Hilaria Baldwin on her easy postpartum ‘bounce-back: ‘I try to work out every day’

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I’m not a mom and I’ve never been pregnant, so let me ask the moms out there: do you find Hilaria Baldwin inspirational whatsoever? Because she annoys the ever-loving f–k out of me. I work out four or five times a week most of the time. I’ve had to slow down my workouts a bit over the past year, as I’m really starting to feel myself slowing down naturally in general. Genetically, I’m struggling with early-onset arthritis, which comes from both sides of my family. My knee is torn up, my feet hurt and my joints pop. I no longer feel bad about myself if I skip a gym trip, because I feel like my body is just craving the rest. So it’s annoying to hear Hilaria incessantly talk about how EVERY woman, regardless of situation, should be doing this or that with their workouts. It’s like the Tracy Anderson thing – it’s a preachy message aimed at rich women with too much money and too little sense, but it has the effect of making every other woman feel “less than” if they dare to, you know, not feel like working out, or have medical issues, or not have the time because they’re supporting their families. Hilaria’s latest is an interview with Women’s Health Magazine. Some highlights:

How she stays active after have four children in five years: She reminds herself that “staying active even when I don’t want to, even when I’m so tired I just want to sit on my butt, will make me feel better and I’ll be healthier in the long run.”

How she bounces back after pregnancy: Hilaria notes that she was very lucky to have “easy labors and deliveries,” but owes a lot of her postpartum “bounce-back” to the fact she was fit before getting pregnant, and worked hard to stay fit during her pregnancy. “Even though my body gets bigger, and I gain weight and slow down, I try to work out every day,” she says, adding that she thinks it’s important not to be afraid of your body when you’re pregnant. But working out doesn’t mean hitting the gym for hours on end for Hilaria. “I’m very active with my kids, so even if I don’t go to the gym, I’m lifting them in and out of the tub and out of their high chairs,” she says. “Or one day, my workout might be that I walk a lot.”

On postpartum exercise: “I know it feels hard, and you’re tired. But if you can get at least five, 10, 15, maybe 30 minutes a day where you can move your body, you’re going to feel more energized for your kids and more connected to your body. If you’re not able to take care of yourself, you’re not going to be able to take care of anyone else.”

[From Women’s Health]

The biggest caveat is that she was lucky to have “easy labors and deliveries.” It’s like some kind of pregnancy privilege, or health privilege – does she understand that many women don’t have such an easy time of it? Of course the ideal is that every woman has an easy pregnancy and delivery and every woman stays fit before, during and after a pregnancy. But also… sh-t happens, and don’t beat yourself up if you gain more weight than you were expecting during your pregnancy, or if you feel like ten kinds of hell after you give birth. Don’t compare yourself to Hilaria’s “inspirational” BS.

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  1. Lee says:

    I don’t have kids either and I do find her annoying and exhausting too. I always feel that way towards people who have this ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

    • BlueSky says:

      FFS, this chick….. I don’t have kids either but these types of women are the ones that are extra judgy of women who don’t have kids. I’m especially annoyed with women like her who are so insulated, who have the means to hire a team of people to help them, who are clueless about those who don’t have the finances to hire people.

      I read a BI that sounds like her. She aiming to have more kids and build a brand off all this nonsense.

  2. Mle428 says:

    I do have a kid, gained almost 70lbs during my pregnancy, and lost it all really fast due to crippling postpartum depression. She can bugger off. Also, I’d have lots of time to workout if I didn’t have a J-O-B.

    • Janice Gerow says:

      Yeah me too. My postpartum depression was so severe (along with a nasty in hospital infection) I was thinner when I came out 10 days later than when I went in after a 35 lb. pregnancy gain. But being in amazing shape doesn’t in any way guarantee you an easy delivery. No one’s fitter than my sister and she had an excruciating 24+ hour delivery.

  3. bros says:

    She is annoying. I had a baby and a non easy delivery but that has nothing to do with why she annoys me. She annoys me because her only talent is getting pregnant and having babies. That’s her only claim to fame and she has no other discernible skill set aside from being fertile with Alec Baldwin’s babies. There are several problems with this:
    1. Having 4 kids in no way makes you special or an expert on anything. There are women all over the world who have 4 or more kids and are way more interesting and confronting a million times more challenging situations than being a little slow and forcing themselves to exercise. For many, there’s not even a choice to exercise. Work has to get done or the family goes hungry.
    2. Im more impressed by women who manage to get pregnant in horrifying conditions, such as living in a refugee camp, living under famine conditions, being a migrant and having kids. These are far more inspirational stories than Hilaria Baldwin’s fertile womb.
    3. She has all kinds of help and resources and money and support to do whatever she wants despite the # of children she pops out; therefore, she’s simply a self absorbed hologram of impressiveness living off the fumes of self satisfaction and I wish she would zip it and stop regaling us with all her ‘helpful tips’ which are A. unhelpful B. unsolicited C. out of touch.

