“Riz Ahmed looked attractive at TIFF, even though his pants could be longer” links

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Riz Ahmed looks attractive here, but what’s up with his inseam? [Tom & Lorenzo]
I’ve always believed that Angelina Jolie’s kids have more style than her. [LaineyGossip]
I think mustard belongs on pizza if you get chicken on pizza, because chicken and mustard is an amazing combination. [Pajiba]
Meryl Streep was wonderful at the US Open. [Wonderwall]
Here’s the trailer for She-Ra. [Dlisted]
The new Teen Mom OG trailer features Bristol Palin. [Starcasm]
Spoilers for the ending of The Nun. [Looper]
Kate Bosworth is forever a fashion girl. [JustJared]
Doug Davidson was fired from Young & the Restless after 40 years. [Seriously OMG WTF]

43rd Toronto International Film Festival - The Sisters Brothers - Premiere

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  1. Ashley Garcia says:

    My boyfriend explained to me that this is the London look (where he lives) the last time I pointed out that his pants were highwater 🙄 he then tried to mansplain London being more fashionable than Paris (where I live). Suffice to say the look is hideous and I will continue to drag him. Sad to see other men following suit though.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I think the look can work but it has to have absolutely exact proportions to the person wearing it…which can be hard for most unless it’s personally fitted. It also helps if you’re taller and long-legged.

    • Parigo says:

      I think it’s a Thom Browne suit or one that was inspired by those proportions. You’re right, it’s a definate thing in menswear.

    • sommolierlady says:

      The length of the tee shirt is throwing the proportions off.

    • karellou says:

      I don’t see why there should be a proper length of pants for men’s wear. Women wear differents length, we call it “ankle pants” and no one is saying “highwater much?!” I, for one, am happy when I see a man dressing a bit differently. Oh, and that “trend” has been seen on catwalks (London & Paris) for years now. GQ called them “cropped pants” in an article in 2015.

  2. mannori says:

    his pants were ok: that’s the look and the tailoring of his suit. But that type of tailoring does not goes well with socks and those shoes he’s wearing. Sockless loafer enthusiast Chris Pine is doing it the right way when it comes to this length of pants,, even if I admit sometimes he overdoes it and looks ridiculous and way too metrosexual and overworked for my taste

  3. Nicole says: