Thomas Ravenel of Southern Charm assaulted a nanny, Bravo won’t say if he was fired

I’m not going to use “allegedly” when it’s not warranted for these stories about predators. We might use it occasionally, but we believe survivors. I also hate that the word “triggered” has been co-opted by a-holes to dismiss victims as overly sensitive, because reading about assaults makes people relive the worst moments of their lives. Hearing excuses for predators and hearing victims being told that they’re lying or exaggerating can be painful. Let’s be loud, let’s expose these predators and let’s vote these horrible old white men out of office.

With that in mind, it’s been revealed by a nanny who worked for Thomas Ravenel of Bravo’s reality show Southern Charm that he assaulted her in 2015. This isn’t the first time that we have heard about him assaulting a caregiver to his children (it’s unclear if this is the same person or the same incident), but he’s finally been arrested for it. We’ve also heard that this piece of sh-t assaulted a former girlfriend and Bravo didn’t fire him even then. However last month Ravenel announced that he was leaving the show. Maybe he was canned, but if so he was allowed to control the narrative. Here’s the report from US and I’m leaving out the details which are frankly triggering, for lack of a better word. How is that leaving out spoiler warnings is more of an offense online than leaving out trigger warnings?

Thomas Ravenel was arrested on Tuesday, September 25, for assault and battery after a warrant was issued regarding an alleged incident in 2015 with his former nanny, who claims he was naked and tried to force her to have sex with him, according to the affidavit obtained by Us Weekly.

The victim was “working for the defendant as a nanny” at his home on Charlotte Street in Charleston, South Carolina, per the affidavit, when the shocking incident allegedly occurred.

“While inside the location, the defendant undressed and made sexual advances on the victim,” the affidavit reads. [additional details available at source]

“After escaping the assault, the victim called her then ex-husband and sister and told them of the incident, fled the scene and notified several family members of the incident,” the affidavit states. “Photographs were then taken immediately of the injures to her neck and chest.”

While the affidavit states the victim will “be named later at the court’s discretion,” a woman named Dawn, who was featured on the Bravo series as his daughter Kensie and son Saint’s caretaker, came forward in May to accuse Ravenel of sexual assault. Earlier that month, another woman named Ashley Perkins claimed Ravenel sexually assaulted her mother, Debbie Holloway Perkins. Ravenel’s attorney denied the allegations made by Perkins at the time.

[From US Magazine]

Ravenel has since been released on bond because of course he was. Jail is only for poor people. Bravo is harboring one additional predator on this specific show that we’re aware of. A buddy of Ravenel’s, JD Madison, drugged and raped a woman in 2017. We know about it because she filed a criminal complaint against him recently. Ravenel hasn’t appeared much on the recent episodes from what I can find so I’m assuming Madison hasn’t either. Bravo needs to make a f’ing statement already. So far they’ve only confirmed that he isn’t returning to the show and they haven’t even clearly said he was fired. F*k Bravo.

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  1. HK9 says:

    Makes me wonder how his custody arrangements with his ex are going to go now that this has come up.

    • Raina says:

      I thought the same thing. Buhbye custody; frankly, I’d never found him to be a good primary caretaker and his hatred for his children’s mother was deeper than his love for his children. As for his rapist friend, birds of a feather….

      I love everything about this article in regards to believing the survivors.
      Well put.

  2. Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

    I follow this show very very closely (it’s my only reality show)… I’m obsessed. So let me tell you, Thomas Ravenel is a SICK PSYCHO! He deserves far worse than whatever he is going through at the moment. He is beyond offensive. He went to federal prison for a cocaine distribution charge and was STILL permitted full custody of his 2 children by the court due to his wealth. The mother of his children has proven time and again to be an upstanding member of society.
    Ps- you are correct in that his buddy, JD is next. He is also a scoundrel.
    Finally, all these characters were indeed on the most recent episodes of the show which filmed last fall, and aired this spring/summer. The only episode “TRav” has missed was the reunion show.

    • Other Renee says:

      Curious as to how the judge justified a verdict that gave this douche full custody of his kids.

      • Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

        There were suggestions on the show that it was corruption/ payment under the table. No proof though. Charleston is a small town and the Ravenel name there holds a lot of power.

    • Nancypants says:

      Yeah, I follow all the Southern Charm shows and T-Rav is a huge douche.
      We knew that all along and I believe his accusers, however, I think Bravo might be waiting for a conviction before announcing anything. If they can him before a conviction and there is no morals clause (How could there be?) then greasy Thomas could sue the pants off the network, especially, if he is found not guilty and he would.

      He’ll be put on hiatus until the results of the trial.
      Interesting that his father, old man Ravenel, never approved of Thomas or his choices. It’s been an on-going story line.
      Old man Ravenel is ashamed of his son and he should be.

      • Grant says:

        It could take months for this to play out in the criminal courts and get a conviction. If Thomas wants the state to prove the offense beyond a reasonable doubt and asks for a jury trial, it could take a year or more. I doubt Bravo is going to wait that long to say something–at least, they shouldn’t… But this is Andy Cohen we’re talking about so maybe you’re right!

  3. Andrea says:

    I wonder how custody with Kathryn will go now?

    • Raina says:

      I watch this show, not ashamed of it lol, but believe those judges were paid off. He was and is an abusive, potentially alcohol abusing maniac. The problem was that his ex had her own issues, less connections, was young and made many errors early on. She all but played into his skeevy, greedy, sweaty hands.
      Had she been but…4… FOUR…years younger, he would’ve been brought up on charges. Its crazy how a mere few years legally changes accountability. This is a man 30 years older, but still, she has responsibility in it, too.
      To me, however, its pathetic that a 50+ man has multiple babies with a 20ish young woman and then pounces on her legally, mentally and emotionally all while using good ol boy connections.
      Karma has arrived, rapist.

  4. Salt says:

    He just tried to rape a Tinder date not even six months ago.

    The guy is a monster.