Kylie Jenner: ‘I want another baby’ but ‘I’m definitely not ready right this second’

What’s the prevailing theory these days about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott? I think they’re “together” in the sense that they sort of casually date and he comes to see his daughter Stormi sometimes. But I’d be willing to bet that he sees other women, and I’d be willing to bet that Kylie doesn’t really care. I have seen very involved theories about how their whole relationship is a sham and they’re no longer together, etc. But I truly don’t think Kylie cares about putting in appearances just for the sake of… what, exactly? Here’s something I do believe though: Kylie wanted a baby, and Travis Scott was a convenient baby-daddy. So if she wants another baby, will he father another one?

Kylie Jenner has babies on the brain! During a late-night question and answer session on Snapchat with BFF Jordyn Woods, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star revealed that she’d love to give her 8-month-old daughter Stormi a baby sister.

“I want another baby, but when is the question, and I’m definitely not ready right this second,” the mother of one shared, before hinting that she wouldn’t be so secretive the next time around.

“When I do, I would love to share more of that with you guys,” she remarked.

Jenner, 21, also shared that while she has started thinking about possible names for a second baby girl, she hasn’t come up with any super strong contenders.

“I haven’t found anything I love love, but I definitely want another girl, hopefully,” she continued. “And I want her to have a feminine name.”

Echoing her previous statements about Stormi’s affection for her father Travis Scott, 26, Jenner confirmed that Stormi is still “a daddy’s girl.”

“They have this crazy connection and she’s definitely a daddy’s girl. It’s cute to watch. When dad’s around, I’m not even there. It’s like she doesn’t see me, but it’s cool,” she shared.

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The question is, is Travis even around that much?? I really don’t know. They don’t even really live together, which I think is a boss move from Kylie, honestly. I actually appreciate the fact that Kylie’s done this all on her own terms, from keeping her pregnancy mostly private, to keeping her own house and her own set-up and life, to how Travis seems to be in her life on her terms too. My guess is that it will be the same thing if and when she has another kid – she’ll make up her mind and then she’ll just get pregnant again.

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  1. Beth says:

    She might want to come up with some boys names too in case she doesn’t another baby girl like she wants so badly.

  2. JRenee says:

    What a cutie pie this baby is..

  3. Anast says:

    I think she’d stick with Travis…wasn’t there a bit in KUWTW where Kourtney mentioned she wanted another kid and the sisters urged her to have it with Scott, so all the kids have the same father? 😐

  4. Holly says:

    I don’t really know where you get this theory from? I’m sure their relationship is far from perfect but they seem solid. Travis actually seems to adore her. She’s supportive. There’s nothing out there right now to support that it’s a sham of a relationship?

    I actually like them together and Kylie bothers me a lot less than most of her family.

  5. Mgsota says:

    Kylie said in her Vogue Australia interview that they live together. Either at her home in Calabasas or a home they got together in the city. They “never miss a night together”

  6. Philomena says:

    I think generally this means she’s already knocked up with number two.

  7. Chloeee says:

    Yeah Kylie and Travis are together. I may or may not have watched her boring ass reality show while home sick last week. She dropped everything to meet him on his tour dates.