Natalie Portman is kind of boring

Natalie Portman in Vanity Fair
In the April, 2006 issue of Vanity Fair, Natalie Portman reveals why she’s not as much of a paparrazi target as LaLohan and Paris. Portman is, in fact, thoughtful and studious. She’s careful not to wear diamonds or animal products, and drives a Prius. She also prefers books to television:

In the April issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands Tuesday, the 24-year-old “V for Vendetta” star admits she prefers reading to partying, Converse to Manolos and a style that’s classily demure to scantily clad — but that doesn’t stop the starlet from letting loose once in a while. “Granted, I’m not super scandalous, but I’ve had drunken nights out, you know?”

Portman is a Harvard graduate and reportedly speaks five languages. I don’t really believe it, though. I have a friend who speaks four languages and she’s always getting confused. (She actually super-smart and I’m just jealous of her.)

You can read the entire VF article with pictures at Just Jared

Everyone’s seen the video of Portman rapping on SNL. Here’s a Japanese TV commercial she stars in for shampoo that aired between 2003-2004. It’s got a sword-fighting theme and she’s a little fierce, in a non-threatening way.

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