Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson get locked out; stiff the locksmith

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Remember all those rumors that are constantly floating around about how Lindsay Lohan is having money problems? Well either that’s true or she’s a total bitch – though it’s not really an either/or situation. Last night Lindsay and kinda-sorta-who-cares-anymore girlfriend Samantha Ronson got locked out of Sam’s mansion late at night. Naturally they called a locksmith, who was kind enough to come over. As he was working on the job, Lindsay found an open window (she probably wouldn’t need more than a 4 inch crack to crawl through) and told the locksmith to stop working. Then naturally refused to pay him.

Lindsay Lohan called a locksmith for help late last night — and showed her gratitude by stiffing him!

Linds and Sam Ronson called USafe Locksmith to Sam’s house when they realized they lost the house keys.

As the locksmith did his thing, Lindsay found an open window and told the locksmith he could stop. The locksmith asked for his $39 fee, but Lindsay refused, offering $20 instead.

The locksmith tells us Sam then told him to move his car away from the property. He obliged, but when he came back, Lindsay and Sam had locked themselves in the house and didn’t pay him a penny.

[From TMZ]

How tacky is that? Lindsay wonders why she has such a bad reputation. It’s not just because of the drinking and partying. Okay it’s mostly because of the drinking and partying, but what pushes her rep over the edge is the insane levels of selfishness and rudeness – even for a celeb. If she wonders why people always assume the worst of her, this is why. When you hear another story about her with less evidence (TMZ has video of all this, by the way), or that’s more outlandish, you’re still inclined to believe it’s true because she’s done so many other douchey things.

Speaking of assuming the worst about Lohan, the police have revised the value of the jewelry she’s suspected to have stolen from an Elle photo shoot in London.

The jewelry that went missing after a June 6 British magazine photo shoot starring Lindsay Lohan was worth a tenth of the value first reported – or, $38,500 rather than the $400,000 initially estimated by London’s Metropolitan Police, a spokesman for the force tells PEOPLE.

The spokesman, who says the initial estimate was provided in good faith, adds that “inquiries are continuing” and there have been no arrests in the case. The jewelry – diamond earrings and a necklace – is said to be from Dior, but the company has not confirmed that. The items in question were being worn for a feature intended for an upcoming issue of the U.K. edition of Elle.

When news of the investigation broke, Lohan’s mother Dina defended her daughter, saying that any finger-pointing at the 23-year-old was “defamatory, false and unfair” – while a spokeswoman for Elle said the magazine had “no reason to believe that Lindsay Lohan was in any way responsible and h as no further comment to make.”

[From People]

I love that official “we’re saying this because we have to” statement from Elle – especially considering all the accounts of Lohan’s behavior (admiring the jewels, all-out asking to have them) from the photo shoot quite possibly came from their employees. It’s still a big deal, regardless of whether or not the value has been downgraded. It’s been long enough that Lindsay probably won’t be charged – but wouldn’t it be marvelous if she were?

Here’s Lohan arriving in Malibu carrying pizza and take away food from her birthday celebration with family and Samantha on July 2nd. Images thanks to .

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19 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson get locked out; stiff the locksmith”

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  1. grisgris says:

    She is such a spoiled, entitled waste of space.

  2. ShutYourPieHole says:

    Given her legal issues for theft of intellectual property I’ll rejoice when a Sheriff’s Lien is slapped on that mansion and she is forced to sell it to pay the settlement in her tanning product.

    Karma can be a bitch…

  3. Anoneemouse says:

    Next time, let her skinny ass sit on the sidewalk all night long. In fact, if people were smart in dealing with Lindsay they should demand payment up front before doing any work. Worthless hag! Like the guy wanted to get up in the middle of the night and take a joyride to deal with those two!

  4. Spooge says:

    What a bitch. It doesn’t matter if she got in by herself, the guy still had to go out in the middle of the night and work. She hired him and he should get paid.

  5. Pah says:

    Ha!! the quote is hilarious, if you watch the video online of the whole scenario you will see that it no where near the truth!

  6. Ally says:

    I guess she won’t be able to get insurance for photo shoots now, either.

  7. Kati says:

    Inconsiderate skanks. Lindsay is a thief fair and square.

  8. the original kate says:


  9. BiggieShortie says:

    Dude. That is straight up ghetto rat behavior. What a couple of twats. Ugly, used up, crackheaded-meth pipe smokin’ twats.

  10. Feebee says:

    Sure, Lindsay Lohan’s fast becoming a total waste of space but if it was Ronson’s house, she’s responsible for ponying up. She’s the one who needs a kick in the arse for this one.

  11. Mimi says:

    Indeed, the locksmith was called to the home of Lindsay and then follows the story as you say only that in the end she goes to Sam’s house with a scarf covering the face of PAPS. I do not think she is wrong because the locksmith asked $ 300 for a job that he not did i think $ 50 was good for the work he had to go there but not 300 I would’n pay if were with me

  12. Lem says:

    anybody you call out in the middle of the night in LA is going to charge more than 30 bucks. Here in middle america it’d be hella more than that for a daytime call. (locked myself out of everything as a teen) Pay up, he showed up
    @ shut your: she doesn’t OWN anything

  13. jaudicemachine says:

    Nothing more infuriating than hard, honest work going unnoticed.

    (Especially when that hard work is in service to the spoiled, entitled twats who demand to be treated differently because they have money. Cheap bastards – always high maintenance, but they can never find a tip for you in their Prada bag. )

    You’d think Linds would sympathize – she’s a workaholic, afterall.

    F*cking cokehead.

  14. Jag says:

    I used to love her and she used to be one of my girl crushes.

    Not anymore; not even close.

  15. Jazz says:

    What a class act… Next time she locks herself out, her crackhead ass can break a window, oh wait, she’s already done that.

  16. Shadow says:

    I do not understand, if it is Sam Ronson’s house, then why should Lindsay pay, the person who should pay is Sam. Though if Sam refused to pay, Lindsay should have stepped up, but it is not her house, there is no reason for her to get involved.

  17. Lindsay says:

    Oh, really? Where does Lindsay live then? I mean, where is her home? She doesn’t have one. She lives with Sam. She should pay and offered up the 20 so must have thought it was her deal. She probably lost the key, not Sam anyway.

    I cannot stand this girl. She’s awful. I never want to see anything with her in it, ever.

  18. skeptical says:

    Ok I have tried and tried to view the video on TMZ and can’t.
    I’m trying to confirm if the vid was taken at Sam’s house or at Lindsay’s.

    I’m remembering other vids, only slightly older, post-lock-changing, where it was certain that Lindsay did not have a key to Samantha’s house. Samantha had to let Lindsay in and it seemed that that was the way Samantha wanted it.

    Is Samantha in the video at all? Cuz I have a sneaking suspicion that the lockmsith was called to LINDSAY’S house. The pic TMZ is using as placeholder for their vid looks like Lindsay’s garage door.

    Just curious.

  19. skeptical says:

    just fyi.. found a way to watch the vid.. it’s not Sam’s house. It’s linds’ house. And on her Twitter Samantha was confused…literally a “huh? i didn’t call a locksmith.”

    I was amused.
    Lindsay on her twitter also confirmed that Samantha did not call.

    blame where blame is due.