Cardi B complains about her postpartum bust, announces renovation plans

The Billboard Power Players Event in NYC

Here are some photos of Cardi B at last night’s Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players inaugural event. I am shocked that Nicki Minaj wasn’t there! Instead, Cardi and… Meek Mill were there. Minaj was probably fuming. As for Cardi, she matched her wig to her coat, which was a surprisingly cool look, actually. It turns out that Cardi has a reason for covering up a bit more these days – she’s still uncomfortable with her postpartum body:

It’s been two months since Cardi B and Offset welcomed their daughter Kulture; however, the new mom still can’t believe the changes her body has gone through since giving birth. For instance, the rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday to talk about how she now uses tape to lift up her breasts.

“This s–t is crazy,” she said in the video. “I have never done this s–t in my life, but f–k it. I have to f–kin’ tape my t-tties up because, son, giving birth and s–t. Like, my t-tties were already like a little low-low because I got my t-ts done when I was 19, and I never wore a bra and s–t….But when I was pregnant my s–t was looking nice, though.”

However, she said her baby girl “did me filthy” and that she plans to get plastic surgery in the coming months.

“I don’t give a f–k, if y’all motherf–kers see me gone in November, December,” she said. “I’m getting my t-ts done. I don’t give a f–k. Matter of fact, I’m not even going to call it a surgery. I’m just going to say a ‘t-tty renovation’ because I got to renovate these s–ts.” At the end of the video, Cardi B said her “s–t is not looking beauts.” The “Bodak Yellow” artist then captioned the video “Kulture did me bad.”

[From E! News]

I know she’s half-joking, but I wish moms wouldn’t blame their babies so openly for “ruining” their bodies. Like, girl, we told you not to get pregnant! It was your choice. You ruined yourself! As for Cardi’s continued insistence that she’s going to get plastic surgery to fix her body, again, it’s her body, her choice. I just think she should wait longer just to see if some stuff bounces back on its own, you know? Kulture is only two months old – very few women have that kind of bounce-back.

Here’s Cardi posing with Meek Mill at the Billboard event. I actually believe that she wasn’t trying to start sh-t, because Meek and Cardi made a point of not posing side-by-side. Still, I bet Nicki Minaj is furious.

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  1. Pinar O says:

    My “backbouncing” was 6-9 months after giving birth

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      Seriously curious question, as I don’t have babies: can boobies bounce back aswell? I have a hard time imagining that due to gravity and their makeup…
      On a side note: if I had money to waste I’d be renovating aswell LOL. Without babies even. Sigh.

      • Therese says:


        Your boobs won’t. 4 kids later, not a single stretch mark. no hanging skin. You would never be able to tell i had kids…until a take my bra off.

  2. Laur says:

    I foresee some MC Hammer type money situation with her sooner or later… Throwing money around like it’s never going to stop.

    • Katie says:

      In what way? I haven’t noticed this. Sure she got a fancy car, but she’s rich. It’s not like she bought 10 of them.

  3. Char says:

    Her style is really getting better and this coat/wig combo is super cool. Nicki should stop the hate and take notes.

  4. BANANIE says:

    I think giving herself time to bounce back, but do breasts ever bounce back on their own? I know several pregnant women who plan to get their breasts done after they’re done having children.

  5. Ae says:

    It makes me feel kind of sad that she isn’t able to be kinder to herself about her body. It takes time and patience, for me things didn’t even start to shrink back or firm up until about 6 months out with my first. But I remember feeling like it was never coming back and I was over it too. Nothing against her doing whatever she feels she needs to in order to feel confident, I just wish she’d give herself a little more time.

  6. DS9 says:

    Tits don’t lift without help.

    You can lose a belly, slim some thighs but if your boobs droop, that’s what we’re doing now

  7. Rise above says:

    Ladies its called bench pressing. Close, neutral, wide grip. Incline, decline varieties. Sure with age and breast feeding you lose the fullness and deal with it by doing controlled re feed through quantifiable nutrition while matching your macro nutrient intake to reach your desired goal. Just saying….

    • Therese says:

      Nope. I’m a competitive power lifter. Not enough bench presses in the world will actually lift your tits significantly. When they droop, they droop.

  8. Patty says:

    Most of it is genetics. Some women are born with pert breasts and they can stay that way even after kids. Some women’s breasts stay large after having kids and for some women breastfeeding causes them to deflate so to speak. I had one friend who was a pert C cups and two kids later, she’s barely an A. Another has always had pert D’s and three kids later; they’re the same and she can still rock outfits with no bras and pass the pencil test.

  9. Jana says:

    My boobs still look fine after 3 kids, but mine were never super big, and I always wore bras.

    My concern would be if she had a bunch of work done now, and then wanted to have more children? Oy.

    • Cupcake says:

      THIS. Maybe she’s one and done but it seems like a bad idea to have plastic surgery only have to do it again after each child.

  10. Amaria says:

    I’m no fan, but I like her honesty here. Having kids can ruin a woman’s body and there’s nothing wrong with getting it fixed – but the public opinion is that “you had kids, you gotta suffer the consequences for the rest of your life and keep sacrificing yourself”. For that very reason, way too many women are silent about their other post-partum (and often permanent) problems: incontinence, sex life problems and chronic pain. I think that with her big mouth she could actually do some good here and remind women they can speak out about their body issues.