    • Snowslow says:

      I have 4 kids and still feel clueless.
      It’s already quite mysterious why we ask actors all kinds of questions about subjects they are unqualified to respond to but actor’s partners is a new low.

  4. TheHeat says:

    I do have kids…and I don’t find her ‘inspirational’ in any way, shape, or form. In fact, she annoys me.

  5. Millenial says:

    I never managed to be pregnant without gaining at least 45 pounds, despite my lack of trying – my first trimester I always gain a lot because eating every two hours is the only way I can keep the nausea at bay, so I do find most of the in your face celeb fit moms a bit exhausting. Like, good for you, but maybe trying humble bragging a bit less? Idk.

  6. stacey says:

    I think she looks to have lost the weight TOO fast and she looks a bit frail in her figure and drawn in the face in recent pap photos, it was kind of shocking. She doesn’t look healthy in my opinion anymore and looks malnourished.

    She just screams eating disorder to me and shouldn’t be doling out advice.

  7. Anastasia says:

    I don’t find her inspirational at all. It is true that the better shape you’re in when you get pregnant the easier (USUALLY) the pregnancy and postpartum days are, but that’s not always true for everyone.

    She has nannies, housekeepers, probably a chef, definitely people who take care of the pool and the yard, and she might not even be the one who gets the groceries. She has fun times with the kids and works out. Period.

    For moms who work 40-60 hours a week and don’t have paid staff to help, it’s a hell of a lot harder.

  8. Thaisajs says:

    I do have a kid and never lost my pregnancy weight for a variety of reasons, several of which include the struggles of being a full-time working single mom and my own inherent laziness. I find her incredibly annoying because her only job is being thin and teaching yoga (or does she even teach anymore? Does posting photos on Insta basically account for all of her work)? And don’t tell me she’s raising that many young kids without at least one nanny or two.

    Anyway, rant over. Back to work…

  9. Rescue Cat says:

    Hmm. Don’t see the point of working out if your body is breaking down under the strain. That defeats the purpose.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah when I’m running on 5 or 6 hours of interrupted sleep what my body needs to feel energized is MORE SLEEP not a workout.

  10. Earthbound Misfit says:

    I have a kid. And I think she needs to STFU already. We need to stop paying attention to these thirsty fools.

  11. Cupcake says:

    I guess she thinks she’s aspirational or something? But who the hell would want her life? She’s married to Alec Baldwin! No way in hell is that enviable.

  12. Electric Tuba says:

    I’m not gonna say if I have a kid or not because it means nothing to anyone but me. So as a human being I’m just saying I’m sick of hearing about everyone’s damn kids and everyone’s damn mom journey. Unless we are talking about getting you reunited with your kids at the border I do not care. I wish you well but I don’t give one single damn about your diet, body, organic toothpaste or your crappy husbands I just don’t I’m sorry

  13. GreenQueen says:

    Honestly, it’s just really hard for my eyes to not roll to the back of my head when I read anything coming from the mouth of a rich woman whom, unlike myself, is not working full time just to get by and pay the GD bills. If you don’t have to work your ass off to get by right now, I can’t relate to much of anything you say. That sucks in a way, but I just can’t. Why don’t you spend your husband’s money on fighting those misogynistic f***s in office to stop taking our rights away and forcing the whole of America into poverty? I would listen to your shit then, but not now, I’m too tired and too busy.

  14. Pandy says:

    And of course, ladies, get your nanny to watch your kids while you work out and take that time for yourself. Stuff it, Hilaria.

  15. Bee says:

    I have three kids and the only pregnancy where I worked out regularly and gained the least amount of weight (due to nausea) ended up being my longest, toughest labor (17 hours) and recovery. And it was my third pregnancy which makes my experience odd and atypical. Hilaria annoys the bejesus out of me and needs to shut both her pie hole and her other hole.

  16. Jayna says:

    I think I’m envious that she has always been into yoga and seems to stay connected to her body in that way. She’s fit and limber and appears to have a good relationship with her body. I don’t hear any crazy stuff from her, like Goopy.

    She is insufferable with the selfies. But I will give it to to her, in that for a shorter girl, she really carries her pregnancies beautifully, time after time.

  17. Snowslow says:

    I don’t enjoy having information from people who don’t research their issues and especially suggestions from people who generalise. It’s not useful. Also, it’s a lapalissade to say that you should work out every day at least 15mns but then go off to say that you lift your kids and that counts as exercise is humble bragging.
    So I find her ridiculous and I feel second hand embarrassment because at the end of the day everyone knows she is talentless and it’s her husband who provides a platform. There are tons of Hillarias out there. And I would prefer to be tortured in a thousand different ways than to be in that position.
    But then you have people saying “but she looks good” or “she did give a nice advice on p.45″ and then I get really pissed off at the world in general….

