! Adopt don’t many animals need homes, I don’t understand why people still “Buy” dogs 🙁

  12. Laur says:

    Not a huge fan of Labs but love a fur baby (more than human ones!). I can’t have a dog but have two house rabbits and they just make my day every day. Animals for the win!

  13. MavenTheFirst says:

    I bet the lab isn’t a rescue.

  14. wisdomheaven says:

    Do people read the actual post? In the excerpt Kaiser posted, People reported that Guy was at her feet during her hair and make up prep for the wedding, so clearly not euthanized unless People is lying.

    And we do not know why she didn’t bring Bogart (who was absolutely a doll). Given the trouble she went through to bring Guy, I doubt she simply callously cast off Bogart. She got Bogart in 2012/2013. She started dating Cory in 2014. Cory took care of Bogart when Meghan would travel and posted about the him on his own Instagram so its entirely possible Bogart was extremely attached to him or vice versa and Meghan agreed to leave him in his care. Guy she adopted in 2015 so likely was not as attached.

  15. Nicegirl says:

    I’m sure I would stop functioning if so had to leave my darling senior pup. Omg sounds like a nightmare

  16. FuefinaWG says:

    My niece got married a few weeks ago and about 5 months ago her fiance and his daughter moved into her apartment while they looked for a house to buy. My niece has a Chihuahua and her fiance had an older dog (not sure of the breed.) The fiance’s dog was to be “temporarily” housed at a friends house until they moved to their new house that they were already in escrow on. Escrow closed about 3 months ago. My first question was, “Where’s “fiances” dog?” No answer. Later I asked my sister about “fiance’s” dog and why the dog wasn’t there and all she said was, “I don’t know but, well, the dog was old anyway.”
    I thought, ‘OK, I see … when a dog gets old it starts to not have any feelings about the family that he knows and loves.’
    I was so pissed! I wanted to say to my sister, “Your old, too. I wonder if your family’s going to give you away, soon?”
    The dog had no medical issues … it was just old.
    F*%k that!
    Of course my sister has 2 dogs of her own that she never walks and are super fat. When I arrived in town I saw her dogs and the first thing I said was, “Wow, they’ve gained a lot of weight.” (I couldn’t control myself. I pissed her off. Oh, well.)
    People are just a$$holes. Even family members.

    • Addie says:

      Similar story. My two cats were initially rescue cats that a friend’s friend had gotten when single. She married, then had children and both she and her husband (who had no use for pets) no longer wanted the cats. I took them at ages 12 and 16; they were the most wonderful companions I could have wished for, and with fantastic vet care, saw them through their last years, living happily and being ever so loved.

      Their original owner and husband went on to get a puppy and a rabbit… Yeah, people are a$$holes, using animals to project a certain image for themselves, then discarding them if the animals no longer fit that image.

  17. Pokello says:

    Aparrently her father is begging for forgiveness from her and harry through the media ofcourse, can’t he see that he has done more damage and a reconciliation is not possible now,he should just shut up if he realy wants to make up with her,what a jerk

  18. kodakay says:

    All three dogs are gorgeous! I’ll bet it really hurt to leave Bogart (what a great name)!

  19. loislane says:

    I wish people were not so quick to judge.
    The thing is we know nothing about Bogart other than ”he’s with friends ”
    She kept him and loved him all that time so why think she ”abandonned ”him or that the situation is not ideal for both of them?
    Not enough info to pass judgement. Wait it out.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Agree- I’m sure she left that dog in a safe and loving situation.
      The virtue signaling, why-I-would-never! around this story is intense.

      • Suki says:

        Well, as a dog rescuer who takes the dogs others dump – I would never abandon any of my dogs. So it’s not virtue signalling – and I know MANY people who would sleep in their cars with their dogs rather than give them away.

      • lily says:

        Hi Suki. I was wondering myself why my neighbor got rid of his two year old dog and got himself a new puppy. He loved his dog he would take him when he would drive 3 hours to spend time with his mom every long weekend. He would drive him to go to the lake for walks. We ended up talking one day and he said remember my other dog? Turns out he so would cry so much when they were going back home he had to give him to his mom. He “owned” him but he knew the dog belonged to his mom.

