Blake Lively doesn’t drink, but considers herself ‘the in-house mixologist in my family’

'A Simple Favor' film premiere

Here are some photos from last night’s premiere of A Simple Favor. Anna Kendrick wore a Cushnie dress, and Blake Lively wore a Givenchy ensemble which… I don’t really get? Like, why is she going to heavy and dark for the premiere? Blake’s known for her promotional tour fashion shows, and very few women use fashion to such effect while promoting their films. Blake’s been wearing a lot of menswear-inspired stuff during this tour, and I wouldn’t have hated it if she had worn a really great tailored suit. But this just looks so… blah.

To promote the film, Blake chatted with USA Today about the film (where she plays a housewife with a dark, mysterious past), booze and parenting. Some highlights:

Blake actually dislikes the taste of booze: “I am the in-house mixologist in my family, but I don’t drink, which is the joke. People come over and I start to pull out the shaker and muddler, and they’re like, ‘Why is she making me a drink? This is going to be terrible.’ And I say, ‘Just trust me.’ ”

Feeling inadequate as a parent: “Every good parent I know is hard on themselves, which is beautiful, because it means that you care. I live for my family, so where I might have insecurities about other things in my life, I know I’m giving the best of myself to my family. That’s not to say I’m without plenty of mistakes, but I’m confident that everybody knows how loved they are. I sleep easiest at night knowing I’m at least giving it my all.”

[From USA Today]

I have to admit, I find that Blake is doing a good job at walking that line between “I live for my family” versus “judging other women who make different choices.” Blake has had few moments where she’s said something out of touch about parenting or drawn the ire of the mommy mafia. Which is a precarious balancing act in and of itself, especially for a celebrity woman. As for what she says about drinking… no, really, how does she know she’s making a good cocktail if she hates the taste of booze? You know what I’ve never liked? The taste of gin. I would have no idea what kind of gin-based cocktail would taste good because I can’t stand the taste. *mixes gin with tomato juice and calls it a “Bloody Lively”*

'A Simple Favor' film premiere

'A Simple Favor' film premiere

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jem says:

    Anna and Blake look like they’re going to a really dumb costume party.

  2. Jegede says:

    Blake & Anna are fantastic in this movie!!

    No comment on the outfits of either gal.

  3. Ash says:

    Off Blake-but I’ve always hated the taste of gin. Big time. My dad thought it would be hilarious to let me try his gin and tonic when I was little, couldn’t stand it since. Couldn’t stand it until I tried a French 75 made with gin (they can be made with brandy too) and now it’s my favorite drink. It’s very light. I must say it has to be a good quality gin, nothing cheap. If anyone wants to try a gin drink that’s scared of gin, I highly recommend it!
    Blake to me (along with her hubs) is just meh. White bread.

  4. Happy21 says:

    I really like her. Kind of always had. Not too sure why. Maybe because I believe she dumped DiCaprio when Reynolds showed some interest and I really really like that Leo’s ass got dumped.

  5. Anastasia says:

    Anna’s dress looks like its got second place ribbons on the bottom.

    And this thread makes me want a gin and tonic!

  6. Clare says:

    Soooo the antebellem/plantation barbie shtick didn’t work so now she’s selling the earnest cool mom/wife.
    Great. Let’s all buy into it stat.

  7. CarrieUK says:

    Kaiser if you can get hold of a gin called Bloom and have it with elderflower tonic, fresh lime wedges and fresh strawberries it’s like summer in a glass!

  8. Jess says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s a nice and positive person, but to me she’s definitely not an actress. She’s just a celebrity… Reynolds is mediocre as well, if not for Deadpool he would be stuck in B class romantic comedies

  9. Originaluna says:

    I like her. Always have. Yea said some dumb stuff (i do it on a daily and am mortified). But i think she’s a good egg.
    I like her ensemble. Yeah and I like booze.
    Re: making drinks – she might not drink but know how to mix drinks/flavors for cocktails or something. It doesnt mean she doesnt taste it to know if it’s good… i guess.

  10. raincoaster says:

    Gin and tomato juice is a Red Snapper.

  11. Sunshine says:

    So is Blake trying a new career as a “mixologiste” who doesn’t drink?

    Same success story as that antebellum-website which “wasn’t” racist? Yep, it was.

    Or her Chanel bag campaign which “wasn’t” boring? Yep, she was.

    I wonder for how long Ryan Reynolds is going to stay there.

  12. Sparkly says:

    My husband doesn’t drink, but he makes the best cocktails. He doesn’t drink coffee either but I need him to make my pot every morning because I can’t do it as well as he can. Odd but true.

  13. Jackie Godlien says:

    By her recent dress style my assumption is shes expecting.
    I love her and Ryan. Not crazy about the outfits.
    Also, not a fan of the taste of alcohol. Pina Coladas change that problem for me.