Did Marc Jacobs’ NYFW show start late because of petty reasons?

Marc Jacobs fashion show in New York, Woman Spring Summer 2019

Is it just me or was this year’s New York Fashion Week pretty uneventful? By that I mean, it was about the fashion and the events, and there wasn’t a ton of petty gossip to come out of NYFW… beyond the Nicki Minaj-Cardi B feud turning violent. That was the big story. But thankfully, NYFW ended on a petty note. Marc Jacobs normally gets to be NYFW’s big “closer.” But not this year – this year, Rihanna’s Fenty show was scheduled to be the last show of NYFW. Marc Jacobs *possibly* tried to be petty about it.

Marc Jacobs‘ 6 p.m. runway show started nearly an hour and a half late on Wednesday evening, leading some to believe that the iconic designer was simply Marc-ing his territory. Jacobs, whose shows typically run like clockwork, has long held New York Fashion Week’s prestigious closing time slot. This season, however, marked Rihanna’s first time snagging the grand finale: Her Savage x Fenty presentation was scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in Brooklyn, and social media quickly ran with the idea that Jacobs was deliberately sabotaging her show.

Fashion journalist Christina Binkley and the Hollywood Reporter’s Booth Moore were among those who tweeted about Jacobs’ delay, with the latter sharing an image of some of the designer’s empty front-row seats. A number of guests, annoyed with Jacobs’ late start, simply left to start their treks to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. “It wasn’t a mass exodus, but it was noticeable,” the Daily Beast reported. Among the stars who displayed their loyalty to Jacobs by sticking it out at the Park Avenue Armory? Nicki Minaj, Emily Ratajkowski, Sofia Coppola and Anna Wintour. (While The Cut spotted the Vogue editor-in-chief pacing and making phone calls before the show’s start, she eventually returned to her front-row perch.)

MJ runway alumnae Gigi and Bella Hadid, however, chose to model in the Savage x Fenty show instead. Photographers Petra Collins and Ellen von Unwerth similarly showed their allegiance to Rihanna. Marc Jacobs’ staff told the Associated Press that the reason for the epic delay was “an errant clothing delivery, no doubt caught in rush-hour traffic, exacerbated by the rain.”

[From Page Six]

Last night, Marc Jacobs published a lengthy explanation on his Instagram, except the post didn’t really explain what happened and why the show started 90 minutes later than it should have. He just offered vague assurances that he intended to start the show on time but he… like, ran out of money, or something. I don’t believe him. I choose to believe that Marc Jacobs is exactly that petty.

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  1. anna2222222 says:

    If you haven’t yet, go and watch Celeste Barber’s video with Tom Ford. It was the highlight of my week.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I believe everything……. but Marc Jacobs explanation. And people still bounced to see RiRi. HA !!!!

  3. Veronica S. says:

    I mean, is water wet? Petty is practically the modus operandi in the fashion world.

  4. Char says:

    I can’t believe a show planned for months would be delayed for over an hour because of a clothing delivery. He’s a pro with a pro team, they would bring clothes to the venue an hour before? And why it’s so hard to believe men could be so petty? He’s a big name losing a privilege over a woman with, let’s face it, not a long career in the fashion business, even being so famous. I bet all designers got petty over Kanye, but had to hide it and suck it up cause he’s Anna’s pet. Since Marc obviously have Anna’s support, he delayed the show. Had she left, he would be in a different position.

  5. Nope says:

    Marc Jacobs has been utterly pedantic about shows starting precisely at the time the invitation states for years and years — and he has been vocal about this

    So when I saw how late the show was running last night I actually had to do a double take because I thought it was fifteen minutes when in fact it was an hour and fifteen at that time …

    So yeah … he’s full of it

  6. tw says:

    He is 100% exactly that petty.

  7. raincoaster says:

    I know somebody who worked in the fashion world and from what she told me this was absolutely 100% deliberate. No doubt Vogue sent a second-stringer to Fenty in Wintour’s place. I don’t get how Rihanna scored that slot. The makeup is great, but the clothing?????????????