Kara Dioguardi marries, releases smug wedding photo

American Idol’s Kara DioGuardi, 38, married general contractor Mike McCuddy, 34, in Prospect Harbor, Maine on Sunday. Kara has a home in Maine and met Mike while he was building the house next door. Mike proposed on Kara’s birthday in December after they’d been dating for a little over a year. In Touch has the exclusive photo and the details of their wedding, which was attended by 30 guests and held at a Methodist church across from Kara’s home. It sounds romantic and they had sunshine for their special day, which was a welcome change after it had rained for weeks:

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi wed teacher-turned-general contractor Mike McCuddy on July 5 at 12:30 in the afternoon in Prospect Harbor, Maine. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter wore a Vera Wang gown for the small ceremony. The couple, who met when Mike, 34, built the house next to Kara’s in Maine, got engaged in December. They exchanged vows at the United Methodist Church, across the street from her house, in front of about 30 guests. “I feel great. What was most unbelievable about the experience was when I looked out at the church and saw all these people that were so important to me and Mike, who were there for us. It was pretty powerful. I was very emotional and I’m not somebody who breaks down and cries,” Kara, 38, tells In Touch exclusively, adding that the weather even behaved. “It’s been raining in Maine for 60 days. The only day that was nice was yesterday!”

[From In Touch]

Congratulations to Kara and Mike and that’s nice that they opted for a low-key local wedding instead of going the Hollywood route. How strange is that wedding photo, though? It looks like a still from the intro to a soap opera. They’re the mean and powerful plotting couple that everyone fears in their impossibly beautiful, rich small town. The picture could also be used as the front of a romance novel, something like “The Contractors Wife.” Kara’s husband sure is hot enough to be on the cover of a romance novel. Together they’ll take on the world, glaring out at their enemies in an idyllic town that’s home to a disproportionate number of secrets and scandals.

Photo used by permission of In Touch

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19 Responses to “Kara Dioguardi marries, releases smug wedding photo”

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  1. PrincessJay says:

    That is a very ugly dress. And he’s dressed too casual for the occasion. The background is the only thing that’s pretty in this picture.

  2. Ursula says:

    It does make a good mills and boon cover. LOL

  3. dude says:

    He is very good looking. However she is not! I really try to like her but i cant. She is sooo snooty!! Gorgeous backround tho, very purty!!

  4. Kelly says:

    And she is…whom?

  5. barneslr says:

    What ugly posts. She looks lovely, her dress is fine and the nasty comments are unwarranted.

    Best wishes to them for a long and happy marriage.

  6. flourpot says:

    It is an unflattering picture. Wonder why they would pick that one to be released. Tho her dress is very pretty, could you imagine having to keep tugging that thing up all day? Ug, no thanks.

  7. Hel says:

    They don’t look smug, nor do they look happy. An odd choice of photo to release, but at least the weather was good!

  8. Lacy says:

    why is she sneering at the camera? He looks really bored.

  9. Cinderella says:

    Who smirks on their wedding day? Not a good look.

  10. Bellatrix says:

    Oh, she took out her gangsta face for her wedding day…

    The dress isn’t as bad as some people claim. It’s definitely not my style but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it ugly. My only problem with it is that it gives the impression she has a bloated belly and a flat pair of cheeks.

    Am I the only one thinking this picture is some Photoshop artwork? It looks like the couple was pasted into that background. The sky seems very odd in comparison to the rest.

  11. Obvious says:

    Kara Kara Kara. I try so hard ot like you. but it is impossible. The best I can feel for you is mild dislike.

    That being said boy isn’t bad looking, though this cannot be their real wedding picture…

  12. aleach says:

    Bellatrix- Im thinking Photoshop too. The sky looks wacky. That was the first thing I noticed about the pic. Who photoshops their wedding pictures??

  13. justathought says:

    come on….the comments above are from a jealous lot indeed…..the photo is creatively awesome! congrats to the lovely couple.

  14. MaiGirl says:

    I’m always happy for someone getting married a little later than usual, especially since I hope to be one of those people myself. However, it is a little too frown-y and smirk-y to be an attractive photo, and they are both attractive people. I would think they’d have chosen another photo to release.

  15. tess says:

    i think i’m old fashioned, because i find it rather tasteless that his hand is touching her bottom!

    why aren’t they smiling?

  16. lucy says:

    Beautiful background, lovely place for pictures. But I do think it’s odd that she chose to release this particular photo, because it does look like she’s sneering.

  17. the original kate says:

    she looks like she’s got gas and is holding it in.

  18. orion70 says:

    @ the original kate OR he had a lot of gas…and didn’t hold it

    I agree that this is one odd-looking wedding photo. He looks sad/in pain, she is sneering, he looks like he borrowed that suit, and has dropped something down the crack of her a** and is searching for it.

    BTW, why do none of the contractors who ever come to fix stuff at my house never look like that ?

  19. Claudio says:

    Why are you people so negative on weddings? All weddings are beautiful, Kara ia gorgeous, beautiful dress and very talented. Seems to me there are a lot of jealous losers in life and the only satisfaction you get is by putting people down. Life is short, make it a happy one and don’t be miserable.