  18. Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

    How is this person even a thing? She literally has no craft or skill set. The freaking Kardashians do more for their life than this woman does. She’s embarrassing herself and needs to shut up, no one cares what she has to say about her perfect pregnancies and deliveries. I don’t find anything she says to be empowering. She’s an idiot

  19. kb says:

    it doesn’t inspire me. i’m just “meh” about it. if she’s trying to guilt trip me to get me to workout more, it’s not working because i’m not going to change anything. my kids benefit from me getting a full 8 hours of sleep & sticking to a healthy diet than they do from me waking up an hour earlier just to workout every day. if i have the time, great or if i’m in the mood, great. but if i don’t work out for an entire month, i’m not going to feel bad about it.

  20. Ae says:

    She’s a garbage person.

  21. icantremembermyusername says:

    Let her go through 15 months of breast cancer treatment and get the belly off. Ffs- enough.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      No! Then we’ll suffer through a book tour about her newly-acquired medical expertise and how to flush those nasty cancer cells through daily detox sweat sessions.

  22. Gabrielle says:

    I like this. I don’t like the message that women can’t be sexy or have to give up every pat of themselves once they become a mom. I have 2 young children and fitness was important to me before/during/after my pregnancies. I have a full-time job too. Everyone is different and that’s ok. I had a hard pregnancy/delivery the first time and have had 2 c-sections. For me being active was important for my mental wellness as well as for physically feeling better after my surgeries.

  23. A says:

    It’s easy to work out every day when you have a staff to help you with the child rearing. It’s also easy to work out every day when working out is practically your entire career. Trying to make this about the individual rather than the circumstances an individual has to deal with is ridiculous so yeah, I’d say she’s annoying.

  24. Website Diva says:

    Kaiser, I don’t comment usually, but I wanted to mention I started having the same issues with sore feet and joints, carpal tunnel, and other achy body parts. I blamed it on age and getting close to menopause (as did my doctor). But for laughs I cut out wheat and most sugar and I feel like a new woman! No more achy joints unless I eat junk and I can exercise like a 20-something again. I had inflammation thanks to my diet. So maybe your achy parts aren’t due to age but due to diet! I love that I am almost 50 and I feel better than I did when I was 30.

  25. Wilder says:

    I mean, she’s not wrong. If you are ABLE to exercise throughout your pregnancy, and if you are ABLE to keep your weight gain “under control,” then yes, the pregnancy weight GENERALLY comes off faster post-partum.

    But I’m guessing this woman has a nanny and a personal trainer, not to mention a full-time housekeeper (meaning she hasn’t done her own laundry or cleaned her own toilets in years). So personally, I’m not gonna take advice about baby weight from her or anyone else in her position.

  26. Ash says:

    Really hoping someone else saw this, but I happened on Jimmy Fallon last night and Alec was a guest. He was on for his new show. Now I’m not a fan of either of those two but neither here nor there. So Alec came out and Jimmy is asking about his show, which is why HE is there! So Alec blows through his bit about the show and basically says the real topic they need to be talking about is his amazing wife. They pan to her and she’s sitting there off stage and you can just tell she’s dying to get off that seat and run on stage. So of course, he asks her to show off how strong she is and they have a push-up contest of which Alec wins and her pushups suck. But! She can’t handle him winning and she basically is like “but! Look at this! Look at what else I can do!!!” And starts turning her BUTT to the audience to perform a handstand! In a full length, tight tight dress and heels. So she stays there, until they go to break doing different things with her legs and feet. It was the most CRINGE thing I’ve ever witnessed. Like a train wreck. You must YouTube this!!! Sorry for the run on story but I had to get it all in.
    Oh, and btw, she says she posts all her selfies to inspire others to lose weight and take care of themselves and it has nothing to do with herself. Whatever, it’s BS she’s so stuck up her own a** it’s incredibly transparent and so embarrassing! I too think it’s important to stay healthy and fit for ourselves and our families but in no way do selfies of some hardly attainable body help anyone with achieving that on their own. I wish she’d go away.

  27. HeyThere! says:

    This whole “bounce back” game needs to STOP. It’s degrading to women. It’s rude. Why are you so worried about someone pants size who just brought a life into this world and has other crap to worry about than looking a certain way???? I will never forget how uncomfortable I felt when strangers and family commented on my post baby body after both kids. They think they are being nice or constructive but really, why are you examining every inch of my body with your eyes!!! Go away! Also, after Chelsea Clinton had her baby, there was an article about her and her ‘showing off her post baby body’ and I shit you not she was in pants and a t shirt!!! The entire article was about her flaunting her body. No! She got dressed and stepped outside her house so that must mean she’s flaunting her sexy, curvy post baby body. Those were the type of words in the article. This has to stop, it’s insane.