Sam Lutfi claims he never drugged Britney Spears and lives in constant fear

Britney and Sam out on 1/3/08. Credit: Fame Pictures

Sam Lutfi has it rough. First, he meets Britney Spears, drugs her, and tries to control/ruin her life. Then people tell him he can’t do that! No fair! Sam is suing Britney’s parents for all sorts of ridiculousness, and when you weed through all the legal jargon, that’s about what his case boils down to: no fair! Sam says Lynne and Jamie Spears have ruined his life; claims he never drugged Britney like Lynne alleged in her book, and says he lives in constant fear for his life. Giggle.

Britney Spears’ former BFF has filed legal papers in his defamation lawsuit against Britney and her parents, claiming they have ruined his life.

Sam Lutfi claims Lynne Spears’ book about her famous daughter is a pack of lies, especially the part in which she says Sam told her he secretly ground up pills and put them in Britney’s food.

Lutfi says as a result of the book, “I am constantly in fear for my life…” He says he was “harassed and cajoled by the public.” If our memory serves us correctly, Lutfi was cajoled long before Lynne’s book was published.

Lutfi trotted out his own cast of character witnesses in the new legal docs — notably the infamous Adnan Ghalib — currently being prosecuted for felony battery. Adnan wrote a declaration, claiming Lynne’s assertions that Sam was effectively holding Britney hostage were false.

[From TMZ]

Then Lutfi stomped his foot on the ground and started screaming “I wanna do whatever I wanna do!” He then hurled his body on the ground and started angrily pounding the floor with all his limbs in a classic five-year-old’s conniption fit. I absolutely adore how Sam Lutfi just cannot wrap his brain around the idea that he cannot do whatever he wants to do. And it just infuriates him, which makes me really happy.

If Sam had an ounce of sense – which I would never accuse him of – he wouldn’t associate himself with Adnan Ghalib for any reason, even though Adnan’s obviously willing to do whatever Lutfi wants. And frankly that goes both ways – neither guy is helping himself by being associated with the other. It’s just a sliding scale of douchery.

I’m surprised the court has allowed Lutfi’s lawsuit to go on so long without tossing it out for being so obviously meritless. Hopefully whenever they do they’ll also hold him responsible for the Spears’ legal costs. He’s got to have a whopping $3 to his name now, which is way more than he deserves.

Britney and Sam in 2008. Credit: Fame Pictures

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13 Responses to “Sam Lutfi claims he never drugged Britney Spears and lives in constant fear”

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  1. Liz says:


    It truly is a beautiful term, if only for the fact that it’s so fitting for this particular breed of douche-nozzle.

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “It’s just a sliding scale of douchery.”


    not that I have any love for Brit, but I was SO happy to see this guy get thrown out of her life. I fully believe that he drugged her without her knowing.

    he’s just pissed that her parents stepped in and the gravy train finally departed.

  3. photo jojo says:

    Cajoled? It means “to persuade by flattery or promises; wheedle; coax.” Someone needs to get a publicist with a better vocabulary!

  4. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Bottom line- he’s a married man and needs to ACT LIKE IT. End of story.

  5. mel says:

    LOL you reap what you sow!!!

  6. Beth says:

    Didn’t Sam publicly say he did drug Britney. I thought he said that she refused to take her meds so he would hide it in her food.

  7. paranel says:

    Sam publicly told Barbara Walters on national Television that he put Britney on medication. Oh, this loser is only after money and is trying to get it somehow from Spears family. I hope the Judge can see thru this loser.

  8. adamantia claus says:

    Hey Britt!
    I hope you do realize that when your Daddy showed up and took over your control from the “friends” around you that he was trying to keep it from being YOU in the coffin on
    Monday getting buried and eulogized.
    Michael was murdered by his hanger-ons. Just like ELvis was, just Howard Hughes was, when you have people around you who NEVER disagree and ALWAYS encourage you to be as outrageous as you can be, who try to get you to push away the ones around you who are TRUE to you and supplant them and feed you lies, paranoia and DRUGS – these people are there to HURT YOU.
    You should go hug your Daddy, because he read the papers and saw his daughter about to do an Elvis and decided to do something about it.
    You owe him your life.
    And dont EVER be that stupid again about letting people around you who always tell you what you wanna hear and never try to tell you no.
    And that goes for all the rest of you nitwits out there who wanna be famous, the downside to fame is what happened to Michael, Anna Nicole, Elvis, Marilyn, Judy and on and on and on, the story about the people around the fabulous talent who help them destroy themselves and get paid while they do it …sometimes these people who seem to idolize you, really HATE you and wanna be you and will smile while they orchestrate your demise.

  9. sickofit says:

    adamantia claus: you are absolutely right.

  10. Ednonymous says:

    With all the money in the Spears accounts… why isn’t this asshat found in a Mexican ditch with his head missing?

  11. Orlando says:

    I second that post, Mr. Claus. Right on target. Michael, Anna Nicole, et al are Britney’s crystal ball if she continued on her path of destruction. How pathetic her life was before her parents stepped in & wrested control. Yes, she acts like she is a canary in a golden cage, there is a big tear in the corner of her eye when she says she is not having any fun, but she will live. That’s the most important thing here – I wonder if someone would have shown Michael the crystal ball, and just fast forwarded to his daughter Paris on the podium choking out the words eulogizing her Daddy – not able to continue because she is bawling. Would he have stopped doing what he did to kill himself? Because he DID kill himself – he sought out & received a COMA INDUCING DRUG for a sleeping aid!!! Years and years of drug ABUSE weakened his heart, and he slipped away into Never Never land on June 25th. He DID go out like Elvis, just like he said he would. Maybe Britney can control her wild urges when she pictures in the corner of her brain, her bawling sons at her funeral.

  12. kaiserin says:

    LOL photo jojo, I came here to say that! I HATE people who misuse words. It’s not that hard to use a thesaurus or dictionary, they even have them online nowadays! Oh what an age we live in…lol.

    Adamantia claus, you are also spot on. I know I would trust my family a million times more than some hanger-on who wasn’t even there before I became rich and famous. I just don’t know why celebs don’t see this!

  13. peachyii says:

    don’t you love that pic???

    brit’s texting, sam’s watching her, pink wig, the glasses, sunset.