  20. D says:

    Luckily this is a gossip site otherwise it would seem people are being catty about a decision made to leave on dog with friends- for a variety of reasons like being too aggressive, bonded with others, heart conditions; as somehow ill hearted on Meghan’s behalf. I am 💯 willing to believe Meghan left her one dog behind for a valid and legitimate reason. I have seen nothing in her behavior to warrant otherwise. The people here though, gotta wonder sometimes lol . Passing judgement on others reveals nothing more than the aggressors need to judge. Again, this is a gossip site so I get it but geez save the claws for the racists and morons wouldja lol

    • Ardnamurchan says:

      Well said, D.
      There’s gossip and then there’s totally uninformed judginess.
      Judge the woman on what you know for sure, if that’s your jam, but judging her on pure speculation? What’s that about?
      And all this IS pure speculation.
      It’s reported, without sources, that the Sussexes have adopted a Labrador. Might be true. Might not.
      But that’s all. None of us knows why Meghan judged that Bogart was better off in Toronto, but she clearly adored her dogs, so she might just have a solid gold reason.
      None of us knows where the new dog came from but given Meghan’s history of adopting hers from shelters and her loud advocacy for adopting over buying, what reason is there to think she hasn’t done the sa,e this time? There are thousands of pure breds in shelters.
      It’s also quite possible, given the habits of the UK aristocracy, that they’ve been given a lab puppy from a friend’s new litter.
      I’m here for the gossip and the humour because Celebitchy threads are usually witty, informed and compassionate. It’s sad when they turn nasty.
      OK, now I’m sounding judge, so I’ll show myself out.
      MOAR DOGS!! 🙂

  21. Leyton says:

    Meghan clearly adored her dogs. If she left Bogart, it was because it was the best decision for him. I’m sure he is safe and happy with someone he knows and she trust. Also, he wasn’t left with any ex. The only ex is Corey and Meghan got Bogart in 2013, long before Corey. Guy is the most recent of her dogs and the one pictured with Corey in a few of his post and she took him with her.

    Her friend Daniel who did her make-up stated that Guy was there with them in prep.

    Also that was Guy in the car with the Queen. The Queen has Corgi’s and Dorgi’s. That was very obviously a BEAGLE!

    • Lizabeth says:

      Maybe it is a beagle. But to me the dogs in cars in these two photos look an awful lot alike.

      • Masamf says:

        @Lizabeth, you seem hell bent on trying to prove Meghan is a nasty person for leaving Bogart in Toronto for reasons not known to the rest of us and I’m wondering, other than what’s been reported in the rags, do you have any other facts surrounding Meghan and her dogs? Other than what Meghan shared on her IG, do you know any other facts surrounding her dogs? By that I mean, any past or present illnesses, who they did or didn’t bond with etc? I’m just curious because you shoot down any reason (other than yrs) being why Meghan left Bogart where he’s at. I’m also curious as to why you are so adamant about that not being Guy riding with the queen, do you have any facts or are you, just like the rest of us, clueless as to how Meghan lives her life? I mean it could be one of the doggies with the queen, but it could also be a beagle names Guy, non? If you have no facts and are as clueless as the rest of us, why are your reasons the only plausible ones and what you think makes sense is the only reasonable explanation? Just curious.

  22. Persistent says:

    Side note: anyone else find it odd Meg and Harry didn’t do church w the fam today? It seems everyone else was there.

    • Peg says:

      There is no proof that they’re in Scotland, so maybe that’s why they’re not at church with the Queen.
      Just maybe she is saving for the Highland games.

  23. Reece says:

    T’Challa Sussex made me snort my chicken and rice. That’s an adorable name.
    Big and fluffy, collie? I’m not good with breeds, with his her tongue out is making me feel all the feels!
    Low Key: I had that pic of Harry with the golden retriever pup as the wallpaper on my laptop back in the day.

  24. liam says:

    Hey everyone! I am not in the USA but I read celebitchy everyday and I was wondering why are there no new articles today? Is it some kind of holiday in the US that I am unaware of?

    (Please excuse my English)